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"kaleida cyberman" Discussed on Wealth Transformation Podcast

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"kaleida cyberman" Discussed on Wealth Transformation Podcast

"That I've all the food bank every Monday. We feed about one hundred people. Everybody they put me on youtube dancing dancing all see that. Oh yeah they did the lady that works there one of the ladies that works she she films everybody and she's okay now. You're you're going to be on youtube now all sunny up to watch it. Oh Yes yes. Oh Food Bank of Marin in Marin city is held at the Saint Andrew's Church Shau Kei in Marin insurance right there at the corner so yeah yeah off a donohue there Oh well so so you feed lead hunt one hundred hundred people every Monday at local people or do they come from all mostly local mostly. Yeah Nice Nice Nice and then I'll know how many of them that come to the line and I said you remember Glen Robinson yes. I remember Glen Robinson Lime his wife and unlike the debt because I haven't seen a lot of them in years they're all up in their years but yeah a lot of people I know. They're learning city. That's that's news. That's because we lived there for about five. I told you five years Well bridging the gap yes bridging the gap that Philly and then. I was honored on Mother's Day about ten women. Ten mothers were honored on Mother's Day at if you're eighty or older so they honored behind mothers standing. I had to speak a little speech. I bet you did just wonderfully digital. I decided by chance Kaleida Cyberman. She introduced me. She's well known in the Cownie. Glenn knew her very well. She loved Glenn so she was she. I sat at the table with her and she said and Betty Hodges. Who runs the Hanna? Hanna Project She said Adum Idaho. Would you introduce an so. I was jotting all these things about an. Tell me about this thing you told me about the socie introduce me. I was very tonight. Lovely luncheon about about ten ten mile ten. The mother stare was very nice. And then they put all the pictures on the Marin County post is called the newspaper. I'm familiar with it. Yeah they put all the mothers on the front page. I didn't even know they had that picture of. It's really Nice picture of me. Well it's nice that you liked it. Yeah that was the Nice. They do a lot of Nice things. That the Hanna Hanna in a project they raise money for call for kids to go to college A Nice Organization there Thank you that's fine. I so appreciate you being here and sharing these stories. Thank you for for having me. I think this is quite a quite a An honor to be here with you to tell tell you about my my life. Well you've had some very interesting things to say so I and I can't wait to share it with the rest of the world. Thank you for having me. Dare we hope you enjoy today's episode of wealth. Transformation we encourage you to apply the information you've learned with our wise allies guests to make your life better and make good changes. We appreciate you more than you know for being part of our podcast when you were moved moved or motivated. Please let us know how the show influenced your life. I E mailing at Dr Cheryl dot wealth transformation at gmail.com for a free consultation with Dr Cheryl to see how she can benefit you. Further please visit Cheryl Shire DOT COM or call four one five two four six six seat eight one as a gift. You can get doctor Cheryl's booked wealth transformation integrity integrity integrity for only the cost of postage seven dollars and ninety five cents until next time. Feel healthy and happy in your wealth no matter where you are in your life..

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