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McDavid has goal, 2 assists as Oilers beat Stars 5-2

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McDavid has goal, 2 assists as Oilers beat Stars 5-2

"Connor Connor Connor Connor McDavid McDavid McDavid McDavid had had had had a a a a goal goal goal goal and and and and two two two two assists assists assists assists as as as as the the the the Oilers Oilers Oilers Oilers top top top top the the the the stars stars stars stars five five five five to to to to two two two two I I I I think think think think as as as as a a a a company company company company now now now now you you you you open open open open a a a a line line line line of of of of guys guys guys guys because because because because forget forget forget forget about about about about their their their their own own own own game game game game and and and and feel feel feel feel good good good good about about about about our our our our team team team team game game game game and and and and don't don't don't don't so so so so are are are are good good good good things things things things happening happening happening happening and and and and keep keep keep keep at at at at it it it it and and and and then then then then Kanturk Kanturk Kanturk Kanturk Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Zach Zach Zach Zach Hyman Hyman Hyman Hyman and and and and Jesse Jesse Jesse Jesse Puljujarvi Puljujarvi Puljujarvi Puljujarvi also also also also scored scored scored scored for for for for the the the the Oilers Oilers Oilers Oilers who who who who are are are are eleven eleven eleven eleven oh oh oh oh one one one one one one one one in in in in their their their their last last last last twelve twelve twelve twelve home home home home games games games games Evan Evan Evan Evan Bouchard Bouchard Bouchard Bouchard had had had had two two two two assists assists assists assists and and and and Mike Mike Mike Mike Smith Smith Smith Smith stopped stopped stopped stopped thirty thirty thirty thirty four four four four shots shots shots shots the the the the win win win win leaves leaves leaves leaves the the the the Oilers Oilers Oilers Oilers four four four four points points points points ahead ahead ahead ahead of of of of Los Los Los Los Angeles Angeles Angeles Angeles for for for for second second second second place place place place in in in in the the the the Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Division Division Division Division Jason Jason Jason Jason Robertson Robertson Robertson Robertson repair repair repair repair hence hence hence hence each each each each had had had had a a a a goal goal goal goal and and and and assist assist assist assist for for for for the the the the stars stars stars stars who who who who have have have have lost lost lost lost three three three three of of of of their their their their last last last last four four four four Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas is is is is two two two two points points points points ahead ahead ahead ahead of of of of Vegas Vegas Vegas Vegas for for for for the the the the final final final final Western Western Western Western Conference Conference Conference Conference wildcard wildcard wildcard wildcard berth berth berth berth I'm I'm I'm I'm Dave Dave Dave Dave Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie

Oilers Oilers Oilers Connor Connor Connor Connor Mc Mcdavid Mcdavid Mcdavid Kanturk Kanturk Kanturk Kantur Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Zach Zach Jesse Jesse Jesse Jesse Puljuj Evan Evan Evan Evan Bouchard Bouchard Bouchard Mike Mike Mike Mike Smith Smit Los Los Los Los Angeles Angele Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacifi Jason Jason Jason Jason Robert Robertson Robertson Dallas Robertson Vegas Vegas Vegas Dave Dave Dave Dave Ferrie Fer
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"kanturk " Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"You would be woefully incorrect you would also be incorrect nines to high seven seven arms close seven from sprint LG still good football player that I didn't say it wasn't any seven wonderful person than fifty cents each Cup of coffee down the street I like it being yep McVeigh Gaby guy we figured if anything else I gotta tell you guys I think that probably is everything that I have for you and yes late yeah no no so can't do firmly believe that you guys believe that at some point the NBA may change the logo to call we are now no nor do I think now that solution the logo should stay the way it is and if they changed it wouldn't be called me with Michael well they do something don't you think to to honor him I mean I think they'll fit I think they'll definitely have something planned for the rest of the season where ever but I I'm assuming maybe on all the jerseys they honor him in some way which is very appropriate all the way through June in the finals by night I don't think the low to retire his not knowing where I would we not I would that's reserved for Jackie Robinson and Jackie Robinson only yeah and Michael Jordan's not retiring right now Michael Jordan's retired in Miami yeah now if it I give every team one I guess team by team it's fine and Dallas is doing it that's fine my Pat Riley retired twenty three in reference to Michael is ninety nine retired is not but it's kind of like non smoking is spoken but somebody demanded ninety nine there were nine in a team of let somebody weren't absolutely I I don't think it's yeah I don't I mean can still honor him at a seventy once the retired Cuban once retiring yeah fine not gonna put up a stink of course not you do what you want your team I've always told you what I like I like anywhere you go to see the numbers on the flight back kind of with you I go to eastern on I want to see who was wearing sixty seven a weather is a ball player now yeah well that's that's what I want so let me ask you a question if they had retired sixty seven at eastern Illinois right and a kid signs there the play the same position and called you and said have no problem I'm a huge fan of yours and I want to wear your number out of respect for you when even a winning that say respect for me said I just want to wear number go ahead I don't care yeah that matter to me numbers number thank you retire license plates I don't know cars now is there identified the car that's all they are somebody did that with this I feel like Louis appreciated that for somebody didn't somebody come to the socks and want apparitions number and he's like yeah what was the eleven yeah was it Omar Vizquel maybe could've been because I got his own oversight honored I I feel like that happened and it did so yeah you can absolutely where I mean felt like it was a strange request but yeah if you want to do it go sure yeah for a look of Omar Vizquel right now let's find out exactly what his number was with the Chicago White Sox and I feel like it and I'll find out with the stocks is one of the requirements Kelly two one by the way I crack a hundred percent correct in the the regard for seven sacks for algebra forty five and a half for his career seven was the high water mark of forty five I know but you know over the course of time your member only algebra rush the passer he played every down my user and third long second logs you think oh yeah absolutely this guy's going to do that these supposed the numbers on baseball reference dot up top right at the top of their does so he was eleven you were living with the stocks are you having with the Chicago White Sox twenty yeah yeah this guy and I think he could that he called he called every show right is that for sure still with us for now at the time if I if I'm remembering the story correctly he reached out to and they might even be countrymen and he's wanted to wear the number in the socks a lot and every she was like yeah absolutely yeah so I mean come if you want to be comfortable will be comparable care I'm sure it doesn't matter to me everybody wants to where they should be able to wear all right I'm gonna get out of your way and shells still live eighty five I thought you guys have a wonderful show all right we well it's hard to close down we appreciate you got it thank you you're in my heart thank you very much they even gave once what do you any Kanturk flooded jerking Danny is matter give one to Sylvie well well I mean listen with the history between you two seven five makeup is like his is cheaper right right one is Sylvia what this is really mean I think is what he's asking right it's like in Seinfeld when they said that baby was when he said when was breathtaking and they said the baby was brought to the baby was ugly right actually like market text me yesterday you're quite right feeling yeah and I said my bill my wife almost twenty one years and I vomited for the first time in twenty one years and he doesn't come back all I hope you feel better it's all my god that's like a Seinfeld record it is a Seinfeld as well listen if you tell everybody run if you tell everybody loves you really love anyone there's a better idea like I am I gotcha but if everything's exceptional is everything really exceptional but your teammate it can't be I understand that he was talking about as we talk about if everything is awesome is everything really off everything is awesome now I mean that's just it you you know you need to say save the superlative adjectives are ones that are absolutely fantastic for situations that are really fantastic offer but we don't always do that we have a tendency to stay right on everything right right that's hours now you really love anything and is everything really fantastic a great player that we actually isn't good players exactly exactly which is a maze or have very deep conversation but the Bari Bridget and that's great well it is a great right now you guys have a great great show Larry tomorrow all right bye bye all right that tomorrow nine AM can help a lot Wednesday as well ESPN one thousand sold for sports one building like a little line is our friend what is the lasting impression he left you with we made no secret of idolizing Michael Michael made no secret of Kobe being like a little brother and I'm there with all the talk about Michael Michael Michael and we knew that he does not cover it was on my but after a lot of games I intended in which we have some huge crazy game of Hollywood intentionally bond in the media or something shoulder we would have for you and it was all twenty four hi cast whatever you get your six in one thousand goes home for sports please pause and listen closely because I believe CBT could change your life you know that health concern you're struggling with the sleeplessness the pain the one that you've tried everything this all the nothing is stop the discomfort of constant stress and worry that keeps you up at night yeah that health concerns let me encourage you to try something remarkable CBT products from only the experts I trust CBT discovery dot com CBT is a remarkable extract from the conversion of cannabis they may offer many of the health benefits of.

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"kanturk " Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"The dollar British pound one point two eight six zero and the end of one oh eight point five six and that's a Bloomberg business slash Paul and Lisa thank you so much take care and we did get some news about one of the nominees to become a fed member by president trump talking about political interference and how it it's almost okay in fact perhaps the president ought to be partnering are at least the fed should be partnering up with the with the president is now is pre of Missouri to the securities head of global right strategy and this sort of comes amid a growing a swell of concern that perhaps there is political interference this Judy Shelton one of president trump's was recent pics for at the fed board what did you make of this pria so I have to say I mean beyond the Judy Shelton issue which none of us really have enough information to make a comment on that but I would say the fed actually has been as a political a body that they they can be I don't think it helps to have the president or any political interference even if it's just we've sort of talk I think it creates a coming of age of communication challenge from the fed and they're trying to navigate I think this is a very difficult macro environment because of the fed has been saying multiple times you never had that you know to deal with global growth slowed down and the uncertainty shock and the fact that so far all we've seen as weakness in manufacturing so the fed is but these insurance that's in place and now they're onboard and so now it gets really tricky because at some point our view is that the fed would have to restart easing early next year and this is what I don't love the political interference because I think they have to ease because because you mind the service sector is going to get impacted but again if the seventy change their stance from encore to easing does it look politically and in an election year where I can everything is going to look politicized I really wish that there would be less less talk about political interference and have the fed sort of just look at fundamentals but that's a communication perception issue I do think that the fed in all my years of following them I think they will do the right thing but it but it's one of the pre emptive god is being played so now it's all going to be on the deed financial conditions in critically this whole that everyone has a the US consumer holds up if there's any cracks in back I do think that the fed will react irrespective lost the election or for any political goals for them to use it so the consumer has been certainly in the U. S. but you know certainly a lot of the western economies as well the consumers really been pushing the economy for it as we sit seen some weakness in manufacturing and business investment what's your sense of consumer right here yeah so I think globally the scene found signs that that is a little bit of a spillover but I agree it in Germany you look at the German consumer reporting a bad despite the fact that I would argue manufacturing in Germany is already in a recession in the US it's been a similar story I think because this is Jeannie emanated from uncertainty and from you know around treated on global growth and to what companies have done is the first thing that they would do is so not invest in something to talk to one line which would be a big capital investment project that's why we've seen that business investment will be but but also in the US take a hit I think the whole point is that I the global growth bottoms out and actually since moving up order the uncertainty goes away if that doesn't happen in our views night it happened early next year then the next step would have to be for businesses to cut back on high this is a nineteen some of that already appearing to weekly Alice falling and so I think that link will be through the labor market center cut you off no no no please I I'm I'm trying to square your your assertion here which is a weakening consumer and possibly Federico it's early next year with the increasing consensus heading into twenty twenty that things are going to chug along and actually the U. S. and and and European equity markets will continue to surge in everyone's going to be happy where is the disconnect here yeah I think the disconnect comes from the the view that president trump into the election next year is going to capitulate on China and there's an assumption that global growth in investment and all that is weak only because of the US China trade for actually think if you look at the weakness in global growth it started way before we were talking about a US China trade war so it preceded it because global growth has been slowing and I don't see where the engine of growth will come from so that's one of the court by two of the call is that even if you get a free is one three D. which I actually think it's interesting that we haven't yet gotten it this was the stuff they had agreed upon in me are we still talking about whether the get we get the Deets on Oct Hong Kong absolutely complicates it but even if we get the deal which is obvious thank you it doesn't say a dozen resolve the structural issues so I think the assumption is into the election we're going to get a reduction in uncertainty and therefore businesses invest actually make the opposite argument into an election which is close very tough to call as many posters figured out in twenty sixteen that actually business and uncertainty would be higher and soul but ultimately it's going to depend upon is that actually fifteen through into the consumer data and the link will have to come to the labor market it's when the job market tools or if the job market I think that's when people would really get nervous about the US consumer so far the labor market has softened from earlier this year but it's not the week on and I'll trade pieces so the next three four months I think we'll have to see some sort of convergence between the equity valuation dialysis you know fed by giving probabilities thank you so much for joining us appreciate your thoughts little bit Kanturk consensus perhaps I love getting that that kind of view from the securities what we're seeing right now is priced into the market is a rate cut in September of twenty twenty not the getting of twenty twenty and the question is will we get some sort of better than expected data we just sort of what people are expecting to happen and if we don't what will the disappointment factor look like since we are getting a possible resurgence already getting priced into certainly European shares into a little extend out U. S. as well exactly Mr T. securities head of global rate strategy with her thoughts there on kind of the fed in rates and kind of economic growth that is taking a little bit more of a cautious views there then maybe.

Paul Bloomberg Lisa three four months
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"kanturk " Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"Cool low tia he is playing with the yellow jackets next door sting said referring to his drummer since nineteen ninety I remember club is better than a remainder members stadiums clubs I remember every detail so here yeah so that's kind of that he was very kind and he was charming I mean the whole numbers say I just I am as being called and wanted to ask about Kanturk Sachs I want to say what is the one question you're so sick of people asking you I want to ask about how much would you know I am AT there will be another opportunity to talk to him because he was delightful they might need to have no help to sell tickets I don't think I don't think so no he's in it every night it's going to sell out it's a good story the music that you you didn't hear it I mean some other songs were more on it's a lot it's part love story too because this man what I'm saying the the point that you're missing is that people buy tickets for shows because they know the show they know there is it gets a much harder thing that's true yeah they all will sting is in it every night but you know it's not the a year it's enough regional thing in new music so to get people outside as well I believe he had that I I I know but I'm just saying he's the I do it again is what I'm saying it was a long time a long way away and the regular people aren't thinking about that you know. what do you get your. successful I think about it but I'm thinking this thing is going to need to do a few more interviews I think I think he would have died if you met yeah well let's see if he'll remember you I think the Viking sure was a good idea do you okay well let me tell you I mean Casey yesterday's what where did you guys find watch Vikings in LA well the Vikings are non in LA you know that's like every tenth game you know that. member we went to the Viking bear before the Sega words one time and that way I play option but normally known for its west coast teams that yours right away so Casey was getting the update from his son on his phone and then watching the rams play yeah and and then you know we went out to brunch our career took great play a would go to French and then we go. do you find that you know the LA airport is as big of a zoo as Minneapolis they're doing construction there too yeah give yourself an extra half hour at that airport to receive your doing the I mean they're dropping people off for departures down on arrivals. and then you're having dishes led by to see I'm just saying there's they're trying to make airports more efficient give yourself another half hour time so we get there we did get there with plenty of time and his soul ugh. easy because you've got I think it was the cardinal Green Bay game wanted identified green okay or whoever they play yeah. thank you that that football game on and then on the other big screen because you know it delta out at LA actional tools pods so yeah but that's because they can get more planes amber so there's like pods it's weird cramped but the other big screen US open hello yeah all that thing I know my gosh more people was started moving over to the US open I mean yes people had their eye on the football game it was enough of a score and it was just like people are sick this simple evil some believe well it was five sets in it with that we've got got some audio from GMA from our tennis guy who loves tennis as much as you do yeah grueling five set for our fifty minute drama field classic in front of a packed Arthur Ashe stadium that ended with an exhausted and tearful thirty three year old Rafa Nadal the US open men's champion for the first two hours the doll was having his way with the deal Medvedev the fifth seed in the tournament and at age twenty three the youngest finalist in nine years but just as not all appear to be marching to victory and three straight sets Medvedev came alive switched his playing style turn the match into a nail biter and marathon and making the dolls fight for his now nineteenth major title they have been one of the most emotional slice in in my that is scary and promotions high on Saturday as well with Serena Williams took the court in the women's final against Bianca and rescue Williams was aiming for history to win her twenty fourth grand slam title but even with an entire stadium behind her and the Duchess of Sussex cheering her on Williams struggled against the nineteen year old Canadian but even an incredible comeback in the second set wasn't enough to overcome one of the tourist office up and comers who was playing in her first grand slam final it was an incredible tennis out there I wish I could play better but I'm if anyone can win this time it outside of illness I'm happy. it was really that the FBI came it got better the US open the ND all the ending was yeah I mean Serena's the first that was Serena and Bianca it was terrible Serena Justin have it she could get a first serve in but the second does she look did she look slow no she just wasn't playing right yeah and when you get your Zen. falls just tons it was just not Serena but the second set she was down like way for the armed for nothing and she came back and won five games in a row and tied up down five five but when she played does it took up soul much energy to come back from such a default better it was really hard but a lot of this Russian kid always amazing I mean he was the one last week that he was like the crowds were bullying him yesterday they were cheering of mine and he wanted to end because it looked like no doubt was going to finish in three well I mean I I think I guy next to me looked up but he said did someone hasn't come back from two sets down. in the U. S. like since nineteen forty nine you know it's like some kind of incredible thing he said it's so unusual did you watch a chilly lands fight. to the fifth and then we got on the plane just wondering the tennis expert here on the program is what do they mean by he changed his playing style who made the Dev well you just picked up a P. B. T. now but he seemed like he was more just accepting the play what Nadal would dictate and then he became more grass I mean the drop shot that these guys are doing from back at the end of a sign that just go right over then it just die will trigger is very funny about the mad the on the Russian because they can say what guy the tree was medivac yeah he is cool is the fastest looking tired person I've ever seen play tennis believe he's so tall but he can get to those modeling key he doesn't look like he could even hit a tennis is so skinny he has. it really and Nadal I mean he had to Derek D. but I was so glad he won that guy he's a machine well the big three bed no doll Djokovic and Roger Roger Federer they've won fifty four of the past sixty four slam titles we need new blog no we don't. you know what. then he it's really fun because we had the same people all for so long I kind of quite frankly of love that because you said we don't need to hold this error anymore we have been here for fifteen years at some point soon or later this is going to end I'm thirty three Novak is thirty two Rogers thirty eight and Roger kind of his back and neck gave out on on on which was a bummer I mean it is going to end but we don't have any here well maybe this matter that I mean there's so many yeah I like him after Haiti them he got booted again heard. I like there's a lot of up and coming US women about their Bianca she was on it was Canadian and everything's fine she's Darling but I like there's a lot of US players that I think women yeah that I think are really going to be entering an answering that damn I mean I don't know how they do it I don't know how they do it if she wants to get her her magic twenty four and a doll you know he's going to get to twenty it does and saying he needs one Martic as he always is the next open that's coming up whatever that is he has the French evens the fiber is wins a bit in the fridge okay but maybe Serena needs a new coach. wow needs an overhaul this is our fourth loss but Lorena fine I'm gonna tell you something about her body now a mother. okay so what I'm saying is that maybe hello this is a just few thirty thirty thirty three thirty seven yeah. sold for tennis. I mean she thought she might five mostly with herself according to what I've read about it is that you know she was like almost crying net herself at the optional yeah pardon me like last year because she was respectful and I know she's Florida but I think she just prior Patrick and bring in some new people. you just read that off a sheet of paper your brothers. yeah but one thing I will say about Serena though that I did notice in this tournament I mean she's been bogged down by health issues and me aback some different an ankle when that stuff goes your scrawny McEnroe's speculated Julia and at the Australian Open he wondered aloud why Serena doesn't fire her coach he said I know you're loyal but why doesn't she fired him because whatever she's doing isn't working. well that is a two state in some way and she gets to the finals and everything but. fourth loss. in a final in two years. I will in in I would find every I'd fire and I blame him what do you what. can't buy me but both whatever's to date him too if you remember all the memories and he should be fine. it's distracting she's got Haney and a hot man in the stands and magus Meghan Markle inner cute J. crew down I'm sure wasted dressed at that sell out or what else and you have insurance well I want to just go back to Serena yeah okay a minute. she physically wasn't there this is the first time I start there physically. Giuliana we've had this discussion at Wimbledon. frenchopen very well maybe she will reach she issues training is the same old way she's training she's just doing the same old thing she needs a new coach hi..

Serena US tennis Bianca Meghan Markle Australian Open Martic Lorena Haney Giuliana Florida McEnroe Patrick Julia thirty three year fifteen years nineteen year fifty minute nine years two hours