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"kanye mcpeek" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"They have no beat all of the horses that wanna be placed are drawn towards the outside with the exception of potentially what i just said if consecrated holiday factor this in. I've are generally have the most feed. Now i ve our with the with the equipment change last time was much more relaxed source that obviously helps quite a bit and it's a big really reason why he's the morning line favorite in this race. What this is going to boil down to pace. It's how hard for onto route pushes factor to get clear of holiday. Or sayas goes on a mission where he feels as if he has to get the lead on halladay and that's going to determine the outcome those who have the most by far. They've both been successful by being aggressively. Ridden being forwardly placed. And you know. There's there's no reason to change what's worked. And so i think factor. This is a list is a little bit faster. I but these are. These are two guys that know not is just one of them was being written by iran ortiz. Or something. and you'd say apple. I rattle just you know. He'll let let floor he'll but size is not going to do that. And i think this is in touch lecturer smart enough to know what works for this source that he needs to be on the lead. So that'll be. What determines it i. I think one of the things i believe about the euro's is that i think has the biggest turn of foot. I think he might be the one. That's that's able to to make up the most ground in the stretch I also think that can egos very very dangerous. So it's a good rate it it. It's very interesting pretty much every perspective. I think that i ve are based on the race. He ran last. Time is deserving favourite. And he's so versatile in that he can beat the close to the pace if they're not really moving much early or take four or five months off it to make that one run so it's a fun mile and And i think we. I mean at the very least. We're gonna get an honest race. Turn to the distaff and not a lot. of of hell bent for the lead types in here. Either monoploy girl is a forwardly. Drafting type lady. kate Probably goes forward. Swiss skydiver likes to be at least position to engage This emergent harvest moon is intriguing from simon callaghan. What what are we. Where's the pace coming from here. Who who wants the lead lady. kate. I guess yeah. I guess they'll probably let lady kate have it. I don't know. I don't know. I mean boy five was kanye mcpeek and i was telling dorado you look look to your right and you come out of the gate if you don't see pants move and you don't see her going go out there and establish it and And then just try and send off montemar girl's best you can. I think it's a. It's a pay scenario that plays into the to the two favorites primarily because each of them wanna be sitting sort of on a on a moderate type of pace. I guess the fly in the ornament is these candy. Because we've seen all these candy very aggressively ridden in the past. So i don't know I i think john sabir also knows it. All handy that her best and she's gonna lead to nearly one the apple blossom where she staved off every competitor and a huge field except for cc. So i'm not going to be shocked if all these candies very aggressively written out of their one of one of the ways that usually juror horse with seconds as you put nobody in front of them early and so i think that might be the thought process. With of course that doesn't work for the worst cash but You know it could work with all these candy. So not going to be shocked if they ride her very aggressively modern. We made out like a bandit being on the far outside. I don't think draw hurts with skydiver. I don't think the case scenario hurts either. One of them you mentioned harvest moon. Who's got some speed. I'm so to see stretching out but the inside post for them were negatives. I was interested in c if she may be could get that outside docking trips she did in the apple block them but i think ultimately pays life. This is gonna come down to the to the two principals on paper and leader be montemar. Girls was Those decisions will Will will decide and we'll discuss later in the week The late double and the turf we've got here we've got you the the international contingent. Everybody has been talking nonstop nick from mid season. Really that that Our domestic turf irs. Were we're going to be at the mercy of whoever came over. And i don't know there's some nice courses in here including last year's runner-up united and channel maker is certainly been on a nice summer. Run into the fall. Arc low righted. The ship with the blinkers added. But i don't know what who who channel maker gonna lead them. United's going to be forward. What do we think. I think something like that. I mean i guess all all year when we were kind of pissing all over the american turf forces a couple of them actually stepped up later in the year and showed that they're really not that bad and then we've also gotten a you know a kind of a modest lot of european horses. Although i will say that turnour magical or not horses that we should be mobile for that matter that we should be terribly dismissive of I think that channel maker in all likelihood will end up on the lead Many franco's.

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