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"kankakee river lake county indiana" Discussed on WBBM Newsradio

"Twenty third of, August, good evening. I'm Bob Conway skies remain fair we. Have sixty nine degrees right now AccuWeather says increasingly cloudy overnight slight, chance of a. Shower towards dawn, low sixty three, then tomorrow cloudy much cooler tomorrow just seventy degrees with a chance of showers and storms five day forecast coming up our top local story on NewsRadio WBZ m. jurors today convicted a second reputed gang member and the twenty thirteen shooting that killed. King high school honors student idea Pendleton WBZ m.'s. Bob Roberts was in the, courtroom, this time, it was ideas father Nathaniel Pendleton who shouted for joy outside of the, courtroom downstairs is he. Declared Justice Serb mother Cleopatra Cali It is something that we've, been waiting, off over We get Justice man. I just want to thank everybody that supported. Us that's been here for the last five years We've been going through all hopes and downs This. Is all good this is not Maceio awards mother said her son will appeal saying the prosecution's case did not that the facts in. That they consider the confession, false and coerced no, date, is, set, percents saying, Bob Roberts, News Radio one. Zero five point nine FM Illinois attorney general Lisa. Madigan is confirming that, at least seven Illinois priests are named Atlanta Pennsylvania. Grand jury report alleging sex abuse by priests going back decades Madigan says she has plans to meet with the Chicago archdiocese and reach out to other diocese in Illinois to get a full and. Accurate accounting of sexually inappropriate behavior by priests charges were filed today against the man who suspected of doing drugs earlier this week mileage two, sons drowned in, the kankakee river Lake County Indiana prosecutor Bernard Carter saying Can. Count. Up correct Residing, in depth one cow each four let Four years old, and the other child the two, year old. Evan Each count all individuals, victims Prosecutors say each count, against thirty four year, old Eric Patillo of fair Indiana could result in up. To forty years in, prison WB VME's John eleven oh traffic and weather sponsored by elmhurst BMW. And at the traffic center now here's Neil. Fiorito rough ride the night Bob will start all lanes closed on the inbound. Eisenhower Ashwin with police activity so do yourself a. Favor duck out at western if you can go south over the Roosevelt had eastbound to. Get back toward downtown again all lanes closed on, the inbound Ike at Ashland sixty five southbound past thirty all, lanes. Blocked off in northwest Indiana with a crash involving a semi Edens. Is clear and either. Direction that's the good news, the Kennedys still, pretty heavy especially heading outbound just tend to Montrose thirty-seven out to O'Hare heavy past floors to canfield with, roadwork in the left lane inbound still pretty heavy before, to the Jayme burn. Interchange twenty six from Ohio Hair, six feet off the Edens junction the extension is fine. The outbound Eisenhower twenty, nine the Mannheim forty two to three ninety past twenty fifth you're on. The, brakes with roadwork in the left lane. Again the inbound side of the Eisenhower all lanes closed off at Ashwin along. With the entrance ramp with police activity your alternate. Exit at western head southbound Roosevelt eastbound to give back to downtown Stephenson looks okay so. Desired fifty-five nothing major on the Dan Ryan fifty, seven or the Ford lakeshore drive southbound that breaks in the, oak. Street curve to Chicago then from the museum campus to the outbound. Stevenson nothing major on. The tollways at northwest Indiana, as I mentioned, sixty five southbound a crash box all the lanes right past route thirty get traffic.

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