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This new York City Pharmacist Had Covid-19 Vaccine Doses to Spare. So He Hit the Road.

The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

01:45 min | 9 months ago

This new York City Pharmacist Had Covid-19 Vaccine Doses to Spare. So He Hit the Road.

"With millions of americans clamoring to get their vaccine one pharmacist and brooklyn. New york found himself a unique position as reported by the new york times number. Kalou skar faced a problem this month. That seemed to defy logic. He struggled to find people to take the two hundred doses. He had on hand instead of waiting for them to come to the pharmacy. He would take his doses to them for more. We are so happy to welcome to the broadcast on loose. Kerr the pharmacist at the center of this story. He's based by the way at roissy pharmacy in the brownsville neighborhood of brooklyn How is it you you ended up with two hundred doses in your in your freezer. And and what did you end up doing. How did you get them into arms. Absolutely so we were pinched between two well intentioned rules about that ended up having a having a bad effect on us in one or two weeks in particular There's the rule that retail pharmacies at the time restricted to patients age. Sixty five and older. It was meant to create a place where seniors wouldn't have to compete with everyone else for vaccines and new york's user or loser role that providers need to use all vaccines in their inventory within seven days. Our risk gang removed from the program And between new mass vaccination site medgar evers college. That does absolutely excellent. Work and more farms is getting their hands on the vaccine. We were finding less and less patients to fill our appointment slots

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