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"justin hermit" Discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast

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"justin hermit" Discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast

"Rogers or justin hermit were up to five hundred and thirty seven votes. Fifty six percent for rodgers. Forty four percent for herbert all right. We're not gonna get anything definitive here. Roger's gonna win by by knows. Liz super bowl pro first of all how do you. How do you feel about the whole world of of props player props in fun. Like you're gonna talk about the first turnover of the game being interception or a fumble. Hey feeling about this stuff like it. I think it's super economy. Now think anyone who's watched the super bowl regardless of what so the awesome about props during a super bowl. The super bowl in itself is no longer just a sports watching event right is. It's a popular culture moment for society. It is part of the zeitgeist and to have what we do regularly fantasy and props and sports betting baked into an event. The cast this wide of a net especially among non diehard viewers. I think makes everything more exciting. 'cause you're watching people like have a vested interest in the game beyond which team they may or may not be rooting for what someone may or may not be serving at the spread and and like get to learn more about the game and and find a deeper appreciation for it. Yeah that's pretty fun a few years ago. I don't remember which one it was. I think it was the eagles game. I bet on the coin. Toss the length of the national anthem. Which coach would challenge. I all types of fun. And i crush. It was amazing. I just got a heater. Todd fun any bets. Reach one. But i liked it when you're with a lot of people anyway. All let's get tales tales tells everybody goes crazy or whatever so obviously that won't be the case this year so it won't be quite as fun but still you can have fun and their little game within the game all right so i know you wanna talk about the first turnover turnover of the game. Interception minus one sixty fumbled plus one. Forty what goes into this prop for you..

justin hermit Fifty six percent Roger Forty four percent herbert this year Rogers first turnover Forty sixty one few years ago five hundred and thirty seven rodgers first bowl super Liz super bowl