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Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Goin1836

Rebecca Sounds Reveille

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Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Goin1836

"The new talking to Rebecca Sounds Reveille well. I'd like to know. Are you trendy. Do you like to follow the fads well. Many people in the United States have in fact what they've done is they've downloaded an APP that has been the most downloaded app of twenty twenty eighteen. This APP is on fire. There are so many things going on with it. In fact in twenty nineteen they had users users going to Bitcon to find out more about what they can do to distribute what was going on. Well let me tell you a little bit about it. It's called TIC Toc doc and tick tock is so trendy that what you do is you create. These short bursts of video of yourself. You can lip sync you can add music music. You can do duets on there with other users. You can keep your account private. You can make it public. There is even more that you can do well well. I've gotTa tell you I I found tick tock tick tock through a friend and I noticed this person who was just looking at video after video and he was telling me look at this look at this this it was driving me nuts and I thought now I don't WanNa do this well. I've gotTa tell you I eventually started looking and became almost hooked on this and I found someone who just made me smile over and over again and I kept wanting to see his videos and then he started noticing that his numbers they were so high that I wasn't the only one that he was bringing joy to in their life. He has a huge following and I want to introduce him today to you so that he can bring you joy just like he has brought me so with me today and this is his tick tock name in you need to find him and it's C. K. T. O. K. is on the AC APP. His tick tock name is going. Go in eighteen thirty six welcome to the show going eighteen thirty six. I'm Rebecca. I'm excited to have you because you really make me smile. You bring a lot of joy every time I see your videos and I anticipate estimate some some of the movements that you do in the new throw this curve in there too so much but the best I can't do so this is less five years in my life. I lost my mom my dau- or or Nossa Kansas but going on don't go what caused keizer is i. There's so many people stress out there. I know that the jobs by your boss still be a different case so I'm rick retirement and I don't do this living our bee keepers. Happy traffic is not that is my date. I'm doing best. I can to try to smart Dr do whatever it takes. Forever can tricks while the metrics eating. I love my background. I try and automate the people it's not in our best so let's stress. Those things not face of smiling laughing Kim the walls stress. That's Michael so this is the wakeup. Call that you bring to the show. Is You have to be. It's not stressed out you've got to be happy and so that you can keep it bay all of these things especially cancer away from you so now the things that you do are pretty incredible. You've got up on a roof. Yes as I'm an immigrant from Oh so when I was growing up in teenage in so I hear so much about America's. USAA KHIMIK keeper without any kind of I won't be here in the United States South Korea besides Nice states committee of the country. The country come crowd Korea nearly more than any other country so they'll give you ask other the country's you know I'm not gonNA or countries being got the country by the way back the communists else going about Pekar so I have to be my all Kurt. COMPASS SOUTH DOC couldn't get three at work bet my mom's sister Mary Shit so he has come back. You know what he was the council on yes so she has been a T. We last one to come late seventies when I come from a I'm telling you just like also happy. I don't tell you get injuries. You know what it is. I'm just a happy being America and it's a learning opportunity and I'm sure the eye so my videos I started. We'll go paper bowling. When I sixteen I say five thousand way baked in late Seventies? You turn my radio coverage provide gross against of the game your boy of what the postal address I keep saying because I know I'm not GonNa be good and to keep it going out gear because your language barrier or go in so I know I got the big is so I had to bow came in so that's lowest exit twenty one. I said fifty thousand dollar no kidding. I doubt gaming to buy dry-cleaned in twenty years later. I saw the dry cleaner registered land under shopping plaza. I got tired. That's his appeal every day. I love it. I love it because you have proven proven that hard work and hard work and being very wise with your money can pay off and then you can do the things thank you love and one of these things that you found you love to do is the tick tock videos in the in the videos. You do some things that are quite amazing. You're yes so I the thing that I wanNA share with everybody because this is what your love truly truly is in that is here in the United States. You have a lot of patriotism with the flag teaching your own family how to properly address the you know I mean I it is just so amazing and you take the time to do that and making sure that the flag doesn't touch the ground you really educate people on how you me back to tell you what time couple of months ago I started which is the tower pat and I thought aw I thought it was the PD. I WANNA make it real committee bread Amir how did not against the law how did not could not wear or you cannot pick your pick. I I get it for the line I I found out that you cannot make head or power to the touch so he's actually north heavy a lot of thinking about Reagan. I still am getting well. I love legs but here's a certain love aw do that. He should not have flooded ground or pick-up. Keep repeating that is amazing. You could also the pronounced version. I I know I can understand English. I can ride a bus hide. Comment pronounce means like Massachusetts access to those owned wrestling and you show that you ride it out and then you show that you're working on those words and I've seen you do this. It's amazing. Not many people all will say look at what I'm learning because oftentimes were. We feel embarrassed or something yes but let's talk about hats asks for a minute because I think that's kind of what the one of the videos that I I saw you in fact. Wasn't I saw you sort of in the background of or at least least what I thought was in the background of somebody else's video which turned out to be you having. I don't know how you did it but you in a supermarket with this towel that you made lead okay and I thought Oh that's interesting then I found another video in years you with this towel hat and this went on and on and I couldn't figure it out and then you showed how to make what and I think I just been hooked on this this it's really I don't know why used to help her time. I don't know why aren't videos is just one way. This way just loaded up. I believe that suicides keeper gala sixty four thousand he loved loved up again one way way just hook I got here I mean the cowardice yet yet the way just so you're folding or your does he get served up to Blake simple to set up in the new take each in enrollment. IQ You're like you're copying ipe so this is why I saw hair doesn't going onto the food silly look stupid now. I don't wear much society. Still it's anytown McHugh McHugh hours to wear this coward tax so does does what will you making the food you gotta wear the hat or power so help us better set a mouse so obviously I've thought and you'd Better Watch you had not you know that is so true because I can't tell you how many times I've gone somewhere including a restaurant and we've had a hair in my food and allow you know this always happen to me but you also do some other really cool. Things like you've done this sort of hover board thing where you stood on this kind of. I don't know what the I don't know what you call it but it takes takes a lot to be able to stand on this. I have a good my mom and dad but I I pick one. I was really good. I'm I'm a secondly the blackboard I I don't I don't I don't but I I still train in order to stop because when I was a Kaneiji like I just there's there's there's a thousand nine hundred ninety nine the beautiful one idiot. I don't mean because there was one person really a the S S so anyway so I got into it. I found out secondly blackbeard. I trouble after get anyway. What I have the kind of ahead of me up so we can that can do it at the Everett into and so I just met? I thought that I could do that but obviously not yeah so I don't know just I'm just lucky that I have those kind of good data also always trading always at least will exercise is good for been potty my buttons and you find. You've been training being on a UNICYCLE also another yet. I just wanted you know when you the mind to it you can really do. I would rotate teenage. I always see so span people right in the US you want but we did. When I was growing up you know I don't I four by either now we I so I always WANNA drive I i? I said I remember right before I wanNA tell you guys. I'm going to try right. He knows I'm GONNA do so our founding abundant Ebay you could so I did Gimme defect UNICYCLE so I had a big debt before the money and so I had to each cycle as well you know you save rhyme unicycle Annoy Open Commons Eastern. Try Number writer so I said No. I got you know cycle by decade so I have to wait for two weeks so when I get you I I really becky idea for what our I back to evict me a trump train foia suit. Does it a lot of work. I got tummy. Is it take a lot of ab your does does it. Take a lot of abdominal work to hold you up on their own. No I what I do our our acoustic. I don't WanNa get her. I don't WanNa get down backwards cushion so what I do. I want to buy backyard deck in identity getting grass. Oh yes they'll just said. I don't WanNa know stretch right so I didn't back yard the grass yeah. That's what I started doing it and I did it. I was sweating I did it. I did it for like an hour or they're not gonNA break a running running so I I I really I mean that is so occurring. It makes you feel like I can do that too. I mean if you can if he can do this. I could probably do that too. Yeah as I'm telling you we are all human somebody can do you can do. We're saying I mean maybe plant here at a black here. It doesn't matter we're doing you know. Put your mind to it just a desk by the when I say you feed. It serves sucking I cannot I do. I want open mouth I just about when I say I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA follow with it because that's what that's what's respect doubtful keeping tonight feed us what's actress. She was a follow you you don't do that kind of promise. Were Demi. He's you've got a while. You're not a bad you're not you're not es sir. I don't think customers so anyway a certain number nine kids yet good luck lay or you people laughing the I gruppe myself I did it. Yes yes you did actually this morning. I Post Wti yeah you did okay. I haven't gone this morning on on repairing for today so this. This is GonNa be fun to see the bottle. I don't know what I'd do the sector so I divided inside the liquor store they just the only goodness. Did you do next to all the bottles the shelves with all the bottles on yes I well. I might not but three would be but right now again. That's GonNa make me nervous watching it so this is going to be a lot of fun now. You also do watermelon videos Seattle's. Oh yes you know as a you know I wish I I I am. I had a lot of people say I listen. I you're listening to my memory address there and before I do shoot somebody else. I had to do that. Okay so whatever I want video anything. I don't make it up. I I got the idea. Some of them are my ideal some of them. I got the video and I got we've been trying. I got the first video watermelon idolize say come out right away but when you get water you there's a top and a bottom. Obviously people COBB was top. We got the Middle Auditing Curry Hurry spent writes yes. I just don't know the words he's okay. I'm not much these. I don't know out. Ask you want ask. That's best aboard invested a desirable avenue. I'm not embarrassed. I'm I'm not sure so anyway so these are not from South Korea background noise. Would you waterbed each battery died outside Greek. Yes yes right not upset about it does sound the the twenty so I don't get it so women could be ripple. Were looking for autumn the small side the whole can't sweetish water minute the smaller the size of the bottom of the that is whether okay so it's already wedding has a small belly button. Does that mean they're sweeter. Yes yes actually actually one of my other other video. That Rousseau is so important we somebody keep our follow me and bottle up video rice men who in eighteen thirty six I went grocery store the smarter the he was thinking so much. This is a great feeling. I just feel good people say take your right. There is really not what about you. I don't need yeah. I'm just excited to Lhasa Harse Nice Soul in incompetent so regularly so you really need. I you know he's on today's bye. Hi Fi copy or okay so you what was it's been five months that you start Jackie Eighty five months today was the hundred fifty days ago. Today I started watch Sir Yup and we see how many how many how many I got. I got two point five billion parts and a hundred hundred eighty one thousand bottles. You have one hundred eighty one thousand the following players in two point eight million hearts yes in five months period of time by this is unbelievable the wall and I don't I only find certified deeper but I like to find. I like to all my followers but yesterday my my job he's. I don't try to follow. Follow me no I I I WANNA make the my the people make a happy thought of the keeper. My personality I watch videos respected okay. I follow them feel. This respectfully would be a phone so you found somebody wants you radio today so yes actually when I started I help with one hundred dollars but so he lives in all kinds of stop and what I said that's not so hot. It less less Celeste now by most most auto reside the bitterns of Ave ton military the people or at so I got. I got bored at six hundred gig out there. I believe more than I the Beatles I dated and I know isolated is my board at the I I don't get two thousand. I S people bottles related so mike videos at six hundred years their their own overboard than thousand parts. Oh my goodness okay. That's a lot so with the videos that you follow because of how patriotic you are. I do WanNa WanNa talk about that for a minute because says we've talked about how you show that video but you you do this in your daily life also because every Friday such as today you do something to show your patriotism redshirt Friday and river uh everyone pirate victory without without deflates those country you don't know how fortunately are giving away the career over another country stop but sacrified their lifestyle so rocks it is I know I'm sometimes I do it but that's why I don't you know what I already flakes or keeper emits. I got huge huge lineups this light who take my country season injured the I don't know I I I just won't my heart. I I wish everyone shared the same love for the country or even could express the same loud that you do. It is such a wonderful thing and I know what you feel because I feel it too. It's it's amazing. At certain times win the feelings of emotion so strong certain the national national anthem and yes I mean and being being prior military veteran myself I mean the they're just these times when I it blocks certain deep deep deep deep emotions where it does bring tears to my eyes and I'm not a person that Christ very often so I totally understand what you're talking about and you you just show it all the time. You're so disaster about it and you you just bring so much joy and I'm so excited about everything that you are doing doing and I don't want to forget something that you do for everybody I I do you know I'm not trying to break this but here's of BC the BDO deal. There's a coupler on national anthem with a gun out to the whatever but I'm the law COP MOS Heart's on business console which is I got. Stay under I was with my cup the roof my house I now putting vacant fled where the Suda and what is came from Seoul Korea it's great to legally not close folks waiting flex and he may conflict comes up or go out to stand up the right hand and left inside. I you know I'm not getting that eastbound ninety east I I don't care what does whatever the principal but that is wrong. You stand up you. I'll just put the right out of the left side you gotta respect mic flex in USA. Yes I got there and I think that it's we live in a such a wonderful country and we don't always agree with everything that's okay. We still need to respect this country. We live in the freedoms that we have one hundred percent agree with. You and that's why I love. I love what you're doing and for you to get aiming to get in a suit to climb up on the roof of your house and do that and you're you want this to be Sean you. This is so amazing what you do but you also do something in addition to this to other Americans enmity with dollar bills Yes also I love American Dj on traffic but Dr Tragic what you or nine thousand nine hundred seventy dollars a year ago my goodness. I seen a two dollar bill in. I don't know how long this is nine hundred seventy two this whole mind. This is my friends. Fiance Father Retirement headed it and he would keep the way she she had a full cook and I if you don't want to buy soup I have these I this is. This is on a guy this this this this new period he's not made our the paper they are crops. How big seventeen caliber oh my goodness chance what a treasurer James yet also as a hobby is a bit I I cannot? US Pippen Muggy Audie Spacey Number See but I'm gonNA shoot you right there. WHO's nine nineteen in nineteen sixty six almost a be somebody this nineteen sixty six in August okay so why is it that you for those breath who are not able to see the show but are able to hear the show what going eighteen thirty six just did was holed up a dollar bill and with the serial serial number going from left to right he was reading what the date is on it and your birthday fell on the date that he you just read from that? He will mail you the dollar bill so when you wash the habit I mean when I was a special days you know every tissue his birthday cage or catch you anyway. How did that have already suspicious games? I would not strike aw how you have a nineteen seventy six July fourth dollar bill is I do. I have acted seventy six July for our while this is I have cerebral dollar. Patriots have Nike Nike Nike's People Kennedy is also support people back now sixty sixty seventy six percent. This is ice stuck his kids also I never suport award anything. Give forgotten six more is back. I did not know that anything before nineteen sixty four is ninety percent silver. I did you know that S in sixteen this'll be a quarter quarter. ADP Way back in nineteen sixty five was the penalty Kennedy. Kennedy's banking system is percents Zuber. Thank you bye record sixty six nine hundred sixty seven sixty eight percent so you try Nike Sixty four eighty you see there's another and so you were talking about the birthday dollar and for those were listening rice man going eighteen thirty six held up a stack a quite a large stack of one dollar bills so what he's doing that now and and so what you do is do you do this every day on your tick tock videos out there. I feel like I feel actually our rebecca. What gentlemen three months ago he's it is like that kid eighty nine ninety five store he used hey this book gate almost CJ? I know I saw piece. Actually you cut by the other two hundred dollars because I had to sit by you. Donate to forget that is saying need because I like the to Louis. Whatever you know also I did? I did picked up media. When I hit a fifty thousand followers? I picked up you you know for like Time What missile we fried day I earn. I don't have much a I were less. Whatever listed a bet that money I want? I want yet if you go take I give it homeless people. That's what I was just going to talk to you about your. Did you bring that up so what you did. was you ended up getting this money. You put it in an envelope got a birthday cake and you took it to the homeless people that were out on a park bench associated yeah two minute there was abandoned lady Acura like husband but they hit a the affordable arguing the bottled water. I I said I'm going to go home. I'm going to grab got got. You know I would about the cave so I get the kick off the refrigerator up to the budget that I get out of your diesel. He's just pick up the money and so what I did. I don't the I don't mind if they do live or you know people do not alive. He still whatever David will do. The understanding of drought body evident was my I teach is not to live to get on the body to wherever I go. I that's at connives to live again also united. I call it a keep an eye. This is actually a bit is idea and I want to I've been I've been so just let people know that there's people that for whatever you know it's not it's not my I what do whatever the lives of the wherever Disa- lettuce tried to Hebron happy children who may about our way or what he or traffic yes yes you. Were you also talk about weight weight loss. We talk about that for a minute. As a as a right I sleep with that is not right or factory. It was going fat Asia. If out there ah we have less as a Beta if you computer Stephen uh-huh always always of its people more more people out there the by as a as a little later and I thought it was a big by fighting like Ice Electric Lisa yet I I I I wasn't trading. I have my I told my ministers so I cannot exercise. I I can study or these cops what Geez you're happy Easter. Just eat our months. You know go meet the bus bus. Breath the one to make your buttons big the beat but now actually but one of my friends lost in. I saw Jimmy to Tokyo well. You didn't tell them that I actually lose weight. I just watched how a needs so what he did was six days. He doesn't need car so he doesn't get pasta aw he doesn't need he doesn't mean the sugar and and so I did what what I did was. I think what what he did so. I stopped with White Rice. Stop eating. He stopped at a Nokia Keesa piece. I just see cheated. I don't regret okay so I have a comfortable. I'm I was two twenty at one eighty five year kidding hitting me just carving of each I I did also everybody I everybody should how can have is workmen's or rally. Tell you will be you're going to Y- in My Life Really Homemade Yogurt yogurt ebony body for last year's you know in your bathroom very what you feel. Better is starting to get stuff. Bathroom is not right so so I started younger. I don't have capital bathroom. Sometimes I wouldn't put myself through school. Okay I'm up. It's really quite amazing what we think of that. This is hoping it's okay. So how do you make your yogurt. Is it very involved. No silver is actually actually he picks me forty five forty five hundred forty five minutes baked what what the two percent milk what gala equals twenty one eighty. You're no candy. Yes you pick a twenty one eighty agr with yoga with Janet a lot so wouldn't eat what what John Everyday to cover. You know how much you could save by was a year. You're in the body very expensive but you make the meals yeah. Have you seen who it is is really solid. If you use our news so when I started sometime Uber or a key kyw's anything you want you can add it okay. You're deny coupler eggs. That's what I what everybody if I studied MOGRE HOUSE HE CEO a couple of hours ago so hopefully I I would launch time. We don't get hungry at all yet. So I'm off by somebody who studies zeal yes now. Do you have to add anything anything to the milk to make the yogurt. Go what you do. Is You have to suffer you to wet by you guys to our big Uber. What do you got to look at one ninety? He asked anybody who built. What Ninety witchy should your stop worry? You Cook these meals to all of us. Oh so you WanNa go out with your what eighty five eighty nine ninety builds beer scores up. Yes you start going you all the best Esco so you got stay. Watch this dope. You can't be you gotTA put up to high tech got the low temperatures force you gotta hide can put for instance. Okay then you print temperature the twenty five minutes and you were the worst yes okay. You did it for like a half an hour the Dan how sick you have to go down to you what eighty two got what you put out what forty five okay the Buddha who put out east. You could see the water in the water so assess how you do it you just need the cotton three down right right right and Khuda fifty foot water dead you added you use your car. Sure Okay Yeah you stutter. You'll even you may get the Uber set you sit you get it. I get it. That's how you make you do bread read. Also you can do again. Cuban sorta you start at just use the it's not ucs two fifty two twenty one time how that has really it is expensive at the story it really is or you have to eat your tweets and you're not in the there's like hardly no carbs in this whatsoever. Yes cuffs on your only. This is okay. I am definitely going to be checking this out in addition to some more of your videos because I absolutely love them and you have brought so so much joy to many but you have really brought a lot of joy to me and I wanNA thank you not only for being here today on the show to share all of this fund staff with the audience I hope that the audience today will start connecting with you on tick Tock and Instagram Youtube and I wanna thank you for bringing so much joy. Join me personally about my respect always every time you do something about information about saving money is about how big a bunch of dollars I have announcing offbeat people signing her. I I absolutely love. It and I want to thank all of you for tuning into another Rep. Episode of Rebecca Sounds Reveille with it. Is that thank you with me going eighteen thirty six make sure download tick tock if you haven't already and connect with him there start following him because I've got I tell you you're gonNA get tips jokes patriotism and so much more with all of the things he's doing and the inspiration maybe event to start some fun things all on your own. Thanks for tuning in extreme share this with your friends. Your family co workers everybody that you know on social media those that that you don't

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38: Pilots That Fly Jets Are Like Hemsworths

Start Today Morning Show

35:48 min | 2 years ago

38: Pilots That Fly Jets Are Like Hemsworths

"It's the morning show that no one knows no one is talking about is talking about tainted they've probably the best way to start two fake gave Mr this Mr Steal your girl fierce in it he sets an alarm the first one is like it's time to get up then the second one is like seriously you need to get up in the next one is wake up has not yet been can have a real chat with me so the affirmation is just from the time she's little I want to instill that in her and you also say enrolled says stop saying that Mike You know what if I wasn't here this would be the thing you missed actually don't say that liked two and a half months they started in August okay I don't have any concept of time like if it's only been a month something's going wrong is be kind to everyone and friends with anyone because I'm in a lot more I'm in conversation with the boys they're old enough they can understand the the affirmation that you do with her every day and it was just like precious perfect amazing and then I put it up on the interweb and then people said Oh Mike I wish someone woke me up in the morning and said Good morning you precious angel it's going to be a great day good morning 'cause you're a great gift what like what what is happening like the sound of a submarine dive dive dive and I come in and it's my fifth graders alarm which I've never heard which is there's something that you guys have the boys do like what is Rachel want the boys to do every day do they have an affirmation I said yes Rachel requires Backed back one in Chicago one in San Diego Talents San Diego an especial part of the airport august-september okay okay so there's like six weeks maybe eight weeks either way we have crossed the threshold because the threshold that we've crossed is that at the beginning of the but I think it well we'll when you're trying to say something beautiful to your children and they're shoving the beauty back in your face school year when it was time to start our morning I would turn on the Hallway Indus crack their door and then I'd come back in five minutes and gift I am as a mother you know we've hit we hit like a month into school and the a month into school time is signaled one you are great you're going to have a great day because you're great yeah every single morning when awake the boys up I say it's GonNa be a great day because you're great it's real and every single morning my seven thirty I walk right into the room click on their light and say good morning what would you like for breakfast let's get going here we go here we go here we go there is no slow wake up you were out in the just in order to tell the story I flew back private it's okay I flew back private it is essential to the story I'm about to tell when you fly back private you land on airport when I get out of the airplane there are in front of me like from here to there three f eight Lane Ana what's it called tarmac tarmac and you walk into a building but you're walking into a building pass all sorts of other airplanes all right push it open a little more and say it's time to wake and then I would push it a little bit more and then finally twenty minutes later I turn on the light and now when it is the boys sing all three verses to who run the world at the beginning and the end of each day now when I say the boys because their school age so what I said at the boys the like please don't snooze choose only serves I tell you about what happened last night what happened okay I had to events hugh outmaneuver workout this morning our fifth grader is at Fifth Grade Camp and I'm walking back through the house here this like but I didn't see any evidence of why they needed those close the re F. Eighteens like right there are still like literally does like a soccer mom stop because I'm about to walk behind the like fire engine of an F. Eighteen was somebody doing this is this obnoxious alarm and then on the screen and says why ask we've got to have a conversation this fills abrasive the thing is I've seen number in Topgun now we're like he's like this and then he comes up with a salute and then he sends him on his way no I don't know I just remember that he can't do a fly by the number two so when I'm looking at this thing engines are on so loud and there are fighter pilots I'm coupon and fighter pilots pilots in the plane scenes like fighter planes fighter pilot planes what are they doing an Austin tech I guess they were in there all the time and that's what they land there all the time had come in of your dude or girl I don't know you are attractive because you know how to fly an f eighteen did they did they have the helmets a standing on the tarmac looking at this magnificent I'm like I can't even see you and if I was a single lady I would ask for your number I don't even here's what I need you to know if you can fly a jet plane I don't mean like a Delta plane I mean like a kind of plane like that it's the same as if you know how to play guitar or if you can do Elton John on the piano at a party you are attractive Sir Ma'am it was dark but they took off for the rest of my life but ps in Tex- yes thank you military last week and there are all these guys in like fighter pilot garb and I was like oh someone's going to a top gun party people okay I saw those pieces I saw them they're doing testing whatever okay that's not the point the point is an F. eighteen is like the size of a house number one it is so tall what's the what did he say can I can apply by not the pattern full oh you know what someone did just post you service members also your way hotter than I knew that you were because if you could watch three I watched three teens actions and I was like does this happen regularly and this gals at twenty six behind the counter and she's like doing something and the president came to like a temporary reception of some kind of Dallas it was not that the people at the airport thing say that the people there in there once a week is the perfect thank you who's just said that WHO's my girl who's my girl she wanders Missouri you are so accurate Ed Sheeran you know disrespect looks like a troll don't you dare go after And he can play the guitar he does but as soon as he starts singing in guitar and singing in a beautiful voice true or not true way hotter instantly. You don't have to sing a song guitar percent I don't true or not true ladies let's say there's a guy average maybe even he's not attractive all of a sudden he starts about how handsome they are but I was like I gotta get a uniform see there now I gotta get a uniform I didn't see their face Ed Sheeran oh cool for the awesome power that is an F. Eighteen fighter if you run away with one of these pilots than Becky and I may be having to create a south life together oh they're shooting shooting off fireworks from the plane like what like at least once you couldn't be cared by the top gun show happening outside she could not you're too cool becky your hey love you have a great day Yep you got it got your cat shirt oh she's GonNa can't swim take off and it was the most amazing thing I was like me and the janitors like all these guys um about dancing with you and being in love with you and you being as Galway girl I WANNA be your glow up he has have a story for to start today morning show tomorrow 'cause I wanted your reaction on camera don't be jealous with becky she can't be thing no I need someone who's not distracted by pilots handsomeness know what it was I promise you if you had been easy things like free falling at the fair or doing hanging yoga or just the food's yeah so do all these in the day if you're an og you've been with me for a really long time I used to have a show on youtube you can go watch it called rates tries where I would try this morning swear to you do my today during a work one of my gratitude no for real one of my pieces of gratitude was I got to see something that up John Mayer is hot for guitar to be hot Sheeran is a whole different thing if John Merica fly appointing get Outta here oh meaning Halloween when they have those like actors and Maths and it's my nightmare nightmare both of us are such uh-huh oh you're welcome America the best part about that story is that I came home and I was so excited about what I had seen and I was like I garrity cats but we are walking through thing house of scary house where they jump out and intentionally try to ruin your life avenge the only thing in the oxygen mask did you see call signs I don't know Dan Goldstein's Merrick they took who so I didn't see me you would have been like okay I never seen anything like that my life saying that pilots that fly jets are like Hemsworth hundred I'm not jealous come on LSU sweet home what we're doing or now yeah we should tell them what we're doing 'cause I'm not excited about this all so bad talked weights those people don't get to see don't act like you're too cool I am too to have seen what I am very excited about what you saw it was when it tipped into it becomes uh-huh what else happened guys I'm sure I'm sure you've been telling them all week I hope you've been telling him all week window Sandiego tickets go on sale the twenty second rates rise we are bringing back tries just for funsies and the very first thing that we're doing for rate size is reached tries a haunted house off work to buy tickets that is a good friend that is a good friend where's taking place we are allowed to tell people was told by shelley we can actually tell people hold on Komo news now I'm worried to check the news make sure that everything's fine you know how big an F. eighteen is I would have no concept of this plane and the soon it's in June hold we have Florida in January march is Toronto June is San Diego and eleventh through the I'm looking at a calendar in real time there it is it's still Tuesday what are we picked a Tuesday because Monday is the day that people who are hitters it is at the Va Haas arena the Va Haas arena which is an awesome awesome then a of October that is dame eat that Monday I don't know what it is I'm not a human calendar it's Tuesday Tuesday October twenty second or your shirt it's Ah we're doing that today and they're videotaping the whole thing and edited together just to make something whose only mission is to make you laugh so get ready for that linemen around America there was long Greenwood when we needed him it was so amazing and I turned to the the things we do I'm excited I'm excited about it but also it is my nightmare so good times contained I'm just a little in the summertime so all our teachers we see you can come to this so go tickets go on sale to everybody on Tuesday and people are asking what a gold whereas go-getter is when you have been you bought into my coaching program for the entire year so if you bought into the coaching program for entire year you've got extra special he's picking you up and in front of some Zombie who was jumping out or you need to be loved be who you need to be able to be me yeah I need to be me launch so I believe that every single business so matter service or product you should have a season where you are making most of your sales so we're going to talk through so seasonal launch and then in life coaching this sounds I don't know how this sounds that I really really feel called to teach on and this has been we probably gotten three thousand emails about these tickets we fully anticipate San Diego is going to be our biggest event of twenty the idea of being aware and you guys will understand why but being aware that you do not know how much time you have left on this invest like I feel like you know what if I'm scared I'm like the whole you have represented yourself as the person who is likely to be frightened and then it it's like being in a facebook group with me you get this really Rad box that are sending older finals oh phenomenon in your season is how do you build up how do you create a marketing plan what do you do once you know so that you can launch well and do most of your business typically in one season we feel like my job is to be the strong man in the frightened duo leader yeah it ain't going to be the role I am all this exclusive product get to buy tickets before anyone else the we have coaching next week. If you WANNA give coaching world and see what it's all about the thing if if you are interested in coming out to a rise weekend the women's conference that is happening in San Diego but you can't make June eleventh it's on Tuesday and coaching closes on Monday of keys lease on Sunday you can go find out about our coaching program at the Hollis Co Dot Com surf what are you going to do what is it it'll be mortality motivation what does it look like to figure out your passion what does it look like to pursue your potential what does it look like fiancee I was with Noah yesterday morning and the kickoff of the show I had her do to live into who you feel you are called in created to be and so that's what life coaching is it closes on Sunday but if you want to find out more details House Co dot com it is on my birthday so I'm not sure what the team is planning I think it's going to be good so fingers crossed we are going to also we I will have a chance to buy the ticket so it's the twenty first for people who are go-getter for everyone we have there's a lot that there's something so powerful about starting a year especially twenty twenty starting strong and with intentionally and knowing where you're going also the Florida have the documentary that basically takes you inside of what these stinking events are light called Rachel Hollis presents made for more it's available on Amazon but we through the thirteenth there are still tickets for the Fort Myers Events January. There're still tickets for the Toronto Vince in March so we got all kinds of operation tickets for San Diego the crew was just Intel you were in Tan team was in town yesterday looking at all of the stuff it is just that I took any we have a huge fan base in California and just a bunch of people who also want to go to the Beach WanNa have I wanNA have a mother daughter getaway whatever it looks like for you and the way to get it in everyone's hands because it's awesome yeah honestly it's an awesome documentary and hopefully we'll leave you feeling encouraged and I'm giving you just a little more insight into what golf and by the way like to me if I had to choose window personal development conference January is the month old for sure no doubt or if I just but next week I'm teaching so life and business next week by a day love you next week in business I'm teaching how to do a seasonal going to make available here shortly for all of humanity I mean it's free for prime members but in case you're not a prime member and you have not watched it we're gonNA find it about it yet outta here it's Nelson is can I say the private that's funny no one's upset now because they're debating it like why are you guys upset she here's the thing in how we do the things that we do with these events this is so funny are like did someone is our people really upset because I said that I the thing that I would regret is not being who I really am because I think it'll sell more books or because I think you'll like me better this is you and I want you to be here but I'm going to be myself and sometimes myself flies on a private jet by the way you could ym and I'm so freaking tired of the double standard that exists between men and women in business so truly I loved so you last night after another night away when you have spoken on stages fifty eight times during two thousand nineteen like I'm I'm just trying to explain myself I care I care I thought I've been thinking about that a lot after losing by brother-in-law a couple of weeks ago right now on the Internet flying private and you think it's cool so do not get pissed when it's me I'm going to hide something not stop if that if that sort of scarcity mentality like go go not and we would have had you returning to this house after Ford's adjective parade today after not having been able to see astor if you don't like that on follow me because that is my truth and you know what sucks there are hundreds if not thousands of male entrepreneurs I keep thinking about this idea of like what would you regret what would you regret that is what I keep asking myself what would you regret and I think that in debt was because it was part of the story so you cannot hold women to a different standard than you hold the rock who you think is so fancy because he's on a private I don't understand I mean I do understand I understand you know what's interesting a friend of mine from high school teaming she posted this thing about post pictures of that I never show I never make videos I'm not showing you the car I'm not being a Douche bag I'm not showing off any the only reason I mentioned matter but the idea that somebody would decide to get upset about that who cares honestly and the the thing is too I never was since she participated in man she just missed it so much and now that she has a child felt guilty about anything you have a problem great go follow somebody else what else is happening this weekend I mean Scott so far so fired up east once a week if not twice and because I have worked really hard I have the finances to afford a private flight every once in a while so I can get home to my kids no the thing was I was like I want to tell the story and I never say this piece because people always react like that always but no training for this thing that brought her so much joy and I wrote back like Hey I'm training for a marathon we are training after the way I look I I know it's important to say that you care I think it's more like if somebody has a problem with it what I'm saying is who care I don't care about somebody having a problem with like literally her having before she had a kid training for a triathlon and how she like saw the reminder in her feed that it had been four years or whatever so that they will change whether they think and change the way that they just all the things and also it has never once occurred to me someone else so that you will like them more or you will buy more of their things this is who I am I have worked really hard to get to this place in my career I travel to think about my deciding to train for this thing as being selfish or it I've never experienced any dad guilt and so if it isn't true for me then why would it be a thing that should be true for you and it's this is the same thing it's like there is a double standard that the crazy thing too is like the the there are there are there are so many things that people assume when they hear things like that for a half ironman and I'm doing it in part because I'm modeling for my kids how I want them to approach pushing themselves physically he comes normal good that's the line that I love is if it's not true for everyone shouldn't be true for anyone through which is light this is this is the reality of having to work at this level you don't get mad at Oprah when she's flying private you don't get mad at these so soon was like sixty five degrees yesterday so I was flying about halfway through I start doing the math and I'm like I'm actually on a pace where is this for a man there should be scrutiny that exists for women and part of how we're going to break that is by keeping on having conversations on platforms like this until finally one day I decided to write about mental health and in the conversation about mental health I was trying to at a certain point in the chapter draw some connection between physically pushing yourself hour fifty nine minutes and fifty seven seconds can I tell you what's crazy though what you did is amazing is like a time beyond anything right only one I miscalculated how much point one takes so it took me sprinting mile thirteen I known sprinting and that's why rests in almost every thing and if there isn't guilt that exists for a man there shouldn't be in exists for women if there isn't scrutiny research that I'm doing was inspiring me like I gotta go out and run and I got out there I mean like the weather had previously for all of my long runs been in the nineties you do this under two hour half marathon let's go so I'm running running running but by the end the very last mile that point one thirteen what is Chris remember that guy just ran a full marathon here's the thing here's the thing win I was so I had to write this extra bonus chapter of my book yesterday it was about Oh really do the best job that I know how to do to be a strong leader and to be a good wife and to be a good Mama I try and be very intentional about that but a good one that's true I ran a half marathon and you ran it in time Iran it's in one how who who how do you know who's paying for things and whether the events that have been contracting speak weren't responsible for it alf and how it can change the way you think and I was as I was thinking about went and lack the four minute mile the now two hour marathon like people is right now any tips on making a business proposal better I don't do business all didn't think that that was a possibility and then it happened and it changed the way people thought about what was possible so nobody had ever done it and then someone history nobody had ever done it before so it's like once you see that something's possible then you realize what you're capable out so I get done like writing this chapter and the he'll be there to hopefully all of that you can find all that information but as always if you have any questions customer service is amazing hello at the Hottest Co dot com Ma that's so awesome the last five minutes of the show and every single time in the last five minutes we QNA so hit us up with your question ran a marathon in no someone had run ran a mile in under four minutes and as soon as one person did it within a year like twenty five people did it even though in foods are foods that don't they're only one thing apple meet lettuce rice those are only one thing once you mix don't you do it twenty twenty in the fall of twenty twenty so you got some time what do you mean by whole foods so hopefully but dave I just got the galleys which means that we're going to put together a launch team here soon so I'm sure that we're going to make an announcement about that Sean level and the best possible ticket is VIP which gets everything in this like sick gift bag and you sit right down front so people do that because urge the company like know everything about the company that you're going to talk to if I'm sitting down with someone and they do not know about our business I don't care how talent a gas but I am fired up for it I am super super excited I just started sending them to a handful of humans that I'm looking to have endorsed the book and the feedback that in the arena as well as what you get with your ticket so if you go into each event like you can look forward are Toronto or whatever you'll see what you get with me most likely to have me co chew like in real time during the event as well as you get sick picture with me you get a VIP party all that stuff so hopefully I have never been so excited about conference in my life like I was I was China on a little bit of stuff yesterday I went and did one of my best ask day to buy tickets for business conference is October thirtieth the last two by business conference tickets is October thirty a different experiences but Peleton is a fantastic way to get that feeling without having to drive anywhere really rise conferences on the east coast get them to say yes if it serves their need someone just asked what's the difference between tickets at rise so the pricing is about the place that you sit in your home there was a lot of things to work through in relationship that we felt like having something as a tool that you can do with your partner at home would be better because there's a like bread is a mixture of several different ingredients a whole food is just food in its whole state in the early release copies of your if East there's one on the East Coast in Florida there's one on the Northeast and Toronto so it's the kind of best tip for a job interview research right and get people excited we still have a little bit of time I mean it's October book comes out in March so I think we'll probably do it in like the December timeframe other conference we are actually filming a rise together e course so that you can have the live experience in the privacy the proposal like what do you mean like a proposal for a client or like here's what I think my business can be and should be Martinsburg should be focusing on providing has been so affirming so feel great about it someone just said do you think riding Peleton at home is as motivating as writing in person in class I think they're totally when is the rise run we haven't announced it yet but I'll say don't say they said whatever you do do not say the day until we finalized this wow goodness gracious previously made available at our conferences and some new stuff available to buy online so water bottles and hats and necklaces and New Jersey journals in a whole a whole host thing so stay tuned for that we're excited about that someone just asked about middle schoolers so the content how what you are providing can be value focused for whoever you're pitching to so that you're really considered of what they are going to get out of it you're likely I changed my ticket from South Carolina to San Diego no they are totally different conferences this one is a business conference one is a women's conference or totally different conferences tell you I just reached out to some schools here locally about a really feel called to do an event that's like rise teen yeah that's only twelve days it is the most insane lineup best speakers ever you're going to get that information so that you can ramp up to start twenty twenty strong a lot of work that is hard to do a big environment so this conference is November seventh through the ninth it's coming up in Charleston the so much pain here there's there is this generation and I'm sure that existed when we were younger too but no one is pouring into them no one is loving on them the perfection that is curated online people are asking about shipping when the ECOMMERCE store launches to Canada yes Oh really yeah oh raise be someone just semi biceps are looking thank you so much I've been working really hard that we are typically the toughest in last ninety days challenge right so you're in the middle of this challenge and by the way some of the excitement of I'm sure there are absolutely people who are blessed with incredible parents but there's a Lotta teenagers who are super hurting who are drowning in exile on yourself right we had three days while you were gone of I will toot my own Horn fire-breathing quitting conversations riding into there might be this instinct to not be as intentional about this weekend as you might have in the past do not give up on yourself this week was about quitting that's just us our company and me and my friends volunteering our time to do like a one day and try and take some of the work that we're doing doc one has worn off and now you're going to go into your third weekend is that right third weekend third weekend and so it doesn't feel quite as the thing as it is the social media world that we live in does not help any of the stuff that people are struggling with because of comparison in the morning every weekday eight am central on facebook and instagram on basically every channel we have our theme song is from Sunshine Follow her at the Sunshine our executive producer is Cameron Berkman the show is produced by Chelsea harsh and Kevin Westlake with create for Middle School and high school girls but there are boys who follow me too is on Tick Tock Ti K. T. o. k. your kids know what it is even if you do not though a lot of adults have started following me as well but literally the only thing I'm doing on that platform creating content for younger women and I actually I didn't girls Amy Porterfield I spoke with her yesterday and I was trying out some of my entrepreneur staff and I was like I cannot wait let's get a rice on my arms and on that note we gotta get ready for Work I hope you have a great day I hope you have a great weekend I want you to remember ended up finishing three seconds in front of the line anyway it's happened with Nike what happened with an assignment said did you see the Nike Shoe Dramas no I love Nike production help from Nicole Fisher and I like to give special thanks to hawk the fish that will never die three days worth of live streams they are saved on facebook. Don't quit on yourself we are here to finish this thing strong even as we're at the beginning of it your ability arise women's conference and translate that into middle school and high school girls because by being on

San Diego Intel Beach WanNa Toronto Hollis Co Dot Com Tan California Fort Myers Rachel Hollis Noah Florida Amazon five minutes twenty second three days two hour one day fifty seven seconds fifty nine minutes sixty five degrees
Episode 128 - Science Is Everywhere

Congratulations with Chris D'Elia

1:02:27 hr | 2 years ago

Episode 128 - Science Is Everywhere

"This episode of congratulations is brought to you by the cash app getting quite a crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy which ellen episode one twenty eight a popular podcast congratulations a and a let's go through before will will live on my app you can download my advocacy that i see the podcast before anyone else if you so choose i got that going on 'em i'll be in tarrytown new york end alantic city new jersey that's my home state new jersey a this weekend i think they're all sold out i'm pretty sure then we got san jose coming up august twenty third in las vegas august twenty fourth 'em and then some other ones coming up to san diego riverside foxwoods connecticut a bethlehem pennsylvania for some reason in rochester new york city way to up there so detroit detroit michigan i guess i'm playing oh we're not detroit michigan at the masonic it's cathedral seats masonic he drove theater can't say that without sounding like you have a fucking list masonic fedral theater 'em so yeah dude you check out the fucking new merge to features too bright a somebody talking to me on my abc senior shirt is brightest future 'cause i've got a vibrant yellow shirt on then i see a buddy i'll be there foxwoods says martin bearish a fuck yeah with you there foxwoods the dregs the earth man when i got a fox woods did when i gotta foxwoods my to release fair plays the former connecticut and san diego a i think connecticut you got like yuppie fucking white light pink short wherein you know what i mean date rape is looking mother fuckers and then you got the like the drags you and then also in connecticut you got the drags eggs you've got guys that are like just like you got like like women that are like that are like pear shape that are just like in a in a in a fucking blouse and they're just like at least in the casinos and they're always and they're just like they're like a jennifer jennifer jennifer coming here look any and then they do a fucking bet but also every time i've ever been to a casino i've i've never been to a casino and not seen somebody with just one arm every time i go to a casino no matter what casino you go to there's always somebody with with one arm somewhere larkin there do it and you know why it's 'cause you only went onto the slots i think they just walking around like this like where's the slot machine in the getting pam you need one fucking onto slots i swear to god go i challenge you know the bottle cap challenge in the fucking 'em dallas you had with water challenge that the fuck and that's another challenge go casino casino one arm challenge find the people with one but i could see no casino when i'm challenge hashtag get in trouble for that for sure so 'em got in trouble my baby you know 'em didn't wear the shirt so bright on the fucking a podcast but put it on didn't wanna take it off a i have still some exciting news that i cannot fucking give yet and i will give it on thee i believe the fifteenth of july so stop asking i'm sorry i know i said it like three weeks ago i keep saying the fifteenth of july will be dropping some news and a that's what's up but otherwise you know things are good man you know chilling chilling chilling chilling chilling like availing 'em and i got a fucking tick tock dude how about that have you guys been on tick tock tick tock the worst that did you guys know that how come they always have the spell it differently to tick like what what what what spell ship more wrong a apps or rappers you know what i mean like all eyes on me with z or tick tock gee i k t o k tick tock is the worst of all time and it's all good but it's source of all time and i did one i did a bunch last night and i was howling dude how bad they are they're so bad even doing them makes me cringe even though i'm making fun of it i put on my instagram i said this is my impression of a twelve year old and it was like and they're all like how come everybody on tick tock when they're doing two jobs they have to look up to the left like this and whether they gotta do that shit they're just like hey i saw a guy to a tick tock we go on is there like a tick tock dot com to see it on my fucking only on the phone yeah but there's there's youtubers they uploaded to you to babies that's why you're one fire he doesn't think of the things that i think of a tick tock here we go look at these tic tacs bro somebody i saw tick talk to other day you know how that guy cameron something the disney kid died do do is like a fucking eleven year old that was like playing the beginning of a song and it said like camman yada yada was pronounced dead and the kid was just like this like feeling it like protecting the cry and then he just like when like this and that the tick tock hey guy hey dude if you're my kid i have wordsworth you have words with their kids if they're fucking pretending to be emailing tick tock seriously dude that's how i know i'm old guy finally besides back pain that's how i know i'm an old guy is that there's a really popular app finally and i don't i i just can't tick tock tick tock you'd go fuck yourself you know let's look at some of these though top ten best tick tock challenges why is everything a god damn challenge to you just hit record tic tacs that keep me happy in summer oh this'll be a good one i i i walk around like gay should i mean just so bad audio such bad idea me what is this shit how'd you get taller i mean jesus mother fuck you know bills pajamas just jumping around all right i can't even i mean it's not even worth it you know just how fucking but they always go like oh oh what's that song but they the december why is it just be one oh it is maybe that's his first song right ever tick tock is like that oh they go oh it's a weird dude everything so weird tick tock fucking come on oh they're killing adult man how do you make big money sponsors i guess anyway get it don't get a tick tock somebody just comments on my at you're cat challenge k i still haven't gotten neal is cameo i gotta get neal's cameo i gotta get on the fucking talk shit shutout for the baby's do you guys think that 'em did you think i'm ever gonna get a cameo from fifty grand if i got a cameo from fifty grand i i mean i i guess i would probably put some money towards charity or whatever even though i don't wanna know i wanna keep it all in just fucking double it go to vegas tried a double it all in the name of charity and when i lose and be like a charity fucked me 'em nah i did a yoyo a so yeah i dunno so i i suppose i should talk about zemun everything i've forgotten logic thing i forgot to talk about this last week the video came out and everytime the video some comes out or i get something big like that i always text bryan callen in will sasso different now i wish i'd say hey it's different now or i'll go off data brian count one time i saw the elevator i told him i got some big news with them and i'm thinking would ever be in eminem's video and then i just look when i go like this right and jose cycle by like i'll never hang out with him again i'm not even fucking forty though i can get away with that shit i'm so young god dammit i'm so young there is no one younger 'em so so i go by really obnoxious to his face so but yeah 'em was i talking about the eminem together so a so yeah so here's how it went down because i know people were asking because i see it so so i did the impression eminem obviously tweeted about it and then logic did a song logic put a eminem wanna put me on the end of it they call my manager the manager said oh okay and so then i let him have it and then on monday going to call you okay and so on and so logic called me talk the logic logic the nicest guy ever met in my life where the phone a we talked with bullshit added a and and then he was like i got an idea of the video i think maybe it'd be cool video of like you did the m and m's part and i was like you know of course i'll do it so then i fucking showed up on the set and they showed me eminem's impression of me they had already shot it in detroit or some shit and it was fucking on unbelievable disci eminem dressed in a wig of that would look like mine and he was doing of course in some form and abortion a phone points andy i couldn't believe my eyes and they put my fucking wig on and then i wrapped m and m's part it took about five hours and then i fucking did it and then it came out like three weeks later and molest effort now 'em what what what did you say a my price just went up what what would you say what would that fucking guy say a a not my price price what what do you say a fucking my my price just went up i think is that what do we say i dunno whatever he said though you know still in the meeting my price went up my price just went up a it's the best dj khallid you know it's so funny that somebody could get so famous that everyone has the fucking recognize them no matter what like i see like dj khallid in videos of mark walberg and i'm like mark walberg what the fuck are you doing you know like you're a real actor and you're really good at and cool and fucking a family man and kevin it and you got wall burgers what the fuck are you do in associated with a guy who's still in the meeting i'm still in a meeting somebody that's the thing that's the goal is to get that famous or you could just do shit like be on a jet ski and it'd be like my price just went up and still half half that have like a legit illest actor be like all right well if i'm in a video with him i guess i'll get with the kids the kids will be fucking i'll be popping with the kids i mean dj khallid is basically tick tock still in the meeting and then when did you how did the fucking lab workouts ramos fucking fainted he was doing it so bad 'em but yeah i don't know i guess you gotta i guess if i was here we go dj khallid hitting the waits look this is the best of three minutes of it jesus christ he just i i wanna meet these yucaipa he's a fucking he's he's probably a nice guy right he paulie fucking bus and not so quick it's unbelievable like he's never had a fucking orgasm longer than half a second like it'll just be like yeah yeah yeah and then jesus and that's it and then you were just rolls over these the quickest sleeper after in oregon oh yeah oh yeah and that's it and that's it like a lion you know how they do it real quick and he goes price just went up like i can't i can't not making it sound like ll cool j i don't remember what the dj khallid sounds like 'em but yeah just fucking a whatever you know a dj god i what is he worth which dj callard where the should never right but what's what's his net worth yeah thirty five million dollars i would think it'd be more than that the guy producers fucking everything it probably is that shit's always wrong i think i mind it says minds like fucking four hundred million dollars and i'm like okay well when i see that 'em so a yeah people has a bro someone talk to me show close the other day like were there breath was just on my face and it wasn't bad breath oh and i said to him hey man i i know he's a he's a big guy big white guy that just was talking to me and i said whoa whoa whoa and i put my hand out and he said oh what's up i said sorry man you could say whatever you want you're just way too close and he said oh sorry man and that's fine that was it it ended there but i don't like doing that 'cause you're making me be in a position where i have the fucking tell you the societal rules of conversation okay be a fucking a foot and a half away at least k if not if not i have a new rule i'm gonna fucking make out with you i'm gonna fucking start hooking up with you did i don't care if you're a guy or girl you could be ninety if you're talking to me that close i'm gonna start fucking hooking connect with you if you talk to me and you're like this doesn't matter who you are i move in for the cash and then when you go what the fuck are you doing i say oh well what oh no you moved in on me and i you moved in on meta catch me and talk right and when they say whoa dude ice and then when the cops come because you know some guys will try try beat the shit out of me because of it i'll say duty tried to fucking catch me and now he's mad that i was trying to kiss back and the cops go what and they talked to the guy and it's not just having conversation and the cops go how close were you and you oughta know as usual close and then someone took it on video maybe showing the video when the cops with a guy you know he tried it gives you because you tried to fucking kissing it's so ridiculous when people talk so close to you kiss that person try for real to root for real kiss that person i'm gonna hook up with everybody who closes talks real close 'em otherwise it's fucking not worth it for me dude i gotta sit there and talk to somebody so closest it's worth it if i could fuck you fuck up the whole day and tried to kiss you give me that now 'em so yeah the eminem thing was fucking cool i got the do that it's it's actually awesome i i i watch clips of the video for the first two days and the way i never watched the video and then i watched it on the second on the third day and i was like jesus christ kind of gave me chills shows like this is fucking incredible actually like when i was nineteen eighteen eminem came out on the scene and i was like well this guy's fucking amazing and he was like one of my favorite rappers and now i'm in a video at not only am i playing him he's playing make i think it was just really incredible those moments are you know few and far between your life but 'em that was one of them and i'm very grateful for it i really am so that's what's up i had a fucking you'll do you know that there's a shift speakers that you prefer if you're pregnant you could put a speaker in your vagina and play music for the baby that's the thing that's something an end then end the baby can you hear music and just supposed to like calm the baby and stuff like this and that's a product and doctors are like hey don't used idiots you know why because you should never put electronics knicks up inside your policy does is that something that needs to be said hey don't put electronic senior policy you know why electron ix imagine and that she had just putting a fucking being so dumb that you're like i gotta buy that and put music up my pussy so my fucking unborn child can listen to josh grobian magic you turn on first and then put it interview put it in and turn it on how do you even know if it's it's quite it's just like it's just like fucking a year ago who will protect you raise me up and get a va is moans and then you get to these kind of funny take it out a little bit up dude that's so fucking what other fucking in in you're you're just inline in fucking starbucks mm in the folks are coming from is that this type of no but it's muffled and then that's a commercial and then the girl looks over and says it's my pussy speakers my son is gonna be musical just fucking what's that or maybe it's like a fucking a what's this all this song is paul you do alvin and the chipmunks you know do there's push these speakers what do you call them i don't even know we gotta do that why do you listen to this podcast talking about puts his fear all there's so many fucking electronics and shit maybe what baby pot it's called you stick a man you're you can you put it baby pod look look this up baby pod oh it was on the ellen show come on ellen oh maybe part of the device sherry musical you're baby first stimulating the baby's developing during pregnancy hey you know what's find dude not doing that you know it's fine just letting your baby jess state and you're policy just letting the music stimulate the baby before birth scientific fact no such but how conveyed the musical stimulus in a way that we cannot hear what is going on inside the baby kind of happening i am not far this is also the tissues the cattle down to only from within weaken stimulate the radiologist downs can penetrate that one time lawyer who just like the baby do any of you looking inside the baby don't take doctors like it just like at all fashioned jet like a horror movie only funky oh thinking in courage and they responded the miracle is an agent start dreaming turn let me do to keep the cognitive dissonance are you fucking kidding are you saying he thinks that anytime oh you can't look at it sticks out of time when the music playing axle axle rose debate just like oh my god dude imagine fucking being that much of an idiot that you get a baby pod inch ticketing you're put and then fucking fuck that to you play shut the fuck that i would get bluetooth and fuck it back in and try and try that 'em hook in and make their baby listen this shit like this and kenny and just all of a sudden the tournament in line at fucking target and my pussy and it just blew sinking the booth in in some extra and the babies in their baby like how did you even know about the bronx so i'm going to talk to you child did tell you how much you love him in shut up dude what if you could threaten now you gotta you sp with bill according to give you a baby universal then it's been delivered you're already giving you a baby a universal stimulus you noted is life you know that's the most universal stimulus you fucking product make sure it reaches your child i mean come on you know what if you could turn now to give you a baby universal demille it's been make sure come on dude dude they have an instruction they have a little thing that they're holding and then it shows the person inserting it in the china and then it shows a fucking phone opening the the music app and then plugging in headphones hot this crash dude now bluetooth music inside your pussy tier baby out or by michelle medina be honest in in and then the gay guys forgiveness and put it in there but maybe pound turkey you're shift music is not life life life is life let the baby just have life ends then let it choose what music it's imagine me dude imagine it was imagine we don't want the fucking near measured down south and you're like oh put up blood play fucking travis trip for the little critter and then you put it in your pussy and it's just like fucking some all and you're just like me i'm like i fucking hate country music ever nine months you're just listening to fucking home i'm a homeowner range change you just in the travis trip great day to be alive you know you're just fucking some baby sometimes they'll have a hand me down been you gotta hear that is a baby dude let's look at how the eu's baby pod how the eu's baby pod how to use okay there we go how the eu's newborns a how do you baby moon pie no no no no no shot look at the video or decide how to use a guided okay maybe pod what is bell go baby pod dot com don't get this guy 'cause doctors would obviously not want this here we go baby pod dot com is a baby okay maybe pod dot com dot net light my fire dot net a it's very easy to start a why is it in fucking in spanish for me how to use it very easy to start get into a comfortable position number one gently insert the free end of baby pod until it's inside inside the vagina will obviously not gonna put the fucking phone in their the free end insert the phone part into you're pushy make shirts on airplane mode so you don't get a call number to connect the jack plug into your smartphone if you wanna number three if you want to share the music you're baby is listening to there is another audio input on the top of the connector phones i mean is if the baby you're what you you're like oh i wanna listen to number four selfish this you know number four to remove your baby pod just pulled generally on the connection court or fucking makeup makeup about movement move that so absolutely asinine maybe pot hygiene here under it there is not it's in your pussy and that's gross a recommendations and cautions remember that cleaning baby pod to ensure hygiene is the central before and after each used with baby pod closed clean the outside with a mild soap and water yeah okay do not submerged baby pot underwater i mean if you can't submerged underwater you shouldn't put it in your fucking plus yeah that's a good that's a good rule to clean the inside of you baby pod open a clockwise warning here's morning avoid the inside part connected to the cable getting wet and that's hardly a warning of wines in spanish here oh it's made in mexico city clinic and that's how you know it's good the baby pod speaker that's inserted into the giants like a tampon and then connected to a music player a fetus protected by amniotic fluid a membrane utah rain will end the badger millwall all distorted audio can pass through these layers by the developers of the baby pause day research shows clear down to the womb is only possible v other china the oh really researchers that baby pod say that not all that's weird that they're fucking researchers of baby pod save that baby pod works shea shea criminals barcelona based designers of the device institute marquette oh man imagine buying some fucking barcelona for real as clinic that's not food commands using baby pod after the sixteenth weekend for maximum recommends using baby pod after the sixteenth we are now maximum of twenty minutes each time oh we don't want your baby starting to head banging pots volume it's fifty four decibels users of the device offered testimonials saying ultrasound they have these like fuck in the animated like people on on this video they're not they like they don't even have a real actors doing this 'cause they know like real actors be like what the fuck what the fuck are we doing this is horrible an show their babies appears a move their mouths or respond music coming from and inserted maybe pot baby podcasts around a hundred and sixty dollars to music come listen to this for saying ultrasounds scan showed their babies appeared on moved their mouths or respondent music coming from and inserted maybe pot maybe podcast around a hundred and sixty dollars and parents gonna listen to the same downs as their baby by using split headphones which hang out of the vagina dude this is real imagine that fucking listening to music in your plugged into you're own version china dude what the fuck this is something that would this is something that would be like something in the early nineties but there were no smartphones in the early nineties so barcelona's catching the fuck up i can't just can't believe someone would really by this i gotta do ads this is just wild all right at baby pod so have you guys ever had a baby well guess what you can listen to you're you can listen to music with their baby at all you have to do is inserted in front of near pussy and for now right on all you gotta do is go baby pod dot com slash congrats and you get the pushy speakers 'em all right for real ads manch gaped a support for congratulations comes from man scape to is 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when they would say it's the bat or or hey the batman it's so funny how every batman movie when they try to introduce batman though they always try to make it in the beginning like so mysterious like the guys wouldn't wouldn't be like odd that fucking asshole dressed up as a bat but they're like they don't wanna like giving the name first they don't wanna immediately combating like they love to like be like cool and mysterious and show the inception of how you would create the name the like batman in and then they always get like classic where they say the batman but at first it is always oh look it's the bat like dude if there is a guy dressed up as anything a batman whatever you would literally just be like oh it's that fucking asshole dressed up like a bat i didn't know that that was a real but okay illegal activity goes on in the ducks straight up dude i need to i need to get a baby bod 'em okay so what else do so what the fuck else man i love you guys dude i love you guys for listening i love doing this podcast fucking backing it up you know what i mean brank setting it up i don't you know what i mean and i'm still so so young i'm fucking i would never be forty dude are you kidding me when i turned forty i'm going backwards i need to start dressing fucking crazy though seriously if i'm gonna start to level up and fame and shit i need to start dressing crazy and you get a fucking green cape with a big like caller that goes up like i'm a marvel character in a a like a medallion that that like just keeps it kind of tethered on me hooked on me and just walk around at the comedy store and be like in my on next i need to start doing that shit dude i'm really dropping the ball with fucking dressing like a mother fucker and i'm not talking about like h tap rocky in fashion week i'm talking about like level in it the fuck up like just marvel character like what the fuck who is he and i just am fucking and i got the baby pardon my asshole and you could end it this time and i switch and everytime i fucking if i steal your girl mother was greets them in my butthole my my the baby powder my butthole and then if you talk shit and i talk shit back quick in my by phone and then if i'm just chilling having a good time in my butthole and then a fucking shit goes on and i start to level up in my butthole and then a fucking and then when i whenever i'm fucking in my in my fucking butthole dude to understand this is a family friendly podcast and i want you to listen it with you fucking real actual babies and then i want you to hear um you know what fucking shannon sharpe sounds like they're like he's underwater a i was a did you guys do there is an earthquake in a way i don't feel the first one 'cause i sleep and i sleep through those mother the fuckers after driving on that bus in sleeping on that bus to unearth quick but the second one was a seven point one and it was somewhere that no one ever is but we felt that way and i was holding it down at the fucking coffee bean and the and the starting and i was with my bud and it started rolling dude and we felt it and it was crazy do it outside you ever feel look earthquake outside that's that that that's when you really know it's a big one because you're not supposed to fill in outside and then my parents sent me pictures of stuff stuff that fell a off a bookshelf 'em and but it was fine everything's fine my buddy was on stage at the laugh factory when the when the my michael michael's on mike when she was on stage at the left factory a and i think ron funches was on the improv a i dunno who is on at the comedy store it was early soldiers who knows might have been some kind of i dunno but 'em yeah dude that's that was a that was a big one man i remember i was in i was here for the northridge quake though and a that was a twelve and i stopped a dresser from falling on my friend mom i should tell everybody that i shaved my friends life you know i don't call myself a hero but you know i did i stop the dresser from falling on sean much his face and a that would have been sad i got in the doorway everything's falling doodoo is crazy man i don't get freaked out by the earthquake the manager at the laugh factory where i came in are you are you scared and we're all good and i was like yeah it's no big deal it's like oh yeah okay cause that come from you know like a a what do you call it turned out tornado but a comb the hurricane i come from hurricane gain a you know land in i don't get nervous a hurricane but man the earthquakes freaked me out as i wrote it's fine and he was like okay well if you're cool then i guess it's all good housing yet find just the worst is gonna have some gonna fall off a shelf what do you think's gonna happen like a plane is gonna hit you like a fucking like stop lights are gonna be falling over and tom you're gonna see tom cruise running down the street a i guess though the san andreas fault is the one that runs it's all up and down the fucking coast and that was the one that got rocked on the san francisco world series there's there's something more will clark was carrying the baby but a yeah that shit is a it's pretty gangster when the world starts fucking shaken i dunno a but everywhere you go you there's something to be scared of an earthquake to me for some reason or not as scary maybe 'cause i've been in it for a while but like i'd much rather be on during an earthquake then a fucking tornado like when you see those fucking things come freer house at least earthquake you can't see it and maybe you would argue that that's less scary but dude when you see that shit like there's different levels of being scared you know how like when they're like like like a in horror movies like it used to be scary like jason in like fuck in a michael myers how much that there's a fucking actor all sunday michael myers to you know like what that'd be like i'm gonna name might you fucking son freddy krueger freddy krueger ilia and i'm never gonna cut his nails 'em no but a yeah people like and pure is like in this scary i dunno i for some reason i have this thing where like horror movies and the scariest part is you can see him or like when they turn the lights out in the fucking lights out movie and then you see the ghost and you gotta shine the light and if you can't see it at scarier that's not scarier that's not scarier knocking prove it imagine if you're on a cruise and it's night and you're in the middle of the ocean and you see this vast ocean that's very scary 'cause you're no doubt what's out there right but imagine seeing a big fucking fucking monster come out of that god damn she and you're just like oh it's over dude shit all over my easies immediately it's scarier when you could see it do i never agreed with that you wow i legitimately don't even know what i start why started talking about this what was it earthquake yeah it's way scary if we could see a fucking tornado coming torture house how about storm chasers do they deserve to get swept the fuck up but it's all in the name of science i get science is dangerous you know science is dangerous this shit one time i was at a starbucks and a guy came in and you is i was like is this guy crazier not sometimes you can't tell guys crazier just like hip and i'll lay so deliveries if they're homeless are trendy you know he came in and i was like is this guy fucking is this guy homeless urge he did he did he have a clothing in line andy he walked in any literally just said scientist everywhere and then left and i was like crazy science is everywhere is what he felt like telling the fucking coffee shop i prayed be that fucking out to lunch when i get older when i finally grow up i prayed it'd be that fucking insane to just walk into a place tell someone science is everywhere and then and then just bounce and be like oh my god damn job for the day you know goody felt after he said that to cause some people are crazy and you could tell it really affects them and hurts them and they're just look so stressed but some people just walking they say science is everywhere they did their job and they walked out and they like fucking that's the kind of crazy i wanna be just fucking pop in and let somebody know some business and then pop the fuck out do like a spin move out that's the shit bro what what is this someone made a song should play it someplace money all right coach will play there's a true baby made this song i heard that you were into this from pat o'kane hurry into cool nineteen eighties music i am somebody connected eastern just view and all the babies absolutely sending mix if you wanna use it well were playing right here buddy never heard it yet i'm listening to it first this is after all he's got mccoy that is written some loaders something this is just a picture of video computer is rips off thuc to this i'll get ready in the morning to it i'll drive to work with it i don't have a job right now but i'll fucking drive to work well i'll go to my digs into it wraps bro music when once they got the eighties music they should've just stopped and been like this is the music from now on how did they go after that the musicals just like do they musical ripped they fit you know what eighties music was they figured it out we've been alive for however many years we finally figured it out it rich period that's it were done with the music we made it everything from that one is eighties music and then they came out with a fucking nineties music and shit and it and it's all bullshit from there on whatever is she would look up some of the a miss connections there now jersey shore miss connections menu i feel like jersey shore was made for miss connections wow this one's so jersey 'cause he's using stuffing quotes how stuff is it how jersey city you stuffing quotes let's help each other red bank any ladies quote unquote what you like you mean hey do you mean dude's blazes and quote you mean dude dressed as ladies any ladies in through intra interrupted in a weekly arrangement quotes where we help each other enquiring minds wanna know do not contact me what unsolicited services their office any ladies interested in a weekly arrangement hey man just say you want i mean why are you acting like you're not ordering a hooker let's go to another one here so jersey abused quotes for no reason male looking for male eaten town just a regular guy here looking for another regular guy hang out with shoot me an email let's talk they're not gonna sad e mail shoot me an email if you wanna be buddy hey just a guy here overeating town you wanna hang just fucking shoot me an email you know what i mean we fucking and she'll get a pizza something when jersey guys put are on the end the pizza for no fucking reason they got extra us here in fucking jersey so just throw money at a pizzas pizza pizza there's no are in the pizza i know we've got these extra offers fucking line around all over the fucking place in new jersey case sticking money in much so we just stick money in a pizza anyway email me if you wanna fucking really mailman what's that we've got an extra which would only a fucking beginning email remount remind me some pizza all right next one conceded mean girl wanted you're dad died early somebody fucking romi once and they were like instead i'm a huge fan you might wanna think about saying not saying you dad died early my dad did die early and every time i say that i get a little sad why don't you say you're dead left early so okay for you conceded mean girl want it hey dude you're dad left early but she might be funnier lou the body of the loser of vailable god lou maleable dude grow up hey dude they'll push ups loser available also lose a vailable like this guy's owns a print shop hey what's up lose available for you shouldn't abuse in quote since jersey by conceded selfcentered mean girl no sex drugs please just attitude call steve not gonna give number obviously of course his name steam that do not contact me on scissors or call steve hey loser available dude loser available the fact that he used the word available to guys guy he's probably a ceo of a company of a company it's probably a ceo of a company loser available imagine being friends with guy any and meeting of conceded girl and she's just like yeah i just can't find a guy you know and you're like you know i know i know there's a loser available i couldn't do my i could introduce you to my friend steve he's interested in use and abuse really loser available wow you dad left early you're datta high tailed it early that's amazing dude it's cool how a my back hurts talking 'em i just like shane west instagram posts on you that's how it goes that's how it goes that's how respectful i am on you guys i wanna do it i did do it and i did it because i'm respectful to babies because this is a cult and i am the way i am in the reason why i am the way am i could be the leader of this called and you're welcome for liking shane west instagram post during this podcast you're listening to the ring this job that i have guy with l a's had in del mar del mar area anyone know this guy he is so hot always walking with girl i think is his wife suffering not that i care should disrespectful if you see this maybe we can get a drink together i am the blonde girl near fifth that at shea home wrecker hey anyone know this sky l a's hatton del mar he's so hot with a girl i think it's his wife don't give a fuck train wreck is home do not contact lens listen sort of the loser available over here just wow i love these mother fuckers dude it's there's so many problems with people deep seated problems why is this happening though still that happens it then we stop that or no no we stopped this where it comes forward this fucking my stance sucks it's all good but this might stand sucks fucking yes it keeps fucking going closer my mouth and fallen down yes dude at his face fuck yeah everything everything i need it in this podcast it's all right here in the fucking goes the way they want it yes next miss connection mechanic needed probably not let's check looking for mechanic helped me out and likes to play with to know older than fifty five like to play to wrong to noted in forty five minutes street guard looking for new disregard please must be pretty you don't need a mechanic nita fucking bottoming all god don't need a mechanic nita frank a auto mechanic needed looking for mccarey tommy alexa play to know all the forty five don't need a mechanic nato shrink oh god don't need okay i just need to sit down for an hour week oh it also could kill it dude i should be in the new aerial movie why are people so pissed off she's bushy black who gives a fuck dude she's a mermaid she's not and rail i'm surprised there's some people are saying well disrespectful of course they give the mermaid made the black horse can be a regular human if it's a fucking but june i'm surprised that didn't happen of course people who is that guy you make the guy black a jar jar jar banks sure i'm surprised people are pissed off alas they will be oh yeah when they will smith fucking not blue and then they made a blue eyed hey guys down furrow wave shit on for an hour a week hey guys chill stop tweeting in sanford our week i like how i'm calling people crazy and then the beginning of the podcast i said i wanna make out with people talk to close to me how it is dude mechanic needed fuck my but you know mechanic needed shut me off so don't go together oh wow did it's all good dude i'm chilling life's good my back hurts yeah my nose is less driving it used to be though it's a give and take symbiotic relationship right i supply in this fucking podcast should we look up some other stuff just fucking shit dude i love that you're listening you guys i love all you guys listening thanks so much i really have a good time doing this podcast um did you see that guy fucking end that you have see fight in fucking four seconds just need him in the face and it was over and then it gives the most said the shit interview of all time did you see it what was the guy who a fuck who is the guy you f c c u f c a here okay hor yeah here it is jorge what is his name yeah jorge charities listen this guy fastest k out in history here it is a fascist knockout in the history but this is the world's player from a man who had no idea i think that bring a very real thing to there's a fighting thing and that's just baptizing people not god but i'm i'm pulling in another planet when the some other criticism rattled you're celebration outdoors any regrets it the celebration or you're behavior in the cage afterwards i mean there's not too many people that i dislike i have over fifty provides and he's one of them you know you talked about my man who talked about my culture and the city where where do we draw whether certain people get the do stuff you online you could do anything everything is cool before five you're allowed to do and say whatever you want like other fighters and not doing a ton about people's religions why even kid that's cool but after a fire on the allowed the showboat and rub it in your face you and guys like you could see it and be like maybe i don't talk so much because when i constantly real they're gonna make me pay for it man i think i bring a very yeah i also said so i'm at the supermarket he will beat the shit out of him so that's crazy and then of course somebody writes must be offered resident method of you is for real the president must be at all whatever i don't even wanna do that fucking stupid shit but i give up dude i fucking give up bro like dude you gotta get the fucking baby pot and put it in your pussy ras new baby pod ferment you put it in you're nicole and just have sex and then shoot the speaker in the you know what i mean anyway all right dude were were gonna be done because i gotta go i gotta i gotta flight 'em download the cash app for free on the app store or google play market a download the crystal lee app you can listen to the part where you watch the podcast before anybody and i see her comments and shit while i'm doing it to a and you should support the show got new merge of got those no damn slides over the summer and then got my future too bright t shirt which illitch t shirt so far subscribe to the youtube channel rate and review the show please tweet me if you want video episodes go up a day after the audio podcast and a uk 'em i thank you is coming out in step in december i saw a montage of a bunch of episodes of that so thank you for listening a and you guys are awesome science celebrity

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"It's Superhero when you're listening to in Spoleto project. Though today is January eleven Is Our last show tonight at the Viper Room. Ten or ten thirty. We'll be playing playing tenor ten thirty. Count my Uber. He'll supposed to be coming around the corner around the corner. which and caroms daddy cool? It's very rare on the on the Nuclear Nuclear Lucy. Mallory got me. Maybe it's me. Ma L. L. E. R. Y.. Murray says a good name aim for a good name for a painting like a pen. Name Hillary High Malaria mullery Murray Cunningham Cunningham me Quasar. Hi Nice to meet You I am me or is this guy going mouth millery. Looks like this person is just doc. Oh I I think I know the bank. I not just frozen still frozen. Still his personal. Yeah I'm GonNa Order Dubar High. I need a car and I need to get some place with it. Joe Hi far distance to travel and I'm GONNA need vehicle y'all hi I'm caught someplace to go. I'm just going to go ahead and have to drive there fonsi automobile earliest. Just something with wheels on. It can do that. We can do that. We are noted Uber. We can do that. We do that we. We are Nude Uber. We can't do that. We can't do that so strange. It looks on this map. I could see this little person. y'All high car to drive a far distance in we can do that. Your Hi. I'm going to be in place to get their buzzard and time I'm going to need. WE'LL LOSE FONSI four wheelers other things colder car. Maybe even a truck to give their we can do. What were you uber? We Are Uber. We are here for you. We Are Uber. We are here for you. Welcome to Uber Uber High. We are here to crunch you wishes on those wishes sensor does peaking you on driving getting use for and then draw you off there. That's the other part of it. Peaking you up in one luke. How putting you into that car? Close the door strapping on his seat. Bill on driving you tour you need to go on and then dropping you off. I just nation something. MM strain gauges go in on two day. Oh some strange is go win. Hey thank you. Something strange is go ride now or maybe non son thin strangers go in on my friend some to really strange going on my friend. Where is the car whereas Car Warih's the car to arrive some strange's go in non mind friend something strange's go right now. I see a man bride here of a car. I order but thing stopped at the block a cup the lawyering. Let's see. Aw in the back. Yeah the fuck all right okay. WHOA okay there was silence there? Okay it looks like the Uber driver cancelled a ride cancelled the ride and now Phillies can be back at his is placed by three forty. That's good that's good. This is crazy and it's perfect. Timing perfect timing. Of course of course all right all right very good cake very very very good very good very good. He's run in a few minutes late. It'd be there at three forty. We've got a new driver here. Persons Needs Jonathan. Looks like Hillary had to cancel it for some reason or another so two minutes. This fellow will be in two minutes and We shall see what kind of stories we get out of them. Misplaced my microphone. Burgum not terribly worried about it. I remember I had misplaced to microphones in the past and just recently they somehow were unearthed. So I know I have those. So why aren't they attached. Well I will be attaching I will be dead is part of the process. What the heck and here we go? Good good yeah so Tonight we're playing a very last show at the Viper Room. It's going to be crazy very last. Show Mario Lopez is apparently going to be there tonight. So that'll be quite interesting and then Who knows who? Oh Our manager Andy. He's GonNa be there into Gould with spectacle then we got Jim Lens with Tko who get Lens and spectacle in. What are we twenty twenty? It just fits. It's right into the whole thing just fits right into the whole theme of it. You know the fact. That's what we'll talk to. This Uber. The driver about is their plans for twenty twenty. What they're thinking of doing how they're thinking of doing it The ways in which life inspires them have they they come across any interesting synchronicity. For instance. That'd be good. That'd be good question. It's a question I think I'm GonNa Start asking these drivers a little bit more is have you. What's the latest synchronicity? You have experienced. You know what is that and also have you ever encountered UFO foe citing. These are important important doc. Hello yes are you doing. Pretty good feels like a very sturdy car in here. This is yeah really sturdy. It's got like some. You could just go go off roading and maybe you know one of those. So how long have you been in Newburgh driver year in like three months school. How do you like it so far? It's it's okay it's fine yes Besides like the okay for sure. I'm just curious about I'm just asking more people about what their passions are hobbies. Are you know. especially if they're especially if they're they feel stuck in a Rut in a particular job or something. It's always important for us to be reminded of the things that that were excited about this stuff. That makes us passionate the stuff that you know the stuff that helps conjure up the dreams and it's always important talk about that stuff to just remind us at you. You know. Those things are very very very possible. and it's it's always good to kind of keep those things at the forefront What what are some of your favorite things? Do you think that you've you've you know that you do outside of Uber. For instance. What are some of your music producer songwriter? Oh it's great that's been getting better and better men be honest. It's great. How long have you been making music? I've been making music my whole life but I started producing producing probably seven years ago I'd say and Other artists they produce for for a wide range of artists actually met a mainly recently. I've been working with a lot of Sony. Hardest working random. RCA artists and universal And just finished an album on this some girls albums. I'm making sure I don't kill. No no I get it I get it From the dude who started psycho records With Simon Cowe started his l.. Label Nature Sign. This girl dillinger week. She's like their first signee. Oh and I. I was put on that record along with my other buddy producer don for songs for albums of just just finished that up actually just got paper Sava that. That's that's good. It's fantastic but yes oh man this. Last the year I feel like twenty nineteen was like a huge stepping stone for my career. He feel like it picks up with a lot of momentum did yeah and now it's now starting to Kinda snowball. I feel that twenty twenty is going to be that slingshot you know. Nineteen in two thousand nineteen. I feel the same that a lot of lot of passions and stuff that stuff that I'm involved with. It's like that was just one you you know like those who was building up and it just feels now things like okay. Let's really focus on this kind of thing. Exactly so that's do you have So do you have a sound cloud or someplace where I could hear your your music like. Do you have your own stuff that you do on this artist that I'm developing. You can play at school man. I get all kinds of interesting over drivers so this is this is. This is really cool. This exciting WHO's this. WHO's this person was hearts the He signed my dot jobs and then now the stuff out on his own stuff. Oh let's see uh-huh They water this is really good. Road trip is also working on a road trip. This is good. GEIS's super timeless real special. Yeah so I mean soon. This is great site. While what's what do you have an instagram or anything. Duck leary. Do you see a l. e. a. r. y.. Doug leary is my I'd like to follow talk about this stuff because I also have a radio show and and I'd love to have you in the studio sometime to talk about any of this stuff planning these guys name show but also a yacht rock band called Jali Gatley crews I'm GonNa give you these little jesuits here. We're playing our last night in at the Viper Room. Tonight we've been selling out shows the whole entire year. This are like punctuation mark. So then we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA go all over the country. It's so exciting. So you gotTa stop by foreign lows. It's just pure. Positively good vibes The McDonald's Toto I'll I'll I'll get you guys in there. It'd be great you can talk about the process of producing and you could talk about the process of creating. You know you guys. That'd be awesome. I'm always looking for New People. Duck leary. Dunk leary okay. I'm in sporadic projectile L. Star on instagram. It's brought a projector who man take care bye cool you never know who you're gonNA come across. I never know who you're gonNA come across while so I recorded that entire song phenomenal song. But he just he just made it so I can't so I'm not include I'm going to edit this So you cannot here the actual song. I'm sorry it's phenomenal song privately. Let's eighth three seconds of it. So if you three seconds of a song like wait eight. Why didn't he played the whole song? Phenomenal Song But man. So so cool. How cool is that? You never know who you're GONNA meet. Never never let me last night tonight at the Viper Room. Are you Lopez. I mean that's crazy. Who else is GonNa Short? The gray haired guy from catfish is shown up Craig Robinson from the office and hot TUB. Time machine Zachary Levy said his name. Go Play Zan Chuck. I WANNA see him in. The Kristen Ski Guy played brothers in a movie. Sometime sometime Maybe cowboys the old West. Big crazy shootout It's crazy you never know who you're GonNa meet in an Uber car car. I would suggest that any time you're in a new car. Get to know your Uber driver. Just ask them questions about themselves. Just just find out. Every single person is a whole rabbit hole full of knowledge allege insight wisdom craziness. Just go down the rabbit hole. Tested out I got to say welcome to twenty twenty anchor has been such a huge inspiration to me over the past a couple of years ever since I came across Anchor Dot FM. It's an APP in the APP. Store helps you make your own podcast. This is the whole reason why you're even listening to my podcast. Right now. Anchor is free. It enables you to collaborate with other anchor utilize irs. You can leave messages for each other. You can record up to an hour all at one time but you can record many little segments in there. It doesn't doesn't mean you have to record a full hour at one time you can record little tiny segments and it's so great because anchorages distributed out there too. I tunes Google podcast rest. tune-in breaker spreaker radio public. A whole bunch of places and man. It's just wonderful just to not you are becoming the media This is US three eleven in New Orleans. Ah Good that's the league. We live by Lee. Kills route you guys. You keep hearing so much variety over Ortega highway we do a Husky takeover me a hall and bad decision. That's my grandson. All the crooked trees guys know crunchies. He's local Hollywood. I said advance left fucking rainbow rooms and just with over our way which is right there. We're going on tour with them next the band. I'm driving my motorhome. Oh at the way. They're switching van members. I might be before we get back. What do you play? I play everything I played rhythm guitar. I'm not a soloist. I can play keyboard I play bass probably if somebody said what. Are you play. Play grab base because I can just Kinda cruise along at a place where you're like house house really. A room has dressed drums to like a soundcloud or some place where can enter music. I don't I don't have any I don't actually to be honest a lot. automations dusty and I deci- tell her all the time. It's like okay stick. It never happened because we could have been good. You know people still can be good it is the NTSB good telling you this guy. Huge you hang out with Sony anything pop guy at this guy promotes and and collaborates and he loves making people. I love seeing. He was one one of the best people that I've met. You know three eleven familiar. You know we're all we're all tight like you have you experienced. You was wow I was. I was very very where the very first person who had ever heard of the term. Three eleven you you were the. You're the the seed now. Welcome wagon were you like once you once. You get a vibe of what's going on you'll feel that it's a unity. Once you told me that rest of the ship I just I'm like Whoa. It just kept magnetising. You were like the like the you know like where you put a bunch of snowflakes together. You get the snowball. You're the first one started the whole we know Menton behind all my God. Yeah is this on the cruise. No that was at the Dana Point. Oh my God that is that it was a good one too. And I'm like that light man because there's a whole bunch of your phone and I edited them out in the light coming up Chris Spe- The way that the Lou cruise does. There's still water. Oh my God you guys. I sent you these today guys. I love this song I love you. Are you out of here okay. So she's the one who's responsible for the Disney store reason why we're at Disney there. Nope I I saw you guys. You guys didn't know. Suddenly Noah. Okay Okay it's interesting did meet some eleven cruising I used for batches losers I thought for sure you to this is still wanted. Still Water is the first place place again. I said that is just phenomenal. Young like Popeye average. Oh my God you guys. You got your postcard on your fridge though I love it. What's your dog's name? You said your dog dubbed up. I'm down rub up RUB. A I friend actually did that. There's another music festival with a bunch of being guys out partying front of my motor home. So you start. Yeah Yeah we gotta get on my God right you got. I can't believe when we met. We all met each other on the three eleven crews here we are hanging out. Okay all my guys. GotTa come to Elsinore and just even if you don't have a show off your studio my house and I have a little bit of everything to play some fun ungloved. I got on a boat. Ride on the layaway. Take my motor home right down on the water and we could do to mccoo stood funds. Fun stuff yeah. Oh Boy Monitor Kaga guys is there you go some three eleven cruisers. Who are here tonight at sealed out? Show don't pop your tire on there all right so here. We go entered his wonderful lady. I love it Joe Jet Ski. Maybe John Jetski in the house. She's here live and in Stereo. She's live at Stereo once around. Sound right here baby. This is great. Thank you for coming out Jack to own EH. Mistake Passing Reno Carino guys these lovely ladies you EH. Oh my God off sweethearts. Thank you so much I I love it. It's so great to see your lives in full and instagram. It's so much fun. I love seeing like the just the lives you know. Put out there in the world on on instagram fun to see like what they choose to share how they share it. You know like you're always afraid inspirational venturing all over the place. It's so much fun. uh-huh last night at the Viper. This is so exciting philly so philly lead singer. This is his dad right here. Dead ends then Philly. Philly's Dan right there. Oh Baby Pete's beyond Tate's happy New Year I love it I love how twenty twenty five she did that. Those are shoes recreation It is now nine seventeen. The date is Sunday the twelfth. My Dad is coming. The town tomorrow. Rented a car from these Trustee folks Sia Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah I see if I could go on by memory My Dad's GonNa be coming into town. He's coming in tomorrow. I think he's Pity here till the eighteenth I think and then and My friend works at Disney. So she's going to be able to get us into Disneyland. The the fourteenth soluble taken to see. I think it's called Galaxy Szeged Edge Than Star Wars to my dad's big roller coaster fan. I remember hearing him say that long ago. He loves rollercoasters But yeah my mom. She's never liked roller. Liked Roller coasters. The my dad's ex wife. She didn't like rollercoasters. So I wanna I remember the two things I want him to have. Just gone. Many roller coasters as possible tomorrow. And tap it he's It's thanks to him that I know about Star Wars. We went to go see star wars movie theaters so to now many years later bring back to this place. It was pretty pretty good so interesting throughout my time here Living in California beginning getting the map was called the Thomas Guide. It was a big book and flip through it and had all these maps in it and they had like a table of contents contents. And you look in this table of contents you figure out what street you WANNA go address. You WanNa go to. It's all said all these eight addresses in there and and you shuffled around in there. You looked in there and you look in their final all. What's on this page? And then you go okay cool okay so now I gotta find out. Where's where's my house? So then you go into the index or contents or what have you and then you look up your house. They go okay. When how do I get from here to there? mm-hmm and so it was just like this really interesting process of figuring it all out. You and I remember astonished when my Buddy Andy did. Within the first time we hit a computer department Andy brought his computer. And that's where I learned about think I think is from him or I learned about You learned about mapquest which further astonishly and of course the invention of GPS so the point of getting to here is my a navigation. My career in navigation mm-hmm through the California highland slogans peaks and valleys the outskirts Indian skirts. mm-hmm my career in navigation has had a torrid past Tanta toward past. You see because I couldn't really been the hang of it could really get the hang So this is really exciting. Some tickets streets here to get back to where I gotta go back to Joe. Oh Joe Joe of activism. We played our last sailed out. Show it to Viper last night you felt great debt felt really good. There was amazing using the energy was phenomenal. There's a guy there who had hired us to play and one of his recent gigs. Were was some awesome private gigs. Some big thing and He came out to see US some folks Chicago. That was awesome. I got to tell you this feel so good drive around and and mm-hmm at least in these moments in time. I'm living with the delusion that I know what I'm doing and I know where I'm going so and I'm just fouling I'm following. The intuition were seen were takes us. And if we ended up where we're supposed to go mm-hmm then I'm going to be so excited at the driving through streets your colleague Alameda driving and I believe if I'm not if I'm correct if I'm if I'm saying so I believe Elliott Smith has a song called Alameda. He's got a song. LMU So it's always interesting when you come across the streets that were saying about in in Famous songs. That would actually be interesting. Google search right now if you guys are listening right now through near a computer or smartphone. Checkout look up famous songs in the famous wait V streets in famous songs Yep streets and famous songs that would be a good pass by Disney night is new land which is where tomorrow Disney Disney Disney for of Burbank zone awesome. mm-hmm is really cool. I live in this town where this stuff is. Going on. Manages blows my mind. I remember seeing that Universal Studios Poster grownup is being blown away by that seeing the seen the ads for King Kong Jaws. Those were big deals Just think that's out in Hollywood. Then move out here. I am feeling so grateful right now and so grateful but all this stuff is unfolding and here's some unofficial information if you're listening right. Now here's some Info on official information about Yali crew We will be playing in Chicago. Rosemont Rosemont Sometime in June. I think the time Jim you guys got tell you are aging manager. Jim Lens Need Google. These guys is I think they've worked together in the past. They really want to to get us out there in a big way. Who knows who have been here? My Friends Stephanie. Who Works at Viper Room? She kind things it's kind will she. She said I see what what's going to happen for you. Guys what I saw. What happened with Steel Panther? You've and for those of you do or do not know what the enters still panthers started as take a cover band a cover band seeing heavy metal songs mm-hmm and like a man dex type of and these guys would say all Heavy metal classics then and they started singing their own songs and Kennedy just chips. Youtube sneak in little songs in there and then they and then before they knew what they started singing less and less cover songs and more and more of their own songs and so now it's at the point where they're they're concerts fewer covers that they do in more originals else and so I think that's going to be something that happens for us. We're going to transition from doing covers into Bam originals And it's not to say that we would still do covers heck a coup knows how were we may end up doing more covers than Regional she had never know all unfold all depends on how experimental and how willing to follow the intuition and the extreme tation The members of the band. If they're willing you do that then we'll move and interaction folks always remember the tricky thing about being a visionary about being A trendsetter about being someone who invest eats the fringe. Remember this you just any explorer finding something for the first time you will be the first one to find sort of the at least field or you'll feel like it's you know you're one of the few people know about the Stanley and you're and you're GonNa hear no a lot you're gonNA hear no that can't happen there won't work they'll never work in happen even though you might personally have are already evidence that the thing will have her has happened or we'll work or has worked You you might have tons of evidence for types in your life. Where you've you've you've you've had some intuition and we've had a hunch followed in there you go it turns out to be symptom? Phenomenal the extraordinaire. WHO's crazy information mm-hmm amazing art project? That you've just come across because we're willing to explore and you hit a couple of 'cause people who are just scared. Do you have a knee jerk reaction. Fear you know really stems from fear. Fear of the unknown nature to each H.. AGREE EXODUS AIn't no Is a lot of times. They're basing dad on their own past. Experiences Welt unfortunately unfortunately we look at their track record. What are their variances times through one? They're saying no and you look at the roof net. Yes come know why know why no give give me an example of a time where you know something similar to what I'm suggesting now didn't work out for you in the past and they'll give you a bunch of maybe maybe only one an example but that's strong and samples. They've been referring back to this whole time. He might have a few examples but it had to do with either. Enthusiasm ran out Morris. A story where everyone was excited and then he just got burned out or or or something something. There was some reason why that they just didn't work health. And then you look at the events that surrounded that thing it why did work out and it's like it's like you kind of mentally go back there and it's like it's tied up. I imagine it's like tied light up with weeds or something. So you just weed the garden. Get him out of there yank out the weeds. You Untied The nats figure out. Where's the resistance? Since then he reminded the soprano example. This is something where you know. That'd be a good time. When they're like kill Whitey field mm-hmm? Evidently you find you find value in this intuition or in this excitement moving this direction. Tiffany your examples you know. Give me a reason reason why you think this is awesome and that would be really cool because if what were really searching for with cooperation in working with people if I were really searching for is smoothness ease relaxation. We're not cool there. Peter put together our projects word smooth. It's easy it's relaxed. That sounds good. Let's go with mm-hmm the surrender of EGO. So if everybody's in that mindset you know you're not going to you you're not gonNa have any track records with each other where you you resented one because even if something does not work out you still think it was all worth it because it was worth the experimentation tation experimentation if that is odd held the process if those things are upheld experimentation of the creation process letting it unfold being patient. I mean if that's if that's something that is the upheld value and finding out stuff and everybody's GonNa be open everyone suggestions and ideas willing to hear okay cool. You're inspired by this idea. You've you find value in this thing or we'll cool. Let's let's investigate. Let's go let's go down there radical. Let's figure out you know what are the elements of this and is this something I can get get excited about you know. This person is excited about this idea. Well I know that I get excited about ideas and I and I want people to get excited along with me and my ideas so that I insist that this is the way it has to go. Well wouldn't it be nice if you can use that that that that idea of like everybody gets a turn. Everybody gets a turn on the right. You know it's unfair to hog it the Patriots. The Patriots fans are all bent out of shape because interests loss will argument. Come on give it up this someone else come on. Why not? What's the harm? What what is it you know? What's the damage it's going to do to your ego? Get the Kudos yet. Once again there there we go That's crazy synchronicity. It's so funny I parked on this Side Street over here where nobody else's standing around or anything and As I'm messing with the door lock thing all of a sudden I hear beep beep and a car. That's parked exactly in front of me. A car that part's behind that I just gotten out of parking behind Dan All their owner of that car. Right at that moment had pressed their button right when I was pressing my buttons so in in addition to synchronicity of of if someone pressing a car door button or alarm button or whatever at the same time that I do in addition to that they had car just so happened to be exactly in front of me. That's those kinds of things. It's like when you're driving at night and you go. Oh you know I gotta turn around. And let's just do a u-turn in this residential street. Oh yeah you know. It was just pulling on his driveway. No big deal. We're going to do turn you end up pulling out of the driveway and the people come home that happened to you and they pull up and you know there are many thoughts go through your brain one is like Oh what are they wondering are they. Were you know. Should I get out of here quick before they think before they get worried and thinking that I'm I don't know so many things so many things just go you go there. You might find yourself pulling into a spot in right then someone pulls up behind you and they're honking at you to go and you're like dude. What is going on anyway? We have arrived back here. It's a man synchronous crazy things crazy crazy secret is for the summer breeze. Bankston few to I think that's the episode. I'm pretty sure if thank you. Just sit hi. This is j from twin peaks return. You're listening to INSPIR- auto project. Oh business partner. So he would. He was working at the carnival us doing so good because very responsible right. Yeah and he knew he knew mechanics so so so that said the owner of the carnival was doing so good. I think you're he probably wanted to really really keep them around But James he wanted he wanted to do so I took him out to them. I'm going I'm hitting the road again today. So I took him out to route sixty six. Let him out of the car and I started out and you just drop them off under you. Just that's what he wanted. He was fine with her. That's what he wanted. All my gosh. It was hard to see him go because I really enjoyed seeing him again. And then I he and I sent a mail to each other occasionally and ed very often and then there was probably lost contact for twenty some years and then the Internet Internet came along and I started searching for him and I found him and I tried calling but There was no answer so but his brother's information was in there and I called up and his his. His brother's wife answered the phone and explained to her that that was a friend of James is and you know I'd like to get a hold of them mm-hmm and she gave me a phone number and I called it but There was no answer so what did I do all He went to visit he and his wife Patti went to visit his brother and sister-in-law in Texas the one that I called on the phone and they they told them about me and my gave them my phone number and he called me. I think this was When I lived at the Wilshire House? Oh we've done yeah yeah yeah and then I finally saw him when Peggy and I went in Florida on a vacation and he and I got together and I met met him and his wife Patti and we've Blah stayed best friends ever. Since that's incredible. That is incredible so is he the one that was doing the ruins the room. Yes use the one who's looking at those said so crazy that you guys were. We're we're out there fixing aeroplanes together and stayed in contact all these years and you know especially like now at the Internet we just take it for granted like Oh let me just go find someone and you know be a lot easier. I think now to find someone never before the back then. I remember when I was ill mentally school and I had friends in. Oh Yeah we'll be. Friends will be friends. And but you're thinking like how if they went off to college. Whatever how would I ever stay in county these people? How would I ever find him? And you know not not accounting for the possibility of something like facebook or the Internet existing assisting so crazy. It's interesting the kinds of friends like certain friends will bring about certain memories. It's almost like you. It's almost like you know some of these memories we do we we would never you know. Probably even think about thinking about unless specific person is is in that room with us and all all of a sudden they say. Oh my gosh and then you go down this rabbit hole. We've asked for Jason. He'll I hope. Bring up things that we did together that I totally forgot about. And how did you remember that. Now remember something he forgot forgot about so with Lynch. You get the gears goal and once once you're in the momentum of of of you know let's say for instance he brings up stuff. Do you hit a hard time thinking about does it take you notice it like takes a little bit coercion. Before it feels like the dam breaks and then you're able to remember all this stuff and all of a sudden and you're like Whoa. How did I remember that? Where the heck did I pull that of? It's amazing how that is it's crazy like Josh and I were just just having great conversations when we when I went out to Tennessee who is so great we went down this whole rabbit hole of all these things in its own. My Gosh how when when would I ever think of that story. or how'd I ever think of that if it wasn't for you sitting right here in front of you right now things that the just the two who if you experience together yeah yeah like that story that you guys told me about the swing set in the backyard and that you told him to open up the umbrella and office just kind of float down error shit like cartoon or something. Yeah it's like a parachute. Yeah remember that. and that was a tall slide. That was very tall side. Broken bones if you've followed through on that like Gosh. Oh my gosh. Just jump off their hits right down. I remember Curtsy Josh Gad. And then just Kurds job right. Aw Aw but you show your your Josh's big Bro. Okay Ah Oh man. I remember there was a tree back there. I loved climbing the top of it. That was one of those trees that had the the seeds in it that were kind of like a little propellers and I loved shaking the trees especially on a windy day and go home it does branches and seeing all these little tiny all these little helicopter things slowed down from it was at a maple tree those those at. That's that's what that is that was. That was a little later now after things put away you'll fly after it's all put. Yeah why don't you just make one up form and have it ready for him. She's looking right. She's very legit. I'm so grateful full. I just so raise your whole food does less never thought I'd have. FBI Watch came with a little hook. You saw little all year does does the. Oh is that it gets a little more. That's an actual loor. Yeah like a little rubber worm worm. Yeah what the heck and there is actual fishing line in here there is an actual little look. Now is their weight. Where these in there like does it look like there's something actually put these into or do you gotta carry these along separately because that seems a little unfair? That's like its own little fishing. There's an APP called wish and there are all kinds of really interesting. You shopped for this stuff. I think he comes from. China takes sometimes a month to get here but the most interesting an obscure items. You'd never ever expect to find of very I used to be home loss of these. These are salvador. George Talley masks. That's from net debt show. Have you seen it. Yeah I saw. You've seen three seasons. Oh my God you watched that money heist you guys. Yeah I was I did too. I was obsessed with that show. I watch the English subtitles. Or did you know them. dubbed-in metoo with tanks unlike. Okay find do dishes or something I wanNA deal right. Yeah but those voice over actors are so good. I love the the professor. That guy is watching the gears turning in his brain. And you're always thinking Oh my God and how's he going to get out of this one. It was about steps ahead all your time. He tallied plan because rebel. You think that he's stuck awesome. who would have a flashback to when he's discussing these like okay now they're Republican WanNa make a deal with you about this thing you know and it's funny because just previously? You just saw that the counselor trying to make a deal with the guy he's like. This is what you're going to want to do and a and then it comes back to and it's like the guy suddenly remembers that moment what he's supposed to do where my chest all right right okay. So you watch the money. It's so crazy because when I was on since you know what it is this is for you desire. Wanted like seven these things I gave on. Josh Gosh I ordered several of these things that are needed to use them. I have been utilizing these for various. Boy they're really will stay are plants. So that's secrete things while I was on wish and I saw someone put. I saw those masks and so I- ordered the masks. I didn't even know what the heck he was about like. It's a chow of Chow on it and I was like what the heck is this and then I ended up seeing child ballad child child child the challenge. Then I saw this t shirt on there and I ordered it. I don't know what any of it was. I don't know what it was so then I searched online. Says I hope all their names L. professor who lived all those dudes and so then I just started search on the Internet. I'm like what is this Bella chows Salvador Dali and there are clips on Youtube. And I'm like holy cow and then it led me to the Bella Chow Song. At the end they sing on down down down the uh-huh all guys that love child child child. Joe Oh just such a triumphant song and so I ended up getting this shirt and these masks before you can watch. The show ended up finding out. who was on Netflix? And I ended up recently. Finding out that they're gonNA do a fourth season. It's going to be looking out later this year but oh my gosh. It's so intense. Isn't it thirty intense. Joe Are you a subscriber to net Flix Jenny. Jenny is oh she is so just use her special loggins to get through a talk her out of. Oh yeah absolutely absolutely. It's such a good show. It's so good. And then when and he's like neck and neck with with the with the the negotiator and you're going how does she not recognize that his voice is is a similar you know even though it's a modulator. Raja leader within their little cave saying how does she not recognize that same pattern. Everyone's got a similar voice patterns in some times. He uses similar phrases with the distorted voice in also with his all regular when they're when they're just chatting his girlfriend. Oh Yeah I mean. When when she she holds him up at the at the Little Cafe and she? She's like you take me to your place and you're going. No no no no no and he's pulling stuff off you're like oh well. That wasn't what I thought. Wasn't he pulls off another thing. You're like wait. That was going on here that this was like his mastermind. And where's the screens and all the almost he had that forethought yet foresight and thinking. Oh this might happen. I better do something. And then the whole thing and go to the mansion when they pulled to the mansion. And you're thinking Oh God now. They're really in trouble. He on the big ranch where all the training and you see him and you see and and he's waiting in the car seemed just thinking about it and they're all inside where it has been since and everything like how's the professor couldn't get out of this but you didn't realize that he ended ended up planting all of those things for them to find. Oh I just loved it shows so much I was watching it and I couldn't stop watching it. I mean I just blazed through the yeah I just kept me. I just kept watching it and watching it. I was just like okay now I gotta next. That's when I was Dating Selena and we would watch it at her house Oh she had net flicks logging and she loved it too she would. It would watch. She told me about it she would watch it in Spanish so when you watched it with her We at the English version. Oh Gotcha Oh Gotcha. Yeah but before I came along she was watching it and she liked it. Wow that's how I learned about it. It's so cool bill. It's interesting because because these masks and the red jumpsuit. I actually ordered off a wish. I ordered. 'cause there's there's a mask and red jumpsuit combination combination which I had ordered Joensuu to. Yeah but when my order came in the mail and the mask was completely craft and messed up. There's no red trump. There's no red jumpsuit. So I I you know they. They reimbursed meat or whatever they give me credit. I told them about it and like I'm so excited. What they read jumpsuit? I was GonNa say I was going to wear that for Halloween. Only that guy. I wonder how many people would have understood it. Yeah I would have been so excited if anybody did. I mean several Dali mask this has now been in two of the little short movies. Oh I don't think I showed don't you. Did I show you the new film thing that I did with Paulie yet. Did I show you that when I don't know let's see so I I did I did And just due to the wait until we should this offer in. Here's our country personalization Jones says neutral cinemas the interplanetary Chaz the tragic Jenny. It was your all's voicing phantom form mm-hmm yes well this should really Josh and Monica are the Fanton form they appear. As you'll see so I got all this stock footage from within the APP used oedipus and then I ran it through a filter to make cartoon. Yea thank you you mean it was it was real footage in in. Can you cartoonist. Yeah Yeah I like that you can take him. We move tournament a Yes as speaking in Chili peppers. yeah Is this an actual sign and the neighbor. Yeah five the venue we played it. On New Year's I shut the likes his coat. You looked like an astronaut since I kinda move Kenny no that's just stock. I take a burning Bush. He's trying to communicate mutate. Bush ticketing reaching could've been like a monster face. Share your child when almond nature. He's goblins families trawls leper. honks knows our flies. Are Her nature southern right told me to yet. Aw interestingly the two hundred so basically and that's the end of it so the whole idea is basically. I was experimenting with the idea of not giving England movie right way and making people. We'll have to sit through and watch the movie in order. Find out what the title was so so the title that it ends up being the Phantom Forum But in addition it Josh Monica's characters are known as the Phantom form so if people are paying attention then they'll be like wait a second. Okay so what is the horse and other guy like what do they really. What are they they doing? What are they planning? Are they in charge of all this stuff are they. What's going on with this? which would part did Josh play wait? Here's the horse. I just gotta say that little piece there here with my dad talking. I picked him up from the airport today. Today's thirteenth Chinoiserie Monday Monday Mundi picked him up from the airport and I took them here. In this conversation you heard him hanging out with my sister and I hit our apartment after I picked him up a thirteenth Stuff before is from the Viper Room. I'm show of course. And wherever else is there from for that or for I just wanted to make that clear Canadian token Moser force body and it goes all this other stuff on the thirteenth. So thank you for listening to inspiration project. Oh I've had a couple of beers tags show. She showed dead almost all the mandatory episodes. It's he's the one who Took me to my very first star wars movie I one nine hundred seventy six took me there so this is a pleasure for me to be able to show him mandal oriented in of course taken Disney. We're going to Disney tomorrow fourteenth. Thank you Nicoletta. Art Folks if you'd like to contribute to any absorbs Vince. It's brought project O.. Or if you want to tick tock. Ti K. T. O. K.. Checkout APP. It's pretty cool. There's a lot of cool filters if you want into Ed some really kick ass filters you could. There's some really cool effects on there so check that out Ti Ti okay. Tayo T. Okay I use it for a lot of stuff. Look for Inspir- auto project on there. Also if you want to contribute to the next Audio episode send any audio about four minutes long to Inspir- upper GIECO at gmail.com or comey. Had I five six. Two one two zero three nine seven nine five six one two zero three nine hundred seven nine or send them send them to me. You can also call the hotline five six one two zero three nine hundred seventy seven nine or you could call the fear our very own personalized special hotline declined five six one to two zero three nine one seven nine or leave something to about three or four minutes. It's a voicemail it's toll-free put an all right. Thanks take care.

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The Tech Ranch

42:20 min | 2 years ago


"From our studio and beautiful, man. Dan, North Dakota, along the mighty, Missouri river, here is your guru of geek, Marlow Anderson from our studios in June. The Czech branch might and local here on super talk, twelve seventy the latest gadgets, online security websites, and apps social media, and so much more. How can technology help you? Let's find out. It's time for the tech grant. John, super talk twelve seventy and technology has really changed the way we live work and play. Bill. Dean from real estate is in the we're gonna talk, a lot about technology in the workplace. Yeah. And have to control panel producer extraordinaire, Jim. We'll welcome back. Thanks law. You've been a busy, you've been a busy guy. I have the place all over you are on the east coast. You're on the west coast. Now you're back, kind of in the middle. And as I said, before we came on the air, there's a lot of empty space over the country. It's a big country. It's amazing. Actually, when you think about it. I, I was listening to. To the woes of landfills over the weekend. There was some article I was reading something about that, about an hour, using up landfill space as I'm flying over the country and thinking to myself, we got all kinds of space. What are we talking about here? Yeah. Yeah. I mean I, I know I'm not I'm not trying to make light of that situation. It's just that when they talk about, we're running out of landfill space. I'm like, we got all kinds of space. It's a lot of that is owned by the government. And they don't want to let it go, because a lot of this, like park land areas, which nobody wants to get rid of. That's understandable. Right. Things like Superfund sites, though. They, they can do some amazing things with those nowadays. Absolutely. Absolutely. So, yeah. I mean you know, I would imagine that our country could probably hold another billion or two billion. Rabba shoehorning squeeze. Exactly right. Exactly. Right. You know. And it doesn't mean as you though, right? I mean, there's all this empty space and beautiful spaces. Yes. All over the country, ride open spacious and yet you go to LA or New York, and they cram. Like like you said, it's like using this, you horn to try to put another building in here, somewhere or another street, or, or, and I love the unique ways people use space, right? Yeah. You know, so they have, you know, they'll go vertical and create your awkward as that are vertical ardent that are vertical and everything else, but yet two miles away, there's millions of millions of empty acres basically talked before in the past about how people are saying in the future. We're all gonna live in these thousand mile high skies Jeffers, or they're so high there that you're technically an orb, right here, the top. Right. Right. I guess the thinner up there. So it'll be better flooding the air. Yeah, yeah, exactly. And let's see what else. Did I? So on the pot-smoking side. Spencer. He's opening next month. Yeah. I heard that. That's what is it? Our third one now in the state, that's going to be the first one in the Bismarck area. Right. Right. So what are the other day w which is strangely appropriate writing about it. It was also a veterinary hospital right now. That really veternarian in there. Yes. Yes. And obviously, I mean when you're on the west coast, it's everywhere. I mean I I and it is. And it just amazes me. I mean when you're on the east coast, it's, it's not as I'm sure it's everywhere there too not, or any been everywhere, for right? It's just not. So public what, what if I knew amazing, and I don't I personally don't care. It's just that I don't want you just like cigarettes because you're not driving. And right, right. Not is you're not taking other people out in the equation of sharing what you have with me. I don't get hand smoke is that's the thing right now. If it's secondhand smoke is somebody smoking a cigarette. They're all over that. Why is there not this outrage to me about secondhand smoke when it comes to pot I actually witnessed this a couple of weeks ago, and there's a person smoke in a cigarette in a person smoking a joint, right next to each other? And this young lady comes up, and who do you think? She goes after the guy with a cigarette, that's correct. I love it had say Larry. It is hilarious. Not medicinal. It was unbelievable. I don't want if I if I don't want to share your high, why am I being forced to do that? I don't understand this. But now, does that really work that way, is that they talk about a contact high? If you're in a room full of people who are smoking weed. That's supposedly you'll get a touch of to just from breathing in with a breathe out. How does that work? I, I would have. I mean I feel kind of when I've been in his bases. I mean I go onto a hotel rental the other day, and I mean it reeked of pot. I actually went downstairs and asked for different room because that was smoking because I'm a nonsmoker, and if I get into a smoky room in a hotel, I can't handle it. I don't mean to you on this topic, I guess, but it just seems crazy to me, it's going to be an issue around here. Very yeah. And the other thing was is I was down in Vegas with some. Ends here. Not too long ago over your house magazine. He was in a room and he, he was like, I'm putting he's putting towels underneath because he is one of these rooms has a conjoint Neil adore. That's you know, and he was actually putting like towels underneath the door because he said, it's like they're purposely blowing it into the room. He said, I it's in a did it reeked of pot. It was unbelievable being a college dorm room all over. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know what, what, what might take is. What do you think? What is your take on that really interesting? Because as the landlord myself, I had a Dende my Lisa's, and everything really no more like ping, not allowed, okay? Leave a mess place where we live. We, we can't do that anymore. Either. Why does veep vaping? No. Now, we're getting into some technology here. What kind of mass does vaping make, honestly, what I found is, especially, like in the kitchen or bathroom where there's high humidity? Yeah. Leaves a kind of like a sticky residue really. And. You try to wash you have to wash like an entire ceiling, especially don't have depending on how you textured it and whatnot. So that's one of the changes I had to make was no cigarettes. No vaping in the house. No, any sort of smoking really just across the board. Well, that's yeah. That is interesting isn't it because if it's leaving the kind of residue on walls, what does it do into your lungs? That's right. That's really interesting to me, if you walk into a room where there have been a lot of people who are heavy smokers. I mean it just permeates thing. And there was a time when we are all kind of used to it because everybody smoked, that's correct. And then we went through a period where everybody quit for a long time. You got some do it and some don't you do notice it now, I notice it, I do too. And, and I mean, and I, I'm just because I used to actually and I'm still kind of on the fence with baby and as far as health benefits go, I think it's probably better than cigarettes. If you're going to do one or the other, you're better off vaping than smoking good for. Well, I'm not really sure anymore, Jim. I mean, I think that there's something on the Malek molecular level, and we need to check this out where, you know, it's atomization the particles, so they're smaller, and they get embedded into the lung tissue. It's a little little more soul than regular cigarette smoke. You're inhaling smoke. How good can? Right. Right. So I don't know. I, I think the jury is out yet on on whether or not vaping is actually better for you. I think it's maybe there's some things that it's better for you with. But I think there's going to be other health things that we're going to see in the future because of it. Yeah. So why are you shaking your head? Yes. Well I mean I look at it as you have water now containing chemicals and things that are just saying you're lugs versus smoke. You know, you get the smoke, but in the U X hell it, but this now is trapped in water in your lungs, which means it can go into cells in different places, right? Yeah. Right. Airborne wouldn't so yeah. It's just it's just different. You know. So. Yeah. Yeah. Well, interesting well, anyway. Well, I that's right. We haven't really got into too much technology yet. So, but yeah, I've been rock cross country. I did see a what I thought was really interesting yesterday morning flying out of Vegas that feeling station, and there was an electric charging station for vehicle sitting there attached to this huge portable solar panel. Uh-huh. I was like, wow, that's kinda clever. Charge time is deaf. I'm actually going to call the company later and find out because I think what it is. There's probably a battery pack in the portable unit. So this other charger is our charging that battery, which charges, the battery or in the cards, self. So anyway, after the break everybody, we will actually get into talking about technology in the workplace. So come on back. Follow the guru of gig at Facebook dot com. Backslash the tech ranch or Twitter at guru of geek or the tech ranch dot com here, again is your guru of geek, Marlow Anderson. I'm waiting jar kicks haw on roads rails, this X. They're just talking about that. Yes. Who is pushed saying this. That's the Rolling Stones bay really. Yeah. They didn't do the original route six all. No, no Bobby troup airing the forties. I think NAT king Cole. Did the original? So how did you know that? The Rolling Stones did this. I've never even song I love. And there's a zillion version of it. And that's definitely one of them. Wow. That's Chuck Berry did a version. Yes. Depeche mode, the very interesting version sort of an eighties electric wiring. Yeah. I, I used to I used to listen to Depeche mode all the time. I never heard that version either. So, yeah, we got to check that out. Yeah. That'd be great. So at the other microphone, Mr. Bill dean bills with Lance real estate here in Bismarck. Manned North Dakota for those who are joining us from across the country. That's where we're located right here in. Manion. So we're talking a little bit about work and technology, and I invited you in day because I know you love technology, and I'm sure my, my mic keyword this year is probably leverage. How do you leverage technology so that you can do more things right? And maybe make more money or or have more time for you and your family or whatever. So that's what we're talking about today. So you have a list of stuff. Well, this is just even the tip of the iceberg because as agents I mean, it's what, what is money making activity for us really k. You know, we're small business so we have marketing advertising, we need to be meeting people. We have contracts, you have to right. We have to manage projects that are going on. We have right. Chase down lenders chase down our clients. I mean, there's so much stuff going on. But you have to lever some of the tools out there just to make sure that you're actually leaving time for yourself because we're seven days a week. So on the top of your list, what is your favorite app or software that you use? Well, I say, for my gas Kartal my favorite thing is just our docu sign or digits. Okay. So there's probably not a lot of people that know what you're talking about. So how does that process work? You know, I don't is it a scenario. I mean in the past or, and today, I mean, if I were to buy a house, or, or get a loan, or whatever I generally have to be there, right? I mean that's how the be, but that's not the case anymore. Is it? Yeah. So a lot of that's changed Cam. So before we went through all these changes. I mean, the forms are always the same pretty much what some of the people who started. My office forty years ago, you know, it was one page document then through various lawsuits keeps growing and growing six pages. Right. Right. But now we can upload that, and did you sign or docu docu, sign actually allows us to? Scan in the files, and then we can just drop boxes where we have to fill them, and they can go through digitally, do everything. And then the cool part is it allows us to send it and they can have an they consign it digitally. So typically from their phone. So this allows us, you know, we don't have to fax things anymore. Yup. And we can work on the go since typically we're working off a phone or tablet. So this is really nice when we're gonna someone from out of town, because we have to get permission to actually represent a client Cam. So they have to sign that document. We have to explain the difference between having a customer, as a client or, or just having a client, someone who we fully represent. And so it has forms than we actually make the offer normally have to scan it to them. They'd signed to take it and then scan it over to fax it over to the ill their agent. So now there's no paper, you still do physically have to sign a notarize when you transfer deed talking. So that's still still have to go there, right? You can do it remotely, and you still have to have notarize, but that's still. Will old score not getting away from that quite yet. Well, I would imagine the notary just just that witness of a signature so, so important on that sit Nick on that piece of, of transaction that you have to go on. Right. But all this other stuff that you're talking about. I can't imagine what life would of what was like before you had this. I mean you what you what you just described to me must have taken hours or days, sometimes to get through, just to have somebody represent you or, or you represent somebody else I should say or what have you, you know, if you're just gonna show a property, and you had to have have have somebody sign off on that. I mean my goodness, just to chase that person down had to be challenged. Right. Was a little bit easier. I mean, if you take away, how busy, we are now, just in general or busier? You know, it's not taking kids somewhere or running somewhere. You're on your phone playing an app or doing something like we're just busier for back then everyone is tied to the land land. Right. And so you knew he could just call the office and get your second day. Or someone maybe them, and let them know. Hey, I wanna show your house at five, and they'd call their landlord let them know. So is maybe it wasn't as simple. But there wasn't as many options, either right? Like I get messages on through Facebook. I get messages through realtor dot com, Zillow you know, through all these different things and each have their own little user interface. So okay, let's hear blue today. That's Facebook or could be. Zillow Zillow sometimes gray. And then there's a dark blue just keeping track of all that. It's kind of interesting. But so speaking of which so one of the things that probably drives me a little crazy is the fact that you have to be adept at all these different ways of keeping, you know, in touch with people nowadays. Right. So. And I'm going to pick on you a little bit, Jim. I'm not even sure if I even have your phone number in my phone because you and I always talk through. Yeah. Through what, what are what are you? Yeah. Jim is faced one person. He loves using messenger. And in fact, I will tell you the only reason I have Facebook messenger on my phone is because of you. Oh, well, I hope I'm not messing things. No, no. Not at all. I'm just I'm just saying that everybody else. I've, I've never deemed these messaging services on social media as the direct way to contact people. I always just looked at them as a. Hey, Bill, you do on this go out and have a beer later. Okay. All right. You know. That's how I see it. And Jim, you know, a couple years ago, he, he messaged me on Facebook one day, and I didn't get the message because I don't have it on my phone. And I'm like, wow. I never really even thought about using social media as a business tool in regards of. Yeah. So now I mean I have Twitter of course. People use Instagram to get hold of me linked, and has become a huge way. I get so many messages in Lincoln now for business. It's unbelievable. So so, you know, and some of those actually taken over traditional text. And, and you know, basically phone calls. So do you have a problem keeping up with all this? Yeah. Does get distracting. So I mean we have to have I used to see our M a half to. So does your C R M? I mean somebody's if I send you a message in Facebook, and you get another message from somebody else in Lincoln. Does this aggregate all of this stuff into one? In place or how, how are you doing that? So I don't have a service for that. But once I create a contact couple solutions one is provided by one of the online, brokerages by okay, allows me ill actually pull in from any source and tell me the name number and Email of who is reaching out to me, and it, doesn't it doesn't care where it's from. So if it's someone reaching on Facebook or Zillow or wherever it is it actually pulls it in and just hold it there. So I can see in follow up with them. Got only knowing part is, it's still that service gives me a message this aggregating service gives me a message. And then if they message me more than once and I get four to six pop ups, all of a sudden, like all right. I'm reach after someone. But really, I mean going back. I'm a huge. I love free so Google docs. Okay, it's fantastic. I use Google sheets probably every day, and that's so nice. 'cause I can just type it in and goes with miss on my phone on the computers, someone else's if I need to. So I don't have to. Carry a thumb drive, or anything like that. So I'm just good to go, and I can just pull up what I was working on. And I'm the same I'm in the same space. All of my projects, aren't Google. And whether whether you like that or not, maybe an an and I think apple has similar services to, but even if you're an iphone user, whatever you can still use Google and, and use the Google Drive. I yeah, I, I was just this morning. I was working on a project and something I'm like, man. That was like three years ago. And then sure enough, I pop into Google Drive, and type a little search and through my thousands of documents here comes this one to me thirty seconds to pop that up and revise it and send it off to somebody. So it's wonderful to have that access to those, those documents and things. Yeah. So I agree with you, Google Google docs, Google Drive. And if you have an account, it's free. Yeah. Now it's wonderful because I actually I use a MAC book for my laptop got an I'm a PC desktop and Android phone user. Okay. I unsuccessfully made the whole tried to go with apple. Couldn't do it. I just I need my numbers on my keyboard, because every day is talking about numbers, some shaper another. So do use Google voice as well a haven't yet. Okay. That's something I've looked into for other things. But it's to know that if you call in someone's going to answer every time is huge right? Because even me trying to reach out to other agents sometimes it's multiple days before I even get a callback. And it's like. I've done something unique things with Google voice. I actually have two phones now that I've actually programmed to use actual landline. Phones that I've used with Google voice. I actually free phone calls using Google voice just because I bought a couple of think the one phone was like a hundred bucks but it's provisions for it now. So, like I can make these free phone calls. Great. So, yeah. What have we got going? Now Jim Depeche mode love it. So more after the break, everybody. We're back to the tech rent stream this program. Now at super talk, twelve seventy dot com. Here's your guru of geek, Marlow Anderson. We're talking about napping over the break here, we really need to have like, like a webcam or something going on in here. Yeah. Yeah. We did we all get a three minute or three minute. Power nap has received. Yeah. So catnap. So the debate is are not all movies, but our, our movies worse, now than they were in the past because every one of us is talking about how we fallen asleep during movies recently. Or significant others have fallen asleep during the movie recently. So what do you think Bill? I mean is this is this something that I mean, I, I went to the vendors movie the other night, that's three hours. You know, I didn't fall asleep at that one, but I know the movie I went to I went to the hustle earlier in the week at a few evenings. I had some time to myself travelling around, so I guess, I go to movies when I do that. And I think the movie was pretty good. It was it was exact duplicate of dirty, rotten scoundrels, which I really love back today. And so it was fun to watch, but I notice that I fell asleep what halfway through. So our movies worse than they used to be. Or are we just older? What's the deal? You're older. You think that's what it is? Well, it's probably mixed to if it is just a recreation. You know, like endgame, what exactly, you know how they can tie this up. Right. Where are they going to end up? Who's gonna come back who is in, you know, you anticipated waiting to see, but if it's a movie of seen any us coming, you know, the joke lines, you know, it's just like, I think, okay to now for a second. Okay. So if you spend fifty bucks to go to a movie, and you take a nap. I mean, is it really? I mean, is that considered a true power nap then because you've actually I mean, I spent less on hotel rooms. Pretty expensive now. So just recliners for you now. So that is true. These these seats in these movie theaters are unbelievable alley. So which is good. Anyway, maybe that's why they have those that you can sleep while you're there. We're talking about work and technology and bills with the lions real estate in Bismarck, North Dakota, and we were just talking about Google Drive, and he's got a whole sheet of other things that he's going to share with us. So what's next on your list there? Well, we have talked about social media advertising marketing Kip, because there's no way around it most agents for your starting I mean, for myself, you know, it was all right. I need to get my name out there. My voice, you know what I'm good at my niches, but I don't have a thousand dollars a throw a month at this. I'm just getting into it. There's at least a ninety day usually from when you start to even if you sold the house on your first day could be up to ninety days for you to check. I see, you know, you have to be really the bootstrap it really. Because Facebook still, you know, the biggest one out there, Instagram growing, but the demographics younger, and then you have like Pinterest, which is definitely more on the female side of things. And there's all these different social media's linked in is actually growing and growing. So see Gary v or meaner Chuck, I see him every single day on there and then grandparent, but to save time, because it's annoying to go in and. Okay. I took a picture, put on Facebook. And now I need to shrink and make it a square for Instagram. And then it's going to be tall and narrow for Pinterest. Like gets a little crazy. So one of the most powerful apps, I use buffer. Okay, because it's so nice. Just hey Fridays for one hour. I'm gonna sit down. I'm supposed out a whole month of ads and schedule it and now it's off to the races. I don't have to worry about it. So I can really leverage my time, and then I can give another person access to my calm and they can, you know, make pretty things ensure different. Parts of information, and then utilizing to like national day calendar, you can create a little extra things will tie together. So, so on on buffer. I mean so buffers like who's sweet co schedule. You know, which is I mean, they're they have their differences. Of course, what is it about buffer that you like over the others when you were shopping around for super simple? Okay. I mean I most of the times, I'm picking a picture like one million cups of animal take a picture, take the event, some people myself, and then literally just I can sit there in about three minutes and have it on five different social media's, it's just it actually it actually takes the image and recitals it for all the different ones is Instagram in that list as well with buffer now or not yet, they're there. But what happens is of buffer doesn't have can access it. So it prepares it. And then it opens up your Instagram's he still have to like hit send. Gotcha. And then it will post in that, okay? So they're not quite there, but well. Instagram has made it difficult for these companies to do that type of thing. So but I think they're starting to open it up or other companies are figuring out work arounds, right? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. It's it's, you know it's the easiest yet again simple. I mean that's buy buffer. So nice because there's not a lot of options. It's great post and click the social media's you wanted to be a part of it and you're done to date the time. It'll optimize it for the time of day. And then if you really get going into the tracking side of things, it's pretty fun there. Okay. Because there's another one that's been emerging called later and later Instagram feature with it. So you can actually don't have to do that the second step piece of it. But I think the challenge, of course, a lot of times, you'll you know, I see you write that down. I'll just like I wrote a buffer down because I'm gonna go check that out of it later too, because I haven't looked at it for a while. But the problem I always comes to do. I wanna learn something new since I already know buffer now. Right. I mean, this is the challenge you're gonna have, or, or is later gonna give me enough other. Other things. And I'm gonna say, Yep. I'm gonna throw my my ringing or my hat into the ring on this one and learn this because I like the features they have now because they're all about the same as far as pricing goes so twenty bucks a month. And maybe do you use the free version of buffer note? Okay. Spend nothing ninety seventy year. Okay. Oh, so pretty discount. Yeah. Yeah. That's still. That's more. Yeah. That's, that's fifteen bucks a month. That's not terrible. Yeah. And so it's nice to not even that. No. She'll be about eight nine bucks a month. Yeah. I think one hundred ninety for some reason. So okay, yeah, yeah, that's good. That's good. Well, it's really I mean the nice thing about it though is all those social media's fixed points. And so if I use buffer, and I'm working, we're giving assistant they can use whatever they want, right fine. Right. Because concealing Iraq and do everything. It's not just buffer exclude right over. So that's really nice where hey, what are you comfortable with something? I just learned about the other day as podium, I guess I'm way behind the times on that. But just seeing how you can build it and customize. It's like this is perfect for all sorts of things. Obviously I'm way behind too, because I haven't even heard a podium before. How's that spelled P denial? Yep. Set a podcast or it's, it's a like a CRM, but you can build like web forms input data. So I could like send you a survey, you can upload documents to it. You can say which ones have to be filled out, and then you can post it out on the web. You can post it in emails and super customizable. But then it's the Sierra ams keeps track of everyone payments and everything now. So it's kind of a one stop shop. A lot of people are in the social media marketing use it. Gotcha. So it's kind of like almost like a Salesforce, right? That actually collects money and reaches out more than just stores who they are. Right. Right. Interesting polio, so all right? What's next on your list? Oh, there's there's a time. That's okay. Like another thing. That's interesting. But we have our MLS are MLS on flex, which is Fargo based company. So we have an apt we can check on houses get updates of new listings. And that's. For us agents. And then there's websites all around, they can look. But even though we have the MLS the live feature, we still, I still have to use Zillow realtor dot com and biz Manam, which is obviously very local but, but people do poster houses there. Yeah. Oh, yeah. 'cause people send me something and like realtor dot com, actually buys is a part of our Emma last everything. They get is accurate Zillow just harvests. So they're actually paying for anything. They're just going in and stealing. So which is why they're data is sometimes eighteen months behind. So when someone says we house, and it's like I don't I don't see it wasn't for sale through on molasses through an agent. So go find it on. Whatever one, they're using. And then do some research was a for sale is still for sale call him. I mean, it's kind of like a necessary, evil have to have it just to see what else is going on because. You know, just because I can see the house on the MLS doesn't mean it's the right house. Right. A for sale by owners, the winner then still got to go there and. Yup. The goals are happy happy, happy person and have house so cool. So that's been kind of interesting, but one of the cool things out there is I have TT if this, yes, that's still works. So, so, yeah, it stands for if this then that. Yeah. I f TT so you can so I'll give you an example. But what I use it for. I'm more on the fun side. I and he use it more on the practical side. But if somebody uses national day calendar, for example, in a tweet, then our I have what I call the Twitter light in our office, and that light will blink every time that Jim Nelson in talking about, right. Sometimes it gets to be like a Strobe light over there. You know, because, you know how busy we are that day. Guac day. After a while though you do get used to it. But when people are in there right away. They're like, what does that light blinking for all the time over there? You know, so anyway, but that isn't if this and that, you know, type of thing. So how do you use? If tw. Well for me. It's tying it up to like Craigslist, and different things. Every time a house goes for sale. It's not in my MLS. I can actually have a text message interest side. Don't have to scroll through every day happy because I on flex, I just have the hot sheet, which tells me, what's the new stuff, which prices were reduced. What's got enough? Ron it and what you're sold. So great example, just let you understand everybody, who's listening should go check this out. Because there's there are recipes for anything that you can think of right. Both your scenario is if somebody lists something on Craigslist, then Bill gets a text. Yep. Right. So, but you, you can tie all kinds of softwares together. Right. If you go by our building in the evening when. Lights are on and the international space shuttle flies over the top. And if you see the lights flashing red in our building that means that the space shuttle, or the international space station is right? Above us doesn't happen a lot. But it but it does happen. And so if you ever go by our building and all sudden, it's just flashing red look, up in the sky because that's what's going on. But that's what you can do with if more after the break. Follow the guru of geek, everywhere, he goes poster comments or questions at the tech ranch dot com. Once again, your guru of teak, Marlow Anderson control. Jim Lawson other Mike, Bill. Dean with alliance real estate and Bill. It's right. Don't mess with it. Among other things bills got all kinds of projects going on, which is what I why like this guy so much. He's, he's, he's a doer mover and shaker in the community. That's for sure. Yeah. That's probably more accurate. Jim. Anyway, we were just talking about work and technology and about if tw. So if this than that, and the recipes that you can create and you just tell me over the break that has an app yet. I didn't even know this are you able to actually hop into that happened. Create recipes to do things. I've only spent about thirty seconds on it so far. Okay. I believe. So because it had kind of I could look at what I created before and then on the bottom and had, you know, design new. Yeah. Like, all right. Yeah, I just didn't have any for at that time while I'm gonna be checking that out now because that's pretty cool. So I know you have a whole list of stuff into the last break or last part of the program here. So let's get onto the next thing you got on your list. Well, another thing that goes into more of the marketing side again. But it's actually now we're talking about if I really wonder if there's a tie for this recipe because, you know Google business Google out there as far as time and attention, and they. It's a free thing. So you claim your business on Google, my business fill out the data's right there for you. And you start getting people to direct it to your site. And I didn't I knew was there. But I didn't really see the full scope of it until I set it up, actually with you aren't one of our ups mash up, actually, and, you know, I'm getting fifty people a month to a website that just because, you know, I post on it, and it's it tells me hey, it's been a week. We're going to take off this post you should set something up. I do it. You know, just follow the system, you wrote it says. Yep. And it's kind of crazy, how that works because, you know, on Facebook took me, a long time to target markets, and really figure out how to get your high conversion with open houses, and different things like that. But here it's absolutely free. And I'm spent any money and they tell you exactly what to do you just do it. So that's what I'm curious if there is a recipe that, hey, if someone goes through Google my business to my website is their way to track that 'cause that'd be really, really need to see because it's, it's a free resource, but is free, by the way, too. So, yeah. Really? And it's going your Google maps to drive somewhere and we pull up the bits of they're pulling writes that page. So that's one of those ones. That's it's free. It's out there and it's wonderful because he can take pictures as you can get reviews through it, and it matters. Because in their own search parameters, you can say, I'm looking for five star four point eight and above restaurant. Right. Well, I wanna be you have to as an agent. So actually, so that's one that's really interesting just because it's free, but it's not utilized or people look at, oh, my address is taken because I'm in an office with fifty eight agents. That's not true. And this is the thing about that. Anything that you can do. I mean, we call Google juice Cayenne. In anything you can do to participate with Google. I know they say that this isn't the case, but I can't believe it wouldn't be right. It just affected. You doing this stuff. I think helluva, elevates, your SEO, right. So if somebody types in looking for a home in Bismarck. And because you've gone through the process of Google, my business and do not live things of Google. If somebody else has done everything else that you have you win, because you've participated, one of the level with Google. I think, so I just think that it's really important to do those type things and it doesn't matter what business you're in. Greg's doesn't matter at all. I mean I, I don't care if you're, you know, you know mosquitoes this time of year. Right. Or if you're a lawn mowing service or whatever you better be using the tools that Google gives you because Google, you know, even and I always tell people you should even have. If you're not even using the channels, you know, get yourself a YouTube channel, and in all these other things because the, the thing that really aggravates, you is at three years, from, now, when you decided you need a YouTube channel a somebody else's stolen your name. Right. So you need to go in and squad on your name on these in, in social media to right. I mean, if you're not using tick tock, most people have no idea what I just talked about. But tick tock as a. Really up and coming social media platform right now. TI K. T O K, tick tock, and is for younger people. But if if you don't go in there and get your name by the time you get there. Somebody else will have taken your name, so you need to go into the squad on these things until you're ready to use them. So anyway, when you have a generic name, like Bill. Yes. Exactly. Right. Yeah. They're running around. Thank you. Just mandate. But yeah, there's some of the practical side of things because we are small businesses. So I use my like you to track my miles, okay because, you know, my previous drafts are drove a couple thousand miles a month. But even now it's eleven hundred twelve hundred miles just driving two houses special because I work all the way up to my not in between. So my drive to garrison week and might drive out to mcklusky or to new Salem. So, so let's explain how this app works. So it's really cool, actually, my like you can download it does cost money, but it saves so much time. But literally, it just tracks through the GPS and then it when you start and stop it ends a trip. So then it just saves them all. And you can just swipe right? If his business left, if it's personal what? Yeah. So, you know, when I sit down to college at the end the night, or something I can just go through my day. I see I have a Miley tracking half that I have to actually physically type in the mileage who've. And of course. Yeah, that's exactly right, though. Right. So you're like you drive two miles. Like I've not worth my time. Right. But if I only had this wipe writer left. Yeah, then it saves come and trip. So like knows my office commute folks mileage IQ. Yep. Am I l? And then I q okay. We'll check that out. That's a great tip. Let's great because it prints reports to at the end of the give to my tax prepare, if they're you know, they're three hundred dollars with gas. I think most people don't understand the value of their vehicle for driving for work. So this is a and they just want to go through that, that, right? This is a great way to with that. That's really that's really great. So it adds up just because it stored you have these words, easy to share. But it it helps you kind of know what doing because, you know, we're always looking for right off different things to kind of maximize and pay as little in as we can. That's one of the ones I really, really helps. Yep. Because on the flip side of that to you can actually get that through a quick they have. Version, and then just because of who does my counting I, I actually use quicken. But the cool thing with these apps. Now, these they're really getting to where k day by this for closing take a picture of the receipt. I can send it to that file. So I know. Closing gift or this was, you know, I needed a tape measure to find out the square footage of this building or whatnot and just take pictures. Now auto files it. You don't have to have the file somewhere folder. Right. Of raise that you have to sit back. What did I do here? When I. Right. So it's really cool to it's just so much easier just to take that picture right then and there. Yep. Takes five seconds and done. That's a good idea. Yeah. Go all right. What else you got on the list? Well after that, it's just time save stuff. That's okay. Because yet again times huge, especially when we do as much as we do, right? We have to make sure that we're giving time to what's important. Yup. So just maximizing like. Google calendar. I mean, the more dig into it the easier it is for just plugging in different things time blocking setting up weekly schedules. So, like talked about social media. Hey Friday at ten AM every other week I can just hit that. Yup. And it just pops up because me the notifications and I know it's time to do that. Yep. Are you a Google calendar user, Jim not too much? We do have it. My wife uses it more than I do. Okay for scheduling are all our personal family type of end things are parties. We're going to fairs around town. I don't know if you knew this or not. But if you actually put in the address of where you're going, you don't actually tell you when you need to leave. You know, your, your, your phone while she pop up and say it's time to go to the tech ranch now. Yeah, because it actually look at traffic patterns that are going on out there. So sometimes it'll say, yeah. Sometimes it will always amazes me that sometimes I can leave at a quarter to eleven but then there are times it says that I need to leave that at twenty five two and it says because you gotta traffic so down trip construction going on or whatever. So it's pretty amazing actually when you think about that. So, yeah. Something you need though. Because for for me at anytime I can get someone. Hey, I want go look at his house like Kay. We'll let me check my schedule. Right. Have fully integrated yet, but I just started with county. Okay. To have that, where, hey you can see what my schedule is. So if you just want to book a time for. Yeah. Yeah. Set it up yourself notify me. We'll confirm it and go. Yeah. That's great. That's great. Well, Bill, it's been great having you on the show. I know me hardly get through most of the things on your list here. But you had some van tastic dips today. So I hope some of people to take advantage of that, Jim, it's good to be home. Likewise. So, and I guess. Maybe have to go out for some coffee this week. We haven't we still have to go have barbecue together. That's right. So let's do this. We gotta go get some ribs. So all right. Have a great week everybody.

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TikTok Boom

Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons Podcast

53:54 min | 1 year ago

TikTok Boom

"Hello everybody firewalls don't stop dragons I'm your host Garry? Parker and man? We've got a huge news show for you this week as I've been kind of. Hinting at in the prior week's while we've been doing the interviews so much has happened, and there's a lot of things I want today, but first of all hopefully you guys all had a good for the July weekend. I know I took some extra time off and really enjoyed doing that. one of the reasons I. took the time off was to finish up my final drafts of the fourth edition of my book That's a huge milestone. That's all been turned in now. To my publisher and so that means it's time for them to do all the layout and formatting, and all that kind of stuff so tedious process takes a little while, but really opened the book We'll be out by from really lucky August, but if not certainly by September and I want to at least acknowledge that apple had their worldwide developer conference last week. Which is their annual? Developer Conference software developer conference. And that's usually where the announced their new operating systems, stuff and particular Mac Os, and I'll s which is for iphone ipads and Macintosh computers. And they had a really nice list of security and privacy enhancements that I will not have time to get into today I will. See if I can't dedicate some time to it. In the next new show, we will have another interview between now and then so that'll be a little bit off in the future I really want cover that they've done some really cool stuff there. But today I've got a lot of news to cover talk a little bit more about zoom, and they're encrypted encryption story on again off again and Dow, apparently on again. I'll give you a net gear router update because I know. I kind of gave you a warning last week about that got a little bit of update for you there. We're GONNA. Talk about adobe, flash and It's death-knell and what it actually might mean for a lot of older websites still depend on it. Then I've got a kind of long, but important article about somebody never heard of. It's a company called blue sky. I think that's you pronounce it from. and like Google and facebook and other data, mining companies and a lot of ones. You've never even heard of like this one. Behind the scenes is collecting a lot of data and this one unfortunately had a lot of that data to sit out there for anybody. Pick up, but it's A. Lot More to that story and I WANNA spend a little time on that one. And related to that in a very timely thing, Ohio senator has proposed a new privacy bill. It's very interesting. It probably will never pass, but we'll talk about that anyway. Talk about interesting new MAC malware There's a few these around lately, but this one again. It's got some interesting points to it that I want to get through. Then, we're GONNA. Talk about a few Microsoft stories. Most of them, actually all of them this week are bad. So lots of stuff to talk by their. Unfortunately, some Microsoft Windows issues. Talk briefly about a new deal between comcast and Mozilla the maker of Fire Fox. That's. Not Surprising but something you need to know about, and then finally we're GonNa talk about Tiktok. And if you haven't heard of this, you're probably over the age of twenty five. and. Maybe not watching the news recently, because they've cropped up in these a couple of times, and not in a good way so and that will bring us tour tip of the week, so lost a cover. Let's say more time. Let's get to it. Birth have to give a quick update on zoom. That's the home video conferencing service that. Exploded over this covid nineteen era, though I still don't understand exactly why there's a lot of other great services out there some arguably better services out there that are also free. But anyway It's all over the news, so wanted to talk a little bit about this. They as your call one of the things they really got beat up on early is some security problems and some of them were just bugs, but other ones are more privacy related. And fact, they kinda claimed early on to have end to end encryption. But as we found out, that's really not true. And unfortunately, a lot of the companies had kind of the same claim in the kind of hand waving a little bit, and basically the difference is a lot of a lot of these companies have encryption to and from the different point to point kind of like from your from your camera and computer to their servers is usually encrypted, but it's usually unencrypted and then re sent. To the recipient encrypted, but basically the the crucial part of that there is that has this unencrypted step in the middle meaning that whatever the company is in this case zoom could actually see and hear everything you're doing on this video call, and yet a lot of them still referred to that end encrypted, because the data is encrypted in transit everywhere, but it's got layover, and and that is the key so true end in the Christian means that it is encrypted from the time it leaves by computer to time at arrives at the other prisons computer including in a multi conference, which means that nobody in the middle can decrypt it, not even the service provider in this case zoom. So. Zoom you know was called out on that? And then eventually said okay well. We're going to offer an encryption which everyone was like? And, then the later came out and we'll as we'll see in this article on the CEO's like our ECHINACEA for everybody and we're not. GonNa do it for the free users and we'll get into that in a second, and then they all of course, a lot of blowback on that, and so now they're kind of changing their tune a little bit, so here's where we are now. Let me read a little bit from this Article Mashal. Zoom decided that the F.. B. I. Might Not need access to free users. Video calls after all the company behind the popular video conferencing to announced today that despite earlier promises to the contrary, it intends to offer end in encryption to, both it's paying and non paying users. This is a big privacy win for those who rely on zoomed to chat with friends and family. As end interruption means that only the people on the call, not zoom or some random third party have access to the conversation. Notably, this change of heart follows criticism of zoom CEO, Eric One. Who in the earnings call earlier, this month said that his company would intentionally keep end encryption from non paying users to better assist law enforcement, and this is his quote, which will probably forever famous, he says. Freezers for sure we don't want to give that end in encryption because we also wanted to work together with FBI and local law enforcement. In case, some people use zoom for bad purposes unquote, and of course that's always the reason they give, but anyway enough about that back to the article today's announcement, reflexive evolution of that Calculus, although there are a couple of huge caveats worth noting for starters zoom calls. Calls will not be end income by default really much like facebook messenger users. We'll have to enable the added protection themselves and I'll just stop here. I'm not sure if that means a lot to do it per call, or if they could set it once and forget it I'm not sure yet and going on in addition for years left to fork over additional info before getting access to end encryption. From zooms blog post. They say quote. Free and basic users seeking access to decryption will participate in a one time process that will prompt the user for additional pieces of information such as verifying phone number via text message. Many leading companies perform similar steps on account creation to reduce the mass creation of abuse of accounts Unquote It goes on to say that an early Beta version will be released in July of this year. So be on the lookout for that, and the article says as I would in the meantime you're if you're looking for privacy. Considerations Zuma alternative signal or facetime that provides end encryption by default because of when it comes to your privacy. There's no good reason to wait amen. All right now said about that. Let's move onto net gear, real quick mentioned last week, and the beginning of the show before we get to interview that there is a big net gear bug found. That affects like. Apparently most of their routers not the Mesh, routers. At least they haven't said that yet It's only the regular. Wifi routers actually one of you listeners reach out to me about that. And I looked it up and found out. It wasn't clear to me when I read the first article about it, but. I'm not GonNa read an article here but I will give you some important information so again. There's about security researchers. Researchers found that maybe eighty different are almost eighty different neck your products. Ranging from current models all the way back to models two thousand seven. Are Vulnerable or at least potentially vulnerable to a pretty nasty authentication bypass hack. What that means is you know it's like Kinda said then route. the way it's configured. Is it run a little web server inside of it and so if you go to that, Ip address for that. For Your router. It brings up this administrative webpage log in with your administrative credentials. which hopefully are good, but we'll see shortly that they're not. And then you can configure the rather than save your settings well this pack. Has a way to bypass that authentication altogether, meaning that doesn't matter what the Password is. The person could get to the web page on that router they can basically do that can hack into whatever they want and that is a bad thing to do. Your router is your is your security. It's your gateway to the rest of the Internet, and if that thing is compromised, compromised every different device you have in your household connected that router the is then potentially vulnerable to at least attempts at hacking. And the router can send you to militias web pages that can do all sorts of nasty things. Dear router something definitely WanNa keep. As secure as humanly possible, so one of the things I told you then was. Some of these routers for some inexplicable reason have a way to reach this administrative configuration page from outside your house like from anywhere on the planet. Why anybody would want to configure their router from anywhere besides inside their home I don't know, but if you go to your Abdin, page, and you find any sort of external monitoring or management eating to turn that off for sure, but what I didn't know last week. was that actually just going to a malicious website? If you just from anywhere, inside your home network from your computer your phone. Whatever if you go to a malicious website, it can actually run Java script that will hack. You're out or from the inside and. I've mentioned that last week as well This bypass works on the inside, too, but that means that some. Computer a device in your house to compromise I well, if you can just go to a bad web page and have this happened than. Device the naturally hacked. If you get tricked into this page, you could pets potentially still have your router hacked? So this is. This is not good for next year. They're going to give you two links that I made explicitly fair for you guys for this, so you can something easy to remember about. PUT US on. The show notes as well. You basically need to find your I've been a web page and look for updates to your routers firmware, and right now they've updated. Forget how many they said. In the dozens of of their products, you can download a fix a software fix that currently is just a workaround. It's not the permanent fix. It's just a temporary work around, but nevertheless I would do it as soon as possible if you have a net year router. And admin Pager Nekia routers are almost always one of two V.. I p. addresses. It's one ninety two dot, one sixty eight dot, one dot, one or one, ninety two at one sixty eight dot, zero dot one. And the password, the default passwords get this. Are Either Admin and then nothing like no password Ben is user id no password, whatsoever or Admin, and the password of password like literally P. already. or No ID and the Password Password. So. If you go to log in page, you can leave you. Know tried putting an Admin, and then password, or then leave the first one blank, and then password or leave the second one black and put in Admin. To log in, and that will get you in the most negative routers unless you have changed. That Ben Password which I strongly recommend. You do as long as you're going through this process, so you can go to the net gear support page and look for stuff by the way I would also recommend that you just go ahead and register your neck your products, and then hopefully they'll be sending you emails about fixes for your product and asked you'll probably get some email spam from these guys, too, but in this case it's worth it especially for your router. But I created to bitterly, links Bentley is a web address shorter. Because the actual addresses are way too long for me to rattle off to you for you to remember. Again. You can find these in the show notes, but if you just want to remember these hopefully, these are easy to remember. go bitterly, which is B., I t., dot, L. Y. B. I Bentley. That's the website that does this so good A. B.. I. T. L. I. Slash net gear Dash, fix. and GEAR DASH PASSWORDS Those are two links that I created that will lead you to the actual websites one of them next year site that has the list of all the affected products at any current from where downloads for those products. And the other one takes you to life wire life hacker article that kind of walks you through figuring out the default passwords for your router. Okay, so, that's that. Let's move on so much water. So adobe flash has been around for God I don't know fifteen to. Twenty years really longtime. It was the original. Technology that allowed. Web Pages to do fancy animated things. Most of them used unfortunately for advertising, but there was a lot of web based games and things like that. You could play as well that we're written in Flash. Now since then there's been standardize web technologies that are not proprietary that have taken place in flash is technically no longer needed anywhere, but unfortunately a lot of old websites still use it. and to make matters worse, adobe is cutting off all support for flash as of the end of this year, and in a very harsh way, so let me read this article, ric. It's from Forbes which I. Honestly don't usually quote, but. Because I. Don't know their content kind of weird, but anyway let me Let me read very quickly from this article from Forbes, it says millions of websites will be rendered at least partially inoperable. When adobe flash is finally killed off at the end of this year. FLASH HAS BEEN ON DEATH ROW ever since Steve. Jobs wrote his infamous thoughts on Flash, memo. Memo a decade ago in which he declared that flash wouldn't be allowed on apple's mobile devices, because of poor performance, a lack of touch support and the emergence of new open web standards, and I don't know if he said this that or not, but securities, but another huge issue flashes had so many security problems over the years anyway back to the article. It was a hugely controversial move at the time, but it hastened the shift towards html five. That's the new technologies I was telling you about the replaced it and other open web. Technologies with adobe finally conceded defeat in July, twenty seventeen, announcing that it would cease development FLASH SUPPORT FOR FLASH DUE TO. Cease at the end of this year and an update posted by adobe last week suggests that the end is going to be brutal. A. W. Says it will stop offering flash player downloads at the end of the year, and will even block flash content running from players that remain installed on people's computers. And this equipped from adobe flash based content will be blocked from running in flash player even after the end of life date customers should not use flash player after the end of life date since it will not be supported by adobe unquote. And of course I've been saying for years. You shouldn't be using flash at all. So it's a good thing. Anyway. Ba- real quick back to the article. Adobe is also warning customers off third party players claiming that quote, unauthorized download our common source of power and viruses unquote. And that is a huge caveat that you should never. Don't download these other players. They're very commonly laced with our. So it goes on here and Kinda estimates that there's hundred thousand the websites out there that are still using this and hundreds of thousands of the top one million, not just of the God only knows how billion websites are out there but. Quite a few websites, so they're just going to basically stop work at the end of this year. At this point, honestly the ones you might notice if you play some of those web games. a lot of those web just GonNa. Stop playing and I just like adobe I strongly encourage you not to try to find any other. Off Flash players flashes bad enough. So you, just have to suck it up and realize the vest is going to be gone. As Willett should be. It should have died a time ago. Hopefully those websites will re implement something. all that stuff in html five. and they'll keep going. All right so this is a little bit of a long article and I apologize for that, but there's a lot of really good stuff important stuff in here so I want to get through it. It's from tech crunch and I'll just dive right in. It's about this technology from Oracle Blue Sky that was like. Hacked is a strong word. Because there was no password on the data, so didn't take any hacking just had to find it so anyway. Let me this article because it's. It's GonNa. Touch on a lot of things that are important. So, here's here's this article from cracks says. Have you ever wondered why online ads appear for things that you were just thinking about? There's no big conspiracy. Ad Tech can be creepy accurate. Tech, giant Oracle is one of the few companies in Silicon Valley that has near perfecting the art of tracking people across the Internet. The company has spent a decade of billions of dollars BN startups to build its very own panopticon of users web browsing data. What are those startups blue sky and that's Bell B.. L. U. K. I. which Oracle bought for a little over four hundred million dollars to in two thousand, fourteen, as barely known outside marketing circles, but it amassed the largest banks of web tracking data outside the federal government. That's a weird comment. The federal government has a bunch of web tracking data probably does, but it's weird. That just says that anyway. Blue used website cookies and other tracking to follow you around the Web by knowing which websites you visited in which e mails you open? Marketers can use this vast amount of tracking data to infer as much about you as possible. Your income education political views interest to name a few an order to you with ads that should match your apparent tastes if you click the advertisers money. But for a time that web data was spilling out onto the open Internet, because a server was left unsecured, and without a password, exposing billions of records for anyone to find security researcher on Roxanne, found the database in reported this finding to Oracle through an intermediary Roy carthy chief executive at a cyber security firm, rock and former tech crunch reporter tech crunch review the data shared by San, and found names home addresses email addresses and other identifiable data in the database. The data also revealed sensitive users web browsing activity from purchases to newsletter on subscribes, and it's worse than that. And here's a quote from Bennett ciphers who he had on the program last December to talk about web tracking from the F. F. and he says growth. There's really no telling how revealing. Some of this data can be unquote. And then there's a quote here from Oracle, sport spokesperson Deborah Hellinger. It says quote. Oracle is aware of the report made by Roy Carthy of Hudson Rock related to certain Blue Kai records exposed. Potentially exposed on the Internet. There's no potentially anyway while the information provided by the researcher did not contain enough information to identify and affected system Oracle's investigation has subsequently determined that two companies did not properly configure their services. Oracle has taken additional measures to avoid a recurrence of the issue in quote all right, so let me just stop. To companies did not properly configure their services. That is a very euphemistic way of saying that completely screwed the Pooch on security, and realise the implication there is that oracle and blue kite connect collected all this data. But then they were giving it to other companies to while giving I'm sure selling. Other companies to, and they had some sort of probably policy saying okay, we're GONNA. Give you all the access the stuff, but if you put it anywhere, you better be better. Put a password on it. But obviously there was no check and balance there. There was no way for them to verify this or they didn't well, they didn't. They didn't verify obviously. And this is the one of the huge problems with all those data collection. It's not just the original company that's collecting it. They're handing off to all a lot of other people to those people also need to keep it safe and secure. And this case, this data was just sitting there on a public Internet server for anybody to find non cryptic. No Password, no nothing. Back to the article it says, or did not name the companies are say what those additional measures were in declined to answer our questions or comment further, but the sheer size of the exposed database makes this one of the largest security lapses the sheer and back to quitting Bennett ciphers from me if he says quote Find Green Records of People's web. Browsing habits can reveal hobbies political affiliation income. Bracket Health Conditions Sexual Preferences, and as evident here gambling habits, as we live more of our lives online, this kind of data accounts for larger and larger portion of how we spend our time unquote and he's actually referring to something I've. Tried to shorten this article. I've actually cut out quite a bit. There was a reference to some individual records or found one. Was this guy placing bets on online gambling spot? Oracle declined to say if it informed those whose data was exposed about the security lapse, the company also declined to say if had warned us or international regulators of the incident under California state, law companies like Oracle are required to publicly disclose data security incidents, but Oracle has not to date declared this lapse. When each spokesman for California's attorney. General's Office declined to say if article had informed the office of the incident, which is probably normal operating procedure until they work out a deal, but anyway under Europe's general data, protection, regulation or GDP, our companies can face fines of up to four percent of their global annual turnover for flouting data, protection and disclosure rules and says turnover ethic means. Revenue Blue Chi is everywhere even when you can't see it, one estimate says blue contracts over one percent of all web traffic, an unfathomable amount of daily data collection attract some of the world's biggest websites Amazon Espn Forbes glass door helpline. Levi's MSN dot com, rotten tomatoes and the New York Times. Even this very article has a blue kite tracker. Because our parent company variety media is a blue kite partner, but blue skies, not alone nearly every website you visit contain some form of invisible tracking code that watches you as you traverse the Internet as invasive as it is that visible trackers are feeding your web browser and data to a gigantic database in the cloud. It's that very same data that has kept. Kept the Internet, largely free for so long to stay. Free Websites use advertising to generate revenue. The more targeted the advertising, the better the revenue is supposed to be I'll stop there the better the revenue is supposed to be. There's been actually some studies saying that the targeted advertising really is not worth the cost in other words like the amount of money you pay for targeted advertising versus generic untargeted advertising. Does not justify that increased cost in terms of increased people buying your stuff while the majority of web users are not naive enough to think that the Internet tracking down exist few outside marketing circles understand how much data collected in one is done with it. Take the Equifax data breach in two thousand seventeen, which brought scathing criticism from lawmakers after collected millions of consumer data without their explicit consent. Actually I'll stop there. There was consent somewhere like whenever you signed up for that loan or signed up for that credit card deal or open that bank account. I am sure somewhere in that fine print was we will share this with certain partners or credit bureaus. I'm sure you Kinda did sign the way you just never saw it. Equifax Light Blue Kite relies on consumer skipping over the lengthy privacy policies that govern how websites track them. Any case consumers have little choice, but to accept the terms be tracked or leave the site. That's the trade off with a free Internet and I'll have issue with that here in a second. But there are dangers with collecting tracking data nine people. Yeah, no kidding again, quitting There's a lot more quotes here for about Cyprus. He says quote. Whatever databases like this exist. There's always the risk. The data will end up in the wrong hands in a position to hurt someone. It also makes valuable target for law enforcement and government agencies who want to piggyback on the data gathering that Oracle already does unquote, even when the data stays where it's intended, ciphers, said these vast databases able quote and there's the rest of the article. Is this quote manipulative advertising for political issues or exploitation services, and it allows marketers to tailor messages to specific vulnerable populations. Everyone has different things. They want to keep private and different people. They want to keep them private. From when companies collect raw web, browsing or purchase data, thousands of little details about real people's lives get scooped up along the way. Each one of those little details has the potential. Put somebody at risk unquote. Okay that that's the end of the art. It's much long much much longer article. I gave you my expurgated version, but there's a lot of really important points in this article but one. That wasn't made this article. Is that the even though advertising doesn't make the web work for free? It doesn't mean we have to have targeted advertising. Newspapers and magazines worked on non targeted advertising for decades. Now targeted demographically like you know, you're going to see different ads in cosmopolitan, and you're gonNA. See in. Popular Science or life, magazine or The New York Times versus the Washington Post Baby. But all that was done based on some rough very rough demographics of who they thought was buying those magazines. It wasn't tracking you personally. It wasn't targeting you personally and that that advertising model has worked like I said for decades, so I think it's I think it's false to say that the web would cease to be free if we stopped tracking people. It doesn't have to be that way. If there were regulations in place, everybody was playing on the same level playing field, meaning that nobody was allowed to track anybody. We'd be back to where we were before all this tracking happened. So I'm not opposed at looking at ads, but I'm really opposed to as looking at me. And it appears that Sherrod Brown Senator Brown of Ohio agrees. He's got a new bill. He's putting forth by next story here and this is reported in the Washington Post and I want to talk about and reading for The Washington Post says. When was the last time you actually read the Privacy Policy? Most of the time clicking is is just a speed bump to getting onto an APP or website. Even when I make a project out of reading the privacy policies in terms of service for credit cards, an APPS I can barely understand all the places my data goes. By the way, this was written by by Jeffrey follower. I really wanted to get on the program. You said some great reporting on privacy issues. So again! This is written from her from his perspective. He says so I was intrigued when Senator Sherrod Brown of. Ohio called me recently to say he wants lawmakers to stop pretending like we do quote. Nobody reads the small print you end up giving up far, too. Data Unquote Congress has been debating consumer privacy losses before their web browsers, but the United States still doesn't have one on Thursday Brown broke with nearly every past proposal, from Democrats and Republicans alike to suggest a more radical idea. Allowing comes to take your data only when it's quote, unquote strictly necessary for an Internet economy built in part on tracking people. That's nothing short of a call for revolution. Brown's new Data Accountability and transparency act released discussion draft form would prohibit most collection and sharing of personal data as its starting-point data could only be used as stipulated in the law such as providing a service you ask for and no more. What a concept right! That was my editorial, sorry. It could mean fewer companies selling your personal information, but also possibly fewer free apps and services, and again I take some issue with that. Here's unequipped from shared. Brownie says it shifts the burdens from consumers. You would no longer be on you to read privacy policy figures to figure out what else is really going on the reset browns said would also capelle companies figure out business models that don't depend on surveillance. Consumers are emphasize collecting only anonymous data according again, he says we just failed to establish clear rules about corporations using big data. The dig into our private lives in those days should be behind. US, unquote now for reality check Congress has been able to reach a consensus about a privacy law for decades. And they're least six other major privacy proposals pending. Chances are slim to none that Brown's proposal called data in shorthand. That's the acronym for his building. Could pass this year in a Republican controlled Senate. Brown, WHO's the leading Democrat on the Banking Committee doesn't yet have other members of his party on board, and I can only imagine the furet will generate and Silicon Valley. But that doesn't change the potential impact of a senator leading the debate on privacy into uncharted territory. That's an acknowledgment of how bad the Internet data grab has gotten for consumers, and it puts the targets directly on tech companies that make money by mining our digital lives. And then one more sentence at ends will once data. I want to quote here. It says many Americans are disillusioned with the status quo. Nearly seven in ten say they're not confident that companies use personal data and ways that they're comfortable with according to Pew Research about the same number who admit they never only sometimes read privacy policies. saw that was a good book end to the whole Web tracking story there. And Kudos for Senator Brown for putting this forward. Yes, it probably not likely to pass, but we've got to have this discussion, and honestly that's really where things should be. It is just not possible to opt out. All these companies say yeah, but you can opt out. That's not really effectively true. That's like saying yeah, well. You could count all the grain of sand on a beach, okay? You could argue that someone could do that, but it's not feasible. All right so much more. We need to keep moving here so There's a new MAC malware in town. and it uses an interesting new tactic new tactic to get by MAC OS Colleen Security Catalina is the currently the most recent version of Mac os though big. Sur is the next one coming out this fall. Here's an article from apple insider. Security researchers at antivirus firm Intego Tango and Tico and outlets Santaigo. I've discovered a new MAC now or in the wild that tricks users into bypassing modern MAC OS APP security, protections and Mac. Os Catalina. Apple introduced a new APP. Notarize ation requirement. The feature baked into gatekeeper, which is kind of. Is there sort of built in security thing that quite antivirus software but close. The feature discourages users from opening unverified APPs requiring malware authors to get more creative with their tactics. As an example, Antigua researchers have discovered a new Trojan horse power, actively spreading in the wild by poisoned Google search results that tricks users into bypassing this protections themselves. The malware has delivered as dot. D. Dot, com G. Disk image, masquerading as an adobe flash installer seeing ever again, but once it's mounted on the user's machine at displays, instructions, guiding users through the militia installation process in tactic described by Intego as novel. The Mau were. Were asked us to right. Click and open them our instead of double, clicking it per Mac Os Catalina. Gatekeeper settings displays a dialog box that has an open button normally when clicking on an unverified file, apple doesn't allow users to open them so conveniently, and you can't see this, but it hasn't pictures, and this is true on the new Mac Os and when you, when you click something to install something if it's not verified by apple, just pop of whizzing. nope, get do this either moved to the draft or cancel. But there's a way to override that and the way you override that as you right click on it and say open, so that's basically apple saying okay, so if you're GONNA go to the trouble. You really want to open this installer. You're going to bypass our security things. We will at least give you that option. And when you right clicking on an installer and say open, the dialogue gives you the option to keep going. It's still says you shouldn't do this, but now has the option least to click open. And honest people are so used to see pop ups on these things anymore. They just they yeah, whatever this quick whatever to get through it, and that's where they would be screwed in this case. Tobacco the article normally macos scourges from opening unverified APPs making the process more difficult, specifically, forcing users to head into system preferences to override gatekeeper and I guess I'll just skip the rest of the article, but. The other interesting thing about this is it uses what they called poisoned Google search results. and. It's kind of tricky to get into, but basically what it sounds like they're doing is. As when you're looking for a specific movie, download something like that. If you give it a specific title, somebody has registered a google. Search results against that that takes you to this website and says Oh, well. If you WANNA, Watch the movie you need to update your flash player and that's when this whole thing starts. Moving on, so I mentioned also recently about a windows printer problem with a soft updated Microsoft Windows, ten update the came out. That broke a lot of people's ability to print. There's actually a few different ways that this breaks. Some of them are actually particularly bad including what they call the blue screen of death or B. S., O. D., which basically means a kernel, panic or Something really bad happened the screwed up the computer so much that you had to reboot it. It's only Microsoft has acknowledged this and according to them a statement. They made this after installing this update. Certain printers might to print the print. Spoiler might throw an error or closed unexpectedly when attempting to print and no up, no outfit will come from the affected printer unquote so anyway. The long short of it is they are working on a resolution. They don't have one. One yet. Keep an eye out for it in the meantime. All you can really do is maybe unstall that update. And that's not for the faint of heart, and of course they have completely unremarkable names for these things It's their knowledge base. Things which WANNA know why on anyway, that's a Microsoft ISM, but they're updates have kb, names are Katie numbers, so it's K- be four, five, six, zero, nine, six, zero. I know just so easy to remember right. But unless you really need it, I would just wait for the fix from Microsoft. Hopefully it will be coming soon. This isn't the first windows problem. Though there's been a whole bunch of lately, I've just mentioned briefly. Windows ten has an issue with g mail. Apparently, if you're set up your windows, ten male program to. Work with G mail. Some your meals are just being outright deleted. Some are being put your spam folder. This is a Microsoft problem that had not Google problem, and that is something else they are trying to fix. And if that weren't enough, Microsoft just released a critical with the call. An out of band update, which means not on a regular update cycle, which is the second Tuesday of the month? Depicts them. Vulnerable Kodak. Vulnerabilities! You'd have to do anything to get. That should just be automatic. So the bottom line for all of this stay up to date, keep I on those updates, and when they come in and apply them, and hopefully they won't break anything more. But now here's another story about Microsoft that it's really. Taking off a lot of people myself included I'm not even really a windows user, but this is just. Unconscionable, but Okay so Microsoft has always had their own browser. Internet explorer was the one for a long long time. And they actually Internet explorer because it was vault windows browser because most computers ran windows was the king of browsers on the planet for many many years. And the actually gotten a lot of trouble with some I think it was European regulators that basically sued them. Saying because you. You weren't allowed to uninstall it and a lot of cases you couldn't replace. It was something else so that was. You know antitrust, right? Monopolistic practices and they got sued for that. And it took decades and decades, and by the time it was done in the meantime, Google had released chrome. Fire Fox and some others, and actually by the time that whole suit was settled is basically moot. But now they've basically gone and done it again so. Microsoft has replaced. Internet explorer with the with a new browser. They call edge the originally written their own browser, but realized that was too hard. So they scrapped the first version of edge and completely redid edge on the chromium engine, which is the kind of the guts of google chrome without all the google parts and google out of the kindness of their heart, is made that available as open source software and a lot of other browsers. You've heard of us this in fact, just about all browsers except for safari in Fire Fox. including edge and opera, and some other so. Naturally. They want people to move to this new browser but the way they're doing. It is not good, so let me read from this article from the verge and. There's law snark in here and I completely agree with it so I'm just GonNa leave it all in. If I told you that my entire computer screen had just gotten taken over by a new APP that have never installed or ask for it just magically appeared on my desktop, my task bar and preempted my next website launch. You'd probably tell me to run a virus scanner and stay away from shady websites. Websites right, but the insanely intrusive album. Talking about isn't a piece of ransomware. It's Microsoft's new chrome edge browser, which the companies now force-feeding users by an automatic update to Windows seriously when I restarted windows, ten desktop this week and APP I'd never asked for did the following I immediately launched itself second tried to convince me to migrate away from Chrome, giving me no discernible way to click away or say no. Three pinned itself to my task bar and desktop and four ignored my previous browser preference by asking me the next time launched a website whether I was sure I wanted to use chrome. Instead of Microsoft's so humble recommendation that I mentioned that as of this update, you can't uninstall edge anymore. It all immediately made me think what would the antitrust enforcers of the nineties? Who punished Microsoft for Bundling Internet explorer with. Windows think about this Martin. Abuse of Microsoft's platform, but mostly. I'm surprised Microsoft with. In the foot by stooping Solo using tactics I've only ever seen for purveyors of adware spyware and ransomware. I installed this copy of windows with the disc. I purchased by the way. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I'd like to think. I still own my desktop and get to decide what I put there. That's especially true. Owners for windows, seven and windows eight am I imagine who were also receiving unwanted gift copies of the new edge right now, and I'm not surprised that some very anger. Windows users are already railing against the fact that this came as part of a forced windows update, which Microsoft has already had a damn hard time justifying without invading people's desktop as well. It's going to be hard to buy the argument that forced updates are necessary for security when they're pulling double duty as intrusive marketing tool. So that's the end of the article I've got to agree. That's just. That's just ridiculous. And I honestly am I would not doubt if this leads to a whole other set of class action lawsuits. The difference now is that Microsoft is not in control. Google Chrome owns the browser market unfortunately, but nevertheless was forced. You weren't allowed to say no. You're not allowed to uninstall it anymore. The other thing article didn't mention by the way. Is. What it comes up basically with a big splash screen, saying welcome to Microsoft, edge and you can't like. It! You have to go through their process for quote, unquote, get started. You have to really walk a fine line to basically not switched to edge browser, but behind the scenes. The browser without asking your permission imports all the information from your other browsers. So presumably presumably, this is things like you know any saved browser any saved websites. You have favorites or bookmarks. Hopefully, it's not passwords, but maybe, but it doesn't all without. Even ask you so anyway. This is really horrible practice. You know a lot of ways. Microsoft has come a long way, and they're doing a lot of great things in particularly with windows. They've finally kind of given up on shutting down everybody's throat. You know they're. They're allowing Lennox other things to be to run on windows, but man. Did, they do something like this. All right next article, and this is sadly a little bit similar and this is about comcast Mozilla struck a deal to basically switch the encrypted. DNS from the default that Fire Fox curly put in which is cloudflare back to comcast which? I don't know if I liked that, but let me read this article that there's some mitigating factors here. So this is from ars Technica. Comcast is partnering with Mozilla to Deploy Cryptic DNS. Look up on the Fire Fox browser. The companies announced today, comcast version of for https or do h pronounced doe. We'll be turned on by default for fire. Fox users on comcast's broadband network, but people will be able to switch to other options. CLOUDFLARE next DNS novell billy date has been announced. Comcast is the first ISP in an IT service provider to join fire foxes trusted cursive revolver, or t our program, cloudflare and next DNS were already mozilla program, which requires cryptic DNS providers to privacy and transparency criteria, and pledged not to block or filter demands by default quote, unless specifically required by law in the jurisdiction which the resolve operates I'm. Quoting the article again it says quote. Adding ISP's in that T. our program paves the way for providing customers with the security of trusted DNS resolution, while offering the benefits of resolve are provided by the ISP such as parental control services and better optimized localized results unquote. Fire Fox CTO Eric Risk Korla said that quote, bringing ISP's into the T. Our program helps. Helps US protect user privacy online without disrupting existing user experiences unquote, and here's a key thing, says joining Mozilla programming that comcast agreed that it won't quote retain sell or transfer to any third party, except as may be required by law, any personal information, Ip addresses, or other user identifiers or user query patterns from the DNS query sent the Firefox Browser Unquote. Muslim, comcast haven't said exactly. When comcast's encrypted DNS will be available on Fire Fox whenever it happens, the change should be automatic for users unless they've chosen a different deal, which provider or disabled do h altogether? Okay, so let me a pack. A little bit of that so again DNS over https or Is. A way to encrypt your Internet queries and the way the again the way this works is Diaz the Internet's phonebook, so if you WANNA call Gary Parker in the old days. We don't have these anymore. You would look you go in the phone book for your local town or wherever you carry lives, and you look up Kerry Parker, and if you own one of them are found the one on our stress. That looks right. You would find his phone number and you can give them a call. So DNS is better than that it's it's guaranteed to be unique, but in DNS you would look Amazon, dotcom or Yahoo, dot, com, or Google, dot, com, and those are host names. When you look up those host names, it returns. The service does an IP address. And that is really how your stuff. Well, the trouble with that is is. Basically the DNS service that you're using now knows every place you go on the web. They know when you go there. And how often you go there and all that kind of stuff 'cause you're asking it to look up numbers for you and because. The trump organization killed. Regulation that was put in place by the Obama Administration and set to go into effect shortly into trump's term. Is Peas are now free to collect all this data and to sell it. There are no regulations on this now, which is one of the reasons. This whole DNS ACP thing came up was to give you another option for your DNS and make it encrypted, because otherwise even if you use a different. DNS provider DNS the service at South. Where the protocol setup is not encrypted, it's not private, so those are those requests. Even if they weren't going to your ISP, which is the default in most cases, even if you explicitly overrode that and said he was a different DNS service until D., O. H, those requests were still open for your ISP to see as requests went by. So. This is really kind of weird, so you know all all the ice got really ticked off when Fire Fox did. This made the made the default. And Fire Fox response was like. Hey, if you want, it will be happy to put you as our put you back as the DS provider. As long as you abide by these privacy rules, and that apparently is what's going on here. Comcast is the first major ISP to attempt this program now. We'll we'll see in even if they're not collecting data on there. Still things that that the DNS provider can do that will make money for them like if you ever noticed. When you go to enter a web address. That's wrong. What you're supposed to get in that cases, what's called a four? Oh, four, not found. That's the Internet protocol saying I don't know what that address is, I don't know where to send you request. But one of the things that these DNS providers do like your ISP provider is when it when it instead of giving you the simple, and I don't know answer. It says it gives you some other helpful things, which in this case is usually advertising like you said this, but maybe you meant this or hey, while you're not finding this webpage. Maybe you want to try these other web pages. So even if it's not collecting your data and selling it, you know it's still annoying. For to use your ISP's DNS provider. Anyway if you use Firefox Opie do like I've mentioned any times. by default your DNS OVER ACP s I believe is on by default and set to cloudflare by default I, totally trust cloudflare. So if you're a comcast xfinity customer be on the lookout for a Fire Fox. Change soon that May. Sounds like it might automatically switch you to comcast. And if so you'll have to. Switch it back, but if somehow you miss it, let's hope that comcast abides by these privacy rules and Doesn't sell your data. All right folks. We're at the last last article, and this will lead into our tip of the week, and they are both short, but they're both very important so again. It's about TIKTOK and that's Ti K. T. O. K. which is a kind of a new social media APP and it's kind of like vine used to be or. Somewhat like instagram and snapchat. Were you create the short little videos and share with friends now tiktok is. Is from a company that is owned by the Chinese government and I'm not saying it's Chinese company. I'm saying like every most things in China the it is a effectively owned by the Chinese government. which should already be a red flag? This APP is honestly mostly popular right now in Asia India's really big thing in India but there are still lots of especially younger kids a here in the US who have started using it to? So this article is GonNa talk about one problem, but there's actually many so let me let me read this versus from macrumors. Says the following. It says a new feature. IOS Fourteen, which by the way that's what I want to talk about hopefully sometime soon. This is the new operating system coming out for IPHONES and IPADS probably debut with the new iphones in September. a new feature in Iowa's fourteen alerts users when I read the clipboard and it turns out. Some APPS have been reading clipboard data excessively. That clipboard. That's the that when you do a copy paste. when you copy something that whatever you've copied sitting on the clipboard virtual clipboard. so that you can then take that taxed or whatever you've copied and paste it somewhere else usually in a different application. Back to the article, says tiktok users who upgraded to Iowa's fourteen for example, and this would have been a Beta program. This is not available to most people. This would have been a developer. Beta only quickly noticed. Constant alerts warning than the. TIKTOK was accessing the clipboard every few seconds after being caught Tiktok now said that it's removing the feature in a statement to the Telegraph. tiktok said that it access the clipboard to identify spammy behavior, and this is a quote from there. From Tiktok at says following the Beta release of IOS Fourteen on June twenty second user saw notifications while using a number of popular APPS for Tiktok. This was triggered by a feature designed to identify repetitive. SPAMMY, behavior. You have Ra submitted an updated version of the APP the APP store, removing the anti-spam feature to eliminate any potential confusion. TIKTOK committed to protecting user's privacy and being transparent about how our APP works unquote. An update to remove the feature has already been submitted to the APP store and download of the new update confirms that Tiktok. No longer appears to be accessing the CLIPBOARD TIKTOK did not say whether the would be removed from android devices, nor weather clipboard data was ever stored or from user devices. Other APPs have also been called out for reading the clipboard including starbucks, overstock, accuweather, several news apps and more. Prior to an is fourteen res- released. A pair of developers sounded an alarm, letting users and apple know that iphone ipad APPs for quietly accessing the clipboard. Apple's new Iowa's fourteen feature appears to have been added in response and APPS are no longer able to read the clipboard without users don't exactly what's going on. Okay so we're GonNa talk about that apple feature coming in the future. And you know hopefully, it was actually in response to these researchers. Raising the alarm. So the finger realized this is this is normal. This is the way clipboards work. If I want a copy something from a Web page and pasted into Microsoft word, there's the operating system. has to put that in the clipboard. And then Microsoft word has to be able to access that clipboard, but here's the thing. The what this is basically saying is that. Any APP running. On your phone. Could be looking at the contents of your clipboard. So, if you copied a social security number phone number a credit card number password. And wanted to post it somewhere else and one of your other APPS. What does basically saying the TIKTOK has been reading all of that information like every few seconds. And what is doing with it? I. Don't think we really know the answer to that question. But it certainly suspicious. And it. You know it's possible. I mean I. Don't know what they mean about preventing spammy behavior I. think that's total Lark. But they did mention in the bench and that other APPs have been caught doing this to until I was fourteen came along, which actually told you every time? That is you know trying to copy your clipboard and warning about it is this was invisible. This was happening behind the scenes and you just didn't know it's happening now. You might be interested to know that last past for example and I'm sure other password and utilities do this as well when you copy a password. Paste it somewhere else as soon as you pace that password last pass clears your clipboard, so it's not still sitting on your clipboard for some other. APP to eventually find. But this Iowa's fourteen features is even a step better, and you're probably going to be surprised well, maybe by the time this comes out all the APPs that are doing this now. Abusing this feature, we'll stop abusing its by the time that everybody gets his feature. You'RE NOT GONNA. Get all these pop ups, saying Hey, just so you know this other. APP is trying to access the clipboard right now. Do you want to allow that? You know that would get a really annoying if it was happening dozens of times. But it sounds like that has what's going on now. Because a lot of these APPs for whatever reason are scanning the clipboard, even when they're not expecting you to pay something into their APP, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Folks. I'm seeing a lot of And this leads right into our tip of the week. I'm seeing a lot of really bad scary reports about Tiktok some other developer, and this hasn't far as I know. This hasn't been verified by their security researchers, but this one guy who supposedly reverse engineer. The TIKTOK APP found that it was doing collecting all sorts of information about you and falling back to someplace in China. Now again it's from a company in China, so so it's not like you know that's surprising, but. Again any? Anything owned by Chinese company this point I would say a suspect, and if you could avoid it, I would I mean look at wall way. which was the company that? Basically America boycotted completely, saying no, no American company early American federal contract companies allowed to use Weiwei parts. And you know in the past. Wow has definitely been shown to steal out of intellectual property both the real worry spying, so I don't want to get all conspiratorial and tin, foil, hat and black helicopter, but I'm just saying if. If, you used to talk, I would stop. Certainly if your kids using it I would encourage them to delete the application, and then I'll just go in general, so might typically we really is not just ticked. Delete Tiktok because I. Think it's just I. I think we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg I think really a lot more scary stuff about these guys. You know they may try to clean up their. ACT But given what they've already doing I just I couldn't trust them. But. It's also just a good time to go through your phones. Go through your IPAD. Even your computers find those applications. You're no longer using and delete them. In most cases you could probably just re. Download them again someday. If you've realized that when you know what actually did need that application. or I didn't need it for a while and now I do. So you can just download it again, but two things first of all all software has bugs. When so the more apps you have on your phone, the more. Attack surface. You have the more chinks you probably have in your overall security armor. And then there's privacy to The more of these APPs. These APPS are doing everything. They can can't get as much information as possible as obvious now with this clipboard stuff. And the thing before that was location tracking a lot of these APPs. Ask for permission for your location. Even things that needed like weather apps were turning around and. Monetize your location data, so it's hard not to trust. Apple is really cracking down on a lot of the stuff, which is great. There's some really cool features coming in Iowa's fourteen and Mac os big Sur. That I'm going to be talking about soon, but. At the end of the day. Go through whatever applications you have that you're no longer using. Just delete them the other. The other than you WanNa do that actually is if it happens to be an older application, it's no longer getting updates like the company is just stop working on that APP or maybe one out of business or got bought by somebody else. Whatever security bugs are in that application are never going to be fixed. So if you're not using it, delete it. Art everybody that was a long thanks for hanging in there at so much stuff to cover those extra some articles that couldn't even get to but I tried to cover the stuff I thought was most important and the most interesting. We've got another going to be coming up next week. I'll be talking with Rene deadly from Propublica, a great organization. She's been she and her publication, doing a lot of stories on ransomware, some really interesting aspects of ransomware including extortion aspects. We're GONNA. Talk about that and the whole cyber insurance industry, and that sort of thing, so it's very interesting conversation. That'll be coming up next week. Probably a two parter, so it's probably next week and the week after. And I know of said. My fourth edition of the book is coming, and it will be out soon, but no reason to way especially with the deal that still going on right now ends today. That would be Monday July sixth, and that is the humble bundle deal from a press There's twenty bucks. And the series there's three tiers, one dollars, eight dollars and fifteen dollar. If you just by the one dollars tear, you'll get my book and four other cybersecurity books. So that's you can get my book right now today only last day. For a buck. This is obviously the electronic version, but still. You could put it on your kindle. You can read it on your computer. Four hundred pages, two hundred fifty tips, plus lots of great information there, and that can tide you over until the fourth edition comes out so the website again is humble bundle H.. M., B. L. E. B. U. N.. Dot Com! You'll see it there. It's called. Secure your stuff. It's from a press if you spent if he goes for the full fifteen dollars, you basically seven hundred and seventeen dollars with the books, but if you just want to spend a buck, you'll get mine and for other books hard to beat that all right. That'll do it. Everybody. Stay safe out there. Stay healthy. Stay home when you can and as always don't withdraw.

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Preview of WWE MITB 2019

Ring Time Pro Wrestling's tracks

2:01:01 hr | 2 years ago

Preview of WWE MITB 2019

"Ooh t to talk to she doesn't want to do ooh money when i do my job but it's called the already submitted debris the boy now traveling around the world and they the world champion why do they stand by me talk about a kid when i tell you what big building and you could say that right brother great whatever you wanna call me hit traveled the world or appalling be honor and dignity not align that's right the world heavyweight champion had been doing better than any man alive you know why because are better than any man alive and miss said don't touch the made her my doctor said he saw no it's my turn the talk and you turn another thing you know three hundred dollars that apparently for big along time by women and a lot of money in my pocket a million dollars dusty road out of a no no no we don't want to be like like a good but man the dream for a million one woman will deliver his in britain to he wrote on the planet so so give me a screen what's up everybody throw in a little longer than it usually does 'cause we tested things out tom pro wrestling is here keith acution of the builder teachers say hi to the people who i don't i don't screen a because that's that's the fair i realize like oh that is just too much knowing you do all that fell where people in that this is a special friday night lights presentation of the meantime pro wrestling podcast a man we are here to preview money in the bank is the annual pay per view now some i think shouldn't be a paper you i still think it should be isolated to wrestlemania but of course they're probably wrestlemainia twenty to our law right but here's why i like it can be a career change right just kept officers injury of your career but as we've seen of late some people different things have happened i am going to give you my thoughts you should will give you her thoughts will provide altogether and give you a picture of what's gonna happen next month were tuning up or going back saudi arabia people that will take a leap wrestling has dealt with nothing next week so we gotta talk about down a will try to a preview chauffeur that it'd be like a recap preview kind combined show next week will preview that would get this wrapped up but if he was talking about right so but i guess what if you just stay rolling to get you all caught up what's new what's hot in the rest of the world there's a lot of news a lot of things have happened since the last that we sat down and did a podcast a little small snippet plug it too far into it little state of the union a we have any shows regularly website will start get updated regularly because that's the thing 'em appreciate your patience with this right if you put on the wrath of the last eight years there's been some up just some doubt right mhm i still think this is one of the best shows already period point blank 'em i feel like it's a damn shame that india letter market ninety two man game as the rest of the show on wednesday night and then cardio's now that'd be saying like i proudly like i don't know who's the colo stays with tony shivani i get why should vita here on the show and i don't write tighter percent fare javadi here thirty forty years in the game javadi body has been owned a worldwide stage with w w e n w c w right but his co host it might just be home or somebody know somebody families who knows don't really care 'em the blues on a one oh six forty three the x the sister station is you know six eighty the fan and on it no shade daiki full august after eight years the website ring time pro wrestling dot com a stack of all the art for her some articles i stuck my work with the rest of the new source stack up my work and various other podcasts do save me right that's right i'm just saying that that's why but here's the thing no shade due to safety and not being me is no shade right you like you know i think she's like steph curry you know what i mean don't we would be shooting just say but neither here nor there keys i just felt a little you know sometimes you feel slighted in yourself right oh no i write pleases so that's the thing it's just like hey whoever did this job at the w w e as a script writer continuity expert dank kito i'm just saying right the one thing i complained about what the script i think i could six going up to a former yankees a i will that is the they spell week for the most part i that's the best way to describe this week every this is now slow but all in all the night you know bad ideas out here you know china living my life you know trying to get me some sweet you know in in that you know always a struggle but i have this vision of rationing silk would would on that's because he's hilarious you know for one year old and he has a lot of personality let's just put it like this this character 'em but yet and still you know he's it's amazing just just to this tiny little person is well you know just laughing it up and just happy 'cause i swear he thinks incredibly king i don't know how to describe it it's just like i'm like for gleason six psa and then i remember who the hope and i'd be like you know what never lie you know you just start thinking about you know all the ribs to look around the room you like you know what matt that explains enough and then itself the only explanation other than that so but other than that you know everything has been wonderful for the most part i'm excited to be here tonight a for this wonderful extra isn't known as longtime pro wrestling 'em i'm glad to be here which are you know because i i appreciate you man you know but eight years we've been doing this show by it has been a lot and i have enjoyed every minute of it you know it's it's it's it's definitely been one of the highlights you know roller coaster right but it's been one of the highlights of my life so it's just you know i i did that and so it all out there you know as to what elicit or i i love this stuff you you know i i don't think people really realize you know how to invest it you know it's like oh no do like i love this stuff like you might not like this still but i love this stuff so let's not let's talking about you know what i said about it because i tell you all day everyday like anytime anybody ask me like you you like wrestling i love wrestling i i do a podcast brother coloring time like we we do this you know whenever we can you know practically every week now like something we've been doing this for years like this is the thing and it is gonna always be a thing so many jobs and that's just that's just me so a hop off my soapbox of course there's a lot to talk about 'em there's there's some things to discuss but i will get to those visions you know across the region where we get there so that's that's gone into the east coast i'm reading at i am ready you know maybe these headlines and do these events who seeks i'm definitely ready this week right back in but i don't i don't even know how finishes all i've just just going back and say how long while they generally i'm i'm ready yeah not wrestling right now who knew emergency bathroom break lovely having a co host because a it's not a little team i don't care if i feel like talking today about the purge so i got and talk a month or so ago on the show hey i mean we do this all the time and you know usually say a little notes so stuff like that she's got too deep into it at all of us you've already got the texas say hey koby is like you know me outages in renault 'cause you know i gotta say yes so i thank god for you because there's been times where i've had to do this you know an you know how complicated any is a shot of orchestrating well somebody man i just pull out random clips it just let it go well anyway right inside baseball how how how the shows produced but a we're here this is gonna be our right like that's one thing i wanna i wanna have fun because you know what the past couple of weeks at but day jobs have been stressful i have been ready to show people right like you you know let's say like somebody asked me like oh i was a little late who i thought she went company and i was like oh no i'm talking about called off and i'm talking about like you know you at home and you go off no i mean like at the elevator right like i'm downstairs at the element of like you know i just call it right now right so like i ended up to like you know like i'm i'm right here illegally i just turned around and go home that's why i was is that they will know some light all right if i quit today how much money do i have like how long kid who last right on buffalo what case i take that money that you're right that for a little while like how long you know what i mean he really i just gotta pay the mortgage covered meals like how could this rat till i gotta do the next week 'cause that's why that's why they're literally is kind of because life is a huge unconsciously light but how far how much of a food cat act before they call police that's why how big little food kid i asked before they call the cops because it's kind of cash once they call the cops this is game over you know what i mean you already dealt with a laugh right you know what i read the copy of that day by this will predict the t shirts justice kief 'cause it's gonna be applicator yeah you know i try to be that guy right well that's lastly i i'm not trying to be the subject of a march i'm trying to get out of here alive but man i went off into the weeds rational that's here for we have some rask right we got here remember a lot of other say so we're talking about rest a row overall what did you think of the show an honest and i are you digging the wildcard okay so we have a 'em i don't see the point and the reason why i say that is because their shows were separated for reason you know what i'm saying is live with the wildcard is their way me in my mind is their way of bringing the shows together without bringing the shows together and it's just kind of like if you're gonna combined the shows again just do it already you know 'em i don't i just i just don't understand i guess i see it as a way for them to gain grading an i get it but it's kind of like well i mean if i'm gonna see raw roman law aspect down every week you know if i'm gonna see shadow ryan smackdown ever reach and i'm gonna see all ryan down every fight just combined the show you know what i'm saying because with the wildcard like you don't know what you know members of raw smackdown gonna be on each show every week but it's just kind of like well that's the case then you really just combined in the show but i actually doing it you know what i'm saying because you don't that means she has physical signs of failed to do have the combined all of that and everything and that's that's a whole nother story itself but at the same time it's not difficult not only that you know it's it's just kind of like you know y'all went to the trouble of creating two titles you know flu women and then then then you know it's like i guess i'm just not a pretty ideas and to me raw this week as a whole i wasn't really to please you know i think that it went it was okay you know going into money in a bank had here there but it will still just kind of you know i wasn't really impressed i'm not even gonna lie i wasn't really impressed by it 'em they could do better that's the best way i can put it that could definitely do better and some storylines just need the end and i only reason why i say that is because you know it's not they have the brand separate it from the pay per views anymore you know i understand you know wrestlemanias soon summer slam royal rumble in survivor series you know you you do the combine a brand brand the paper views but like audiotape of you need to be separated raw smackdown while smackdown because some of these story lines are either they just need to be overweight or they need a better deal and it's just this kind of just thrown together especially with the pay per view so you know so a with such little time in between them is just really ridiculous at this point an i i just i don't i guess that to me is what's really like killing the ratings at this other than you know be other shows that's going on you know the playoffs and all that kind of stuff like yes but wrestling his wrestling you know what i'm saying is i i just that could do that that in my mind they could do better now keith if they have you all you know we could get somewhere advice to hong kong who at this high you own any doubt about what i think i would proudly piss everybody off first week of work so i mean there's a lot of so i think wrestling is better serve with eight single creative vision desk and coke okay this is where they're going this is where they have prop one they have too many writers there's an all those writers are working cohesively then whatever those writers are to do they still have to fall through the filter of what person and that person i think has had his full focus or wasn't going oil for a long time and he tried to please he's tried to serve too many masters they're trying service shareholders they're trying make these ratings 'cause they tried against doing spot so she tried to deal with a different people who got different interests the network so everybody has a different interest in sake that they have the answer sir and do you have to try to appease the cause you took some folks money so right out you in this weird space where you know the idea of like have a robust raise go back and forth between both shows wichita burnt rubber raised doing this too is that hey he's what rob most popular people we need to make sure she stayed at hopefully that will create the draw you don't have the compelling story labs i think that will keep the people of the ratings have dropped the stock prices dropped a little bit and they tried to panic because they like oh we can't afford any of this so this is what you're getting all right air i'm gonna say this paul wrestling handcuff shook a little bit as they should be a will go into some more adept about them later on the show but you won't be it'd be is find lashley elias our words so that a boat joe defeats apollo crews what's the plan for bo joe of interestingly part of the show with the contract signing so double contracts that shows where lacey evans and they just jumped becky lynch right a which their inner self charlotte flare slash should be oh this show contract status should be the next thing you know what i'm saying well i get becky has do two things in the same guy but that should happen a horford defeats ricky shea a dickey cross got a nice spot now this one of the things i think were appreciated the women always do great on the show a cross who's kind of get the slightly brand but not totally a fatal four way with the talian naomi and dana brooke she took alexa bliss a spot in this match 'cause electric could compete right 'em prayers for the i i hope whatever's happening with alexa bliss 'cause she's been out of access for wall time she's had like brief stint where she came back but for the most part like i wanna say last year and a half man we've kinda see alexa bless satellite that we're not we're not really talking about was really the injury of what are the injuries are how this is going but for the most part where we haven't seen a lot of her like an i hope all is well i mean she's a very yet wrestler early early stages of her career and hopefully the time off that russia her back in the things that they're doing will help pro law career this is not a harbinger of like a pay situation you know what i mean yeah 'cause that's what they gotta do it tastes like they kind of had a page out of what go for a long time like i was like oh it looks like we we kind of know been wrong yet it they have hired yeah yeah i i would hope that that doesn't happen with alexa bliss like i i hate to see anybody who's they career early in the game right like 'em matchup tonight problems rabl cereal says aro a dallas fair like i thought i both targeted you get to britain veteran performers a even though the lesson i have a reason for the match they don't need the reason a i think this is where the man's you tell right you're using you guys using the guys you have a roster rated have to fight samoa joe you see what i'm saying samoa joe did have the about in this match to bake that compelling right save that for sunday put these two guys could have match sorrow and got the kick it off sunday so it's cool that seems like a shade right right like you can't figure out where it used to sorrow air i say what they go 'cause i'm gonna give back to the right of are say like what they are saying he has this story for the last year so is me writing like i used to and there's a reason for that movie was by work on my real estate license is just take a whole lot of time to the ratio right just had been there just because personal reasons but i think i'm gonna become a list of stars that like i remember i wrote wants something about big show you could check over time for us dot com about how his career has been a mismatch bet i could they about four five gas catego so sorrow braun strowman easy off the top of the current roster bray why it'd be and i might just start a series of gas what i'd say just even if they've done some good things with them the overall and really this is who i think is this where they could predict in different areas where the attitude era gold air whatever i felt like today's wrestling they don't know what to do with the guy who's not in the main event or the guys over the girls scored that the main event was that person drops i know what's that person's looses title they don't know what to do with tim and so they're back in a few for the title the problem with that is that is hard to write a credible story for them to be back in the mix if you have it sustains to will they was in the mix it follows a door the attitude era if i got triple h in austin goal for the title i found something do it rock undertaker mick foley chris jericho with those other guys notably fly or abeille down the line there if i didn't i took him off tv altogether so when they came back it was like oh i regret do the last time you saw him he was hot so just don't drop off it instead of having a guy have a fifty fifty back this way we're sort of loose of it all of a sudden bam user the betas it doesn't jive africa has as much as this stuff is quote unquote that real shoe gotta get a fair shake a follower believe either writing that outlines gabriel's she you gave up throws asher own from what i've heard though is like the last couple of episodes y'all have felt like wrestlers saves it how the show that will tell you where this is because there has been seven season right in in seven seasons it has all come to this moment you know what i'm saying like will add he like two weeks ago will vote for for seven seasons mad you better have a season last year so we had to wait two years so this season going on now for them to you write it in for them out some complete bullshit okay like i'm like i know but the episodes but it was like nah i got a lot of questions that i throw real because it's just it's been earth is has urged me so bad is like what end but i do understand the frustration of course as a wrestling fan well wrestling fans going through right now because it's like will cause what you wanna do you wanna is still sit down the rate the coupe creatives in the writers all these storylines is audit everything if you like this is what you need to do because they just it's like they don't they don't happen at all if i were going around here like i personal i'm just like okay you know what i'm saying but man oh no one has got real crazy yeah so so you gotta pay off dfs that's basically what i'm gonna get a rec so the brady white thing she has data's ter what are you sick so far i'm i'm just because you went to it last week at no no cause of course the fun how you know all of that it's like i've asked about the but that house weird but it has taken a turn out like that on how i think the house is a nice creepy 'em twist opie we play house which i think was kind of creepy itself we just didn't take it that way in the late eighties but i like it i think they could have stretched out that part of it a little further even though once again water reasons i think they felt the need to get away from it was word on the street but this is word on the street and i'm not saying this is fat 'cause i wanna clarify what i tell you something if if in fact this back but if it's rover i will tell you that is river and this is what i've heard the sponsors didn't like that like they would read like the creepy kid angle wasn't where they wanna go with this they wanna stay away from anything that implies that because it's kind of like yo i don't know which are promoting here but we don't wanna be open to somebody saying that this thing was used to attract children and do went left right so they're saying that part of a semi zane defeats braun strowman take his spot money in the bank no i like it don't like this right like why it happened at i using massive tire al horford who has bit of a diverse district for sport raw to do this works but it i get is you take brought away from money in the bank then he's not a serious title contender right away right right now if i was booking this he's a monster moment and he's a very destructive force i would still be a factor in money in the bank we get some money in the bank preview i'll give you my idea would be but this is what i think is gonna happen a i did i say i have mixed feelings out of i liked to attack at hoover dot using that has to justify sent me say the best lightsaber kid that were that bad shoulder though right sammy's they in money in the bank will be an arrest how he handles the i don't know a but we're gonna hit a break because it's about time for a break we'll come back will do news just gotta be loaded man as it will come back recast backed out will preview money in a bank will get you guys out of here a we're already thirty some odd minutes deep into the show so strap but we're gonna give you by the hour and a half of good catch it take how as you could download you could listen at work you could have a good week was it a even though the shells are hyper paper view previews i i think they hold up very well do we still see some listen to so we're gonna hit the brakes it will be back on the job i gotta say some of the other earlier on air on saturday night vein of massive don mania madness at home khomeini i don't make up our feet in the air but i don't want that but you don't mean jean we really don't know what we're dealing with here man i'm a little worried water now we're told us we just might fall off the planet up you know everybody knows that wholesome eighty after the storm is for us negotiators to hit that praying mantis is all about i realized own universe bear frontier in the power of the madness that made yeah just by foresee pouring out they made a dummy there is another storm system on pleaser until josh lifestyle choice to help folks will never heard of that is what you lift me yeah it's like this is this is cbs news zoom listen they gave me correct yeah you know you're you're you're the magnum pi or yes backup power poles i hit over the head macho man oh man oh right never been better yeah don't worry about painted over the board about what was going american stratosphere man they are clear the matches mania past one horse we still what ohio slowly though on now we're all night long hours our i had the way transgender hulkamania man i love that promo i love hearing macho show in hoboken together that being said keys when they got together i don't know how much cocaine was done but it was a lot i don't know or vinnie will 'cause i don't want somebody to me for libel because hoeger like two people used to people so crazy amounts of money a right wing guy he's too yeah i don't i got it an shit i don't want to get it and then had to give it away like he put a whole line magazine out business and i'm like shit because there wasn't a rubel characters in anybody's camp but look i see a our own little smoke so i will say in theory is seems like so people whose okay that's all right right after all right so let's say birthdays real quick doing hit to the news and there will be back into or easily so just the seventy which is saturday i'm sorry fries border saturday a the heavier brother's birthday today each earl and dave have now earl is a legendary referee a rest some major match is a rest the montreal screw job she in dave are in wrestling's most crazy story line so nineteen eighty eight dave hafner rescheduled they're twins rescheduled to a match between hoboken andre the giant on saturday nights main event audrey one he was going to take the belt is so rich rich ativity pfc debiasi affecting the million dollar males who tried to buy the wwf championship do shenanigans with the referee was it days as the rest it was actually earl who now they don't tell the story now but if you watched it like you podcast i would try look it up on you to cause autism w network i dunno if they've cut some of this stuff out the million dollar man has earl get plastic surgery to look like they should be able to saturday of wrestling ashley they twins so nobody needed plastic surgery that's where the confusion k even though both of whom are paying referees old the roster that dave cubs out blows scare air so what happens is president jack kennedy taste title belt puts it vacates nobody's the chip so just to this this whole thing's a few clouds the sewers best that that is what leads to the tournament for wrestlemainia for at trump tower well trump classic whatever and this is what donald trump is involved in wwf who do that go go wrestling also right in nineteen eighty eight if you said donald trump will be president one day he would not have seen absurd it actually will see some out reasonable is that now fast forward to twenty six teen is like what kind of bizarro world are we hear a lot of things happened between those but just say happy birthday earlier today alex right celebrate a birthday alex right turns forty four a bt bressler from ww likes today it's dash wilder celebrates a birthday dash tires thirty two of we could go backwards maria condello set a birthday yesterday over sixty so did the godfather a two days before that must have been wednesday for group celebrating a birthday cake eight ron simmons on the website has it listen this is ross simmons is just one character legit hey there wasn't episode of by this or fruit because they were clear basis quiche it is colonial athletic it is black power to louis asada instagram advocate the whole thing together sock play the clip one day for the taps a also just random did you get the clip she's older to enter the price of black movie smackdown texters how gret talk about that because there wasn't another black eye right now because it's supposed to know that wasn't the only one on bob like group but it it definitely was just ridiculous like it was so ridiculous and then seeing the crowd sightseeing everybody's you know in feel awkward it feels this way head back in oh god okay here's the thing about it because i'm going to play the audio here a skid but this is you gotta remember to dispose only you pee this is where you know smackdown debuted on u p a european it was like the home of the parkers in some other say you know what i mean so i wanna give you where we are but why jackie it is killed like that was a good ask performance two boys bruce was the referee 'em tanny lavas get married close to ross in his butchery or bruised but a just setting the stage here i'm going to buy volume oh no this was an based shirted this ad before this thing is rolling at what fear fear dog so apple is lovely bride this song let's get married jacket is i'm like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa i wanna seven five seven five seventy five i would jay he knew how old is talk players you say when somebody a okay the whole video is or our tumbler pay drink tap dot com so the blog blocks my ringtone pro wrestling blog dot com assode are a facebook page check it out is great this man he's a heavy stop it because those like about derail show 'cause i start i've watched you know i've got the audio got it i'm like all right 'cause that band who that band was kicking in it is one of my favorite groups you know what i mean like when it comes to those late nineties early two thousands groups jacking is one twelve dima groups a they you know hey brad brad the the twins killing tally they'll do they asked data bad a set of twins delete a group systems that's starts with it okay so i say i'm totally derailed entire show a totally derail the entire show that but it's cool where else owner wrestlers showed you could talking about jacket inch display skied mary spend hours jeopardy into i'll just say that ten year low the jeopardy i go out face face wrestling what friday night you gotta gotta face face wrestling hallett 'cause they do shows air friday night he's later got a promotion teddy loggers part of it here georgia's eddie promotion also wrestling school attached to it just talk about their once again of derail the whole fake somehow i forget us all the way back to buddy the bike so take a rick flair hospital last week okay absolutely today or yesterday right oh i want to make sure we cobras correctly because people were rushing do this article ric flair degrade do you know what i was so pissed about that i wonder why why we killing this man he did folks tmz was ready who they were ready to put them in the ground you know their file a so rick is doing okay a surgery ethic also got out of date has been moved to the twentieth 'cause they wanna make sure they get all the things that whatever's go all the things they wanna take their time right in fact they could wait till the torius for the surgery i feel like it's a sad that it's okay all right right now where we are a charlotte still scheduled be at money in the bank so that's also a sign that everything is probably not as bad a his wife sifi conrad thompson her son in law also fame podcast conrad tops it who's done quite a few podcasts i think he's do rex podcasts a he co host eighty three weeks with fish off he co host in something wrestle with bruce prichard a which i dunno bruce is gonna do that anymore or if he's still doing it and how the casket will be if he is still do it it's just you know he's took a job back in the w e a book how rare is rick so he's married to rex other daughter a bigger names begging ed so it's kind of like he he knows enough to realize that i saw right right but some beams are kudos to 'cause i say well rick like that the grim reaper have locked in the state rick kick it out of death since nineteen seventy five and people still internet man who undefeated i hope to never give two famous where would i do some stupid it becomes be yeah that's after a who's talking about alexa bliss be a pool from buddy the banks should be money in a bank nicky cross will take a spot in the match a hamburger we talked about him at dave the craziness he has soured only wrestling he will ref at all the league earl is left everywhere that you could possibly ref w w e w w g a day a i think his experience at all and we will be helpful like as much as they've got guys like cody curio baker and all that stuff there a guy like earl in a raid help out a lot ed wood jim ross working here to with all these younger and all these guys in their twenties or whatever door take their i think it's helpful to have eight grownup in the room i think it's helpful to have somebody there that balance of things out for what's going on with cup so that that is definitely helpful it definitely i think will will benefit to also well we hope you all elite wrestling a shout out to do gauge went what they got going on this yet but i'm interesting just i'm i'm very interested in the direction they're going in october i moderated october but first let me give you a date october first is i wanna go too far it is eight twos all right all elite wrestling will be or tnt t turner broadcasting is back in a wrestling gays now they shut out the day back in the wrestling business to be fair glitter i don't see anybody there now was there eighty years ago when they shut it down there might be a few people right all right all right but for the most part all the people go eight i'm sure whoever's there's five people who did well get rid of wrestling back there a it's a different landscape i think they'll do good it just gives himself like assisted on tuesday night if they are that five day actually invest it like i don't know what the financials are after resou what the financials are some people will say eight wwe's pay it'd be on tv but i don't think that's the case either but i'll take you know a great deal of buddy buddy exposure to be altered or i think we do a lot for them and just saying if they're on a network that big i think it's gonna be helpful now if they debut on tuesdays that scored hertz ahead with smackdown let's go real fox we got a war before anything happened is we have a war we have shots fired we have one organization they're gonna do things a little differently so well w c w well we've got the hill and they took the shots days tractor do wits old you they were bringing back hoboken macho luger stars from the eighties and tried to make the relevant the mid nineties hey all we is doing it a little different they got cody rhodes they got kenny omega they got the young bucks hey man page sunny kiss sunny chance of lucia underground say you do something totally different totally outside the box so lgbt community is gonna be 'cause you have openly gay wrestlers you have a trans rustler dacia their quarter quarter the market and some things of the indy crew the people who felt like their favorite wrestlers have been overlooked i'm gonna have a spot where they could call a the take traders the people who are fans of japanese wrestling they have a place where they could see they're saying they're people i see what you're gonna have a dice big talent a having a guy like jericho there to help with the younger talent having a guy like daniels 'cause area did it help clear the talent is nice mix it's not all slanted what a weird each other as these guys are legit all you guys have ownership stakes guys have their own money careers tied up into this i excited to see what happens wrestling get the shot in the car i think we're gonna be better for so that happened we got some sad news to report right so i don't wanna leave at a standstill a former deputy superstar ashley bus storrow a two thousand five divas church where passed away at the age of thirty well i don't have a lot of major details or the passing a is a fortunate in are heart goes out to the family of own a lesser dope grumpy cat passed away who made it appear so raw chiefs do you know what the families of the grumpy cat debate over the years off this cat i know that there has been sponsorships i know that they had had a contract they had they estimated comics they have to it has to be a man hunt billion dollars off of this can crazy all right so let's just throw it out there just you know have like a large so this is a case where excellent last week we don't know if it was here whatever okay with him right the w w e has five hundred thousand dollars that he has space apologies for his assistant state this of the past add a lot of people were like well why why did he get fired why does it deters other people who are like of course white dude i gotta ask why are you outside of politicize it also stuff he did before he worked for the company i'm a s era my question hey that do they have a vested a lot of money at his push daego just fire him is right a an as far some getting fired they have to win a press conference there publicly traded company they have to give their periods that daycare and they did something about it proudly told him out of office don't do anything stupidity stay off social media go figure out who you are just keep keep to yourself no news is good news just they will die down it'll be over so period point blank so so yeah it's just i dunno i guess i find it the word i'm looking for interesting i get i don't know if that's what i really wanna a i mean here's the thing i was when i wonder i would look it'd be the arbitrators of social justice right also here's the thing to regardless of how despicable i think you're comments were or the dumb things that you say 'cause people say dumb shit all the time right i don't i don't know if i'm a fan of going back through people's old social media posts and this is gonna be at say this happens with athletes a lot i've noticed once they get drafted wall once you get a higher level of visibility there's somebody go back so basically they did you guys think about this thing with lars there's people going back to like a bodybuilder for already add right pulling up stuff that she said under the soom name that they had to like do like people do so real research to kind of put this together and be like oh no that's him this is how no go from their stress we will see that to me that's ridiculous or stuff like that it's like okay coffee but i recently got was that it was just a now the thing which wouldn't work is it's not that it's it'll take you a minute but it's not that hard to like a fine you know that kind of stuff because it's put it on facebook twitter facebook instagram you you should get on there did you could just kind of pop around find it but what you've gone as far as you get on reddit and you wanna know the guy's name that he it was under the cop you had it right you really had the sifting through tonnes of effort into really deep rooted in this kind of like when you go into those extreme it's like why are you doing that like in my mind i don't i don't do what he did with a ton of like you i understand the leaked it to keep this information like what really miss this week that we have to wonder like what even made this person's including its first you're saying so it's a lot that has a lot of questions the cold war with this whole situation in general but you know i don't i of course i'm not a fan of i'm not a fan of all sizes so i i'm not a fan of the congress through that he weighed no no apologies that means they can i don't really care it's like all right well it's like you're leading all right cool right now i mean i don't know what else to say it's kind of like on because this is information really broke out you know boy tv air that it was something like this is something like you know i could understand pop dawn of a my space facebook instagram twitter type situations did it will take that which you know like you have to really dig to get this information in this business everybody so so i i don't know i i thought on this guy's about any of these whether it's like i have the blues play devil's advocate a little wondering like who do shit here in why do you oh the point you know what i'm saying like of course more people advise you know watch which would on his social media accounts a split this whole situation here incidents so i i really did now here's dave he got off easy he's lucky but this is where i will say to a hopefully he learned from this i don't know what he's done and what kind of soul searching the sisters of happens you know i'm not that invest in man's wife i i don't see it i dunno will see what they tried to fires the push but i necessarily like you know i guess i'm not really concerned with my way other undertaker versus goldberg was announced the saudi arabia 'em you know i like dispatch cheech while neither one of them now will mess up any existing storyline you see what i'm saying this back in after all it's all without bothering anybody titles it could happen without a younger talent having to take a job you see what i'm saying to put the the the fifty year sixty year old guys over they they go out petty bench a first time ever which here's the funny thing is saudi arabia man i i really would like to see what's on paper from those deals we asked to like i when we see the symbols 'cause tanker david wrestlemanias this year but he scored a saudi arabia you see what i'm saying right goldberg has officially were tired but he's in saudi arabia they pay for shawn michaels to break his retirement to work in saudi arabia the hey dave must be breaking to for it to the point where like anywhere so i'm not speaking out of school if i say saudi arabia killed a journalist it ww is like regard yada yada past this shit we it'll go away that have killed exactly what happened about a journalist tires to american paper they like we looked at buddy we got up there buddy at all we are going to get that paper sorry for their loss we are still gonna get paid so no i'm good artist there so are a lot of speed through smackdown so we could money in a bank right right do show up on smackdown they were helpful 'cause they held finished off will shave it may and we tried to ambush roman reigns and the business gear a with elias i s it all his crew a i i need to put this year i'm tired of shape but i'm tired of him using as doughty figure i'm tired of him as wrestlers i like i like better what he did like the one match year all while there's little establish a moment's notice do it fulltime bressler ed i i'm not here for it i like shit y'all gonna take this shutdown safety at h right right and i say that the w it's gonna take a while or laws have if they ever gonna fall off but hey you keep doing stuff like this would be like like sherry damn near fifty in charlotte lives all his childhood dreams so man i'm just saying in his forties like come all man this that this is not doing too badly about it is is walking where'd highly annoy you know is very annoying as this money is just kind of like 'em it's been you know it's only an is a disadvantage it's 'cause you know i i just don't understand like i mean why you know i don't get it it's like that's the reason and this is really what you just did i don't i don't know man i had in my mind you know shane feel like you know she he he's doing everything he wants to do and that's cool and all you don't go to breathe in you know listen it takes some but at the end of the day you know sell great other people into and not only that just ended ali he's taking up a roster already she's got a tv v tap away 'cause he's used a main story lack shit for this a he is okay they told us they were gonna have any more authority right the family was it go to insert themselves in the story that much anyway will fall back and let the state roll this is the complete opposite he's a body part authority distant third yada yada yada annoy a no quiche i just came out and said say that a drowning defeated ali randy orton in fit beyeler in a fatal four way a ahead of money in the bank a we talked about in variety dropping all the extra day but it just has a dry day you'd also i'm ali is just a well you know bad man what he will be doing yeah that's a good question so let's see shane elias brian rolling defeated rousseau's roman reigns who they russo showed up or smackdown as part of the wildcard rule visory their child labor smackdown tag team titles even though they are all k t o k a loophole buki warriors just today for that is the day for cardi say an ask this taxi page said they came up with today that kabuki comes from kabuki theatre which is a thing that's be in japan a people dress up do do those things will act out or whatever a is not unused name in wrestling world class there was a guy named the great kabuki a i don't know how you feel about the kabuki warriors there's no like his sideways races i don't know if that's the right fielder have i stick the kevin baby dug a little deeper that that's all just should they be they could have done a little deeper so yeah that happened a cameo share a kevin show with coffee cakes did interviews eight help sharp cookie cheeks says so we have that a guy that was if us backed out you have any thoughts or anything he wants to canada you didn't have resolved most though so who is not threaten our this fact down so they're really ain't nothing if they like the in laws that say hey what if they were doing now let's talk about the pay per view okay so let me let me show georgia showed some volume or just shown the door shane bears and grass and rainy along the man you know oh man i here's the thing it's like right though once a year right if you have a match once a year one match for the briefcase and then from there to the next russell mania how does that briefcase get cast in we don't know okay great now we've moved back to the bus after russell made what if somebody cashed it after what is it that night at russell let me right right right right jazz band look if i were the stakes at seven thirty tonight who knows she should go around at ten thirty here i am a community or subject but we don't have that cool i'll roll with it but somebody carrying a briefcase i think part of the idea of the briefcase to be a part of this out of it is the approved the bill of rights like the only problem with that is is that too many people who work at the company was to screw up i wanna be that they can't keep something quite part of it is being publicly traded have shareholders we just try give people an idea what you're players are part of it that you have eighteen hunter writers that all the writers are invested in keeping a secret also right would you got so many different bill parcells the writers producers of dollars other stuff everybody's gonna keep the secret people just go hey man i'm just go till so by 'cause i need to tell somebody in a band so you kinda almost tipped off with the cash is gonna happen right as well i think part of this dougie with the early cashiers where we had no clue by is happening so the first cashier happy you did even though it could happen like that right john sina just him be six due to keep the belt and he could barely stand up air mystery man like yo buddy thank you you i oh step is going down a the next cashier wasn't that selected rob hair care she is she sets the match he tells you what is going down i'm gonna do it face to face right right he does it he pulls it off with some help from edge in order the e c w places the perfect place to do it i should road at a time chapel is in trouble you wonder like is the the briefcase in a builder 'cause it's slow down i think now we can't exactly know too much and i think that that hurts hurts at all but that being said we'll go down lack will talk about the hope you talk about the event go bashed by max it give you out stocks a totally will be just fit it in the cruiserweight title against little devaras i forget his first day but it's a little device young divide say divided obvious to you they just a little too far aaron rodgers frontier days in the other var worked at w w we barely but ahead of are well look or i'm gonna say there's a tony keeps the bill no need for any major changes no they're not take a listen tony's 'em and you know that's it's funny to finalize the of do a great job at keeping those storylines going i guess because this is on suffered in d so yeah it definitely does a great job at you know especially when they change it up a at the title picture when not so they're not looking at and tony niece has been waiting on this moment for a very long time probably since he joined two oh five live and w w e so that'll take that away from them right now is he's gonna take the title there that's not gonna change no i don't think she would make that move right oh daniel bryan eroding would fit near smackdown tag team titles who sells 'em as talented as souls are as out just as a times they've been tag team champion sears if they're that good with the smackdown tech even while current rules they're not gonna with the smackdown tactic titles be overall i am brian raleigh just got the belt nf h it's oh wait a key brian kind of out front is if he has a belt owners and he doesn't have to be the world champ i think this is the raptors article right right right right right i don't see i love the uso but with them in a wildcard as we have seen as of late i don't see them held in the titles again just yet 'em i i just don't i don't wanna say that because it's kind of like i don't wanna make it seem as if i'm against three things i know that this is not something that is going to happen right now so i definitely ken faded the daniel and wrong will they will change 'em they'll keep this going for as long as they need to but i think it's gonna be a fight i think that the badgers awesome and it's gonna be good but is it that you see them so i spent a good match i expect a new shows to lose but i do expect should advocates there a they will challenge for i know i forget we have you know every here and there because because you're losses yeah yeah i i really don't forget we have while taking champion because like they they disappear off the background they take ails you know an air time it's like why are they holding the votes with this is how you gonna treat him like why is it just taxing chest like straight try it i don't understand i understand who they convinced fight like that is here i know there's forty like dave ward but it wasn't like we don't get those built they we'll have a low but they didn't release i dunno like uses out though i don't know i can't i i can't put my finger on it because you know they don't like they don't teach them out in a in an hour and a half points to really be right but then again you know that quieter called okay so so i mean what what else can you really say other than you know like the land that to me is just to delated i see it but i i don't doubt about that so other than that i don't know what else to really put out there today so raw parents who've been oh that's what i wanna say acrobat and i'm pretty feel it in it is but i think that because you are a follow up question that has already it all row now i'm gonna ask why are they winning titles me independent fight we just not have enough room on the show like literally doing i mean it could be a situation where they ended up getting defending it is just that listener of the show just like the raw tacky titles could end up just just not the show not listed it'd be it was gonna happen but did it shows up on the show 'cause random after show for the colonel's but yeah okay so they have said oh i don't know if they were stabbed his true contender shit right so they got fired desire they've got kabuki and then try to work things out but they haven't put together which they are enough people do a throwaway matched it though somebody in there but they just did building say laughing liars injury hurts the idea of i don't think they're right in a rush to meet a into a team situation a dave using eight people in buddy the fake so i think that matters a so i think they just didn't take even like mandy rose she's a leader bank so you're gonna be a daily on this day like where we go only weeded you know what i'm saying like am i really don't i don't know man i don't even know how to really explained it all in my is what's going on in my brain would it frustrating frustrating so but i will say i i see that again and whatnot i need to get it together no i think is already i think it was worth a question though like do we do i forget those dosages i just i really honestly feel like rolling through pointing created though is this is what you gonna do well because once they took a muscle fashion daily is like all right so that's it you know i don't i really don't i don't get the whole point of it now it's kind of like did you all do this just so the women have another scary moment because if that's the case you could do without it you know but attleboro test is is is something that kind of bothered me i guess in my mind you know but this is exactly to be why the papers you don't need co branded because all the titles should be defended at the pay per view am i in as this personal opinion but i mean even even if you don't do that you know what i'm saying like i don't i just i dunno i like i really i i just i feel like sometimes you just picking and choosing an in kind of like all right well you know what i'm saying like what do we really doing here so you know i had the ask so i had to put it out there because i know once i didn't see anything about it on the car was like so so at the women i kinda wanna see sitting around with the tax title and no defense but i'm like okay you know that who is he doing and if we don't you like it i love it and so i mean i don't think that they're going to run the show without putting them or an hope for the mets right so so that's a civil war joe a decision the bill just re material your salt 'em i really haven't been following this too much 'em i do think samoa joe retain the title i don't i don't think that they're gonna have some traffic studio i mean in raleigh re i like right when he loses the title 'em i think there needs to be done which samoa joe an utilize correctly please let you know that you know they don't want people were like i think the bookie i don't know if the book he is done right let me an our leading this they've done a lot of starting a stocker with joe now joe has had some injuries to like i i would it be fair gillette's had some injuries that may have had double little gun shy about how they would proceed would show a but i think this is a nice spot i don't think there's any of this over right because you got dominic and all that stuff they tried using it's also i don't know if we're just in the last show how old do you feel see dominic as a grown ass base right like i just put that out there like i don't know here's a grown ass man of remember the whole abdul poppy englewood eddie guerrero is all right right right away that little boy he'll hold the sweetest it is the goal is home grown ass man yeah he hung out here it's kind of like she's so brawl at her batch he picked his daddy put immodest shoulders i did grow today right i did grow up let let let danny rabbi show this ain't right right i am significantly larger well the rattlesnake significantly larger bigoted but they i put it like that so stopping the thing is that would be a big his day eight really like she ray kind of figured it out of twelve dozens go hat or well i think it back i'm sure about that when i was about to we'll figured out that like this is gobi go but yeah they're saying i'm not out here put my data shows so that right role i t's dominic but it is eight full grown a yeah they're they're flat right there's obviously a shaman man versus the bs steel cage match over it then i'll rate that's where i'm at right now all their shade is gonna do so ridiculous spot well here's say i don't know how far this is good news over ends the baby face right right exactly right i'll say this i don't know how much i liked the idea of this as a baby face i think you'd this thing is being a heel out man i guess i could understand the effort but it's like nice house work it ain't working at all the wreck their fourth and it's not it's not something you we got this sad story a daddy they got beat up we i mean we don't want all the way down the line with this and i'm just like i don't care right right exactly that i think a lot those kind of like all right yeah you took this whole left with this ends ridiculous now i is is it was already but this is just retarded like i had to get you get you know what i'm saying i is just like all right now you're going to where i'm at is like okay i know this this this already like i'm doing too much yeah like the forty five years i don't think you're gonna wrap this up anytime so but see this is what this is one of those wrestlemanias storylines that just got dragged on you know what i'm saying they should have ended at romania ns day used status drag there's all these numbers in just dragging all to lose the weight that i i just don't understand i don't understand it all but you know what i guess it's not me to understand i'm a stay at o'hare mindless is now just all i'll talk about rask 'cause i am an avid on ellen and here's what here's what i i don't know what the game is an i've got a phillies each a build up of seamus laying like at the way the way they're going in the thing that they tried to do you realize we might give it a shame man vs roman reigns match like i think that's where this is headed why for who for what i read on that floor i think i did i'm not for it man it's kind of like what like it might just pulled off the saudi arabia but yeah i could see them doing match obviously aerobics coming out of the state with wires since guess why does elias d to where we don't need a buildup alive even though he's yoga practice survey ship it would be helpful to build him up i am doing that hair shaved could beat beat is 'cause no matter who comes out a few you could always worked with the media's even though i think is just i think it's just a bag utilization of the guy that's why that's the law the short but will dispatch inside of the steel cage i'm crazy about i don't talk about i was gonna pick the ms before the show i felt myself i think a shaman there oh that sucks so what's the next match i'm gonna pick rogan raised to be the why that's where i am today all right there's money money in the bank give you the character's you give me an idea what you see we got it got it here for for raw for suspect out somebody who's gonna get that you might i might ask somebody go cashier on sunday night but i got randy orton i got a dry day i have ricochet i have fit baylor i have families eight i have their core but i drew mcintyre air look it is i'll leave supposedly this match or no yes i'll leave this isn't a batch i feel like i got too many people okay so yeah i'll even say the batch quiche who is walking briefcase out people at this i dunno 'em that she did on you could give me a scenario where a few one the two guys you ain't gonna be doing oh did i tell you this i know that it won't even say because he soon this so i i wanna give it i wanna say sort of these somewhere between are driving in maybe randy oh that's how i could see that you know 'em outside of that i don't feed i built my top two picks but within the case cashing it in that i not gonna happen i don't think that they've got the men's money in the bank is gonna be casting that really so i i don't i just don't see it yeah here's his so i reached out to go catch anything it does have a vote i would say ready or off the board because he's i think he will at some level to the match but i don't think he wears i think we we we've been down that road before even though randy board is the perfect kind of person they have money in the bank and did he has who's that move all right that side of anywhere so rarely could be sneaky the hat and so where did they have come out hit a r k oh they just say i'm cash it is he is perfect for buddy the bake a dry day i don't know what they believe in friday the beach right but there was a tablet annex t washington i will say hey man this guy could be the future of the gay right i'm not saying that he's that the future so he i think is the rest of the peace yes he in ricky shea is still for purely entertainment ricky shea is gore to get the show bedroom in award given i germany to a black wrestler forbids the bulls irritated the hardworking person either buddy debate match that has no hope of winning oh i've got a call the show bishop award for that a sin already is the icy chair he's i don't i don't think they're gonna do anything like you know can i see time he might but i don't think so i don't know if they trusted seventies eighties and arrest and like he just got close to dispatch i could see sandline weddings is buddy debate an f self employed k o b chip as if he can see it okay oh they feud cubs back a the most intriguing choices are drew back entire beer corbett i think those guys property gonna cost each other this it i i had ali i don't i don't think he's got a weird but i think corbin mcintyre of the they're gonna be heavily of macher tire doesn't necessarily i think you could book ship strong enough where he doesn't need people but i like him winning i think she's she's in dangerous person a habit that clave or click pop off at any time i think he would be he would make it simple tips bearded he'll at all the like i think he's always a threat the cashier so maybe i'll go back a tire i did i did see there without dried it'd be about second choice art that those to the widow of i have to tell you now data brooke bailey baddie rollers airbnb per bella cross who you got i don't know how the gays the woman 'em it's a little different cinnamon yeah i the dresses stressors yeah there's definitely some of them don't so let's just say so i figured naomi maybe 'em it'll be interesting if it was like nicky cross or you know something like that but if this is for a while i don't see m i i guess i just don't see nobody else with the briefcase you know it's hard card a decision to make is really hard and i wish i could be looking at you know this is see like coal measures up 'em but it's i i went to the to the to the polling that split this particular money in the bank match and it's just kind of like like i know for fact a it's it's definitely gonna be out of two maybe three the woman but i could see it being out as naomi in car at a and m naomi it it just it's it's it's good but i you know i don't really see like nikki 'em it's funny because i don't really see her winning but then i also don't see her in like a purpose school pyro nothing like that so weird al they argue did not so i talked the talian i could access data from a car mellows one before and i think i could take her out of his a even though this might be a chance the turner healed and yes i i nicky cross works as a wildcard in the match about this you wear here's my case for my witness bailey bailey where because bailey is a very decorated bailey only who does it need it but this could be her shot like damn i have slumped science the dow's this is about turnaround upcoming decks with a belt right i like it wrong i also see it but buddhist somebody who could turn heel yeah can make it work right so a it maybe not even turn heel right like everybody long as somebody who i think i think sky's the limit favorable right and this might be hurt washer pad no this is my least favorite choice but i think this is who they think is the choice in his bed roles right yeah you know i'm not a fan of her at all like i i i got out of that her at all no easy something they took his estate she could be better right but the soccer i get it but the reason why i don't like the persada i don't necessarily think there's a reason to take her out and it's like this her whole game becomes a bridge right is that fair enough fair enough i'm pretty i'm blonde one i doubt it and everybody he has had but dash traditional ww each stuff that is traditional how the company runs like they they love that they can't wait to put april on your garbage chips i mean you go back the trish stratus you're gonna be a alexa bliss it all because she's got the charlotte flare pushes like they this is their think right right i so i really loved it but i think there's a it will go right now i don't think anybody's by discussion is that night no no not at all so let me give you let's start with the title next big title match becky lynch is doing double duty at night she is defending the raw women's championship against lacey evans i think was the rocket ship they've put all lacey evans in or skiing blonde girl they jumped her him five billion people she wasn't even a chip in x t were good put her i tried with a belt or role would just be uploaded is her first batch or the brand so far just fucking jobber if she's going for the title here's my thing when they brought her in they brought her in way too early right because you had her doing these random vignette which she just comes out walks off around on the ramp the leaves and then a slight that lets me know the job your battery incident acsi way to literally number two you know y'all jump from hers is walking around parading circuit and they titles like whoa oh that was just way too much that escalated way too quickly like who healy i don't see her you 'cause i'm gonna talk about this next one too but i don't see her i see becky retaining that title i do i see becky retaining wall when the championship if anything i am because i don't think i'm ready to give a built you know what i'm saying i really don't i don't know you know unless now the other day they're not gonna give her it's early hosts and has has to fight this other females for a little while or you could have a title i know what i'm saying because she never held forth like oh like you i know i think this is a filler feud i think they will have another match but i think for this would becky will retain the raw women's title right i don't think she has a say look the smackdown type a piece of respect that this is why right now i'm going to go ahead they gotta leave bessie or raw charlotte will cover smackdown charlotte will be the face that rat smackdown especially go into the new deal with fox and going to fox i think that will allow smacked out to get back to having a women's division 'cause i don't think they really work that will likely a becky doesn't have to deal with the try to go back and forth there i think she's they still think she's a hot commodity but i don't think they think she'd be kerry both shows right right i see i don't also justice for longer arc right yes this is my idea both of them down take the belts and this is why they've never combined the titles they never said that she was like the unified chip she just had both belts distance charlotte will take the dollars back though that he will take the bill raw they will be fitted against various competitors right they're both gonna hold onto these belgian to survivor series what happens is the viruses brand versus brera right right basically will represent raw charlotte will represent smackdown whipped a foot with women's titles who's the best chip it's a rematch charlotte will tell you i beat you becky will say i beat you here we are right they will russell solid the best will be interrupted there'll be should advocates that is at survivor series ronda rousey is tom back this idea right i actually brick yet roster ashamed embezzler shayna erotica both companies do the right it beat up a bit here charlotte charlotte's do they go put their differences that they will rational rod shading at forty rumble right right royal rumble the other two girls come their desks arrived in seamus free i forget their names alter detriment duke in the rain as safe as they could be everywhere that match and what happens is back in charlotte gotta go bailey sasha 'cause i think shots at bakes will be back buddies and there were set up at wrestlemania for the food the true for horse women versus the four horsemen diners how our latest so go for it to the next year will work out that way i don't know but that's just my thoughts as there's gonna be a whole left so in that you know how w e w e is like they that sounds sounds like the perfect plan which you know they're gonna take a whole left turn somewhere now they're gonna have the bus cu we hit a right you know you know how good play dusty assumptions that nobody gets injured between now and right front much but but i will say this i do agree charlotte is going to take the smackdown when the chest tip off of becky so back eagles simply be oh well you know what i'm saying but i don't see lacy taken off the raw when shefty of hers shed just her so you know he's gonna have that ville charlotte's gonna hold a smackdown women's title and then you know that's just gonna be how they're gonna separated to 'em because i just don't see you know i i personally don't see that he without a doubt right now but she's gonna be she's not gonna hold both of 'em but then that gives the women on smackdown the chance to you know be able to fight for the title once again you know really refinancings that that decision on on smackdown so i definitely agree with i definitely agree with you an end that really does sound like how they're gonna set this up for a wrestlemania next year 'em because we know that the for the for host women was the host reminisce comment at some point in that of course is the perfect time for it has so it is definitely gonna be be a struggle struggle to get there but of course that that doesn't mean that it won't happen yeah i think there's a thing 'em kobe kevin owens a derivative utah i okay i must say this and i'm going to say they are trying to get on my soapbox because you know i did i want to retain the title that is what i want this is what i wanna protect happening i could see them screwing him over and given kevin the belt i could really see it in our hate this wouldn't happen but that's not what i want like in my mind koby retains title posed as a little longer in you know you just moving for like the marcus saw a i can't see other outcome but that's not what i'm going to predict what's going to happen so because since kevin has returned turn it's been it's been a little favorite dish an personally i feel like cope you don't this cosby's first title run as the wb champion end i think it should give it they should give it a little bit of link you know what i'm saying like give it a like at least another marketers 'em i don't that's exactly what i think is gonna happen but you know there's always the possibility and i could see that and i could see there being a strong chance that is more than a possibility so that's my whole take on this match in general 'em but just to give keep it short sweet i got my boy coffee retaining holding the belt down for the new day you know saying in all black people out here yeah that's that's just that's just half their end all be all baby that's it so you know now that to me is said to me no 'em realities kobe he keeps right i think this is a good match for him and i think it's eight nice spot 'cause i think kale has some star power i think he's looks like legitimate threat but i coach he finds a way nowhere and i say well what she got breed of delta dot com coach he traveled back to the homeland of gotta know what i mean an as a fellow canadian 'em in well i'm not a good man i'm just i'm like twenty eight percent of demand descent apparently according the ancestry so claiming got a it's nice did he go go back home with the bill flight in a short he's gonna go the saudi arabia what the bill like i think they're gonna as hot as he's been i think him him in being ethnic person with the belt in saudi arabia i think that works i think they're gonna keep the fight so yeah i think i think it's just too early like i take heat kobe prime he drops the bill it'd be somewhere around like summers right right as i see it i mean that's what i would say a so the fido seth rollins versus aj styles which promises would be probably wouldn't have better mattresses that is it not these activities bulldoze dues are too good to that have have dispatch is the first time i agree that they faced each other victims were like this is the first time a ww he forces this first time ever oh that's something into that don't have to look into is not the first time i got tired of black versus aj styles in two thousand six tyler like something wrong with yahoo don't know so two thousand six i don't know if that's real out of existence like in the show but there's also a match that has kenny omega would daniel bryan bryant after tyler black for ring of honor wow that's a thing right civil war joe versus tyler black case of robbers for the water brian davis is versus tyler black married about aj styles versus ceo paul for like really just a few people but yeah so yeah if donald fish town of black is a twenty three minute back shoulder that's a that happened two thousand six so it's not the first time ever is this the first time ever or stays just be 'cause it even happened to require or tnt or anything like that like just play the biggest stage they've done so i guess 'em for me a i guess wiz says being who he is right now like i don't see them necessarily taking the universal title from him especially because it's been gone on for so long you know sorta speech 'em i think he's the person that will be the best poster child has the bill right now 'em aj styles is off i think he's great i don't see them including the battle all the universal title and yet so that pretty much my stance on that whole match in general i don't you know i really don't have much else to say about is like you know this is i feel like this is gonna be until till around summer slam really not that far from summer slam so if if we don't really know what a couple of months out you know so it's not like you know like you said monday that wouldn't that we've got that far summer slam so i feel they'll go keach they might not keep all the champion the same until then but there is only gonna be a slick view that's gonna their titles because because they're not gonna wanna change that go for that moment especially because saudi arabia print then it's time to so you know they're not gonna wanna change that at all of up until then so i agree with keith i do i definitely agree with you on on their own those points like is definitely not going to be too many title change is definitely going to you know pay per views a religious gonna be kind of similar stuff until we get the summer slam it but i'm not i think that it's gonna be a good pay per view in general like i think money in the bank is not gonna really disappoint to to it's not only disappoint you know it's gonna do good 'em of course is gonna always be surprised price and then she natty so i look or but i think they set it up pretty well i think yeah this is gonna be a n j is it's not gonna win unfortunately i think it's gonna be a it's gonna stick we're gonna we're gonna keep the belt west of seth rollins and that's just what it is like oh who so would that that is are money in the bank preview a i like to thank everybody who listens in hung around for us on this is long show we did do a russian media previous law but as good audio content i hope you guys listen in share an get around we have a recap show next week quiche any thoughts or things you wanna share a i hope everybody has a

britain keith acution saudi arabia eight years million dollar one day five hundred thousand dollars three hundred dollars eighty three weeks thirty forty years billion dollars million dollars eighty years fifty year sixty year two weeks two years five day one year ten year
Aftermath of NBA Free Agency  Vegas Verdict

RJ Bell's Dream Preview

1:52:12 hr | 2 years ago

Aftermath of NBA Free Agency Vegas Verdict

"Thank you for listening to this podcast one sports net production available on apple podcast and podcast one struggling with an overactive bladder because under wearing pads are completely invisible under you're close andy is a revolutionary polymer to keep you brian leak free just go to get because dot com answer a few questions and get a free customized trial box or call eight hundred two one nine six three zero to talk to one of our product specialists that's eight hundred two one nine six three zero two big guys we've got you covered get old maybe first star spangled old style right now everything's on sale up to sixty percent off that's right get everything from tease short stresses and swim all at sixty percent off now till july seventh at old navy and old navy dot com valid through seven seven select styles only welcome to rj bells dream preview weekly winners from his wife guy roundtable broadcasting from the frigging dot com studios in las vegas here is rj bell that's right and we've got a special july fourth america is great addition of the dream preview and we got the while a guy i'll tell you what am i left red white and blue right well his beard is read in the skin is pasty white by i five hours to my right same impatient pasty white skin but she's black shoe polish tight looking hair magic i'm rj bell guys i mean a ton of action ton of action with v m b j free agency and really this is one of those opportunities that if you price teams quickly enact there's a lot of money to be made just because quite frankly i think that were singing the markets you think of like this when all the information is known and then there's enough time to act upon it and then after that there's movement that's usually potentially maybe but not austin inside information if something new or it's a reevaluation on sunday when you see an nfl team gets steam faz sometimes it is some injury or whatever but oftentimes it's hey the public's finally getting involved there's realizes oh not quarterback did have a bad week last week let's fade 'em it's a lot of reevaluation wouldn't you agree yes and i i've heard upwards of seventy five percent of the money bet on the nfl is bet on the day of the game on sunday yeah so in general we were sitting here were gonna go through all the moves were gonna price some oftentimes thumbs up thumbs down excetera is the market right wrong but you were just sitting here backtracking on you're points even before the show started about brooklyn you had such optimism i tweeted out that some pushback and you were saying yeah i mean brad pitt duty imitation of fads when he was pondering k t o k katie a he's a you know you said healthy so if he's healthy i'm in brooklyn easily top two teams oh well i am not bad but then but that's what he was saying yeah but then he would sit in here before the show going you gotta wonder katie ever gonna be so now it's there's no new facts right but that's human nature you sit and you ponder end you might think you know that's the question right malcolm glad well wrote blinky said that gut instinct has a ton behind you don't realize it really has merit but i also know the sometimes i don't see they answer for a while which things and it could be something i've done i mean listen wouldn't life be boring if we never had any epiphany is that we never i mean i've done some stupid stuff for a lotta years and one day i looked up and said this is i mean might have been a three dollar birthday whatever it's been a but i'll say enough is enough in half the time i never do it again has tom right back at it i mean maybe i'm being generous at the have not doing it again but that's learning it's the same with betting and i think we've seen a lot of the stuff that we are instinct out of the gate with some of these mbh moves the market end the general media is caught up to what we thought initially so in general we're gonna talk about are feelings about this year but also how were thinking about free agency 'cause i do think there's some betting opportunities every year without especially now it's gotten such public attention it's moving markets more than ever i we are key were taping the day before the fourth of july also known as july third eight k and and we are gonna keep it quiet stuff to the very end as fast causing kyri and it's a little pet name you had it here's the thinking one even if he's made his decision i think it's worth a listen 'cause were kind of doing if that ends and stuff but maybe you won't care at that point so will leave it again but if quiet hasn't decided then obviously right after the best bats so otherwise fans i will say that tronto one 'cause 'cause there's speculation how good would tronto be width co why end will save that for that part too so maybe we should leave what delayed you have famous for you're top mb eight players and the torius might be the rhyme editor anthem yeah yes exactly infamous tori is an why because he's a person they're free i dunno a couple of years acted like he had a list and didn't i mean i guess it was a theoretical listen you're head right but you never wrote it down is that fair to say that is fair to say you know that's one of the great lines of sopranos history if they intervention with christopher if you don't remember it is the sopranos fan just search christopher intervention sopranos if you do remember it you know how great it was all stand up you know at all the key players and tell christopher has drug users been problematic an polly's the and the the the theory was you had the right you're grievances down it was like an airing of grievances type seinfeld as thing which is part of the twelve stature whatever which i'm not super familiar with but you know has been depicted in movies a ton and they said right now you're grievance oh i've seen intervention a bunch of anything that right so you stand up and paulie stands up and he goes i don't right nothing down so i'll make this quick because like the more the old school and bob wouldn't write anything down or they wouldn't talk on the phone because it was they could get pete they could the f b i could piece it together in a way that made him sound like he's saying something he's not and a i don't write anything magic on your whole life with outright that anything down oh lord the fact that you're list what what you're thinking there well i've decided in two thousand nineteen going forward have more and more lesson as you saw before the show i'm starting to make more let's put it down on paper then i ever had before it's finding that paper that the problem is there are more seems a neighbor floating around every time i'm looking for something does not seem to be the last seat that i had on maybe starting dnd hey sleepy you know we gotta do we just have to we have to find find i mean we just got four or five on him looking for paper on tape i'm sorry guys like you know i've heard people say i'm smacking sometimes because in between shows i you know i don't like my glucose levels dropped so i'm gonna make a point not is there any smacking you just heard not gonna hear from here on that's my fourth of july commitment but imagine if that as we just had like it'd be like fifty seconds like three low fifty seven clips of him like looking around for it is coming up in his eyes being like wild 'cause he can't find it that within five yeah that that's something now to look forward to so you didn't have you're last and then you figure i'm gonna put a list out and then famously you're first place a i would say controversial share with us yes so i decided that instead of having a one two three four and five my best players and then he rarely lot of you know how bad this i had a five way tie the best player i don't wanna piss off 'cause i might get that interview with call all right so we said that's not acceptable it took me a couple more days this is not quite the world premera but since i've got the music we're gonna act like it's a world pre mayor but since were telling you it's not were not acting like it but we're gonna play the music for but i got i got number five number five anthony davis laker i know rj people have been saying he's made out of plexiglass and he seemed often be injured and he had by his standards eight subpar year last year with the pelicans i think there's gonna be a whole new attitude for the brow for the lakers he belongs in the top five you know one of the things i've been fighting against in collins pry as bad as anyone it's in my opinion is it's like somehow being a supporting the players is you're the proletariat you are a man of the people you're union man cyclists my dad was a coal mine thirty three years i'll tell you what the union man is they're trying to make sure they're not getting black lung and not saying the players you know to me one of the great tragedies in america wow might be strong but certainly the great tragedy in sports and i i don't know where the place in which he idea like a joe louis being broken dnd in so many of those athletes in the fifties and sixties i mean you could say oh educate yourself and all that maybe but i mean certainly that would have helped but it's just the circumstances were such it was hard in in their words parasites all around an today not seen players don't sometimes get taken advantage but boy me brought you this is calling all the time how often he signed with the owners now opt in his he signed with the player ninety ten players all about mobility and all the money while you can and i'm not saying there's any given thing that's absurd i'm just saying there's got to be both sides of it an timmy i look at this davis it's like this wasn't his first contract he signed the second contract and he's getting paid thirty plus mel stacks end he's in it's not even like his contract up the next year it was two years last step meaning when the problem started this year if you sign a guy to a second contract you're painting thirty plus million shouldn't you just get a good performance or his best performance yup yup do you have a bad year that's life no he's not he's not gonna give any money back just like in theory if you have a good year you should accept the contract yeah i mean that contract means agreement end maybe it's just the owners have to have it be lopsided for a while before the public thinks it evens out but there's some degree but i also i guess are you rooting for the team are you rooting for the player because to me as a steelers fan i'm almost always rooting for the team and if someone you know timmy levy on bell asked him i he's not a steeler anymore a guy like hines ward in asks you got a chance to interview him in person took a picture wisdom where we both professors are super bowl rings mind what was empty an and i asked him i go the rumor is that you had a contract offer where the year the steelers caught you you could have played one more year he goes yeah he goes i i wanna retire steel now listen if the guy didn't have the money he wouldn't have done that but a lot of people have the money and they still do some really questionable stouffer more money for them at all at how many you water ski behind how much and in this case he said i wanna retire seo now you might say that's goofy steelers are particularly good at helping or being fair their players at least that's my science of it there's a law loyalty in that you know steeler alone you know group but boy it just doesn't feel like you could look at anthony davis mistakenly analogy of a girlfriend or or perspective wife if you say while she with this guy and then they made an agreement do axe and then you know lesson about halfway through that agreement she got disenchanted and be like is that the girl you wanna marry i mean you have to look at any individual situation in maybe there's some extenuating circumstances i don't understand how did you account for that faz 'cause if all if this was some you know platonic ideal of oh this player playing his best icy eighty being maybe even higher when when we're gonna see that and it's not mentioned the whole how's he gonna perform at the brightest of the bright lights on i'm 'cause he's never really had that meaning the playoffs is the rat you know as it gets towards the files well going back the year before he was third in the league mvp voting remember that's are metric now well in the new orleans played in the playoffs you talked about the plastic swept portland and frankly eighty played very well and the next series against golden state so he was performing with the price early they lost they lost so he's had one i mean this is old old ground is that one but i'm not i'm not saying you're wrong i'm asking how you accounted so you just addressed the playoff you're saying hey he's had some chances when he's adamy played all right or even better played exceptionally well exceptionally exceptionally well now losing which you're there if you're a top five player in the league you shouldn't lose in the second round if you're playing exceptionally well i'm kevin in those playoffs including the foro sweep of portland okay but he also played except she won't series he lost in the warriors rj the most historic favorite so how many games did they go i think five okay so they couldn't even win at home no brad you better choose your shots i know you're planning on ramping up you're coming at me 'cause you think you're right that wasn't a good first shot high end when it comes to him just cared let's call it character how you wanna call intangibles how did you consider that well i think you gotta give him eight downgrade for what happened last year you're talking in the abstract what did you do i did not adjust him though because i don't think that's gonna be a problem just the lakers hold on a second you said you gotta give him a downgrade so downgraded you're given none none depends depends where he's playing an where he's playing now with the lakers i don't think it's gonna be a problem zero point zero that was you're downgrade correct all right number four number four collide leonard no of course why leonard belongs in the top five they only question would be why is he not one two or three in really rj it just comes down to the fact that he only played sixty games load management so i know he fantastic in the playoffs and they outplayed honest in the playoffs if he had played more games during the regular season i probably would have moved up the list on so quiet number four it just goes to show you you gotta spend five it's almost like a real estate contract with they've got every possibility in the appendix 'cause they've dealt with it if were doing a top five is it considering which teams are currently on sounds like yes in this case number two is talking about how good they are or how much they contribute and us the load is an issue in that case i usage rate or right so in this case it sounds like you're saying it's what kind of yield you expect from this player on this team and that is gonna one specific to the team chemistry in number or in this case he idea the lakers are gonna motivate them yeah an also you're saying how much they play and how much you expect them to play is key yes all right so i personally would have a higher i also think you gotta add in if you're gonna subtract eight different tangible you gotta adam prequalify end i'll tell you this it's one of the rio befalto moments of my basketball fandom is who's the blame for the choir situation with the spurs and we talked about it i remember straight out of vegas radio show fox sports radio by the way when we're talking about here because of the tail is it long enough hotdog best buy from fads if you want it for tomorrow if you want it for the fourth of july and that goes kind of early pacific by little later obviously at the same time but based on the clock if not we could pack but i think this thing but i'll tell you this is i kinda like is bad though i am concerned about one thing but he's got a best buy you just search for straight out of vegas very urban out as oh you t t hey do you know about that they'll say that one more time i said you know how urban we are we on straight out of vegas oh you t t ak that's one of the reasons why i was asking this show now you do know that one facet calls you bro that's unusual for him you know what though i respected coming from fit i thought oh yeah this is straight ahead quote as you have to me if you blame him for the spurs situation then you've got a downgrade you know and it's hard imagine downgrading hamper character except because if you look all the way up to the conflict with injury require he was the ultimate team guy why not allowed jabber jabber which rano he was such the team got a team took on his personality yup steely assassins end again bill simmons really nosy mbh has a lot of contacts tax said words coming out that the spurs just misdiagnosis that kwai was right and i don't know about how we respond i can't answer that you take that away this is the guy you get on your team and you know the the bs yes ain't gonna happen 'cause he's no nonsense you add that would defense which gets undervalued on this like these four is a too low in my opinion you probably you you make a great case and i would add why remember the number fifteen pick so here's a guy that wasn't the really good shooter san diego state that has been working on his game and how many of these other mbh person we keep saying how come they're not developing their jumps why why totally changes game to become this elite player yeah i do think it's important to realize nothing wise not making the effort between each year but that jumping that shot came fairly quickly they got professional and i do think it's you look at you know simmons and the big macs with signed for philadelphia it's a situation where you could say oh may feeling if he only gets a jumper like man were years ended as an an i do think there's a difference from college through the first year if you get a good shooting coach and the kind of stride you can make verse it's almost like the kid comes from a impoverished country and he starts getting good nutrition other thing is he a quantum leap not gonna necessarily see that every year because there is a deficiency only why there is a deficiency in in his mechanics and once those were fixed he became the shooter he is not that he's not getting incrementally better in this that or the other but that was a quote in a in a i'm just saying this not to downplay quiet but rather the define when we can be optimistic i think about someone fixing their shot versus when we can't great point number and he's not right now just looking at me you're just like tracking everything i outlined some then well how's this thing jordan what wasn't really relying on his outside i agree with her left rear and i'll just looking at his stats and and again but he was one where he wasn't even so much i think the heat in have the mechanics he just didn't he didn't shoot a ton from the outside absolutely and then as you got older and he got that fall away yeah mj all right number three number three look baronne i gotta tell ya rj i struggled where i should put him on the list 'cause obviously he had a down year last year any frankly stop playing much defense at all at when it came back from the groin injury and so if i looked at his body of work last last year i'd be like whoa i don't even know if lebron's a top ten player anymore but i think you gotta look at the circumstances the lakers were twenty and fourteen they beat golden state and christmas day there number four in the west end he was playing at an elite level and and then by the end of the year everything had gone wrong for the lakers i think we've got a judge more fertile abroad on those eight straight trips to the conference finals and the fact load management the fact oh hold on we know how good lebron was in his youth the only question is how is he aging exactly so why is eight straight finals have anything to do with that well just that he could single handedly willem south i mean we understand the he was the best player or maybe still is of the gender of his generation the question is how much i see a not appreciated how much is he dropped off yeah that is the big question what does he eight straight finals how to do it well the fact that he had nothing nothing okay so so the question is what is are assessment like woody are you using as your gauged how much you expect him to drop off because if and drop off at all because the case could be made that not lash the most recent season but the season before was as good as any season lebron's had at least statistically you agree with that greed now he's number three on the physical list he was tied for first but now he's story yeah is it a situation would it be funny it's like and then we come into the top five after the commercial break ins and say okay tied for first that would ruin the show i think you know if it was like a unveiling of the bcs rankings you must think he's dropped off some so what makes you think that and then the counter i'll give you the same question yeah why and what makes you think he's only dropped off that little yeah so he turns thirty five in december and i think the mid thirties i know i've been saying tom brady's gonna regress and he's like fifty now and he's still great but what all those playoff games with having played so many minutes i think thirty five with lebron coming right out of high school he has so many miles on him i think it would be way too optimistic for me to say hey at thirty five is gonna be able to play the very three best basketball of his career so this has nothing to do with last year last year actually because he only played fifty five games i think that he's gonna come back with fresh legs and that may well that's what easily keeping him my top five yeah i'm kinda conflicted on one hand agent thirty five starting to become a factor any coming off the first serious injury that made a mets several games in his career but on the other hand this'll be the first time in nearly eight decades he doesn't have the shortest rest possible because it's been in the final straight straight years only having three four months in between seasons now is basically got i mean playing high intensity basketball what ten months i mean since that christmas day ten months until the next season even playing high intensity first time we've seen this from him having this extended period off in about a decade some kind of conflicted rj yeah i i see both sides of it i'm still kind of drew in a we just saying a typical thirty five year starts dropping off are we saying we saw the signs of it last year it seems like you refuse the answer that question i'm accounting for the bronze age by when i go ahead and do a projection here this is really a blended rating regular between a go ahead between regular season and the playoffs so rj something's gotta give if lebron plays all these ministering the regular season that's gonna compromise amend the playoffs all these minutes or what if he had the play lots of mets and lots of games during the regular season but he probably isn't gonna half it were a factor lining yeah yeah now were starting going if then describe how good is this guy and what you're saying is you haven't seen any change on the court i have not okay but he's not number one because you just think that if somehow we find out he's lying about his age and he's really thirty eight it would just blow your mind cause apparently it's just that calendar that is all you're thinking of just feels like lebron is a superhuman player there i mean an obviously superhuman supers in quotes is in he's not he's a huge fan but he's the highest form athletically of a human he spanning huge money on his keep that makes me think he's not a typical thirty five chris rock was a on howard stern years ago this videos out there in a sewer with their rights of the do the plate sulu who at the time suing like seventy eight chris rock song because that's rich person's seventy eight you know you see people you know in in in less the flu in areas oftentimes you know in we've seen it in the past even with no matter the you know economic position is is sixty back in the or look at ali ali started dropping off what was he when he fought i think through the thirty eight when homes just destroyed him so we spanks he probably would have been i mean that was to you i'm thirty five thirty six so i mean think about leon spinks beat the greatest when he was like thirty six today dirty six again with boxers especially heavy weights is no problem at all all i mean we've seen it so many other sports so if if anyone's gonna be kinda the vanguard when it comes you know the the tip of the spear when it comes to this kind of slowing aging or encore decline i think lebron's it now the other hand his minute count bill simmons is talked about this if you add up the playoffs regular season don't even county olympics also those playoff minutes have even more impact right up more intensity and then and then you add in the olympics and all that in any he's not even doing that i think he's still the bronze there's only two players in the history of mbh has many minutes an i think it's cream an malone from utah so on one hand you could say he's is old as the hills so i think splitting the difference is unfair 'cause if he if he does have a clear drop obvious still gonna be taught ten you know we're gonna talk about as we said why later but i asked you this question and i gave you a head of time so you should have a nice clean answer is upcoming season we're gonna call twenty twenty a it's the it's the year in which the title decided so this year was nineteen in this example i so you complain swannee he's implying twentyone so next season season after twenty two three seasons from now where's lebron on your list eleven through fifteen while then then i think you've got and then he shouldn't be three he should be one now if you think he's got in that third year out he could still be only drop but i don't think that's the way it works i don't think he's gonna go from three to six to nine that's why there's a cliff i mean at least more than that what do you think brad yeah i was more the fifteen twenty range is what i was thinking i was thinking top five player this year maybe top ten next year and then i was thinking near three from now that's where we could possibly see the drop where he goes from top ten maybe top twenty i think brad point about the extra rest and all that is is vital 'cause we we haven't seen in what the narrative that so fetch just just for reference sake who's number eighteen ola depot indiana so you're thinking like the way ola depot is now brad is more of a bronze gonna be three years from now yeah that sounds right like blake griffin twenty ooh i don't think i listen okay number two number two james harden you know what i know that he pads stats but what he just did offensively just a historic season caring the rockets by himself on offense i didn't wanna put in this i i did or number two i could see it i mean in their analytics they advanced stuff that we've been incorporating here recently the pr number two overall in the league real plus minus number two overall in the league james harden end he just did something that only one other player in the m b h dot as far as scoring at average forty points per game during eight forty game stretch in the regular season and they only other guys yeah wilt chamberlain joined never did that jordan never did that so i mean the defense doesn't count yeah that's what i'm gonna say defense just only half the gang nobody's doing a lot of these guys don't play as much defenses as they that is your fault yeah it's you're less yes less you know one thing harden does argue that i don't think he gets enough credit credit or go ahead i love the fact when he's behind the three point line he has perfected the ability to make threes whether he's jumping forward straight up or backward that's all doing it it's like calling talking about how tall somebody is where strengthened it's like we're gonna look at the stats oriel look at him as a prospect we're not gonna micro analyze this mover that move well he gets fouled you so much and people wouldn't you're you're just proving that the you don't like your position here that you're that's like you're third thing you're saying now by the way v p or is it considered defense yeah i think that if you think you're quote understand you don't know if it doesn't doesn't it i thought okay that seems very hard to believe i mean not that he's second on that list it's back to that how much you have to define these lists because i think hard in the playoffs certainly isn't the second best player i think that running that at least in the current off offense right which is one of your conditions is it's houston but he's on i really think that houston's repetitive this is such a big disadvantage 'cause with the databases now they're not once they get so many wraps against you that's one of the reasons the curve wouldn't you know everyone thinks that's because the small ball lineup would get banged on and physically would suffer i think there's some truth to that but he also didn't wanna give the databases of their opponents a lot of wraps and said oh look what they're doing in this spot look what they're doing in this spot so he's willing to say will play a less efficient offense to be ready in the playoffs in game six and you're not gonna be ready for doing 'cause we houston's opposite there optimizing every play during the regular season in their minds but it hurts him in the playoffs give yourself the dream music because you have nailed it and what happened the last two years when when they played golden state we all remember at home they lost game six and seven years ago and this past year of course they lose game five plants the notch her off i mean how long were you gotta go with that i was getting there you know what's funny is when you sure about something that he he feel so good about it he slows down he says it three times times i agree there is a good point thank you press in the excellent it was weird you press it on yourself but i number one number one let's go yawn us milwaukee remember this is my list of upcoming year so yawn us twentyfour it'll be twentyfive he plays defense he plays really good offense yes his outside shot could be improved slightly but you add up both of factors and his ability the care of the team throughout the entire regular season with a limited load management because of his reduced age yawn us he mvp is my number one pick so when you say ltd load management you're using like to negative saying he played plays alive i just wanna make sure i mean it could be some advanced term i'd never heard of so again if feels like you ventured into giving a scouting report where i wanna see the i wanna understand the performance so what is it on his performance and i'm not questioning it i just wanna understand what you love the most yeah well he's average i think twenty eight points per game could frankly singlehandedly that milwaukee offsides was just tremendous and they really didn't have much in the way of players he set that team up remember they all bombing from threes an they teams try just stop you honest felt they had the stop you honest and open everyone up made chris middleton and everyone else on that team such a better player because of his presence okay that's the top five you tweeted out what the the whole list you're top thirty not just top five you haven't have you posted this anywhere no i would do one more peer review and then pregame dot com in the foreign joe posted fascistic atf exports if you disagree strongly see see me at rj in vegas and it's you know get some thoughts you know i think it's alright who's the old curiously who's six steph yeah that that'd be my six were sure who seven paul george who's eight westbrook ooh glad that sounds like we gotta show later i am guys up embiid nine so we could have a lot of talk or it could be quick and you just like folded up you're listening may get a paper airplane send it out the door or perhaps all right now let's shift gears but not really 'cause we are talking about all the action let's talk about milwaukee next since we just talked about young guys a lot a lot of all right milwaukee thumb aero up or down fence aero down two reasons for one obvious they lose brogden to indy so that's gonna be a pretty big blow to their starting five another factor for them to be down merited she was kind of a key reserve big man wing they could hit from three point land merited just decided rj the play in this spanish international league he has gone from bnb okay milwaukee down in one of the things we're gonna be talking about his understanding the salary cap which quite frankly i don't i'm gonna have to put some time in i think it's so important you it gives you an idea like is mark you're gonna be able to make another signing do you know i don't know 'em i tend to agree with you now pacers got one of those key milwaukee players lotta people saying oh this is a sneaky team what do you think i don't think so i'm worried about ola depot when he's gonna come back will be a hundred percent looks like he's gonna miss these start of the season so their best player not gonna start the season collins in a there starting guard so that me decide is gonna retire from bnb i completely unexpected and they lost a key guy and bogdonovich who frankly with carrying the team until he went ahead and left so 'em some some key losses for indiana utah jazz another team it fuels coal to say oh the jazz they're better than you think i someone pretty respected say if the lakers don't get why the josh should be favored in the west now that's extreme but if you've got someone series saying that it can't be that wrong jazz yeah big up eero for the jazz i love what the jazz did they pick up point guard conley that's an upgrade over rubio i mentioned indiana lost bogdonovich well he went to the jazz and the jazz picked up a key reserve and at davis jazz gonna be very strong in my opinion this year so who's the best jazz player mitchell man wears you out on your list just missed the top thirty there's a lot of people just miss so how could a team be like not have a top thirty player but i mean where do you have the jazz right now ranked in ambi eight fence you know i've not finalized just do it on top of your head top five okay but they don't have the top thirty five well but they got so much balance of really good well obviously there's gotta be but how good they beer they really good if they're not in the top thirty yes it's insurance i mean i got the numbers for you oh go ahead and get into real plus minus here oh absolutely okay so these are where the rain will be a treat in their position and so one of the thirty two how good are they based upon real plus minus well starting guard mitchell is number six point guard conley number nine small forward ingles number five in rudy go bears defensive player of the year is the number four center kinda begs the question i none of major taught thirty well they'll go bears like borderline top thirty get another one another one we had already forty so bal very balanced team utah mitt showing it may maybe go bears dern that's funny that thirty range i mean overall players mitchell a pr number twenty overall in the league and real plus minus overall in the league mitchell eighteen i got priced me in that twentyfive thirty rain rj i'm gonna have to pay find one time i lied about why mitchell is actually number twentyfive on my list so you didn't write it down amazingly i wrote it down but i misremembered remember dented not but i believe shock but when you say but you look at it i didn't think i had to the prom look at your sheet manage their belief in a weird way it's better yeah i mean more entertaining minimum oh my gosh says he needs a vacation now you wait you which is all vacation right yes an so next you're you're planning a big one i guess which that's funny so what what's fine i i don't know what that means i mean 'cause you're next vacation would usually be the next year but what you got any news worthy audience know news really i'm gonna be on vacation next week i think you're off for ten hours on a fun park and you wanna bail out well i hope wally world works out for you does you know are talking no idea how oh harks close two weeks burberry all right i swear to god if you have a movie where there was a robot or martian came from outer space and we try and learn the ways of earthlings he'd act that martian would act like fast like like it would only have enough memory for like six movies had it would incessantly quote those movies i think about it now i never quote while world though i mean the fact that you can quote it means is i wanna okay you make a good point i don't think you ever have so that now you're account goes from sixty seven yes diversity okay we keep moving here quickly about the clippers i think it's a real something and he studied because to me you could look at the players on the clippers it's hard to get too excited about the players as oh this is gonna be a playoff team are elite team but they were are a playoff team the question is how is it luck or are we maybe not properly valuing the players or is it two plus two equals five where the playing well together we're gonna have a lot of time to do that i think it's good to just be honest i don't we've talked about before the show and i don't feel like we've got a great feel for that okay so who's left here is we're gonna finish the show strong we've got golden state talk okay we've got brooklyn talk we got philadelphia talk an we got best bats to college football win totals an nfl win total reifer you guys yup oh last one before we get into the big boys and what we're gonna do in between the big boys is a little next we've got some stephen aid sound we've got a guest on straight out of vegas and then we got to let you guys know about something you're gonna hear a lot about the years the come in it is literally a curse the knicks her cursed by guy named rohan that sounds scary you'll find out first dose celtics up arrow zero down aeros defense i have a down aero on the celtics now i get it the chemistry is probably going to improve for the celtics probably it's gonna improve rj no doubt about it but i can't get past you know when you look at the players they lost it's just a bigger negative in the players they picked up you lose kyri you lose rosier you lose al horford and by all accounts hours the type of guy everybody wants to play with and you pick up kemba walker i know you get are you saying kemba walker like like almost like you're tasting poop well they like the little pooping you're chewing gum kemba walker and he got to the center the squishy center campbell walker is a fine player he is on par par with kyri so cancelled those still out on par with kyri yeah really oh referral list if it if you have one tyree number twelve mhm kemba walker fifteen wow that's i you know i'm not sure i disagree 'cause you've got intangibles tangible who's yeah i think that's fair but kyrie slightly better i think yeah i think so okay i got a nice pickup in his canter and what the ron and don fees not occurring hopefully until playoff time haven't researched that yet that'll be a nice pickup for the celtics would really be part of the in alice's there's gonna be some games maybe that i guess you're going deep deep sea avon barksdale when going against he goes i'm gonna go deep on his mother offer that kind of scares you if if avon says it all right the knicks stephen i brad you've been talking about it you just i i did stephen aid show before i was limited you know not being on other networks now fox paid guy is it was great cause you stephen f but he didn't know much about batting but he liked what i did so he would just say you know it's almost like next on towns in stages go down the sky joel then he's on his phone like tweeting jay's ear seven or or or a you know tax and jay z so i i'm not sure how much my stuffy heard but you know i've said this there's action article out in a trade publication darryl is that fair to say yeah that's that's safe in a it's called mhm all access dot com and they did ten questions with me and lo and behold i did a about five and a half pages of answers i'm not sure how much they added but they just came out i'll be tweeting it out an end his twitter handle is at rj in vegas and i was taught in an end to me stephen i oh so i guess i thought his dna a little bit because i talked about his influence and brad you know what's been that influence i think for me is he's so bold not even with his predictions or his tapes 'cause i think that's old school meaning if you say oh he's over the top i think he really tried to get it right he just says it in such such a compelling way in his performance oh my goodness he takes a ton of chances to his performances of good as anybody like i i've been some obviously familiar with stephen hey on the tv side but right now his radio show i'm a big colleen fan and been so for ten plus years but right now with stephen eight doing on his radio show some of the best i've ever heard i agree it's like i think he had the he wasn't at least to me he wasn't a radio guy i won't even i hardly ever watch first take i listen his podcast almost every day so an end it's just some of his you know he put it listen rate this is not act if you want the highest i q stuff i appreciate people give me a lot of credit in that regard there's there's all kinds of hours of mit lectures up right now and you too bright it's fun it's entertaining that's the goal end hopefully informative but if you're only informative it's gonna be hard to compete compete against mit lectures i guess it's based on the topic but certainly on national radio you have to be more than that just informative so speaking of it the knicks the aftermath let's just listen steven hayes reaction seventy million dollars in cap space force thinks is going we don't get kp we don't get kyrie no way they can somebody and messes quicker but because of brooklyn's got shomar too because both names got kenny atkinson because brooklyn has live nation in brooklyn in three years the brooklyn nets of accomplished what we've been we've been in new york below for half century you got eleven however at oh yeah i end i'm not so sure did these overreacting now i will say this i think it's fair to say the case could be made at the maybe he was tipping a few i felt like almost like a webcam ask kind of thing by eighty rj bell i hear you know i'm not taking his confirmation information but then though 'cause i do yes pin new york every saturday eleven to twelve eastern so in our eye on they pay me but it's not enough i've been complaining 'cause they had a new sponsor segment of mine an dave rothenberg who's the host of that show said rj you're gonna be so excited because coming up next you're gonna be so excited i'm like what could this be it's a sponsor segment with me rj bell and it's like hey if you're an extra you're telling me the station is making even more money automated is what i'm supposed to be excited about but they're good guys in east new york obviously stephen eight rains there are e e i g rains an but dave rothenberg is an up and comer we got forty five seconds of him on straight out of vegas we took daryl clip of the best of it in this so were guy no i'm talking tipping any back when i mean he's not in over the top guy he's over the top here there is no multi layered plan one plans were gonna make an offer to kevin the rat or get a whole kyrie irving comes along the and that's what's gonna meet us into the promised land they moved on from kristaps porzingis i'm not saying he's a star but he just got a crazy deal from a team that understand how it works in the maverick and the knicks had no vision for him because they had a plan it's almost comical i almost feel embarrassed to tell you i mean taj gibson and reggie bullock in wayne ellington elfriede payton this is what your twenty nineteen twenty twenty knicks will look like good points you gotta say yup the here's the question who's the blame a lot of people might say they honor dolan lotta people bill simmons again i think makes a great point it's one thing to strike out brad you go into the bar now after night yup no no no no no no one day i mean you're hoping there's gonna be a yes you keep trying now but if you say hey i'm gonna go to jail for a month i'm not sure about this now 'cause i assume so they were but if you say i'm never gonna spend all my money that's the one i'm gonna spend all my money tonight to try to get a guest tonight but dinner and movie whatever whatever and then if it doesn't work if it doesn't work you don't have any money left now that's a big strikeout 'cause you not only are scoring that night eight but you're also not in a position to score in the near future well what did the knicks do they got all this salary cap cleared ready to bring on the the the superstars and now they're spending that money on crappy players i get or let's just say they're overpaying like randall's okay but then you might say oh rg they're only two year contract yeah but is it really gonna be like a two year were waiting again for yoenis the joke them so if they would've made it clear that space they let go i mean did they really did a good trade with the mavs now i mean unless you think i get porzingas gives in new york city did not mix matombo straight hair but but the fact of the matter is that he wears on you're less rise porzingis is off my top thirty because of the injury oh that but hold on he's due back yeah yeah what the see if you're gonna be on that that stupid he doesn't need to be a hundred percent so posing as healthy as well yeah top twenty better nat topped one like right six i know i know if you keep i know how you explain top twenty in different ways i got that you're not doing anything when you do that are you know let's say i think that's that arms the fifth best of all time really well you know fourth fifth sixth not like in anyway making the case if you figured out the paper and go at it you could say well he's right there at number five the human oh i did a brand new if they look at the pr for saying guess i'm gonna be anxious to see this but either way not a good trade the question is who do you blame fans who do you blame i think i gotta put the blame on dolan in management of the nixon wrong wrong it's the curse of raw well alexander beret who's that you may ask it's curious unita asked that rj barrett okay i thought it was kind of funny i said this performance say it hopefully not for long 'cause this curse i mean he'll be out of the league i think soon roll roll one but here's the reality if you're going by the name rj how do you know any rj before i was rj i think the guy on the sun on breaking bad wasn't rj so let's give him credit hour saw that on the theme intro i'm thinking puts this dude's name 'cause it just felt weird at all of a sudden is rj pops up and lo and behold his first names rohan not listen i get it you don't wanna use that he's middle names alexander how in the heck is that rj now darrow who there's not a player he won't defend you've got a theory on this one i'm from the hood so most of the time when when brothers used the jay behind it their junior so it's the first name right and then just the jay whatever that when junior rj that's how we do it man auto i i'm still thinking it's curious i have you heard of that brand on the farm no hell no how about growing up in dane size never heard it all right so i'm not saying he doesn't have a right to i'm saying i think it's gonna cause a curse will see just seems weird at all of a sudden this happens when ronin shows up how many twitter followers do you have a little lesson to hunter okay yeah he's still under now see that has served so that goes to show you there's a curse he's a rookie i'll come on he might not be the number one pick or or one of the you have here's the number one and number one high school player that domina no that's it's kinda stuck in a high school doodo if you think a lot of these guys have a lot of followers i mean he's not mellow though i mean like mellow ball had a gang he has way more followers than this but he might not be that type of dude yeah well i mean he's the type of do the appropriate name improperly i'll tell you that he's a canadian to though he's a canadian yeah so he's using so how does the whole this is the way we do know how to connect hey man black people black people everywhere man so rj goes are you in his credit on his twitter up top he does have rohan berry junior of tough so he's even avoiding even having his middle name that don't miss this mission is a sign of guilt no i can't say you know i'm gonna listen sleepy pregame research on i wanna see his associate socio economic a level the row in ways that growing up because i'll be honest with you is if it was if he was straight hip hop then and i'm gonna have to say you know i might have to spend this little differently now go out of that hearts still rohan is will be called on this i don't think it was it was it was higher middle class at least if that's the case then then all bets are off claiming hops play with steve nash do what i did i'm guessing he wasn't in the hood ono nassar's pretty heard if you don't know that we've got a different definition then physique might be a good no no no no no no no no they say it's hard core all right it's gonna be an interesting odyssey before he's out of the league here in six months snow i bet he'll be lesson he'll be in the league pry two and a half years just more no talk is rj bells dream preview if you're one of the twenty five million americans within overactive bladder you know how hard it is to buy high quality protective product because under wearing pads are designed with a revolutionary polymer to keep you dry and leak free longer and since we know one size doesn't fit all we customize because products matcher fit in routine call one of our friendly product specialists to walk you through getting exactly what you need eight hundred two three nine zero four one two four guns dot com get to old navy first star spangled style right now everything's on sale up to sixty percent it off that's right get everything from tease short stresses and swim all it's sixty percent off now till july seventh at old navy and old navy dot com valid through seven seven select styles only now back rj bells those dream review which left biggest teams the biggest change it end best bats now we gotta get something on the rocker first defendants like i'm rj bell brad powers very hud says i heard a rumor that you actually had multiple people coaching you up for the for this confrontation i cannot deny that so you feel good no i never feel good line the cody for a debate with you rj especially when i don't have any significant take one way or the other whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa talk about the tight rope so how could you like you're you're feeding yourself before you even start exactly so why do it just being honest at three days where i mean like happened two hours i don't do realize these were no force tapes fuzzy wearable you can't do that but the lander lil me last week you or the week before you and mattie were here in in let's start there brooklyn here's the question answers to questions but one were gonna i guess debate it's housing nine sounds like you've already submitted by it'd be almost like walking into rangers intro song and finally just go out and walks out so i got arrived on the back gordon arnold's going gonna i get my neck aleutian that's body that there's very few opportunities to play this one but we finally have madison square garden party there as well i remember that i watched that on the usa network backwards snooky cage first time at on the call yeah oh yeah first time ever in arnold arnold school in bob backwards manager mhm i bringing back the fast as i gave you time thing now i'm confused you're the one that was so out front with his brooklyn so i think you don't have a strong take you're meaning once you've debate me on this on air you realize the arab you're ways correct i said let's save it 'cause i'll there'll be enough debates i'll be up on give us what you're initial thoughts were with the caviar that you've not seen era you're ways per rj bell my initial thoughts that west kevin evan duran healthy and with kyri that brooklyn would be eight top pick these top pick if the lakers at the person you're using horrible pick pick no one's making a pick someone the favor brooklyn would be the favorite to win the title this assumes the lakers don't get co why lettered okay so people might say how would katie just become healthy but that's the thing is were saying next year we don't know who's gonna be on what team were saying this signing the serious next year they're gonna have a healthy or maybe you're not katie and they're gonna have kyri the glue guys faz calls him an offer his defense and and he goes yeah i think that teams the best team any nbs hey now the cabbie out what the lakers was while they get because at the time kwai going to the lakers it's been two weeks i guess we're more assert now i guess it but we want a certain of it nothing were starting now but it was more of a long shot against her at eight to one he's not correcting me he's got sunday in agree with yes cracked i'm be arbor tour an i wondered how good that team would like how excited should brooklyn be some com new jersey you know from brooklyn at least half the time as so you're thought was the best team what's made you back off that i think it's way too optimistic to assume that k d is gonna suddenly make this team brooklyn team ten wins better which is basically what they'd have really you're just repeating that you were wrong you're you're it's like saying so why did you decide or why did you change your mind about that movie because he amounted i liked the movie changed like you're just repeating saying that this edition isn't as big as you thought why because katie coming back fully from an achilles injury let's assume he's a hunter percent and he's playing at the level he was this past yeah yeah they'll stand by it so this all is coming down to the the the the questions about k d's how yes okay so katie would be wearing you're list number one okay so kyri where he's twelve you said yes okay so one in twelve egos thirteen lebron is what number three eighty five that's eight so would we agree the taught to are better for the lakers yes okay this is somehow he actually made it not painful the answer a simple question congrats now so where is the nets better steps that so we did this study they did have one above average player this year not a one okay back who's gonna be better at three than anything and that's half right yup and who do you think it's gonna be more in a position the ad free agents or you know mid level exemption all the little mbh things that very few people understand lakers already had a signing or the deadly league did i say yeah from the nets oh is one of their glue guys oh if you watch the playoffs so i'm helped me understand what brooklyn one forty two games in these guys all worked very very wealthy except the whole fundamentals of that or changing grasso gone kyri in duran in so are we saying these players just are gonna always over form in any situation we don't know that that davis slot went to the jazz he was one of their better players yeah now dave is one of the few guys at they advance stats actually liked a lot yep so when you said they liked a lot how how what was the stat did they i mean give me an example of the stats liking him a player efficiency rating was seventeen fifteen isn't average player so he's above average starter even though he didn't start his pr permit it was quite strong you said it was seventeen yes fifteen's average right yeah this pr so sufficiency writing all our number okay i thought you were talking about real life so literally a smidge above average yes that's the but he's gone yes and none of these other guys are even that their center allen is is nineteen pr so they're center actually had really really good pr number okay so you still just i mean i'm i'm kinda let you off the hook if you just say you know even if he's a hundred percent doesn't make a ton of sense but you know that's gotta be after you saying it but if you think it does just i i'm not hearing the case i guess the case is the team kyrie irvings on is gonna play above their ability yes and i i i think with kyri they should win forty five games on changing the subject now i'm not asking how many games are gonna win this year were china saying this hypothetical tyree has had locker room problems in the past and that could continue west brooklyn you're right so what you're case it it it is that a kyri not led team in this hypothetical by the team the kyrie's one of the key players on is gonna over performed 'cause they're he's gonna or the team itself will have such great intangibles i think that kyrie was so successful with liver on that so successful that they wanna title and he forced himself out of town yes but that's what you're calling success while he was successful with the one superstar a parade and i could see him being very sick so it's okay to lose that how did he do what you're coaching look i'm florida one florida this going in what part of this is the coaching i don't know how to coach them on the next one i'm alright daily oh so hopefully that goes better the brooklyn dodgers you should say wait till next year i well moving on the philadelphia now let me ask you a question what can i do that maximizes your chances here you wanna go first do you wanna go last you want how's this that i'm gonna let you go first and i'm gonna turn my mike off i've never done this before wow i mean literally you could say rj you can turn my back on in you won't hear a word from me till then and brad you couldn't andre the giant style i'm off my all right philly i don't think they got better they may have gotten slightly worse what their changes changes let me make my case i'm off we worried about the guys philly lost redick yeah he's thirty five but he's the three point bomber let's face it what's the book on philly too much 'em guys they can't shoot and redick was critically important guy can't shoot yeah simmons shoots you need that you need those three point shooters the open up the lane for him and take a look at jimmy butler during the playoffs he was he alpha guy on often he was the one that they ran their offense that's through critically important in the playoffs so i have major concerns about the offense now there's no question that the pickups they got getting al horford a really good locker room guy really good defender is gonna improve this team and josh richardson is they very solid pick up as well he's probably almost as good as jimmy butler so the bottom line is i am concerned with embiid with horford does this team just have enough outside shooting the be successful i feel we just a slightly slightly worse team okay you almost had a good argument then you hung yourself in this let's assume you're correct and i'm gonna let you know you got the way here's steve as like i'm now josh richardson is almost as good as jimmy butler that's your quote correct yes okay so let's say that the difference between almost is not clearly defined but it's not a huge now let's talk about the moves other than butler leave in an richest and coming in so adam up so tobias harris is still there so that's no change simmons embiid still there so whatever issues you have with embiid or simmons where it's a wash all year to year if anything there's a little website simmons could improve shot we've all been wayne but also there's this idea that hey embiid you're older twentyfive twentysix or whatever shouldn't change things but when you that injury prone maybe it does so let's call it a wash is that fair yes right so what's left i mean the big moves here would be horford in radic oh you really could you possibly make the case that radic's more valuable within horford no i'd rather have horford by more than a little yes so it sounds like we've got to dallas has here is a little minus right a little mice from butler richardson in a a bigger plus from al horford replacing wreck yes continue then i'm good that sounds like an upgrade well and it's a big upgrade on defense since i went i'm just concerned i agree i'm just concerned offensively you get horford on the court you have better players better players overall but you get or also so we got that established and you judge and you get embiid and all of a sudden where's the scoring gonna come from i think a key areas tobias harris is he gonna be able to step up and do more on often see wasn't in the last playoff kenny row if he does philly all no no no no no we don't have a but i mean how old is harris yeah okay so you would expect twentysix let's assume he's gonna progressed like a typical twentysix joy seven you're there you do make an interesting point like we talk about steph curry when he did have the opportunity to be the alpha he could do it but he played a different from game tobias harris amac's guy he did not play like a max guy or even let's say perform like a max guy it might you know how much of it was he's just not a max guy or if he's not why did philly give it to meaning they would have to make a major mistake i'm not sure they did but number two could be opportunity that this guy's gonna get it almost like we saw with the celtics maybe exactly like we saw not the prior year but the year before when the young guys got a chance they performed feels like harris is gonna perform better just 'cause he has more opportunity you know i that's a really great point in bottom line is he's the wildcard notice it's easy to say oh the i don't think he is i'm saying even if he plays exactly the same by her own admission the players on philadelphia's better this year than last year yes okay so brad is this how you coach them up in his not i'm worried about how did they really hung out he keeps your richard not that much difference and saying well but but again all it would it it just saved us the time of me bring it out with my first point twentyfive years old good outside shooter and a great contract by the way which sets him up to make other moves next year but i'm not sure that in this debate and a great attitude that that's the that's the book on richardson so intangible forgives on the cords are better players there's better intangible yeah and that's why i said jimmy butler is only a little bit better bigger i mean say problems not a golfer outlet soda let's acknowledge so really the crux of you're argument is that the better players you're gonna play worse now that sounds crazy except i could almost argue that point i i'm not sure i'd take it on with my current winning streak but the theory is hey two plus two can equals five sometimes two plus two equals three point five against a little lesson for in syria being if you are deficient indie mb ea outside shooting that is a big negative in today's mb eight and it's possible this team is gonna be deficient with outside shooting exactly and that's why read it it's not that good wasn't really critically important philadelphia or an outside shooter similar now again we know the richer since got a good outside shot now you wanna realized that much on one guy but part of debating teams today is saying do they have room to make any other moves and obviously not big names but it seemed like the spot up shooters especially if you've got enough defense and here's the key steph curry's not a great defender no but they build a team around his defensive deficiencies it strikes me that this philly team is strong on defense very stark and in fact five thirty eight just projected then with the current lineup to be got the number you're plus five point one points better than average team on defense that's a really good yes i know that sounds good it's a plus numbered where there's a wreck is it highly ranked well yeah i don't have the ranking rj but thinking about milwaukee they had nine point point per game differential that was number one the league so if you divide that by half off offense defense four and a half would be elite okay that most analysts have concluded that philly if not feedback is gonna be easily top five defense so if they get a guy that might be fairly cheap because he could shoot but he can't defend they can proudly stand him to be doing eighteen minutes a game because their defense is so good i hear kyle korver available in there you go that's a good point that's one of the two three teams that really is so i guess when were predicting now we gotta look a salary cap gotta look at how trump obviously we were just looking at the lakers or the lakers especially they don't have a team yet but the serious what do we project from here forgetting kwai which is obviously a different story so brad i mean we could i could keep joan at home yeah what you went through in the time since i already was miserable hang myself some more you know tobias harris was a really good player for the clippers he wasn't as good when he moved over came to philadelphia what in february he didn't play that long he's only twenty six now the jimmy butler is out of the way i've seen tobias harris is the same player and that's equal i think we got expect him to be better oh oh sleepy jay interjecting you don't like slate oh my god i don't think he's having you here guys julian house go ahead philadelphia also lost a couple of players off the bench i think probably have one in the weaker benches now tj mcconnell is gone bull bonds gone wilson chandler landry shamet so they lost four guys at work he's allowed on guys for themselves but i mean that's the quiet this is what we gotta figure any ambi hey for assignments manet's me whatever these guys were just because we know their net like you know i think that's what happens right you know the name of it a backup player if you if you're a fan of the team the question is are any better than you know replacement level i don't you know i don't i will be honest the ninth guy on philly i don't have a great feel for yeah i'm get tired i mean that's the postseason what are we ever talk about batch ivory tower talk about will the lakers might have the worst worst benchley mb who cares if you've got one of the best starting five and right now even this year phillies arguably top two three starting five on the floor i chris fez made that less painful to me the pain of extracting the obvious truth is the tough tough things in these debates not winning but what i will say this you made an interesting point about butler whatever butler standing was it went up in the playoffs ben simmons he doesn't have an outside shot but he's not a great great ball handler like bringing the ball up the court an butler was taken on some of that look like you said bringing up the court but also maybe more specifically run into office through him well you might say well what simmons point that you make a pass and now that guys ready to make a pass almost i guess like gay a what what's that called the single wing in football like the single wing type kind of thing is simmons they they had butler doing it because in certain defensive scenarios he was struggling doing it who is that alternative simmons doesn't grow in that way and it's really not about a shot so in a weird way you could say simmons if he starts shooting battered who knows you could be a top ten player oh yeah that's a if that you know one of these hypothetical but if he doesn't get better handling the ball and they don't find someone else they can in the right in those spots like butler did problem probably only in the playoffs so you don't bring it up does it's really a part and into this conversation but i wanna share with you audience yes 'cause i think about with the other person's gonna say and i could counteract that but i'm not going to 'cause i want you to feel good steve i don't feel so good i ate a daryl you gotta keep propping fast or have you given up on it i have known the state of affairs right all right golden state you know this one will kits are last team right yeah and then we're gonna do our best bats says i'll tell you this you were wrong it's almost like when initially if i just like it's going state team you thought they were what like the fifth best team the one that was on the floor deanna game say yes we debated and then at the end of that you said said no way in that be possible end you had on where ten ten and then some moves have been made i'm super impressed i think golden state is now under rated do you agree with me or disagree i agree with you all right well then you're probably right here so you know why you're great man there for a couple of weeks ago we talked about well what golden state out while they got step and they got dream on who knows if he's gonna be going to crispy cream all during the off season and it's even gonna be you know any type of they elite player in any stretch of the imagination it looked like woefully week a top ten team as terms of their top two and they had nothing pass those two guys well now all of a sudden they got four guys they pick up russell and by all accounts you know here's in all star and a guy that they compare with steph maybe some defensive liability but offensively that's gonna be a huge pickup and they signed their center will need we thought they were gonna lose them some other only paying him five million dollars a year and this is the guy they advanced analytics guys love top ten real plus minus center in the league only twentythree yes he came out of developmental league he's developing nicely with looney now we got four players that we could talk about be serious about being solid players for golden state i agree with that were loonier top thirty oh nowhere close i dunno advance late late vanfleet is out of my top thirty four ever it's funny he was twenty six for all these years had the best run of his career and now he's out what happened in calling offense no comment well i got that you pfizer's at the nature boy did you think i thought that was utah the ego that i didn't if those vans leader you that was the kids deal in wheeling deal and jet flying limo ride and son of a gun he's he remember when you looked at your grandfather and you just kind of nodded yes the soups okay the sousa listen we all have bad days i certainly do i think that i don't understand stand what golden state isn't lobs i guess you just can't nowadays be a winner unless it's i guess usa team in basketball which dominant team has been lived because the dominant teams beaten up their team most of the time right patriots not loved cause you know i guess read sodomy whoever's been i guess there hasn't really been a dominant baseball team this this team was in a bad spot to the point i was saying golden state my maybe should could give up on the season don't really run career in the ground playing thirty eight minutes and we saw trouble in the playoffs sustaining that his age then you take it all out of next year the next year when you have a chance now they got the best player that was left at the time russell a player who knows these twentythree how's he gonna start max contract probably warranted fronted in today's nbn sleepy's ashley doing some research and all the max contracts were gonna just see where the bar is right now wow that play next week clay i thought oh maybe next year's playoffs college but not so much more optimistic now we're hearing reports calling which party more on target yeah right after the surging this happened this week as were taping this on july second with the surgery for klay thompson they said any article five seven months with expected expected recovery time more likely seven and five much but if it's seven months that's put in play returning at the all star break forget coming back during the playoffs all star break that clay thompsons back which is right around the trade deadline up so now what's the scenarios try i mean i guess in theory there could be extreme cases but in the likely the fat part of the the bell curve is he idea that he's gonna do about what you'd expect we did last year but he's a year older so leno but but now you're in that elite golden state all fence schematically titus batter but even if he does not normal range the question is how is he gonna fit with clay doesn't seem obvious now but none of us are steve kerr worst case it's almost like you buy the house you give it a good scrub new carpet now you're salad flipping i can't imagine they get less back then they gave up yup i which they gave up nothing correct correct because i mean they're they're having to pay the contract so this is an asset they got for the price of the contract but i think that's how they did the trade right in that doesn't matter as much as they got him for just the costa pam and then you you do i think looney the whole thing's over done it's so funny where you say well i don't know how good of a coach church you know churches because you know i've only got a hunger games have hammer that coach and took him to the finals in one but somehow looney you you know how good he is yeah i saw looney play welford and fifteen playoff games but nick nurse a hundred games not enough yeah so but that said the five what i know is when i read up on looney when you start talking about him that's what i tend to do is the warriors love him love him in his team a nose winners in the gum four five six i mean that seen what is up with that i dunno i guess he figures hey fifteen a lot i wanna stay here i mean how you know you buy happiness no you can't i mean you've tried fans can can happen hanging by a lot of all right it doesn't work does the size nope can you buy love i'll get back to you on the outs yet yet to be determined all right any closing thoughts and go and say i rj undefeated it's best that time i think right is there anything else oh i do that one day i'm gonna make this quick this currie saying you know collins been talking a lot about that it's not about teams anymore you know mobility and it's about players and i could see that regular phone you don't follow team on instagram i mean you could but you're following a player but how many you know i've always said how many players are that charismatic that good the kid's gonna light so now where there's me eight players fifteen players people follow me when you go down you're list as you hit fifteen or so i can't imagine you know reads sixteen through twenty number sixteen dunk as a seventeen semons eighteen all the depot a nineteen towns twenty griffin yeah so to me you know towns at this point i i don't i don't see a lot of jerseys you know ola depot doesn't mean they're not good players and then if you get past that so there'll be like on average less than one person the team the truly like i could see my boy following this guy you know my eight year old ten year old twelve year old kid all through his career but if that's gonna be the case man you're gonna want these guys it'd be good guys and i get it from a distance you don't know but i look at klay i told you it was you know obviously clay was classy of athlete is i've seen i don't know i'm personally but far as i could see and then you look at currie i always skeptical of him with the kid on his lap and it felt like a pr moment to me that was really engineered but it worked and i'm not sure it was engineered but this idea of reports out there that he was in shanghai it's one thing to come from hey you wanna come over and say goodbye you're teammate while listen i'm on the west side i'm over by a i'm over by the village movie theaters it's twentyfive alive for the weekend yeah traffic yeah in in in in literally he's coming from shanghai to land in new york i got the private jet and all that it's still a big effort that we could say oh that's a show to well everything's a show to some degree right when you do buy your wife the gift is some crushing need and you're sold by the gift come on so this is a good team when it comes to their leaders and then there's mr drew at this is a story that was andy undefeated and this is a story that marc spears road and mark ashley was on a pregame podcast years ago all these seem nice the me not to me personally but from my perspective active this is crazy in my opinion end i think i know why in think about the following concept as we go through this couple of quotes one i dunno daryl wants wants to defend this one but he tends to wanna defend players will letterman when i'm done access for bias for favorable however you want to describe getting the the the the friends and family treatment is oftentimes what they access is about and that's what they do the pr agent will go to you know vandy parents they were gonna give one cover interview but you cannot see six things blah blah blah and no they won't burn that pr agent 'cause usually if it's a big name they're gonna have pr agent has a bunch of other clients to so they make the deal an you know whoever put this story out they shot it in or they have their guy that they know giving favorable but i get it i get it you know why do think you should say hey this is coming from this perspective there could be but this is absurd so the theory of the the article is that the rant was treated very very very poorly by the warriors end one of the the the person who's kind of the main named quote here is perkins what's his first name kendrick kendrick that's right so the first thing is when courier was on the free throw line they were chanting mvp but it wasn't to just this playoff did they differ dram so it wasn't they're not doing it now if they didn't do it soon enough okay and then it says in this is perkins out quote the drain had one foot out the door close quote this past season because the warriors made him feel on appreciated now i don't know if that foot with the one he heard it without the door but lordy be you're getting paid thirty plus mel end you're you're being treated so badly you have one foot out the door okay well what's his treatment so this is a source close to the giants at all that mistreatment showed a lack of respect for one of the greatest players to put that uniform on and the fact that he took all of that abuse instill put his career on the line to help them win abuse views as a strong word now here's another quote this is actual author here saying duran had finally become a hero in the bay area after putting his career and two hundred million on the line playing playing with an injury the warriors celebrated him with a rally towels drawing game six with his initials katie on it but perhaps this is the writer if he had been treated like a hero every second he was playing for the franchise he would have rallied around the idea of staying longer just stay long forget like i know it's could be where he finished his career hey maybe i'll give you another year if you just treating me like a hero every second and then at the end it's hey finding championship success in brooklyn is far from guaranteed but the nets are showing they are committed to him signing him to amax contract despite the fact is achilles injury will likely caused him to miss all of next season okay so i wonder what golden state offered him but i would have share say it again they hey brooklyn could only offering for yeah golden state offer more money in an extra year yep so that in syria would show even more commitment yes any rich two hundred million but the worst thing that could happen happened and he's still made it i mean this is like who i don't even think they're doing to rent any favor meaning i always found my critics when they were so over the top they never would give me credit for anything it actually disarm disarm them because if they just were honest there were things are things you could debate you could say what about this radio show to you know brightest while here's what we're thinking but i could see reasonable people disagree but when they say horrible things so extreme it makes you did not believe anything they say same thing here when there's nothing but over the top positive it makes you the whole thing gets i think damp india fact of it so there we always give you a chance now he's a he's going to the mike slow he's not anxious where this was no it's not even about a debate i mean is this about knowing the history of what this guy's brought to this team i mean knowing that he's brought to finals mvp piece to this team knowing that this year how he was treated in the media how media was saying how he was already gone it was all this stuff going on already so there wasn't an appreciation for him so now like when you you you try to call him out and you try to say oh he doesn't have heart he doesn't wanna play this what's coming doing this playoff so he's not this is not that the guy goes out there and now everybody wants to be sympathetic it's too late the part i agree agree with it is if the stories are true that the warriors were saying hey he slowed a comeback here that i could see that as something because if you don't think it's true is the player then that is really cut and that the heart no pun intended of you know what makes it great players when it's gonna play in the top spot so that i could see the idea that the media though daryl how how the warriors i mean it's not like the warriors run media right it's the using the national media but it wasn't necessarily the warriors it didn't it didn't just say the worries of just said he was treated unfairly no but i think the premise of the article is the reason he left golden state was unfair they abused he got in totality yeah but why would he blamed golden state anymore than any other team if it's not the relay and i guess that's the ultimate question is drained being treated unfairly in certain situations i think that's not crazy to say the idea of the golden stay treated him you know to the level rising there's a word abuse seems absurd to me but you know it's interesting but in a weird way working you know these athletes leads never have any come up and it's like the the most beautiful growing the city as long as that's the case no one's gonna call her on very much all right so i have sympathy and not sympathy but i am open to that the only i'll tell you this i've never learned a hard lesson i chose the learn meaning hard lessons by definition of forced upon you i not many people say if i go distraction it's gonna be a lot of pain pain but i think i might learn something that dnd most people don't do that if i could have a charm life and never have any hardship give it to me i'm fine how might be a little less wise but i'm gonna be blissfully ignorant of all so durant's obviously a great player he's obviously had things his way for a long long time and i think the more did this player empowerment does seem to be another side to here in to wrap it all up if the players are gonna be carrying the beacon if they're the ones any nbs specially it's not the jerseys it's not the team but it's the player wow if they are as entitled as it feels here might be problematic for the lake any closing thoughts that that's going to be the main reason from canton all about then you all right let's go to college football season win total here for you guys quick cross promotion in the pregame dot com forums i posted an article by most improved teams in the country for college football entering this upcoming season this is one of those teams have you read that article or taken you cla over five and a half wins this is my second most improved team in the country but let's go back to last year that's when i started seeing improvement on this team coached by chip kelly last year abysmal star talk about four starts how about this where you cla they start oh and five for the first time since nineteen forty three but after that in his first year when they start learning he often you see i was pretty much an average team a year ago offensively i get it a lot of but there's this narrative out here oh the game as past not maybe pass chip kelly by what caught up the rest of the college football caught up the chip kelly's often wagon well i can tell you this in the last four games last year uscc stanford oregon arizona state dating catch up the delays off the bruins average nearly five hundred yards per game with a bang up team a year ago nineteen returning starters coming back that's more than any other team in the country i'm taking you cla over five and a half wins you are gone liars funny though you know something it's the same thing they're saying about golden state though it's not so much teams catchall broken replicate it just it's not shockingly did aren't in you do you think that's the only thing that's definitely fair but i also think chip kelly from my understanding and i don't personally but from what everything i read and he's a big time greiner and he's always trying to learn anything let a guy that it's not quantum leap that where you've got a truly revolutionary scheme is where the real hey is may yes so but i in general love the pick 'cause here's why in general if you have a cork your offense fate in the first half of their first year you were on that last year end and it just it just you hear it in in you watch more post game press conferences i do but you hear all in game seven and you know that that one game and it really came together they're meant to yep so one more time with the you cla over five and a half wins brad powers on twitter and he's been put in a he had a heated debate mattie hose involved loved about what the most improved team yeah fortunately the one that was the motos eight that was one every one you thought they were improved everyone's saying no way now just mattie he's getting some negative mattie taking the hey not me everyone is defending my pick on florida state well listen who in their right mind parking garage mr papageorgiou who would mess with brad powers steve you're next let's go to the nfl were gonna play the houston texans under eight and a half wins minus one fifty rj it is all about about strength the schedule houston had they very difficult schedule this year now i know what you're gonna ask me you're gonna say well isn't that built into the number the kita this is that the year before used in headache very easy schedule so it's the delta but they're going from easy schedule to a difficult schedule i'm obviously not gonna read the entire schedule through but just give a couple of examples jacksonville last year horrible five and eleven texans beat them twice jacksonville could be a much better team with foale's you look at the field field games but they're not locked into those two of the sixteen games not set by formula last year they played cleveland in denver used it to below average teams this year houston gets to play new england in the chargers added all up with that much much more difficult schedule we're going under eight and a half wins houston texans mm now in general i wonder if the market is accounting for something when it's obvious to me i think strength of schedule is something that's not all especially on win totals which is and you know knish type bat not always obvious so i trust that you know that delta is meaningful or provide some value number two i think the fact that well forget number to let me ask you this question steve is has this line moved to the more i mean is the market agreeing with you here market is strongly agreeing this total opened up an eight and a half and now it's although it still way nap have have to pay a lot of extra vigorous on they undermine a dollar forty five currently so like thirty five cent move yeah so you still think there's value i still think so okay any thoughts on that brand i lean what i mean particularly negative for houston is the the stretch in october where they're going for road trips in five weeks and were talking rep road games against playoff teams kansas city indianapolis baltimore a trip they england that houston has never been accustomed to lean houston under all right we got dave as their next i tell you we've gone in that to our range let's just quit i mean literally ninety seconds on this kwai situation i just got an alert saying it could be days let's agree with the following size of quiet goes to the lakers this is gonna be a historic favorite team what would you put the number at the lakers minus one fifty the win the title that'd be only the second team in the modern era v mb ea that with minus money against the field the three grant warriors teams also were an even jordan's bulls koby an shack and the lakers no no no this is would be the second best team in that regard and how they do against brooklyn they will find out now go to toronto toronto won't be favored but there'll be right behind the lakers would you agree correct i'd have toronto around five to one the lakers for the one oh really that close i liked his leg against toronto in that case now nuts i mean most people if anything is peon geyser even more confident yeah they pulled for guys from me sbn to said toronto definitely should be the favorite to other guy said they possibly should be the favorite west co why now to me what's fascinating are two different angles here i'm gonna try to say how do we predict where he's gonna go 'cause it's kinda you know i guess you combative disarmed agreeing you combat the team if the market's giving you a fair price as a way to think oh he's gonna sign here but what i found fascinating is one thing points lakers one thing doesn't if he's with lebron gonna win some titles you'd think but every title he wins lebron wins one so there'd be no way the catch lebron at least doing lebron's career when he put on the same team invest if his goal is to be the best best player of the year a tv helping his competition such as no lakers which says yes lakers is eighty is just as young as him or a little bit younger at forty six twice twentyeight so once lebron is phased out they're gonna have another match the lakers max contract and now you have eighty let's say and quiet like twenty nine thirty with another max contract this team could win six set you know if he wants four titles in six or seven years at the lakers would that be shocking if it's a little more than three three for the next couple and then who knows firm there of course now they're if they're modest one fifty they're basically saying five years three titles yeah i mean if it stay that way each year so but again lebron's winning some of those a lot of things to think about any any other thoughts on why it will have obviously probably the news next week i lasting dave adler with his best college win total in will be back next week fezzes on his second of how many vacations to to okay so this is it this is it i an or you is it an undisclosed location in why on wednesday islands i will be doing extensive football rio oh i i well i just i can't listen clear clear had whatever it takes an i mean i you know my dream one days ago why so in a way i convey cares who lives there yeah i guys you comes day bessler talk to you next week i got a college football season win total i really like might have some disagreement south carolina under six wins i know a lot of people are high on them they got more talent but they also have these toughest schedule in the nation let me look at it real quick at north carolina opening up their minus seven and a half i'm not buying it tarheels return eighty one percent of their offensive production south carolina losing devos is a big deal feel i don't think it's a gimme and i know brad has them as a much improved team it's hard not to be from last year charleston southern will give into in alabama at home i don't rest along on lost here to south carolina in two thousand and ten same it doesn't forget that although i think it'll be closures and the spread it south carolina's first loss at missouri will be in a great spot lost a brutal game on revenge second loss at home to kentucky without snell kentucky second straight road game south carolina a lot of good shit at aga although other will have been at tennessee the week prior yet to say they beat south carolina in athens third loss home to florida much ship against florida team south carolina's twentyfour oh when they rush for a hundred yards on it must champ florida will make bentley beat them at without samuel i don't think you can at tennessee they won't win at tennessee at home app state app is never a pushover and it's a horrible spot but i'll give it a south carolina that's their fourth win at cnn aggies when all the clemson function properly be looking very undefeated season although it's a huge driver stopped does happen gave it the clemson so that's four wins in seven losses i could be wrong on two games and still win south carolina under six thanks for listening to rj bells those dream preview catch little wiseguy roundtable each week college football released on wednesdays nfl on thursday don't miss any winners subscribe on apple podcasts or wherever you listen to the podcast one dot com and download the podcast one out of question for rj you can contact me directly on twitter as rj in vegas living the dream with each week makes you were one of the twenty five million americans within overactive bladder you know how hard it is to buy high quality protective product because under wearing pads are designed with a revolutionary polymer to keep you dry and least free longer and since we knew one size doesn't fit on we customize because products demand cheer fit in routine call one of our friendly product specialists to walk you through getting exactly what you need eight hundred two three 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