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NFL: Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks

03:20 min | 2 years ago

"k. j." Discussed on NFL: Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks

"Every day on a secondary is amazing man. Would help them out. So much is the guys on a deeply line picking up limbaugh limbaugh Joseph just been amazing. They're just wreck. Wreck in practice pretty much damn the every periods and. The secondary just don't feed off and make plays, and that's what they do to Jag boy bog it up in air and all there. So. Boys. On the. Canaan you five, hundred, twenty, four balls in your career, which is a crazy number five, hundred, twenty those have come from Philip rivers. So things are a little bit different now charges what what what is it been like you're trying to get get on the same page here tyrod hasn't been bad off season we was working. Just fine and fields find the places. We can go just to get catches in route. So the PM strings been building. I. Think we've been on a start so far trying to camp So hopefully, we can just keep going on right on right on to the season you you didn't have major production every single year it's. been on the field and you've done it all kinds of ways from the outside from the inside. It really doesn't matter your slammed people out there now with that say Akina. No, you lost. Travis Benjamin who played a lot in the slot at times? Is there anybody camp right now desi merging? To help you inside the slot we know what you have outside but Inside Is there anybody merged to help you out the home. The first K J. Heels came in and he's been amazing is route running. You could just tell he been with A very elevated college team have brown heartland as receiver coastal. His techniques, his his thought processes already you know there and Darius Jennings. We brought over titans even running the slot as well, but with the tool. So He's been looking pretty good too and he's got to squeeze so. It was a phenomenal route runner there at Ohio state. Canaan I'm just curious though as a rookie, you've got some other rookies there I know you like your lemon cake man are there are these rookies taking care of you and your snacks properly and giving you what you need man a now we haven't even got on him yet due to Colbert. So we go leading ride all the way by for another week and a half. Snacks. So many snags. Well. Who's WHO's the best record in terms of? What you guys are telling them to do who's GonNa be that guy that every week has to bring snacks that's going to do the right job I ever. We gotta stay on. Get on K. J. early, just work on and techniques. You know we need. We need this right here. This right here set it up. Real. Nice for us. A wing gotta go searching and look at doodle piles of stuff just put everything and categorize sex so. Should be good. You when we talk to people around the league and you shoot when I talked to guys are coming into the draft I ask them who they're studying for route running your name comes up all the time you've got reputations, the best route runner, national football league. But who do you look at who? Who Do you like to study when you get time there in the off season you can appreciate absolutely Davante Adams number. One. I like Amari Cooper I watched him last? Out Of Zealand Beasley. Julian? Ataman. Slot. CHACE woman guy..

Darius Jennings limbaugh Joseph Travis Benjamin Philip rivers Akina Amari Cooper Ohio K J. Heels CHACE titans Colbert Julian Davante Adams football K. J.
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The Puddcast

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"She's therapist and a writer and. Her Book Vis to shell last finding grace when suffering lingers came out I just about a month ago. And, so we talked today all about suffering. About the tension. Between Jesus words that you know all these things and more you'll to. As well as in this life, you'll have hardship. We talked about how stories that include how things can also include great hope and love. honestly I don't think there is a more. Relevant conversation for the suffering that the world is experiencing right now in this one that we have right here. In scope, we're talking really about just personal pain and suffering any context. But I know this is so. Applicable to the entire world I saw some stats yesterday. Some someone was saying that just about the entire world. Is. Experiencing. Certain kinds of type a trauma right now and so I commend this conversation to you in the strongest gentlest way that I can. Please listen to this and please share it with your friends there is. Love and brace and hope here in the midst of our deep. I have just been sitting here at my desk crying all morning while I edit this. And I have just felt I. Ne- I needed this so bad today. And so. May it be a source of hope for you? I highly recommend you. Go and order cages book. And that'll be in the show notes of course, but anyway I'll get out of the way, and you can listen to our conversation K. J. Ramsey. When suffering lingers. Okay.

writer K. J. Ramsey
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KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

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"Cases over the weekend including more than four hundred and forty on Saturday it is the largest single day jump since April it's unclear if that's connected to any of these protests and now your weather mostly cloudy over the next five days we will see a lot this week a little bit of rain mixed with sunshine here and there and then windy conditions are in the forecast tomorrow highs mainly in the sixties the next five days or so right now looking at fifty five degrees outside the corner Subaru studios I'm Erin grim stream Cairo radio at home on your smart speakers Cairo radio at my north west dot com Cairo radio your first source said no one understand coronavirus well not studios show Jeez first good morning and happy Monday thank you for listening to the G. Universalists we have a ton to talk about today because of the long weekend lot of unprecedented protests across the nation which were beautiful I must say Seahawks linebacker K. J. Wright joins us at nine thirty to explain why he's just not sticking to sports and of course at ten o'clock which is going to be my favorite part of the show we open up the phone lines to you here's why if you were at the protest this weekend in any protest this weekend why did you show up take this number down eight eight eight nine seven three five four seven six eight eight eight nine seven three Cairo we take your call at ten o'clock right now let's get on with the show the first one I've missed you buddy I've missed you.

K. J. Wright Cairo Subaru Erin grim
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"Got hooked on the radio at what was called eastern Washington state college at the time he worked in Bellingham then at K. J. R. B. in Spokane where most of K. J. R.'s top stars cut their teeth that's where I first met him Charlie arrived at K. J. are in the mid seventies he dominated the morning ratings and you can hear why he just had fun on the air being in Seattle in time for we in late nineteen eighty Charlie to a to a to a lot of people thought was a real gamble with his career he went to work for a fledgling FM station that called itself cube and up until then his style of high energy personality ready was only heard on the A. M. band in Seattle but boy did he make it work a long successful run there with the Charlie anti show and during that time Charlie designed and developed a piece of broadcast technology that went on to become a staple in the industry he called vox pro it's software allowed the broadcaster to record and edit audio such as phone calls and pre recorded bits quickly and easily well Charlie died yesterday after and during a debilitating illness for many years he was surrounded in his Bainbridge island home by his wife Kimberly and their three grown kids Charlie was seventy four what a talent they don't make em like Charlie anymore.

Bellingham K. J. R. B. Spokane K. J. R. Charlie K. J. Seattle Kimberly Bainbridge island
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WRIR.org 97.3FM

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"Do the balcony nine bed and do things myself but you were trying to be considerate yeah I've been on the streets they counsel the place in may rather I use a building needs happy if you take Gary talking outside his house in the straits all those gay managing tardy starting having compliance sows I've decided a lot longer yeah well wait ready to guide you and he's a guy all right about ten residents filed back in order big roller Dorney the side of the ride somewhere roller bags dragging behind them on the phone before when ready I can tell they're nervous excited okay ready to get going I can't help but wonder what if crisis many revolution actually happens what if everybody he gets a permanent harm at the end of they may never come back if we get another bomb and you know the shampoo they give you you can put that into that box and then make it a bubble bath when we get to the hotel we met by a black suited hotel Stafa name GT everyone it was very obvious we have you'll we will actually get you the keys as a little bit of I just a small form which you would like to fill and then after that you ought to go and get yourself settled and most importantly welcome and enjoy K. J. I think guys let's get you thought it Matthew and another.

Gary Matthew K. J.
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The Big 98

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"Five or I'm like gold it's where you where is that where you went oh my god yeah that's a good you know talk about it I mean there's several of those moments but yeah that's the one where you're like oh my jaw dropped and he I yeah we got a big love story coming out about tiger king a second though all right let's play Jaco and homemade here on the Bobby bones show it means G. I turned twenty one things K. J. tell me something good what a cashier did to help older guy who was at the grocery store he was nervous about going to the grocery store and then didn't have enough money we put all the stuff up there all that's coming up next something good next.

Jaco K. J. G. I
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Power 105.1 FM

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"Strung out on compliments it is not a natural in every night because we has enabled I don't I gotta say it is just something K. J. yeah yeah everything as it's the same as the my children they came in today.

K. J.
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Newsradio 970 WFLA

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"Barely program my gosh I don't even think about that one well enough to me I was on it is ended there but we have more events together Mike all right let's go from that to K. J. how about we make that transition man you don't even Connie Connie what was written album I gotta think of nothing more than another group can accomplish you know I do know because you're gonna be Friday at the capitol theater I'm thinking a June and Kanye west what a great pairing that was me can only imagine yeah and then if you're not really into the whole saxophone thing then you can go check out what a violinist is going to be in town Andrea route he's I he's kind of a cult classical heavy weight he he toured with called the John Strauss orchestra and it's it's effect he he had a crossover appeal it's like he really makes the stuff really accessible so they say like you know you really should just like bringing in a radio beautiful job with the staff they're going to be a Emily arena this week so double check him out and the full orchestra they still got stuff going on always Rachmaninoff if you stop in nineteen ninety six film shine this award Geoffrey rush was an Oscar one Oscar for playing the pianist David after that I can relate it but anyway finally Morgan center were you born in nineteen ninety six okay yes that was that was three irony the Mount Everest of piano concertos for piano pianist okay that we're gonna be playing while his level of preparations incredible they say they have a pianist coming here who is just gonna gonna rock this year it also part of the orchestra's two X. exploration of of this kind of stuff is doctors doing some Beethoven was also big for the crowds they're gonna be Friday the Straz said Mahaffy and Sunday there was alcohol and seriously if this is for Mrs musicianship hard to say at its finest honestly though I would feel bad because I would go there I don't know if I can fully appreciate the Mount Everest of piano if I don't know what else I hill pianist when really I'm sure most people don't in the last you play piano they're like oh my gosh that's so you should go to our earlier where Michael Francis will talk to you about we about were you see and you will create a better I'd recommend every time you go to the shows go the hour early and get that talk because he just is he like a teacher at heart because he really does teach you what your credit rating C. M. and when you hear it oh my god it makes so much better we're doing our weekend events feature here on PM Tampa Bay let's talk about some festivals Tampa Bay beer week is back I know that this writer Allie is immense in two thousand twelve a day celebration of the local craft beer scene here we've got I mean I really can't even list all their search the dozens and dozens of events associated with this festival them bottom releases in caps takeovers and pairings someone's highlighter the festival brewers guild craft beer festival of Perry Harvey park in Tampa the okay hello who are my Fisher is a right day which is a cigar see the big thing is now moved to family arena how big is Risi seriously and they have a little hang over day in seventh son brewing to Indonesian camp what is really funny I can only imagine the difference in Tampa Bay beer week back in two thousand twelve compared to now it's grown so much the craft brewery scene Kevin berry dot com to see the whole list I hate it but it runs through March fifteenth but it's kicking off this weekend and then Tampa Bay boat show is in town that's always a big deal especially in the summer right around the corner coming this is a good place for Morgan a finer god not going proven contact within a paddle boards and vendors so it's fulfill your ten day time but not my size the business side of people actually make money I actually cost the money background so but it's it's free instead tend to six Friday through Sunday the last thing I wanna make sure we get you obviously this week in dress up and we're going back to my hometown Florence there I knew you'd love this okay the Weeki Wachee swamp fest let me just say that hurt at all that has nothing to do with the swamp running that's just people who live in Weeki Wachee gathering that's that's wondering from seven eleven now you go home there's gonna be a Ryan people are gonna have lit twenty seventy year for the fly festival Mr so just so you know have some respect each it's a three day festival arts and crafts and swan food as hundreds of vendors but the big the highlight is the swamp monster contest people try to dress is the best did you know the creature of the black lagoon filled up there wasn't really I didn't know that until now some new everyday so that's kind of the inspiration people talk to their best swamp monster contest new this year is a kidney from us our contest so the I don't want to say to the kid you want to Sunday you definitely of second life I book a mission you gotta check it out Friday through Sunday and Linda at Patterson park and Jacobs creek and her in the beach and slugfest support my home there you go there with you online let me ask you what is swamped food swamps Aaron said there will be follow yeah from there it is and that's food made by people who live in with you okay that is to know that hearts of palm at the concert sponsored that could ever the sock cabbage festival when I was I remember Myers and down every lead to that it has swamp cabbage festival I lived in the suburbs nothing in this one Tampa Bay times.

Mike K. J. Connie Connie
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600 WREC

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"Hi Tom works to the right corner now we crosses it left side K. J. Lawson inspiring another three and a debt he misses a rebound the ball J. J. Lawson for seven from three in the front court the three forty five left in the overtime tied at sixty Lomax nuclear design on the left side goes center circle right any set of pick what's going to be here who's got four thirty eight on the clock will match your can use of all the precious precious bands who is right now and I got called by Joan OB is forced to more free throws coming for precious what time is not a story what have you they really have two points and it seems like it is seven minutes Mr ma'am as miss world news one of six second one sixty one sixty precious wanted to use the name of the front door handle off Hightstown high tower between the circles and off to write write write back to Thompson nineteen on the clock Thompson working less side on the owners looks to go anyway bai precious times internal clock drives into the paint they didn't call back to John Hill fiery three read on inside Hightower football while office we got if you go in sixty to sixty one Lawson will go to the line he now has six points in the game very subpar game for him no doubt nine rebounds those six points now first free throw in the game to give the greenwave a two point sixty three sixty one two lane is low Mansingh Sir I need to continue to drive demand in the year left corner it's the boogie rather ball he's gonna fire at two at the free throw line nobody got fall well that's a break there no question and we'll see who they call this one on these good free throw shooter that get the library right now is the best free throw shooter on the team sixty three sixty one always Walker just two seconds two free throws who try to tie the game at sixty three first one bottom so Tyler he makes this soon have double digits added sixty three sixty two and one more for the sophomore from Cordova I walked out I was not a great shot again fourteen thousand thank goodness sixty three sixty three here comes to two thirty nine to go in the overtime both teams one time out Lawson yes to the right center field the times moments has him side until noon all told us he's driving now he's going to put it up it's blocked by the shoes and goes out of bounds with twelve seconds left on the floor and little blocks now choose got four blocks in the game at this was seven after that one also just not quick enough to grab out here twelve on the clock got it to Thompson he's gonna work on Walmart picking up his leg still comes here comes another who forces blocked inside loose on the floor maxi dives and saves it to Harris Harris the right side were tied at sixty three seventy five and a three run I don't know taken by two lanes two minutes to go in the overtime tied at sixty three Walker will bring it up there was a chance Harris is complaining you gotta follow hi tellers gotten ahead of top of the key drives on community more down the middle for the tiger paw leaves it for Harris he drives puts about Mr bush's lost the ball he's he's out of there John is looked at by Jamie walking he was getting ready to call it to it's showing is out so both teams now I've lost one hears precious at the line and the Tigers in forty two to go into overtime motion in this game will so precious just made his last free throw after missing five in a row he now is twenty two twenty two first one yes Sir regained the lead sixty four sixty three precious you for three in the overtime or what should say two or three times second one yeah sixty five sixty three Memphis by two thirty nine to go in the overtime here it is time to bring in the in order to buy low Max brings it right side hand off the high tower hi Taylor kicked up and switch my precious now works website thanks in and off the Thompson drives down loses the ball with a minute twenty three to go I had a two point lead in overtime sixty five sixty three Harris planet up gives the ball away this will cross the timeline penny says use time fifteen ago in twenty two on the shot clock you bring it on service center circle right back to warm up time one fifteen on the clock in a minute sixty over in this game skip to pick from can you notice you know the pain he goes home thanks puts it up times out there by local banks so Max makes it sixty seven sixty three years times four two I'm in the front door handoff Lawson Lawson Spencer thank he's going to be filed from behind by lawsuit L. turnovers dipping to later the overtime how about a little with that big bucket there the Memphis connection first it was Harris and it was a low here's can you notice the tiger's latest by two he's getting two free throws he had to in the first half that's the only points he's got sixty seven sixty three first one the way women twirls over sixty eight sixty five point tiger lily it's not going to be a two possession game of forty nine point five to go he makes it the second one just gets over the phone it's good at sixty nine sixty three point eight seconds ago there's water in the front porch and Ron hunter will use his final time all forty seven point two to go it is overtime and we'll give you a sixty second network bonus I wanna make sure they're sitting down this is an of thirty hi I better not I think it's a thirty so we'll keep it right here with forty seven points to the now they're sitting will take the break back in a minute for the final forty seven of overtime Memphis up six two lane this is tiger basketball Linfield MG college here's a real treat from a real chick.

Tom K. J. Lawson
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MYfm 104.3

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"Terms and conditions also apply see dealer for complete warranty details are you a K. J. atha fan his new movie I still believe it is giving you and a friend the chance to win a trip to me K. japa attend the screening of the film in more into the wind by posting a video of your cover of the song I still believe on social media it just use the hashtag I still believe cover and hash tag contest entry details of roles visit I heart radio dot com slash I still believe and make sure to check out I still believe in theaters on March thirteenth right BFT we have to have that mommy honey it seems to me is learning not a word she really just heard me talking about cricket wireless near BFT big friendly deal a free LG escape plus when you switch so he's not learning how to learn well he did your brother cover football record you know what no I do not know what whale team it does well you can't the time required to report anyone if I don't have a plan in place but first let's start next with investors others responsible for the deaths okay family announcement our smart home is online cool to had smart lights smart fridge smart thermostat the smart speaker plays music or answers questions like this check it out question what animals besides humans have chickens can't find home internet super impressive dad okay hold on question can you find the home internet can't find home internet Florida house your home is only as smart as your internet eighteen T. internet is fast and reliable even during peak times it consistently fast speeds for forty dollars a month see if you qualify at eighty T. dot com slash interred.

cricket wireless K. J. atha BFT LG football
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"K. J. K. far fireside chat in the wake of that what would happen if you suddenly left the house in didn't return how would your family cope are your affairs in order and you hear that quite a bit but when kind of breaks down to more of a common sense mentality in talks to you sort of like a look this is what you kind of need to do nobody wants to do it I know when my wife and I got ready go to Ireland we didn't want what we had to do the will and it's not a comfortable place to be because we never had to think about that before at least we never did most people don't want to think about that so dust they avoid it but it has to be done because you just don't know what will happen to you when you leave the house at any given time so we'll do that with lane Porter never gets more music news to talk about as well some entertainment news a lot of stuff to get to on this Superbowl weekend I'm speaking of that before we get our store here did you know the US consumer product safety commission is reminding people that need believe not FOR TV safety for tomorrow TV safety the helmet elbow pads pads you know this in a regular or this is crazy you know the sad part is every warning is there for a reason that somebody did something that's exactly right C. as PC commissioner data by jako says this is important because many Americans by huge new TV's ahead of the Superbowl every year if you're gonna put your big screen on a piece of furniture in the living room for example you want to have the furniture low to the ground sturdy and you may want to consider anchoring that television to the wall for extra peace of mind yes he says are simple kids you can buy that's especially helpful in earthquake prone areas not necessarily here but like Seattle you get a for about five dollars any hardware store because I know that because my my nephew would bring over his kid a couple times we have a big screen TV that sits on top of like a night stand type thing that's built for TV's and there's a couple times he's put his hands on it called an entertainment center thank you Joe certainly right it's all right right yeah exactly so it she's totally on to something there and so just something to think about as you get ready for your Superbowl party maybe you haven't some folks over to some things need to be secured if they're bringing young children over okay they're going up today here newsradio eight forty WHAS now feel bad about the night stand the stuff you put in your hair yeah I call it here condiments old a lot of places we could go with that go Willis at one local eatery is garnering national attention and I've been there a couple times myself it is fantastic and what am I talking about well let me go ahead and tell you that it's right here levels down on second street you can find it enter a DS paid a visit earlier this week on the wanted to she.

K. J. K.
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"k. j." Discussed on V103

"Never mind that we can't share the love in so while we've been at you want to supplement all she needs is access he even it was is being the queen without even trying generates K. J. Christmas is almost here here's boys to men let it snow this station this Jamie this is one twelve Q. my sim and run Saudi today's our in the in the old school but if you if you if you just she that's lucky for you that's what I'm this this is I was just she that's what this lucky for you that's what I'm this thank you I don't Bruno Mars that's what I like it's.

K. J. Christmas Jamie
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"k. j." Discussed on V103

"Hayes K. J. hers up next would focus right now Bob here's Johnny gill. some. no. after. okay. so. once you. so what. can. as her would focus and coming up next II you was on duty but yeah if you were not focused on the twenty nineteen I heart radio music festival and you didn't watch it I have another opportunity.

Bob Hayes K. J. Johnny gill.
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"Is there I just you thank Hey what up is a day of negs LMA with trip well power is back and I'm excited but there's one thing about the show I'm not excited about a lot of other people are either we'll talk right after this here's Dru hill with one thank god every the so let him go soon the number of to do when making this just this is check that when Adam that's LMA would trip pay it's K. J. coming up Stevie Wonder would do I do well a lot of people upset about the new theme song for power I know I don't feel it is like a watered down and I'm hearing a lot of other people are feeling it too I don't know you think fifty cent will put the old one back on we'll see you know what the car park in south but I still have to drive across town to take a test drive when can I get approved for a mortgage at lightning speed but buying a new car takes an entire day how can I home test kit reveal my entire ancestry for the past millennium but I can't see the price of a new car until I purchase it at Hyundai we wondered those things too so we're making it all possible with our all new program called shopper assurance with flexible test drives.

Dru hill Adam K. J. Stevie Wonder Hyundai
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House of Kim with Kim Zolciak

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"Anyways, you guys anger is a real emotion, something that you definitely need to folk focus on dealing with run it out screaming out. You know, don't eat it out some people attend. They tend to say that if they're really angry. They tend to eat more one that doesn't eat thank God. So when I'm when. Angering. No. I like to eat. We all know that cagey. Thank you very much. But when I'm stressed or angry or upset about something, I'm definitely not one. That turns the food I definitely even forget to eat. So anyways, dealing with anger and letting it go is super important. And sometimes, it's getting rid of things people places, or things that are not to your highest and best. And that's okay too. So take inventory of the things that are triggering you ask yourself if it's worth it to, if it's your job, for example, that every day when you go there, you're just pissed off. Right. Well, do you really like your job is just what you want to be doing? Are you fearful that if you left this job that you may not end up in your dream job or that you couldn't financially provi-? It's all stems, it's like a domino effect. I feel like really take him in Tori of the triggers. And what makes you angry? And oftentimes if it is somebody else other than like your spouse, if it's an employer or something along those lines, you couldn't really get inside your own head. Pump your own self up and not even let this person affect you. I'm a pro at that shit. I you know, at the real housewives of Atlanta reunion. They were just coming. With all these false accusations. They had all planned to gang up on me prior to the reunion by which I didn't know about. And so I just sat there and was like, yeah. Cool. Yeah. Sure. Right. Yeah. Like I was like, whatever, and then I was so upset afterwards 'cause it was just draining to sit there and deal with it. But I think also, if you take, and listen to people closely, they tell themselves, you know, and the anger is more from within them than it is actually with the person. They're trying to put all these accusations on so anyway, just take inventory. Your life angers real emotion. It can make you sick. It can do a whole bunch of things. So definitely take inventory of that. Golden nugget, you, okay. You guys so I posted on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago I love my wine. But how can I stay alkaline? So I'm big on water and I, I drink a lot of water, which, I guess, penta water, they're saying the ph is really low I was reading this article which we need to test it. I think Dr me night tested it. But it wasn't it was okay, they say in the middle you so if you're comparing ph is, you know, I think the higher ph ones are the ones that -centia ph which is important for people like me that, like their wine, because wine is acidic. So anyways, I posted this and I genuinely mean this because I love a glass of wine every day. So sin just started biting something in the air. He's like trying to like he's literally did you see him? K J O. He's literally, there's nothing in the air, and he's like biting up into the air. Trying to catch something grabbing his knows what are weird anyways, so accompany beach side snacks commented under one of my post and said, hey, we actually make alkaline shots. We'd love to send them to you. So they did. I have not tried them. But I wanted to share with you guys what they are..

K J O. Atlanta
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House of Kim with Kim Zolciak

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"Right, K Jayco. Would you rather be the best player on Lizzie the west player on a winning team? Wait, one more time k j we couldn't hear you. Would you rather be the best player on a losing team? Or the worst player on winning team revolt said the best player on the losing team. So and we still feel that way. No, you didn't. No, you didn't k- Jay. What do you say cash? Best player on a bad team or worse player on a good team. I want to be the best player always. Well, I am worst play on a good to man, I'm different than that. I wanna best player. Yep. K Jay go next next. Would you rather stay of very late or wake up very early and cage as answer said was both both because he loves that. And I would rather get up early go next question. Would you rather be a mermaid or a Unicor a mermaid in the ocean all day every day? Cash house attic mermaid because we're making a better better. Okay. Because. Which run around with a big horn Amar right cash jump up and get a shower real quick. One more thing kind Cayenne cancan go watch TV while we walk in good. I like the unicorn and. A mermaid with rainbows everywhere. Thanks kayak came for joining me. We'll have Caja here to do out the rest of this muffins with mom addition. And then we'll be having dinner cooked by daddy. So I'll see you soon cash or or you can say for a few minutes to get on the mic without aid. It's fine. Go ahead. Okay. Would you rather? Would you rather play a game with someone more talented were less talented, less talented? Okay. Jane, we agree. We agree. You won't you. Don't want the challenge. No. I wanna play. I wanna play somebody more talented. So that I can if I beat him when I beat him. I know that I beat somebody. But you wouldn't know he's more talented or not. So just go off of what you know. Let's are more we say less. Thank you next question. Would you rather live in a house boat or a car of caravan caravan houseboat on the water those boat? No caravan. Well, I take that back. You're limited to the water. You wish we'd love K J. You love the beach. Don't play when that's all. You see caravan AJ, you beg to go to the beach. You wrote about how much you love going to the beach with me, are you guys? Oh my God. This is not the beach. You can take your caravan to the beach. You can't like everywhere else your daddy. Thanks, very complex about these. I just take it at face value. Okay. Go ahead, son next. Would you rather be completely hearing or completely hairless hair list, baby? Yeah. I can wear a wig K J. Did you say the solution a wig? Yeah. No. That's right. Gay. Jay. Carey. Nasty upset think something's wrong like seaweed and stuff necks. Would you rather swim with the sharks and play in the jungle line sharks sharks? No way. Yes. Way completely out of your element with sharks? You have nothing. We're not meant to be in the water, humans are meant to be on land. So if you're going to be you got to.

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"k.  j." Discussed on House of Kim with Kim Zolciak

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"Lot of a lot of banging around on the stove oven the pots and pans like. But anyway, we knew we need all new pots pans by. Oh, you don't those pan? Pots and pans. Our lifetime guaranteed. You don't mean you have two sets of them. All clad pans. No. You never need to get rid of those. Oh, well, they don't look perfect anymore. They're not pretty they're actually used. Yeah. See I prefer them to not be used. My own out. They're going to end up looking as soon as you put heat to the pan changes color. Right. I mean, you can scrub it every single night, you're gonna spend three hours scrubbing the pans every night, and we can do that. Okay. Well, we're going to do that. Corporal tunnel. So what are you most thankful for was thankful for this family? You know, I really I just feel like if my chips are down y'all will help me pick them up and put them in a bag. You know, like, I don't worry not one bit. Like, you know, if I need something. I I know I got it. I don't mean money or or whatever. But I mean like if you need to call your doctor calls on roof, I'm gonna fix up time faucet broken. There was water spewing up to the ceiling. And I didn't know I don't know how to even turn water off like just that kind of stuff. So I feel like a lot of people don't have like oh, someone to call. And even though you'll pay me. I still feel like I can call you for free. The one hundred percent always if they move. Will you move with them? Yes. I will move. Actually, we've already talked about this who's the funniest in the house brielle's so funny, by the way, you guys she has a crush on Brielle. But anyway, so I know that this one is not going to be for brio. But who's the smartest? Well, croix. As the smartest. You know? He's the smartest pretty smart. He's the smartest who's your favorite? In depends on what kind of smart if we're on an island or the Zambia's calm. I am the first person. I'm right behind you. Whatever you need. I will pick up logs or burn people. I don't care. You're the boss. I'm not fight. She'll be far behind because I'll be right behind him. But okay, I'm just kidding. Okay. Who's this who's your favorite, and why cage as my favorite cage as probably the first person? I bonded with in the house. I'm cooking together since he was like two. I'm not really sure how that even happened because he doesn't bond with very many people, actually. So that's kind of fun. It was a little bit of a mess. When I first got here, you know with the nanny for every kid, and they were the nannies were in charge of cooking. Their lunch have no canal. We had one nanny for the twins and one for the boys. And I think we had a we now and then we had a weekend. Yeah. We've only ever had my not supposed to tell people that know, you say you had Zelma for cash you had. Lana for K J, and then you had because on K J. But that was only that was only for short periods. Let me for a short period of time. Yeah twins. Yeah. Right. Yeah. I just I like that was the they were nobody old. Yeah. Yeah. But well, well, we just kept lawn for cages, well, he will switch off. Then she quit. Remember playmates favor. Yeah. He pays. We just wanted them to have one on one care, but KGAN and Lana Lana really had a lot of foam K J O vice versa. But anyways Cajun you definitely would make when she had to make lunch because the switch on and off for launch for the kids and she would put onion rings, chicken nuggets. French fries mozzarella sticks all on the just throw it in the oven. That was launched. Yes. She s I couldn't I could see it more than I think K, Jay..

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