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120519 Part 1

Ace and TJ

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120519 Part 1

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Today today enter to win with the new. AC TJ radio family. Mondays download our APP to enter and each week will pick one random name and read it on the air sometime after seven forty five. Am Eastern if you hear your name. You'll have fifteen minutes to call in to eight eight eight four one. Eight T J radio family we've got some goody. Two shoes didn't want to answer the question or played the hypothetical game aim of. How much should sas his boyfriends spend on her? After four months of dating for Christmas Sh- inputted dollar amount on. Okay okay. We get that we know that there are there are people. Don't believe in that sort of thing and SAS doesn't believe in that I want to make that the the most clear she's she's not asking this just a hypothetical I was asking because curious if Because there are women who do judge that sort of thing the type of women women. That's that you know. Make these dating rules for themselves. Like how many official dates you go on before you make the relations. I mean that's adorable. It looks like the answer here is between fifty and one hundred dollars. Some have said one fifty absolute Max but around one hundred dollars a lot of people say fifty bucks but most people are saying somewhere between fifty and one hundred dollars although one guy said less than one hundred dollars dollars no label no real gift if you want if somebody said how after four months have you not decided whether or not your boyfriend or girlfriend girlfriend yet to move to the next step Michael Business we did. Ask them to participate to. Why don't you ask him says about how much to spend on me? No Oh why why. There aren't any labels. Yeah it was actually my decision not to label us because he actually asked if I wanted to be exclusive right Last month so it was kind of up to me. Let's Take a little slow. Yeah okay it seems between fifty and one hundred dollars is is what everybody saying now. Here's a here's an the answer. I think you're gonNA like better than any of the others came in. This is the lady Called Katie and she said my seven year old son just said on SAS. I've seen her instagram. She's really pretty. I'd spend all my tooth fairy money on her all. My Gosh which is about the same that wheel is going to be spending on research. Chuck just melted my heart. That's door so cute. How sweet is that Katie? Gosh I saw her instagram. She's pretty fine. She's like an eight who you learn something. Yeah so here's what I don't understand in these are these are technicalities. I think that come with things and I don't get it. Do you date other people now. Would you go out with another person. If he went out with another person. Would you not want to see him. Many more yes within. Why were you not say we're exclusive? It's Matz Malibu. I friend because when he asked I had a feeling deep down that he was saying seeing other people I know he's not trying to be very careful and say wait. Wait wait wait at a river so I'd rather get my heart broken with. That's it's not dating dating and then get my harper and so at the at the time you're accepting of the fact he's probably dating otherwise. I think the worst every situation you were okay with the fact that he was dating other women. You just didn't use for still wanted to be by any means but deep down thought the worst was happening very very safe and locked in Rye grass but either way is going to crush you. Yeah exactly and and Y'all are exclusive with each other. Yeah so what difference does it make at this point though whether or not you say. That's my little boy from Mullah Boyfriend thank you think he's going to jinx. Does it change things when she say boyfriend. Yeah I really do. Because he said he loves you know okay But he has is thrown out some comments. Like I'm GonNa hear you things like that way in the throes nothing winded. He say that like when you when he said he'd take care of my dog. Real good and real free. No I think I'm Mary. You fast naked funny. This is the TJ show. Good morning no fugitives today outside the building which is a positive note. No text message that hey watch for the for the fugitive aged running from the law. I wondered the building I wondered. Did they catch that. Fugitive in that man hunt yesterday. Was it yesterday. There was a manhunt. Yeah Yeah we don't know if he's still out there we don't i. Don't I know whether he got caught or not. You Know Rob last. We heard he got away from the area though we were Luebbe. What it's worth that was the last update? Yeah okay because I watched the the local news last night and didn't see anything about no. I didn't don't they always return to the scene in the crime though. Isn't that the kind of the deal. I don't think I really holds true through. So we're not the scene of the crime. At least specifically here valid point Ronn though there is no helicopter Coptic looking for the murder. there is a Guy George along the same lines riggins Who was supposed to work Thanksgiving Day to steak and shake and Oakwood Georgia which is about fifty miles north east of Atlanta? But he called and said he couldn't work because he was too drunk to make it in he but he made the mistake of showing later. Rob The place yeah I like a steak and shake. He came back at ten PM. He walked in. He missed his day. Shift showed up at ten o'clock at night with a gun held it to a CO workers head and demanded the money out of the cash register. apparently there were it was full of people because nine one got or they Scott multiple phone calls from people in the store in the place eating a hamburger. ooh Call somebody raise here. Robin the place. I saw him running from the building when they ordered him to drop the gun he raised it at them for a second skin but when they pull their own with his downs wonder why people don't really combined stake in and shakes on a good basis. You know what I mean like a like a fine steakhouse who were you would get a milkshake with with your meal instead of Yeah if you go to Morton's things are capital grill or you know one of those types play types of places. Ruth's Chris and get a shake with your fillet. I I'll have the filet Oskar in Vanilla shake or even can you. Can you get the shot. If I go to the palm could have a wonderful steak dinner the average you know what I'll have the chocolate shake I think some of them do have your may desert type shake. I don't know if they do at the palm but I'm joey avert vert are the palm could would probably get him to hook you up gorge myself so much by then Is there right before we get off the steak and shake thing Just a slight recommendation. Come and get the get the bowl of Chili and grilled cheese and use the grilled cheese to skip the from second-ranked rescued that night. Because you know I'm Asaka stopping will stop anything else. Steak and shake chilly with grilled cheese. It grow Chan that like chocolate. Shake or whatever. Yeah and didn't use the grilled cheese dip the chilly. Oh that sounds. Delicious is the grilled cheese on Texas. Toast ooh ooh holiday drunk because it's opened super late Get it when you draw. We'll go over to del friscos and see if I can be the grilled cheese steak chilli the cave me rather than having fine dining. You're holding up a chilly league over the table with necessarily ask different than we. We had an employee one time on the show We had given away a prize to listeners. Who had won a dinner out with the ace and Tj show at Del friscos find? Steakhouse I mean this is a really really fancy upscale place And the employees ask for the surf and turf lobster Fillet Surfin Turf. And they said well sir. We're not really doing that because we had a set menu kind of thing. You know how you'll do. But there was steak filet the whole thing on the menu but not not a not a servant of and he goes okay well then can just get a fillet and then mm-hmm instead of the surf and turf guy in a lobster on the side kind of the same thing. They usually really do it for me. Yeah well you're you're you usually paying because you're not here simmer down a little bit alarmed. Strong aside entrees. Sit Down and shut up but you know. I think. I think that if you could get a fancy grilled cheese with a fancy Chili you could. You could do that. Whole thing? Oregon grilled cheese at a fine restaurant with bacon an and tomato on it. Maybe grilled Pimento Cheese Tomato and Bacon with a with a ground sirloin in Chile. And maybe rather than than pick up the grilled cheese dip it. You could just cut off pieces at a time. Use your four to classier now because that's way class class year if that's me I'm ordering The flaming good Nog and imported the chilly over the top of it there in TJ going on today on the as in Tj but in delicious audio. What well first off? We're only throwback Thursday audio thrown back one year. Get ready but the third blast in the greatest Christmas song ever and not for Mariah Carey. Plus what happens when somebody confronts A Lady McDonald's and says your kids are being too loud and a little well. Somebody gets followed to the parking lot. That's what audio next Alexa Serey. Hey Google we're voice ready on all devices just say play. TJ In here our show live or on-demand stay connected funny on the Ason TJ APP available at I tunes into Google. Oh play TJ coming up hey TJ. 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McDonald's you know it's gotTa be good. Here's what happened later confronts parented. McDonald's tell the kids were screaming and playing the bathroom shockingly. The parents didn't take that will so the mother began recording and follow the woman outside so she's followed her now outside of McDonald's recording the entire thing. It's not okay it is okay. It's not okay for kids to spend so loud that the people along the complete other side of the rare happy. Not why are you upset. The kids are happy. It's not it. Yeah that is just trying to enjoy the restaurant to not the symbol in inside is right restaurants for everyone. So you're trying to make a gesture you you're trying to make it it just for you and to everyone else has anyone. I'm trying to make it for everyone. I'm leaving so your kids to be happy. Thank you bye-bye then you know. WHO's right that lady WHO's leaving? Yeah I mean it's a McDonald's kids get a little bit lower but if they're screaming like that and it's bothering everybody your kids can be happy. Be Mine Hey. Don't don't be so loud. Dial it back almost cost doc or maybe The kids the I mean the woman who was upset by the kids screaming. You know I'm Fight fire with fire type person. Maybe she was just gone over there next to their table or wherever they were and you start screaming at the top of the loan and get other people to join and get the rest of the people who were Bothered by it. In the restaurants everybody starts starts screaming dumb and dumber the world. Sometimes you have to show people what they sounded look like well last year at this time one of the greatest Christmas songs ever ever was released. It is today's throwback Thursday audio it is not your typical holiday classic. It's not a Mariah Carey remix. It's an original apiece created by the king across look John which I completely forgot about it to rid the brought in this morning all I really want for Christmas the home they sir That reminds me of another song that he did this complete opposite attitude of that when you mentioned where some cameras police though it is the acing. TJ She'll kill here's something you don't hear very often are actually we should never ever hear your mom's one in the school fight right. Oh this is so crazy coming up next USC. Download the Papa. John's ACE TJ APP. Today here. The show twenty four seven at instant access to as TJ on demand at all our podcast editor Inter to win cash from the act to show stay connected funny on the act G APP available at I tunes and Google play more as Tj. Coming up Armstong Pumpkin Porch Pumpkin Pumpkin Roll Pumpkin. Cinnamon Swirl Perfect Pumpkin pair. Can you say that five times fast. That's a lot of Pumpkin. 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This mother has been arrested. Oh she's a fly mother she. She has been arrested because she's accused of Jumping into the middle of a A fight with her daughter and and some other daughters and other people either way it was a schoolyard fight. Her kids were getting beat up. I think kid and she jumped in and hit a middle school students in the back of the head with a Taser. Good Lord okay. That was my fear was that it's one thing if it's a school fight. Maybe she got into it with the teacher. He's wrong obviously obviously the parent but the fact that she jumps in and start throwing blows with middle school kids not hit hit her in the back of the meaning taste her but the Taser itself as a weapon in the back of a middle schools and middle schoolers hit It goes on into the story and then the last little blurb is that she was also charged with violating her probation on a previous criminal mischief charge so Yeah so what that reminded me of. You know when I don't know whether it's this way outside the south but I know in the south there's a difference in in your mom or Mama going to the school and showing up at the school. I was taking taking assorted. That wasn't my mom went to the school and tried to settle this fight. So next thing you know my momma shows up at the school and she went it crazy and blah blah blah. So they're two different purposes for mom. There's going to the school that could mean anything that could mean helping helping with the Valentine's Day party or taking the your your child their coach. They forgot. Maybe you're going to have lunch with your child or monitor the classroom but uh when you show up at the school airs trouble. Usually show walk means unannounced for you to get on on with determination just like nothing. Nothing misses an observation. I'm a long long time ago. Nothing good ever immediately preceded had someone walking down the interstate and I think about that time. I see someone walking down the interstate which I just saw two days ago. 'cause they're walking on the side interstate. Nothing good immediately preceded that it just doesn't happen. Yeah so your Momma does not show up at the school will quote unquote shows up at the school. Unless there's something bad going on and usually you end up embarrassed It is an excellent observation. Okay we'll now cleared out people. Did you go to the school or did she. Show up the school Just are paying the next thing you know. My mom showed up at that school. Mama will say I'M GONNA show up at that if I have to show up at school and handle this I will. You don't want me show up and you're right about that piece and Tj Aspen. Just telling US something about her boyfriend and I just had a thought and a picture of my mind. She's describing what he what he does on his daily routine that needs to be addressed this when I was out of the room. I don't think you just come back into. Yeah okay. 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Are we going to be making public apology. I'm not an I don't know if you that's just for the people. Oh okay why because you just you just say you needed to apologize for something that you did earlier. It would be that quick that we've been going really. Ace apologized algi behind the scenes. I thought something I thought something was messing up our Internet today. That's not and I said some very very bad things about what I thought it was and turns out it was it and so yeah. Jump The gun on that one okay. Sas was just telling us something within about her Her boyfriend His name's will he's got willpower. We all do now. Oh my God all got willpower. Now Yeah And he is a Live in the city The young professional businessman and she was just telling us about his daily routine and what about his daily routine. Did you just tell us that we didn't I know already says he rides a scooter to and from work every day. Okay one of the city scooters that you That you have the APP to to ride and all of that stuff. Yeah Yeah how long does it give you when you get on the school. How do you have fifteen minutes Yeah Okay and so. He wears a suit every day to work. He's one of those types of jobs. I wouldn't say he wears a suit everyday maybe on certain days when he has meetings better this I mean a nice shirt and pants okay. Typically no here is the thing that hit my mind immediately not that he rides a scooter and I think those scooters silly and whatnot But your parents have not met him now. Your Dad not only is a harley enthusiasts he collects harleys he is a full fledge bike week. Myrtle beach every year. Take the kids. Even I mean a full on Harley Guy Yeah what in the world is he going to think about your boyfriend Radan a little scooter to and from work through the city that because I'm guessing odds are literally hell would have to freeze over over before your father would ever get one of those scooters to go across town. Would he ever would he ever tell and say you and will ended up getting married someday. Would he ever tell anybody. Anybody must son-in-law rods a scooter to work. If he does voluntarily he would not say a word. Would he say anything to Will if he when he meets will and all that what he ever say anything about so she's telling me you're on a scooter. No he wouldn't bring it up like that but he would be thinking about it constantly He would never forget it. He would pick on him behind his back for shirt which is not taken on. 'cause sometimes sometimes when you pick on people it's in good nature and all that has if it's behind his back then hang making fun of eventually probably bring it up if he you got close to him. If Your Dad is listening right now then you would know you would do know at this moment. If he's listening right now. You know that at Christmas this year jokes are going to be made about the fact that your boyfriend rides a scooter to work everyday. It's going to come out on my please please vide- have your sister video your dad when you tell him that your boyfriend scooter to work. I would love that. We can play the audio of it on radio. Riggins has done that before where he brings in audio of his dad whenever he's telling him something that would have a good reaction to that. If your parents were cool being on the air which they're not because we've we've mentioned it several times we would love the column and break the news. Okay well then that does give us something to look mm forward on now. Trending with Regan's remember a few weeks ago that Justin Timberlake story that we told you all about in now trending where he was caught holding hands with his Co Star. He has finally responded last night. Posted something on instagram. I'll tell you what he said. He tells them now. Training in less than ten minutes. TJ Show would like to thank everyone who has helped with ace and TJ's grandkids. Charity are once a year trip to Disneyworld with chronically disabled golden terminally ill children and their families please visit grandkids dot org for sponsorship opportunities and again thank you for more as TJ coming up breath want to save up to seventy five percent domestic or international airline tickets then call low cost airlines for prices so low. We can't publish them. Call eight hundred two eight seven forty seven sixteen eight hundred two eight seven forty seven sixteen is not the news news put. It is what's trending doubt trending rates on the act to get to Justin Timberlake's comments on that scandalous photos. That came out a few weeks ago. But I have you been following this Jason Derulo Story. Those they made them take down. Instagram removed a picture of Jason Derulo. He was in Bali and he got out of a pool. Jas Jason Derulo. Yeah we should say that. He got out of a pool when he was in Bali. Somebody somebody took a picture of him and he posted posted on instagram. And if you haven't seen the picture he is in like swimming trunks and he is Let's just say on display speak And instagram yesterday finally removed the picture because they said it violated their guidelines saying it showed uh-huh too much. If I looked that good I would post that picture every day. Everywhere Yanni Tiller whereby dislike. Okay we've all seen it now at least twice. That's enough. What in the is the? I mean we're talking about is private talk amount if your private area look this is pretty as you talking about. I mean shape shred Jason. Ruta looks amazing. That picayune Um plus the fact that just the word got out the district. Why instagram took that down? Were they didn't take it down because of its stature. They took it down because because it could have been in. Any I mean just happens to be In a colossal. That's that's complain. He said there's a double standard on instagram. He saying they were saying it show. You can't be excited now. He's saying oh it's not. Aw I would like to sit down with instagram and facebook as soon as possible to expose this double standard but yes it is not what you say it is because they they will allow way when in your way more gratuitousness With women yeah because Look at World Star hip hop on the page. I mean that's how a lot of that is awesome. You know as little clothing as possible north on me guys anything about what I'M GONNA follow. I'm impressed that. Wow Jason. Ruta looks. Incredible I'm speechless. What to save Vita what is that? Is that the most excited you've ever gotten over another man's area no saying that doesn't mean you seem. I'm not talking about that. I think we writing. I didn't realize how a shred Jason Derulo is. I did not know it wasn't aware that he was that shredded but to see that. That's a small bathing suits. Where his apps he has ripped good good for him to say I mean wow a you are legitimate ice speechless picture? Says I'm sure yeah we could probably Google some things. Ason show you more vivid vivid images of that area. No it's not an what Jason Jason showing the shape that I did not know Jason Derulo was that good a shape but that's why they took it down. I mean what I'm talking about. Okay so we will give you any updates as they come in but We told you a couple of weeks ago. The Justin Timberlake was photographed holding hands with his Co Star. After a night of drinking he's filming a movie called Palmer in New Orleans and he was photograph holding hands with his Co Star. And I said this is a big deal. This is not GonNa go away and sure enough last night about ten hours ago. He said a few weeks ago displayed a strong lapse in judgment. But let me be clear. Nothing happened between me and my co star drank way too much that night and I regret the behavior I should have known better does not the example. I want to set for our son. I apologize to my amazing wife and family for putting through sectioning embarrassing situation and I'm focused on being the best husband and father I can be. This is not that I'm incredibly proud to be working on Palmer. Look forward to continuing to make this movie and exciting for people to see it so clearly. It has affected him enough. He's like I am so sorry. Sorry I just see him crying. He never post things on instagram. So I just loved the follow up because he'd look bad. Look look I got drunk. I was only. I'm sorry I didn't you know cater save that Clip Hernandez move on people. NAP never never. This is not going away so all those things are trending. We're going to let you be Justin Timberlake with the public apology. Not You Regan's against you you John J-o-h-n Q.. Listener we do it. Sometimes I mean Justin timberlake actually got the idea from us because we've been doing public apology things for a long time. And he stole the idea. We'll make the most of it coming coming up next the TJ APP is your source for streaming more show after the show live each weekday ten am eastern or download the more show after the show. podcast stay connected on the. Act G APP available to go play. ACT J. coming up. I want to hear the best thirty minutes of today's. TJ Show. Listen to Ason. TJ In thirty a podcast available on the as Tj. Show podcast on our crap available afternoon. Easter stay connected funny on the ACE and TJ available at I tunes and Google play so Justin Timberlake riggins was just talking about in What stupid trainings? Or whatever that's called it's called stupid. What is it what is called? Oh now trend stupid trainings style That you know Justin timberlake apologized sized publicly to the the world For holding hands with his Co Star Darcy. He just he had too much to drink. He was out of it he should have been paying attention. Not I'm ashamed of this Blah Blah Blah Har- it seemed heartfelt. Made sense good lennon letting them went farther than that SAS as a woman use still will say a minute ago. cheater cheater. Whatever that apology doesn't phase you at all? Now I was missing. I think it's a good apology. He was I mean he was intoxicated. He was very very drunk. He says and it didn't go past that yeah. It was just a little hand. Coding little hand knee. I mean I'm still mad at him for doing it but I would accept his apology. And Reagan's you you're still Steadfast against him yeah. We don't know what happened after those pictures were taken. They were then photographed a couple of days later in the same trailer. I'm just saying I think could it happened you. Would they do on a movie together. People are often in the same trailers. Okay if you're okay with that but In his defense she is really really pretty. Yeah Way hundred and Jessica Biel Well not I didn't look at it that closely. She's exotic looking Roya. She's gorgeous but that was a joke. Ladies it I wish he would apologize for making our jobs harder years ago with the whole wardrobe malfunction thing at the Super Bowl. That's what I would like an apology before he did didn't he. I don't know yeah. He gave an apology. I think Janet never gave one. I would also like an apology for that. Last concert of his I went to because there's a lot of that that was wasted time. It was not problematic. is where I'm going to say. What do you mean There are a lot of these instances where everybody's saying. He seems to be beloved by everybody. But I've always you know. Kinda raised an eyebrow towards them. I don't like what he's doing period. I don't think he's funny now. He's a likable. And then I think this last crisis with holding hands with your co Star listen. I think there's a pattern of behavior. Has he been accused of cheating before. Listen I mean not a pattern of behavior. It's the first time you're just saying pattern. RIGGINS HIS NOT BEING MR perfect exactly they. Everybody puts him up on the pedestal. As being Mr Perfect celebrity right and you don't think he is not at all. Here's Britney spears you know Crimea River. That's his breakout. Hit Tear her down. It's tear her down. That's what you need to do to make a success. Ask Yourself. I just think it's kind of shady and he's used opportunities to further his career at the expense of others. Yeah but you know what. That's not something when you're writing people would usually say about him. He does he gets a pass on all kinds of the right things. He's he's really great. Yeah he's no as as far as a likeable singer and all that he's no Michael boob lay. Everybody loves that has seen Michael Boob may be interviewed or anything and you can tell. He's a nice fellow he just a Canadian. That's the only bad thing. Nobody likes Canadians for the Justin Timberlake. Turn coming I didn't either especially from ribbons. I didn't like that. Yeah I think he's problematic for sure. Wow Okay so who has a A public apology. That you need to make to your significant other on our radio show and it's not anything really serious but I mean like to apologize to your Your wife because you just realize that you left left all the lights on when you left the house this morning. She's always saying. Turn the lights off even lights on and all how some something that you just need to say. Hey sorry we bought a bunch of stuff right here Christmas and I could have been on my Christmas wish list. You know fun things. Saskatoon give a public apology to her boyfriend for telling us on on the radio that he rides a little scooter to work. Great example a that does does he ever helmet. No wear a helmet. We have to wear a helmet right thought. So they don't have to because I've seen a thousand people. Nobody wears a Goma okay. Yeah here's hoping he did. That would really change some things. I'm okay with the gloves. The Scooter McKay with him. I'm wearing hats. that aren't ball caps. But a helmet. He does have some doors that are called if there if he's wearing FIDORA's than with other call Fedora. No no you will. He has one but it could be from the beach. That's where he's from but anyways he wears were he hasn't in front of me. What are you just got on like a vacation? Or something about this clause the from the beach in Alabama now. Well he's from Fort Lauderdale that he's originally from Alabama like he moved from Fort Lauderdale. He was there for five years. But that could be from a vacation. I don't know so good. Okay here's what we're GONNA do. We're gonNA take a break. You'd let us know about your public apology. We're GONNA find a picture of Fedora and show it to SAS and see if that's the one if she can identify it as being that type of hat if so then Word we're going to have a field So if you've got a public apology something lighthearted that you need to make to your significant other Please E. D. M. US on social media media. Call one triple eight forty one as TJ one eight eight eight four one to twenty three eighty five or you can text us. But that's confusing the way I always say the texting exciting numbers of AJ. And then your message to nine six eight nine three. Yeah that sounds weird stigma text. We'll take them nick. There's more of the ACE and TJ show coming up that gets okay. I wake up date. Everybody can relax. We looked at up the hat that SAS his boyfriend wears players is not a fedora. Through because I did not want that to be true for are you. I wanted to be wrong myself. it's a hat that Guys wear at the beach in on the lake and the pool. Now those big straw hats that are completely round and they have the string. That comes down there. Were really really popular this past last summer. A LOT OF BRAS BRASS CONSORT ADS. Cool Fedora. Nakal unless you are Out A a guy over the age of seventy and Even at that you kind of pushing it now. Black me in over the age of seventy pervert. They're the only ones that know really. You know how to wear it. 'cause it's just it's just the style a a guy in my hometown Mr Rubin and he carried he didn't need it but he used the walking stick and he had different ones. That were all different designs. They were really. You know handcrafted really nice and he always wore a different fedora to match whatever it was he was wearing the coolest. Those people around you saw like a east goal doesn't need a walking stick but uses walk. I admire that and you know was also known to use. It upsets a my head if he needed to kind of a weapon so The other topic at hand Justin timberlake making a public apology to his wife for drunkenly holding the hand of his Co host star in New Orleans on a movie that that was all the all the Trending a couple of weeks ago. So what's your public apology Z.. To your spouse Jennifer has a good one. I'm sorry to my husband for buying a bunch of stuff on the Internet in my Vicodin induced coma after surgery surgery. This is not way. This is the second time I've done this. So there's a pattern lesser harsh having more surgeries. That's this lady wants to apologize to her husband for being addicted to cork sickle cooler bags. She says I now have four. Oh we're cork sickle family. But we don't have the cork sickle bags we have the cork sickle cups and Bottles and things like that like the same type of thing But we you can get your name put on those so I WANNA apologize for my wife for leaving the new gas stove on not once but twice for a few hours after after Bacon something. That's kind of dangerous. Isn't it. Well it's long as there's a fire going. Yeah that's leaving the gas escaping outta there. Okay as long as it's burning on and off your all right. That's good here in the clear. Are you finishing this. Yeah what's happening now. I hear that all the time. It's this more difficult with an oven because you can't see the flame in an oven and it's on the stove the flame. I'm going you just pull something out of the oven like at Thanksgiving. When she burned roles may not think about that was? I was messing with her things. She didn't burn the roles. They were just a little too brown for my taste but I made eight out like she just had charcoal them. I'm sure he enjoyed was funny. Thought it was funny. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah and TJ. Hove you've got a story of of a dentist in Alaska That is in a court of law as a defendant. That's that's never good when you describe the person by their career and then that they're in court because something must have gone wrong with with what they did at their job and this is a dentist and it's crazy coming up next. Every weekday morning at seven eight and nine eastern Rigas hosts out trying they get the latest from. What's going on around the world live on the act? J. Sho- pond the act G half available at itunes and Google play or eight hundred TJ. Coming coming up on the ACE and TJ show was not a boy band. It's a man ban. Dan Ban the things men should just stop. Do immediate to make our lives your life. There's something we got to share a lady. Just send us a text you Texas eighteen your message tonight and six eight nine three. She said I wanted to tell you. My mother-in-law says she was going on a diet in my ten year. Old said quote. Nanny you need to get calendar and it's just Collagen login that you need and it won't interact with your other medication and you can get free shipping from TJ inquiry of that. That's awesome There's a dentist in Anchorage Alaska. It is on In front of the court. He's on trial right now. Now because he's being accused of doing some things that are not really what you would call normal. Dentist behavior like He's accused of sedating patients when they don't need need it because he's patting his Medicaid payments Extracting the teeth. That should not be extracted But my favorite thing. There's video that the the court was shown of this dentist extracting a person's tooth while they're sedated a a while on a hover board then the tooth comes out. He Rolls Away on his hover board than spins around with his arms. Ha I mean it's hard to not I mean it's hard to convince someone you're not guilty in its setting. I mean that's like a Jim Carey movie. Yeah pay you should isn't there and rounding on the Hover Board grabbed the pliers. Whatever they would call them pull it out and zoom back way overboard and there's a picture of him here and he does like he's in court but you can tell he's a broke doc not the tenth Dan I he care when I was doing when a guy so he's pulling to doesn't need to be pulled pulled? He's doing it while on on board. I didn't realize I had a total NARC working for me. Coming up on Dow trending with Riggins You Nasty that is the message for today. And it's one of the top trending topics also how the Internet is spying on you right now. Details trending less than ten minutes. When you want to do the show any time? Remember you can stream the AC TJ show replay all day every weekday after the show. Poor download the show with the AC TJ show on demand stay connected funny funny on the A._C._t.. J. APP available at I tunes. We'll play T._J. coming up.

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