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"kallio riley" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

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"kallio riley" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

"Interesting but Yeah made oh man. Music queued up. And all that Roll up jake. Atlas getting dob karen grounds pretty pissed off trying to chase after ten db s after the match was over catches up to the limo. Diaz was in china. Open the door with all his mighty couldn't and the yossi roll the window down just a bit and Said cameron grimes. You know you're you're all right but you're no million dollar man and he just laughed in his face and told the driver drive on good shit right there. Good good share. I'd i had a nice hearty little chuckle at that. One alexander wolf have faced killian dane. I mean is pretty much. This wasn't even a three minute match. Y'all dame pretty much picking up to dub after alexander wolf decided he wanted to use a steel chair on killian dane and i was enable. You know to use that chair and all that as dame was able to do a running cross body on him and pretty much. Bom match was over post-match imperium turned on wolf. They be him down real bad. Kinda kinda sad we gotta talk about wolf in a hot second coz as probably most you guys now. There was some annex t releases that had went down earlier today which will talk about hot second. Llegado del phantasmal taken on timothy thatcher. Tomas chopper this was actually the match of the night. Boys went out over fifteen minutes. I actually had enjoyed. This ended up being a better than i had anticipated quite honestly. Although i didn't care for the finish i felt that the finish was totally unnecessary. I felt that the finish was crappy to a certain degree. And you know for me in a wide. Why does it seem like every time. I'm watching something in annex t. There's always some type of controversy that is going on in a match. There's all whether it'd be a tag match or singles match. Always feel like there's some type of fucker that's going on in my whole thing is man. We don't always need to have falker ry that's going on. you know. sometimes we can just let it be all about all right the better the better. Fuck in team wine. You know was also done in a better fucking team. One better man won the better woman one And that whole fucking thing with the grizzly young veterans. I i just i can't i can't i'm gonna keep on saying that. I need them to get the fuck off my tv already. I am not invested of all the folks. That's an annex t right. now it's nothing personal. I know these guys. I can only react from that that fan perspective and grizzled young veterans. They don't do anything for me. They just don't hate hate to say that but they they just don't may do i see something there. Do i see a little something. There's a little something. But i just don't know if it'll blossom. I don't know if it'll blossom in time for. Wwe to okay. This may take a couple years here. And i just don't have. Wwe is willing to invest that time in. Wait it out. See these guys you know. Figure it all out. Put it all together in fucking explode. I i don't know. I i just don't see that happening here. A leah losing to array kind of like a no surprise a right there. I mean i imagine was like about two minutes. Some change right there. area the var and tony niece. Taking on hit row is pretty much a squash match right here. Hit row picking up to dub Good show believe it or not. That's that's nfc. I did not miss anything from an x t. I mean if anything you had amber moon shots they re cut in the lower promo talking about how they're far from done against the way They also are aware of how dakota and raquel. They're pretty much kinda trying to jump the line in everything for tactile opportunities and all that so you kind of get the impression okay. So we're probably gonna see dakota. Raquel amber shotsie lockup at some point trying to figure out who the number one contenders are going to be to take on their respect. It and exceed women's champs and all that so i dunno i dunno bow See what else do we give. Bobby fish was interviewed. Really nothing there. He pretty much talked about how he helped kallio riley. Y'all more for revenge. On pete done and only larkin then the friendship that they used to have or. I may be still have who who knows what's going on here. But he knows that he owes. Pete donna received because he hasn't forgotten what pedone did to him. Couple months back that resulted in him being sidelined as a result so he pretty much issued a challenge to be done for next week. So we'll see how that plays out also Almost forgot about that. We've almost forgot about that. Indie heart will and candice laurey. They were chilling out a spa getting massages and all that news hilarious because while they had the little lines or whatever on there is avocado mask and all that crap going on one of the guys that was actually massaging andy hartwell. It was actually faulk in dexter. Loomis and dexter luma's ended up shit was fly. Next loomis ended up He's like oh shit yes. Failings were hurt because kansas laurey was just bringing up. Aren't you glad You know we got you so focused on this. And now you see what i'm saying with regards to at loser. Dexter luma's la la and indie kinda fell. Yeah you know you're absolutely right. You know who cares about that guy. He does suck la la la so were her. He stopped touching her and he he fucking role dow. You know it. It's kind of funny because you would think that. With the past couple of instances over annexed t programming. Andy hartwell khanna has an idea of her booze hands by now you would think He's kind of touched. You enough times dairies. Carry jew and all kinds of voters. Shit you think he kinda she kinda no but yeah okay whatever. Whatever it is what it is there But later on later on Something weird happens where.

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