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"justin woolverton" Discussed on Business Wars

"Honeybees do the honey bee come on to the honeybee do the honey Haagen dazs wanted its campaign to reach 100 million pairs of eyes in a year. It hits that target in two weeks. The buzz lifts Haagen dazs sales, 8%. But back at Ben and Jerry's, troubles brewing. March 2009, London. In an upscale restaurant, Ben and Jerry's cofounders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are dining with Unilever's new CEO, Paul Holman. Ben Diggs a letter out of his jacket. It's a copy of an ultimatum that Ben and Jerry's independent board sent to Unilever's top people a few months earlier. Its message is blunt. Unilever either meets its obligations to Ben and Jerry's. Where the board sues. Ben starts reading out the board's list of demands. Pay employees outside Vermont a living wage. Restore the independence of the brand's CEO. Keep making ice cream at the Waterbury plant in Vermont. Pullman interjects. The Waterbury plan was dropped the moment the board objected. It was only an ID. I still don't know why the mere suggestion of turning the plant into a Ben and Jerry's visitor attraction upset the board so much. Jerry responds. It's about Unilever's pattern of behavior. It shouldn't be a surprise that the board saw it as just another cost cutting move. Ben resumes reading out demands. Reinstate auditing of the brand's social impact, reverse the cuts to product quality. Ben, I want these things addressed, okay? This ideology where businesses just about maximizing shareholder value has gone too far. It's insane. Our cofounder William lever made his company the leading example of responsible capitalism in his day. I want Unilever to be that example again. To do that, I need Ben and Jerry's. No other Unilever brand knows how to do it. Ben and Jerry's couldn't show all of our brands the way. Holman sounds genuine. But Ben and Jerry have heard similar promises from Unilever before. Ben points at Pullman. Bottom line is, if Unilever doesn't meet the terms of the sale, Jerry and I won't be staying quiet about what's happening. Let's try to resolve this together first. I'll write a public bust up would hurt the brand and the people that work for it. And I don't think any of us want that. I promise we will make it right. In the months that follow. The winds of change blow through Ben and Jerry's. Flavors are restored to their original more expensive specifications. And workers outside Vermont get a living wage. Unilever managers and the independent board agree to a 5 year plan to re radicalize Ben and Jerry's. The plan includes removing genetically modified foods from its products, and only using suppliers who meet its social and environmental standards. And in September 2009, the brand marks the introduction of same sex marriage in Vermont by temporarily renaming its chubby hubby flavor, hubby hubby. After ten years, coasting on past glories, Ben and Jerry's is once more setting the pace for companies that want to profit and change the world. And the rest of Unilever is starting to follow its example. But as Ben and Jerry's rediscovers its mojo, a Hollywood hopeful, is about to churn up the super premium scene. We get support from our crowd. Every day, all around the world, tech companies are innovating and driving returns for investors. Our crowd analyzes companies across the global private market, selecting those with the greatest growth potential, and then they bring them to you. From personalized medicine to cybersecurity, to robotics, quantum computing, and more in state of the art lab startup garages and everywhere in between. Our crowd is identifying innovators, so you can invest when growth potential is greatest. Early. Our crowds are credited investors have already invested over $1 billion in growing tech companies, and many of their members have benefited from the 46 IPOs or sale exits of their investments. Now, you can truly diversify your portfolio by investing early in innovative private market companies. At our crowd, join the fastest growing venture capital investment community at our crowd dot com slash BW. That's our crowd dot com slash BW. We all know that feeling when you just can't get motivated to work out, right? Maybe it's hard to find the time or the workout class gets filled up before you even find out that there's a list posted. Well, that's where peloton comes in because peloton works with your schedule, whether you have 5 minutes or an hour. I love taking classes on the peloton app whenever I can. I can go to a friend's house, bring it up on the screen and their living room, and we can do a workout on the spot. Right now is the perfect time to try out peloton. The peloton bike plus is now $500 less. That's its best price yet, including free delivery and setup, and there are more game changing prices available on the original peloton bike in peloton tread, visit one peloton dot com to learn more. 2013, an indoor basketball court in Los Angeles. Justin woolverton signals for a time out and heads off court. He's a health obsessed 34 year old lawyer with pompadour hair. He flops onto the bench next to his work colleague Doug Bhutan. That was a workout. Bhutan turns to woolverton as a serious look on his boyish face. I have news. I'm done being a lawyer. I hate it. And I'm quitting. Woolverton jerks upright. He's not surprised. He's excited. What are you doing next? And not sure. You could be my business partner. What? Wait, wait, you've got a business? Yeah. I make a low calorie ice cream called halo top. I've got a contract manufacturer producing it and a few stores in Hollywood or stocking it. You? You make ice cream? Wow. I thought you and sugar were like Superman and kryptonite. That's why I made it. I got fed up with eating a whole pint of some thousand calorie ice cream and then hating myself for it. I wanted ice cream without all the guilt. Each pint is less than 300 calories, but it tastes great. Bhutan looks doubtful. He's tried low calorie ice cream before. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, but it's true. Halo top really does taste good. Because I replaced the sugar with this super.

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