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May 1, Hr 1  Farm Broadcaster Russel Nemetz

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May 1, Hr 1 Farm Broadcaster Russel Nemetz

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI K. May Twenty twenty and a little bit of freedom across the nation throughout the state as a today as that safer at home order relaxes in its phased approach to putting us back to work a little bit of freedom to move about this. As a nation continues to cry May Day over the covert nineteen crisis and struggles to put an absolutely decimated economy back together again. Slowly carefully and methodically but for businesses reopening a throughout areas of the state today. Things certainly won't look the same way they did just six weeks ago six oh nine now thirteen ten Kfi k. a thirteen ten. Kfi DOT COM or so. Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western petroleum so yes starting today businesses in much and again. I need to insert that caveat but not all of Colorado can open their doors to customers for the first time since Governor Jerry. Policed issued a stay at home order about well. It was well over a month ago. I think it went into effect. March twenty-fifth incredible. Isn't it to that? We've been essentially locked down for the better part of six weeks. Unfortunately for Denver residents well that reopening of the economy doesn't apply to them under the safer at home order that went into effect. Just this past Monday or on Monday retail businesses in Douglas County and most of Colorado out aside the Denver area may now open their doors to a limited a very limited number of customers as long as they implement best practices and we all know what those best practices are in a time of Cova. Nineteen are you a business owner? I would love love love to hear from you this morning and argue reopening. And how have things changed in your facility? How are you going to keep yourself and your employees safe? What about your customers? How do you extend that same feeling to customers who obviously might be a little bit nervous as well? Our lives have changed significantly in the past six weeks. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten dropped me a text on our thirteen ten. Kfi Am text line at three one nine nine six by the way. If it's the first time using that text line all you have to do is text. A. K. F. K. A. Two three one nine nine six. And then you can just text the way to your Heart's delight so we've got personal services including hair and nail salons dog grooming. Oh my goodness my one year old puppy. Shitsu named Rudy. Yeah he's sitting up on the window so right now waiting for his girlfriend to take her morning constitutional so if he starts to bark you'll understand why right now though he's just kinda chilling chill laxton but he's a Shitsu that looks like a sheepdog and Yeah so need. Get him to the groomer massage. Therapy personal training Can also open under those best practices guidelines now while many and isn't this the common underlying narrative of just about anything related to cove it nineteen When we talk about the cause and we talk about the symptoms I mean what is covert feet. Have you heard about that one? Yeah we'll get into that in just a few. But apparently it's like when you get Little Red Marks on your feet on the soles of your feet that could mean but not necessarily could mean that you have covert nineteen but when we talk about this novel Corona Virus. It seems as though it's an ever moving target. It's an ever changing story. We do know it's highly contagious. We do now. The Best Practices again. What are the best practices? We we worked through that story yesterday. Talking about for example Aspen. Aspen really cracking down on wearing a mask while the governor has not issued a statewide mask order. It's Well it's pretty clear you just out and about you're going to see folks wherein mass not necessarily to protect yourself From getting covert nineteen because remember This little virus is I mean it's miniscule. I mean you could put thousands of this little virus on the width of a strand of hair. I kid you not but wearing mass in case once again you're silent carrier you're a symptomatic or you have mild symptoms. Whatever the case may be so that you're not spreading it if you are indeed one of the thirty percent walking around with Cova nineteen but yene Aspen. Really cracking down on wearing masks. I mean the first infraction. If you're out and about and you're not wearing a mask is Fifty Bucks seconds. It goes up in the third. I mean they hit you with What was it a two thousand dollar plus fine and the threat of jail time so again. It seems as though it's a moving target when it comes to those best practices but what we know that it means for business owners well. It typically means as many businesses throughout the state in this very slow very harshly phased reopening of the state of the state economy typically means allowing fewer customers and stores at a time and requiring at least six feet of space between anyone in that store. Customers workers are also highly highly encouraged to wear mass working for peace out of the Denver Post by Conrad Swanson restaurants bars fitness centers. Movie theaters are among those businesses. That are still not allowed to open. But again back to the point with all of these guidelines the seemingly dueling guidelines in effect and all of the rules and restrictions and regulations as you move from county to county makes things well a little less than clear. Denver and most of its neighbors to include Adams Arapaho Boulder Broomfield Gilpin Jefferson County's. They've all extended their stay at home. Orders until may eighth so they're non essential businesses must remain closed all except Denver and Gilpin are allowing retailers to offer curbside pickup. And of course as we talk about local governments can also seek waivers from the state to allow for well easier methodologies looser restrictions might be better way to put it then those in the statewide order but oh you need to get the. Papal blessing which Weld County did not do. I might add for these waivers to governments must show a low number of new cases per day or that they are seeing a two week downward trend alongside sign off from local hospitals and officials now Eagle in Mesa County. They followed the rules and they submitted all the paperwork probably in triplicate to the requisite agencies at the state level so he's a eagle and Mesa counties have already received a waiver. Now as you well where The Weld Board County Commissioners working in tandem a- started check your sources in tandem with the wealthy a county department of Public Health and Environment Dr Mark. Wallace did issue that Safer at work. Guideline it's not a dictate. It's not an order. And even as we talked about numerous times governor jared police's safer at home air quote order is not an order because it really cannot be enforced but once again well county issuing those safer at work guidelines and the city of Greeley opted to follow. The governor's safer at home guidelines. So again confusion reigns supreme. Sixteen now thirteen ten K F K. A thirteen ten. Kfi A. DOT COM. So if all goes well we're going to see continued at loosening of the restrictions that we've been living under for the past six weeks on Monday may fourth this is when once again taking a look at The number of cases and the the number of fatalities associated with covert nineteen in the state. Making sure that we're not spiking because if we do spike you know exactly what's going to happen. They're going to clamp down on us once again. Which is why it's important for all of us to observe continue to observe those best practices when it comes to not being around people not being around in groups of more than ten people. If you're sick stay at home. If you're if you're coughing sneezing sneeze into the Crook of your elbow. You Wash your hands. You don't touch your face. Sure go ahead and wear a mask but once again. It's personal responsibility. That is going to determine our future but next Monday many businesses those of large-scale a larger scale will be allowed to return to work with fifty percent of their workforce which begs the question if you are looking either forward to that or anticipating it with a little bit of dread because you've been telecommuting for much of the past six weeks. Are you going to go back into the workplace? And what is that going to look like? We'll get into that in just a few busy busy morning. Head as the food supply chain is devastated by. Cova that nineteen what about? It's very real effect on ranchers. We're GONNA go long long form with a Russell Nimitz of course veteran broadcaster and host of the daybreak morning report. Here right here on thirteen ten. Kfi A when he joins us at six thirty five but at six eighteen this time checks sponsored by carrying hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado. Since two thousand one where a patient care always comes first nine seven three seven eight fourteen o nine or caring hearts H. Dot Com while the whole sports story in Northern Colorado. The state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. Business as good Samaritans Entertainers. We want to hear from you. On no cone now nine. Am to ten. Am ON THIRTEEN TEN K. Six Twenty six now thirteen ten. Kfi Am thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Well as We continue in a phasing back into our workaday lives Many businesses allowed to reopen throughout the state today may fourth Larger businesses are able to reopen a with fifty percent capacity and of course the recommendation is that For those that can continue. If that's the case that can continue to telecommute that they should indeed do so but what about those who are considered to be among the most vulnerable population when it comes to cove in nineteen of course those of certain vintage perhaps with a compromised immune system underlying health conditions? What about those folks going back to work? Well that's seems to be the big question as we do look ahead to Monday. May fourth those restrictions. Continue to ease on US particularly when it comes to work Cher. Haviland is Deputy Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Labor employment and and employment. She said the big questions of the day for workers is. I don't feel safe. Do I have to go back to work? And maybe that's the question you're asking yourself. She continued in this piece. I had pulled out of the Denver Post by Joe Rabin if you are on unemployment do you risk losing your benefits if you refuse to return to work and as with everything with unemployment well. Unfortunately it depends now. Poll as governor police and an executive order on Sunday directed the Labor Department to draft emergency rules to ensure people particularly those deemed vulnerable. Individuals would not would not lose benefits. If they didn't feel comfortable going back to work in their workplace had quotes cove in nineteen related demonstrable on safe working conditions. Now as of Tuesday. These rules were supposed to have been finalized but despite all of my searching I can't find the particular rules by it seems as though there's four criteria that the state is likely to use when deciding if employees can still collect benefits if they turned down an offer to return to work these include the objective risk level of the person's workplace is it has it been infected with Kovic one thousand nine hundred the normal level of risk that workplace with presents without corona virus the Workers Corona virus vulnerability as determined by professional medical standards and finally the vulnerability of anyone. The worker might actually live with. So you can actually go to Colorado Dot Gov and there's a long string of forward slashes and letters and numbers and hyphens just go to Colorado Dot Gov noodle around there because you'll be able to find a list of resources including directions to contact the occupational safety and Health Administration Osha. If you spot any workplace safety violations Yes the SNITCH mentality continues to grow. But that's probably one area in which if your employer is not playing by the rules that yeah oh she should probably know about it. The site also links to a frequently asked questions document the Faq sheet includes information for people who have been deemed vulnerable but are being called back to the workplace. And you know the beef. Packing plants will indeed stay open. Ranchers are filling feeling the corona virus. Squeeze Russell. Nimitz is a veteran ABC broadcaster host of the daybreak market report of course her daily right here around thirteen ten. Kfi Gay and he joins us at six thirty five six thirty now thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten K. K. A. preps radio is northern. Colorado's home for the best high school coverage. Dan Patrick is coming up in northern. Colorado's home for news sports and talk thirteen ten. Kfi K now back to mornings with Kale. Tyson foods. Taking out a full page ad saying on Sunday that the food supply chain is breaking or broken as a result of the implications of covert one thousand nine hundred six thirty eight now. Thirteen Ten K. K. A thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM or sweet. Gale fueled by Great Western Petroleum This as we have seen outbreaks far and wide across the country me plant code closures. A large meat plan. Closures including cargo are cargill Conagra J. B. S. smithfield Foods Tyson foods and a host of others. Nother outbreak has showed up at the mountain states. Rosen lamb processing plant in weld county. Where eight employees tested positive for corona virus seven employees tested positive at Aurora organic dairy and Platt. Fill one has died. Additionally Greeley's lip Reynaud foods has seen Twenty four employees tested positive for a covert nineteen. This as a sixth J. B. S. Greeley worker has died amidst of the corona virus outbreak at swim the end Greeley and even though President Donald Trump did invoke that production act in order to declare meat processing plants critical infrastructure. And keep them open. Ranchers are feeling. The pinch joined this morning by Russell. Nimitz of veteran broadcaster and host of the daybreak market report heard right here on thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. Russell. Come back to the show. Hey Gayle good morning and thanks for having me on your again on this sunny day sunny Friday morning whether it's in Colorado where you're at or up here in billings Montana where I'm at definitely but Well things not so sunny for the ranchers because even as you have the beef plants staying open to the best of the beef processing plant staying open to the best of their ability. They only have what about a two week window to get their cattle to slaughter before they start losing money. Yeah and that's And that's on the the top end of the optimism scale. I mean As you mentioned I mean this. This meat processing Headline has certainly been one of the biggest news stories. We've been covering and in the agricultural world For the past month month and a half now and I think we touched on the last time we were on the air together and and it just seems to have You know just continue to get bigger and bigger and and worse and worse than nationwide and especially. I mean you guys know it right there in Colorado. I mean you mentioned The mountain states rose in land plants. And of course you've got the the J. B. S. beef plant there and those are just two of many across the country processing. You know major proteins like beef and pork and lamb in of course we've got the poultry industry and You know I was thinking about this morning. I mean this whole corona virus thing Fired off you know a month month and a half two months ago here in this country I mean and people rushed to the stores to get as much food and protein and supplies. They get their hands on paper in the toilet paper now Lysol Spray and Oh my goodness I mean yeah I mean I was just saying I mean for the most part folks in this country have never experienced what it was like to go to the store and see grocery store shelves empty. They did get the witness adding kind of experience that for a day or two but to the blessing of this country and hard working people at the grocery industry the food industry farmers and ranchers the best part about. It is the next day when they went back to that store. Those shelves were replenished for the most part and That's an incredible thing to be able to say because you travel around the cut the world for that matter other countries don't have that luxury I mean. They're grocery store shelves stay empty for for a long long time. I guess where I'm going bringing this whole thing back. We'll circle is if you know if these meat processing plants were to continue to shudder for an indefinite amount of time Eventually we probably would see the meat cases go empty and not be able to Be replenished the next day or the next couple of days and and for me. That's a scary thing to even think about absolutely scary thing though I mean and we on though I mean God. Love our cattle ranchers across the country. Because they're used to dealing with hardships unlike us when we walk into the store and say hey. Where did all the paper towels go? I mean droughts and they've got fires they've got economic volatility and snow storms and tornadoes and tricky equipment and changing consumer demands came across a really stunning stat here nationally. The cattle industry is supposed to is expected to take a hit as large as thirteen point. Six BILLION DOLLARS WITH A B. This according to a study released by the national cattlemen's beef association due to Kovic Nineteen because well. Unfortunately they're being forced You know as these Meat processing plants are alternately shuttered and then reopened they're being forced to keep those cattle feedlots long. I mean far past their processing time. Yeah and that's what you mentioned that thirteen billion dollar number could be on the low side. I mean it could be very well higher. I mean just a couple of weeks ago I did visit with Colin With the NCAA. On this very topic. And I mean it's just a trickle down ripple type will affect when when you have the the one end of the spectrum of the. Us beef cattle industry meaning the meat processors now being shuttered and not able to go to work or either. You know reducing their speed dramatically. I mean at the other end down. You know even to the ranch or who's raising the cows on the land to the middle people like the feet like guys I mean everybody's being impacted by this and just to kind of put it in perspective you know a year ago. Our daily cattle slaughter was a hundred and twenty three thousand head yesterday. That number was eighty thousand. That's down thirty one percent from just a year ago on the pork side. We normally kill about four hundred sixty nine thousand head of hogs per day yesterday. That number was roughly cut in half and that was down thirty seven percent from last year. And that's with you know. Some of the plants still operating to the best of their ability. And you know something like the plant there in Greeley coming back online just a few days ago I mean. Can you imagine what would happen if all these plants were to actually shut down indefinitely? I think that's that's why a lot of ranchers Were very pleased to see. President trump step in earlier this week and invoked that defense production acts not to not take into consideration of the plant workers health and safety but more of a national security issue. If anything it would really be a terrible situation for for consumers you and I and everybody else does not have an ample food supply at our disposal like or used to now. I came across something. That was just unbelievable to me. The fact that the pork and poultry industries have actually had to euthanize animals because of corona virus related disruptions. I is there concern that they're going to have to do the same thing to cattle boy. They're trying everything they possibly can. And not to. I mean and I think You know the president's actions this week have certainly helped alleviate some of that at least for the time being but yeah. You're absolutely right especially over there in the mid West I had a story on a couple of days ago. About you. Know Minnesota pork producers having to an is Their animals because you know that no break I just said normally even at two hundred eighty eight thousand. Hit a hawks that they're slaughtering right now because of the. That's a lot of hogs that have to be slot. And that's per day so these hog producers have all these all these animals You know timed out. Accordingly from the time they're born to you know they're fed and then they're they reach their slaughter weight. And and what do you do with the ones that are ready to go to slaughter? I mean thankfully some of those port plants over in Minnesota at least with the even the reduced workforce With the help of some farm state members of and the White House and Industry have been able to help producers As terrible as it sounds euthanize some of those animals and and at least help them get rid of The animals that will not be processed into food which why people don't even realize that it's like okay if you gotTa euthanized these animals and what do you do with the carcasses there after if they're not being processed into pork loin bacon or whatever your favorite pork you you have to get rid of that stuff. So but the other ripple effect Gal has been just the the the marketplace and what you know headlines like this have done to to pork and beef prices. I mean on one hand. You have cattle feeding losses now reaching two hundred and sixty two dollars per head. That's what cattle feeders. On a good day are losing not putting anything into their their pocket while packer margins for beef and pork especially on the beef side. They're actually now making seven hundred seventy one dollars per head so it's it's no wonder that farmers and ranchers are stressed out beyond belief wondering what in the world is going on. We have record high meat prices at the grocery store but yet we're we're getting pennies on the dollar for the product. Were were still trying to raise. Even though now we're having to figure out a way to either euthanize them or get them to market but yet on the top end the packing guys are making nearly eight hundred dollars per head. It's it's some uncharted waters for sure. And that's why A Lotta Hey organsations and now the USDA and the White House and Department of Justice and everybody else is investigating. You know this whole Meat Processing Industry from from gate the plate and see what the heck went wrong how to get broken and more importantly how do we get it fixed and tackling back on track well and hopefully we can get it fixed sooner than later because I'd have absolutely devastating consequences? Yeah I mean the bigger guys. I mean everybody likes to beat up the large farmer and rancher and by that I don't mean anybody raising thousands and thousands and thousands of head of livestock. I mean it's just it's just kinda how things are in today's egg industry. I mean you have to to run numbers whether it's cattle or sheep or pigs or acres of wheat corn barley. I mean in in order to survive you kind of have to run some numbers and and It for the bigger guys. It's it's hard enough to hang on and for the smaller producers out there. I mean I feared this. This could be the end if we don't get this thing figured out 'cause I mean everybody's Kinda on a lifelong right now. Boy Isn't that the truth restaurants veteran broadcaster host of the daybreak market report. Tell you what As this continues to evolve or devolve. Let's hope it's the former rather the latter. Let's stay in touch all right. That sounds good. Gail I always appreciate the opportunity as do I and What can we learn more about you? Well the best. The best place right now is just to Visit my Nimitz Communications? facebook page but long. We're on the air. I'm looking forward to rolling out a brand new website and kind of a new rebranding of The Evan Slack Radio Network In the next few weeks or so kind of bringing things up to the twenty first century so to speak so or so to speak. I guess and so. I'm looking forward to that and pretty soon. We'll have a a website and facebook page and a and a new radio network name to go by on your airwaves down there very cool. Thank you for letting US know about that. We look forward to that Russell. Nimitz thanks so much. Be well we asked you to and have a great weekend you as well six fifty two now thirteen ten KFI K. Burs TO UNC bears target game coverage loves on thirteen. Ten K of K Thirteen ten K of K a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com causing in on six fifty six all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten KFI K. Even after we get past the prices of cove in nineteen will face masks to become the normal six fifty seven. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten K. A. dot com. One is Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western petroleum this as Frontier Airlines will make facemasks mandatory for passengers. Starting may eighth following jet blue and announcing the flyer mask rule where confirmed piece out of the Denver Post by Jute Job Rabin denver-based Frontier Airlines announced. Just yesterday that Starting may eighth all passengers on its flights will be required to wear mass or other coverings over their nose and mouth. It's all the sense in the world to me I mean you talk about An inability to well these days. A lot of people aren't flying so I guess you can kind of spread out. It'll back in the old days instead of being packed like certain deans into the steaming aluminum tube but still social distancing really difficult to maintain given the fact that the the seats are so close together but the rule will apply to passengers checking in at the airlines ticket counters waiting at Gates and onboard all frontier planes this according to a press release from Frontier Airlines frontiers at least the second airline to announce that it is mandating face coverings fellow budget carrier. Jet Blue announced on Monday that it would start enforcing a similar rule on Monday. May Fourth Modeling the requirement off of guidance from the Centers for Disease Control Around Corona Virus Safety Frontier flight crews have been required to wear face coverings since April thirteenth now. Earlier this month. Frontier began requiring passengers to fill out a so-called health acknowledgement before flying Documentum to ask anyone flying their airline to certify that neither they nor anyone they live with has had any covert nineteenth symptoms in the prior two weeks that they will check their temperature the day of their flights and canceled their travel plans if they have a fever and that they will wash or sanitize their hands before boarding their flight as frontier once again. We'll make facemasks. Mandatory for passengers. Starting may eighth thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. Greeley Loveland Longmont seven thirteen ten KFI preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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March 25, Hr 2  Dr. Thomas Kranawitter and Troy Coverdale

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March 25, Hr 2 Dr. Thomas Kranawitter and Troy Coverdale

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi Yeah not so much. These days as Cova de Nineteen unfortunately has pretty much stopped us in our tracks if not significantly slowing our role Had Mayor Michael Hancock ordering residents of Denver to stay home except for essential travel and limited outdoor exercise? Did this on Monday. The order Kicked in yesterday at five PM continues through April tenth unless extended. Hancock said. This isn't a recommendation anymore. If you're sick stay home. If you're not sick stay home seven. Oh eight now. Thirteen ten K K. A thirteen ten. Kfi DOT COM or. He's with Gail. Fueled by Great Western. Petroleum joined by Tom Christina. Witter Dr Thomas Cranny Witter Founder. President of speakeasy ideas also are prognosticator in chief as I mentioned before the top of the hour Basically sending out an e Mail on the twentieth and Tom. You saw this coming didn't you? I heard you know Gail I always look forward to being on your show and talking with you. What and typically I say. Good morning but I'm not going to this morning. I'm sitting here sipping my coffee reading the headlines about what our Congress did in in the middle of the night and and I've been crunching a few numbers and with this one spending bill. There's one stimulus bill. They just passed it. They are committing to spend more of our money unless be real clear. Every check that gets sent out is a debt that you have to pay. I have to pay all of our listeners. Right now have to pay or our children or a ranch children. This is that that we have to pay. Is this one bill. Our government is spending more than the entirety of the new deal in the nineteen thirties in the nineteen forties. And the new deal. No small thing and the new deal made the economic crisis of the Great Depression much deeper much longer. Much worse for everybody than it needed to be. An our government is doing the exact same thing all over again. Let me ask you a question to play. Devil's advocate here. Okay just because well. It's kind of what I do. What else at this point in time could the government do now? I understand our concerns. I share your concerns about the the. Here's the bottom line. The only thing Congress critters can agree on Republican. Democrat is spending our money like drunken sailors but what about the millions of Americans that are really facing some pretty hard times? Yeah so okay several things I mean we are in A. We're in a very peculiar strange situation right now because because I mean we're we're facing. I want to be real clear I I. I don't want to sound like I don't care about the corona virus because I do I. I don't want to get it. I don't want you know my loved ones to get it. It's a nasty little bug and I'm not downplaying it at all. It's not the only danger we face out there. They're all all kinds of other dangers including total economic collapse. Total personal financial destruction when people start losing their jobs. Losing their homes. Unable to buy the essentials of life they're gonNA find themselves confronted with with immediate threats to their health and their safety no less real than than this virus floating around. So so what else could be done? Well what's the cause of this economic crisis? It's not the virus. The virus has not caused businesses to shut down government policies government. Eds government executive order is what shutting down entire industries entire entire states in some cases So the first thing that has to happen to say look if if you want to be productive and and you're feeling good and you WANNA take measures to protect yourself then by all means you should be free your human being to be productive to do the kinds of things that you wanna do one of one of the singular great problems we have right now is productivity in. This country is coming to a grinding halt. And I'm reminding people you know. Government can send a stimulus checks. And what are you gonNA spend the stimulus checks on if there's nothing in the stores it's the things that you need to live are not being produced and and some people might think well. That's just exaggeration. When no it's not when you start shutting down thousands of businesses across the country Who's going to be producing all of the things that we need for life? So so the one thing we could one thing government can do to stop this insanity of controlling people and stopping productivity happens. I'm sure you've seen the videos coming out of Miami in the spring breakers and it's like party like it's nineteen ninety nine the boats up on the sand bars. Don't we bear some personal responsibility in the action? That government has taken because so many are taken seriously well at the same time I went to my office pulled up the big house right across the street and I saw a couple of guys up on the roof fixing the roof. Right they were they were. They were doing roofing repair good to see some people doing something productive right and they were up there and they had protective. They had masks and face shields on they had gloves on They weren't right next to each other in other words right those guys clearly. They're thinking well. I have worked to be done. I need to do and I don't want to get sick. I don't want to get this virus going to take some measures to protect myself and I think human beings should be free to make that choice What kind of risks they WANNA take. If you're if you're a high risk category if you're among the elderly or you have respiratory problems. I mean by all means take extra precautions. Stay inside stay away from anywhere where you think you might get sick with it. What I'm trying to emphasize is In in the study of economics. There's a there's a critically important concept Of all other things being equal right when you are faced with a choice. A or B. Look the choices are get the corona virus or don't get to the current virus and all other things remain equal. Everything else in your life is the same. Then it's a really easy choice. We do not get the corona virus if everything else remains the same. The problem is everything else is not remaining the same we. We are cutting down everything so the question. What if someone said instead of? Do you want the virus or do you not want to virus? What did they said Risk getting the virus or total personal destruction. Lose everything you have well in. If those were the options I suspect large numbers of people would say you know. I might risk getting the virus That I don't experience. Total personal financial destruction. A big part about the the with with regard to the federal government. Our federal government has been spending our money so recklessly not merely for years but for decades very first thing they should have done rather than looking for new ways to spend it on. Stop spending it on the wasteful ways. They've been doing in the past. Stop spending sending all of our money around the world to other countries stop spending our money hiring literally millions of unelected bureaucrats who are unconstitutional regulatory agencies that come and harass us about how we run our businesses in how we use our property. There's all kinds of that. The government could have done to repeal abolish. Get rid of the weight of government. That's already pressing down on us I'm sure your listeners are familiar by now. Many of the story we have been tire. Warehouses sitting there full of medical supplies that they cannot get shipped to the hospitals. That need them because there aren't enough. Fda inspectors to come out and look at these are trusted medical suppliers. Just ship the stuff. Yeah it's necessary step in a process. I mean you know desperate times desperate measures we. I was reading an interview recently said the federal I believe is the Federal Department of Transportation. They have all these Regulations about truck drivers and you know how many hours truck drivers can drive. And there's all this stuff and they're suspending because they need certain things to be shipped in that requires people to drive trucks arrange transport. These are unprecedented in one of the bureaucrats was saying you know he said it's still it is possible. Some of these drivers might drive much and they might get tired and they might have a wreck and we're hoping that won't happen because we think these drivers are going to use their best judgment right in and practice Driving safely Because they don't want to get an accidents and I'm thinking well that's true. Then why do we have regulations at all where the that's what he said is true? Not only during a pandemic. It's true all the time and so what I would point I would. I would love to see government lift some weights off of US rather than create a whole new series of weight debt. And I promise you we're GONNA see. The debt is going to include the creation of entirely new bureaucratic offices and agencies to oversee all the spending and all the regulations and Streams. Come come attached to this money. Now you set up a interesting paradigm Dr Thomas Cranmer. Whittier President Founders. Speakeasy ideas seven eighteen. Now basically when you pose that question and I was watching Texas's Republican Lieutenant Governor. Dan Patrick last night on Fox says saying that he and other grandparents would be willing to risk their health and even lives in order for the United States to get back to work so you set up an interesting paradigm. Would you rather run the risk of getting Cova? Nineteen keeping in mind that what eighty five percent of the cases are exceedingly mild to and You may even be a or or would you rather just careen into personal economic destruction but I wanNA get back to that freedom to make that choice right. Here's well in view when yes I agree. We are all free to make the choice to be responsible. We know that nineteen There's a lot we don't know about it. But we do know that it's highly contagious. Okay so we have to make that choice to do the responsible thing and you know the Litany. You know the drill Wash your hands. If you're sick. Stay home and the list goes on and on. But what happens if you don't make a responsible choice given the fact that Cova nineteen is so highly contagious. I mean don't our rights and my rights and your rights begin well so so. Here's the thing that point. I want to emphasize this. Not One of US nobody has a right to infect other people. I don't have a right to become a carrier of some terrible virus and forcefully infect you or anyone else who wants to be a thirty percent are and so you know I'll give you an example My parents are not young people and neither of them are in great health. They live in a part of the country. Where there's been very little corona virus I live in Denver Colorado where more cases and so we talked on the phone. I was supposed to go see the last weekend and you know we did we. We we used our reason and we came to an agreement. I'm going to wait to go visit them until all this settles down because I don't want to risk infecting them even though I feel fine. I don't think I'm sick. I don't know I don't know if I if I you may be a symptomatic so you don't want to expose them to the possibility that that's absolutely right. The other thing I've been pointing out you know I don't know if you remember there was. There's this fun movie. I think it was in the early nineties. It had Have Rene Russo and Dustin Hoffman? And I I think the titles outbreak and it was about a really serious pandemic was a fictional movie and in the movie the fictional virus was such that. If you the moment you breathed it in it started melting your skin and you know and you died this horrible death looking within minutes. That's right yeah I think it was just like a horror movie right point. That's not the rotavirus. That's not what we're dealing with. We're dealing with something very different. We're dealing with something where a lot of people can be exposed to it. And and and write their symptoms. Aren't that bad. They're going to recover other people. It's different we just don't know and there's they're in is the source of individual responsibility. You make the choice How much how many steps you WANNA take to protect yourself and preserve your health And along the way we ought not forget that that the economic crisis as the economic costs are just as real devastating I am. I'm genuinely scared what's going happen. All these people losing their jobs and very quickly. They're not going to be able to pay the rent. Paid their mortgage. They're gonNA find themselves being kicked out of their homes That is a public health crisis justice serious arguably more serious than the corona virus itself. Absolutely I wish we could resolve this this morning by the way Thank you for the virtual installment. Last night p known Veritas Fort Collins Carson exploration of the federalist Papers Missing Ya. I missed your wonderful toasting you. Do you know these. Nobody's doing this. Great program that injured Baker Tiles three wells. As of yesterday we have three more meetings. We have two more now and as I said in that so did a little recording and we sent it out what we're supposed to talk about together and I mentioned in there. I said I can't even look to the next to. I don't know what we're GONNA do because I don't know what's going to be open. I don't know what available right. Yeah unfortunately uncertainty the name of the game. Well let's continue the conversation. Dr Thomas Cranham. Later President and founder a speakeasy ideas certainly enjoyed it. Where can we learn more about speakeasy ideas best places? Stop by our website. Speakeasy IDEAS DOT COM speakeasy ideas dot com also Not by our facebook page. Do a quick search for speakeasy ideas. You'll find a robust conversation going on there like it. Follow it and stay up to date with everything speakeasy ideas. Thank you sir as always for your insights perspective certainly do appreciate it be. Well thank you gail. Thank you for all you do. Especially in a moment like this right now you. You're really important to work that you do thank you. I appreciate that seven twenty four now thirteen ten. Kfi The whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey catch me Dan. Patrick and the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten. Kfi Koa all right. Take a breath become. Let's put this into perspective. Piece out of the Greeley by Trevor Read. The viruses here weld health not naming towns and cities with cases because the virus is so widespread this as the number of cases in Weld County has risen to eighty four The Third Cova nineteen related. Deaths reported in weld some forty-six now thirteen ten. Kfi May joined by TRA Kover Dale Thirteen ten KFI Koa news director morning Troy. Good Morning Gail you know it's interesting because I think we do have to maintain a sense of calm an perspective here because Well County The public health officials public health officials around the state around the country have said Yeah It's GONNA get worse before it gets better so we shouldn't be surprised that we're seeing more positives right absolutely at a big part of that is because we're seeing increased testing that for all of our discussions about well such and such tests here or in another place. We're seeing increased testing now because the the tests gets are being made more available and as we continue to see this develop. Additional ways of testing are being developed as well so those numbers are going to continue to climb no matter what plays out Or no matter what. The spread of the virus has been just from the aspect that more people are getting tested. That's going to skew those numbers constantly. Oh absolutely and I know this might sound kind of convoluted but given the fact that we have numbers doesn't really make things any different than they were yesterday or perhaps You know ten days ago. All we're doing is recognizing that yes. The virus is spreading but once again it doesn't change the fact that the virus as well health sing is here. We're such a knee jerk now. Has It. Well I'm looking at it another way. I am trying to figure out the best way to put this. But as humans we like quantitative evidence brainers like quantitative evidence and the numbers are that evidence to us and fortunately they could be you know as we said they're going to be skewed in this situation because of the the multiple variables that have played out thus far in the spread of the virus There's there's something about us as humans trying to take comfort in having numbers to to give us information and yet they're not always the most accurate way to do it see. I think we're coming to the same conclusion hair because that was my points and I don't know if I articulated appropriately but yeah we like numbers. We understand numbers but in this particular situation Those numbers could cause a little bit more anxiety than is warranted. Because nothing's changed since yesterday. You know what I'm saying point. Yeah I mean the virus was here yesterday. It's here today and we've been told to expect it so again. It's all a matter of just putting things into perspective really the the number that you could look at that probably would be the one That that is the most quantitative and the one that does change day to day and should concern. You is the number of people that are going into ers. Yes and the number of people that wind up hospitalized because of it and again for multiple reasons we don't know all of those numbers nationwide We that some of them in the in the breakdowns but for the most part We don't know how severe any of the cases are we don't know how how long people are in or out depending on again their their individual situation but those are the numbers that we should be concerned with the most going forward rather than just the confirmed cases because not everybody winds up in the hospital from the right. I mean you know anywhere from eighty to eighty five percent Maybe as symptomatic or just have very very mild symptoms and You know I'm trying to look at the positives Hopefully that leads to herd immunity so that this time next year. We're talking about this in similar fashion. Inform as we do the flu. Let me give you a hard example of what you're talking about. When it comes to the symptomatic were the lesser cases of this a professor at my Alma Mater. Kansas state in the school of journalism and mass comm and his family had been in England part of a study abroad situation for this semester. And when they got back from that trip all six of them were suffering from the varying Symptoms of it. Five of them are okay but Andrew happens to be in the hospital. Hyper ahead because and on a respirator and fighting if you want years old so you know a younger case than you than than what? We've we're to believe but in the grand scheme of things okay. You're talking one out of the six other five suffered community the food like symptoms and the other variables that are there But he's the one that winds up with the most of your case out of it. My heart breaks to hear that. I'm I'm my condolences. My I mean my heart goes out to you troy because when it hits really close to home yeah exactly. Yeah that's numbers. Go out the window right because it becomes very very personal. Does he have underlying health conditions? No no no. And that's part of the supplies of their hate in the case of this family and and you know they they will tell you what front they while they understood what the what the symptoms were and the like. They never expected that this was going to be a fight that they would be involved in Definitely well I certainly hope for his recovery. There's been some pretty miraculous Cases I believe you and I actually talked about one of them. but Yeah so I hope that he's able to beat it. Yep and it sounds like he's doing all right but you know it's it's little by little that statement just like just like any other thing then. We talk about trek over down thirteen ten K. K. News Director. Thank you so much so appreciate All your updates and just keeping us up to speed not a problem Gail. I do want to mention before we sign off Larimer County. Today is holding drive for personal protective equipment you've heard all of the discussions about PT and and the lack of the face masks and the like that have been available. Larimer County is holding the drive today between eight and five at varying locations if you visit the link on our website for the Larimer Department of Public Health and environment. You'll find the information there. Try thanks so much great work. Thank you go preceded. Seven fifty three now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage thirteen. Kpfk a thirteen ten K. K. A. Dot com seven fifty six bass. Unc bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K. Business is good Samaritans entertainers. We want to hear from you on no cone now nine. Am To ten am on thirteen ten. Kfi maybe you're working from home. Kids her home from school. Sadly maybe as a result of orders not only from Denver Mayor Hancock but also governor. Police maybe right now. You're sitting there going. I one wonder when I can get back to work. Now as a pull us has suspended. All non-essential medical procedures in Colorado extending the restaurant and bar closure To April thirtieth along with the closure of hair salons tattoo shops much size polars nail salons and spas. Well you might be asking yourself the question. Well maybe had an upcoming appointment. And how do you determine if it is Still on because again Governor police saying this includes all voluntary or elective surgeries or procedures while when it comes to maintaining your dental health that is so very important particularly when we're talking about The spread of covert nineteen. How can I make that connection because your dental health determines so much else that goes on in your body? We're going to check in with the doctor. A bit. Buddy Benson who will differentiate between elective and getting in to see the Dennis at integrated dental. Kfi Greeley or all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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March 30, Hr 1  Concert, stats, and scammers

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March 30, Hr 1 Concert, stats, and scammers

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI. None of US wanted this way. But unfortunately we're living in a brave new world six. Oh eight now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI DOT com mornings with Gail live local fueled by Great Western PETROLEUM INSPIRING UPLIFTING. Even well and. I don't think I'm lapsing into purgatory here. A bit transcendent has Last night's a living room concert across all the Fox platforms provided a beacon of hope amidst the dark cloud of Cova nineteen as a host a veritable Cornucopia of self quarantine performers serenaded us from their homes. Yup Elton John. Some of his most famous friends. They're stuck at home to just like the rest of us and that allowed. The Fox presents the IHEART living room concert for America provide some entertainment and raise some money first responders on Sunday night while offering a rather unique glimpse into the lives of celebrities. Elton John Saved a surprise for the end of the show kicked off the program. By saying here we are all together at home. You've got your family and loved ones and I'm keeping mine close to taking care of each other looking out for each other. And if there is a silver lining to all of this I think those those just expressions of kindness. I know just driving through my neighborhood walking through my neighborhood taken rudy out for a walk observing social distancing well rudy doesn't but that be as it may just people smiling and waving and engaging in conversations like I haven't seen in years has that been your experience as well. We're seeing the good well for the most part we're also seeing the CA- video it's out there. Group People Forty People in New Jersey. Slamming into a I think it was like a five hundred fifty square foot apartment for wait for it. A Corona Virus Party. They got busted as they. Well should have time to quit fooling around with this. We need to take it seriously. And yes we can have all the constitutional implication conversations at a later time for right now. I think we need to take care of ourselves and take care of each other. So Elton John. Meanwhile back to that Fox presents the living room concert per America. Saying we're taking care of each other looking out for each other doing what we can during this crisis. There's a lot of grief out there. Uncertainty and fear and yeah. We're all internalizing. It aren't we but we're pushing through. We're getting creative and yeah we will get through this back to Elton John. But Lemme tell you what's going to keep us together all the goodness that's happening in the world all those doctors nurses scientists and we can't thank them enough on the front lines. They're living proof that most superheroes don't wear capes families finding ways to celebrate loved ones Birthdays via facetime teachers writing letters to their students. It's inspiring it shows us that once we get through these tough times better days indeed are ahead and since we're all hunkered down together until those days Greet us again. We thought we'd put on a little show for you an old my goodness what show it was. You had a Lisa keys sitting at a purple piano in her home without makeup and a whole inner tee-shirt kicking off the event with a message incurring encouraging us. All to remember how resilient we are dedicating a soulful rendition of rise up to first responders and medical professionals keeping the nation safe and John Joke that he couldn't perform because he was quarantined without his piano before tossing it to the Backstreet Boys. But that was a kind of tricky. Because you had all. The backstreet boys quarantined across the nation performing from their living rooms. But they pulled it off with a remote. I want it back. What that way. They have five backstreet boys scattered everywhere. Dave Grohl that is dedicated his performance of my hero to first responders. Billy ISLAS. Her brother phineas performing her hip a bad guy from their couch. You had Cr and Russell Wilson plane with their kids in a tricked out playroom. Camila Cabello Shawn Mendez performing from their Miami Home Billie Joe Armstrong performed a very moving rendition of boulevard of broken dreams Lady Gaga delivered inspiring message and simple gray sweatshirt a far cry from her typical elaborate. Get out well the list. It just goes on and on you had Tim. Mcgraw sitting atop his diving board at his pool. His dog was running around the backyard. Members of his band helped perform remotely member in their own home Mariah Carey Belt Knelt. Always be my baby and yes Elton. John wrapped up the unprecedented event with a surprise performance. Humor we talked about that last week. The fact that He was appearing from his Los Angeles. California home that doesn't have a piano. Well Elton John made it happen saying allied when? I said I didn't have a piano in the house but this keyboard is my son's piano. Don't normally play keyboard like this but seeing it's the only thing I've got I thought it would be nice just to dedicate a little bit of the song to all the incredible heroes that we have mentioned throughout the program. Who are doing the best. They can to make the world a better place. During this awful crisis he then proceeded to belt outbursts of. Don't let the sun go down on me. And then there was a cameo appearance from singing orthopedic surgeon. The men in scrubs was performing. John Lennon's imagine his name. Dr Elvis Francois a resident at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota and he was accompanied by Dr William Robinson on the piano. Magin sees Bobble Soul Sky Doc. Oh home absolutely beautiful. Inspiring Francois said the healthcare system will be tested over the next few months says the corona virus outbreak continues to take its toll on the nation and the rest of the world and while this was indeed a beautiful version of John Lennon's iconic song unlike the version that was released online. I think it was a couple of weeks ago by a whole bunch of people. I don't even know who's names I can't pronounce about. I'm among those especially now who imagines there is a heaven I always have. I always will how about you. It's easy if you try all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. business is good Samaritans entertainers. We want to hear from you. Know Co now nine. Am to ten. Am on thirteen ten K. F. K. Road road soundtracks of our new normal of our lives. These two hey sprite. This gas prices dipping below two dollars in Colorado with a national average of about to a one but with the stay at home orders and a host of businesses and entertainment. Venues temporarily closing down shuttered. Not only throughout the state but across the country Dudakovic nineteen. Well there's really no place to go beyond the grocery store and other essential places of business and though I wish I could tell you different A second change in the months ahead as We're not going to get on the road again anytime soon. This as president trump yesterday in his press briefing says the corona virus peak in death rate is likely to happen in the next two weeks and extends those Social distancing guidelines through April thirtieth today was supposed to be the last day of slow the spread that fifteen days of national social distancing. But no yesterday he did. Extent extended until April thirtieth declaring that the peak in death rate and the Koran virus. Pandemic is likely to hit in two weeks saying that the federal government is extending its social distancing guidelines through Eh thirtieth This as he attempted to brace the nation for the possibility of one to two hundred thousand deaths as a result This in the United States as a result of Kovic nineteen all right. Let's all just calm down for one New York minute. Probably not a good term to use given the fact that New York is now the epicenter of covert nineteen but Lot OF CONCERNS OVER NEW ORLEANS. Louisiana This as a result of the numerous cases there but bottom line is this. You probably heard all the experts and all the CA- video it's on social media spouting about these enormous potential death rates basing their conclusions while leave the videos out of the equation here but the experts basing their conclusions on a number. I believe there are three primary models that they are using in order to estimate the number of potential deaths not only around the world but indeed in the United States. But you need to remember that you can't look at these numbers in a vacuum. Even had Anthony Fauci who I respect. But sometimes well gets little head of himself. Attempting this has if you saw the headlines on drudge over the weekend all the death rate could top two hundred thousand in the United States. Well I mean he was backpedaling. So hard during this presser yesterday. I thought he was going to pull a hamstring. Because once again you cannot look at the number of cases and magically determine because there's still so much they don't know about the corona virus about Cova nineteen. You just can't make that connection. You can't easily connect the DOTS and we're GONNA get into that. I've got a pretty good explanation about why you need to be cautious with those numbers. Because we're we're already experiencing enough anxiety as our lives have been upended over Cova. Nineteen right so once again. You cannot take those numbers in a vacuum because infection does not necessarily mean death eighty to eighty five percent of us who have the virus and my heart breaks for the thousands tens of thousands hundreds. Well we're over one hundred thousand but for those who have died as a result of being infected with this deadly disease but once again remember eighty to eighty five percent of us even if infected will recover. We'll get to that at six thirty five but President trump a very somber president trump saying the peak the highest point of death rates. Remember this is likely to hit in the United States in two weeks therefore we will be extending our guidelines to April thirtieth the social distancing guidelines to slow the spread now in a response to a question at the briefing. Dr Anthony Fouled. She is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious. Diseases reiterated his estimate from earlier that it remained possible possible that one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand people could die in the United States but once again he also backed off that to some degrees saying yeah. What we're looking at here is worse. Case SCENARIO BOLSTERING. The need for those stay at home. Orders though social distancing orders. Because if you look at New York alone. Ever since the governor there issued those orders social distancing orders in New York. I believe it was March twenty second. Don't quote me on that but it's interesting if you look at a graph at the spread before he issued those orders. Covert nineteen was spreading at a rate of a seventy-three percent since then it has dropped to thirteen percent. You do the math in New York. You do the math. And tell me that. Social distancing isn't effective. All right let's Let's drill down through the numbers and see if we can sort out Some of the modeling coming up at six thirty five six thirty now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage hey northern Colorado. You're listening to mornings with Gail. Stick around for me. The Dan Patrick show nine. Am ON THIRTEEN TEN KFI K. Covet nineteen nothing to be messed with. That's for sure. And the mortality rate. Yeah is It's frightening truly us. So let's preface this entire conversation with that but everyone from Dr Anthony Fauci on down saying oh in the. Us alone the death rate as a result of Covet nineteen could be anywhere from one hundred to two hundred thousand people but do those doomsday numbers. Add up six thirty eight now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com morning so gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. I pulled this great piece out of Well it was K. Unc was a piece by John Hamilton not sure if it originally appeared In people or not but the credit is there so I will give credit where credit is due but anyway. Here's what Mr Hamilton has to say. The Koran virus appears to be much more lethal in some countries than in others. All right. I think that's something that we can. All agree upon in Italy about ten percent of people known to be infected have died in Iran and Spain. The case fatality rate is higher than seven percent but in South Korea and the United States. It's less than one point. Five percent and In Germany the figures close two point five percent. So what gives well? The answer involves how many people are tested. The age of an infected population and factors such as whether the healthcare system is overwhelmed. Dr Steven Laura Lawrence is an infectious disease experts and associate professor of medicine at Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis and he sums it up. I believe rather succinctly by saying case fatality rates relative to Covet Nineteen. Have been very confusing. The numbers may look different. Even if the actual situation is the same. So what does it mean by that? He goes on to say it's likely that the seemingly stark difference between Germany and Italy is misleading and will diminish as scientist get more data. We need more input. Also because of the way countries monitor pandemics like the corona virus the case fatality rate tends to decrease over time the reason when a new disease such cove nineteen first shows up testing usually focuses on severely ill. People who are at high risk of dying later on testing is more likely to include people with milder cases of the illness who are less likely to die. And that's exactly what happened. With West Nile virus which first appeared in the nation in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine at first when scientists only knew about a few dozen cases it appeared the mortality rate. Was Pretty much off the charts in relative terms. It was it seemed to be higher than ten percent but wider testing eventually found hundreds of thousands of people who had been infected but never got sick enough to notice today more than three million people have been infected with West Nile and study showed that fewer than one percent one percent become seriously ill so if that patterned holds for Corona virus countries such as Italy which have been testing only the sickest patients are likely to see their case of fatality rates fall but countries like Germany which have been testing both critically ill people and those with milder symptoms from the Gecko. They're less likely to see major changes in the case fatality rate. Us somewhere in between as we're well aware testing was pretty severely limited. When cases I started to appear since then labs have begun testing. Tens of thousands of people With a less severe illnesses. And they're rolling out more test kits that will give us the results in a much quicker period of time. A country's case fatality rate. Okay and this is key to this entire conversation. A country's case fatality rate is simply the number of deaths that would be yes the numerator divided by the number of infections or the denominator. But here's the problem. Both of numbers might be unreliable. Think about this. When an outbreak begins and health officials aren't looking for the virus. Some people may die at home and never be diagnosed that would certainly lower the numerator and it could well lead to an underestimate of the case fatality rate but a much more likely scenario. Is that in early in an outbreak? Testings limited people once again who are so sick. They wind up in the hospital. That means the only infections to get counted are in the people most likely to die so the denominator is missing a huge number of infected people who survive and that makes the virus appear much more deadly than it actually is and that's probably one reason that early death rates in China appeared so high when case started showing up in Wuhan China health officials while they were obviously caught. By surprise they lacked the ability to test many patients so testing was pretty much restricted to the sickest people and that is probably what contributed to the early evidence that the fatality rate in Wuhan was four percent or more now a study that appeared in nature published last week estimated that in. Wuhan the chance that someone who developed corona virus symptoms would die was actually more along the lines of one point four percent and South Korea though. They've been doing massive testing. Since the first cases were detected as a result that nation has been able to count infected people with mild symptoms as well as those who became severely. Ill that might be one reason. The case fatality rate in South Korea has remained below two percent. Here's another factor to consider the characteristics of the population that is infected. At any given moment. Mary Bushman is a post. Doctoral researcher at Harvard Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics and an author of the Wuhan Study Bushmen says in Washington State. The first cases appeared in nursing home residents who tend to be extremely vulnerable to the disease and that produced an alarming number of deaths being reported at one nursing home thirty four of eighty one infected residents died which is a case fatality rate of forty two percent but as Washington began testing for the virus outside of the Nursing Home. It became abundantly clear. The case fatality rate in the general population was vastly lower and across the US as testing has expend expanded to include younger and indeed healthier segments of the population. The fatality rate has decreased to levels similar to those in South Korea. Bushman says I think we'll probably continue to see further decreases differences in testing. Now aren't the only reason that case. Fatality rates vary in some countries. In fact people have been more likely to die because the healthcare system is either nonexistent or has been overwhelmed leaving critically. Ill Corona virus patients without access to lifesaving care in Wuhan high case fatality rates. Early on were probably caused in part by the inability of local hospitals to handle the huge influx of patients. Sick with corona virus. Remember they had to build a hospital there and then it fell down and overburdened. Healthcare system may also be contributing to the high case fatality rate in Italy ultimately. It will take a different sort of test to assess how. Lethal Coruna virus has been most current tests only detect active infections when the virus is still present in the body but a different type attest now being developed admittedly probably still months away from widespread. Use can reveal whether a person has ever been infected and that's what scientists need to know in order to establish the true denominator for Corona virus and to find the true case fatality rate. So think about it this way in the US and again. I'm going back to the work of one Dr Steven Lawrence that infections Disease expert and associate professor of Medicine at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis Laurence says in the US. It's likely that the case fatality rate from Corona virus will end up somewhere between five and one percent wants. A broad cross. Section of the population has been tested. But it's cautionary tale as he adds. That's no reason for all of us to relax to put it into perspective. That's five to ten times more fatal than the flu. Disease Kills between twelve thousand and sixty one thousand people here so when you hear all of the talking heads spouting off about all of their models and the projected to death rate as a result of covert nineteen. Please keep it in perspective and yes. Wash your hands the best. Unc bears targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten K. F. K. Kevin. Tara fact is at the movies here. Don't forget to listen to my show every Saturday on. Kfi now back to mornings with Gail so you thank you. Not Bad guys make you. Thank God because if we don't have enough to deal with with the bad guy that is the novel Corona virus a covert that nineteen. Well no there. Are Those Ever enterprising tuna steak scammers that we talk about trying to sell you a bogus Cove in nineteen treatments on the Internet. telling you oh yeah yeah all you have to do is get your mother's maiden name your social security number and all your personal information and we'll be more than happy to help you out. Could that hits and you won't fall for that right. Six fifty four now thirteen ten KFI K. A thirteen ten KFI DOT com mornings with Gail tilled by Great Western Petroleum. Right now and I've actually a reference to this map but now something else you need to be aware of as well. Y- There's not enough that you have to contend with these days. Have you seen those corona virus maps. Now there is one that indeed is credible That is the live map from Johns Hopkins University. A unfortunately yeah it's being spoofed. This is a website is circulating around the Internet pretending to be that live map from Johns Hopkins Hopkins University Tracking Corona virus cases around the world. Well unfortunately experts say it's actually infecting computers with malware according to the Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center at the US Department of Health and Human Services The website delivers a program known as the Azo Rolt Trojan which can steal your sensitive information. Eight eight three says that Cyber security researchers analyzed a sample of the malware deployed by the Corona Hyphen virus. Hyphen MAP DOT com. Make sure you're checking Where your information is coming from and It came back with an antivirus detection of seventy six percent and an extremely and extremely malicious threats. Score of one hundred one hundred. It's pretty nasty stuff so If you are checking online Trying to get to John's Hopkins University that is tracking Corona virus cases around the world. Make sure that you indeed are going to that website and not the one That's being spoofed. Six fifty seven thirteen ten k. f. k. a. or Bowl sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Sixty eight now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM Maureen Gayle. Live local fueled by Great Western PETROLEUM AS WELD OFFICIALS ANNOUNCE THIRTY FOUR NEW CORONA virus cases to more deaths. Dr Mark Wallace who is Executive Director of the Weld Department of Public Health and environment will weigh in at eight? Oh Five With everything that we need to know. Meanwhile Congressman Ken. Buck One of a few house members to vote against that to a trillion dollar stimulus that President Trump signed into law. And we're going to ask him why I think we all know the answers. But we'll let him explain when he joins us this morning at eight thirty five. Abc News then local news coming your way in just a few thirteen ten KFI K. A. Greeley Loveland at Fort Collins Longmont closing in on seven o'clock thirteen ten. Kfi PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the best high school coverage.

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April 13, Hr 2  Troy Coverdale

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April 13, Hr 2 Troy Coverdale

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi K seven eight now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten K. A. Dot com or gale live local and fuelled by Great Western Petroleum. All right okay. I know Libertarian community not of fan a lot of the conservative community. Not a fan when I came out and said all right if we are not smart enough to realize that we are dealing with a nasty little. Bugger and I'm talking about this novel Corona Virus and if we're not going to observe the recommendations as they were only five weeks ago. Can you believe the changes that we have experienced in the timeframe of just a five weeks as the economy? Is Well Pretty. Well shattered not only across the country but indeed around the world. But I said I'm willing to give the government I understand our first amendment rights. Don't get me wrong. I understand what the constitution says all though when you have unprecedented circumstances as we are seeing right now the government does have some latitude to infringe upon our constitutional freedoms. Sorry that's just the way it is and I would say that. This covert nineteen pandemic certainly qualifies as well something a little bit out of the ordinary. Wouldn't you but are we going growing perilously close to the government absolutely shredding the constitution give them an inch? You know what they'll do again. These coenen orders and enforcement policies essentially just well upending the constitution during covert nineteen. Well all of these orders sometime in the not too distant future reach a the point of no return or be the point of diminishing returns where you on that locked down curve seriously be interested in hearing from nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen. Drop me a tax to at three one nine nine six. Okay promise you some good news so relative to this pandemic so you've got to Dr Foul Chee saying that? Well we might see rolling reopening of the economy in. May unfortunately I would love to take that to heart. I would love for this nation to get back to work. Unfortunately it's not the public health officials that are necessarily making that decision. Now is it. It's the virus and then there's the concerns as we are all just gleefully getting back outside and resuming. Our normal everyday lives that well we could see a second wave of cove. Nineteen not saying that to be fearmongering. Don't get me wrong but unfortunately I've read enough about The epidemiology of a virus and it is not unusual for the virus to roll around once again this as it continues to mutate. There's at least heat strains now of this novel Corona Virus floating around the country but as the Wall Street Journal points out it still America virus or not and how far will the government go. Editorial Board writes Americans by and large have willingly obeyed the government's shelter in place and social distancing orders. And Yeah it's tough to change human behavior but for the most part we're right. We're trying to stop that exponential spread the are not factor inherent in this novel Corona Virus. Well unfortunately that doesn't seem to be quite enough for some of our esteemed. Public officials listen to this wall. Street Journal editorial board puts it well. They're indulging their inner bully in ways that over time will erode public support for behavior. The can reduce the spread of the corona virus indulging their inner bully. The government is one problem. Excessive enforcement some state and local officials tasked with implementing shelter at home. Orders appear either misunderstand the edicts they are meant to carry out or to suffer from a lack of discernment editorial side. May I add power control hungry and a lack a dearth of common sense? You heard about this story right. Police officers in Brighton. The handcuffed demand for playing with his wife and six year old daughter on the nearly empty softball field. Let's do the math there. I don't even need to out the abacus. There's three of them right but the order. The police claimed the order that this family had broken was that he had violated The restriction that goes to gatherings of groups of five or more to the bath. He was a man his wife and their six year old daughter in public parks in Washington. Dc and elsewhere. Police officers are prohibiting locals from sitting on Park benches even if they are alone in Philadelphia. Police officers well. They dragged a man from public bus for not wearing a mask. Is the mob mentality taking over? He had evidently refused to exit the bus. When asked of the officers conduct given the offense. Wouldn't you agree? It appears rather well to Conan little bit excessive now in their defense. These officers are carrying out the orders of elected officials and in many cases those orders are unclear their ephemeral or even Worse Louisville Kentucky. You had Mayor Great Greg Fisher Prohibiting Christian believers from gathering on Easter Sunday. Now I don't have a problem with that but I understand it goes to our freedom of assembly but unfortunately it seems to me. Okay fine my rights stop where your rights begin if it was only health considerations of those. Let's say five hundred worshippers gathering for services on Easter Sunday. Wouldn't have a problem with it to each their own. But problem is is when you consider the very real reality the truth of the spread of covert nineteen. It's parasite it's just out there. Floating around cartwheeling free will and just looking for a human host now if it were only those five hundred. That are attending a mega church on Easter Sunday. I would say well once again. Darwinism survival of the fittest. You make your own choices. You're free to do just that. But unfortunately it doesn't just affect them when you look at that exponential spread of covert nineteen. I've seen in some instances and again studies. We take with a grain of salt right. I've seen some studies say that one can infect sex other studies say that one can infect one point two two one four one point five. I think this was Dr Deborah burks. That just came out with this which is much better than six but the bottom line is our actions in this scenario affect others. If it continues. We're going to have a problem here. Houston but this Louisville Kentucky Mayor Not only prohibited those church services but the drive through services in which those worst I remained in their vehicles. Now I think very clearly the mayor's position on this was neither constitutionally nor epidemiology epidemiologically sound. So you had. The local congregation suing arguing. The mayor had violated their right to free exercise of religion. Federal Judge Justin Walker in a decision issued over the weekend. Stayed The mayor's hand. Perhaps the most excessive decrease have come from Michigan. Grub emission or governor Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in addition to setting down non-essential businesses as many other governors of none governor winner has barred michiganders' from travelling to each other's homes. Each other's homes Michigan State officials have also imposed a series of very heavy handed restrictions including bans on supposedly non essential sections of supermarkets. A WHO? Yeah we'RE GONNA GET INTO THAT. Which have accordingly been cordoned off. So here's how it works. Under Governor Winters Order Michigander can buy a bag of candy or a lottery ticket but not a pack of seeds or a can of paint. How does that it can sense whatsoever? Oh michiganders' can enjoy a boat ride by her or himself with his dog but not if his boat has a motor. Where are they coming up with this junk? The logic of these seemingly arbitrary distinctions must allude most of us think so as these limits liberty drag on the courts indeed will be asked with growing frequency to rule on whether mayors and governors do have the authority to decide which businesses must shut down which may remain open what products those that can remain open can actually sell and whether religious believers may be barred from gathering in a parking lot while remaining in their cars public health emergencies give as I previously mentioned government officials wide latitude but the first amendment still bars government from prohibiting the free exercise of religion and still guarantees the right to free assembly in groups of five or less government officials would be better advised to govern. Perhaps with a lighter hand. The Corona virus threat isn't going away until we have a vaccine or better treatments and well. We'll all have to practice some form of social distancing self quarantine for many more months once the government finally allows the economy to open but concludes the Wall Street Journal decrees like those from the Michigan. Governor's office and they're capricious enforcement. Run the risk of encouraging which. We're not doing here. Mass civil disobedience that will undermine the point of the orders to begin with. Is it better for reasons of public health and American constitutionalism to treat Americans as responsible citizens and are they up to the task nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thousand ten? Drop me a text to three one nine nine six seven twenty one now. Thirteen Ten K. F. K. The whole sports story in northern. Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. Thirteen ten KFI K. We're here with YOU STREAM. It live or find your favorite podcast thirteen ten. Kfi Dot Com seven twenty nine thirteen ten. Kfi Am six. We got gale local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All right last week. The Fed announced that Additional two point three trillion dollars in economic stimulus and the market actually rallied and posted. Its seventh best week ever well here. We are again rolling around to Monday. Are we starting this week on a positive or negative note Keith? Wineman presidential wealth management ways in in just a few seven thirty now thirteen ten. Kfi KFI thirteen ten. Kfi PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick. And the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten KFI K. Just a heads up seven forty five now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum Texting back and forth this morning with county. Sheriff Steve Reams now. We were awaiting the findings on that lawsuit that was filed against him by the ACLU. saying that well the precautions that were in place at the Weld County jail. Not Enough my understanding is there will be an announcement coming out on that. Press release will be issued by the Welded County Sheriff's Office at nine thirty this morning and we will talk with Weld County. Sheriff Steve Reims in the aftermath. Tomorrow at Seven. Oh five but I Trico vidale thirteen ten. Kfi News director in this morning. Hey try hope you had a wonderful. Easter played it very very low key but with plenty of family yesterday and you know how that goes. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It was just kind of peaceful and I think that We are all searching for a little bit of peace these days. Yes absolutely but I don't know that anything that I've got this morning is going to be all that peaceful as I think we're with a bit of confusion today as the GPS situation Continues where today they were supposed to remain closed. was already negotiated off day four. J. B. S. employees. But I they were part of. The plan was testing today late last night Casey. Nc began to report that Some J. D. S. employees had received a taxed yesterday that said that testing had been cancelled until further notice and so things are confusing this morning. Whether or not that testing is going forward or not You know any information before you move forward any information as to why the test I mean. Does it go to a a lack of testing kits? Was there any other details? There that was part of that was part of my first thought but there is no other detail to it and an and the the other aspect of the confusing part about this is that it as that Casey. Nc was reporting. Only some employees received the text. So but not yeah. So there's no no clarification just yet from the company on that. Your question about tests is a good one. I also question about the fact personnel wise To to handle the tests because the announcement on Friday was they would be doing this in conjunction with UC health. And so I'm curious to know Given the number of People that have been hospitalized. You're just across the street from us at at UC hospital and the number of course it ends EMC but specifically in this case the the UC help employees. I'm wondering if they don't have the personnel to be able to manage the test today as well just again. An early morning confusing mystery just not our day with just what we need and then in the age of Corona virus right. Yeah and this is well county leads. Colorado in the number of covert Nineteen DASS CASE. Count hitting seven hundred and eighty four. A number of people known to have died increased to fifty one on Sunday. Night one of one of the things to keep in perspective though amidst our conversations about J. B. S. and it caught my attention on Friday. Is that smithfield foods which operates pork processing plant in Sioux Falls. South Dakota has an unbelievably large number of cases. That have occurred there about that with Russell Nimitz this morning veteran broadcaster two hundred thirty eight cases. Basically you're looking at thirty eight percent of of South Dakota's cases coming from one facility. That is an unbelievable number. That's what of course we're all trying to keep from happening at JD. S At this point but Again the confusion this morning does does nothing to help anybody's confidence right now. Well and you had mentioned that J. B. FS Swift had already closed one meat processing plant right. That is correct in Ohio. Ohio had already shut that one down. Yeah as to give everybody a break. But yeah I it's like I said it's A. It's a heck of a way to start Monday. Then asked to to just get back to the numbers for the moment you brought up. What is taking place? Of course you're in Weld County larimer county now up to one hundred eighty seven total cases nine deaths while In the state we are still looking at a Looking at two hundred ninety deaths and over fourteen hundred people hospitalized seventy three hundred cases have been confirmed in the state to date so obviously Colorado has not reached the apex of They covered nineteen outbreak yet. No but again. We've seen a little bit better work of course with With all of the efforts over the last few weeks in terms of the social distancing but it still remains to be seen when that peak will come. I know that we've pushed it back Really into may at this point even later right. Yeah Yep correct and and so And so the efforts have worked as much as people There are a lot of people. Continue to want to bark and argue that that this isn't working that We have to restart the economy. It it it's a rough time for everybody involved to try and make those decisions on the fly. I will admit that but but when the process is working the way that you want it to as a pertains to getting people hospitalized as need be rather than Having to say no we don't have the equipment available to do that That that bodes well for area. I should say as long as you're doing the right things you should be. You should be continuing them so problematic here though on so many levels. What is the right thing try? Hopefully we'll have some clarification on what's going on at J B s swift in Greeley tomorrow and. Look forward to catching up with you again. In the meantime be well have a great day thanks gals just to just a note out to keep an eye open for that Press release you were just mentioning. And we've got no co now coming up at nine solo work to get updates In there as well sounds like a plan. Say It's inside basing Troy Kosher Tail thirteen-time. Kfi News Director. Thanks again seven fifty three now thirteen ten. Kfi K. RUBBER TO UNC bears targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI may thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com seven fifty six thirteen ten k. K. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage the whole sports story in northern Colorado. The state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. business as good Samaritans. Entertainers we want to hear from you. Know cone now nine. Am to ten am on thirteen. Ten K F K causing on seven fifty eight now. Thirteen ten K k. a thirteen ten K. F. A. Dot com morning scale live. Local fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Just wanted to pass this along this as The loveland ski area is going to issue refunds for some products some products that were canceled due to Coruna virus working parent piece by Taylor Sankoh. It's out of the Summit daily Loveland Ski area will offer refunds for dates specific products such as lift tickets rental packages and lessons through April ninth. There will not be refund for four pack tickets but for paths that were purchased for the two thousand nineteen twenty twenty season can be redeemed Throughout the twenty twenty twenty one season facebook posts on Wednesday the scariest set employees who handled the refunds will be working from home and processing refunds over the phone. The Post said that scary is still working on accommodations for the two thousand nineteen twenty twenty season pass holders and that an update will be provided in upcoming weeks. So I would just jump on. Facebook Loveland ski area if this impacts you and if indeed you would like more information all right coming up really Evans. A school district six among the many many schools across the country around the world. And we're talking in elementary through high school through colleges universities well all turning to distance learning as a reaction to the threat of a Kobe. Nine thousand nine hundred dollars. I said earlier this morning. Imagine that we're all kind of homeschooling now you with school age children. But let's talk a little bit. About what Greeley Evans School district? Six is doing to keep your kids engaged and enthuse when really haven't scored a success superintendent Dr Dear pilch joins us at eight. Oh five thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. Greeley Loveland. It's eight o'clock thirteen ten K. F. K. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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April 8, Hr 1  Dr Ralph Reed

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April 8, Hr 1 Dr Ralph Reed

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi A to the moon that made a Mars playing hide and seek with that big old pink Superman seriously. If you're feeling a bit out of sorts this morning and well some of us I mean who has it. These days with all the changes in our lives as a result of Kobe. Nineteen if you didn't get out last night to see that big old super moon. It's up there. I was just outside. It is absolutely glorious but it doesn't Look Pink to me sorry. Six seven thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com warning. Sagale fueled by Great Western Petroleum and Mars was actually pulling a disappearing act of behind the moon last night. And you could actually see it without a telescope. Now this kind of fascinating to me. I was talking to a friend last night as a very young son and so they broke out the telescope and they went outside and and dad's set up the telescope. And they're looking at the moon and his young son turns to him. GotTa pull this up. Because you'll appreciate this. I think we can all use a little bit of levity. His young son turns to them and says well they must have cleaned up up there. I don't see any more. I because data actually cleaned the lenses on the telescope. But yeah I mean just to gaze up at this astronomical to lights and just revel in its beauty because well. It's at least one thing. We can all enjoy while practicing social distancing the super moon last night and tonight we'll see the largest superman of the year as it makes its closest approach to Earth Twenty twenty. It's only two hundred and twenty one thousand nine hundred eighteen miles only. She's has in relative terms only two hundred twenty one thousand nine hundred eighteen miles from earth on to see the average lunar distance in case. You're keeping track this. According to NASA two hundred thirty eight thousand eight hundred fifty five miles now back on March twenty fourth. The Moon was actually two hundred and fifty two seven two hundred fifty two thousand seven hundred miles away the farthest it will be in two thousand twenty so you can enjoy big old superman. You tell be if you think. It's pink nine seven three pipe. I don't see it nine. Seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. The attacks on our thirteen ten. Kfi Am text line at three one nine nine six all right governor police Taking a very cautious look forward to a pandemic free Colorado during a televised town hall. He was actually joined by the state. Epidemiologists end the State Economic Director. In case you missed it. Here's the highlights. Vip's by John Angler in the Denver Post once again hopeful if exceedingly cautious look forward last night at a world in which covered one thousand nine is no longer a raging force that is occupying the minds and psyches of not only almost everyone in the state but indeed around the globe during this televised town hall with Channel Nine the Governor spoke of a return albeit a slow one. A slow return to normalcy. And well what might be? The new normal remains to be seen how things are going to change post a Cova de Nineteen. I can't help but think that normal might take on a whole new meaning but that's a conversation for another time. Police held up. Colorado's hard. Hit High country is an example of a part of the state that may experiences More challenges in the face of its high per capita corona virus caseload but still one that will come back or mountain communities he said like the rest of Colorado. They're strong and they're independent. We're going to bounce back. This is temporary are natural. Assets are incredible state world-class tourism opportunities. There will be a day when we're once again able to embrace tourists from around the world but he cautioned that a resurgence to business as usual in. Colorado won't happen all at once but likely in phases and that state officials will need to remain wary of large gatherings for a while yet. I can't help but think that many of us will do just the same. Somebody said. Let's talk about when we totally get back to normal. That means stadiums full of people congregations of thousands of people going to church. A lot of that will need Cure or vaccine. It seems to me that a vaccine or at least the promise of one in the immediate future is the best path to a return to normalcy. Doesn't mean he continued that bars and restaurants are opening in the same way right away. It might mean a week or two later but many of Restaurants owners can't be soon enough as we shared a piece yesterday talking about the fact that according to a survey of Colorado restaurant owners fourteen percent of them said they may well not reopen. Just another reason to a shop. Local support Those businesses that remain open particularly local restaurants offering delivery and carry out some reopened eateries. Might again have to start out at capacity. This according to Governor Jared Police During that town hall last night he was joined there by Dr Rachel. Herlihy this is the state epidemiologist and Betsy Markey. And it's a familiar name right. That's the Marquis heads up Colorado's office of Economic Development and international trade also a former US congresswoman from Colorado. Markey said that it's important that we continue to practice social distancing where you're mass and stays home as much as possible to prevent the spread to flatten that proverbial curve when it comes to the spread of cove nineteen at the end of the day. The quicker we can deal with this health crisis. She said get the pandemic under control the quicker. We can get our economy back on track. The worst thing the very worst thing we can do to open too quickly and then see another re-occurrence Kovic nineteen among folks. And then we're that much further back now as we talked about Monday. Governor police extended the statewide stay at home. Order have been set to expire Saturday. He extended it until at least April. Twenty six as of Tuesday evening. At least a hundred and seventy nine. People have died of complications from coveted nineteen in Colorado while confirmed cases of covert nineteen rose to five thousand four hundred and twenty nine for now testing very contentious topic of conversation due to the early on lack of testing facilities and testing equipments testing supplies. It said about two thousand tests a day in Colorado state can ramp up to ten thousand tests today if it gets all the equipment needed to do so because the disease is so contagious and testing limited. The governor advise that those who are not not experiencing respiratory distress that requires hospitalization to hold off on getting tested. If you're experiencing cove in one thousand nine hundred systems he said. Please don't go out and scramble around trying to get a test go to a hospital. You might spread it and put others endangers once again. We've talked about this at great length with Mark Wallace Executive Director While County Public Health and environment if you are exhibiting those symptoms of covert nineteen you know the fever and The DRY COP. The list goes on and on best thing to do is call your primary care provider. Call your doctor. Just don't show up at their doorstep early said Tuesday. She's looking forward to a day. When more than just those experiencing symptoms of cove in nineteen can indeed be tested for the virus. Now state health officials said this week that the spread is slowing in Colorado with a daily new cases of the disease dropping from three hundred and eighty seven announced on Saturday to two hundred and twenty one on Sunday but the number of new cases unfortunately jumped back up to two hundred sixty one on Monday. Police also said during Tuesday's town hall that he didn't believe Colorado would run short of ventilators as long as people continue to keep their distance. Just depends he said once again on our behavior governor also acknowledged that even if Colorado gets its house in order on the corona virus pandemic. It's full recovery especially the beleaguered. The travel industry will be heavily impacted. By how other parts of the world are doing in? Combating the virus. He said the world isn't traveling. Right away I mean people are scared out there. When's the next time you're going to go on a cruise just asking the question? So unless the tourism behavior snaps back when the health restrictions are off. It's going to be a very long tail on the difficulties for that industry. Police has generally gotten high marks for his response about near estimation. What's your opinion of how Governor Jared Polish has been handling covert nineteen in the State? Even some of his political opponents are saying yeah. He's doing a pretty good job as he's tried to figure out what measures to take that might contain the spread of cove in nineteen without doing excessive excessive damage. The economy these days excessive. It's kind of a fungible term. Isn't it when you look at the number of folks who are awaiting their stimulus checks but he took a planet criticism at the end March a majority of the Colorado Senate Republicans sent them a letter denouncing his stay at home order saying the governor did not engage them in the decision? Meanwhile governor ended the town hall with the recognition that many people in Colorado are helping others in greater need and being selfless in the face of great personal challenge these stark times. He said the heart of people. The value of people really comes through six seventeen thirteen ten K. K. Thirteen Ten K. K. Dot Com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado. Since two thousand one patient care always comes first nine seven three seven eight four nine or carrying hearts h h dot com while the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen KFI K. Business is Good Samaritan Center. Tanner's we want to hear from you know cone now nine. Am To ten and thirteen ten KFI and indeed in a time of uncertainty as. We're all coping with the numerous changes. We have to deal with as a result of the covert nineteen pan-demic. The beat indeed. Go on I'm not only across the nation but in Colorado as a numerous elections were held at yesterday. Six twenty four now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI DOT com. Sagale live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. This as Evans residents said let's fix the roads. Yup they did. They passed it ballot. Measure to a this is that refer- referendum measure proposing that a one percent sales tax for street maintenance and repair. It passed out Beit. Unofficially at this point in time with one thousand. Four hundred and eighty five yes votes compared to a mere seven hundred and sixteen no votes in the April Twenty Twenty Evans Colorado municipal election working from a release from the city of Evans. Thanks Land Snow passengers. Long now official election results won't be available until all election. Follow up activities have occurred and yes. The election is certified. That step is tentatively scheduled for April Seventeenth at nine. Am So what will this sales tax measure do well coming? In ended a one percent rate it will generate an estimated three million dollars a year that will be used exclusively for a street maintenance repair paving and widening of Evans Roads. The measure will take effect July. First Twenty twenty will sunset on June thirtieth twenty twenty seven. The total sales and use tax within the city of Evans will be raised from three point five percent. That's not one percent to four point five percent Evans Mayor. Brian Rudy obviously static over the outcome of this Municipal election. The people of Evans Have Spoken. He said they have elected invest in upgrading the infrastructure and our community now. It's our duty and responsibility as the city to follow through and fix roads. No that's me improve our states. This as Evans passes that one percent sales tax for street maintenance and repair in Evans. This as Windsor elects a new mayor. Paul Renna Meyer will be windsors. Next mayor This according to results released by the town of Windsor late Tuesday nights working for peace by cuyler mead in the Greeley trip Renna Myer Soon to be former town. Board member won the mayor's seat with three thousand two hundred and fifty nine votes defeating fellow town board member David Sislansky who garnered two thousand six hundred and fourteen. Boats now ran. A Meyer is an insurance agent longtime resident of Windsor. He was in his first term as a member of the town board when he decided for Decided to run for the soon to be. Vacated seat of current Mayor Mayor Christie Melendez randomize spoke to cuyler. Mead late last night saying the reality of the situation really hasn't sunk in yet nor the enormity of just of what's just transpired sat by my phone for three hours tonight waiting for a phone call in hindsight a record turnout for this election. Looks like the percentage will come in roughly thirty percent of the ballots. Mailed out were returned. Which is huge Renna? Meyer also defeated. Eighteen year old high school senior hunter. Rivera who I believe has a very very bright future ahead in politics. Good for you hunter at the age of eighteen for stepping up. And I'm sure we haven't seen nor have we heard the last of you. In a good way. Hunter Rivera received a six hundred and ninety six votes now. Three seats were up for election and Windsor but none were contested races. Scott Sharpen Tear. Ken Bennett. Victor Talon will represent districts one three and five respectively rent a Meyer seat will require an appointment This House Windsor Alexa. Paul Renna Meyer as mayor six twenty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM morning. Sagale fueled by Great Western Petroleum. This week the holiest week on the Christian calendar with Easter past approaching also a very critical one in the fight against a coveted nineteen. President trump has remarked that quote. We're starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Many are turning to their faith for inspiration and hope. Dr Ralph Reed is founder and chair of the faith and Freedom Coalition author of the recently released book for God and country the Christian case for trump. Dr Reed will join us at six thirty five to share. How you too can keep the faith closing in on six thirty now? Thirteen ten. Kfi KFI thirteen ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage a northern Colorado. You're listening to mornings with gail stick around for me. The Patrick show nine. Am on thirteen ten KFI K. A. Churches across the country cancelling Easter Church services of concerns over the spread of covert nineteen this as online ministries are seeing a record number of people turning to faith amid the covert nineteen. Democ six thirty six now thirteen K. K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com. Dr Ralph Reed is founder and chair of the faith and Freedom Coalition of a recently released book for God and country the Christian case for trump. Dr Read Welcome to the show. Thanks so much. Gail good to be with you. I so appreciate your taking the time particularly at this most critical time as we are just overwhelmed with all the changes that have come to our lives as a result of Kobe. Nineteen and I find it very reassuring that many people are making a return to faith. Is that unexpected during a time like this? Well well you know. I think that at a time of crisis Particularly of financial and economic insecurity. You know we've had over ten million people fell for unemployment in just the last three weeks at a time when people Maybe all of us have unintentionally put our trust in our jobs and our careers in our investment accounts are 401k's and then all of that is either kicked away or put in jeopardy in the blink of an eye. I'm in the world changed so fast that I think it's natural for people at a moment like that discovering the things that they thought they could rely upon. We're shifting or sinking sand to turn to something that he's eternal and transcendent and the same today yesterday forever. And so people are turning faith in larger numbers we have a lot of anecdotal evidence of that but we also have a lot of data the skyrocketing audiences online of church services and giving two ministries has held up even though the sanctuaries or empty. I mean it's a pretty amazing thing. Actually Gail it truly is but I also think that it shows the resilience of spirit that can do attitude particularly across this nation in order to make things happen. Even though increasingly things are getting More difficult To do but I can't help but think probably one of the One of the most common questions you get and I know I've been asked this by Some of my friends my family acquaintances and colleagues is. How could God let this happen? Yeah it's a good question. It's a natural human question at a time like this and the answer is God did not make this happen but The consequences of the fall are far reaching and uncontainable. So when man rebelled against God and sin entered into this world the consequences of sin are exponential and unpredictable and it means famine pestilence war The creation itself is traumatized. earthquakes hurricanes. This world is corrupted. This world is fallen and for those of us who are a faith. We also believe that we have an enemy and the enemy's so's tears and fields of wheat and seeks to destroy and kill us. And so there's evil in the world as well and so there's evil and then there's the corrupted nature of humanity and the creation now. The good news is that God has a plan for our salvation deliverance from that corruption and from that thin and he sent his son. Jesus to show is that plan teaches us that plan and give us salvation and peace through faith in him and of course this week coincidentally you could say proper in the midst or is You know we celebrate his resurrection and the larger truth of the victory over the grave. Finnan and death and hope and peace over fear. And that's why so many again are going to find their real meaning in life in that celebration this week. Six forty one now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten K. F. K. A. DOT COM. Dr Ralph Reed is founder and chair of the faith and Freedom Coalition author of for God and country the Christian case for trump. I've had the opportunity to work with a number of those who have selflessly served this nation in the military and it seems as though there is a saying that there are no atheists in a foxhole. That's long been the case. And so you find many turning. My brother is a Christian. But I wouldn't say he's particularly devout but we were talking the other day. He's down in Florida and he's fine and he was talking about the fact that he hasn't prayed for a long time and now he is. What is your best advice to us to us? If we're so inclined to use prayer effectively during this crisis I do believe very much in the power of prayer and in the power of intercessory prayer. And I would say that. You know Paul and Peter in the New Testament provide Guidance for us in this. They asked us to pray for those who are in authority. You know we may sometimes feel helpless but I pray daily for the president for the vice president for those who were advising them because they're the ones that are going to make the ultimate decisions that are going to be life and death and they need wisdom and knowledge beyond their own ability they needed insight and discernment the same would be true of government officials at the city and state level. I Pray I've prayed for Boris Johnson in the last forty eight hours. Where you know if anybody's aware of anyone yeah Prime Minister of Great Britain. Who's currently in intensive care and who said persistent symptoms? So I think we need to pray for people who have been infected and whose lives and are potentially endanger Pray for their families. And then the other thing that I pray for is I pray for his purposes to be fulfilled in this. You know I believe very strongly again as I said. I don't believe God Klaus Best. It's not his desire for anyone to perish He wants everyone to enjoy the benefits of a good and a rich life. But I do believe that it happened and will later find out how and I do believe that. We were initially deceived by what was going on. Not You know that that ship a sale we gotta deal with the circumstances were in but I pray for God to end it. Sooner rather than later he can. He's all powerful and I asked him to save these lives and I asked him to be glorified in the process. And one of the that he's magnified in Gora Fine Gael is by people turning to him and you know Napoleon said there are two forces in the world one is the sword and the other is the spirit and the spirit is more powerful and right now those of us have faith have to think of us as warriors wielding the weapons of faith. The the shield of faith the helmet of salvation the sword of the spirit. We need to go to battle in the spirit in the spirit and let everybody know this is not the way things are always going to be with Godsell. We can overcome this and we can and will defeat it stuck to read. I wanted to get your assessment of President. Trump's leadership During this pandemic will I am a friend and political ally the president so you know full disclosure? I'm biased. I just. I just wrote a book forgotten country defending you know. It isn't so much a defensive trump although I do plenty of Bat. It's more a defensive. The faith community for why we have backed him so strongly and I think in the case of the Corona Virus Yeah there's going to be plenty of catcalls from the peanut gallery. But the fact is he closed our borders to Travelers from China in January was criticized by the World Health Organization for having done so. We now know get in places like Queens New York and in places like Milan Italy that That is directly where the virus came from it came from Wuhan and it came from China so we will never know how many hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved by that one. Act alone the second thing that he did was early on. He created a White House Corona Virus Task Force to ensure that we had a government wide response to this across all agencies of government at every level state federal local military our healthcare system and when he appointed Vice President Pence to lead that Corona virus taskforce pence then assembled the best minds in the public health world including Ambassador burks. And Tony Falcone Dr Tony Vilocci and and I think they've done an extraordinary job and even though he was criticized for it I thought when the president suggested that it would be great if we could have the country opened a backup by Easter And See Churches Packed and people worshiping. That obviously wasn't possible but it showed his heart. It was a window into what his desire is and he wants to save every life that he can but he also wants people to have jobs and to have lives and I'm glad that we have a president who's focused on both once a tough line to walk to be sure I mean you don't want to totally destroy the economy but have to balance that in the best interests of public health. No question about it and the president has made it clear for this vice president pence bit the public health imperatives Clearly come first. But we can't as the president has said. We can't make the cure worse than the illness. We can't completely destroy a twenty one trillion dollar economy. Wipe out people's investment accounts and saving retirement savings and destroy thirty or forty million jobs. So I think the very quick response by the president. We've now had an congress on a bipartisan day. Just we've now had three corona virus response bills and I and I really think and I and I argue this in the book Gal that a lot of criticism of the president is just misplaced in a row aeneas. They said that he wasn't capable of being presidential that he didn't have the temperament to lead. That's clearly not true. He's united the country. He's worked across party lines. You look at the superlatives that have come from the mouths of the unlikeliest of sources. I mean governor Andrew Cuomo of New York Governor Gavin newsom of California. I even saw bill de Blasio the mayor of New York City the other day on TV. Saying I talked to the president five or six times a day. The president is leaning into this. He is all over it. He is down to literally helping to manage the shipping of ventilators. Where they need to go and we're not out of the woods. We've got a ways to go. But there are some hopeful signs and when you've got California sending ventilators to New York and when you've got a model from the University of Washington that predicted that yesterday New York would need twelve thousand. Icu beds and they only were using. Four thousand. It tells you at least so far. The worst case scenarios are not coming true because this administration acted before. I let you go this morning and I certainly do appreciate your time and your perspective so important right now as we all grapple with the impact of a cove in nineteen. But I wanted to ask you about and I know it's tough. I mean Easter services cancelled and The faithful this is the holiest week in the Christian calendar. But I had to shake my head when I looked across the country at several mega church pastors defying. Social distancing defying. Stay at home order. The one that comes to mind was in I believe Tampa and just packing his parishioners into the pews. I know it's difficult but it's also to me careless. It's careless to do that to your congregants. Yeah and I think that is clearly. The exception to the rule The American Enterprise Institute COMMISSIONED A survey This week and found that seventy five percent of self identified Christians were not meeting in person And frankly I think it's even higher than that. I attend a a a large evangelical church in Atlanta. We will Have our worship service on line for the fourth Sunday on Easter Sunday? So this'll be a month worth not met in person. The good news as I said earlier is online. Viewership is skyrocketing and ironically enough. More people are probably being exposed to the gospel than ever before. But what you have here. Is You have a ancient centuries long tension between our obligations to the Kingdom of God the Kingdom of Heaven a kingdom which is radically both here now and yet to come but we are also citizens of an earthly realm where citizens of the United States in our state and our city and we have an obligation to obey those laws. So one of things. I point out in God and country is you know people criticize Christians for backing. Donald trump as if because he's imperfect and flawed and as we as a playboy. We shouldn't support him. And my argument is we were doing what was good for our country. We were acting as citizens now whether he's going to go to heaven or not will be between him. God and You know his his pastor or priest but as citizens we're required to obey the laws pay our taxes and try to elect the very best people to enact policies. That will redound for the good of the country. This time wisdom would say that we get back to church as soon as we can. But we and I'll mention one last thing in this context gail that in most states churches were exempted from bans on public gatherings on. First Amendment grounds I think that's a first amendment considerations that's a battle that we can have at another time we're in non-residents times right now and we can all certainly use a little good news. Thank you for sharing that. Dr Ralph Reed founder and chair of the faith and Freedom Coalition author for God and country the Christian case for trump and survey. Can we find your book? It's on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere. Thank you so much God. Bless be well. Thank you so much. Gail you to six fifty four now thirteen ten. Kfi Gay best to UNC. Bears targeting game coverage loves on thirteen ten KFI K. Six eight nine now. Thirteen ten K. K. Greeley Loveland Longmont for Collins. It's closing in on seven o'clock the whole board story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

Colorado Kfi president Dr Ralph Reed Great Western Petroleum Paul Renna Meyer KFI KFI gail Donald trump Freedom Coalition founder K. K. Thirteen Ten K. Earth Twenty twenty Evans Windsor Twenty Twenty Evans Colorado United States K. A.
April 24, Hr 1  Steve Baker, VP of The Great Game of Business, Inc.

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April 24, Hr 1 Steve Baker, VP of The Great Game of Business, Inc.

"This mornings with Kale fueled by Great Western. Petroleum only thirteen ten K. F. K. NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell kicking off the first ever virtual. Nfl draft from his man cave has basement last night. And what a lovely basement. It was six. Oh seven thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI DOT COM warnecke. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. And thank you thank you thank you to the NFL for giving us another topic of conversation something anything at least for the moment in a time of Cova Nineteen Oh yes and the broncos getting lucky with the fifteenth pick again in round one of that virtual NFL draft. Well Broncos had one thing to say you you'd you guber doing his best to cary grant? Yes duty duty duty and I agree with Marquez. Learned the Denver Post. Is anyone not excited that Alabama Receiver Jerry? Judy who's going to be drew? Locks new best friend virtually fell into John elway's lap yup minutes after the selection was in. You had Denver. Star Portland Sutton reacting with. Just one word. Pretty much summarizing. The excitement in broncos country Lou. We you gotTa Love It. Yep elway made a great selection and Judy no question there. Ron broncos also made a major upgrade at receiver. Judy will be more than a compliment to Sutton. Now Sutton had a pro bowl caliber season in two thousand nineteen seventy two catches for one thousand one hundred twelve yards six touchdowns. Well there's every single reason to believe the Judy could lead the team in all three of those receiving categories in twenty twenty as a bonafide number one target for for lock now in an incredibly gifted and unfathomably deep class of patch. Pass catching prospects. Which Alabama Alabama teammate Harry rugs and a total of six receivers taken during the opening round? Think about. There's little doubt in Judy's mind that Denver made the best choice. Judy said I feel like I'm the best. I like his attitude there. He scored twenty four touchdowns on one hundred and forty five catches during final two seasons with the crimson tide. Roll tide roll. Well while other draft knicks suggested rugs was the Alabama receiver the broncos really wanted or hinted the Denver would have to trade up to land judy. Well it seems as though he fell light as a feather into elway's grasp at Number Fifteen John Elway for his part said. Yeah it was a long long couple of hours waiting to see if he was gonna get there yes. Patients indeed is a virtue some give elway who refused to surrender any of his stockpile picks in order to move up a spot or three in the opening round opening round. So give John Elway. Some well deserved credit. Because now do you get to hear Guber Micah Guber chant? A you gotTa love it. Six ten now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten K. F. A. Dot com mornings with Gail live local fueled by great western petroleum. Hey hope you were with us last evening? For Very special edition of Noko now hosted by Tanner swint. I sat in for the hour. Had the opportunity to with Board Chairman Weld County Commissioner. Mike Freeman about well. How many of their return volley is what I'm going to refer to it as but we're GONNA check in with Scott James. Welcome Commissioner Scott James. This morning at eight. Oh five to see if we can get more details but as you're aware the stay at home order. The statewide as stay at home order expires on Sunday. April twenty six to be replaced by Governor. Jerry polices safer safer at home order. Well County volleyed back with a safer at work protocol working in tandem of course with Dr Mark Wallace who we expect to chat with Monday morning but Dr Mark Wallace Executive Director of the Weld County Department Public Health and environment. Coming up with this Safer at work order now. They're still some questions as to how this is actually going to work But what it does is it. Takes the chokehold the stranglehold off the necks of Business Owners in Weld County allowing more businesses to open under the restrictions and there are still restrictions in place. Let's not get it twisted okay. This is not a free for all in Weld County. It's not like flipping the light switch and we're all back to normal or whatever. Semblance of normal might look like as a covert nineteen winds down but the bottom line is it is much less. Restrictive than governor. Jared polices safe state. Excuse me safer at home order. I get all the orders confused because there's been so many of them but it is less restrictive but not by much because as I read through this order and of course we talked with during that special edition of Noko now yesterday and hope you could join us for that because it was absolutely fascinating when we talked with Weld County Commissioner Board Chairman Mike Freeman. Who went through the order and gave his along the boards reasons for electing to issue a safer at work protocol. I use the word order rather loosely. Because even Governor Jared Polis admits that the guidelines that he issued the take effect. April twenty-seventh the safer at home as do the Weld County guidelines safer at work both go into effect April twenty seven but to use the word order is a bit of a stretch because even governor Jared Polis admits that these are simply guidelines. They're simply recommendations. So we're GONNA work through that this morning. Got Lots of ground to cover. Greeley Mayor John Gates will weigh in on the safer work order a shoot yesterday a jointly by the Department of Public Health and environment while county and the of course the Board of Weld County commissioners will get Greeley Mayor. John Gates take on the safer at work order when he weighs in this morning at eight. Thirty five a special time this morning as well had a lot of juggling because we got so much ground to cover but Special Time this morning seven twenty. We're going to check in with Kevin Car fat guys at the movies fat guys at the movies. Dot Com so again very very busy Joe ahead and I hope you can stay with us by the way interested in your thoughts on this safer at work protocol issued by the Board of Weld County Commissioners. What's your take on that? What is your feel on that because based on the input that I've heard from several of you let's just say that attitudes range far and wide on this some of you are in full favor full-throated approval of saying yes? It is time to get back to work and we need to be responsible in our reactions and our actions as well. County slowly opens up once again again. Let's not get it wrong. There are still restrictions in place everything from social distancing to the recommendation that you don't get into groups of larger than Tang handwashing sanitizing surfaces. You know the drill by now but the government instead of picking and I'm talking about the Weld County government here instead of picking winners and losers as Well County Commissioner board chairman. Mike Freeman so articulately. Put it yesterday. They're putting the onus of responsibility on us as freedom loving people to make the right choices and do the right things so that Kovic nineteen doesn't spread doesn't spike in Weld County as restrictions are east. Some of you love it. Some of you think it's the wrong idea. Be Interested in hearing from you this morning. Nine seven three three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six whether you're a business owner whether you're a consumer. I'd love to hear from you. This morning are closing in on six. Seventeen thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K. A. K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by carrying heart some healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where Beijing care always comes first nine seven zero three seven eight forty nine or caring hearts. H H DOT COM. Well the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI K. We're here with YOU STREAM. It live or find your favorite podcast thirteen ten. Kfi Dot Com six twenty four now. Thirteen Ten K. Up Day ten. Kfi Dot com mornings with Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All right does some applauded the move by the Board of Weld County Commissioners in conjunction with the Weld County Department of Public Health and environment as they announced it yesterday. A safer at work strategy to go into effect. April twenty-seventh now. What exactly does that mean? Well we're still ironing out a lot of the details. I know yesterday when I joined a tanner. Swint for that special edition of no call now from five to six. We had a lot of questions coming in from you and welcome. Your questions asked always this morning. The attacks at three one nine nine six or give me a call nine seven three five three thousand nine hundred ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. How a lot of questions about what this actually means for Weld County now Sherry pipe complete Colorado on it as well and she wrote in her piece on complete Colorado. Page two. If you want to find it just go to complete COLORADO DOT COM. Excuse me click on that page to link but what businesses can reopen. Their doors. Still isn't exactly clear. But here's where it actually departs from governor. Jared pulses safer at home initiative. That goes into effect. April twenty-seventh as well it appears in Weld County that those businesses may may include restaurants gyms and other businesses still closed on the state level. And we hope to flesh out even further this morning. When we're joined by Weld County Commissioner Scott James but here is what was issued at yesterday and I'm not going to go through the entire guideline package because it is. It is fairly lengthy. I believe we posted up on our thirteen ten K. K. A. Website. Thank you to call yesterday doing a great job Troy Coverdale. Doing Yeoman's work as well for that special edition of Noko now so you can find this safer at work. Best Practices for reopening businesses in Weld County On our website. But here's what this document had to say. Our goal and this is written to business owners. Our goal is to support you in safely reopening businesses as we enter this first phase of relaxing cove nineteen restrictions. Your customers and staff will have confidence. They are safe when they see your business following best practices to prevent the spread of covert nineteen. And you know that litany I mean we know it by heart now right. Try to limit group gathering sizes indoors to ten or less and that follows along with The Protocols put out by Governor Jared Polis with his safer at home initiative. Try to limit group gathering assizes indoors to ten or less When ensuring even when ensuring social distancing remember seniors and those with compromised immune systems or chronic health conditions are indeed at greater risk of getting very sick from covert nineteen consider posting warning signs or adopting. Your operation for these spoke folks especially if your business focuses on young families with children the more you combine best practices this according to this memorandum issued safer at Work Cope in nineteen best practices for reopening businesses issued by the Department of Public Health and Environment in Weld County. The more you combine best practices the safer your staff and customers will feel. Let's continue to control the spread of covert nineteen together. And then it runs through list of recommendations to include ensuring social distancing practices and all time all times maintaining clean and disinfected surfaces. Implementing a flexible. Sick leave policy encouraging sick employees to stay at home. Educating employees on how to reduce the spread assessing essential functions and a general considerations. And then there's also a checklist. A covert nineteen best practices guidelines checklist for this safer at work initiative. That was just yesterday. joined announcement by the Board of Well County Commissioners and the Weld County Department of Public Health and environment. So what's your take on this? Will you feel comfortable as a business reopening if you are a customer of Said Business? Do you feel comfortable going back into that business. And despite all the caterwauling that I'm already starting to hear some saying Oh this how can you do this? It's far too soon well. It is the quintessential example of risk reward. At some point in time we have to be responsible as individuals for our own health and safety and overall well being and at some point in time when you look at the stranglehold that Cova Nineteen has had on the national economy the global economy. My Gosh The Weld County Economy at some point in time we need to get back to work. Be Interested in your take on that this morning. Nine seven hundred three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six and as well county announces it's safer work guidelines. What will it feel like going back to work going into businesses doing things that we so used to take for granted? Well business owners can transparency. Keep your business healthy through the Cova. Nineteen Crisis Steve. Baker is vice president of the great game of business incorporated. He's also author of get in the game how to create rapid financial results and lasting cultural change. He joins us with some timely tips. Six thirty five six thirty now. Thirteen ten K. F. K. Thirteen Ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the Best High School Coverage Mris Sports Sunkei EV K. Enjoy some instant classics with KFI K. Classic every Thursday and Friday night on thirteen ten KFI K. And Thirteen Ten. Kfi AA DOT COM bother man bounce the Classic Risk Reward a paradigm. This as you have states across the country very methodically very slowly easing the myriad of restrictions on our movements as a result of the covert the nineteen pandemic six thirty eight now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT com. Gail fueled by Great Western. Petroleum Weld County following suit a yesterday announcing it's safer at work guidelines putting choice back into our hands. If you want to go back to work you can if you want to frequent a business. Yes you can while maintaining all of those best practices social distancing in handwashing. You know the drill by now but once again putting that choice in our hands but what is it going to feel like going back to work and what's GonNa look like well it it begs. The question can transparency. Keep your business healthy through the covert nineteen crisis. Steve Baker is vice president of the Great Game of Business Incorporated author of getting the game how to create rapid financial results and lasting cultural change. Such a timely interview as a weld county announces. It's safer at work guidelines that. Go into effect this Monday Steve. Welcome to the show. I appreciate it. It's great to be here. Yes and I appreciate it as well first things first. I hope you're well your family your colleagues friends and how you hold up through all this really well. I mean To be honest with you it's been great for me. I typically am on the road About fifty percent of the time. It's been great to be with my wife and kids. I'm sure they have a different opinion. It's Kinda like getting to know you it is. It is surreal. Though isn't it? Yeah I never thought I would see the the day and every day. It's something new coming down the Pike but Yeah to ask you. Because this announcement yesterday by the Board of County Commissioners Allowed County Commissioners That they were going to implement along with the Guidance and oversight of the Wild County Department of Public Health and environment this safer at work initiative going into effect Monday. Well you know we changed as a result of this pandemic how most of being cooped up for the better part of five or six weeks and there's a lot of fear a lot of in going back out and going to work so if you run a business. What is the best way to overcome that fear? Not only in your employees perhaps yourself but also in your customers. We'll start with the with ourselves right as leaders and Business Owners The first thing is you've got to get a handle on yourself. And the first thing we do in any crisis by the way our our company has been around for almost forty years. We've got about two thousand people in ten different companies that we're in remanufacturing and So everybody is pretty much working except my little division. The great game of Business. We are Training and consulting organization so our founder. Jak Stat came to us and said let's take out of the organization. How do you do that? Well the first thing you gotta do is is look around and say okay. What's the end of the world? Look like I know that sounds crazy. But you guys are actually seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Every business owner in Fort Collins now has a choice to potentially go back to work as county. Look at the county but yeah. I'm sorry. I Apologize Greeley oil up trying to PR project myself. We're in Springfield Missouri. So we're still down right and people are going crazy. They're like what's going to happen. So we say this is where transparency comes in and says. Let's get a couple of things right. Our our people safe are they healthy. Is there anything we need to do around the the safety arena that? That would help everyone. So like you mentioned in the intro there the social distancing and all the best practices right so let health wirelessly okay. We're all right. We're GONNA wear masks gloves whatever it needs to be. Then where's our cash will? This is unprecedented. I hate to even use that word. It's so overused these days but we have never seen so many funds coming in from the government that were so accessible. I know not. Everybody has gotten them yet but they just released were yesterday. So let's let's get cash under control nowhere. It is and then be thinking in the future. Let's not be in the same position and maybe even put up a cash scorecard for for yourself if you're not fully transparent yet just so you know every day. How much do you have in the bank? Then the practices so actually kind of saying what are the best practices in business so that we can make sure that we're the best we can be right now and are we doing things like we believe. Transparency is a big one of those practices to tell people what's really happening but the other thing is positioning so I listed four P.'s. People positive cash flow practices positioning. What I mean by positioning is what are we gonNA do to make sure we're in the best possible position and that could be Supply chain it could be people. It could be a number of different things. But how are we position? To take advantage of the upturn. There will be pent up demand fascinating because some SAM pollyannaish but I like to look at the glass half full. And that's exactly what you're doing here. Because I think that the one thing that we can agree on on so many levels with covert nineteen. This is a teachable moment and we can learn so much from it on once again just how we conduct our daily lives. Our business lives The list goes on and Gail. You're right on the money I mean you. You'll be hearing a lot about this if you haven't already but Jim Collins wrote a book so he's from bolder and a professor wrote a book years ago called good to great and in that he talked to Admiral Stockdale who was a Vietnam vet eight years as a prisoner of war tortured repeatedly. And there's so he wrote about this thing called the stockdale paradox when he interviewed Admiral Stock. Yeah what happened is he said. The optimists died. Oh what does that mean he said? Here's the thing. The realist were the ones that survived in other words. You have to have a weird combination paradox of this unwavering faith that we will prevail but the ability to face the brutal facts of today. Where's the optimists were saying? Oh we'll be out by Christmas. We'll be out by Easter and finally just gave up so I like you an optimist in the sense that I'm a realist too. And I say let's find the glass half full because guess all your employees are looking at you. Your community is looking at their waiting to see. Are you gonNa Freak out or are you going to manage this and we can prevail? Joined this morning by Steve Baker. Steve of course is author of a great book. Get in the game. How to create a Robert De financial results? Excuse me and lasting cultural change here is also a vice president of business again here. It is Vice President of the great game of business incorporated. Steve Kerr again. I know you're you're calling from Springfield Missouri and Kudos to Missouri speaking of transparency for China. I just love that I love the state is doing now. There is a tiny little roadblock of sovereign immunity. But I appreciate your your elected officials stepping up to the plate because g China thanks for infecting one hundred eighty four countries. While you took care of yourself well we are the show me state. This is true. Yeah this is absolutely true. All right so what? What is your best advice for for businesses and as they're reopening slowly because the stats are just staggering. I mean twenty over twenty six million Americans out of work at this point in time and thankfully they did replenish the P P P P P P so that they do have some benefits to drop them. But I'm seeing particularly small business owners. Small Business Owners. So hard hit by this and The percentage of small businesses. That might not survive. This is just astronomical me really is and it's it's going to be a crisis girl while my advice to folks is Really reflect on on your true situation face those brutal facts before the pandemic happen because we did see a common you know we. We knew that it was a big deal. The thing is that we do feel kind of insulated and isolated in a way. What I would do is go back a little bit in memory and say we're we're we on. You know where we little fat on our inventories where we A little over staffed understaffed look at those realities and say let's say business comes back slowly and it's a slow upturn Can we survive that and also as a second place? What if it's a quick upturn? Do we have the right people Do they like working for me? Will they come back? I was paying them appropriately and then they about that at home as well. I mean I'll be honest with you. I have a lot of neighbors that are really dumb. Struck by this whole thing had no Cushion no backup. Let's not be in the same position again. So while we're recovering always be thinking about what if there is another Wave of it in the fall like they're talking about. I'm not saying the proper. I'm not saying you know. Be a as you said appalling in. I'm saying somewhere in between it's let's face the brutal facts and be as as tough as an resilient as we can because a lot of we are leaders like it or not. We are leaders and we're teachers. Businesses are the teachers. Let's teach people. Hey let's put a little bit back if we have some examples in Springfield of folks who actually make more money with the additional unemployment funds that are available in Missouri than they did before now. Wha- what would your advice be to them it would be the same thing. Let's business owners individuals. Same thing that is. Let's look at our real situation. We were probably living a little fat. A little high on hard before and And we need to be just a little bit more frugal in how we come back and I I know that that's crazy to to say it's probably sounds a little harsh but let's stop treating people like children when they come back to work saying. Oh we'll take care of you. Guess what we need to take care of one another so. Let's treat them like adults. They have an adult conversation and say here's the economic realities of the business. I didn't WanNa let you go before. Glad there was unemployment. That may not always be there. Let's do this. Let's make sure that that we're running this business. The best we can. I'll pay you the best we can and And we'll make sure that we have a bit of a contingency planner. Backup plan screen advice before. Let's go this morning on looking at the economy and what we hope is a rapid. Recovery came across this fascinating piece that compared the restoration of the economy to three categories. Will it looked like a you? Well look like a W. or well. It looked like the Nike swoosh. What's your take will I'd love for it to be I really would. And we actually are fairly optimistic For for the fact that there will be a ton of pent up demand But I think it's probably going to be some sort of a swoosh Just because of the fact that we didn't respond super quickly to it and it hit us of right and we're having as you said replenish the P P P and many other programs This is going to be a bit of drag out but I think we're going to be looking at Small Business as being a real backbone of the economy again and you know. Our economy is based on Confidence and so I think some of the indicators. We need to look at her. You know are people You know flipping houses. Are they buying cars are they? You know taking out student loans things like this I hate to say it is a consumer society. My hope is that a long way. We make better choices and live within our means. I know that sounds a little Dave Ramsey ish but I I like the guy you know. He says something really important. Money flows from people who do not understand it to people who do and so. I kind of wrapping up. I guess the the one bit of advice I would give everybody. A little more protracted and it's a little tougher and we have to kind of tighten our belts a little bit but one thing you need to do over. Everything else is take some kind of action. Don't be paralyzed by fear. Action is the antidote for ear. Do something great advice. Steve Steve Baker from the. Show me the money state kind of play with your motto. There yeah right. So where can we find out more about the great game of Business Incorporated and your book Getting the game how to create rapid financial results and lasting cultural change. Thanks Gail for your listeners. I'd like to give them a free sample of the book. And you can go to great game DOT COM Slash Steve Great Game DOT COM Slash Steve. And there's some great resources that you can use right now during the recovery and in a free sample of the book I'll take advantage of it. Sounds like a plan C. Thanks so much for your inspirational words this morning and your input especially your time and be. Well thanks so much. Gail keep Keep looking to the bright side absolutely six fifty one. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi BURST UNC. Bears target game coverage lives thirteen ten. Kfi K. business is good Samaritans entertainers tanner's we want to hear from you. Know Co now nine to ten and thirteen ten K F K six fifty six on your Friday morning thirteen ten. Kfi pay thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings. We live local. Fueled by Great Western petroleum well president trump releasing some eyebrows yesterday this during his corona virus Press conference talking about injecting patients with disinfection and disinfectant. I don't know if you saw Dr Deborah burks own my Gosh. The expression on her face was absolutely priceless. So we'll just set that one aside for the moment but also talking about the efficacy the use of a UV light sunlight in order to combat the spread of a covert nineteen. You know it's been bandied about for quite some time but if you dig down a little bit deeper into it well the experts have. Let's just say mixed reviews on how effective UV light actually is in fighting? Cova de Nineteen. Unfortunately even our Public health officials are learning about this novel. Corona virus aptly called novel. Because it's well the likes of something we have never ever seen before. So we'll get into that in the seven o'clock hour. Don't forget Kevin Car that guy's the movies fact guys at the movies dot com at a special time this morning had to do a little bit of juggling with everything that we have going on so Kevin car fat guys at the movies of fat guys at the movies dot com ways in this morning at seven twenty wall so catch up with Troy Kover. Dale Thirteen ten K. F. K. A. News director That coming your way at seven forty ish this morning and Keith. Whiteman Presidential Wealth Management while he's going to weigh in on safer at home versus a safer at work and be interesting to get his perspective business perspective this as the safer at work initiative put into place by the it was a joint effort by the Weld County Board of Commissioners and of course the Weld County Department of Public Health and environment giving us a little bit more leeway in getting back open for business in Weld County and again. It's important to note here. It's not a free for all. It's not the flip of a light switch and bought a Bloomberg being everything goes back to normal now. There are a lot of similarities between Governor Police's plan and the Weld County Board of Commissioners Plan. The big difference is is that it gives us the choice and the responsibility to act in a manner that will slow the spread of Cova nineteen as we inject some life into the weld county economy. Be Interested in hearing your thoughts on that ought to nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen. Do you think it's too soon or do you think it's High Time Weld County gets back to work back open for business. Nine seven three five three thirteen. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six. Abc News than local news. Coming your way in just a few. Thirteen ten hey. Fda Greeley Loveland Longmont. It's seven o'clock the whole sports story northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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