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Ep 138: A Justin Bieber Interview Analysis

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Ep 138: A Justin Bieber Interview Analysis

"Before we start we are so excited to tell you guys that the soup is back on E. Wednesdays at ten nine Central Avenue Hosts Woman Jade Caterpillar. And she is great like the thing about her is that she herself is. Superfan so everything she's talking about. She's so excited and she's kind of giving her observation. Quit and you know the soup. It's everything from the latest. Tv moments both viral videos. Everything in between. She's a lot of really hilarious. Commentary is just a good time. She's a lot of fun to watch so back on Wednesdays at ten nine central. Hey guys I'm Emma and I'm Julie and we're the calls behind comments by CELEBS and welcome back to this week's bonus episode. How you I mean. Obviously I'm doing good. We're talking about Uber. Yes so this week. We kind of decided we wanted to do something. A little bit topical and as you know Justin's album changes came out on February fourteenth. And he did this. Really indepth interview with Zane Lowe that we washed. And we're like we have to discuss this more Ryan needed a fault while we were gonNA put into the section. I was like I need a fall for it. But that's these are my favorite bonus episodes when it just happened so naturally we wash something and we're like no we need a full forty five minutes greatest because that's exactly what you wanted without rising. This is what we are going to do like disgusting. I just want to talk about saying we watched. And you're like okay. I've watched everything. So why don't you figure out something to watch? I don't really think we can do a bonus episode on with cats. I was like God down. I know actually think we cut how we totally could have. Maybe yeah I think we could have. We won't pay who good idea anyway. So basically how we're going to do this or how. We think we're going to do this. That could always change. Is We basically? Julie transcribed a lot of the episode. I mean a lot of the interview and we're going to go through winter of pretty much all that we're going to kind of go through you know. Read some of the points do a discussion but for the most part we're going to go through kind of as it happened so yet input into our own orders. What I'm saying. No it's it's completely chronological of the interview. So the guy who did the interview? He's this man Zane Lowe he's New Zealand radio DJ and he hosts his own show on. Apple's International Radio Station Beats One. I was kind of you know I. I had never heard of him. And it's a big deal for Justin to do an interview like this but I was almost happy that I had no previous experience with this guy because it was totally. He was like a clean slate for me. Yeah I've watched a few things that he's done he's he's really good at deep interviews. Which is why. I think Justin chose to do this. Also Justin felts. Which if you haven't watched it. I highly recommend but also. If you don't have the time you can just listen to this. You know you can tell that. Just felt really comfortable being their first of all he was literally Jerseys and vans and heels odor. He looks good but he also just like. I think he felt safe. The word that I'm looking for a safe. Yes he didn't feel like this guy was looking for the click bait headlines. He felt like this was a conversation right. He felt like I think Justin went into this. And they talk about this a lot about like how it's not really an interview. It's more of a conversation and I think Justin went into it knowing that he was going to be able to get out what he wanted to get out of it. Exactly so we're going to go through and we'll see what happens you're ready. I'm ready so he starts by talking about his new album and he says quote. I feel like I'm gonNA cool vein but this album is super. It's just not very deep. You know I didn't go there like that. You know what I mean. I didn't go super deep with later on in the interview. They're talking about this which we'll get into but basically you know. He says that he wants to make more music about being married. And this album is just the first he wrote in his first year of marriage. And there's so much more to learn about commitment and building trust and Zane says something which I think is really true. He says that's what's great about changes. Its honeyman record. It would be sort of disingenuous to start diving deeper into that situation when you're just learning about the beginning stages right and that's a really good point which. I feel like when people when I've spoken to people at the album. What they've said is like it sounds great but the lyrics aren't anything. It's like what he wanted. This album to be was like a fun. R&b Album the lyrics needs to be anything more than just what they were. Basically in five years time he's not going to be reading Yummy Yummy was when the guy said honeymoon record. I was like you. My friend should coin that? Yeah he he nailed it yelled at. That's exactly the term so he starts off asking him why he stopped his torn two thousand seventeen. Because as you remember that was a whole thing I mean he was miserable for lack of a better word and you can see it. It's so funny. When you look at footage of the tour you can see it in his face he literally. He looks like he would wanna be anywhere else. But on that stage but also in watching this interview and Julia made this observation which I think is really true. His facial reactions are very Kind of complimentary to what he's talking about so you see. It was almost as if he was reliving. Everything they were talking about it and you saw it on his face so when he's reliving this would you could see kind of like the darkness and him. Yeah it's also it's just US face. This whole body changes with every single question like there are times where he's really tense and he's like bent over talking about it and then there's other times where. Zane ask them something that he's like really excited to speak about. And you kind of like loosens up like when he speaks about. Haley he takes a step back and he can sit and be loose and then when he's talking about what he went through during two thousand fifteen to two thousand seventeen he's world over again. I have to be honest and you know I really really liked Justin. I like really fully support him. The first couple of minutes watching this I was a little bit. Annoyed is the wrong word but I was a little bit like. Come on if you agree to do this interview. At least uncomfortable he was on. He was visibly uncomfortable. And I guess I was looking at it because of what we do from the perspective of the interviewer and I was like you could at least give this guy. I contact like he's sitting. You know what I mean and I felt at first. I was afraid that was going to the entire thing. It definitely changed so if you get through the first couple of minutes you'll see his demeanor change but the beginning. It was almost like he felt. This is how it felt as a viewer. I felt like he was forced to be there. And that clearly wasn't the case but in the beginning I was like dude fun. What it kind of also came off as and which is probably what happened is that I felt like until he got comfortable with it. You could see that. He was thinking about every single word that he was saying like. I think he is so scared to come off. Either unintelligent or come off and say single grade for saying that he doesn't mean that could be misconstrued so it's like every single word that came out of his mouth felt like he was thinking thoroughly about and it made him very tense. I so agree with you. So anyway in terms of the tour why he stopped he said you know. He was emotionally and physically tired and on top of that he was sick. He didn't know what at the time. Which of course was the Epstein Barr in the lime disease and he said he's like listen. I was eating really well. I was doing everything that I needed to just having seven twice a day like as if that was the he says if people say Broccoli you know what I mean is that was the pinnacle of Hell as if seven was penicillin. Yes exactly say no drinking one hundred ounces of water. Who's like I was having Salmon twice today? He was like the mom in a Cinderella story on Diet. I'm doing fine. How To so my dad when he says three sandwiches today but they were not widespread. Yeah exactly so anyway. Zane starts and he said it's clear anyone who hears this album and also to anyone who takes an interest in your life as a fan that the two of you meaning haven't Halley have found a really important bond and this has been hugely important development in your life which by the way I saw this in the beginning. But there's going to be reading we just but then we'll discuss and Justin said it's been a really big reason. Why coming back and why. I'm successful at this. She's definitely the reason there'd be no story without her she just ties it all together. I mean she's giving substance to talk about. She's the person that I'm learning to love. Unconditionally start a family with so regardless. If I saw another record I have a lot of peace just knowing that I have the rest of my life to build a relationship with a solid foundation of trust and patients and all the things that go into building a healthy relationship. Listen he's not telling US something that we don't know I know but I say I love to hear him say but I'm saying like I was nodding when you know and felt like his marriage. Counselor good yes yeah. That's what I want you to say. Yeah that's right Justin. So Zane says that when he listened to you like when I listened to what's been said from either view you it sounds like both of you to some degree. Knew it was right but he both had to go into it in your own way to confirm qualify that that was the case. How did you know I'm reading this? I'm reading this whole one verbatim. He goes I let her know prior prior to the two thousand seventeen when we were hanging out a lot. I said I'm still really hurt and still trying to figure out my way and I'm not ready to make a commitment to you in a way that you know and I just don't want to say something and do the opposite. I was at the point where I'd done that in the past. Just honest with her. I was like you know. I'm not just in a place to be. I'm not in a place to be faithful and all the stuff that I wanted to be but I just wasn't there yet. This is something that came up a lot and I know we'll get more into it. Which by the way Julian. I have not spoken about this. No not at all like I watched the interview this morning purposely so that we would not have spoken about it before but viewed watched it last night. There's no way that we would have not spoken. Yeah exactly as I was dying to speak to tell you that I watched it. My Dad drove me into the city. Today you think well I put it on the things he was just hearing the obviously was watching the road but after he's like wow. I didn't know that as bad as parents. I didn't know he was so religious. Like he was really got a lot out of it. I love that. I love that for your news very very educational experience. Yeah that's great. That's good things that he needed the hymie needed and I felt like just the needed. Your Dad's validation. Wait this is a really good time to make the announcement that I've wanted to say on air for a long time. I have no idea what you're about to say Ping Pong table. Oh my God yeah. I don't think I've ever said this publicly. Oh yes I go to your dad's drawn out like maybe could happen in some alternate universe. No I'm saying we at the time. Nothing that we ever said could have ever gone to Justin Bieber now. It's not the craziest thing that Jordin sparks. Knowing that we love no air. That was the coolest thing ever hold on. We're going to go on a two-minute tangent here but it's necessary. Tell them what happened. So we are on paper magazines podcast and we were talking about Jordin sparks and I honestly don't even know how she came up but what we were saying. Oh my God I hope she's good and we're like you know nowhere slap that I was like it's still slaps like to understand my relationship with no air. Is that like Mehan Isabelle. Something that in the car probably like a hundred anytime. Earn CAR THAT. I've done that with all of my other friends to be the best car song here and it's just been this constant thing about loving no Aaron thing. He was literally the greatest song ever. So we're talking about on the podcast and paper magazine Instagram's that clip from the interview of US talking about it and Jordin sparks comment on the picture. And she's like I'm doing great. Thank you so much for like saying this about no air. I was what inspires all I do is talk about you. How are you going to know that my number one car song you know that? I now saying that's what I'm saying to you. Though driving home back and forth from Syracuse singing. You know air in your thought. Jordin sparks would have ever known that aspect. So that's how I feel not that this is getting to justed that like hypothetically could so as you all know by now my dad is a big ping pong player. It's his biggest joy in life. He's the simplest guy in the world and Ping Pong is all. He wants so much. The point that Jelena's well got him personalized calms by celebs Steve Diamond Ping Pong paddles. And balls as a thank you to taking them just palm springs like it's that was about anyway when I was in college out of no architects for my dad. One day and he's like energy to do me a favor. I'm like what's up sick and need you to write me a letter to Justin Bieber. I was like you know I remember. This is like we weren't even close at the time. 'cause I instagram. I think I like instagram. That are snapchat because like what the daddy about what he's like. I was just reading an article. He requires a ping pong table backstage. Every one of his tours like it's in his rider needs it. I want to be Justin Bieber's Personal Ping Pong player. He's like I don't need to be paid. I just WANNA come on tour with him. He's I'll pay for my own accommodations. I just WANNA come on tour with him and just play ping pong anytime he wants and I kind of like thought he was like okay. I'm not kidding you my dad every single week for probably six months. Text me like so that letter to Justin that letter to Justin and just as we can we were talking about it and I was like you know something daddy when he goes on tour. I can't tell you it's going to happen but I'm GONNA try. That would be the best thing ever first of all Justin in the rare event that you happen to be listening. My Dad is the Chili Guy in the world. You'd have the best time he'll play with you whenever he's very good. He's concerned that you're not gonNA have anyone there. That's up to your level rate. He he wants nothing from you. He literally just wants to play Ping Pong asking to be justed. Beat him he will. I said you can't let him win. Like he doesn't want people are always letting him win. They're always yelling him. You need to play your hardest. Yeah and I think that Justin respect that for sure and then they could like like the best thing ever yeah. I don't even need to go. Get The enough validation from your dad. I'm taking it back. I tried to be nice itself less than I just couldn't do it so anyway or even just at your one concert in New York whatever it is. My Dad would love to do that. So we take us into the universe into the numbers he. Oh my God that would be so good right. I'm manifesting from this moment anyway. So you know what I was saying before when when Justin was talking about how. He told Haley ahead of time that he couldn't knew he really couldn't be faithful and didn't want to say something and do the opposite. I felt like a trend throughout the interview. Which will touch on Moore? Who was he has this real and potentially it's because of him getting in touch with his faith and how important Being faithful is but that came up so much like he so badly does not want to cheat. Yeah and clearly actively works on it. Not I don't mean that in like a it's only on his mind way but like it's definitely conscious so there is a really important part of the interview where he's talking about like doing good for the sake of doing good versus doing good because it like he doesn't. WanNa hurt somebody else. Or because it's the right thing to do whatever and he makes. The comparison of there is a difference between not cheating because it's wrong to cheat and not cheating because you don't want to hurt the person you're with and he's like you see that's a really important distinction and I feel like that is something that he learned and he really liked took that to heart. Hinchey fully internalized that. Because you know something. It's a lot. It's a lot harder to follow through with something when you're doing it just because you think it's the right thing versus when it impacts you but I also think that you know being as young as he wasn't being yes from the time that he was thirteen those or your formative years of learning the difference between right and wrong and I feel like he never had real grasp on what the difference between doing something for the sake of not doing something wrong or because you've been told your whole life that it's wrong to do and not doing it because you genuinely feel inside that you don't want to do it because you would never want to harm others and you're not the center of the universe and things happen to other people. Besides you and I feel like he's learning that you know about ten years later that everyone else learns it and it really shows in this interview. Yeah it was. Kinda like he was bringing this guy this interviewer through his own. Like therapy sessions kind. 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It's like a million other things but he did talk about her so I want to just get into that so the end of your says what was hurting you at that time and Justin says I think I was just hurt from my previous relationship. I think I was still dealing with a lot of unforgiveness and all that sorta stuff to be honest. I don't think I even knew what I was really struggling with at the time. I don't think I knew I was dealing with. I don't think I knew I was dealing with forgiveness. I was just in a place where I knew. I didn't want to tell her one thing and I felt like she respected me the time and I had a lot of respect for her and I just didn't want to say something and then she'd me off doing some other thing and so either way she loved me and see me with other people hurt and so with that being said she went out and did things that hurt me and so it was just as our and so it was just as hurt. I heard her. She hurt me and then before we really just stop talking at this time. She's talking he's talking about. I was really upset and rather than you know before that and my previous relationship I went off and I just went crazy and went wild and was just being reckless. This time I took the time to really build myself and focus on me and try to make the right decisions and so I got better and she would reach out to people that we knew and check in and she'd be like she she. He's talking off camera now or talking to Haley off camera now and he's like rate here like oh he's doing so well and she'd be so pissed off because she's like he's doing what without me like just normal right and Haley off camera says as much as you WanNa think you're happy for someone. It sucks to hear that they're happy without you suggestions like so sheet here this straight. You hear this and you'd be like what he's doing. Well how is so interesting? Actually literally could talk about that today. I know well because also aside from anything else. That's like the most realistic part of a relationship that ended is like talking to your mutual friends. About how the other person's doing being upset that they're doing fine even though you know they're probably not doing fine and also you want them on a human level because you care about them you want them to be doing fine. You don't want them to be hurting. But the selfish part of you was like wait a second year. Okay without me right. It's like you feel so unneeded we'll also. I think a huge takeaway from this was. I think that we always imagine their relationship. Prior to this as like a casual hook up like there was just nothing to it and I think there's a lot more to what they went through previously than we thought. Yeah I so agree I mean I don't WanNa give away and we'll get into. He's talked about it but he talks about like the first time he knew. Halley was we're going to do. I have to say but I felt I don't know we as we always say if they something terrible happens and they get divorced and let all of the let everybody else be right and it's fine we can easily. We will take full confidence in saying that we were wrong and we thought that this was madly in love Yeah they're not getting divorced but you know what I mean like. I'll take that fall. Yeah fine I don't care I love. This is kind of how we feel about Cardi offset. We'll we'll say there's so many so many way cardi an offset just got put on this earth happen to have exactly their personalities and they weren't meant to fight. Yeah that's how we feel about hilly and just if all hell hell we stand firm that we still thought it. That's how yeah exactly. So this is when he really talks about how you know at this time during torn right before tour. He really got into in touch with his faith and in total honesty. Like neither of us are really very religious. People like we feel rooted in Judaism. But it's not something that we're thinking about daily and he really he you know Gives credits this. As what kind of changed him off his faith and he he makes a really important distinction later on in like. I'm not by any means trying to push this down anyone's throat because I think that's a common misconception. He's like I'm just saying that this helped me if anybody else is in the same boat. Maybe can help you kind of thing right. He talks about it more. You know being religious more of a recovery program than anything else he. He knows that it helped him. Personally pull him out of really dark time. And I think that it's a really important distinction of the way you view religion when it affects you personally versus how you want it to affect other people exactly so and. Zane asks him. He's like listen. You know if you never got in touch with Jesus which really ultimately led to your reconciliation with Haley like. Do you think the person you were then was on a path of self described destruction and he kind of phrased that very carefully. He was choosing his words carefully and Justin Flat. Out was like yeah. I think it's very possible that I wouldn't have been alive. Yeah you said it was really really dark which we learned in the changes Low Yeah because we didn't realize how dark it was. Yeah they did a really. I mean the seasons in seasons. I I don't WanNa say they did a good job of hiding it but they did a professional job of hiding like we knew he was going through stuff obviously been told by his behavior. But I don't think we realized how dark it was and that was the reason that he was going through stuff because I think that we as onlookers have a real tendency to assume that when young celebrities exhibit erotic behavior that it's just part of who they are and they're just like ungrateful little celebrities. Who are running around doing whatever they want. Rather than being like okay. There's something really wrong here. Yeah exactly and also you know when you don't know what's out there and you don't know what the Pasig I my. I wouldn't have been like. Yeah he was waking up and doing lean everyday right. You know what I mean like. My my knowledge of drugs from a personal level is so kind of minimal in the sense of like Lena something that I have never considered. It's ever my deal. I don't know it. Just it's on my I thought. Yeah so he then talks about Growing up in front of the world and Zina saying that the idea of music a lot of times comes from this desire to escape something but then you get out in front of the world and it becomes almost from a place of wanting attention wanting energy wanting fame and we talk with a lot with like your your brain get so accustomed to being onstage in that constant cheering. That when you're you're looking for the next hi. And he says Justin quote. I mean just think about how young. I wasn't so impressionable. And you have everybody telling me how good how awesome. I was at all times. And they said it's taking a kid and putting a kid never full of nothing but sweets and just saying I'll be back in two days stressing those you know I'll see comes and stuff and you know me talking about my issues and my problems and stuff. And they're like Oh man crime river in your Rolls Royce. You know I want people to kind of understand the psychology behind why potentially could have problems in my life. So yeah thank you for being here in new. Tell that story. This was a moment where he thinks he won. The interviewed shifted because he like broke the like. I know this is not the term here. Don't worry we won't get into our argument always I. I don't mean breaking the fourth walks. It was broken to start with but like he talked about the interview within the interview like he was like yeah. This is really cool that I'm getting to explore. Explain this in the way that I am. Well I think he felt really validated by Zane. Saying it because I think that something that's happened to Justin is that he knows his feelings are real and he knows that you know through therapy. That what he felt was real and you know through what Hayley has comforted him what he knows that his feelings and his psychology behind what he felt was real to him but I think to have somebody else who you know is familiar with the industry and familiar with music familiar with other artists to say to him. Like what you feel is real. It's also a lot of other people go through and it's not invalid for you to not feel that way just because you have money or just because you have a career which that's what you and. I talked about all the time with this kind of stuff. It's like there's a really big yes. Money at the very least is a form of comfort and to be able to have it as such a gift. Because you're afforded these luxuries and all of these. You know comforts of life that other people don't happen. I sure there's nothing wrong with being grateful and acknowledging that but having money does not make it like you're immune to having problems and I think that there's often this misconception with celebrity that like what are you possibly have to complain about. You could be the richest person in the entire world. You still go through the same pain of all of these other things that people go through like you still experience death just as intensely as Others. Do you know like it. Doesn't I think some people expected it some coating over your entire life and it just doesn't work like that. I also think Justin is a really interesting case. Study in this because it's not like he's somebody who kind of grinded his whole life and knew what he was getting into and wanted this so badly and it was like he was working for it for years and years and finally got it like he was thirteen years old. When your thirteen and you're posting videos on Youtube and you get discovered one day in your in a meeting with usher the next and you're on a world tour week later like you don't know one sitting there and giving you the tools to say like okay in eight years. Am I going to be happy with this decision? What is this GonNa do to me mentally? You don't you're you don't have the capability the capacity to think that decision through so a lot of artists can say like. I didn't really ask for this. But just and genuinely didn't ask for this just happened and I think he woke up one day and was like this is my life and I'm supposed to be grateful for that and I know and I am grateful but there's also this whole other side of it that I didn't want and now I'm stuck with. Yeah it sounds like the but also these things exist and I don't think I think we're slowly getting away from that culture of making celebrities feel guilty for having or wanting to hide the fact that they have any problems because they have to only put out gratitude. It's like you can be grateful and also be hurting right. It's like a very common. The two can act absolutely coexist. Okay best part of the interest of fucking interview. Suzanne says and by the way. I'm sure you've picked up by now. Haley sitting right there so you see him talk in her off camera and you can tell that she's in the room so Zane says. When did you realize it was time for you to reconnect with Halley? I felt there was a lot of resolution in my life. I'd seen her at an event. I saw a senior with the baby and something just clicked and I was like wow. She's the one I kind of cluttered on my pass and I was able to see really clearly and I just seen her across the room she was holding a baby and I had just seen the nurturing look in her eyes towards this baby and I was like I want the mother of my children to look at a baby the way she was and just the way she was carrying it and I just had seen something so special and I was like I walk that and I knew she could offer that to me. Fuck me up by the way a credit that part can tell you why though. I'm always with the baby like so what I just like the one time. That was only baby. It wasn't with Justin. I was in that room holding a baby with Daffy me when I be fucking off camera guy. Say something what we talk about. All the time with Haley is her maternal tendencies. Well there's a lot of projection there that he that wasn't about him wanting a mother of his child that's about him wanting someone to be maternal towards him but do we not always talk about the way that she is with kids like. It's not like any girl holding a baby that is a really mature even if it was a projection and even if it was him doing it for his own sake subconsciously without even realizing it for twenty three twenty four year old man or boy honestly to recognize that that is equality in somebody that he wants. A wife is a really mature standpoint. It is especially for Justin who's maturity I think is sometimes very mixed and sometimes he does act a little bit more mature and sometimes you act a lot less mature than you would expect him to for him to look at Haley. No one moment. Because she's holding a baby and he can see a nurturing looking her. That is a huge huge thing for him. Yeah and no. I totally agree with you. And I think that you're I mean you're obviously totally right about the projection thing. But it's both like which will get into a little bit later. His upbringing and how at times he really didn't feel like his parental figures were nurturing. The way he wants to be towards his kids totally that was there so I think he's longing for it himself but also you know he wants to have kids. He wants to have kids young. It's something he's spoken about constantly so I think that those are qualities he's going to look for in a partner. Yeah totally was good one. So they're talking about the proposal. Zane asks him if he was nervous before he popped the question. He said that you know he goes. I was in. My parents. Were never married so I never really got to see what that looked like. And he said he was unsure if he could do it and he felt like it was God saying that he's GonNa show him how he can do. It and I didn't realize that his parents were never married. They were just divorced early on. They were together Like in the beginning when they first had them and then they broke up when he was very I think when he was like one. Maybe I remember that I. Let's just this wasn't in the interview but we did a little bit of additional research because I felt like it was important to bring some context here. So you know. He talks a little bit about his relationship with his parents. And saying that you know his dad's married he's doing a great job and Zane asks if he feels like he can sit down with his parents and have a conversation where he's really open with them and Justin says that he's in the process of getting there but right now all he wants for them is to play the role in his life. His Mom and Dad. Let's go. I feel like it's important to just give a little background on his parents so his parents they had him. His Dad was nineteen and his mom was eighteen and his mom wrote a book where she kind of outlines a lot of these struggles that she had in her life and she says that her childhood was dominated by sexual abuse and violence and she was. I molested around each three and from everyone who was a male babysitter the grandfather of one of her friends and some of the neighborhood kids and she talks about this abuse happening from the time she was three until she was fourteen followed by incident of date rape at age. Fifteen she says quote. I was sexually violated so many times that as the years went by began to feel normal. It's a strange marriage. Knowing something is wrong at the same time. Finding it familiar commonplace. Took a really powerful statement. Yeah like we're going through all this because Justin alluded to it but he didn't say specifics about like the struggles at his parents have had in their lives. And why potentially they why they're parenting. I guess suffered as a result of some of the unresolved trauma. I guess is part of the reason right and she talks in her book about beginning to use drugs at fourteen alcohol. We'd LSD talking about shoplifting. She vandalized school property by starting a fire in a bathroom and suspended from school and when she was fifteen years old that's when she started a relationship with his dad. Jeremy and it lasted for four years. She I mean she left home when she was sixteen at Seventeen. She attempted suicide by throwing herself in front of the truck which led to she had to do a stint in a mental facility. And that was the time where she really became in touch with her. Faith Right that's when she credits like becoming a Christian right. She really like. Yeah so after her release from this Mental Hospital. She rekindled friendships. That kind of weren't didn't help her in becoming faithful and this when she reconnected with Jeremy so six months later she became pregnant and she gave birth adjusted in March First Nineteen Ninety four in Ontario one month. Four hundred nineteen th birthday so they were you know hip. His Mom and dad were friendly but they were not dating after this. They were never together throughout his life right. Yeah it's interesting because we were talking about the relationship that he has with mom and the way he talks about her now versus the way he talked about her in previous interviews. And if you remember from like the never say never days and a little bit earlier. Justin wanting to interview without. Bring up his mom. He wrote a song about her. He talked about you. Know How she was this amazing single mom and of course. That's still true. This amazing single mom who was such a power in his life in such a force in his life and really helped him navigate and really credit so much of his childhood to her and so much of the person that he is to her and her strain but when he talks about her. Now it's very interesting. He doesn't say a whole lot and he doesn't allude to positive things not that he's saying negative things about her but he talks about a lot of dysfunction a lot of Not Feeling maybe secure in his home and what we were saying we were talking about this earlier was that it sounds like you know from all this healing. That he's done from what he went through. That a lot of stuff about his childhood probably came out in therapy and it feels like he's dealing with that now and sounds like there's this air of resentment there or something along those lines and just feels different. The way he talks about her yeah. I don't even know if it's resentment as much as it is clarity like I think for so long. That's his normal right. Like he didn't know any different and then when he took a step back and started to actually analyze what went on and maybe a therapist could put it into words. Like No. That isn't that isn't actually like normal. And these are things that could have been done differently and protect. Potentially things like this. He started to realize that but also recognizing with alcohol. You can only do as good of a job as you can do like. There's no doubt that his parents were trying to be the best parents that they physically could but the reality of it was that his mama to really hard life Yes so she edition. Now is raising a kid on our own. It's not easy. And I think he recognizes that and I feel like a lot of what he went through. He attributes to not having structure when he was growing up like he talks about. You know the that stage where he was you know really abusing drugs and a lot of erotic behavior and he says you know I didn't grow up with structure the way normal kids. I didn't grow up with household away. A lot of other kids did and it really affects me later and I feel like there's a lot of blame on his childhood now for what happened. Yeah which I think we're going to get into in a second but He didn't say this. Okay so do nothing that I'm saying this but he did talk a little bit about the trust and how he is places trusting people to easily and he made it sound as if there have been some because he said it as a business owner there there have been some financial decisions that were made at the best interest of other people. He didn't say his parents but he yet without saying it and it was a little. We'll get into that but I just. I think that's where we're about to go but I just wanted to say that I recognize that Just catch you up. His Dad has two kids with his previous girlfriend. Aaron Wagner and he has also a kid with his new wife Chelsea be so. Justin has three half siblings. But he's the only one of his mom's children and the only one from both of them also helps parents obviously her dad's Stephen Baldwin Mary to Kenya Baldwin. They met in nineteen eighty-seven they were married in one thousand nine hundred and they have two daughters ally in Halle. They're still together. Yes which just continues to say what we always talk about about. How different brains work. Yeah we saw a lot in that. Season's thing where they went to his hometown. But it's just it's so different. Yeah we owe question to ask you guys doing what we do. If you haven't tried Bud Light Seltzer. What are you waiting for? I don't really know first off. We tried these and I was a fan of the lemon lime. Strawberry usually was a fan of the strawberry. They have lemon lime mango black cherry strawberry. It's very refreshing and very delicious. Yes it's also one hundred calories and less than one gram of sugar. It tastes great. It's like the kind of thing where I could so easily have this do. It's like a very nice accompaniment. I guess is the word that I'm looking for that. Yes we're scrolling through comments. Were watching the orchards. Like whatever it is. I was happy to have it sitting next. Maybe during keeping up with the Kardashians yes Julie. Yes I love and you paint a picture for me. Take a bud. Light Seltzer Variety. Pack and find your favorite flavor. So he's talking about kind of navigating trust and how he has issues with trusting people but that there are times that he's almost too trusting and he said he's been taken advantage of he's working on navigating off at quote. I'm just trying to figure out how to navigate being married a frigging married now and I got the best wife in the world and supports me through so much. I'm really honored to be your husband. I love that line listener madly in love. I don't care what anybody says. No Da da Right. Yes so Zane then asks him about how he knew he wanted to make music again and we saw this in the in season. Yeah it was. I thing we said this couple of weeks ago but it was when he was on stage with Arianna Grandes Coachella. And everybody's reacted to him. Being on stage and him feeling so comfortable and so alive and it being such a positive experience as opposed to the negative kind of like almost like obligatory way that he felt in two thousand seventeen is like that's when he felt reinvigorated right and there was a lot of validation from being on the stage and I think he had this fear of when he went through this this stage previously that everyone hated him and then no one wanted to see him onstage again and when he got back onstage and saw the reception that he got he realized that you know there was that fear element but he could do it and it's very similar to and Kevlar referencing this. It's very similar to win Taylor Swift Hawk zone. The documentary where she was like I went away for a year because I thought everyone hated me and I thought that's what they wanted. It's a very similar thing and he and you know we never talk about what this that's really interesting is that when he was on stage at Coachella he says album coming soon. And it's only now that I'm rausing. Douse A SPLIT. Second decisions yet. That announcement because didn't think about it before he got on that stage and he got that feeling back and I'm ready to do this again. That happened in literally a moment. And that's what Alison says like when he got off stage. That's what I knew. He was serious fucking around this time. Right Alison says like he got off stage and he was like okay. Sign me up for vocal. Coaching signed me up for this class. Signed me up for this training. And she was like when I knew he was willing to put in the work. That's why I knew he was willing to do it. Yeah I want you to talk about this moment. He Zane asks him about the special moment that he came face to face with. Billy Irish who is very clearly dealing with this exact same thing. It's a public explosion of success in theme and then asks what was going through his mind when he saw her standing there. And it's really interesting because if you so if you see the video. There's this moment when they both recognize each other and billy talks about this. She said in her Carpool Karaoke. Where she's like. I would know the outline of his body anywhere and billy grew up. The biggest Justin Bieber fan posters all over her room. She was the original like she was like US growing up. She was a Justin Bieber. Die Hard Fan like you may not sorry for a little while. I can leave your mom but I know I can't believe it either. Yeah Anyway. So there's this moment where they both see each other and they both just stop and they're staring at each other neither of them move towards each other and Zane asked him what was going through your head at that moment and he just says I just wanted to protect that moment which was so interesting because the way he was talking about it was like you. Don't get a do over at meeting your hero. And that's how he perceived that moment that this was a really important moment in life that she was finally meeting him and he was like. I wanted to protect that moment as much as possible. Because you don't get to do that again. I was blown away by his level of being present in that moment me too. I was blown away like he was talking about this. In retrospect is not like he was saying I now recognize. How BIG OF A DEAL? That was he was saying when he was standing there he recognized the magnitude of that moment and he was doing everything in his power to make sure that it was like as as like sanctify kind of as special for her as the and this is when he starts getting emotional and he's talking about first of all. We says about Kobe. And he's like I just realized. Like especially in retrospect with the whole Kobe situation. Is that like you? Don't get moments ago like they're they're very fleeting and you have one chance at things and you really have to take advantage of those moments and she. He says he just like he wanted to be a good example for Billy Zane asks him. Do you feel protective over her. And he says yes. Yeah definitely feel protective of her. It was hard for me being that young and being in the industry and not knowing where to turn everyone telling me they love me and just turning their back on even a second so yeah. It's hard because I want her to know that she can count on me but at the end of the day I don't want to. I'm never going to force myself to be in a relationship with her. It has natural right so I kinda just let her do her own thing and if she ever needs me. I'm going to be here for her very much. Crime by the way when he's saying this he goes but yeah just protecting those moments because people take for granted encounters so yeah. I just want to protect her. I don't want her to lose it. I don't want her to go through anything I went through. I don't wish upon anybody. So yeah if she ever needs me. I'm just to callaway so he's really crying here. And I think this is another moment of a lot of projection where a lot of people were like. I saw a lot of people commenting on billy's post because she had instagram. This part of the interview and a lot of people commenting and thought it was a little weird that he was crying about her. And all these things and I think that it was so you know she was a stand in for what he was. Feeling exactly didn't have that person and that's not to say you didn't have people in the industry that we're guiding him but I think that he felt a severe lack of yet scooter. Scooter is not a musician. Scooter doesn't know what it's like to get that dopamine high from being on stage and presenting and having every single person tell you they love you and I think that he felt like he had one other person that could have helped him navigate that then maybe things would have been different and you could tell that he wants to do that for billy so badly not just because she was a fan of his but because he feels like because she was a fan of that gives him the opportunity that gives him in that the that gives them the ability to say. Like if you need me I am right here for you because I never want you to go through what I went through and I think also with billy I think it's the closest thing that he to him to his career that and we've seen in an artist where there so young and so- impressionable and their fan base has grown so massively overnight that I think he sees just so much of himself and billy and it's almost like I wish I could have protected myself and it's too late but I can do it for her exactly. He wants to be to her the person that he never had like. He's thinking of himself at that time. Being like what would I need someone like me right now for for you know what I mean? And he wants to be that person that he never had. That's how I feel. It's really beautiful. How emotional he got in that moment. Yeah people are so because they don't understand they're like oh it's weird that he's crying. Billy I know he's get he's emotional reflecting on the fact that like she's experiencing something very similar to the fact to what he did and he knows how badly it fucked up and you know how badly it fucked him up and he so badly number. One doesn't want that to happen to a number to like is remembering that time I think also when you have someone like Billy Isla. She was such a fan of his. It almost seems at times like she wants to follow in his footsteps and I think he's very wary of that. Yeah so while. He's getting really emotional. Zane kind of reminds him about. It's more than just making music being open like this is what is so necessary for changing. Justin says I'm not thinking about anything other than being president this interview with you. That's it we got right now and we've got a story to tell either we're going to be here and we're going to be authentic and honest and real or we're GonNa Bullshit and just done that for years and it's exhausting and like that line. I I could imagine how exhausting that Mustang. Yeah and that's why now we see him so real he's either going to do it and be real or I'm just not going to do it. Which is so great right. We did see him bullshit for so many years. Yeah and he says like he. He just commend. This interviews filled with a lot of mutual respect like Zane plays equal part because Justin is very complimentary towards him because he feels honored that he's giving him the opportunity to share right. You know So he says he just like kind of thanks him for giving him this space and then ask the question that we obviously were really happy. He has how he feels about starting a family because he didn't ask that out of nowhere he asked. Because there's baby sounds on the record. And he says that like especially coming from a family that was unorthodox he wants to start a family in due time but right now he just wants to enjoy being married and that it's definitely an step. Oh I thought of him. 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Be On tour with us. That aren't making as much money and you know. He wants to make sure that all those people are heard and listened to and their inputs are valued and I really. There were two parts of this. I thought were interesting. One was I really liked that. He was talking about putting so much thought into making it a positive work environment for his entire team. And how like all tours start out as starting on his great and they kind of go to ship because of the negativity that comes up right. He wanted to make a conscious effort to not. But the part about the monetary thing. I was like wait just to clarify. It's all you need this tour to arrive. Good life now. It's not like he needs it and I think that I thought okay. So here's what I think. I think that Justin then had to go through a whole change where he really reorganized his priorities. So right now instead of his priorities being fame and money and you know fans he is now rewired his brain so that he knows his priorities are Haley and family and God and being a leader. Yeah and I think that in order to understand when those are your main priorities you have to make everything else. Fit that mold. So if you're going on tour it's like okay. What am I doing this for if my priorities are Haley and my family first and foremost than what is the point of this tour and say? Okay I now know. There's a monetary side of this and I can provide a really really nice life for my family. I think that on some level he understands that he could have done that regardless of this tour. But it's an extra incentive for him an extra way for him to understand what his priorities. Yeah no it's so you're so right. It was almost like he was explaining to himself. Yeah he was rationalizing with himself in a way. Does that make sense? Yes and then the interview you know. We're we're kind of at the end. But he basically Zane asks him now that he's maturing and growing with fans what is all of this mean to him and he said that it was younger. It was confusing when he was younger. Because you're like. Oh that person loves me like you don't fully understand the concept of being such a star right isn't that we gotta dating was really interesting. He's doing of course. Suzanne says you're going. Let you read greetings. At Hammond. Pacify seeing goes also? You're coming from a place where you're again getting back to your family which is where it all begins. We start our journey somewhere with some people and we don't ask for that they're doing the best they can. And you have to process that information and move forward and when you're faced with this adoration this love but you're not quite sure what love is. Which by the way. That's what we always say. You can't choose your family right. You know okay. This is a long time he goes there you go. That's big what we're touching on his big. I don't think people know how big this is. I mean what is love? Love is patient? Love is kind. Love doesn't envy. Love doesn't boast love is and self-seeking love is an arrogant straight out of the fucking Bible. I loves what Haley and I are doing every day waking up in the morning and making this decision to you know we've all these things. Everyone has selfish desires. Everybody has bad thoughts. And just pushing those aside. And saying I'm not going to indulge in that because I have something you give me something that I want more than those things. I wasn't acknowledging them before I was pretending they weren't there. And he knows comes with that self righteousness look at me. Look how good I'm doing because I'm not doing those things. It's the epitome of what I hate but it's something that started doing because I'm like well I'm saying no to all this other garbage and doing the right thing so look at me. I'm a good guy and then people are like what who. Who are you to say? You know what I mean. It's like we're not really good at the end of the day as a core. I don't believe that humans are good and people might twist this and make it seem like I'm saying humanity is not good. I don't know I just feel like at the core fight everyday. Temptation and things that are instinctive. Whatever it is Li- be greedy all these things that just naturally come. I gotTA fight to not be that. Maybe that's my unique thing. Maybe that's me personally. Not because that way and I just accept that and I just know that that's not who I am because humanity. It's just come to a place of being really you know it's broken. I mean just look around. I mean the pain. That's just. He really gets kind of FIDGETY. In this part was really. Did you have the same thought that I did here? Okay so this is really important first of all going back for one single against him. Being so fidgety. The part that he says that humanity isn't good that he doesn't believe before good. That's a really interesting point that like I feel like first of all. That's a lot of Christianity. And they're like the idea of original sin and you know you start out as bad and you fight you know urges and come good. I just felt like it. His view of Humanity. And how emotional he got about. The world is really talent. It was fucking fascinating. Yeah but also okay so this party gets really anxious and he starts playing with the Styrofoam Cope Cop and you notice. Haley comes in and brings him a full cup of water to me. That was so like Haley. Exactly anticipating what he needed because her bringing a cup of water had absolutely nothing to do with him needing water. It had to do with her recognizing he was getting anxious and fidgeting fidgety and if he had a full cup of water and his hand he wouldn't be able to move that. Styrofoam Cup. Like that. You will if you listen if you're watching the interview here like the. Cyber Cup thing couldn't have gone on for more than probably thirty seconds. It was a very annoying. It was very dry. I'm sure production was freaking the fuck out. But they kept it in because it was so necessary. It was like one of those things. We're watching. It was so important right like you really needed the visual the whole situation and for her to come in bring the full cup of water and for him to say like thanks. I appreciate you. It was it was really a moment I loved that moment. Those are really key part of the interview. I completely agree. She knew she pinpointed. Yeah he was like I know exactly what his triggers are and what his actions are in what he does when he gets anxious and I know how to stop it right now. Let's listen if you're if you're a critic you're GonNa say you don't think production was sitting in the back with our like. Get Him. A couple of water. We can't have this on on the sound. Yeah I'm sure that was going through their minds. What we're saying is that we think she innately knew right. You know what I might do. It was it was not great from sound quality level obsolete somebody else could have brought down from somebody brought for him in the beginning of the show is exactly exactly so. I. I completely agree with you. That was very telling but also like he was really. He was really fucking honest. You're saying that he fights his temptations every single day and I think people don't really admit that they don't it's kind of like I'm just this new person now. It's interesting to. It's interesting to hear him say that him fighting temptation means that he's a bad person at the core or that he believes the people are bad at the core rather than like people are good with bad things mixed in. Yeah it was very very telling about the way he views himself. That's what it is more than anything else he said. Maybe this is just unique to me. Right he really is like this. He works really fucking hard. Yeah is what it is to be what he considers to be like quote good. Well I think that you can tell that he's not anything on this industry. You can tell it. He's not on the other side of Ono. No he is so in it but I think that he wants you to know that he does. He literally says I'm in the I'm being as president is one possibly be here. He is this is. Why going back on Justin Bieber's life and like thirty years. We're looking back at a at a glance. It's going to be really you. It's so rare that we get like most celebrities. Do It on the other side. He's fully in it. Yeah you know no. He's not in it as as he was during the drugs phase but this is a totally other level of different. Because you see it. You're right because you see during you know a quote breakdown and then I'm okay and you don't see that in between and he is showing you the inbetween. You don't usually see artists working on themselves or celebrities working on themselves in showing you like. I'm not one hundred percent there yet but I'm way better than I was. Yeah you typically see when they're like on the full other side and I think that this is what brings draws people to him or to anybody or you see them when they're not on the father's side but they do everything in their power to lead you to believe. Yeah Yeah I'm trying. To think of an example then is not Daniela motto. Yeah but she she was by yes she she felt like she was on the other side of it but she talks about her documentary. And I don't know if you've seen it. She talks about things that she did while she was still using and she says like I made the entire world thinks that I was clean. Every time I went out did an interview every time I was on stage. I tricked everyone into believing that I was fine. And she was like in part thought. I was fine. Yeah ex yeah. He's not he really doesn't want to do that because he did it for so long. Yeah yeah so it. Kind of conflict concludes with Zane. Asking him where he would want to be at the end of this decade since the last decade kind of felt so out of control that he's worked so hard to get the control back and just and says quote. I just feel like there's so much to look forward to. I'm really excited. Emotional thinking about it and he looks at Haley. He's like I'm excited to have babies with you fucking chills and I'm excited to enjoy and just celebrate all the amazing things that we've been given because we are blessed babe we talk about it all the time. We just have a thing. Rita say we're so blessed we are man there's so much pain in the world and we don't understand why there's so many things that are so unexplainable but what is the reality. We are blessed and it's hard that dichotomy of like how can we mourn the loss of someone and accept that we are still blessed? I think that's a really hard thing to discover but I think when you get there. It's a beautiful place to be. I LOVE TOUCH DOT com. Yeah I truly I mean it was. Listen my feeling on this interview was it wasn't profound. It's not like he's sitting here saying all these profound statements but what it was was real it was really really vulnerable and I enjoyed it so thoroughly. I thought it was the best insight to him that we've got an even more honestly even more than seasons. Yeah because it was. It was one flowing conversation right. He wasn't it was totally different. Yes seasons was like also seasons was so much about the album for an interview that is promoting an album. It was a very small portion of a very larger conversation which is exactly what he wanted. I think what Zane wanted and what I wanted but we all want. I can't get over him saying that the moment he knew he wanted to marry when he saw her playing with. The baby is beyond me. No I mean when he when he said I want to have babies with you and looks her in the eyes and says we don't get that from. We don't get that from celebrities. I'm sorry we just don't get that as much like even I don't even see even Jonasson Sophie. Turner really are expecting their kid. I don't know an interview for Joe. Jonas is GonNa look at Sophie. Turner and say I want to him so excited to have babies with you. I just it doesn't happen as much. I don't know I feel like we also very rarely see someone like Justin so vulnerable and not just justin most honestly most men in interviews To be that vulnerable was a huge step and they talk about that a lot. How like how you know it helps and I think just in really feels that way. It's not just like he's helping. Billy Ocean is not just helping other artists. They think that he feels that if he's sitting here being sold on vulnerable and talking about what he's going through then it's anybody can do that and he says he's like if Justin can sit here and be so open and vulnerable than I can too. Yeah I think that at the core of it even though if he may not agree. I think at the corporate. He's a really good person and I think he went through a lot and is going through a lot but I really commend him for working on himself and allowing us the privilege of being on it because quite frankly we don't deserve we don't need it and it's not only is a great content also fascinating. I think he's I think that that's a huge part. Is I think that he has to be able to see himself as a good person because I think that somebody with a bad at their core. You don't bother working on your if you're truly bad at your core. It doesn't matter you don't work towards being better for yourself and you don't work towards being better for other people especially and I think there's a huge level of self awareness that we see in him in this interview that we've never seen before from him because I don't think he had it before. Yeah I so agree anyway. We really had the time of our lives watching this. Thank you for doing it. Thank you for doing it. Thank you everybody on Scooters Team. Thank you whoever imagine being a baby. Yeah thank you for that tectonic literally. I was the baby that got Justin Haley back together. Yes I was listening to find out who was from many Alex. Maybe that could be. I have to know yeah anyway that was just I had. I had the best time. So if you WANNA watch a great if not we basically just told you might be pointless pointless now definitely just watch just to see his mannerisms like even if you just take one clip. 'cause you'll see what we mean But anyway we love you guys. We'll see you next week for our regular episode. And I think there's by the time this airs. They'll be like a day left to vote for us for the short awards. Shortly words DOT com slash comments by peaks. Three seconds. It would mean the world's boss and four on us. Listen IF FEELING GENEROUS. A five star rating interview would be amazing and We love you guys we'll see.

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