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It's Update Time

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It's Update Time

"Office Depot Officemax is your number one destination for HP INC shop are huge selection of original HP INC and now through October twelfth by one get one thirty percent off all HP INC at Your Neighborhood Office Depot officemax store and at Office Depot Dot Com or your inc online and sense to me must see must end up enjoying it and the oilers beat the islanders five two to James Neal a couple of power play goals scored four times on the night all right AH executed relay any better than that from K. K. Two Willie TD's tag you're not talking about a catcher running around or or some big lumbering raise push this thing to a game five Garrett Cole in Tyler Glass now to draft picks of the Pittsburgh pirates going again that's going to be a complete and utter NFL embarrassment for the giants unfortunately because they're all hurt and the Patriots might have their best team that they've ever had as the ball is going to be handled by three different people and let's not forget with all the new rules catcher and blocking the plate Travis Star where he was and then kept his body is one another in a game five to move on to the Al Cs you got a human sacrifice that will happen tomorrow the giants and the Patriots now pressure put pressure on them. Let's go yeah absolutely and then you know they show you the replay when you could actually hear the announcers and we've been out by twenty feet and this this was looks like the giants are getting back there to their inside linebackers Alco gotree being one about Oh okay so that the line news yes all of this stuff good morning Jerry morning brought to you by the ranking auto group schedule an appointment today to write Katina's service center for First Class Service at affordable prices and we will start arrays take a one nothing lead here the bottom of the first and that is raised radio with the call feminist annihilated flat fastball essentially over the Left Field Wall I mean Call Vegas man call let them know he's back I don't think it's line worthy movement now of course not no no it is not Jerry's ear with was playing very well done but you know what it was perfectly executed by the race and that's what takes the throw a guy like L. to a out I mean they're pushing the envelope they want down oh to now it's too resilient bunch for sure it's incredible it is we've used that word a lot lately and this is just another a place where how to bake couldn't get his hand in there and it wasn't a violation that's another part of this thing that Kinda goes unnoticed here's Kevin Cash Cure Meyer dumbest d'arno one nothing rose homers here to matters in all they tack on a couple more Travis Dr no with an RBI single kinda has had is in it and enjoy Wendell with a double the right Willie adamas the home run in the fourth and inbetween at the game at the trump last night and not a good start for Justin verlander terrific start for Tampa to pitch launch toward left back at Bradley he looks up gotTa make you've ever out of watching that Jerry as baseball coach man it's the greatest thing I've ever seen you know it's funny because when they didn't send d'arno in the first inning what are you doing I believe it's Jose Altuve Day and everything had to be perfect and it was it was a Bang Bang place so that right from the raise managers mouth there's Kevin Cure Meyer want to score they haven't scored so they're trying to be aggressive it's the right call by the third base coach yeah the way yeah and it could because it takes a perfectly executed defensive play I was actually blown away to hear Josh Rennick say this little surprised by you know how you know much intensity was in this atmosphere we haven't really played very well you know with the wall plays the Caramel to third is being way ADAMAS relay here's the throw domino's got it again raise radio with the on seven hits three walks just three and two thirds eighty four pitches only fifty two for strikes didn't seem to have it at all and he came out in that fourth inning for Tampa they use six P I mean you're the big relay play yarbrough top breathes out and throws line tried to the cap right-center on the move care mirror can't get shorter once I got out there pretty quickly realized that control just wasn't where I would like the fastball and slider was just a kind of spending all night really wasn't doing a whole lot what's note for all of us showing how much of that resiliency we have and so they'll go to Houston for a game five now Justin verlander really struggled and he knew early he didn't have his best cheers with Blake Snell getting the final two outs for the save in his first career relief appearance and this will go to what you were talking about gee maybe to boomer about the crowd at the trump he backtracked but he told the truth I believe he told the truth that I realized how bad that sound it was maybe I shouldn't say that yeah national's Walker Bueller with Clayton Kershaw right behind him taking on Stephen Strasburg meantime a lot of managerial openings baseball Joe Girardi who did the game last night and ten out Yankees get the winner of the series which will start on Saturday tonight to game five she got the cardinals and Atlanta Jack Flyer facing Mike Foale Knezevic flaherty says ready to roll his over legit opportunity for Brody van wagon and in the mets what are you gonNa pay him I pay but when you could hear him was a guest with Mike on the fan my guest him if he is interviewed anywhere yet I can't tell you if I have or haven't but I expect there to be some with something like that I wouldn't say player probably bad wording but no just maybe not used to that mini crowded crowded that much atmosphere here's a little different for us coming in but there's no excuse we go back on silver pairs that get certain situations I know what I'm comfortable doing I know what I'm not comfortable doing when he hopes to have his stuff tonight for sure the later game the dodgers you do expect okay so you expect to be in the in the loop here yet hey do he would not say anything yeah what do you want take your business then it's like the Astros from a couple years ago when it Yankee Stadium lose it home yeah absolutely and that's why you have to favor them in a in a game five but I mean you just no you're not because you wouldn't have used the words a lovely true yeah lovely like come up with at least fifty other words happy-go-lucky thank God I talked to you about anything slot the game ahead of pass the time everyone man you would what I would do what will frighten Jeff Pam well you could pay Jerry's familiar ten million dollars you can Joe Girardi three million all that stuff I you know I understand that you're curious about the injuries I really don't have anything to add other than what's out there sounds like what's out there is not stuff that we put out yeah that's right ball giants take on the Patriots Sterling Shepard won't play Saquon Barkley Evan Ingram Wayne Gelman not likely to play but have not been ruled out as Pat Shurmur Chris Carlin before I got the lovely but hey he is lovely as well happy go lucky certainly as the rutgers Maryland game a little bit with him probably not asked about the status of Barclay and Ingram I didn't hear that from me and he would continue to get peppered about AH yourself tough to do not easy Thursday night sure any additional player helps that's yes that is true Sunday the jets take on the cowboys Sam Darnold will be back at quarterback in Dallas Jerry he's an he's he's going to be the manager the angels yeah so I just hope that Joe Girardi is a is a guy who gets us come on Jack for crying does he realize like like who you are what you become not damn Jack Curry writing for the New York on within the lovely and talented I love Chris Carlin but I I don't necessarily know that I would describe him as Jones did his weekly interview with Sean J on the fan tough start to the interview for the cowboy owner disappointed over the game there against uh anyway the crowd really got that sort of thing we were ready for that especially in this dump of a building game five will be tomorrow night with coal and glass now as you guys pointed some coffee poor guy coffee all over his the packers thing in the morning apologize or explain herself or something like what in the hell why because gillies the twitter police were out there screaming at everybody do you think that that was times and your great career that you've Palmer and Gino in the morning now running you got a lot of that in the beginning I haven't heard that in like a year and Amber Gino in the morning named best quarterback yet so I I read a tweet from big head Michael K that the lovely Chris Carlin will be Okay this would that be good let's say you're Britain Ma her when you were the kicker of the cowboys and you heard your owner say this his performance so far okay right what is he supposed to say no yeah I interviewed with the teams don't worry about it you said Joe Mads interviewing with the Angels Alenia Lung and Interesting Word Yeah I would go with a different adjective lovely big huckabee bear wasn't that I was love now town yeah lovely and talented not an animal he's giving us when we step up there we don't know it's going to or not

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