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"kabir meli" Discussed on Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson

Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson

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"kabir meli" Discussed on Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson

"Revelry. That's good this episode. Your about to listen to his Amy Schumer and Kim Carmelite Sisters and unfortunately I had influenza A. NOT BE NOT CORONA. Let's not get crazy here but influence a I was unable to make the trip and I was actually super bummed out because I was. I was very excited to hang with these girls. But I did find an amazing Replacement her name is Goldie. Hawn she happens to be my mother and I I don't even know what I don't even know what the hell they talked about. I haven't listened to it. I I don't even know like I'm sure it's GONNA be Great. My only fear is is that you guys are going to enjoy my mother more than myself. And there's going to be a petition on move on dot org that is going to kick me out of sibling. Revelry and my mother will replace me. I really don't want that to happen. I mean I do hope she does a really good job. Maybe not a great job at a really good job. So it's like. Oh that was really fun but you. We still want Oliver that. That's what I'm hoping for Anyway I'm sure it was amazing aiming Kim or amazing I've known amy for a little bit now but I'm actually just as excited to listen to this as you guys are so enjoy listening along with you. Kabir Meli one is fiddler on the roof. Shoe Lewis. I'm so happy to be happy new year. You guys are here. I know and it's so funny because Oliver can't be here because he's sick. He's got the flu and so we come to. New York and I was saying. Oh my God this mom was GonNa be here and I was so excited because it was like this just worked out so smoke right. It's so Oriali. I'm sorry about the flu but when I heard you the flu I was so excited because I knew that Goldie was coming of age shrieked out of the window and delight in our cabin. It's true and I was like he's really sex she's like. I don't Care New York. Yeah was my first real new year's her with both hands up into light can be. You're saying that you you love this. Podcast YOU LISTEN TO IT. And what was the moment with Goldie? You heard the episodes and Goldie you had you called in. And they're like Oh mom's calling and I don't think you called in on purpose no because you just see you kind of just got right to business you're like wears. Bodet like no like hello no not just like boom where whereas Bodey at and and you guys were talking about how Goldie you had gotten a chef for Oliver when he was in college and I guess you guys had some follow up questions about that and and the phrasing of the question was such that it was so delightful so Oliver said you know when I was in college. You got me a chef and you were like yes and he said. Why did you do that to me and you just burst out laughing as I'm rave injustice that you caused him. Why do that to me? Why did you get that for me and you just laughed and laughed and laughed before you could answer and I had to pause it because I was laughing so it was such a delightful as like this contest. All of setup they sent me up is that you know we did it. Oh I called. I mean you know I know one of those moments. That was hilarious. Because we were just talking about you and the phone rang and all that goes. Oh my God it's mom one hundred percent it was. It was so funny. But we'RE EXCITED TO BE HERE. So so what we normally do on the podcast. We start from the beginning worm. Brother Jason half brother and then you came along and me and then Kim Okay and so where did you guys grow up? We grew up among island. Yes kind of in one of the few towns that had few Jews so we were raised. Jewish JEWISH. You like yes. Yeah I can relate Yes like a like a hint like just a little. Like grandmothers headwear reformed warmed. We're so reform that we just say Bubalo once in a while. And that's the extent of her Judaism. You know once in a blue wool right. Oh Yeah Yeah he had a bat Mitzvah but then by the time it was my turn like we were all kind of over it until I didn't so I don't want to do that and I'm like how come she's on that but I still got like a party really. There's no downside for you but I mean without very without the reading. I went to temple on Friday night. I went to Hebrew school on Saturday soccer. Yeah but anyway. We grew up in this town. It was like a ton of Irish Catholic people and uh and we were kind of like one of the the Ju- families and yes explain kind of the house in which you grew up with Lou. I'm actually writing and starring in the show for Hulu right now about that we were. We were. Our Dad was really wealthy when we were really young. I'm she can tell Ya. Oh yeah and we lived in like kind of a mansion and you know they. He had his own plane for a little while. And then lost a free thing. And so I just because you can google map anything. I looked at the house we lived in and then I looked at the House. We moved to and it is shocking. That was until you're about nine and I was five. Are you trying to plug the musical? Nine to five. Yeah is that not? Is that not? We're told us this. Oh okay okay. Well then we so you moved within the same town like literally from the mansion to it was richest her eggs and to like a tiny and then we lived in people's basements and then we lived in and then my mom and I were sharing a bed and it was like a reverse Russian doll. I counted one. I think we in while I was in high school. I think we lived in Was a twelve different houses and apartments more than every year. Yeah got smaller and smaller. Do you remember it? You idly earlier do I do I. I remember like little flashes. Oh you're closed thought word yeah. My clothes got ready at a new. Let your hair go to show and I like a deed there and it's but yeah it was. Amy was about nine about five. Which I know about we start you know like because when I think when you first lose your money like a real housewife you like still kinda live in a mansion. Somehow one good credit card and then and then you have to like face reality and live in like a shoe on but my joke that I at my age. The only way that I really felt the loss of money was in the quality of my birthday parties. 'cause LIKE ONE YEAR. I had a farm party and there were animals and it was a big carnival and then the next year the theme was dancing on the ceiling. And my dad just turned a camera upside down and filmed us like dancing around a light fixture and we got a pizza and everybody was like had to chip in for the pizza. I mean it was dark because we do. We have home movies. And so you can really like we get to watch like the Progression. Like of our downfall. Where like here and then I'm like so we get to like really track okay. What was going on in the family for all of this to happen lost business. Our Dad was diagnosed with MS and then like right on top of that. The bankruptcy was caused because they own a baby furniture company where they were importing baby furniture from Italy and so you know parents on the upper east side. We need a crib from Milan today. And then other people started doing it too so it just wasn't he didn't have a monopoly on it and so so we business went under. Yeah Yeah and you know. My Dodd is so deeply that there are pictures of gold. All over his room loves mommy. Yes Sir Yeah I love him. You're so sweet I mean anytime. Oh every time. Well when I learn more you know I realized he was not an easy man no Lot of a lot of stuff and I think that what happens which is so interesting. Because I've seen your time with him. Yeah and your care for him and your empathy for him and you know taking him doing all of it. Yeah and it's so beautiful because it shows you know we do have great capacity to forgive and you just love your parents and you love your parents exactly. Yeah so it just did suits just testimony. Yeah you forgive them. That's what I try to remind myself that to you. Know I'm trying to be so great. During this time were gene. He's ten months. He won't even remember. But I watched the show. Love after lockup where like the parents are in jail and they get out after. I need to know what the show. It's on Friday night. It's love after lockup. Its life after lockup you know when you find something so joyful you have to extend the brand the story so there's lots of different versions but you see these parents get out after like eight years and Julie. Mommy there's no you love your parents exactly exactly. Yeah no matter what. It's not easy it's not that easy. It's a constant negotiation cycle. So mom and dad were together. For how long ten fifteen. Yeah they were. They're married for fourteen years and then they got divorced when we went to this one to this small. Yeah so I was eight twelve of my bangs. I just have to also say my bangs had never been so I house was here Amy's bangs. Were here so right at the time where you're all of a sudden getting a body and your period your also. Your family is crawling apart. Everything's falling apart is like tr- very traumatic. I loved it. It was blast literally in your fundamental years. You're saying that everything. Your whole life turned upside down and exactly and your father you wrote was a drinker. Yeah yeah he drank. Yeah now we. We didn't really know though. Well we didn't know until because our mom hid from us but it was out of hand we were little. I mean there are things you can remember like like he would just be kind of passed out somewhere. But you're just like dad must be dire. It wasn't like a negative drink like we never had like a bad vibe from him at all. It wasn't like an angry drinker. Or you know he was just like a sleepy one then. One day he showed up to spend time with us and he got off a bus and like taking a bus on long. Island is not northlake typical for you. Now this is after the divorce. Yeah and We were like. What are you taking the bus? What's going on you know? And he was like he turned out he had so many. Dui is and he could no longer drive and we a couple times had to go visit him in detox. Which for like probably. No one knows anybody will. Actually you guys probably know people but most people don't know anyone who's drinking to the point where they would need to go to detox to stay alive. Yeah you know. It's like that's serious. And he was so depressed so yeah well that's sad but look at us now like we're we're filled with so much character and charisma arriving. I wonder if if we don't have that you don't have that struggled. Do you think like you can still be an interesting full person. Challenges are important but also resilience. And I think you're born with a level of resilience that you can move through this. I know a lot of people who are not resilient who literally it does affect in a very very dramatic way and negative way and you know their life is. The trajectory of their life is not that good. So I think he's talking about Barbra streisand initiative. She could sing. Your names really good. How much did you guys lean on each other during that time? Well I think it's also like when I when I look back at like a bunch of the like pretty dark Real Real Dr Gomez. Dr Stays real dark days like I never remember like amy and I kinda like crying with each other or anything about it. I remember like the things I remember as looking at each other like your this is so mark and then like laughing and then like doing something like really fun just the two of us about it but yeah we clung to really longtime are there and just kind of not like actively not letting this dark stuff are around us kind of like affect our days. There was one day where our dad was like. I'm going to take your girls to see rent. And we'd already seen it a bunch like we loved seeing Broadway shows. We loved rent..

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