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"kamenica rosser" Discussed on Cincy Jungle

"Continue to play if and when they fall out of contention or if they get off to a one six start like they did last year one and seven you start then there's no reason for many to play the knee simply have to go to jones and i think that's i think that's how it's gonna go comas. The giants consider themselves go to be a playoff contending team today with you like talking with ed valentine of big blue view and the valentine's view podcast part of the s._p. Nation family of podcasts which <hes> this podcast is part of as well good to have ed with us talking about the quote unquote dress rehearsal coming up here <hes> ed. It's it's really difficult to kind of. Sit here and talk about you know. What are you looking to see out of out of a preseason game. I mean obviously you wanna see the lower end depth chart guys you wanna see who maybe make some place to <hes> make kamenica rosser bid but these teams are kind of in a lot of people's is in a similar boat but potential rebuild coach early if not starting their new tenure with the team <hes> you know a lot of some veterans that are maybe on the hot seat a little bit so mean i guess what what are giants fans hoping you too and the giants themselves what what are they hoping to take away from this game because obviously the wins and losses don't truly matter in the summer but what are they looking to really achieve or take away aside from staying pretty healthy well. I think you always want in whatever limited fashion your starters play. You want to see something. That looks like competent football. Something gives you confidence going forward forward for example in the opening preseason game for the giants. Starting offense in the starting defense basically played one. You're you're on offense. The giants went three and out in on defense. The evil belong driving touchdown last last friday against the bears same scenario where the offense basically plate one series the defense played a little bit longer than that but but you gotta touchdown drive out of the offense and you've got a stop for a field goal you know out of the defense so so you saw you saw some better play. You saw some competent play and i think that's that's all you want. Out of. Your starters is something that looks like incompetent play but for me at this point won't be what tomorrow night will be nine days away from teams having to set their fifty three man dan rosters so it's all about looking for those guys at the end of the roster. You know those guys. Every teams got bobo players. Every tamed got decisions to make every teams looking for help across the league so for me. It's all about those guys who are going to win. Those last year roster spots you know one player on either side of the ball that bengal span should keep out for me. Not just off color has john roster. Who who is that guy in order to be name name no more for tomorrow night well. I don't know if i don't know if it's a guy that's exactly what you're you're talking about here but the guy that i think anyone across the n._f._l. Should probably be aware of at this point. What is cory ballantyne. The sixth round pick out washburn. If you know his story the giants drafted him in the sixth round. You went out that night with sprint twain simmons and they were victims of a drive by shooting in which ballantine was hurt. His friend simmons was was killed and this kid since he came back and since he rejoined the team this kid has done nothing nothing but shown class in the way that he handled himself in the way that he stood in front of the media and explained what happened you know he's tried to move forward and right now the amazing thing about this he he's not a sixth round draft pick he. He doesn't look anything like a six round draft..

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