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"juwono" Discussed on Sucias are my Favorite

"Probably emotional for me personally. 'cause i mean especially if that person it's like we're existing like that i mean i i probably would know who the person was just like okay. You went on a personal venture with the fuck you could just hall told me or what if it was a rando Hot emotionally. i think it would be worse than me because i connect emotionally in. That's kind of what makes the sex even better when you connect between emotionally with someone so in my mind. If you're gonna personal mike okay see doing all that shit. You know in talking to them emotionally. That was fancy babies answer now. Let's hear what money now has to say. Yeah like if it's a secret emotional connection do a lot of flirting and there's a lot of grain like especially on social media and stuff and like i don't feel like your man. Liking some into hoes. Picture is cheating but totally not cheating. You know but Like if their conversation maybe you know like their snap. There's all kinds of places you can conversation like people start sharing personal things and that's okay too but i feel like when they're become like an emotional connection. There's that door open. You're showing something of yourself that is personal and intimate And unless your partner knows about it because you probably knows about it and that's okay but if if the secret i feel like that's a form of cheating i would feel more offended about my boyfriend having an emotional connection with somebody than just sucking them like a one night. Stand or like a drunk and get me wrong. They've get shit. There would be hell to pay if a bitch out. But i wonder what you guys think about like. What cheating is there's so many open relationships now dating. It's tough these days. It is really tough. There's if you wanna play a game any game in life there are rules. And you're supposed to follow visuals. For a reason. I mean swimmers. You're supposed to have permission. You know what. I mean like those are important things. You don't permission that's straight cheating even sooner community though i mean if you wanna play a game you should try to all the rules there for. If you're gonna cheat it shouldn't harm anybody else at any game. What about you sure lips. What would you call cheating okay. So what do i consider cheating consider. I consider cheating something if my significant other is thinking about somebody in our romantic way. No because it's just a thought there. They're spending quality time with me. Of course they're proving they wanna be with me. Cheating to me is when you're actually going in venturing and finding somebody without the open communication to your partner that you wanna have an open relationship communication baby. I like that and last but not least my friend franny. I think basically you would have to have a conversation ahead of time. What constitutes cheating to you. Because i think anytime you feel attracted to somebody else and you feel like it's getting a little bit dangerous. I think you should tell your partner that man. I just don't think i'm gonna spend too much time around that person because it's making me a bit uncomfortable. How i'm feeling around them. Yeah that's how. I think it should be dealt with but okay you're talking to somebody who hasn't been in a relationship for a long time but i think that as soon as you have those kind of tinguely feelings i think he should say it and there you have it different answers from diverse group of women that i know. Do your answers align with any of my friends or do you have a different set of criteria that you consider cheating. Do you agree with all of them. Some of them let me know by contacting me. My contact info is in the show description or you can find me at go. Chino chengguan dot com slash about any case. The point of this was to illustrate that everybody has different ideas of what is cheating. And this is one of those conversations that you should have with your partner early on ideally before you decide to be monogamous or if you already are monogamous renner committed relationship. Gordon have this conversation now. Clear out the air but know what you think. Let them know how you feel about certain things who knows. Maybe your partner might be open to threesomes juwono until you have that conversation to my listeners. Thank you for sticking around. i love you. you're worthy of it. And until next time vessels..

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