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Jump: Game 3 SportsCenter special

"Out. That's his third travel of the night. Normally I get on this case for being a complete knobs. But tonight I'm chilling Stephen what's gotten into you. I know usually I'd be off a right now. But I gotta tell you this vivid seats thing has got me completely changed a one hundred percent authentic. And I got these great seats yesterday when a vivid seats at stress-free. Wait. What are you doing? You put mayo on my hotdog. What's the matter with you? There's the old Stephen we know. Welcome. We are live from the rose city look at those bridges, look at the arena. Everyone is hyped here to go having a little fun outside before the action starts inside. Damian Lewis in the building, too. And man, he is trying to use these playoffs to reverse what has been a long road of heartbreak for the city of Portland and the blazers he's added again tonight. But it's a lot take a look. Portland is a franchise has been snake bitten by all kinds of devastating injuries. Her only one. This people are still angering Portland selects Sam buoy university of Kentucky, the Chicago Bulls. Pick Michael Jordan, Portland trailblazers select way, Odin from Ohio State. The Seattle SuperSonics select Kevin Durant. They're angry themselves for hoping. Angeles Lakers have come from behind to win the Western Conference championship games. Number three seed has been never sixteen. We just know where about ourselves don't play hard. We'll stay together. Three. I looked at Portland as legitimate team. He takes the three. Puree that is big rollers house. Lasers leave. As a little bit of room. He's a about eighty dollars. Dribbles hasn't nearly knocked his ass has it stripped out of his head game. We'll Golden State take. They to nothing serious leans back the Portland per game. Three. Welcome into the jump takeover of sports center. I am Rachel Nichols. I am here with six time champion and former trailblazer Scottie Pippen and current trailblazer use of merkich. Thanks for sitting here with us today. I know blazers fans out there like why are you gotta show that stuff? What why why why Sambuc? Why are you bringing all this stuff back because the point about this blazers team? Is it is the depths of heartbreak and the bad decisions and the suffering, and being able to come back from that and the resiliency that's what has made this playoff run this spring, so sweet. And you are one of the guys who they were counting on for this postseason, and that devastating injury when you broke your leg about ten games before the playoffs started, but your team has fought back in a way that frankly no one outside this building expected, and you have been amazing. We thought you'd be on crutches. Now, you're walking rich. How are you able to do this just? Obviously, I got injured and nobody want to see any major league sports. But it's happened. So I'm just trying to stake day by day and go from there. I mean they come back when you went down that night, I know the mood around this team. I mean you are so loved on this team. Everyone was very emotional about you and it was such a devastating injury. Scotty the night he went down hopes were not high of Portland wasn't high. And you know, it's the prising to see that the blazers have gotten this far without this young man. But I gotta ask him. How does it feel for you knowing that, you know, you could really help this blazer team right now? What is it like sitting there knowing that you could be the game changer? It strays. I mean just to be to know how much you can help team and how much you make every everybody better and how much joy playing with everybody there. And I think, you know, everything had from reason. When visting having I think everybody kind of face more reality, I should be blessed to play in this lives. Take the best of playoffs. And I think everybody came together, and I'm really proud of how they handle the place through those three tiers. CJ mccollum. Come and tap on the shoulder as we went here, and it's the way your teammates have made you part of this run. And you haven't turned inspired them. You came to the court unexpectedly during that Oklahoma City series. You walk in here. No one thought you weren't really allowed to be here. Right. Because they won't worried that someone was going to run into your leg if you were on the bench, you were sitting at home. It's the third quarter. And you just said, I got to be with my gosh, right? I was in college watching TV in game and you know in the first couple couple of weeks. He's just. You can really it's hard to watch basketball again and I was watching the game. And, you know, kinda slow Rina's here. Need a little bit just blow out everything, and I would like I asked my girlfriend basically long how fast you can be. She's life fast or how long and we get ready. And by the time I decided was to get ready. It was like four minutes to go in third quarter. It's crazy. And I know the game going to be long very long and not try to, you know, I still have twenty five minute drive from my home. Arena. If even if I'm not making, I'm gonna meet that locker room and give them sporting just you know what I am as a person, and so few and with like two minutes. I'm like we down ten. Sounds like ongoing now there. Close to the locker room watching. So I'm sure up and everything else. You guys know what happens. The arena went absolutely crazy. The fact that you are such an important part of this team that just walking in the building can change the momentum for a game. You're not even playing in speak so much to you, and how close your teammates are. And frankly, I think the shirt you were wearing that night had something to do with it. I'm just going to say can we show that because you have never been shy about the trash talk about standing up for yourself and your teammates? And you were shirt that night, she does the jackets closed, but we'll see it in a minute. It says got bricks. That would be a Russell Westbrook reference, just in case nobody aware of that. Can you tell me why you're you? We're getting ready. So quick. I got put this year actually my friend make mature the night before. But, you know, talking to myself, and to doctors and everybody would like, no don't go. So just in case, you know, something on the have in my mind, and I have have to have something, but then when when, when you just look in our team that you're such a great group of guys. There's nobody like you know Draymond green player. You know, some somebody who can turn around energy or turn around whatever we played that out there. We can, you know, chain the read them? So I think for us when we play with eggs and little bit. You know, something really support ship now non-sport thing, so now I never tried injury anybody or something like that. But I feel when we play with added we pretty good team in tough to handle. So that's what I've tried to bring even you know, even I'm not playing. It's really difficult for me, but I understand I'm gonna come back. So he's not like I'm done twenty four years old -solutely, man. No. I mean you've seen Paul George comeback from a very similar injury, and he was in the MVP conversation this year. So you can definitely come back as I said, CJ tapped him on the shoulder as he was out here, that might be partly because they're tight, but also partly because can we show I'm not gonna make get up. We took it a shot earlier the jacket that Nerkez wearing today is amazing. That's the back of it. Tapped him on the back. I mean he's he's put them on the throat. You're ready. You're ready forgave it throws. Course similar to what your girlfriend asks, you, are what you as you girl. How long is it going to take you to get ready? To get there. I gotta ask you have the doctor's giving you a timetable as to how long before you can get back on the court to be honest. There's no timetable. And I don't want to. And feel. Every injury, I have my last I came earlier, rarely that I talk, and I should. So this one is going to be really approach the long run, what I should do for best for me team. And now. No, you know, you can see like she said about the be jeans or table. And then there's example. So I can reach out and see what's going on. But I definitely I'm different. Heavier, I'm bigger and stronger. Hopefully, I can come back even stronger than that. So for me just set up big all this stuff, and I'm not gonna looking forward to it. I'm gonna looking day by day and you know, see worth taking me, then bigger heavier and stronger, right? Before we went on the air, I had to tell Scotty, your back story, if you guys don't know it out there, Narco up in Bosnia. His father is a very large man, also, you know, the, the jeans he's about six foot eleven about four hundred pounds. He's a police officer and in the line of duty he subdued I think of ten or eleven people at a big bar fight. That was getting out of control. It made the newspaper that this man did all of this handedly and a sports agent in Bosnia contacted him and said, do you have any sons? Someone with physical makeup. I can teach to play basketball and here you are in the NBA through. I mean that fact is just to be able to start playing basketball through nine two thousand four hundred fifteen three in NBA just tremendous experience and through the injury just to be able to play sports and different levels to be pro and be with the best. Just can get about ten years after that bar fight, you're here. And I know you're gonna make a difference for these guys tonight. They didn't have you the first two games, Golden State. They got you tonight. Thanks so much for staying with us. We really appreciate you buy at Steph curry guys is in the building. So the warriors side is getting ready as well. We will be discussing some of that when we get back, we got our distant replay today. Also look at him. He's like I'm chill. I got the headphones on up to go on on the road. Our district replant the bucks coming up as well. I'll thank you. John us. And Kobe Bryant on this date in nineteen ninety eight. Let's go. The fact that he's been a second. Number eight Kobe is day four Toby. What makes things so difficult down stretch when you guys off, I think is just a maker mislead at open three. I missed and floater Emmys at a switch remind I missed. I think he's making sleep. CJ's kind of the star that clip let's not kid ourselves. Make man is the star of that clip. Thank you for going out and doing some work for our jump producers and getting the players to say it's a maker Bill. All. CJ for missing alive. So he had to say. Flee civic man is covering the placers during this series back with Scottie Pippen, and in fact, guys, it's a maker, miss leak. Where do you go from here? Why when you go from here? I'm going to Toronto game theory. Okay. I think we're sleeping Huber. I think he makes jokes like this. And we want to turn. We don't catch. I don't know. I think we've got his sense of humor pretty much. It is very dry. Yes. Dry sense of humor as a player, you can have that dress as a humor, I think he gets some time you get a little irritated with the media s you the same place in, in that question is what do you go? Now is you know four player losing a game. You don't really have an answer for that. He now he's going to Toronto the truth. But Nick, Kamen Steph curry told the athletic before game too, that the warriors are definitely not a better team with Kevin Durant out there. But they are harder to guard the resurfaced as an I g mean and Katie commented on it saying, hell no. All right. Scott to use it kind of a version of yesterday and studio. I agree with style. Yes, because they are they're they're a team. They're moving. They're cutting their setting back pigs in allow Steph and clay to get a variety of shots, while this mitt rains layup on threes. What do you think about the fact that Katie chimed in? I mean not surprising. He is sensitive, a social media presence, as we have in the NBA. And I understand what you're saying Scott what sets point is, but they're not they're not a harder. Gar team when they don't have this freakishly guy. Guy. Yeah. One of the best words of all time also say that Kevin Durant was in Stephen Jackson's iky comments yesterday to positive way, by the way, he was agreeing with Jack Jack but that is if you want to know what katie's doing right now. Check your feed. Miss Hogue first bucks possession. You on his grab in the board and slams home, the put back then the next rafters possession gets all by looking at beats everyone down there. Right. And then, oh, I'm sorry, Marcus. Oh, you are gonna make that shot. No was this over and forty five seconds, basically have we seen the story of the game? Is snarling early. There's trouble that Yana snarl is a sure sign that things are going really poorly. Scotty. That's a you play out there both ends. I mean he'd be really made his stamp on the game early on that last few games saw them build a wall. He owned the paint. The first two plays Australia. By the way, if is it not the euro step is that the euro step, what are we? I mean, come on. Hero style. You can roll with that. I can roll that he obviously went to this because they were blocking off some of his normal stuff. I know the rafters felt that he was traveling on some of these plays started complaining to the league. But this isn't his game right. They would call the euro steps. We're going to run it back because that's what we'd like to do here on the job. And at blue play the music because this music is something that I I'm gonna make this. My iphone ring Yang is top Eurosteps gyro never three versus the clippers two thousand eight. Oh, I'm sorry. I just put this year thing. When this guy is coming in two thousand he'll. There's nothing you can do one. Two thousand sixteen versus the Pacers just getting better and better. You have to go forward, by the way, you can see these clips, I was put on muscle over the this one's from two thousand sixteen to surge back might be having nightmares. Steph slam with the left. Ridiculous. Give that man VP. I think we're going to have that Jews. We are here at the Western Conference finals in Portland voodoo donuts for you. We had those, by the way at our ESPN trailer earlier today, those are lethal is all I'm saying to you. And now I want to give you a little bit of a recap here as we look on the court, we at Newark on the show, the first segments got we're talking about how close he is with his teammates. You can see that they're right? I've played in the city and the bond that the players are able to create here because of atmosphere because of these van being sort of the only game in town. It, it makes for the players to really come together and bond because these fans really get behind year. I think that's so interesting. Because talking to Damon CJ they've said to me, like, hey, we're up here in Oregon, just have that feeling that they're in a little separate place for the rest of the country views a very special place. That's so awesome. And I love seeing those guys you can see it on their faces. The bucks have a little bit of that as well. Milwaukee. Right. There's there's no football team there. That's up the. Wrote a few hours, so they have that, and you could see in game one that really coming together, Tim. They are ten and one this postseason. They are now more than ninety percent favorite to advance to the finals. So we kind of feel that tide is turning that way. But my question is, are you buying all the bucks stock now because in the first round against Detroit? Let's not kid ourselves. They didn't have Blake Griffin in that series. It was basically bucks over in three didn't even need to win the fourth game in the second series people really credited, the Celtics falling apart more than they did the bucks winning that series. So now that they're beating Kurai and the rafters, which is considered one of the deeper teams in the NBA is that finally going to give them the respect that if they do get to those finals, the people think they could give the team that comes out of the series real fight. Again. I mean you're talking about the best defensive teams in the NBA maybe the best player in the league right now. And then just a bunch of guys. Why think complement Janas so well and fit their roles perfectly. You don't see one superstar teams really very often as a threat to win a championship. But I think the bucks aren't exceptions. Yeah. And I think this is the first in a long time I was selling a friend today. Like even looking back in the bulls eye runs in the nine is it was myself. Michael Horace Grant myself. Michael Dennis Rodman. You went with LeBron with. Wait sold. But to see what John is doing, and I'm not going to camp, Chris Miller j now that's not being and all star in this game, a one time also to see him be able to do this without those superstars alongside is pretty amazing. And I think the way that they play the way they're all things execute. They will get either one of these things that good wrong. I mean man, I'm excited to see what they can do on the bigger and bigger stage. Yeah. This went into these playoffs saying, we just want to want a serious. I've never even done that at all the sudden they are now very close to propelling themselves to an NBA finals Tim while you're here, though, I want to get to the team, you cover so much of the time, the Houston Rockets a little bit of a surprise move today. They fired their defensive coordinator chief defensive assistant coach Jeff the Delic. And what makes this even weirder is that, of course, he was considered a key to their run last season. He retired in the summer a little bit of a surprise there. Went back to West Virginia, with his family. The rockets. Hunted him down across the country to bring him back a month and a half into the season because they were struggling so much. They paid him a lot of money, I understand, to come back, and then what six months later. They're like. Yeah. Never mind by include his contract was up. So he's didn't renew the contract. But, you know, my understanding is he was going to seriously, consider retirement again, and they didn't necessarily want to go through this saga, but it to me, it's strange when Tillman for Tita says he's going to do everything he can to put them in the best position when a championship to me. You're trying to recruit, Jeff as you're trying to convince him to stay because he came back and did his job from the all-star break on. They were. One of the best defense teams in the NBA, so this does not make sense. It's not following up, what for Tita promised to the fans player. Scotty, and this guy has been the key to organize a your defense for the past two seasons. How do you feel what he's done while you don't feel good? But I think you have to look a little deeper, ended to this and say, hey, maybe there's a problem with a player this fine into what? So I don't know. I mean you get the best of coordinated you expect players learn and be better on those team in on the floor. And we say that they were better under his management. But you know they weren't that good this year. The interesting to see what the players think about it. That's a great point. Interesting to see how Mike Antoni reacts all of this now, new little, something for you with jump on sportscenter little courtside, roulette producers. See who they've got for us. They're going to just jukebox us and see what's going on. I think who's come on show, got Damian Lillard. There you go. All right. So therefore Scotty, I'm going to ask you about Damian Lillard who's warming up behind us. What does he have to do differently in game three because they are trapping him? They're sending double teams. There's an a triple teams. And we saw Andrei go Dallas stripped him at the end when he had that chance to win the game. Think Damon has inserted himself into the game a little bit more offensively better in the half court. I think he's he's playing too much of a fifty foot game in half court situation. The warriors have pushed their offense all the way up to the half court and also I think he needs to speed the game. I think he's a lying. The warriors defense to set up on possessions, working utilizing their transition. And I think he's gonna find himself getting some better offense and even maybe half in his team made more. But when you allow the warriors to set off, and they're, they're looking at you, and they got five dollars guys there and you got Draymond Andrei. Equal dollar really spearhead net. They're very tough to school. You're talking about. You're talking about some of the best defenders in the league, right? And Andre his seat, everything, everything. So he knows how to attack demand. I talked to Damian a bit before game two and then again afterward he is he's frustrated, and he feels like he's not been able to get space that he wants frustrated with some of the foul calls that he feels aren't getting whistled if your player with that mindset, and every coach is telling him, I'm sure what you just said. What do you have to change mentally to actually do, it actually get the space against a guy like Hunchback Dala who's trying to push you to have? Well, I'm saying he had started. This game out pushing the ball in this, and I have not seen him pushing the ball in transition trying to get early offense. And if you out this warriors team that set up then he's not going to get good shots. He's going to be trying to get to the bucket from fifty feet out, basically half-court situation. So he had to change in order to get a change. You've got to be willing to change. Tim, thank you so much for, with us bringing us a little Houston knowledge and a little blazers knowledge we'll see a little bit later in this series. We have an Oregon hero, Sabrina UNESCO is coming to sit with us on the jump. I am so thrilled to welcome her in. I know everyone in this building has loved seeing her play. They're thrilled. She's coming back to school, and she will be with us next. Stay tuned. This is sportscenter full jump flavor though, we'll be back. Welcome back to sports better with the jump on the scene. You see that name up there Scottie Pippen, and the trailblazers hall of fame. It is fun to be back in the building with Scotty, I'm such a groupie. I love that you decided to stuff by Oregon's own Sabrina in nascar's. Thank you so much for being here. She was a sensation all season and of course, the NC double A tournament. And you people were just mourning the fact that they expected. Hey, she's gonna leave. She's finished up. You you've actually finished college, right? You graduated. Even the you have when you were left eligibility, they were ready to see you go to the WNBA, and there were tears of joy all over the state. Why did you announce that you were going to come back to Oregon? I feel like I had some business that I had to take care of losing in the final four last year. Last season wasn't easy. I love my team. I love the state of Oregon, the university. So I'm excited to you back for my senior year. And you know how they treat the teams around here. Love of the fans the great a great state. Liam treat them like oh, the professional team. Yes, he's going to Oregon field might as pointy and everything. And you know the the fans here Assam series, CS being treated, like sees playing professional teams. Absolutely. Now the fans of you are blazers fans you on the other hand, I'm not a blazers fan. I'm going to tell you right now. Please open this lovely jeans jacket. You have our director cat. He's gonna get you one screed. Oh, yes. Yup. Why are you a warriors fan laid out grew up in the bay area loved him when they weren't very good when I was younger, and now they're great and solve a warriors fan, but of course love the Portland trailblazers when they're not playing. I want you to speak for all warriors fans because it has been a split in the fan base, especially over the last week. Or so there are fans who love this version of the warriors without Kevin Durant. They feel like they're getting their throwback team from two thousand fifteen sixty and then there are fans who say, are you kidding me? Of course we want the best player in the game back, which camper you in. I mean I can't I can't really say the games completely different when he's on the floor. He's one of the greatest players of all time, but they're playing differently but they're playing really well without him. They pay really well with them you enjoy one style more than the as long as they win. It doesn't matter to me, whether he's playing or not. I hope he gets healthy. And back out there, of course. Yeah, I've slept with Steph curry said, by the way, I asked him which one he enjoyed. He's like, I like winning the I'm good with the winning. Right. I mean players are like that. To this stuff. It's your favorite player on the warriors saying. Who in the NBA do you had in your game afterwards from WNBA or the NBA? I don't think I have. I don't think I have one I loved watching John Stockton. When I was younger, I love watching, you know, Steph curry Katie LeBron. I just love watching a lot of players and picking after their games taste, John, Stockton more than once you understand what a problem that was great. And of course, Brian, I know that you admire him as well and he dedicated one of his detail episodes, just to you. I wondered if you watched it. I watched it a lot of times, sometimes if this laying in bed at night, and I'm like, let me just re watch it and see what he's saying. I watch all of them. Now all the ones that he does on on the NBA players. He just came out with what about Jay Mon and I just love watching everything he has to say, was there, one piece of advice or something, he said about you on that, that you think is going to change your game for next season. I do. I mean, just how he told me I needed to get open better and wrap my foot around the defender instead of letting them push me out past three point line. So kind of taking my stance and learning, what I need to do with my fee, is something that I'm definitely gonna take in the next year. She's going to be even more dangerous people get ready. Well, we had used in the first segment of the show. I know him being in the building tonight. You've seen it right. The electricity when he walks in people get right? You being in the building tonight. I know is going to get people here hyped as well. So. Absolutely. Thank you so much for being with us. We really appreciate it. You guys stick with us coming up. We're gonna get Scottie Pippen talking about all his trailblazers memories from playing in this town. And you know they're good wants to stick with us. Sportscenter little joke flavor. We'll be back. Welcome back to sports center, the Western Conference finals jump crew is here. And so is Steph curry just ran out onto the court guts. Cheers guys, which tells me that their fans in the house. But we know what the environment is like in this building. The blazers fans literally, the loudest. Absolutely. And in fact, guys Steph told me he's a little worried about his parents in this Rita in this game. Because, of course, you know, they've been wearing the split jerseys for him, and his brother Seth. But he said that he would go to his habit of looking up into the stands after he scored. Any felt that, you know, his parents were there never was cheering around that. But all of that, and he thought with all the blazers fans here being around his parents. Maybe they wouldn't be cheered. So loud for them. It was like, yeah, I'm, I'm a little frayed to even look up there. Maybe they won't be Riddick for as much. Just watch his brother. Seth he goes through almost the exact same dribbling routine. Nobody know any attention. Raised by the same unbelievable. Now, there's so much energy in the building tonight. I know the blades those are down. Oh too. But people are so thrilled to have another conference finals here because guys. Eight has been since the year two thousand nineteen years since there is a conference finals games played in this building the last one Mr. Scottie Pippen's, blazers one game six against the L A Lakers. We're not even gonna talk Scotty. But how the series ended we're just gonna stop time here. What remember about? Because looked exactly the same. I sent does was great. You know, just playing in from these fans and getting to a point where, you know, they hadn't been in a while I guess, probably since still we played the blazes of the bulls in the finals. It was great for me to come here, and sort of read juvenile my career in from these fans different way. Right. Because I covered your late bulls. Teams. Right. That second three peat and especially by nine hundred ninety eight I have never seen to this day, anything like it every arena. You guys went to it was the rockstar show came to town and people talked about the warriors run in two thousand sixteen seventy three wins being similar it really wasn't because that was Michael Jordan, and you after you had already won five rains, right? It was insane. I had never been around something like that. And for you to go to that kind of pressure and attention to up here, Portland where he it really deep team with you. What was that switch like I'll tell you pressure playing here. The big insecure go. But I've wanted to win more than anything just the fans the support that they give you night in and night out and knowing that, you know, you're the only show in town and the energy that they put into this team night in night out win those they're the same fans and it was it was great boss. Aw to, to give it that run. But we, we did short. Sure. Not gonna talk about game seven six. That was fun, guys. Right. Great great teammates here. Get little jump ball for you tonight, because we get the odor unders Utah. Steph curry warming up just a minute ago and his brother, sat well force death the over under tonight. I'm points and assists. Combined is thirty seven and a half. Do you think that might hit thirty seven and a half on the points alone? You taking the over the counter. Dog I expect the blazes to do a better job on him. The last couple of games. I mean he's been on fire could go even fathering go into the Houston series. So I spent him to play better at home. I agree with the hall of Famer I'm going to go under two. I think steps do for a little bit of a cool off. Now, I've said it heels four forty five, but. All right on the screener, so let's go over to Seth hurry. The over under in Vegas tonight. They're predicting cool off for him as well. What happens with role players? Right. Partly played one of the games of his life in game two. They're saying that the over under for his combined points, rebounds and desist is eleven and a half. And he scored sixteen points, just two points in the last game nineteen if you total them all up at the last game, the way, they're totalling over, under what do you take it a little bit? The. Overhaul. He's going over. He's, he's got a lot of open shots in the last in the series that he's missed. So I expect him advertising agree with the hall of Famer their trapping the heck at Damian Lillard. Right. It's freeing up shots for the role players. It's what we've seen heartless score more. I think you'll get a lot of open shots. I think he's going to go over that just on points. All right. Let's talk about the other splash brother, too. Because Klay Thompson is being marked by Vegas for twenty three and a half is is over under on points. What do you think would have to put him over? I feel like this is going to be a big game. He's always been on good shoot of when it comes going on the road and nothing. They would allow his Hugh grow. I would like to disagree with the six time champion that I am also going hometown. Clay is very comfortable here. I say he is comfortable in this building. I say Steph is a little off his game play delivers on his and we have a great game tonight for clay. It was a little the yesterday, just how much he loved Portland, how much she loved growing up here and he really does I would say project the vibe of this. Well, flannel rating water with the flannel. You're killing Cuba, small. Number. Stop the blue star doughnuts. Nightside. The game face. He does have the game face. No question. I love seeing when the Klay games when he breaks out. We've talked so much about staff without Kevin Durant and his game cages. But honestly, I think clay's clays game might change the most with Kevin Durant out just put the number of touches that he gets right? Scotty, arctic. Everybody's been a fist, but played benefits the most because I think his teammates tend to repick back pick and do everything and it really opens up his all around game. He gets layups. He gets his bit rains. And he also gets those offense. Rebound threes. When you go from number three number two option. Gerbil. He just needs the tattoo. All right. Brian, we're going to do the combo here. So better bet blazers to cover. Right. Vegas has gotten favored by two and a half or the warriors money line. Which I do think it's good. Why would you give them a hundred dollars if you're only getting one hundred fifteen back, I mean, I think a general rule of betting is if somebody's going to give you points to take the warriors take the points with the war. I think the blazers are going to give back to the game. But if they're going to sit there is a plus next to the warriors. That's a good bet. I think so what we're watching the blazers side warm up right now. Scotty, what do you think sort of your Terry Stotts, if you're in that locker room, if you were the guest speaker tonight, what would you be saying about the big picture now the exit the nose? But just how they should go out on the court journal really turtles. We've not all over within Lau this team to feed off of it. I think in the first game share Daymond has we had too many turnovers. And I felt like in the in the second game they limit their tunnels. But when you get home, you get a liberal comfortable, but I think they got the realize that this Golden State team is a real good defensive team. They feed off the turnovers and that's where they score a lot of points. They have to limit that gaming Lillard is averaging fourteen shots again. He's first two games. Twelve in game one sixteen in game two. He averaged twenty one games in the last series Twenty-three a game. And he okay. See series. He has got to get looks now. I know what he would say he would stay look. They are double teaming me, they're forcing the ball out of my hand but he has got overcome that. I also think I don't think he's been very decisive. He's been caught in the air. That's what's. Gatty has come with more for I think he's got to have clarity to his game tonight. His building MRs where he's had so many good feelings. Be decisive. I don't care if he takes five or six more bad shots. He's got to take shots to blazers need the points. This is it right? I mean, they know that if they go down three oh, that's pretty much a rap on this series. And this is a team that has been in that position. Look they lost every game. They played against the Oklahoma City Oklahoma city thunder during the regular season. They were not favored in that series. And they came back and won that series. They were not favored in this series against Denver. They were down three two in that series. And when they absolutely had to win two games. They won two games. I don't know if they're going to be able to do that here, but they have been in that position. They're comfortable in that position. So that when after game two they look to the cameras, they said, they took care of home, now, we got to take care of home, it sounded like a line. I think a lot of people, but for them they actually believed it works on time for you. Go into the series you must learn how to win. On the road. All right. We're coming up, we're going to talk a little bit about Andre dollar will kind of defender. He is maybe better defender than the guys who said on his team that he's the best defender ever. We'll get into that. I though, you know it's the jump takeover. So we got to give you some distant replays. This is Steve Nash to Mr. Stott Meyer in two thousand seven take a look. Bitterly. One. Just a beauty. Free, cutting out of. All right. Guys, it is time to bear into I would say bear down because the producer Dante it's time to really drill into here. What's going on in Portland game three Western Conference finals crush time on the jump X factor Scottie Pippen's, you could not be higher on that Collins? The number he got on his back. But. In just the fact, his presence defensively what he's been able to do, but the biggest problem I have with him, is he's not been able to stay on the floor. So his affect not worked out in this series yet. He hasn't essense the physicality, what you have to do five thousand eight minutes in game two that's not acceptable for any game. A must win game game to. He's got to be smarter pass to give them some production tonight. If nothing else you just gotta give minutes. They struggle without Nurkic into their bench Asam. All right. Next one, we're going to talk a little bit about Andrei, Dalla. Because we've been talking last couple of days. Scotty, Draymond green came out and said he thinks that he Draymond is the best defender ever as you all out there. Might imagine one, Mr. Scottie Pippen, had a few things to say about that threat a few other names from the past. He was too modest to say himself, but we. That category. A lot of credit. He's does take advantage every time that he's on this state. He puts himself among everybody in the game. But I heard the comment that Draymond saying that he's probably the best player ever play defense in this league and I gave them credit from team defensive standpoint he's up there. I can't say that he's the best but I could rank a lot of players in. In. Good. And another complement was that you thought Andrei Dowa who just been showing by the way, he ran down the tunnel saying my hands, he was praising his hands family show. Right. When I am not going to say what he said, exactly. But he was so excited about his steel David Lillard at the end of that game that block steal your up right now. What do you think of him? More indivisible good team defender. But I think Andre eagle dollar is a better one on one defender anytime you see this team playing against a team that LeBron James, or whoever Kevin Durant when they played against them, a few years back is always Andrei ego dollar garden this offense about all time you have to factor in the air in the sixties defensive centers were Hugh. Russell was so important in this day and age wing defenders are extraordinarily important and wing defenders are more important than big man. Defenders Andre would dial leat wing defender in an era where you need wing defend your ex teammate, Steve Kerr, of course, the coach of the warriors. Now just a few minutes ago in his pre-game press conference. He compared Draymond Dennis Robin. Do you think that's accurate? Pretty good comparison. They're both two guys that can count troll control the paint and undersized. But I would give the NOP probably to today, and then is beat you up more with the physicality and the mental game. But he also dominated the board with or more irritating. I think what does let's talk about era for this team. Yes. Where the warriors play Draymond is super duper valuable because he's so versatile he can tell passes he can can do so much on the defensive end. They can play him at center. They can have him guard point guards on switches like if you put Robin on this team in his prime right now. He wouldn't be as valuable to them as dream on this. Dennis rodman. I mean, I don't know if you got remember, but we weren't ran the triangle offense. And then is Rodman was great and offense. I mean he dropped his a great passer, and he understood offense very well. He didn't give a damn about scoring because he wanted to get rebounds. But then it's basketball Q is off the charts. Just like Dennis is a hall of Famer Draymond is going to be one of those guys, we're going to debate backing up the rings. He might be might get say, look. Look, I said he thinks he's the best defensive player in the league not even in the top three though for the NBA awards. So it's going to be interesting to see how history judges. Fun with scored center takeover. Here was honored to be on Ford center here at the jump. We are tonight's game is going to be great and the NBA down crews about to get you ready. Michelle take it away. Truth brought to you by Geico. Truth. You think you can solve any problem by turning computer all end on him, and something laptop now just need to turn off and on. It smoking. Yeah. That's museum eastern boot truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. And Nelson fire Evans all the time. So good. Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more.

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