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WSJ: Russians Warn Western Companies of Arrests, Asset Seizures

Mark Levin

01:38 min | 2 months ago

WSJ: Russians Warn Western Companies of Arrests, Asset Seizures

"Russian prosecutors over at right scoops threatened to arrest company leaders seize assets of western companies boycotting Russia over the war Wall Street Journal Russian prosecutors have issued warnings to western companies in Russia Threatening to arrest corporate leaders there who criticized the government or to seize assets of companies that would draw from the country according to people familiar with the matter See this is an economy that's going to implode Prosecutors delivered the warnings in the past week to companies including Coca-Cola See that Coca-Cola the Republican legislature in Georgia looks pretty good about now doesn't it McDonald's Procter & Gamble IBM KFC so forth the call letters and visits included threats to sue the companies and seize assets including trademarks that people said Gee I want to do business in Russia Don't you The warnings have prompted at least one of the targeted companies to limit communications between its Russian business and the rest of the company You got to love these corporatists How they cower Now these are the same companies that are doing enormous amount of business with communist China This is why communist China has to figure out what it wants to do And I think they're going to help Russian no matter what You want to know why Because most of our corporatists are unpatriotic

War Wall Street Journal Russia Coca Republican Legislature Cola Procter & Gamble KFC Mcdonald Georgia IBM China
Too Many Locations (MM #3859)

The Mason Minute

01:00 min | 7 months ago

Too Many Locations (MM #3859)

"The mason minute. With Kevin mason. You see people talking all the time about the employee employment shortage these days and what's going wrong and where you sit on the political fence kind of determines your view on everything. I was driving down the road the other day and realized something. We sometimes have too many locations of fast food places, and that may also be part of the reason why we have such an employer employee shortage. I was driving down a road here in Nashville, which kind of spans about three or four cities. From Nashville into some of the suburbs. And as I was driving down Lebanon pipe the other day, I realized I just passed three KFCs within the span of about 5 miles. Straight line all on the same side of the street, three Kentucky fried chickens. Do we really need that many KFCs that close together in the same neighborhood now I realize there are three technically different suburbs, but at the same time do we need that many? How many more burger kings or McDonald's do we need? Yes, I realize we like having the convenience of something nearby around the corner, but could that be part of our problem too? We're overbuilding just a thought process. I could be wrong, but it's got me wondering.

Kevin Mason Nashville Mason Lebanon Kentucky Mcdonald
Too Many Locations (MM #3859)

The Mason Minute

01:00 min | 7 months ago

Too Many Locations (MM #3859)

"The mason minute. With Kevin mason. You see people talking all the time about the employee employment shortage these days and what's going wrong and where you sit on the political fence kind of determines your view on everything. I was driving down the road the other day and realized something. We sometimes have too many locations of fast food places, and that may also be part of the reason why we have such an employer employee shortage. I was driving down a road here in Nashville, which kind of spans about three or four cities. From Nashville into some of the suburbs. And as I was driving down Lebanon pipe the other day, I realized I just passed three KFCs within the span of about 5 miles. Straight line all on the same side of the street, three Kentucky fried chickens. Do we really need that many KFCs that close together in the same neighborhood now I realize there are three technically different suburbs, but at the same time do we need that many? How many more burger kings or McDonald's do we need? Yes, I realize we like having the convenience of something nearby around the corner, but could that be part of our problem too? We're overbuilding just a thought process. I could be wrong, but it's got me wondering.

Mason Minute Kevin Mason Baby Boomers Life Culture Society Musings Nashville Mason Lebanon Kentucky Mcdonald
A Look Back at the 1983 KFC Massacre

Ghost Town

02:49 min | 10 months ago

A Look Back at the 1983 KFC Massacre

"It was one of the most infamous crimes ever committed in east texas. Five people kidnapped from kilgore. Kfc then shot to death now. Thirty five years later. One of the men convicted could soon be set free on september twenty third. Nineteen eighty-three kim. Tyler stopped by kilgore texas. Kfc or and eleven pm to see for mom. Mary was still working to her shock. She found the restaurants door open and blood covering the floor. Kim ran out screaming. This begins one of the most mysterious texas mass slayings and as you can imagine. There are a lot of texas mortars. Today we're gonna talk about the infamous kentucky fried chicken murders so like we said on september twenty third. Nineteen eighty-three mary. Tyler was thirty seven. Opie hughes thirty nine. And joey johnson twenty or on-duty at the kfc and kilgore david maxwell twenty one employees at the restaurant who was off duty and just kind of hanging out and monty landers only nineteen was a friend of theirs and they were both there to visit with joey. The restaurant was about to close. It was likely around eight or nine pm in this two hour between eight or nine. Pm and eleven pm. When kim tyler found the blood inside the restaurant something terrible happened the next day. Five bodies were found by an oilfield worker off county road to thirty two four. Were shot point blank in the head. Their bodies were all pointing north. The fifth was found a ways later one of the women who was assaulted and facing a different direction. Obviously the town was shocked. Close-knit everything you'd think of conservative. Leaning as the police started investigating they started putting some of the pieces together. But since the murders happened between county. Lines ruskin greg counties. It meant it was already a contentious investigation. You'd think about an investigation anyway especially at this time. Nineteen eighty-three probably didn't get all the evidence. Maybe not as thorough as they would have liked and so this complicated things even more soon. The texas rangers also be involved appointed by the department of public safety to keep the case. Organiz sensing the tension between the two different counties. Two cousins from tyler. Romeo pinkerton darnell hartsfield became suspects just weeks after the killings but joe records at the time falsely indicated. The men might have been in jail at the time throwing the cops off their sent though. Hundreds of tips poured in more than a decade. When by before rusk county grand jury began meeting to an indictment in april nineteen ninety-five. The grand jury charged. James earl mankins junior. The son of texas representative with five counts of capital murder. Mankins who had conflicted pass to say the least and his wife deborah who also became a suspect had tied to the scene. There was a fingernail found on the victim's clothing and mankins was missing the same looking fingernail and the to fit while he was charged with the murders he was later released after beginning of pretrial proceedings due to a lack of conclusive

KFC Texas Kilgore Opie Hughes Joey Johnson Kilgore David Maxwell Monty Landers Tyler Kim Tyler Ruskin Greg KIM Organiz Kentucky Mary Joey Romeo Pinkerton Darnell Hartsfield Texas Rangers Department Of Public Safety James Earl Mankins
Detroit Pistons Select Cade Cunningham 1st in 2021 NBA Draft

The Bill Simmons Podcast

00:48 sec | 10 months ago

Detroit Pistons Select Cade Cunningham 1st in 2021 NBA Draft

"We're about to give picks they did something different. This time they had all the guys walk out with their families. I really liked it. All right so It looks like the pistons take cunningham. Kfc we okay with that great. That's the right decision. It's kinda. I wouldn't call it a no brainer but 'cause that's speaks to evan moberly and jalen green how talented they are But it's as close to a no brainer as it gets when you're talking about a guy who's six foot seven six four eight can play. Who can shoot off the dribble who can defend multiple positions. Who's a leader. Who works hard. Like for the pistons. Here with their current roster. You know as troy weaver said everybody's a fit Became cunningham is especially at fit next to their backcourt with killian hayes city bay in the front court and i say a stewart. I love their young core in the pistons finally have hoped

Evan Moberly Jalen Green Pistons Cunningham KFC Troy Weaver Killian Hayes Stewart
"kfc  kfc " Discussed on Mason & Ireland

Mason & Ireland

04:16 min | 10 months ago

"kfc kfc " Discussed on Mason & Ireland

"And they wanna play them. Both now bledsoe's out of the way if they get lonzo out of the way in lonzo's a restricted free agent by the way he's not an open free agent but a lot of people think lonzo as a chance to move. If are you ready to play those two young guards next year. This trust me when the trade start it like yesterday. With adam frazier moving from pittsburgh to san diego. It's gonna lead to more traits. I think there's going to be more baseball and more basketball trades today before we get off the air. I so we will. We will pay attention. We will keep an eye on everything. And the moment anything happens we will We will have it for you. Because a lot of names out floating around you know in the case of the dodgers max scherzer craig kimbrel. Jose barrios in the case of the lakers. My god just about everybody in the league everybody in the league somehow been linked to the lakers at one point or another all right coming up next on. I've actually got. I came up with some. You don't sleep you would you call yourself an insomniac hundred percent definition of one. I've got some new tricks that that have been attempted. I inner showing promise for helping people to sleep. Well i worry about you because you don't sleep sleep like what two hours a night. Three three unless i spain in load up on sleeping pills. Yeah i i'm like valley the dolls over there in manhattan. I took an ambien and get six hours. Oh man ace from ten to four i. i've got some interesting ones. That might work for you. Plus did you see that robot in tokyo. I keep telling you. I keep telling you you and these robots better not let them take over the world. We are one. Step away from terminator. We are not. Were not even close to terminator. Although that day may come the robot in tokyo's fascinating it's all coming up for you may seven ten. Espn deal floating around out there. The mma plus k. p. c. for buddy healed. I like that deal get. Pc who did. I say kay pc transposed the sea in the pk. Cape this is where amen tina's works. I think by the way Jesse but correcting them on that. Is there anyone who didn't know who he was talking about. Because it's not like kfc kfc that's mine. Yeah we'll see there you go. That's bardo because it sounded like kfc a little bit too much all right so John has trouble sleeping. He's not a good sleeper. And i always worry about john in this case because you know sleep is important nicely for good ten to eleven hours. I love sleep. I think it's unbelievably underrated. John sleeps like three hours night last night as he says he got. Our last night may hang on sleeping pills and slept six hours. So there's some. There's some ideas i wanted about. Sorry you may have tried. Some of these tried everything but go ahead. I'll tell you specifically tried what you're talking. So there's a there's a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain and it creates something called melatonin does melatonin as a supplement. Work for you. Melatonin is would be the equivalent of you taking one baby aspirin for a headache. It does nothing. Melatonin is is very small. It's herbal. it's a very small for a guy like me okay. So that's that's not doing it all right so let's try another one. Cbd drops now. I'm not talking about cannabis getting tank. Thc getting stone. I'm talking about cbd drops. i've taken the pills. I wake up. If i took one. Tonight i would. If i went to bed at eleven. i'd wake up at two so three hours. But i mean i would get three hours naturally. Actually smoking real cannabis. Thc no. But i've taken edibles and they don't do the trick and i wake up. I wake up groggy. Only greg after you get thrown I wake up well feeling very good. Okay try this one pillow sprays..

lonzo adam frazier craig kimbrel Jose barrios lakers kfc bledsoe amen tina tokyo dodgers pittsburgh san diego basketball baseball manhattan spain Espn buddy John
KFC, Taco Bell to Start Taking Orders via Text

WBZ Afternoon News

00:20 sec | 1 year ago

KFC, Taco Bell to Start Taking Orders via Text

"Another way to order a Chiluba, pan pizza or big bucket of chicken, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC owner Yum brands. Is buying Israeli startup company Tick Tuck, which enables people to place orders by a text message and social media. My test of that feature was recently carried out in 35 countries outside the U. S. And

Yum Brands Tick Tuck Taco Bell Pizza Hut KFC U.
Childrens Librarian Builds Bra Business

Side Hustle School

04:21 min | 1 year ago

Childrens Librarian Builds Bra Business

"Alison alexander. Saw problem took it upon herself to find a solution in two thousand fifteen. She started doing cross stitch quickly became passionate athlete. She continued to workout. Her body began to change and then came the problem. She was more muscular than she was before and her sports bras didn't fit right. She tried shopping for new ones. But the options available on the market didn't fit. Well either. She was also bothered by the fact that muscular women weren't often showcased at she didn't feel seen allison wanted to change that for both her and women who look like her muscular and strong. That's why she started. Kfi t fitness apparel brand geared toward female strength athletes to launch the business alison turn toward another brand. She had tried to start in two thousand ten back then. She was in the midst of battling postpartum depression and needed something to focus on so she sold some of her daughter's old clothes that she was outgrowing. It took off quickly. She called it. Kids fly to in two thousand. Thirteen allison took her online success and open to boutique and ever she says now was a huge mistake. She quit her job to run the store and soon realize she hated it. Kids fly to faltered after that she went back to work two years later with the bones of a business already in place she built. Kfi notice there of the initials come from the kids clothing line. Kids fly to when pivoting from business that no longer work for her. Allison who also works fulltime as at children's librarian to take the part she did enjoy and explore new ways of doing it for example one store that already offered sports bras was lou limit. It's an incredibly popular brand allison. Says she felt it catered to thinner women. She bought a bra from them and began some online research searching to find a manufacturer she connected with a few of them and had samples eight samples of bras designed to fit women with muscular backs when she became wearing the samples to the gym. Several other women ask about them. Seeing this interest you decide to invest in several colors. One style of bra and watch a jim listed a photographer. Who was hoping to start a portfolio and we'd take product photos for free. Then she created a shabat by sight and chose ship station to manage everything associated with shipping. And by the way. Thank you ship station. They are also our partner of the show but they have nothing to do with editorial so it's just always fun to hear when they're actually helping one of our case studies alison connected with local cross. Fit women who competed at elite levels the local athletes and introduced her to cross women who are nationally recognized. She even had whole teams of women order custom process to wear at large cross bit events that were well photographed and that resulted in organic marketing per calf. Now let's talk about start up. Costs low. start up. Costs alison salts personal items for two hundred dollars. She then use that money to buy sell and trade her way up to two thousand dollars which then invested in her first set of inventory was able to keep costs so low because she kept that first collection of inventory small and shopped around for the best most cost efficient manufacturer currently kfc averages a profit of five thousand to seven thousand dollars a month. Alison markets are products primarily on instagram and an active email list. She's used paid ads only a few times and prefers instead to identify influencers. She now has an ambassador team of more than one hundred women to market products. She says micro influencers those with a good amount of followers but not a very large amount. She says they've been a big key to her. Success and to never underestimate someone's value based on the number of followers as kfc has grown allison added to the types of year. She offers she noticed that the business attracts different types of women. Now some of whom don't do cross fit currently offers tank top shorts leggings and more. She tends to stick to basic styles offering them in different colors and prints which she believes encourages repeat buyers these repeat buyers or where the magic happens because it takes a lot less effort to retain customers to acquire them. Once she has a customer she can email them to show off new products. Subtly prompting them to order again a big deal in a crowded online space. She knows that she has customers who bought during her first product launch. Who still shop with her today. Looking to the future alison plans to wrap up her graduate degree in leadership which aids both kfc and the coaching business. She recently started. That's focused on working with other women who have us women like her. Who saw problem and set out to solve it

Allison Alison Alexander Alison Postpartum Depression KFI Alison Salts KFC JIM Aids
NASA SLS Artemis moon rocket hot-fire test

WBZ Midday News

00:40 sec | 1 year ago

NASA SLS Artemis moon rocket hot-fire test

"Huge moon rocket in Mississippi today. Here's Peter King. It's been just over two months since the first so called Green run came up well short of its planned eight minute engine firing the Stennis Space Flight Center. National hopes today's retest of the space launch system core stage. Goes better. KFC's Cliff Lanham. We're very hopeful and way bring on the challenge because we can we can meet it. The SLS is supposed to fly in on crewed mission by late this year, but it will be hard to make up the time lost from January's failure course stage being tested today will have to get here to Florida. Then be made it to the rest of the booster and tested Peter King's CBS News Orlando Cleanup

Stennis Space Flight Center Peter King Cliff Lanham Mississippi KFC Florida Cbs News Orlando Cleanup
Kotlin Multiplatform with John OReilly

Talking Kotlin

09:04 min | 1 year ago

Kotlin Multiplatform with John OReilly

"Regarding a desktop and service. what did you start in. Like what technologies were using so simpson so as deputy so. I wanna finish college in one thousand. Nine hundred started with sort fulltime masters speech recognition. You're using your wall things back then. That was sort of. You can do that about sums watching the cotton. Dl talk yesterday. Where a couple of lines of code can do that. But this writing everything from scratch in c in terms of audio processing fifties and and i've been never confronted themselves and there was there was a need for something. Kinda graphical and i don development for awhile and answer. Windows three came out. I think you're on june nineteen ninety and i So cool your concern dusen. Windows graphical is from speech patterns. And mike you're next so forth down again more chance occurrences a low company was starting to do windows and said hey you know obviously not too many people doing that stage said hey. Join to join to join us so i saw that again. That's what started the decade of doing windows see transitioning cpas plus windows. St kfc com hiram. It's funny because obviously was been toying with a proposed for desktop right now sort of i don't know what you call it control back. Go throwbacks ecstasy. That's what's what's old is new again. So when when did you. When did you actually start with With developing kotlin than so. I'm trying to was the announcement. Okay oh in about five years ago now. Is it a country member. anyway there was a natural icon. I you know to be honest. I hadn't i know a lot of people being aware columnist stage. And we're very excited about it. I i was a little bit in the dark. It wasn't something new to me. I haven't even wear and to another coin spos- as in most companies. We probably weren't in a position to start using cotton straight away. You know And i have had. And i have an obligation to restore cocoa puffs. It's actually it's an aug project hasn't up hope people's find somewhat useful. That actually does but for me. Personally i use it i e kind of overloaded somewhat in terms of as a pop from try technology so when the under doctors coronas came up first of all Used to try goes out. And then went. Kalkin emerged start reggie microsoft katainen and similarly montecot from down the road and And then you know as is frequently. The case trying that out. There then became a platform. Say okay now in the workplace okay. This looks interesting. Let's start to use his here and then shortly after that. Then maybe down. The road asked announced. Maybe we start to use it working and we start to use a gradually in africa project and we ended up doing a for various reasons. We did a company rewrite of our project and we started from the ground up dan with cartoon or katelyn underdog extra bonus cortines and so forth. So so is this your first multiplatform project or not so does sage. i wasn't using work. Under gorbachev sort of had supposed to give you know a little bit more brought on their. You know like this. Be working on mobile for eleven years now and i guess over time like many of us you know we would have source accession cross platform. I guess there's always sort of cross pot from monty python but cross platforms kind of sounders. Right once so reproaches. The dab senator in reactnative approaches. And you know over the course of various projects in the previous companies in new product. Monday or somebody coming in that. Have read some headline. This allows you to do everything in one place all your code face. We don't need to have all these separate irish and each time you took sort of had to move. That weren't approved was an us. Disapprove that dickey. We're gonna do competitions. And we had to prove that this wasn't suitable for the type about. We were developing this platform. it's christians. We needed an end user experience. We need But i'm saying that is supposed as a segue to you know I guess what come interesting monte platform. Because when i when cosimo mantra was aware of it i think we're not to those nineteen towards the end of that. It's sort of immediately struck me as okay. This is a pragmatic saint approach finally to the sharing of code across multiple platforms mobile. I've been involved by the way sort of number of initiatives over the years for free. Willion superstars shared code into office. Which is at least somewhat more sane approach but. I don't know if you guys have worked with john. I had to work jay. You know unfortunately goldstone feel like. That's one of those topics that if you can you usually avoid it. I guess yeah if you can avoid using it as well as we various we had to use it in their practical use. And it's one thing using stateless knight ridder touch it can function as in which you maybe media engine i. I just wanted to say on the topic of jane. I think this is. This is going to become a bit more interesting again now. Also with With all the topics around compulsive for desktop because of a bunch of lake system integrations. I dunno things like global hot keys or stuff the. jvm just doesn't really expose. so i think some some of the people at the forefront. They're wanting to write libraries. Yeah they might might have to go that route anyway. Yeah you know if if you're using it. I robot michael state library that district district functions wanting using your compete shared logic with the framework with the training involved with life cycle aspects. Dot is a different story completely debugging crush reports of So haven't gone through. That in us was having seen the sort of attempts sort of pulling in pushing us towards cross. Platform frameworks cottam. Okafor's was immediately. You know the caught cartoon. The cartoon obviously was an advantage a positive from my perspective but more generally i think it was a sane approach it was targeting shared logic target. Had kind of a mechanism in place where you could sort of. This is critical. You could incrementally adopted you know you start putting in for some small area. And i think that generally by today's still is that you start doing that in you take some particular business. Logic may be may be remote. Api endpoint access or so forth and then graduated up from there. And you know there's another kind of a discussion point around how you socialize that how you get in particular iowa's developers interested in an accepting of the but it's the topic himself but certainly certainly from that perspective. At least i think it's very important. Start small and and as the key thing about the type forums. It appealed point was that it had that capability that it it was lended itself to that sort of adoption. Yes so so just to kind of to recap your point. You feel that the that the main difference between cartland multi platform and these other cross platform. Toolkits is is what exactly that you can adopt them. Incrementally that you that you stay away from From what part would you say is kind of the most interesting here. This quite a few different aspects. I think cutting across different areas You know on one hand. I think If you've been involved in from at all you're very kevin gallagher and sort of pre advocates in and you know of this for some time and i think he did. He described it as a sort of perspective risk management as well. You know you're trying to you're trying to avoid locking out upsetting kita one key differentiator. A there's a. There's a number of them. I think but won't different areas. If you decide to use react native reuse flutter or use a variety of other coaches that have been there over. The years is a song that amount of of and and you know it's an all or nothing sort of approaching the with with commodity farm and it allows you to manage. You know you. Can you can sort of put in graduate. Start using it. Then the flip side of that is this touches on a couple of areas obviously but folks on sheriff business logic as ios an underdeveloped. I wanna use the best of breed technologies ideas get companies. That can when i on on iowa. Sony's combine that we have to frame of their likewise android. Cauchon coatings influence worth and that. That's the key difference here. You know that focus that you know it. I think touches on another area. I think we've got sort of a certain level of maturity culture monte platform where i think a good sign some regards that we've gone beyond okay. This is proof of concept What's it about renown sort of digging deeper into so architectures and different approaches. You can use. And i think this is is little bit as sort of a simplistic way sometimes mentioned quotas just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do something so i think we've be careful. You know it is. Its main sort of setting point is is as focused on shared logic. I see a lot of discussions pushing further up the stack. You know the view model and potentially you you hear in the context composed nowadays. of course. why can't we to compose. and. I think there's a danger to honest. Econ generally too much of a dangerous on too far up and then it just becomes another spot framework. I think our approach in general

Dusen Kalkin Katainen Cortines Cosimo Mantra Michael State Library Simpson Katelyn Monty Python Dickey Knight Ridder Mike Goldstone DAN Microsoft Okafor Africa Kevin Gallagher JAY Jane
QFC to shut down two Seattle stores; said decision 'accelerated' after city's hazard pay ordinance

The Michael Berry Show

02:11 min | 1 year ago

QFC to shut down two Seattle stores; said decision 'accelerated' after city's hazard pay ordinance

"City council mandates a four dollar an hour hazard pay increase for grocery store workers so one grocery store chain announces in direct response. The closing of two of their stores. They say a four dollar an hour hazard pay hike. For grocery store workers mandated by government would raise their operating costs in the city by twenty two percent. The story comes to us from k. O. m. o. Tv and be really sad to see it. Go dean palermo with palermo. Pizza and pasta says closing the q. F. c. store right across the street from him is going to hurt this. Kfc's been here since we opened up they cue of c. says the capitol hill store on fifteenth avenue and the one in wedgwood are under performing stores. That will have a shutdown in about sixty days. Unfortunately these two stores were already struggling financially and then the city council mandate really just pushed it over the edge where it just was not a feasible option anymore. The new four dollar an hour payback's for grocery workers in the city of seattle impacts as many as ten thousand employees at stores like ufc. Fred meyer safeway albertsons. Critics say the timing of the. Qc announcement seem suspect to announce on february sixteenth. thirteen days. Later that they're gonna close to stores. Seems a little too convenient time wise to me. It seems like a direct retaliation to the local community. Putting that hazard pay in place kroger's the parent company of qc and fred. Meyer and profits are at record highs grocery store workers deserve hazard paid. They've been working in the front line confronting this virus since the very beginning at. Kfc spokeswoman says their employees have worked hard and are being given appreciation pair hazard pay but the company also says that move is hurting their bottom line. we have seen increase business during the pandemic. And we're so creative of all the customers that continue to choose us for their food. But i'll tell you that we have invested that money right back into cover things like fresh. Pp for every associate on every shift this city council mandate it raises are operating twenty two percent in

Dean Palermo Capitol Hill Store KFC Safeway Albertsons Palermo City Council Wedgwood Fred Meyer Seattle Kroger QC Meyer Fred
QFC to close two Seattle stores, blames city's new $4 hazard pay law

News, Traffic and Weather

01:16 min | 1 year ago

QFC to close two Seattle stores, blames city's new $4 hazard pay law

"And bullying. That's what one Labor Union calls QFC decision to close two stores after Seattle required hazard pay for workers during the pandemic. Com O Seu Romero has the story If any, Sanders with KFC says the mandate that certain grocers pay an extra $4 an hour accelerated their decision to close to underperforming stores in Seattle on 15th Avenue on Capitol Hill and 35th Avenue in which would we're doing our best to really provide for our associates and Provide the things they need. So they have been getting appreciation paid and bonuses and rewards of since March. Sara Charon is with the union local 21 representing grocery workers. Kroger's intent seems perfectly clear. They are announcing these closings to try to intimidate any other local communities from passing hazard pay. She testified before the King County Council, which is following Seattle and considering requiring groceries to pay workers extra hazard pay. Sue Romero, come on use gentle council member, Theresa Mosqueda released a statement about the store closures, calling the move disappointing, adding quote Grocery workers have had to cover emergency shifts, pick up extra responsibilities and are five times more likely to contract Cove. It she went on to say these workers should not be pawns in a game of chess.

Seu Romero Seattle QFC Labor Union Sara Charon KFC Sanders Capitol Hill Sue Romero Kroger King County Council Theresa Mosqueda Chess
COVID-19 vaccines to be administered at Disneyland, Orange County's first 'super' distribution site, Los Angeles

The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal

00:31 sec | 1 year ago

COVID-19 vaccines to be administered at Disneyland, Orange County's first 'super' distribution site, Los Angeles

"Is also opening its stores. But it's KFC case. Taylor Martin tells us not for theme park guests, Orange County officials announced the Anaheim team part is set to become a super distribution sight for the kroner virus vaccine, Disneyland will be able to vaccinate thousands of residents per day. Once it opens later this week. It'll become the first super P O D site of five set to come to the region. Disneyland in its counterpart Disneyland California Adventure Park has been closely Guess for nearly a year since the coronavirus pandemic begin in mid March. Taylor Martin

Taylor Martin KFC Orange County Anaheim Disneyland Disneyland California Adventur
Alibaba founder Jack Ma is lying low for the time being, but he's not missing

Snacks Daily

03:20 min | 1 year ago

Alibaba founder Jack Ma is lying low for the time being, but he's not missing

"Stock just jumped five percent yesterday on word. Their ceo is not dead. Wow this year. The huge fundamental difference of doing business in china versus the united states. All right so jacqueline. You're talking here about the other jack jack. Ma former teacher present billionaire current location. Jack of jack ma. The former english teacher jack ma. He is a hard worker seventeen miles a day on a bike uphill to learn english. Both ways he also applied for job at kfc twenty three other people and he was the only one who didn't get the job. So what we're saying is jack. Ma falls off his bike. He gets back on the bike and then he founded alibaba twenty one years ago and that became the amazon of china. Now we mentioned jack mas hard working he actually evangelize is the nine nine six workweek which is nine. Am tonight pm. Six days a week for a total of seventy two hours and sounds absolutely awful opposite of the four day workweek way. Bigger the four day workweek knackers today. You could argue. That alibaba is more innovative. Then america's amazon. Yeah it's basically it's google. It's amazon it's fedex. It's pay pal all that rolled into one with a nice bow on an app alibaba stock however is down thirty percents since october on some really bizarre and kind of scary news all right. So this one's kind of strange. It all started back in october. When ant financial a different company the pay pal of china was prepping for the biggest. Ipo effort alibaba under the leadership of jack ma. They invested early in aunt group because they saw the need for digital payments in the ecommerce future so alibaba owned thirty percent of aunt. So anti peo- was going to be a big payday for alibaba. therefore jack ma. that's because aunt has one billion customers. They offer every financial service imaginable. He has eight. It's pretty much like the pizza hut buffet for fintechs picture. The little kale in between all the cottage is when jack ma made a fatal mistake he criticized. The chinese. Government does knackers in the us. You perfectly are allowed to criticize the government. Actually do it all the time. Even though you're not a huge fan of the damage that's okay not everyone's a fan of the dam and you're allowed to complain about the dmv because you are protected by the first amendment of the constitution freedom of speech though not a write in china. That's why it was a big deal in october. When jack ma at a conference during a speech criticized chinese regulators for stifling tech innovation with outdated regulation get this is the result the ant. Ipo that huge biggest ipo ever. It was blocked by authorities. And they called in jack ma for questioning they wanted to make an example of him speaking out against china so they actually ordered group to return to their payment origins. Because of what. Jack ma set and jack ma hasn't been seen in public since then and for good measure. The chinese government decided to launch an antitrust investigation against alibaba. After jack ma said what he said. Oh it's drop alibaba stock mar- oh and by the way w just told cnbc. Jack ma is alive. He's just laying low right now keeping a low profile. We're glad to hear that he's alive. But it's a little strange for a stock to jump because he's alive fleet

Jack Ma Alibaba Jack Of Jack Ma China Jack Mas Amazon MA Jack Jack Jacqueline United States KFC Fedex Jack Google Chinese Government Cnbc
KFC Mario Lopez Movie: Advertising Genius?

Ad Chatter

03:10 min | 1 year ago

KFC Mario Lopez Movie: Advertising Genius?

"The hell you harland. Sanders the new chef mario lopez as colonel sanders number recipe for seduction premieres december thirteenth. At noon only on lifetime presented by kentucky fried chicken. Very interesting prequel. Yeah well. I think it's a movie. I have not watched it I think it's just a one off movie. Tv movie drama. And it's just. It's the trailer cracks me up. I mean what looking. Mario lopez a young steadily. Colonel sanders is is is is amusing to me and i think you just ran the trailer. The one minute spot On tv you. You'd have half the battle right there. So i don't know if the movie itself as any good you know that's a relative term when it comes to lifetime drama movies but it's an interesting move for kfc fifteen minutes in two seconds you can go to youtube and play Because it's there five days ago us you can watch the episode and see whether it's good entertainment or in this case advertisement and whether you think the story is compelling. Why don't we Talk about soap operas. In the role of brands however will leave the quality of the production to our listeners. It does look to be a high quality production But the return to the soap opera this is classic content marketing. There's that seaward dan. yeah it's it's this is this is old school. It's as tv and radio itself correct So but it's done for twenty twenty two doesn't seem old school doesn't seem out of date now and you know it. It is really dependent on as we said the quality of the script. The programming itself. Is it going to be interesting enough for people to want to watch in and of itself regardless of the fact that kfc sponsored it or does a likeness of colonel sanders in it. If it's you know this is this is a little bit of a howard. Gossage thing if it's interesting people will rot will watch it so you know and it's an opportunity for brands to kind of put their stamp on longer form of programming. And you know get their name out there a little bit more if they wanna have a tie in Whether it's loose or a lot tighter. I also love. They took this up to lifetime This is this is not just a youtube series. That there's anything wrong with that. There's plenty right with it But this is a full-on investment in content. Right lifetime is known for dramatic movies. Just like the. The hallmark channel is right now with christmas movies. So this is. It's a natural fit and it's a very smart move. I don't know that it moves the needle for kfc but it really doesn't have to if it's entertaining if it's evocative of the brand. It'll help

Colonel Sanders Mario Lopez Harland KFC Sanders Kentucky Youtube Gossage DAN Howard Hallmark Channel
Burger King Urges People to Buy Takeout -- at Other Restaurants

Business Wars Daily

03:23 min | 1 year ago

Burger King Urges People to Buy Takeout -- at Other Restaurants

"What a year. This has been so this last friday before the holidays. Here's a little sweetness. From an unexpected source burger king the multibillion dollar fast food chain is urging hungry people to buy takeout meals right now. Hardly a shocker. But here's what is in. The uk and france burger king is urging diners to eat somewhere. Else there's more to life than a whopper burger king. Uk said early this week in an instagram post. Is there really well anyway. The previous day. The government announced that london other parts of southern england would move into tier three restrictions because of rising cova rates under tier. Three restaurants pubs must close with the exception of offering takeout and delivery meals as in the us. Corona virus restrictions put thousands of small businesses and their employees at risk in response to the crisis. Burger king's instagram post extolled the virtues of variety of independent eateries. It said quote. There are many great dishes from thousands of restaurants that deserve to be as famous as the hopper for consumers. The call to action was clear. Hold off on the burgers. Independent restaurants need all our support the chain stated but the gesture went even further burger. King is pausing its own drool. Worthy burger picks and until those smaller restaurants can reopen. The chain is offering its valuable instagram. Real estate to independent restaurants for free burger king invited them to share photos of their own signature dishes on the b k account along with the hashtag walker and friends. Perhaps it's the dearth of good news. Or maybe it's because advertising someone else's product is well hardly ever done but the post went. Viral reaction was swift and almost entirely positive newspaper called money control called the campaign a noble initiative. All of a sudden. I have renewed faith in humanity. One man named bob. Hayes tweeted on twitter. Another observer commented that burger king quote has won many hearts across the globe others call the initiative bold classy an even astounding. Naturally someone couldn't resist. They called it a whopper of a campaign from a strategic perspective. The campaign is indeed a hopper that helps burger king further. It's already solid identity as a marketing mastermind. This is what an industry leader looks like. Acts like an advertises like commented copywriter. Dave delicado on linked in indeed one observer wondered what would happen if other fortune five hundred companies followed a similar playbook also on linked in ian k a manager at an israeli air traffic business. Mused imagine this happening the travel industry with a giant. like american. saying we can't get you home to israel right now but united can here's their link and safe. Travels burger king's instagram initiative follows. It's equally shocking when a month earlier with hospitality industry under siege burger king. Uk suggested followers. Patronize its actual competitors. Mcdonald's taco bell. Kfc among them. Now we have only one question for the fast food chain and it's not about pickles or fries. It's when are you going to do this in the us be k. But despite that niggling negative we have to end. Positively burger king's generosity hits. Just the right note for a world been through far too much in twenty twenty. Hopefully it shining a little good karma on the holidays just when we need it

England Burger King Corona France Dave Delicado Ian K London Government Hayes King United States BOB Twitter Israel Taco Bell KFC Mcdonald United
Mario Lopez Stars as KFC’s Colonel Sanders in Lifetime ‘Mini Movie’

Keep It!

00:51 sec | 1 year ago

Mario Lopez Stars as KFC’s Colonel Sanders in Lifetime ‘Mini Movie’

"Lifetime is making a mini movie. That's going to air later this this week. I believe called a recipe for seduction. Wait for it where they have cast mario lopez to play colonel sanders in a kfc inspired film. I found out about it. Because mario lopez tweeted. Colonel sanders is adding to the menu. Get your appetite ready. And like i don't know i know letting you disagree. Okay oh yeah. oh no. No i mean. Latino people ask representation but like. I don't think this is what they meant. I don't think that you know first of all. We're ruining a historically white and racists role which is colonel sanders like and also a small mini. Keep it to the spelling of the word colonel which is spelled like colonial which makes more sense in a way. But that's something that we have to deal with.

Mario Lopez Colonel Sanders
As Texas schools reopen, little is normal for students

Todd and Don

01:20 min | 1 year ago

As Texas schools reopen, little is normal for students

"Across central Texas. They returned to campus starting today to take their end of the year course assessments. You know, the state of Texas assessment of academic readiness that's called Star Test. The Texas Education Agency is requiring students return to campus for this test, and for many, this will be the first time they've been on campus since virtual learning took over earlier this year. Because of this pandemic. Now on each campus, one of the area's largest district's Austen inhabited school district will have AH, covert 19 guidelines in place. You no longer have to say that we know that that's just the mainstay. Very similar story up in Georgetown. I SD Yeah, the Georgetown I SD representives, according to KFC, and said that the plan is to spread Off the students at each campus to ensure safety. They have nearly 900 tested minute to to administer the GSD. Officials say One students may have to test in various courses for English example in algebra, and that would what would account for to test the GSD parents said that was initially concerned about the on campus requirement for his 10th grader who was, you know has to take that star test today because his wife is battling lung cancer. However, he remains hopeful that everything will be safe. Here's a quote tells cakes again. I'm confident school is taking precautions. My daughter will wear her mask a face shield in hand sanitizer. I'm not worried.

Texas Texas Education Agency Georgetown GSD KFC Lung Cancer
Will Joe Biden be the Food Tech President?

Smart Kitchen Show

05:46 min | 1 year ago

Will Joe Biden be the Food Tech President?

"We're here for another editorial podcast. We're gonna go around the horn. We have with this gin marston jen. Hello chris albrecht are you. I'm good how you doing mike. I'm doing well. I feel like today's this week is a little more relaxing than last week. Which i know about you guys kept hitting refresh. My browser to get news. Don't have to do that this week. just a little bit of a relief on that regard but the the food tech news is actually pretty hyper active this week and i feel like there's been like three or four stories around mcdonald's in the new plant beefburger alone chris the mkx plant. Can you tell what's going on with that dude. I have no idea. It's kinda crazy. So they announced yesterday they had some investor virtual investor day. today were recording on tuesdays. This was monday suddenly like. Oh we've got this thing called plant. So this is a notable for a few reasons. One of which being mcdonald's has sort of sat out here in the us anyway on the plant based burger craze so whereas burger king introduced impossible whopper last year and white castle has it's impossible sliders and even burger king had an upper. Kfc had dipped its toes in with some pilots on plant based chicken. You hadn't heard anything from mcdonald's than they had run some tests with something. They called the plt eighties. Kid makes me think of pyti but the plt up in canada which they did in conjunction with beyond. Now here's where it gets interesting. Because in the announcement yesterday they said. Hey we're making this plant Which on its own makes you want to say macpoilin for those people who watch the it's always sunny in philadelphia the The so this mc plant burger is coming next year But they didn't say who what they said. Actually they said developed Culinary team made by mcdonald's for mcdonalds so hearing that was like okay. they're making their own. They tried beyond didn't do what they wanted to do. So they're making their own and then a lot of people reported this right so beyond stock took a tank took a dive yesterday. Because they're like. Oh you're not be doing it for mcdonald's and then mcdonald's came around and said oh actually you know actually rephrase this so mcdonald's center around a clarification and let me just because this gets crazy so their pr person sent me calms team. Sent me an email saying in the same way. Mcdonalds has not run its own farms. We are not manufacturing plant based meat for the client platform notice. It's a plant for platform about a food We will rely on our suppliers the third leg and mcdonald's three legged stool blah blah blah blah blah. Right then it says mc beyond meat was our testing partner for the plt plant based burger in canada and we have not announced which suppliers we will work with on mcclymont so clear as mud like cagey cage. Yeah well and then beyond came out yesterday and said hey actually. We co created the plant and You know they were but that was on their own call. Mcdonald's didn't say anything about it right so The but beyond said beyond meat and mcdonald's co created the plant based patty which will be available as part of mc plant platform. But they don't say going forward. That beyond meat is the supplier right. So this may sound muddled because it we're still trying to figure sort through the news it does sound like there may be implying it but there's no definitive i did I think you may be posted in the slack. The picture of the beyond beyond meat stock in lewis. One of those pictures were it. Went off a cliff around eight. A m and win. There's a curfew Around at all of a sudden jumped back up like it was a huge like And so i. I don't understand the kgb's mcdonald's wants everyone to think that they do everything themselves. But like we know they don't grow their own potatoes or simply naito they. We know that they work with the we know they don't own a cattle. The work with farmers wasatch secretiveness. I i don't have. They ever co branded a burger before I don't think so no so. I mean that you could say that for anybody like i don't have white castles. That are burger. King has ever done that but you know they look at impossible. Burger right with the impossible Beyond the big. Doesn't i mean burkey has impossible right rapper. And and i guess from mcdonald's perspective maybe thinking well there's not a lot of differentiation if like all of a sudden a bunch of other fast food restaurants are having beyond meat in their burgers I think maybe they just wanna claim that it's uniquely felt for them I don't know other than that. I can't really feel why. I mean i think then possible walker was developed. Fairly uniquely for them. I mean it. Has that weird kind of gross x-ray on like that a grill taste or that flame royal tastes that his uniquely burger king. Impossible has Which makes me think they've spray somewhere chemical on it but But i i get it and by the way mc plant can we just discuss the name a little bit like myself walked in. He goes dead. Mcdonald's has a new plant burger called mc plan because he goes. I started laughing. How dumb the now. This is my teenage son. So yeah it's not playing well the number that it is has it said. It's like so absurd. You can't forget it

Mcdonald Chris Albrecht Mcdonalds Mcclymont MC KFC Canada Mike PLT Philadelphia Burkey KGB United States Lewis Burger King Walker
"kfc  kfc " Discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show ON DEMAND

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show ON DEMAND

02:49 min | 2 years ago

"kfc kfc " Discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show ON DEMAND

"Hundred terriers right now. You may feel overwhelmed by the desire to make a rash decision, but stay on track and don't veer off the road your days and eight and those are your Wednesday morning horoscopes. Excellent. Let's get into the three things you need to know this morning. I picked up the phone to look at the news and I was so pleased to see what I saw I saw the headlines in almost every city peaceful protests, people kneeling people people love each other people listening to messages that they needed to hear, and and it was great to see that the looting conversation wasn't taking over the important conversation I it was. It was great to see that this morning. Let's see more that we had a lot of great vibes going on across America last night in even though a lot of people were defying curfews, shame shame shame. Look at all the good. That came out of it and so I just wanted to say it was great to see that this morning. Let's get into the things with Gandhi Gandhi. What's going on? Well, that was pretty much. My first thing it's now been overly. No. No, that's great. It's a great start It's been over week since the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police and protests are continuing, but like Elvis just said. There was so much peaceful protesting that happened yesterday. There was not a lot of all the other stuff that we've been seeing going on. And we even saw some protesters starting to step in and stop the rioters from doing what they were doing so currently. Even the one police officer has been arrested and charged with murder. Charges have been filed yet against the other three officers involved in the arrests, but the protests seem to be taking a sharp shift, which is Great Joe Biden was the big winner on election day sweeping seven primaries yesterday in Indiana Maryland. Montana New Mexico. Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Dakota. He's now only about one. One hundred delegates short of winning the nomination primaries next week in Georgia and West Virginia are expected to put him over the top and finally. People are really live about something else today, and it's not serious at all unless you ask them, but KFC is starting to make a change. They are saying they're going to replace their potato wedges with normal French fries and the Internet has lost its collective mind. Social Media Not happy about it, saying they're not GONNA go anymore. Because potato wedges are what make KFC KFC I don't know if you feel the same way, but people are outraged about that today, too, so three things. All Right? Let's be outraged at the potato wedges, KFC All right. Well, thank you Gandhi welcome to Wednesday. We've got stuff to do. Let's do it. You guys ready for Wednesday. Let's go. That's what shows. Morning. Norton three sixty with lifelock provides all in one protection, and no one can prevent all cybercrime and identity theft, but and three sixty with lifelock is a powerful ally for your cyber safety. Save twenty five percent off with your first year at.

Gandhi Gandhi Joe Biden KFC terriers lifelock Pennsylvania Rhode Island Sout George Floyd Minneapolis America officer Montana murder Elvis Indiana Maryland West Virginia Georgia New Mexico
"kfc  kfc " Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

NewsRadio KFBK

01:34 min | 2 years ago

"kfc kfc " Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"To you by KFC KFC's five dollar fill up it's finger lickin good okay girls entered here day about my brand new makes imagine if you're over six Bucks dealer KFC for many do famous whole Popeye genders and crispy girls sandwich the possibilities are endless you get a gave the frames blown about by or tenderness and what your about buying dinner your sandwich a famous bowl or sound about bye bye bye bye bye or well it's not actually analyst but you get the idea to a whole lot of possibilities this is rocket science folks and just check a map makes a match any do over six budget games eight we're just waiting for a limited time price may very tech sector when it comes to hiring you don't have time to waste you need to get to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast that's why you need indeed dot com post a job in minutes set up screener questions based on your job requirements then zero went out qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard your time is precious let NDT help you get to your short list of qualified candidates and discover why three million businesses use indeed for hiring post a job today it indeed dot com slash tired that's indeed dot com slash higher final they used to get seventeen hundred fifty dollars total cash back on route four four again zero percent APR or twenty five hundred dollars cash back on Toyota let's go places you could be saving eighteen percent or more on your energy bill with the PGA any rate assistance program it's easy to apply and you don't need proof of income tax save the two oh two eight three to apply again just text save the two oh two eight three.

"kfc  kfc " Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

New Jersey 101.5

01:30 min | 3 years ago

"kfc kfc " Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

"Towards Bridge Street this report sponsored by KFC KFC's twenty dollar Phillips will feed a family of four with eight pieces of delicious fried chicken to serve the taters and gravy coleslaw and for flaky biscuits for just twenty Bucks KFC it's finger lickin good overall garden state parkway moved along pretty well no major issues coming up promotion in Monmouth County is looks good all the way up to the union tolls turn pike in to any seven also pretty quiet at this hour we're still gonna broken water main in West Orange they've gotten Northfield Avenue shut down for repair work out by winning him please him there's also a broken water main in east Brunswick expect to see a closure of Tice's lane both ways Elkins road at the writers lane and due to national police night out in Cranford they've got Springfield Avenue shut down both ways by North Avenue that runs till nine thirty also in Newark airport we've got arrivals running with three hour delays due to thunderstorms in departure delays of thirty to forty five minutes not bad across the Hudson leaving New Jersey just some minor slowdowns now the Holland Jeff from New Jersey traffic north Mike Barker New Jersey traffic south on the turnpike southern half approaching exit number one at the toll plaza there's leveling construction because the left lanes out of service the high speed EZ pass lane will be not in service for the duration is construction tonight to keep that in mind restaurant the term like a pretty good ride partly southern half you're good one thirty north on callings would come in the white horse pike it's emergency construction the right lane remains out of service forty two and fifty five no complaints at all traffic a fifteen minutes your next report had seven forty eight dot New Jersey one a one point five one point five it's the weather looks like we are going to see if you gusty thunderstorms.

Phillips Monmouth County West Orange east Brunswick Tice Cranford Hudson New Jersey Jeff Newark Holland Mike Barker forty five minutes fifteen minutes twenty dollar three hour
"kfc  kfc " Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

WBZ NewsRadio 1030

02:54 min | 3 years ago

"kfc kfc " Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Identify the suspected shooter, he expects police to be in Copley square for some time. So avoid the area in back bay James Rojo's WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio. And then lamented schoolteacher from Whitman appeared in court today, accused of indecent assault of a child under sixteen. WBZ's Chris Fhimah was in the courtroom where the teacher pled, not guilty inside. Brockton district court, the accused Matthew Muccio too short steps down, along marble hallway, his legs, shackled together outside of the court after posting bail. And with the shackles removed and replaced with a GPS anklet the tall thirty two year old music teacher, walked freely and long strides. He was surrounded by reporters and based question after question to which he would only reply. All I can say is that I've been vice not to talk to the media. I'm just going for a walk to make sure that the networks. And I respectfully, with, like, stop asking questions. Muccio pleaded not guilty to two counts of indecent assault of a minor. He's due back in court next month in Brockton. Chris Ma WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio they're demonstrating against the president in London. That story coming up here in WBZ. It's one thirty four. It's traffic and weather together. We start with the Subaru retailers of New England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes, which going on Kevin got slow down south of town here on route three southbound about a mile backup into that derby street lane drop. Then heavy again a to Twenty-eight into the crew soon after northbound slight delays into the cruise taken Elaine here by fifty three in Hanover expressway, northbound you hung up a bit here Columbia road and that's about it. Southbound not too bad getting down to Braintree. Route nine eastbound you have roadwork here at Elliot street in Newton. Nets got you solid back to one twenty eight so far. So good on the pike here between Brighton and all burn, but downtown hunting. Tanabe closed both ways between Copley and mass f for that police investigation. You mentioned earlier this still has the pike eastbound ramp to exit twenty two inside the Pru tunnel closed. And you do have slowdowns getting by that on over towards route ninety three lower deck. Okay. Onto the Zeh combranch lever connector slowing now in both directions and Tobin outbound on the breaks into the road work after the city square tunnel. This report sponsored by KFC KFC's, new dessert will satisfy your cravings for sweets and biscuits, the cinnabon, desert biscuit is KFC's. Classic warm flaky. Biscuit smothered, and cinema buns, cinnamon sugar glaze and cream cheese frosting. For a limited time, get four of them free with a ten piece meal. It's finger licking, good and only at KFC Kevin Brennan WBZ's traffic on the threes. And today, we have sixty eight degrees. It's mostly cloudy in Boston right now tonight, it'll be cloudy with occasional rain, especially near and north of the mass. Pike, the overnight, low fifty seven tomorrow, variably cloudy with a shower in spots, high seventy four Thursday, clouds, some sun, a little rain around mainly in.

WBZ Kevin Brennan WBZ Chris Ma WBZ Biscuit Nets Pike Brockton assault Boston Matthew Muccio Copley square KFC James Rojo Chris Fhimah Pru tunnel Whitman Braintree city square tunnel
"kfc  kfc " Discussed on WTVN


03:11 min | 3 years ago

"kfc kfc " Discussed on WTVN

"Now the Superfund when you got to nine thirty meeting with boss, and it's a little tough going this week. Well, take the great Ohio farmer last year by this point June the fourth eighty nine percent of corn had been planning across the state. Seventy nine percent of soybeans. This year corn only to thirty three percents. Soybeans eighteen another wet spring has farmers on their heels. So maybe your day's going little bit better than theirs moving forward. We'll keep you up to date. What's going on? Oh couple of food notes. Coca Cola, you know caffeine is right in there, right? Well, they have a brand new beverage called coke black. They say it is a cough. Fee-based coke product isn't new something similar, I debuted in two thousand six a new version of it Coca Cola, plus coffee. They say it contains more than regular cokes. Forty five point six milligrams of caffeine, and they say it will soon be available here. I hop got plenty of buzz when they did the I hob deal and people like what's that about? And then it turned out to be burgers. Well, they're kind of doing the flip through on that their newest marketing scheme calls. It's burgers, pancakes in honor, brand new offerings. They've got a garlic butter pancake, loaded Philly pancake, and the big ihop pancake. And they say it actually contains a real dictionary definition of a pancake. So don't know that'll taste like, but they're just trying to keep their name out there. They say all three of those new offerings come with unlimited fries for six ninety nine and an offering that starts soon that made. Johnny hill, shudder, and cause other people to say where can I buy that this one from KFC KFC says we know that people eat chicken differently? And if you just rather bypassed the meet the poultry, and just go right to the skin. They are offering that right now. Various international locations are starting to sell bags of fried chicken skins. I mean, I don't know how you eat KFC chicken. But a lot of people, they'll take a bite, and at the skin pulls off just Mao on that extra crispy, or whatever way, you want to go with that KFC realizes it, they are now going to try to Bank on it bags of chicken skins KFC near you. Keep you up to date right now. Seven thirty. Here's traffic and weather. We update every ten minutes on the tens from TempStar heating and cooling front. I do not mind being alone on that island. I do not just say. I'll Mao on the chicken skin, too, but it's gotta come with a little meat on a little of the poultry as well. That's fine. They'll have that to piece it's fine. But for people that just want the skins Bonet petite again, and watch the Walking Dead in your spare time, new accident just coming into us a moment ago. Thirty one north of thirty three in Marysville. Injuries reported here as well careful if you live near mill valley, or if you're coming down from.

KFC Coca Cola caffeine Mao Ohio cough Philly Marysville TempStar Johnny hill mill valley Seventy nine percent eighty nine percent ten minutes mill
"kfc  kfc " Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM


03:07 min | 3 years ago

"kfc kfc " Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"They will water your plant. They'll, they'll add some kind of nutrition in there. Don't figure out what to do. They'll go to the big box, and they'll search it out. They've never kill the planet Chick-fil-A before. Turns out. No, they have none. It turns out. No, they have not. But what's number two? Seriously? That killed chickens. First of all, they don't kill chickens. They provide sustenance for the nation. The globe. And not only sustenance hope. Now. No that that's what you say. That's. Sandwich. What's number two? Starbucks count KFC KFC definitely number two KFC. Come on McDonald's. Starbucks. Could be number two. That's that's absolutely possible. A one-two sweep for chicken, we'll go. It's not. That's not the way it works. I'm telling you. I'm just telling you. It's not I'm just telling you. It's not KFC at all the president's in London meeting with Theresa May. The prime minister. And not expecting much to come from that conversation, the conversation that I'm actually kind of amazed more people aren't understanding is this one. Trump UK. Visit what everyone war to the state banquet. I get it. I get it. Why in the world? Is everyone. Talking about what people are wearing as if that matters. It matters of great great deal. If you're going to engage culture, conversation, it has to be engaged in its entirety in the all of it, and the things that people do and, and the fashion that gets shown has connection. You take a look at Milania Trump yesterday. The first lady that outfit, the blue and the white. And, and the had it had that wide brim at, at the slant. Right. And it was white and had the blue. Kind of I don't know. You call border around it. I guess is what you'd call it. That was a takeoff what Princess Diana war, VJ day, nineteen ninety-five VJ victory over Japan. September second. It was about those levels of connection, a recognition of history of where she's at and what's happening. It's not just oh, they put on some clothes, and the reason that it matters is because fashion is a huge part of culture. And a story that tells even when you don't know, you're watching it the shame that more people aren't paying attention, not because you have to know who she wore. But maybe why she wore it map bears. Got traffic..

KFC Starbucks Milania Trump Theresa May prime minister McDonald UK Japan London president
"kfc  kfc " Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

NewsRadio KFBK

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"kfc kfc " Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"One is building a better Bank one that feels nothing like a typical Bank. It's why they've reimagined banking and built something completely different capital. One cafes. They offer checking account with no fiercer minimums and savings accounts with one of the best savings rates in America. This is banking reimagined with your needs in mind. Open an account today at any Capital One location or online in five minutes and experienced banking reimagined for yourself Capital One. What's in your wallet capital? One NA member FDIC this human resources professional is a rockstar. Thanks to Cronos. And this is their hype song. I'm the power and the train have HR payroll talent and time. Now, we're engaging all the best people. Kronos, HR solutions for the modern workforce and the people who support them. Learn more at Kronos dot com slash HR. Swagger, save on energy bills every month when you turn to the experts at Clark rush for an efficient carrier, even their system, even better clarkin brush has several great financing packages to help pay for it for details. Call the smart energy people hat, CLYDE, and. Is death. If you get into deep members of the NFC the national foundation for Credit Counseling can help you put dead in its place credit cards to charge of my financial life. A certified credit counselor helped me get back in control student loan to follow me wherever I went NFC taught me all I need to know connect with an NFC certified credit counselor. At your local member agency today, we'll help you with debt in its place. Go to NFC dot org slash stop debt or call eight seven seven four one zero six three two two local news the city council. Breaking news news ninety three point one KFC KFC tans every ten minutes, mornings, and afternoons and weather, sunshine, and even warm news ninety three point one K F B K news ninety three point one IFP K iheartradio station. Exclusive stories and unique perspectives. You're listening to America's First News this morning with Gordon Deal. Thanks for spending part of your Friday with us federal agents looking.

NFC America Kronos dot national foundation for Credit Kronos First News FDIC Cronos Gordon Deal Swagger Clark rush five minutes ten minutes one K
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"We still have the ladies on westbound eighty between exit sixteen and fourteen and westbound route three right by the western spur of the turnpike. They're clearing an accident. Southbound eastern spur of the turnpike at sixteen that accident has been cleared traffic sponsored by KFC KFC's got a variety of five different five dollar Phillips. That's five different ways to get filled up for only five bucks KFC. It's finger lickin. Good also slow on twenty one northbound up toward route forty six accident cleared westbound four ninety five outside the Lincoln tunnel and still delayed back to the tunnel exit. But that's starting to improve northbound on the Parkway still slow from exit one forty two to one forty seven and one twenty remains closed by the Meadowlands because of a water main break, leaving New Jersey looks good on both decks of the George Washington Bridge. Not a bad ride now at the Lincoln tunnel. Maybe five to ten at the Holland tunnel. Adam wall ski New Jersey traffic north is Serono. New Jersey traffic south in Hamilton township a sewer main break so on what thirty south at one fifty six the right lane is blocked. Minor delays. Getting by that that in cherry hill township seventy eastbound, you're Penn avenue, a water main break just the left lanes getting by. That's now that a fifteen minutes delays. You get through that your problems right now on the Parkway. The turnpike is well looking good onto ninety five. Walt Whitman bridge, clear back into jersey, six seventy six out is his clinic avenue bridge, forty two south looks good from the bridge right down to two ninety five. Traffic every fifteen minutes next report at eight oh, three on New Jersey one and one point five. Jersey one zero one point five instant weather..

New Jersey Lincoln tunnel Walt Whitman bridge Holland tunnel George Washington Bridge Serono cherry hill township Hamilton township Phillips fifteen minutes five dollar
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"And arrest has been made in a cold case. From southern California were an eleven year old girl was killed in one thousand nine hundred seventy three Orange County district. Attorney Todd Spitzer says a DNA sample was recovered from the victim, Linda Akif, but had never had a match until now because of innovations in science, and technology, and the fact that these detectives we're using every means available to them. They received a pointer indication through genealogical DNA. Detectives arrested seventy two year old James Neal and Colorado Springs, Colorado, Linda disappeared on July sixth the nineteen Seventy-three. She was last seen walking home from summer school in her body was found the next day. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo says an Alabama woman who left home to join the Islamic state group in Syria is not a US citizen and will not be allowed to return to the United States pump is hotel. Madonna does not have a US passport or any legal basis to enter the country. He said in a statement that she will not be admitted to the United States. The twenty four year old says she regrets aligning yourself with ISIS and Google says NASA guards hidden microphone, wasn't meant to be a secret. Although it acknowledges the device should have been listed in its product descriptions. The microphone is not enabled by default. And Google says it can only be activated. When users turn on the option users had blasted Google for not being transferred. About the microphone in social media posts. Does news report is sponsored by KFC KFC has got a variety of five different five dollar Phillips. That's five different ways to get filled up for only five bucks KFC. It's finger lickin good. I'm Nikki medoro. Now.

Linda Akif United States Google Madonna Todd Spitzer Mike Pompeo Colorado Springs Orange County California Nikki medoro Colorado James Neal NASA Attorney Alabama Phillips Syria seventy two year
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"This dispatch gray unleashed. Contemporaneous things. Do we have to discuss today? I'd like to discuss them. Contemporaneous. Okay. Well, if we could we do we do know that Donald Trump president is now obese we is. He's no be set sets six three gained four pounds two hundred forty three pounds six three to forty three six three to forty that. Doesn't sound terrible three two three two and that's four pounds. Then he was. Yeah. How long ago that's obesity year. So he's his policies in a year's let himself go. How barris is that? Harry around an extra four pound. He should be shave. What a slob? What a totally complete. Life is falling apart. Yeah. I'll bet you Malania wants to get rid of those kick. Herb. Get out of here. Fatty. Four pounds, overweight. Don't come to me like that. Four pounds. Come on. Come on. So he's got that to worry about. Yeah. Up for that. Which is what's his real? So just take his physical is for information. It released the notes yesterday that he'd gained four pounds since his last checkup now that makes him. So hate him. So he wasn't obese last year. But that four pounds over the edge. I think the four pounds put him over the six three over to forty. I think pushes the obese line. My gosh. For those of us that have been across the obese line for quite some time. It doesn't take much to baseline. No, it doesn't really serious. It really doesn't. I know it really know it. It is a little disheartening with that that I well, you're obese letters. Obese to get worse than fat the right? I mean, I know they use that. Because the correct term. I sounds better. Not to me though. It doesn't right. You're obese. I feel like I need to go on my six hundred pound life. Right, right. Okay. I got a call Houston right now, doomed, exactly. I'll tell you what's gonna make us even obese easier. Is that a shake shack opened up here? Just a high Nile away from the station. I well, I knew that they were building it. I didn't know I didn't realize that it was open home. We just saw yesterday that it is open six three to forty three that's going to be like your birth weight compared to what we're going to be like after we after we tear up that shake shack. Oh my gosh. And I was looking at you know, there's a couple of things like they just came out with the list of French fry rankings. Oh from the LA times. All right started. How many did they rank nineteen? Okay. So they ranked in and out burger as the worst fries in and out fries as the worst fries. I I'm not that. I've only been there once or twice because I heard people raving about it. And then they got there. And I was like, oh, get it. I they're pretty good. I I give him that in and out is like water burger. It's like, oh, no the highway here. Burgers, far superior. Okay. All right. Right. I mean, I I don't understand the water burger whole Texas thing not either. But in and out is far superior to whatever. Okay. Number eighteen sonic. Okay. I really rallies seventeen don't know rally jolly be sixteen Weiner schnitzel fifteen wieners. They'll still exist this LA time. So this how Popeye's? Says French fries, it's a chicken. Jack in the box. Okay. KFC KFC. It's got the big block the big block fries. Chad they're more like just a potato thing than they are French fries. Yeah. The wedge chick fil and. And don't give me the wedge. Really don't give me the wedge cooked. The fully. Yeah. But I even cooked. I don't like the wedge. They're not French fry e enough for me when they're away. You know, what else I don't like and my favorite place, maybe on the planet. Does it this way? So I never never order put the the waffle fries and like that chick fil A coming in at eleven at eleven. Okay..

Malania LA times Donald Trump obesity Harry president Nile barris KFC Texas Houston Burgers Weiner Chad Jack four pounds Four pounds two hundred forty three pounds six hundred pound four pound
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"Jane, fifty W F T, Al. I won't tell you yet. But you'll be finding out probably say to the union or shortly before little teaser there for the president's for tomorrow next big event, the state of the union address, of course, all be there the entire staff the entire station that Aaron's table of y barred avocado and Jupiter. It's gonna be fun. So if he brings up China does he bring up the fact that it's the Chinese New Year and the year of the earth pig, boy, I hope so. Your talk about earth. Apparently the earth pig is different than the regular pig. When I'm reading. Yes. But it means it's going to be a great year. So they say, but he was talking about they asked him. You did a lot of Sunday shows and obviously his Super Bowl interview as well. But I think this one was face the nation on CBS or meet the depressed one of those. I don't know whatever. And they asked him about will you talk about the rumored, you know, meeting up with Kim Jong own in the states. And he said, maybe maybe we'll see. So supposedly. Is supposed to come to the states this time and possibly a White House. Visit. Wow. Wouldn't that be great? They say is gonna that that that's the rumor or they say it'll be another neutral location because Trump is not going to North Korea. They take down here. It'd be fantastic little Chevy roaming, the streets come on. It'd be great. They're going to McDonald's. I'll wait alita KFC KFC for the first he'll never go home again. Another bucket. Loves the governor of Virginia is giving a press conference as we speak. It could be he is resigning. We shall see wreck it Ralph is live. And of course, it's on MSNBC, but it wouldn't be anywhere else. We shall see. I said by ten o'clock wreck it Ralph would be gone. They're not saying anything yet. He added out. Everybody's been the thing with you. I couldn't believe at the actually somebody got a question through in the press conference yesterday to ask him if he's still knows that a moonwalk because he had done it before. And it goes to his wife to what what do I say? That's right..

Aaron Ralph Kim Jong president Jane CBS MSNBC Al McDonald Chevy White House North Korea Trump China Virginia fifty W
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"Down three WGN traffic, jam desalvo. Edens outbound looking good inbound twenty minutes from lake cook. To the Kennedy junction, the outbound side, the Kennedy just thirteen to the junction if you take those express lanes Twenty-eight out to the airport. Inbound side of the Kennedy, though, pretty heavy especially from the junction all the way down into the circle forty nine from O'Hare into downtown thirty five in from the junction, the is and our outbound slow western twenty fifth thirty six out to Mannheim, and then fifty out to Thorndale the inbound side, California to the circle three ninety to the old post office, a fifty three minute trip thirty five in from Mannheim. Stevenson, stop and go from the Dan Ryan to central forty-three minutes out to the tri-state fifty eight to three fifty five inbound side of forty minute trip from three fifty five on thirty from the tri-state. Dan, Ryan, outbound tight Pershing to the skyway. The express lanes slow from Pershing thirty three minutes out to ninety fifth. The inbound side pretty tight. From the Stevenson to the circle thirty five minutes from ninety into downtown. The Bishop Ford outbound tight between one hundred thirty at one hundred and fifty ninth. And that's because there's an accident that has the two left lanes blocked. So it's thirty two minutes from the Ryan onto eighty ninety four. We're seeing a little bit of a delay on the tri-state southbound from the Jane Addams tollway to the Bentonville bridge and lakeshore drive twenty minutes each direction between Hollywood in Monroe. This report sponsored by KFC KFC's got a variety of twenty dollar Phillips with extra crispy original recipe. Crispy, tenders or boneless chicken breast. That's one two three four ways to feed your hungry family KFC, it's finger licking good. For personalized traffic on demand. Get the Traffix Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts up team hockberg, just search T R A F. I X Chicago. I'm John desalvo WGN traffic central.

Kennedy junction Dan Ryan KFC Kennedy WGN Stevenson Mannheim Pershing lake cook Traffix Chicago Jane Addams tollway Chicago Bishop Ford O'Hare California Phillips Bentonville bridge Hollywood Monroe twenty minutes
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"East Boston savings Bank. We've been getting it done since eighteen forty eight. We're ready to get it done for you member FDIC member DIF an equal opportunity lender. Four fifty three time for a check of traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. What's new out there? Mike relative busy afternoon rush. That's for sure Josh will start with the mass turnpike westbound we're seeing delays now from that Allston Brighton stretch out towards the state police barracks and more brake lights out pass through thirty up to the north snow is coming down over the upper end of route one one twenty eight ninety five but no serious incidents to report, which is certainly good ninety three north is inching along from the upper deck up through Medford and crawling from spot pond past commerce way. Let's see our route ones doing the mall Frei insurance copter. That has gotten a little worse. Route one northbound is slow from the sergeant street up to Linton the street, and then it picks up speed for a little while and it gets busy approaching the lynnfield tunnel. But not jam not yet anyway, Kristin out to the ball Frei insurance copter. Route three is backed up shortly after you come on from one twenty eight up to treble cove road and delays up after four thousand five this report sponsored by KFC KFC has got a variety of twenty dollar Phillips with extra crispy original recipe, crispy, tenders or boneless chicken breasts. That's one two three four ways to feed your hungry family KFC, it's finger lickin. Good Mike king WBZ's traffic on.

Mike king WBZ KFC FDIC lynnfield tunnel Frei Boston Allston Brighton Subaru Medford Josh Kristin Phillips New England twenty dollar
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"It's time for the code review. Joining us live on the greasy salty hotline from parts, unknown, height, unknown. Wait, we do not wanna know, Johnny kielbasa and the ever so popular fast food or how're you doing Jonathan head undoing gray? Mark arum. I'm wrapped in bacon. I'm here for taking them covered with cheese aimed please on this dark January night. I have a Ray of sunshine and the distance because I feel like I'm going to go shin. Fair man. I'm eating. Fair kudos to Johnny kielbasa doing research and coming up with the Gauchan fair. Well, done fair fair down the road. Go. She was number two the Harlington fares number one. But the Gauchan fair was a strong number two. Gotcha. Yes. I preferred that one. And I know you always like going to the other one. I there they're there. They're both good. I'm good real quick. I'm googling fast food in Iran. And I don't think there's any American fast food joints. There is something called burger land. Which is not. But I don't think there's legitimate like regular Donald's. Yeah. No mcdonald's. No KFC KFC was big in the Middle East though. I don't know I'll do some research on that. I didn't want to steal your thunder. Johnny. We've got some breaking the longoria need the breaking news sounder breaking news from our POWs at not burger pal but Burger King. Where is Hector? Take it away. Johnny breaking news.

Johnny kielbasa Burger King Mark arum Middle East longoria Iran Hector Jonathan gray mcdonald Donald
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"Doc. Take chicken Rodney chicken being thrown. Yeah, man. Was this Kentucky was Kentucky KFC in Jacksonville. I tell you. I I want to recommend something to KFC KFC is something I gotta have about once a year about once a year. Well, that says a lot about KFC. No, no, no, no. No, no. I have it only once a year because I could probably eat it every week if I had not if I had to if I was not disciplined, you should you got low standard. I tell you what this would be a money maker for the I swear to God, they would sell a ton of this. If they just had if you just sold a bucket of chicken of the skin of the batter excuse me. Just a bucket of the of the of the KFC batter. Just just the skin in the batter. Just the skin just sold that that's disgusting. I'm telling you God, they would sell they would sell. Let's discuss all my God. That's that's why most people eat KFC is. Because of the you know, what is it eleven herbs and spices. I'll take a bucket of fried skin place. I'm terry. I'm serious. I would be all in you buy that hit me the bucket of fried skin. Absolutely. Just the skin just the batter just a bucket of fried. So. The chicken itself. KFC is merely a vehicle it's merely something to put the the batter on you're saying the fried skin necessary is the hot commodity apps show, Lutely, all right? They would see prophets like they could never have realized I have not been to KFC and probably ten years. Well, every time I eat it. I feel like I need a bath. Because it's you know, it's it can be a little any other choices for great fried chicken. I sure there's a lot of great fried chicken out there. But but I knew Lucy's fried chicken up in cedar park. What's that? What do you mean? Yeah. Lucy's chicken. Really over priced. It's mediocre over for. Yeah. Yeah. Neat neat place. Good people back to their listeners some of them. But. I like it got. No, no, no. That's fine. It's it's not my favorite girls with the tattoos that bring me my beer at Lucy's. I don't mind that I'm a big fan of guesses as far as. Never been downtown downtown and exit convention center gusts fried chicken fried chicken. It's outstanding. But but as far as national chains KFC, come on how many cats do you have at home, right? And we have we have to to. Yep. We currently have. Hesitate to say up to we.

Kentucky Lucy Jacksonville cedar park Lutely ten years
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"And they brought us churches chicken for lunch every day every day. So yeah, you think you'd be at some point we'd be like eating this shit. We. Negroes actually think they going to heaven eaten? Church today. But I mean. I'll with an I tried to be cool with I got the aroma of that chicken. And I said man, I'm gonna go there and just order like a couple of chicken strips man, I drove out of there with five chicken strips Assad potatoes big as greasy hunting biscuits. And the big VAT of Brown gravy to dip it in. I don't think they're chicken is the best. I've never go to church his lungs as a Popeye's close by. But the biscuits a pretty good the biscuits that good man and drove over I drove next par apart next to a dumpster because I just feel so bad him. The darkest corner. I could go to buy this dumpster by one who's restaurants in the car with my car running 'cause it was kinda cold eating chicken, Obama feeling like shit. Mainly Shane at least. You've got the strips which are breast meat because because usually I'm used to getting those skills crispy thighs. Yeah. And it has a crispy skin and you bite into it. And you get hot grease at chain as love every minute. Oh, yeah. Churches up until you one thing about churches churches own chicken and ten eat mcgregor's squeak. Great for you. Hit commercials say like, you got like you've been eating churches. Breeze. Got Bukaka, Bob, we're gonna drumstick. Porno. Got facial. But that was the case with their cereal man, what it was made out of it was made out of vanilla cookie. Chris, oh, Jesus I'm bidding, and I just kind of lost track of being an edible. Okay. On his plate out. Okay. I just kept eating like just a little bit more for flavor. Not just going on got into like. What if I was a Krumlov, and I was like, oh Jesus. And I and I went home. I mean, I went to bed, and I was like, well, okay. I'm all right. I'm gonna give you the gender like I got into bed, and I was feeling real good man shit. I got into bed gonna conversation with my wife. We talking a little bit compensation Gasol. Good. See we got some down and dirty SX. I'll like man I'm in Ajaz right now feeling good. What's relaxed breast? Matif mouth was filling fucking Mindy. And I was feeling good man sleeping. Well, and then I woke up, and I was like Jesus it is fucking Brighton here in colors everywhere. No, oh, my why everything is kind of like more ultraviolet than it is not saying that weird because my eyes close. Like a seriously people eight that just to eat a nibble to like help me go to sleep because that's the fact that that that we Kate not Kim was that a KFC KFC KFC. KFC to now I cannot cannabis any form just has a weird effect on me in so many different ways. It was that day that I'm talking about legal shit. So we went over there to some coffee shop that was next tattoo. Paul. I was going to and they have whether to copy with THC in. Is legal in everything. They say he's putting couvert. This is here. This is off. Yeah. This is this is off of forgot what it was Anderson lane. It's a TC coffee shop over there, you go in there, and they put lethal amounts of teach the NSA has these affects had they said it makes you more alert. It makes you feel more energy..

KFC Kim Obama Assad Shane mcgregor Gasol Chris Mindy Ajaz Bukaka Brighton cannabis Paul Kate Bob