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"justin sheriff justin smith" Discussed on Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

"KFI K A. Dark billowing smoke blanketing much of northern Colorado as ash rained down yesterday after winds drove explosive growth of that cameron peak fire. Now, the largest wildfire in Colorado history growing more than twenty thousand acres. Since Tuesday, it is now listed at one hundred, Fifty, eight, thousand, three, hundred acres with fifty six percent containment. Now, this is according to a facebook update last night working for peace by miles blunt hearts Kelly lyle out of the Fort Collins Colorado in this morning, it was shocking wasn't it? I was actually driving. To and fro up to Fort Collins and returning. Around ten thirty or so, and I like so many others pulled off the road got out of our cars. Of course, we were safely up the road I mean we're not stopping traffic or anything like that but it was like we were shellshocked. Did you feel that way yesterday as it was just that? Fix billowing. Cameron fire and it was that dark smoke which meant, yes, structures were impacted. Now we don't know how many structures at this point, but we'll get into what we do know and I had to shake my head because I came across well here. Let me pull this up where I came across this headline. From a Denver, news outlet K. Cameron peak fire has flared up. But where's the smoke? Hey y'all might want to look past the confines of Denver because it was visible from Denver. I mean particularly Greeley Loveland Fort Collins much of Larimer county talked to so many people yesterday as we just stood there in shock watching this monster of ablaze. Fire made another huge run east on Wednesday again. Let's set at one hundred, Fifty, eight, thousand three hundred acres making it the largest wildfire in Colorado history. It's now surpassed another twenty thousand fire. That's the Pine Gulch fire for the largest in the state's history Pine Gulch fire near Grand Junction reached one, hundred, thirty, nine, thousand, seven acres before it was fully contained. In late September now Larimer County Justin Sheriff Justin Smith. Said there were indeed structures lost on Wednesday, but it could take some time before a full assessment is made but there were wins reaching well into the seventy mile per hour range overnight Tuesday into Wednesday. Causing a big run on that fire and nine new evacuation orders within twenty four hours. But back to the structures that were lost these aren't the ones that we can get to quickly said Sheriff Smith because they're in a very active fire. Looking days ahead before we're going to be able to get folks back in there now while lower temperatures are expected in the coming days, well, it's still expected to be very active fire conditions. Things will calm down a little, but we're expecting almost if not as much activity Thursday into Friday, we're not through this wave of activity yet this according to incident commander. Damn Dallas expect a couple more days of very hard days while it was a destructive day saw smoke pouring over the front range where's the smoke ASA Denver News outlet the Smith one that well, it could have been so much worse adding it was a bad day but I. Will leave you with this. It could have been very easily it could have very easily been. He reiterated that point could have been a lot worse. We had no reported injuries no deaths a lot fewer structures were impacted than we truly anticipated based on what we saw. Now, the fire has pushed clothes closer to Fort Collins much closer as well to the west side of horse tooth, reservoir but Sheriff Smith says, there's little concern about it causing any evacuations in Fort Collins. Loveland were estes park the heavy timbers that are fueling the fire. Well, they're just not they're they're not available the near to the cities that this fire actually approaches. So now, into its second month of burning the mountains west of Fort Collins fire flared as so many of us witnessed yesterday threatening scores, mountain. Homes, and sending that massive column of smoke above the northern front range. By four twenty. Yesterday afternoon, the fire had crossed a stove prairie road. This is Larimer County Road Twenty seven near Buckhorn Canyon Road County Road Forty Four H.. Officials weren't able at that point to say how far across stowe prairie road the fire had moved. An update on twitter. At Five thirty said, firefighters had been able to slow the spread of the. Fire. East of County Road Twenty seven. That's stowe. Prairie road. Saying that County Road Twenty seven was holding at that point in time. Fire actually shot east of the Colorado State University Mountain campus into that mountainous area northwest of Glenhaven by noon firefighters reported the fire was well established atop the eleven thousand foot signal mountain by two thirty yesterday afternoon. Larimer County Sheriff's Office. Had made its fifth mandatory evacuation order in twenty four hours ordering folks out of horse. Tooth Mountain Park. Bob Cat Ridge Natural Area Mason Ville over he'll drive and all of Risk Canyon including Stratton Park. Shortly after three o'clock a voluntary evacuation order was issued for Laurie State Park West of Fort Collins for thirteen the evacuation was upgraded to a mandatory order Colorado Parks and wildlife officials decided to evacuate the park shortly thereafter and said that it midday there were only four to five year goals in park firefighters God bless them each and everyone relocated resources to stowe prairie road midday yesterday by two thirty yesterday afternoon many firefighters were watching waiting and planning from stove prairie elementary schools. The blaze continued its relentless eastward push father farther south. The Big Thompson Canyon communities of Drake and Glenhaven were placed on evacuation orders bringing the impact of fire related closures to well loved ones Western doorstep. Earlier Wednesday, overnight wind gusts of well upward of seventy miles per hour over the fire prompted mandatory evacuations east to Mason Velez fire crews cleared people from the foothills immediately west of Fort. Collins Loveland. Mason. Vale. is about thirty miles south east of the Colorado State University Mountain. Campus where firefighters entered Wednesday, an ongoing battle save structures Mason Bell located about twelve.

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