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"kbk " Discussed on Breaking Money Silence®

"And obligations responsibilities that have excellent. So the other population of people that I think might be listening in that don't get a lot of sleep sometimes our parents and so maybe their parents of older kids the kids are now sleeping through the night, but I'm wondering in terms of financial literacy or just getting people Stood in talking about money. What advice would you have for a parent that is listening in today on how to engage their adult child in a meaningful conversation choice but to do it in a way that isn't going to be so heavy. I mean, I guess that's the part that I don't think it always has to be so heavy. Yeah, it doesn't always have to be heavy at all one major thing and kind of the theme that flows throughout the work that I do is transparency just talk to your kids be a little bit more open in terms of the lessons you've learned about money as you went throughout your life or a certain things come up in your life did not include your children those conversations a lot of parents. I know aren't necessarily comfortable divulging those personal details about their life about their finances, but what I've learned and what I try to mod what you know, hopefully my parents have started to do is to try to open up a little bit in that regard. Let us know what's going on and also because we all seem to be prepared. I remember a couple of years ago I am Reset my parents down at Christmas when I went home and I'm like, hey, we don't know what what to do. If something happened to both of you even it's just having some conversation that starts at that personal level. Like I don't want to leave my children hanging in the wind and not know exactly what to do something were to ever happen to me. So we sat down and said, okay, well who you know who owns the house who has the mortgage like who has the life insurance like what's going on and get a job sense of of those kinds of things and that was kind of a first conversation for my siblings and I with our parents so not sure if every parent wants to necessarily start there may seem a little bit morbid but you know find a little opportunity to open up and to to share at least with the little things that you've learned or as your child goes to certain life stages be able to say well, you know in my experience like this is what I experience is what I learned that would hopefully help long as you are going through these different life stages, whether it's you're you're buying a home now or you're moving out or you're going to college or you're trying to go to grad school wherever you can at least share and be a little bit more birth. And it will definitely go a long way in helping children. You think those teachable moments are so important and I look for them. I am not a parent other than a parent of a cat life. We don't talk about money much. She's kind of a freeloader, but I've talked about money a lot with my nieces and nephews who now are in your demographic and I think just looking for those moments and opportunities to have those conversations is really important and you know talking about parents and their health issues as they age well on the surface, it appears potentially morbid. I've had that experience years ago with my mom and my dad and it actually was a really wonderful touching series of conversations because yeah, it's about aging but it's also about values and it's about what's important to them and and I found and I don't know if you found this but I found out things I didn't know about my father and my mother based on these conversations. So a lot can come from it. That isn't judging About you know, we need to know where your will is and where are you? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely and those values even if you don't necessarily have much to offer by way of experience, you know, a lot of people including my parents who you know migrated to this country who do don't necessarily have the same life experiences that you have or going through the same things you have. They don't necessarily have the head knowledge to share life experience to share those values definitely go a long way in terms of passing those money values down. So well, they must be a very proud of you cuz you're doing a lot of cool work in this world and making a big difference and so is your fiance who maybe at some point we should have on the breaking money silence podcast as well. Yeah. No tell me where can listeners find out more about all the good stuff you're doing and I know you mentioned the class. So if you want to fill them in on how they can take your class, that would be great to absolutely so our home base is on YouTube. So if you go to YouTube, The Muse or just dead Into the news in the search bar, you will find us that's where you'll see all of our free video content. Like I said, we post their regularly about once a week or so new videos on everything off the finance for young adults just like ourselves and 4 if you want to go to the next level with us, I do have a paid program which is called the adult in boot camp. So if we mentioned a little bit earlier cover off all the fundamental personal finance Concepts in a more deeper more organized manner so you can really go through things step by step and learn all of the fundamentals of personal finance. So I will have that Kathleen share the link of where you can sign up for the wait list for the next round of that course, and if you also want to connect with us on Instagram, we are on Instagram at the Muse as well. Awesome. Well, it's wonderful to break money Silence with you today. And it's always a joy to catch up. Thank you so much. This episode is sponsored by age up. Did you know that in three sixty five year olds live into their nineties but few can afford it a jump provides supplemental income to help fill in the financial gaps that come with a long left to find out more or visit aged. Thank you for listening to Breaking money silence hosted by Kathleen Byrnes Kingsbury a wealth psychology expert author and founder of kbk wealth connection, if you like what you heard today, be sure to subscribe an iTunes or your favorite podcast app and leave a review also share this episode of your friends and family is a great way to get the conversation started for more money talk tips and information or to hire Kathleen to speak at your next event go to ww.w breaking off. silence. Com.

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