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"I can tell you that this was a game that i bet at four and then also liked it four and a half to the show. Yesterday we got news basically right when we came on the air that That you mentioned what we did. The segment that ben roethlisberger is dealing with a pectoral injury that it seems like he will play. But there's a pain management issue Than a couple beat reporters for the steelers tweeted earlier. This morning. Like ben will play. And then i believe the direct quote from one of them is then. We'll play but like we'll be in pain on every throw was basically the until the shoot 'em up with are all in which case he's not even gonna know what planet he's on. So yeah exactly. I bet you do it okay. Sure and mom. It's coached that's what what gets me like. Julian edelman after the super bowl against the seahawks. The game's not over yet. The kam chancellor decapitated convert the third down. Juliet it's it's the following tuesday these literally like there on the field the confettis falling and elements like guys. The game's not over yet. And then i don't know why i think this is so funny. He looks at bella check and he goes. Bill is the gave over. Bill goes yes and then it'll be like it took it. Took like bell was the only person he was gonna listen to in that instance gallium believing so that was so funny. Because i was at that game and like the hit happens and i turned to my wife go. Oh he's out she goes. What do you mean they go digit. Did you see that kam chancellor as a missile you destroyed and she's like out of the game and you're just like just like like he's like we're going to remember this game now more than he is. That's what that's exactly what i'm telling you and then in the. Nfl films are wired. Set of the game which is an incredible thirty minute. Special for people like that at the super bowl. Obviously mike all the players and everything the f..

ben roethlisberger Julian edelman steelers seahawks ben super bowl Juliet Bill kam chancellor bell Nfl mike
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"And then he fell apart last year. So the measure question. How has dan quinn. Look since he doesn't have three all pro secretary. Earl thomas steel would like for the cowboys. Decide yeah richard. Sherman is prime kam chancellor and they had brandon browner. Who was the pro bowl player. Got atlanta to the super bowl up twenty eight to three bafta together. Coaching your defense now. He had a twenty eight three lead with twenty three minutes left in the ballgame and they lost in the what the super bowl he got them to. The super.

dan quinn Earl thomas steel kam chancellor brandon browner cowboys Sherman richard super bowl atlanta
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"You have your quilt design on the top. You have your batting in the middle. And you have your backing on the back. Those three things together are a quilt sandwich. The camp snaps are similar. It's a sandwich except that it's really small so maybe imagine like a bunch of very tiny hamburgers. If you're looking at the rice out of your fabric you poke a hole through your fabric with an all and all and awol often comes with any cam. Set that you buy. You are looking down at the right side of your fabric. You poke a hole in your fabric you take a cap and put it pointy side down through that hole you flip it over and what do you see you see the wrong side of your fabric and you see a little tiny sharp point from the snap cap pointing right at you. You then take either your bowl or your cup and nestle it right on top and then you have a little tiny sandwich you take that sandwich and you transfer it to the base of your pliers. Squeeze the pliers applying firm pressure. The protrusion of the cap will be flattened effectively. Securing either the cap or the bull in place. The pliers can either be used manually. Just a loose tool in your hand. This is called the k. One or the k. To snap pliers set slows are hand tools. You can also use a professional snap. Press like the decay dash ninety eight Which is a really cute little machine. It kind of looks like the mom alien on aliens. Remember the mom alien on aliens. That's what the head looks like to me. But it is a press tool that's designed to be used on a desktop. You bolt it to your desktop. You can sit and use it in. Press it instead of having to squeeze your hand. Also i was able to find a third option between the squeezing hand tool or the professional snap press. There are people who make wooden basis.

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"I'm Nicolo Say your next update US at 7 30 24 7 coverage at W. B. A. Peter Kam Just being able to get to on the road of its great, but we know we still got more to do more work to be done and a little bit more clean up a little problem with Dallas Mavericks guard Tim Hardaway Jr after they beat the Clippers again last night in Los Angeles. Good morning from our Mercedes Benz of playing no sports test comes Hardaway had a big game 28 points Luca don to escort even more 39. Man's were able to outshoot the Clippers, the MBA's best three point team, and when 1 27 to 1 21, lot of you didn't they were able to catch the end of it was so late last night, but not only this Dallas steal home court advantage, but they've moved into the driver's seat. In this best of seven series. Guys were hungry to compete. You know they're hungry to play for each other. We've done that well for the first two games that the challenge is always, you know when you win a game or two games in a playoff series. You know, how do you measure up against human nature current how we're going to find out when they play this weekend. It's Rick Carlisle. He's got his team dial in. They come home, leading two games and then Game three and four on Friday and Sunday at the W. A. C, where the atmosphere will be electric. It's gotta be with fans finally get getting to see a playoff game. I wasn't sure how this team would play last time with story breaking about something that happened over the weekend on Sunday night in L. A. Where center Chris, stop praising this went to a strip club. Now he's been fined $50,000 for violating the MBA rule, which prohibits players from going into bars. Lounges. A similar establishments. Bruising guys said It was a mistake on his part. And they're happy at Colonial with Steve. Oh, yes, by the way, and just case you were wondering that club that stops pursing his money money told you what he said. But what the name of it is northern Lights, which apparently is where. How wants to go when he's in Iceland, which is no no different light, different differently. Deal. It's a different club. I would just You know what pretending to that story? I think it be fun and great to watch Chris stop or Zynga's. Pay that fine. And one's exactly, you know, make it rain at the, uh, let me make it. Rain at the MBA. Also speaking of rain there happy at the Colonial Country Club, and with Brad's forecast today, where they have the pro am Where the chance of rain has gone way down. But if it is raining on Sunday when we find out who the champion is in the Charles Schwab Challenge Whoever it is, will be able to drive in rain or snow or just about anything else up a tree. Besides getting that $1.3 Million payday payday and the plaid jacket yes, this year's winner. Sean will get a 1946 restored Dodge Power wagon. The same iust so cool was 6.2 liter engine with over 430 horsepower, four speed automatic transmission. And this is my favorite part. It rides on a set of 40 inch custom tires. It is beautiful features The SIG signature Charles Schwab blue paint. This is a trend, I guess, Brian that they're continuing. The 2019 champion Kevin Na went home and a fully renovated 73 Dodge Challenger. I love this this power wagon. They were geared down way low what they shone like it'll go 50 miles an hour. With that? Yeah, They're military trucks. Yeah. Is there sure they modified it, but is their relationship to the year and make of the automobile? They do. I mean, I think it is 49. I don't know that there's significance to that. Maybe there is, but I don't know the subject. I read the with the chip shortage and the new car shortage that they're gonna be driving around in like 87. Buick Century. Yeah. Yeah, I think you're right. How was thinking about getting a Caprice Classic? No Love Completes class by the way Scramblers is making a comeback. Charles Schwab announced yesterday an extension with Colonial Country Club to 2026. It's huge and for the program today, sorry, but it's not open to the public this easily. Huge event fans love time out, but no Tours limiting the crack open. No, the tours the tour limits, so everything's open. But the tour itself is like I think they're limiting the 10,000 day or nasty. S o you You'll have 10,000 fans out there, but But it is only a two hour Wait at the margarita 10. That's right. Yeah, let your hair down. That's why looking sports 709 here on W stand Bongino of becoming your way this morning at 11. Now it's the B A P. Morning news with Hal J and Brian History on news talking 20 w B A P W b A P Calm.

Steve Rick Carlisle Los Angeles $50,000 Kevin Na Iceland Dallas Mavericks Brian $1.3 Million Clippers Hal J Hardaway L. A. 40 inch 6.2 liter 10,000 fans Sunday Brad Sunday night Nicolo
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"No fear Dentist Don kam. Partly cloudy, warm day ahead in the tri state High 85 some clouds tonight Low 61, Sonny. 86 for the high Tomorrow. 62 degrees. Right now, This is the service of James Free Jewelers. There's a police are investigating an early morning shooting in Walnut Hills, the victim found on El Tunis Street. After police were alerted the gunfire by shot spotter injuries were not believed to be life threatening city's seen a spike in gun violence in recent days. At least 15 people shot in Cincinnati. Just since Friday suspect the report this morning after a shooting in Claremont Kelly. The gunfire followed an intense, followed by an intense manhunt in Miami Township before schools there to be locked down around two o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Miami Township police responded to the orchard like mobile Home Park in Milford, nearly 900 block of state route 28. Police had to track down the suspect, 31 year old Adam Blevins, who was found along Ohio 28. He would then lead officers to a wooded area where he tossed the gun. Blevins allegedly shot another man multiple times. That man taken by air care to use the medical center, where he was expected to recover. Fully sane argument led to Blevins allegedly firing those shots. I'm Tom Gallagher news radio 700. I'll be both of you. Gun range where local police train could be moving out of even Dale Hamilton County is ready to commit five million of their federal stimulus funds to relocating that range, which has been a source of complaints from people in Lincoln Heights and Woodland Training facility for Cincinnati. Cops has been located there. 70 years. Well, we Seymour improvement new numbers coming today from the government on jobless claims. Last week's jobless claims numbers tumble to 473,000, the lowest number in over a year. Economists say that's proof the employment sectors taking big steps toward pre pandemic levels. Help wanted signs around. In many businesses perspective, employers say it's getting harder to fill their openings. But some people say it doesn't pay them to go back to work just yet, especially those with kids learning remotely, they say, for now, staying on unemployment with the Literal bump up just makes more sense. Daria Aldinger ABC News Groundbreaking happens this morning on a new homeless shuttle shelter that will be built in northern Kentucky. Welcome houses, building that facility and Covington $6.4 Million center will double their capacity to be able to serve the homeless in the Tri state. He was radio.

Daria Aldinger Tom Gallagher Cincinnati Adam Blevins El Tunis Street Walnut Hills Blevins 473,000 Last week Friday five million 62 degrees 70 years Miami Township Ohio 28 $6.4 Million Dale Hamilton County northern Kentucky 86 Claremont Kelly
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"Says going electric will put the U. S ahead of China with the six o'clock pregame report. I'm Sean Gallagher breaking now president Body making me Stop it a Detroit Ford auto plant today declaring that electric cars of the future Has four will begin producing any electric pickup truck. So this is one of what's gonna load our windshield. The president praising forward for taking a gamble on making an electric version of its most popular F 1 50 truck, saying it will help be China in transitioning away from fossil fuel. They think they're gonna win. I got news for them. They will not win President ordering the executive branch and agencies to buy American and asking Congress to invest in the National Electric charging network. Andy Field. ABC NEWS Washington president at a secure testing site had the chance to test drive that new electric Ford F 1 50 pickup Lightning. Now the latest traffic and weather together from the U. C. Health traffic center at the UC Health Brain tumor Center. Our renowned specialist find answers for the most complex brain tumors learned. Maura, Do you see Health? Don Kam, an accident South 75 near Cooper Road, another on westbound 70 four's Rampton North Bend Road in downtown. There's an accident, Third Street near Plum and an Accident Crescent Villain International Boulevard. Or 75 brothers. About a 20 minute delay Now from Dixie Highway to the Brent Spence, South bound 75 had 17 minutes from south of Harmful to the bridge. South bound 71 heavy Martin Luther King down onto 4 71, and he's bound to 75 Stop and go between 71 Loveland Madera Road in Kentucky. You're slow from 75 to Madison Pike, then again from the double 8 to 4 71. Rob Williams News radio 700 WLW now the latest forecast from the advanced Industry Weather Center. Are you afraid of the dentist at advanced industry? We get it toe learn more about how I V sedation can change your life visit No fear. Dentist Don Kam cloudy, a slight chance of a pop up shower. Lowest 60 degrees. Then for our Wednesday partly cloudy ah, high of 80 degrees, a.

Sean Gallagher Don Kam Congress Dixie Highway Brent Spence Andy Field Cooper Road F 1 50 17 minutes Madison Pike 80 degrees Wednesday Maura 60 degrees Rampton North Bend Road Plum Ford Third Street UC Health Brain tumor Center today
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"From the RST Solutions. Don Kam news Desk where markers many and will put you to work on Bob Round on 77 W A. B C. Police say they've never in Alabama man responsible for several gunpoint robberies over the past week in Central Park. Here's WBC. Sara Lee Kessler, the NYPD says When Andrew Thornton got to town, he set up a tent in Central Park, got a bike and red hat and use them into armed. Robberies, Precinct captain Bill Gallagher says an alert officer nap the 34 year old Thursday near Strawberry fields as he was conducting the canvas. His attention was drawn to a bicycle that possibly fit the pattern. Both victims were robbed of cash and iPhones. Thornton's been hit with robbery weapon and menacing charges. I'm Sara Lee Kessler for 77 W. ABC News. A knife wielding man is currently recovering from gunshot wounds after threatening customers, NYPD report Thing. A man in his thirties approached several customers outside of Bronx Macy's yesterday afternoon near Metropolitan Avenue before lunging at a Parkchester public safety officer who told him to drop the blade. The officer then fired a handgun, hitting the suspect. Twice. He was taken to a nearby hospital in serious but stable condition. Fizer, the New York pharmaceutical giant, is applying for full FDA approval of US covert 19 vaccine. Mets hosted D'backs, Yang's host, nationals, Nicks and Phoenix traffic in transit on the way. I am broadcasting the Ramseys Subaru Weather Center. Tonight We'll have cloudy skies low. 50 Saturday showers highs in the low to mid fifties Mother's Day. Partly sunny, followed by evening showers in a high of 64 62 degrees. Partly cloudy skies in New York. It's 63 in.

Andrew Thornton Sara Lee Kessler Thornton NYPD Metropolitan Avenue Alabama Central Park yesterday afternoon 64 Bill Gallagher Mother's Day iPhones FDA Twice Bronx Macy Strawberry thirties Thursday Don Kam Bob Round
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"Don kam was clear skies but then clouds will build this afternoon and we could see rain by late afternoon. The high today 64. Scattered showers tonight Low 42 sunshine Back tomorrow stays on the cool side with a high of 61 is 44 degrees right now. This news the service of James Free Jewelers. Man's dead after gunfire in Avondale Police say 33 year old Quentin Jolly was shot on Glenwood Place about nine o'clock last night. This point. Police aren't sure what prompted the shooting and no arrests have been made. Price your mom warning other parents to keep a close eye on their Children as they play it rapid run park. He says Her family was playing in the park on Saturday, when a man tried to grab her 12 year old daughter and drag her off. The girl was able to get away. Police are now investigating. Mother tells Fox 19. Other parents need to talk to their kids about what to do if they find themselves in a similar situation investigation continuing into the death of the one from Alexandria what Red River Gorge UK student was hiking there fell from 150 FT. Cliff 24 year old Alexandria woman is dead after an apparent accident and Red River Gorge, W. K Whitey and Kentucky reports of the body of Gabriella Smith. Has been found at the bottom of a 150 ft cliff. The station reports of Smith, who was a medical student at the University of Kentucky, had been hiking in the auction a ridge area this past Monday she had not returned home. The director of Powell County Emergency Management, Kevin Babcock, says they were called for a search and rescue mission on Tuesday morning. Later that day, return into recovery mission and, you know, so sad day for everybody. Matt Reese News radio 700 wlw cutting checks for covert relief. Cincinnati City Council's decided to start spending some of the stimulus money coming from the federal government, initially, the money of the used to balance the city budget and to help struggling restaurants. Arts organizations. NEWS radio 700 WLW SPORTS Here's the Reds Update. Jesse Wickers walk off single into 10th inning lifted the Reds over the White Sox won nothing. Red split the two games Syriza against the Sox..

White Sox Jesse Wickers Quentin Jolly Tuesday morning Alexandria Gabriella Smith Saturday Kevin Babcock Smith Sox Glenwood Place Powell County Emergency Manage 44 degrees tomorrow two games Reds today Syriza tonight 150 ft
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"Center with zero down time can provide long lasting relief and help you breathe easier. Find out if the non invasive via their procedure is right for you. Schedule an appointment today with Indianapolis sign of center called 317684 68 53 17684. 68 50. That's 317684 68 50 grand is closed up in pine Township Northwest side. This is gonna be sound bound 65 to 71st three. That's good. We don't until May 1/13 interstates looking glorious there so far this morning looking at West Bound 70 and from State Road nine. That's gonna be 12 minutes to 4 65 on the East side Countem another five into the north to play through shade. Let Emerson World Street Keystone Avenue have The great commute this morning traffic sponsored by North Split Don kam Construction on the ice 65. I 70 nor splitting downtown is coming. So be street wise Plan your detour North. What? Don kam a message from the Indiana Department of Transportation I met Bear with traffic on the fives. Follow us on Twitter it WI be see traffic. Marcus Bailey Wish TV meteorologist. What's going on? Hey, Good morning, Tony. Keep in Eye down door south. There are some scattered showers and a few strong storms just south of the Ohio River. Those gonna lift north here over the next few hours. Some of those could be on the stronger side. I think the better chances for severe weather just south of India, But it could be a wet late morning commute. And then the rest of the day just on again off again. Showers and non severe storms this afternoon to be cool over the highest 64 Tonight shower chance has come to an end. We are cooler quiet. Partly cloudy..

Tony May 1/13 Indiana Department of Transpor Ohio River today West Bound 70 12 minutes Twitter Indianapolis Marcus Bailey State Road nine 317684 68 53 17684. 68 50 64 Tonight Emerson World Street Keystone pine Township Northwest this morning five this afternoon morning 65
All Female Flight Crew In Afghanistan Makes History

Weekend Edition Sunday

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All Female Flight Crew In Afghanistan Makes History

"And all female flight crew just made history in a country where women's rights are hard fought for a crew of six flew a Boeing 737 from the capital city of Kabul to Herat. On Wednesday, two pilots and four cabin crew members operated the flight for Kam Air, a privately owned commercial airline. And while the 90 minute flight was short, it represents how far Afghan women have come in the past decade, with female pilots making gradual strides in aviation. Here's 22 year old captain Mo Hadi's mercy in a video posted on Facebook shortly after graduating from Air Works Aviation Academy, explaining how her mother Encouraged her to dream big, like I cannot sit behind the desk and I cannot break the same thing every day. So I need something amazing. I need something different every day. I need something challenging. She was like, how about becoming a planet? Like Is it even possible in Afghanistan? And she told me there is nothing impossible. Everything is possible by Hi, ladies.

Kam Air Mo Hadi Herat Air Works Aviation Academy Kabul Boeing Facebook Afghanistan
Washington, D.C. Vaccine Appointment System Crashes As Thousands More People Become Eligible

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Washington, D.C. Vaccine Appointment System Crashes As Thousands More People Become Eligible

"Log Log still still have have Instinct Instinct breezes breezes w w gusting gusting T. T. as as high high O O p p as as 36 36 New New Miles Miles DC DC an an hour hour has has out out taken taken of of the the steps steps Northwest. Northwest. to to open open We're We're up up vaccine vaccine sitting sitting at at 54 54 appointments, appointments, in in Manassas, Manassas, tomb tomb or or groups. groups. 50 50 and and Frederick, Frederick, But But fifth fifth To To when when it it Northwest Northwest did did D. C. the Brought website to you by to long get an fence appointment 20% could not meet off the savings demand. on fences, Yellow, Contreras decks and says, is a papers. pregnant woman. Her Good doctor along recommended fence. Don she Kam get the vaccine schedule as soon your free as she could. estimate today. Despite signing on before 9 Nobody. Ti A.m. OPI to grab Ni is an time appointment, now she to eat. and 11 thousands knew this of other afternoon D C A residents man was shot Were met at a with chick a constantly filet crashing on Web Capitol site. It Hill would say this this afternoon is not available. happened just I'd after have to refresh noon at her go back the restaurant hundreds on Maryland trying to Avenue secure the Northeast. 4300 appointments Police say available the victim was taken posted to the on hospital social media with life that threatening when it was injuries. accessible, The the chick D fil C health A is website closed. wasn't Now police recognizing are asking those with people qualifying to avoid conditions the area as as eligible they continue to get their the covert investigation. 19 vaccine. Well, Metro It is frustrating has a difficult that they decision didn't flip the to switch make or do difficult whatever on the decisions back end of plural. the website I should say that it's figuring allowed out how people to close a big in this budget. new category For the fiscal to actually year starting

Manassas Tomb Tomb Northwest Northwest Frederick Northwest KAM DON Hill Maryland
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"France dot com was sold to this individual in nineteen. Ninety four is owner for a long time france. The country decided that they should have it and they took it and now the guy is suing. They were able to use the fact that somebody that could call up and say hey we think we should have france dot com so they were able to take it away Generally speaking you would consider that to be a generic domain name. There shouldn't be any rights granted to them There's special deals that domain name registries make with the motion picture association and other large lobby groups for copyright holders to wear effectively. What they do is they go around the courts they say. I have a deal where i complained to you. You take the domain down before the courts get involved then we can go and fight it out in the courts for the first thing that happens is take you out. And they use this to shut down all kinds of All kinds of content other crazy ones the dot l. y. domain registry was it's a wise libyan government and the libyan government Change power in the early. Two thousand eleven ish Became a religious government and they started policing the morality of all l. websites including Things they considered to be inappropriate on canadian websites. That happened to us. Donna l. y. A lot of startups using wykes. They thought it sounded cool. All of a sudden they realized the problem underlying the domain name system now on the website side. It's crazy how they use the hosting services in turkey they have a law that has one hundred and fifty words. You can't publish. One of them is gay and other one is naked. Those websites get taken down immediately illegal. Chinese government has a process where you have to apply with a license to publish a website in the first place so the internet is absolutely being used to.

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"kam a. r." Discussed on Bitcoin Radio

"We have a returning gas brian. Cameo from unstoppable domains and brad. Thanks for joining great. Thanks for Awesome awesome. so we've had you on before for those that maybe missed it. You can go to the reimagine twenty twenty youtube channel Up reimagined twenty two brought cameron and it will populate they're interesting story good stuff there You know for free that. Take a peek out. That i'm having back again. So hopefully we can shed some new light and get some updates in and see what's going on but bradey know what i noticed from. The last discussion is With quite get your journey like into blockchain I've done countless interviews now over the last four months and it'd be It's interesting you know. Love to hear your side and you found out in the rational and how you got into blockchain shore. So i i heard about it from the wired article in two thousand and eleven the rise and fall bitcoin which a lot of people probably heard him read and i remember thinking. Oh this is cool. And that i remember tossing the magazine aside and then nothing about it again. For a couple of years i moved out to san francisco in end of two thousand twelve december. Two thousand twelve to work on marketing tech startup. Six years working on that. But when i moved to san francisco. I moved into this hacker. House called twenty mission Right in the center of the mission district is crazy place a day. After i got there they were shooting horror. Fill there Just to give you kind of an idea of like what the building looks like They didn't need to change the scenery. It was ready to go for the film So there was like a clown getting murdered or something like that right outside my right outside. My door They eventually built it up a little bit. Got a little bit nicer but it was basically. I started by a early bitcoin supporter and essentially everybody. There was some sort of Some sort of a bitcoin enthusiast. The second bitcoin exchange was launched in the basement of the building Trade ill second. Bitcoin exchange in the us. bunch of early meet ups were in the building. The talk was giving talks in or courtyard before theorem. Live was basically everybody that i met when i moved to. San francisco was crypto person. Maybe three weeks. After i got there read the white paper You know maybe rented another couple of times just that first week thought it was one of the most amazing things i've ever heard was a little skeptical about whether or not this could actually work implementation. Wise i'm not ankle so i of needed to trust might eleborate friends. Essentially that this was like real from a tech perspective. They convinced me that it was and reading about it and think about it. Ever since i was more seven years ago. So how is living about pat. I don t twenty mission. It's not there anymore. I don't think right though. There is a lot of phases so a lot of a lot of those early folks in a lotta. Those early crypto folks are have since moved on But it was it was. It was pretty wild in the back in the day. I mean they were doing doing five hundred person. Y- parties with multiple. Dj's going until six am and stuff like that A lot of meet ups. It was amazing. I met so many. Jimmy's metallic was so he's to my. Cto is what was in a hacker house. I don't think he was. I think he might have been twenty mission as well but there was another one. A nearby and metallic was pitching a theory at that time Which kind of blew. Everybody's mind when he was trying to sell tokens and obviously my cto. Now wish he would have awesome. Yeah yes i didn't actually. I didn't get to talk to patel. Bear but it i did a. I was taking this class collection. You in south bay. And i think twenty fifteen and batali gave a talk Talking about a theory. And what. I heard it. It sounded like the most convoluted confusing thing ever. Everybody was like why. What's gas wise there. Gas is that different than ease. The token like it was just so confusing hours. Like is this really. Is this really going to work. It just seems so So bazaars i i didn't i didn't immediately get it. I don't think i'm probably took me another year. After the thing was was live when i started seeing some apps and then finally once i could see apps i was like okay now i get it now. This is a decentralized platform for apps

youtube bradey brad Cameo last four months twenty twenty twenty two countless interviews cameron
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"kam a. r." Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

"News podcasts. Don Kam The Pentagon puts the brakes on a plan to vaccinate terror suspects detained at Guantanamo Bay. John Kirby is the Pentagon's press secretary, and he tweeted quote. No Guantanamo detainees have been vaccinated. We're pausing the plan to move forward as we review force protection protocols. We remain committed to our obligations to keep our troops safe. The Pentagon had planned to offer vaccinations this week to terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo. Those detainees include Kali makes Shak Mahamed. He's the accused, not a lead. Mastermind and three others held in connection with the 2002 bombing in Bali, Indonesia. It killed more than 200 people. Fox's Richardson. Recent deployments have military leaders worried about the national Guard getting overextended, Major General James Eifert of the Florida National Guard told the state Senate. We cannot adequately support the state's citizens on Florida's worst day with the size of the National Guard at this point as he cited multiple deployments for covert response and civil unrest. The National Guard Association of the United States told the military times. There could be a problem retaining guard members in some states more than 25,000 guard kept watch over the nation's capital during President Joe Biden's inauguration. Rachel Sutherland Fox is the Corona virus Pandemic won't keep these super fans away from the Super Bowl coffin 19 or not, Don Cressman, Tom Henschel and Gregory eaten have their tickets in hand again and say they'll all be in Tampa next Sunday to watch the Buccaneers and the Chiefs in superb All 55 as they have been every year since 1967 the first time the game was played before knowing each other back when the game was called the FL NFL World Championship game, But they are being careful. Chrisman, Henschel and eaten who met over the years are all between 79 84, so they'll enjoying outdoor lunch and sit several rows apart during the game. Fox is Paul Stevens. I'm.

Pentagon national Guard Florida National Guard National Guard Association Rachel Sutherland Fox John Kirby Chiefs Don Kam Guantanamo Bay Guantanamo Shak Mahamed Tom Henschel Major General James Eifert Joe Biden Florida Indonesia Kali press secretary Don Cressman
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"News podcasts Don Kam A Las Vegas tour bus heading into the Grand Canyon rolled over in northwestern Arizona Friday, killing one person and critically injuring two others. No word on what caused the crash. A judge refuses to grant bail to another person arrested in connection with the assault on the Capitol. Prosecutors presented video evidence showing Jeffrey Sable of Colorado geophysicist, dragging a police officer down the steps of the Capitol. While he's beaten with an American flag and assaulted by several people. After the attack. They say he booked a flight from Boston to Zurich, Switzerland, where he wouldn't be able to be extradited to the U. S. He also tried to commit suicide stables attorney arguing for his client's release on bail, saying his suicide attempts can be taken as consciousness of guilt and, in some respects the ultimate flight attempt. But the judge refused, saying Sables alleged actions are troubling to a degree that is really shocking. Kathleen Maloney Fox News Nearly 200. Members of the National Guard deployed Washington after the Capitol riot have tested positive for the coronavirus. Some defense officials told The Wall Street Journal. They're worried, cramped rest in working areas contributed to the spread. Three grand jurors and the Briana Taylor case in Kentucky filed a petition Friday calling on the state to impeach Attorney General Daniel Cameron and the family of actor Gregory Sierra, best known for his role as Julio Fuentes on the 19 seventies sitcom Sanford and Son reveals He died earlier this month. This is Julio Fuentes..

Jeffrey Sable Julio Fuentes Grand Canyon Don Kam attorney Las Vegas Kathleen Maloney Fox Briana Taylor assault Arizona Gregory Sierra Daniel Cameron The Wall Street Journal Sables geophysicist National Guard Switzerland Colorado Kentucky officer
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"Listen that like going to a function. Respond casts Don Kam a show of strength in the skies in a statement, U. S military officials say American B 52 bombers flew a 36 hour round trip mission over the Middle East from North Dakota. It's the fifth deterrence flight since November. While the statement doesn't mention Iran directly. The flight took place one day after Iran fired ballistic missiles. Into the Indian Ocean. If you want to catch a flight to Britain, you'll have to follow some new regulations. Those new rules put in place as the UK grapples with new mutations of the coronavirus starting Monday. Everyone traveling to Britain must have a negative Corona virus test within the previous 72 hours and must go into immediate isolation for up to 10 days. Those new restrictions coming after 35% spike in covert 19 hospitalizations over the past week, there's no end date for them. Rules, but they're likely to last at least a month, affecting mainly business travelers as most vacation travel was already banned. Paul Stevens, Fox News, the CEO of Apple is defending the decision to remove the social media app parlor from its APP store, something Google also did not long after the Capitol riot. We looked at the incitement to violence that was on there, and we don't consider that free speech and incitement to violence hasn't hasn't INTERSECTION. Apple CEO Tim Cook on Fox News Sunday, The CEO of parlor maintains conservative voices are being silenced. There was triumph and tragedy on the world's second highest mountain. Yesterday, 10 Sherpas from the Paul reached the summit of K two in Pakistan, something that's never been done during the treacherous winter season. Also this weekend, a deadly fall from K to a mountain climber from Spain lost his life after climbing nearly 23,000 ft. Hey two was more than 28,000 ft. Tall campus L fox means.

CEO Iran Britain Fox News Apple Paul Stevens Don Kam Middle East Indian Ocean North Dakota Spain UK Tim Cook U. S Pakistan Google
"kam  a. r." Discussed on Newsradio 600 KOGO

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"Don Kam The latest in a string of federal executions took place early this morning in Indiana, Fox is Jack Callahan. Reports Dustin Higgs used his last words to proclaim he was an innocent man had been convicted of kidnapping three young women in 1996, driving them to a remote area in a federal wildlife refuge, handing another man a gun and ordering their deaths. A woman's love sobs were heard from the family witness room as the lethal injection took effect and Higgs eyes rolled back. His lawyers argued it was arbitrary and inequitable to execute Higgs while the gunman was spared the death sevenths Higgs the 13th federal inmates executed since July following a 17 year hiatus. President elect Biden has said he'll seek a ban on federal executions. Jack Callahan Fox News. The State Department is harshly criticizing China's handling of the Corona virus. Well for more than a year. The Chinese Communist Party CCP has systematically prevented a transparent, thorough investigation of the cove in 19 pandemics, origin. Choosing instead to devote enormous resource is to deceit and disinformation boxes. Lucas Tomlinson, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, says the U. S. Has reason to believe. Several researchers in Wuhan became sick before the first identified case of the outbreak. Officers with the NYPD, who are also trained. Paramedics are now giving covert 19 vaccinations and public housing projects versus Kerry bomb Garden reports. City Hall says it's all hands on deck in New York's efforts to get Shots into his many arms is possible. The decision to use cops to vaccinate people follows the department's success in vaccinating officers. But the president of the police union says cops should be focusing on other tasks like making sure New York is secure. During the inauguration in New York. Gary Bomb Garden Fox.

Dustin Higgs Jack Callahan State Department President New York Gary Bomb Garden Kerry bomb Garden Don Kam Chinese Communist Party Fox kidnapping Indiana Mike Pompeo NYPD Lucas Tomlinson Biden China Wuhan City Hall
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"Don Kam Supporters of President Trump clashing with Antifa and black lives matter backers in San Diego Saturday, prompting police to declare the gathering and unlawful assembly because of acts of violence. Police say officers were hit with rocks, bottles and eggs. During the march on the Pacific Beach boardwalk. Dozens of officers in riot gear was sent in to separate the two groups. Meanwhile, another U. S military veteran identified as one of the writers who stormed the capital, a rioter seen in photos and video wearing military gear on the Senate. Floor during the assault on the Capitol is identified as retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Larry Rendall Brock of Texas, Brock confirmed to the New York or Friday. He's the man in those photos. The FBI and police are determined to arrest the rioters. But military veterans who took part in the siege may also face charges from the Pentagon. The Supreme Court ruled two years ago, the Defense Department can prosecute veterans are crimes after retirement. Carmen Roberts, Fox News and President. Trump is expected to travel to the U. S Mexico border on Tuesday to highlight his administration's work on the border wall, the White House says Saturday. Trump will travel to the town of Alamo, Texas, where he will mark the completion of 400 miles of border Wall also knew tonight. Recreational marijuana is becoming more popular and one Northeast state. It hasn't been a huge rollout, but the state of Maine is seeing steady increases in sales since approving recreational marijuana back in 2016. It took Four years for Maine lawmakers to put together a system for legal pot that finally went online this past October, with more than $1 million in sales, followed by 1.2 million in November and nearly $2 million in December. By comparison, sales in Massachusetts have topped $1 billion since 2018. Maine is now home to 15 marijuana stores. Boxes. Paul.

Colonel Larry Rendall Brock Maine marijuana Trump border Wall President Texas Don Kam San Diego Pacific Beach FBI Senate Carmen Roberts Antifa Pentagon Supreme Court assault Defense Department New York Paul
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"Don Kam Like you tweeted wi PC Mobile news on the level on the go by the governor's asking legislators to be sure they got it right. Cloudy and cold overnight. Mostly cloudy in a bit colder Friday. I'm stand Lear. Here's what's trending this hour. Governor. Holcomb says the proposed change to Indiana's emergency powers law will need to be carefully worded America vermin, Holcomb says he and legislative leaders have the same goal of keeping lawmakers in the loop. Believe me, I expressed just the leaders, but the members themselves. I mean, they are part of the solution here and I want them equipped with the facts they need to be able to share information. Welcome, says He's not sure summaries of the bill match with he and leaders have discussed. He says he wants to make sure any changes don't interfere with the state's ability to respond quickly. Eric Berman 93. W I B C mobile meeting after refusing to overturn the results of the November election, Vice President Mike Pence may have lost some support from the Trump Base. Silent Avala reports of what that means for Pence's political career probably did lose some support fund Trump supporters. But Dr Laura Wilson, a political science professor at you, indeed says As long as Pence sticks to his guns, he'll still have a long political future ahead of him. Pensive always found his very conservative Christianity is very influential in his life and by focusing On those of guiding principles, it will be able to forge a pathway in a future for himself. Wherever it may live, says Going forward. Pence should focus on himself and not the Trump administration. Shyla Kabbalah 93 WNBC Mobile news level on the go on Twitter and 93 W A. B C and w I b c.

Mike Pence Holcomb Trump Base Don Kam Trump Eric Berman WNBC Mobile Shyla Kabbalah Lear Twitter Avala Vice President Indiana Dr Laura Wilson America professor
Oregon comedian breaks coronavirus quarantine in Cambodia, flies to Seattle

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Oregon comedian breaks coronavirus quarantine in Cambodia, flies to Seattle

"The comedian from Oregon says he's facing backlash for leaving Cambodia after former cruise ship passenger tested positive for coronavirus Frank king was a contract performer on the western dam that docked in Cambodia he tells kam was Tammy Mutasa he was screen and showed no symptoms the left Phnom Penh hotel before his final test results came back are you thinking that maybe you could have put other people at risk by leaving well it was a I cleared by the CDC hello there in Cambodia because I stuck around take the test if I were sick cat sore throat or fever I would not have left all Americans is king did not follow the procedures advised by the Cambodian ministry of health the cruise line says quote we're very disappointed that Mister king chose to leave and disregard the process

Oregon Cambodia KAM Tammy Mutasa Mister King Phnom Penh CDC Cambodian Ministry Of Health
Seahawks, Russia and Spain discussed on Joe Walsh

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"From the fox sports studios in los angeles here's the seeker lebron james will sign what the la lakers agency says it'll be a four year deal worth over one hundred fifty million dollars reports say it's an opt out before year four orlando is resigning aaron gordon to four years a reported eighty four million dollars at the two world cup game sunday in the round of sixteen they each went to penalty kicks russia eliminated spain croatia over denmark and tomorrow on fox tv it's brazil versus mexico at ten am eastern time then belgium against japan tiger woods tied for fourth place in maryland shooting a final round sixty six the us senior open winner on f s one was david toms kyle busch took the nascar races chicago land is fifth victory this year british tennis star andy murray withdrew from wimbledon due to a hip injury the grand slam tournament begins in the morning seahawks safety kam chancellor says he's walking away from football due to a neck injury then in baseball the yankees rip boston eleven to one branch thirty year old timmy kenner is under arrest in boise idaho suspected of stabbing nine people six of them children at a birthday party police chief william bonus says they're investigating the motives we have no specific evidence at this time to believe that it was a hate crime based on the specific evidence we have in our hands however due to the nature location and the victims we are of course investigating all potential leads all the victims are alive some gravely injured rescue divers are advancing in the main passageway inside the flooded cave in thailand were twelve boys and their soccer coach have been missing for more than a week since sunday night the divers reached a band with a long passage splits in two directions heavy rains flooded key passages likely trapping the team and thorning rescue efforts once again the bron james says goodbye to cleveland the fifteen year veteran will wear the purple and gold of one of the league's iconic teams the los angeles lakers lebron announced he will sign a four year one hundred fifty four million dollar contract the move not surprising lebron has to homes and business interests in california james is a three time nba champion with four mvp awards and fourteen all star game appearances the has recently lost golden state in the nba finals that was lebron's eighth consecutive trip to the championship round bob mortality fox news.

Seahawks Russia Spain FOX Brazil Japan Kyle Busch Nascar Tennis Andy Murray Yankees Soccer Bron James Cleveland Los Angeles California NBA MVP
Kam Chancellor, Seattle Seahawks safety, appears to announce retirement via Twitter

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Kam Chancellor, Seattle Seahawks safety, appears to announce retirement via Twitter

"Mynorthwest dot com multiple criminal charges have been filed against timmy kenner for his alleged stabbing rampage in an apartment complex that left nine people seriously injured in boise idaho boise chief of police bill bone spoke at a news conference today he is an american is not a refugee it's been charged with nine counts aggravated battery six counts of injury to child all which are felonies additional charges may be forthcoming one day after protests against president donald trump's immigration and family separations policies were held across the us a group returned to the northwest detention center into coma sevens raunchy sent highs there live where protesters were even pressing up against the entrance gate of the center many held signs and chanted let them go to the people who work at the center out of the shotgun stab looks has talk dopson alternate getting hit hard as he walked the ball thomas by kam chancellor near the forty yard line and we have saying cam blow up receivers like that old fees seahawks safety kam chancellor made a lot of plays like that like in super bowl forty eight cryptic tweet posted just earlier today he indicates that he might be retiring from football the seattle times reports that chancellor suffered a neck injury last november and has not played since while there has been some uncertainty regarding his future on the fields chancellor just posted a long message saying his recent tests show that there has been no signs of healing chancellor ended the tweet saying that it's time for the next chapter the thirty year old chancellor played all eight seasons of his nfl career in seattle here's your kiro seven pinpoint weather forecasts for the rest of this evening mostly cloudy skies you might see a few sunbreaks here on here before the sun goes down but temperatures in the upper sixties for monday we'll see you chances of scattered showers but drying out by the rest of the day we'll see temperatures and low seventies with mostly sunny skies for tuesday upper seventies mostly sunny for your fourth of july on wednesday from the kiro seven pinpoint weather center i'm meteorologist claire anderson right now it's sixty five degrees in downtown seattle i'm dean semen this is.

Seattle Claire Anderson Kiro NFL Seahawks Donald Trump Boise Idaho Timmy Kenner Seattle Times Chancellor Kam Chancellor Northwest Detention Center United States President Trump Bill Bone Sixty Five Degrees
Trump greets EU trade reprisals with threat of steep auto tariff

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Trump greets EU trade reprisals with threat of steep auto tariff

"To our ninety nine one newsroom in washington dc where nancy lyons has world and national headlines nancy thanks kam president trump is issuing another trade threat today saying the us will impose a twenty percent tariff on all cars imported from the european union and less the trade bloc backs off of the tariffs that took effect today on us goods like harley davidson motorcycles in bourbon whiskey bloomberg's craig trudell covers the auto industry in detroit he says tariffs on foreign cars especially those from germany will hurt us manufacturers like ford they have some vans that come into this market and make some vehicles in europe chrysler which obviously employs a ton of people around here in detroit that that they have vehicles come ming over from from europe some jeep suv's i don't know that that the administration has really addressed this fact that that there would be significant punishment handed down to some some us companies in addition to the germans that you know he he's taken to task many times on twitter and interviews this supreme court says police generally need a search warrant if they want to track criminal suspects movements by collecting information about where they've used their cell phones the justices five to four decision a victory for privacy in the digital age police abuse the collection of cell phone tower information and many of their criminal investigations president trump is expected to make remarks on immigration this afternoon when he meets with angel families those are families who've lost loved ones due to the actions of illegal aliens at the world cup today the match between nigeria and iceland just getting underway and the day's first match brazil costa rica global news twenty four hours a day on air and it tick tock on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries all money managers may seem pretty much the same but while some money managers may recommend high commission investment products fisher investments avoids them some money managers may have hidden and layered fees fisher investments never does and while some money managers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better in other words we're structured to.

SUV Fisher Investments Europe Germany President Trump Washington Iceland Nigeria Twitter Nancy Lyons Chrysler Ford Detroit Craig Trudell Bloomberg European Union United States
Earl Thomas to skip Seattle Seahawks mandatory minicamp over contract situation

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Earl Thomas to skip Seattle Seahawks mandatory minicamp over contract situation

"Through the front doors of us know homeless county high school earlier today hamas county sheriff's office says a male driver drove his truck through the doors of glacier peak high school just before noon young man in eighteen year old man was waiting for his girlfriend at the school when she showed up at the school he accelerated rapidly towards the school collided into the doors were estimated speed between fifty and sixty miles per hour lieutenant scott robertson says the girlfriend checked on the driver who suffered minor injuries and was taken to providence regional medical center in everett authorities are looking into whether the driver was under the influence seattle seahawks earl thomas announced on twitter today that he won't be attending the upcoming mandatory minicamp this week until his contract is resolved news broke the news may come some flashbacks to two thousand fifteen when kam chancellor held out for a better contract himself that went two weeks into the regular season but cairo's radios g scott says as he feels thomas holdout could have a different ending or the only difference is is i don't think role is gonna come back i wonder if the seahawks will make a trade soul they don't have a distraction over this whole thing thomas is entering the final year of his fouryear forty million dollar contract extension he signed in twenty fifteen sound transit is moving forward with the northgate to lynnwood extension for their s t to project but they wanna give the public a preview kiro seven reports sound transit will be hosting three open houses that allow people to take a look at four stations opening in shoreline mountlake terrace and lynnwood this will be the.

Scott Robertson Seahawks Twitter Kam Chancellor Cairo Hamas County Glacier Peak Providence Regional Medical Ce Everett Seattle Earl Thomas Lynnwood Forty Million Dollar Eighteen Year Two Weeks Fouryear