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"justin jar" Discussed on The Final Furlong Podcast

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"justin jar" Discussed on The Final Furlong Podcast

"Your winnings with to- plus and listen to what andrew white is saying because he's agreeing with me so we're said for so much gravy this weekend it's going to be amazing. can't wait to recount all this lucy and yourself a monday and talk about the just just like the throwing cash all around the studio or be talking to both of you while i'm scrambling around trying to find some coins as as tesco noodles for the rest of the month We'll have to wait and see. But i'm i'm getting super excited for the weekend. Sunday is obviously going to be a massive day and alpin easter for sir mark prescott is going to take the engagement in the qatar pre groupon. Which of course is a arc trial and a very well. Trial and snowfall will be taking up the engagement as well. So she was always held in very high regard as juvenile. She was highly tried and this season she has won the door by three and a half lengths. She has created history by winning the oaks by the largest winning margin ever She's won the irish jokes by the largest winning margin for a hundred years and she just toyed with a rivals at york. It was again. That was a racist covering talksport to she was just an absolute joy to watch that day. This race are you surprised. The running her and do you feel that. This is just a case of letter. Get a feel of of power longchamp. Frankie's back on board. Let feel of party longchamp while it's like to be there with the racing style is like because the closer we get to the race. She is very clearly cool. Moore's number one. Yeah you'd think she is. Online chiefs obviously got a great chance to thank the majority of the reason. Is you say to girona in this. Race is just to get a blow over in france To get a feel for the track and make sure that the she's ready to go when it comes to tell him. And i i don't see i don't see are getting beaten this weekend. Not the only thing. I do see some have despised Beijing no there are contenders yo somehow be shortened in raleigh Certain but that's just the way bookmakers role. These days can be certain that enough. She's just on prepared to be proven wrong here. she's just not a horse As you know clung heartstrings much this year how dare you. Yeah i know. And it's just one of the i don't know what it is There's just a part of me and people can shoot me down sam wrong inferno but just a part of me. That can't get over. The fact that i feel the rest of the mile for you know group one. Three year old fillies. This year are abaga shish and well they are like i. Just don't see the horses. She bees in the oaks and the irish jokes. Arnaz any us. So it's not really something to be n. dolphin when they are jokes. Two two seven eight nine lands in a race. Where i think i could have given some of them a chance for some of the place money so it's not something i'd i'd potentially bear in mind charmaine. Justin jar at york was wonderful tonight. It wasn't ruining on grain. She delights at all so again. You're back to just beijing album floor and khandan dunstall fantastic. I actually to that free. Because i interviewed david minutiae for talks to My role switched was hosting that week. i host the whole week of york and i spoke with david minutiae live on air and i was saying. Are you gonna run wonderful tonight. And he said well. We have two options. We can go to france we can. Go to deauville or we can run here at york. And william is gonna ride into three o'clock and he'll decide he'll tell us I don't like the idea of going. to deauville. he thought that the ground wasn't right for there and said i may live to regret this but the horse that runs in this race is not the worst that you'll see in the arc that was that was line And she was disappointing and she got thumped in the end And she would really need to pull something out. Be able to go and and turn the form around with with snowfall boss. She is the the anti post favourite For the arc. And it's interesting that you even worded that way. That she's essentially piecing choice she. She was in all intents and purposes. She has been on. I suppose more. So what would probably rested on on me is Maybe it has been slightly different rationale because of being a few niggles still fled that bush. This time last year having won leo Jokes and yorkshire oaks so impressively. Nobody thought love could be beaten. Yeah and i know. You know as i say i completely comprehend that the injuries has been a few things that haven't gone particularly roy's but she's komo's against proper group won't horses this year under this being short of the mark and i just don't know whether we're gonna get to the ark and she's going to be a very short price if she goes wins on the weekend which he will she could end up on the day. Five four six two four. That's an it's the for. it'll be january. The first time like if she faces a day are torna w-we hurricane lane. You know any of these horses that are genuine group on horses. Because to be honest leg you could send off divinely to start running in the are tomorrow morning. And she may scrape poem things. She's.

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