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Fresh update on "kamala harris" discussed on Hacks on Tap with David Axelrod and Mike Murphy

Hacks on Tap with David Axelrod and Mike Murphy

00:46 min | 4 hrs ago

Fresh update on "kamala harris" discussed on Hacks on Tap with David Axelrod and Mike Murphy

"Primary from trumpy is to not offend trump so deeply that he encourages one, and that is what has held. Held many of the Republicans who are in tough races on the reservation. Trump doesn't make it easy for he doesn't cut you. Any slack doesn't say well. You know you can take a walk on this or that. that is important to me because I know it will help you get re elected. It's only about him and they know that, and and so they are lashed to him and Susan Collins. May Pay the price for that. You know it's interesting though I agree with that, but Gardner did not walk away at all, and now he is sitting in the smoking wreckage. She half walked away. Maybe not enough, but she's still alive. She's in a race, and so even the half walkaway and her history has bought her at least a fighting chance there now, what about Arizona another state where where the presence in trouble that he won last time very uncertainty will repeat that win, and you got a big Senate race serve Marquel. Maybe you guys know this. But one was the last time that a Senate candidate who lost one year was appointed and came back to win. Or the next year and a half I mean it is I think that's part that's thirty starts the challenge. Right, which is and this is where you hear Republicans grumbling, right, which is why on Earth would you pick as your senate? Your appointed senator someone who was actually turned away at the polls in the previous election I mean that's not. It's not a ringing. If you change your name, the Kamala Harris and get appointed V.. We might have another study, but you're right. You're right. It is slow. You know so you start off right so she is already starting off as a weaker candidate. The theory was well. She just needs new consultants and everything will be great I I hate that trump more than almost anybody else. Maybe you guys hated as much as I. do this idea that well. It was the consultant fault. We'll get new consultants once we get new consultants. That's going to be better consoles. Sometimes it is the consultants I'll just say that, but yes, it's a trope. I tend to hate particularly when I'm the consultant they WANNA. Get rid of. So she already started off in a hole, and Democrats got like such a great candidate in Mark Kelly who is very difficult to demonize into turn into some again some wild eyed, crazy liberal. They're trying to tie him to China and other things, but the dude is an astronaut. He's married to Gabby giffords. He's raised about A. Dollars and trump is not helping at all in the state and I to me Colorado and Arizona if there are two that. You would say they're not in the bank for Democrats, but are the most likely to be gone. Those two are are at first of all I. I was in Arizona for three months and I have to tell you. I I saw Kelly ads constantly, they were really well conceived because. you know they very much stressed as independence. They didn't by the way talk about him as an astronaut, they talked about him as a navy.

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Fresh update on "kamala harris" discussed on  The Big Biz Radio Show

The Big Biz Radio Show

01:08 min | 10 hrs ago

Fresh update on "kamala harris" discussed on The Big Biz Radio Show

"He is a keynote speaker. He's an attorney and historian. Ah, businessman and he rips off a lot of my stuff. Okay, I watched him on TV and I said, I said that to his credit, he'll give me credit once and they will never give you credit. Then he'll say, I gave you credit legally. I gave you credit. That's right. He's an attorney. Straight here for the cave. You no longer look like Jackson Browne. That's my God. For me s o. Can we talk a little bit about A very measured libertarian approach to a candidacy. Candace Candace, Candace Sissy can't candidacy for president. Yes, Fisher. Now you've got Donald Trump who the right is going to say. Is is polling. Wonderful. You have the left going to say only had 6000 people at his event. Then you have Joe Biden. Who the rights going to say is makes Dan Quayle looked like Einstein and the left is going to say that Well, he's gonna have a black woman is a running mate. Boyle. What s so where is this going to end here? I mean, is there gonna be a like Howard Schultz that comes into this thing at the end here, Tom that that shows up for the Democratic Party or even a Libertarian party? No. It's getting increasingly more impossible to do that. They would have to change the rules at the Democratic convention in the very last second and put someone else in. I did as long as the media polls Which I don't believe you continue to show by with this lead, then there's no reason for them to take that risk in their minds. I don't believe those polls. I have to laugh at the Commentators and said how many people showed up to the trump rally? I mean, Biden can't even do a rally. He could. There's no way he could even speak for our strength. Hey, he ran an event and there was a handful of people there so on and it set a record for Fox by the way on Saturday night coverage they cover. The whole thing was the largest audience in that time frame, but the stores were actually Seeing their history in that time frame. So look again. I believe it to be eventually tight election if you go by history. And S O. I just see this just moving forward in much The same. You see it now gets to be vice president is actually super important because no one believes that fighting with His nominee, maintained that there was a pullout last week. Remember seeing this in American history that 75% of Americans think it's more likely than not. He has some form of dementia. Andi. He has boxed themselves into a corner. We'll have to see where he goes. Kamala Harris, however, family own slaves. And so her ability to be the nominee in this environment, I think is very risky. So so. So the task the concert. I mean, I think I said this before. I think Donald Trump's on the road. I'll tell you why you have independent voters that are just tired of the battle between the mainstream media and Donald Trump. Donald Trump has a wonderful economy, but he's not helping himself when he continued Pat himself on the back, and then e criticized them. Well, you know, I didn't like that guy anyway. I can't wait to see what he says about Tom Petty. Who who dump Eddie. Tom Petty's family came out and said, Do not use our song. I won't back down, and now he's going to say Tom Petty stocks or something. I mean, that's a sort of his reaction. I think people are tired of it. I think people are worn out of the news cycle. And look, if you have to remember you got half this country that doesn't read past the headline. Tom. So I mean is is the Joe Biden Kamala Harris or whomever strong enough to take over Trump is can trump If this economy gets back on track, regardless of it was done through covert or not? There's some people still feel like they say, it feels like 5000 isn't going to be tight as you anticipated. Even a couple of years ago, when you were talking about this, having let Republicans and lost four out of the last five popular votes, and no president should say he's got 53% of the votes, so 100 buck all those trends that Republican on the other hand, you're binds enthusiasm. Is plumbing, and so you know their ability actually get people to come vote for Joe Biden. It's suit is seriously in question. They're raising money. There's a lot of intensity in opposition. To President Trump. But never certainly in the television era, has opposition to the incumbent been strong enough reason on election. But but isn't the rancor towards Donald Trump at this point enough to get some some far left people out to vote that wouldn't normally vote. Well, look, I thought the rancor against Barack Obama was at an all time high. You know you're right. That's a great point. You know? I think that was a huge surprise When he got way. Where can I find an Obama statue? And you gotta remember during that same period of time, all the economic measurements Historically said Obama was going to lose, but nevertheless, he did out of victory, 51.7% of the vote, the lowest reelection. And a long time and also the first re election, where his numbers went down. Even Bush. 40 three's reelection numbers went up and so, but, you know, some people lost reelection like Bush, 41 so you can't It's not a tele, but so Look, this has still has a long way to go because I do not have a viable option and people's mind and independence by the way, 56% of independents says in some form. Dementia. How did you vote for someone under those? Because you're what? You're talking about A voting public that isn't reading newspapers. You're talking about voting public that reads headlines and is reactionary. Okay, let me change the pace. We're gonna have you on a couple times this week. You want to give yourself I'll give you a second chance of the stock market thing I said all along that we would be right around 27. 28,000. You said 26. OK, whatever you said. 23 year 3000 points off right now, in the way, and this is 3000 points off. Probably the biggest fear cycle We've had says We've reopened economy, so I'm gonna give you a chance. Where do you think? What do you think that that was going to be in November 20 today that Home sales here at a 9.5 year low. Stock market starting 43% of US participate in stock market. 100% of US participate in the economy, and that's Elizabeth Warren alone is out of 7.5 year high. If you wouldn't tell me during an election year, the goals of a 7.5 year Hine housing sales are 9.5 year low, I would say the markets I'm not going to go straight up. On the other hand. Where else you gonna put your money? So where is it going to be on? Everything is going to be less than you said. Just do whatever the number is. You are Adam west on the intersection of science technology. Miriam, come through. No boost. Our medicated ointment gets five star.

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