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"kailash oh" Discussed on 790 KABC

"Of your life in your life. Why do I do that? He just do I do. I do. I feel like I'm getting married right now. I do. And I can't manage your life without the beautiful woman sitting across from me much better looking than she was last week. Thank you, very I tried. I tried this week you were really upset about how I described you last week. So you made sure that you dressed up for me. That's the only reason why those Kailash. Oh, yeah. Fake pretty much everything every time you blink. I'm getting a shadow. No. I'm being tickled the your feet away from me now. They're, they're they're nice. Dick euless fake. Lashes and make up, you know how about your eyebrows. Are they faked to they actually they're, they're not tattooed in there? What are they called Mike? Bladed. Yeah. Pretty much faded now but they look good. They really can't even see or forehead. Well, you got all your hair. I don't wanna say that you're bald, you know. So that's the deal here. We got a crazy show today. We are a law show, but later on the show, we have an attorney name is Lisa who lay and she's going to talk about sexting. She has a program called before you put send and she talks about what people, especially teenagers, and tweens should know about the ramification of sexting, and what can happen with respect to college, admissions and other jobs. Yeah. And I actually had a couple of friends that I know get ruined really literally, they ruin their lives because they either dated somebody that they said was too young. And they were only just a few years older, and they are now one of them is a registered sex offender, because he dated somebody who was younger and the. Parents didn't like him and this guy's good. Good dude. I couldn't believe it. He's like I ruined my entire life tire life. Well, I can imagine that would and I don't know why people are so stupid to do that. Are you a sector? No. I never been. I don't understand how can send nudes and, and all those kind of whatever I mean I've. Yeah. Parts of your body picks. You know what they call them blank picks, and I'm not gonna say it on the air. So, and they've probably be fine. But I, I have a friend who gets sent them all the time, and I say, why would you even date somebody who would take a picture of their genitalia and send it to you like this isn't like your been married or you've been dating a year or two? And even then I don't understand it. But somebody who's trying to get a date with you. And here comes their genitals, maybe that turns you on. What you speak for everyone in the world for women. I don't know many women men men, their ascetic. Women as there are men most my girlfriends, I don't know one girlfriend, who's actually gotten one of these deep picks and gone. Oh, I can't wait to go out with this guy. I've never heard it. We'll maybe it's used for masturbate here. Laughing, I hit maybe I hear laughing I hear this is disgusting. I see like delete, I mean, I don't know many women that like about women who get the picture. And then they share it with all their friends. I forward, I've seen that happen to, and I don't understand. I look there are actors my friend dates, high-profile actor and there's one congratulations. No, I'm just telling there's one that if this got out he looked like such a fool, what got out deep pick. He's actually amusement Ayla star sending my friend, a depict and will no way Ayla star. It's an alias star. And she has tons of his depicts. And like, are you are you serious like this guy? He's not embarrassed. He's not he's not worried that this is going to go all over the place. And if you sending to you, he is sending it to other women. Well, he turned out to be a D bag, so wow. Wow, you're really passionate about this. Part of my life, but I'm sure it is. You don't get all your you get all these people, I've never been involved with this at all. But I do have two young kids, and I get concerned about the future, the world that we live in and the people and the kids and the pressures, and what people do for fun and for giggles, can I can I ask out there? If there's any women that actually liked to get you wanna call. Maybe they can go because if you haven't figured this out, yet, if you haven't figured it out, you think we're really just talking about this. We are kind, what do they call it in show business when you're stretching because you're guessing. If you would never say that you do this all the time when our guests are late. You are. Holy crow stand. These I hit them. Why do we have guests on this show, so responsible? All I care about in like follow rules Butte. Good person. My, my undergrad is in ethics. Yes. And we're all moral philosophy. You say you're going to be somewhere be there. What's I find the people get upset with people who are late when they're laid all the time, I've noticed that? And so when I'm not late usually I'm not a lay person. So when somebody's God's FIS, okay, I'm not into it. Eight hundred two to five two two eight hundred don't interrupt. Ellen. With such great resonance in my voice, eight hundred two five to two that's eight hundred two to five to two anarchist. Is that so exciting we can talk about sexting later, but we do have our first guest of Sexton will be the second part show. I part of the show is Julius Sharpe. I love this guy. He, he is so funny from writer, producer, and he's known for dad's making history. He was behind that show. Family guy, the Cleveland show, the grinder, a lot of these very funny shows that he's been involved with as a writer, producer. And he's fresh off an appearance on the Carson Daley show, and he wrote a book, it's very important. One of the most important books that we've had on this legal program because we've done a lot of studies and interpretations of the law, this is called, so you're going bald. That's the book. So you're going bald at came out about a month a half ago. Got great reviews, great reviews, and this is something in this legal show that we really need to talk. We haven't talked about, we've had some of those preeminent legal scholars in the country. Some of the greatest lawyers ever to walk on this earth. And today, we're talking to Jillian Sharpe. About his book, so you're going bald Julius, welcome to gurvey's law. Thank you. What an introduction. I mean so many great legal minds or bald. And it's true. There you go. That's true. Boy, you know, you are like the chief judge of baldness, and as such I gotta ask you tell us about the most important laws about baldness as found in, so you're going bald. Well, I mean, I think there there's two things to address one is bit. Like I don't believe that traditional laws should apply to ball people. Advantage against us. You know in the book I, I talk about things about how we should all be allowed one murder. All the adjusted that come in our direction. Yes. Terp when these injustices, you give us a murder people don't know whether we've used our verte or not. So they have to treat us better spent respect wait a second. Are you are you a lawyer the way you speak? You're you're presenting your case in court about baldness. It's very important here. I was a national high school debate champion about in nineteen ninety five not the same as being a lawyer. No. It isn't. But the key questions, did you have hair when you the champion? Yeah. When anything went well for me. I had hair would not have been that debate champion if you'd been bald. That's right. You know debates rely on judges and judges tend to vote against while people, especially if they're balled themselves bald on bald sort of injustice. One of the greatest, I have gone out to bulb guys. I think they're so sexy. I don't know what. Yes, I can hear jars. It for Julius his book is, so you're going bald. It's so important. And you know what I love about one of the principals, and you may love balk guys, but one of the things that he talks about, is, you have to distract people. He about getting a personality and, you know, I had a friend come over to my house this morning. He has no percent. It was so bored. I couldn't wait for them to leave and some portent, if would have been bald maybe would have found a personality, and I would have enjoyed being with them. That's horrible. Yeah. So important for anyone bald to like, just, you know, by a segue take-up skateboarding grow weird mustache by a tiny pony lead it around by the bridal wine, tasting start, you know, things, you think, as like, you, you really need to pull out, every quirk every stop to just give anyone any reason to talk to you. Now gills you have some bizarre glasses. Is that part of the ball thing? Yeah. I mean I personally owned twelve different pairs of glasses because it's again it's anything to distract from the top of my head. So like I own on glasses. I own some birthday horn rims from little wire ones that made me look like an architect. I'm always adopting a different persona. Every time I leave the house, none of them have yet to work, but I'm the important thing for bald people. Try try. Try try. Yeah. We have to take quick break in and enduring the break, I'm watching the a big Tronto raptors fans watching the basketball game. And, and one of the most. Well-known chrome domes Charles Barkley's on while you're talking about being bald. And he's, he's about his bald as they get. I'm enjoying watching the halftime show, but I'm gonna turn my attention to Julius because, you know, I think you are more preeminent as a bald guy than Charles Barkley, even though he has a lot to say and he's distracting just by his own words, we take a break euless into gurvey's law. This is a legal show. We're talking baldness the book is called, so you're going bald. You gotta get it. It's hilarious. I'm Allen gurvey. She's carry case..

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