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"kacoos bevere" Discussed on Dunc'd On Basketball Podcast

"Obviously. I mean, that's there's there's not really any argument on the other side of that anymore. But yeah, I think he's been a little bit less dominant. Some of that might just be trying to get comfortable with his teammates and feeling everything out. But I would agree with you. I haven't seen that dominance from him offensively overall. I mean other than the dunk fest on opening night when they're in when they played the blazers those those real serious series where he's just orchestrating everything. And the other team just has no chance you get to the level below that which LeBron kind of that's his idling a lot of the time. But not that real peak is often. Yeah, I think that's that's true. But you know, how you can separate that from the been whispers windows about this that you maybe he didn't he had kind of kinda hectic summer to not come in the usual level of shape that he is in to start a season. How much of that is? Well, you know, they don't. Really have that much spacing how much of that is they're trying to get the ball to guys like Rondo and ball. Let them run things and Ingram has to have his chance to do stuff. And then you know, you gotta throw it to kacoos Bevere once in a while of you know, how much is have been just some guys out hitting shots on this team. But I think the ecosystem for just his personal offense of success is more difficult one than really anytime. Probably since his first season in Miami. Yeah, he's not as fly. He he's not flanked by as much shooting certainly and that that probably makes him less effective player. But I and again, it's a subjective take, but it just seems like he's not completely locked in. And I I don't know what's up with that. There are some things too. Like with this team. Certainly they've got some young talent. They've got some intriguing pieces there flashes from from Ingram. I don't know. Here's a question. What is Ingram ceiling like, what do you think that he could potentially be? I would like your. Respective on that because I think that might determine a lot of what this whole Lakers situation can be Dale let you take this one since you know, I don't want to get to capitated into Mexico by some Lakers fan. So as strange as this sounds, my theory on Brandon Ingram is actually that he's better guarding smaller guys than bigger guys. Just because that way Kevin Durant actually kinda like this where he can use his length and doesn't get bullied as much so defensively. I don't think you wanna stick him on the best of the best. He's more of a complementary defensive player, which is still valuable. I mean teams need those kind of players all over. And then offensively he strikes a balance that is always concerning for me. And it's also something that I disagree on with a lot of players, including my dear friend, Jason Tatum. Where in Ingram's case. I think that he's more dangerous with the ball in his hands than without it. And he's not good enough with the ball hands to do that against the best. So that means he's just actually another example of this though. I don't think he's quite this ways. Aaron Gordon a guy that I think is widely overrated where they do something. Well, but they don't do well enough for it to be a real competitive advantage. And so that makes Ingraham Morphou complementary. The guy. Fortunately, play next Brian James. So the definitive question for me is not necessarily. What percentage you choose from three? I mean, you can get into the Justice Winslow complex and all that kind of stuff, but it's how aggressively as you go into take them. And when teams react to him, the two dribbles and a good decision type stuff. I think it'll be good at that role. But I'm not sure that it'll be that he can that not that he can be more than that. But that I would expect that as the most likely outcome will the other guy to wonder about and I think there's just a huge variance in or just a huge range in what people think he's capable of. And it's further complicated. By the Rondo situation is ball. And I I have no I have no idea, and I have no idea of if he would have been progressing better. If not for the introduction of Rondo to the situation that can have an impact on on young guy..

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