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Jacky Quin, Patrick Air Force and President Trump discussed on 24 Hour News

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03:27 min | 3 years ago

Jacky Quin, Patrick Air Force and President Trump discussed on 24 Hour News

"The two foot training rocket. They notify the explosives team at nearby Patrick air force base. The team said while it appeared to be disarmed. It may still contain explosives. The Vero beach area was a major military training site during World War Two and the air force believes the rocket came from that era contractors of mapped a twenty thousand acre area, they're searching for buried World War Two training ordinance. Presumed death at a Turkish consulate. I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute. President Trump says that he's heard a report from CNN that Saudi officials are about to concede that missing journalist Kamal jamarcus Shoghi was killed in its consulate in Istanbul as part of an interrogation, gone bad. Official reports so far just the of rural report he sent his secretary of state to find out more about Khashoggi's disappearance. The president spoke in Georgia after touring damage from hurricane Michael they are and in Florida. He's vowed federal aid to help residents businesses and farmers California. Utility say most customers will get their power back soon. Precautionary shutdowns went into effect because of a high wildfire threat visitors to Buckingham Palace thrilled. By the news, a baby may become very plays. When you always coming saying Prince, Harry and duchess Megan are expecting, I'm Jacky Quin AP digital news back in a moment. Huge keeping a close enough. So that space between you and me. The way all dance dance way into the news anchor, Dan buddy, and how you move and every time you cross my man, girl. Alexa, play

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