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"kane franken" Discussed on Racing Post

"Dream. Six to one great gideon thirteen to free count. Eight hundred chase. The dollar. ten to one camelot's tails and sixteen ball. We have non masuko h. Betting katie confident about this one. Going point lake actually. I've got some members of this nor through anything. I actually one but my lost a bit because the only media pewter ev'ry slept with that one district what was it. What what were you doing you just betting shop manager Cashing in like a ge manager. This was a student. Did you enjoy it. Yeah it was pretty good at it toy. A few things from our yourself see not say. Did you see someone beating the living daylights. Have a folksy. We haven't quite reached that stage default. Tease aggressively didn't need still relatively time. So-so irate punters up any any speech in history of star. Then yeah it was an awesome old. Everybody finds handicap epsom. A wow took this year should be good. It was an. I still trip down. Memory lane thanking tranquil and greet gideon or guardian sue for running down the hill epsom and petri won't be he's already one here for a mile and half of third loan the horses. He's got up seven punch up into does have a little bit more than maybe some others have be four horses and gap off for the first after the first five and theaters for one more recently improved by sex ninety nine on aug yards so is really strong for patient. You by al kazeem dumpsite quite low stamina. Ten for is definitely going to episode. Absolutely is other actually cuming fuel. Incidentally just to put an actual dot box think is extremely solid. Excellent patient dream for king. Rife is kate selection. Who's david's process. This is the biker. Today king franklin win. Dad wouldn't be surprised. Me one easily and i taught the london. Gold cup was ahead of a race beforehand. And afterwards i thought it was probably a better race and bay bridge wanted impressively by forelands off market. Ninety he went up a stolen to america. One hundred and four at king franklin was second of eighty two on up six. They might think six is a bit mad for a horse that was beaten four lengths and beaten comprehensively but he was four and a quarter atlanta ahead of river alwin who was third and i talked to was plenty of them in behind the lights. Are tom barabbas. Dubai we signs highland rocker. Who were all on expose of potentially decent handicappers virgin group class and kane franken favorites watson the race shoe comparison. I hate when people do that. But if favorites wasn't the race he would have won by florida court. Relents would have gone even further. The bay bridge did and perfect draw. Installed trae groaned idea. Jost your typical improving mark. Johnson trade old i. I'd be really disappointed if this heart speaking reciting two to one is fine really well. It's always a terrific race. The london go cop kills away. Swear buttons back everything that comes out of it so they go with patient dream for kaethe and key king franco for david genesis. Move onto the to thirty five. Now i've ramal. And half furlong the princess elizabeth stakes sponsored by kazoo because very welcome backers of the darby and the ship group three and a mom or is since two favorite roughly speaking to a nonstop posted nonstop statement. Five to one nine zoo. Not seventy one n e cargo eight to one parents press extinct one ball data you can go first and i posted hair bruce m. I take was valid excuses for for her. Run into daily stakes. They went no pace there and it turned into a bit of a sprint on on she kind of she she was very busy in the early stages and then she looked like she might just could commit Just didn't happen but you know it was the first one hundred and four days and as i said she was quite keen on. I think she can take a big jump forward from that road when she will not list racist time than last year. Pharmacy are dinar. Pr hundred eleven. That they would be loved. The time at lop nur flu was tired. And really impressive. And i think absent showed suits running style. I think the goal plenty quick enough air and joint top race in the race along with memora- and the patriots one hundred nays and sam. I think she's a little bit more to offer so posted for me. Thanks steve jake cave. There's all statements no question for her. Probably trek pickles. She she was second and fred dali telco free. She was a big price. The and still price for the guineas. I need to these informal. The lie and the fred darling. One and only because at one for the people to heart. She'll have to sell out. Bob mora is going to give it elite for one and there's other horses in this recent tend to straight on a little bit as well sort of go about fifty stephen get color fred. Dolly is absolutely fighting games. A real chance to still in front. I think maybe even to form out again each time before the dominic yvo thinks he's got more shoe was if she sales if she gets up leading sales behind thing. She's got johnson. Thank you very much case. Let's move onto the three ten diamond stakes also sponsored by kazoo group three again over a mile and half a furlong and we've got some good old favorites heading the betting around about one hundred thirteen century. Drain got maximum. Fulls bill rooker six prince. Iag at thirteen to two juke of hazard i-it's mary's dominant attends escobar. And this is fourteen and the outside is far less so keith. Plenty of exposed types. But he's a wide open betting affair. How.

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