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"justin herbert seventeen" Discussed on Against All Odds with Cousin Sal

"Actually out of the dozen. It's recommended yeah. That was good. You have to feel good for the cowboys which makes me think there's not going to be a season because because it all just kind of work out for them maybe and that's the other thing we talked about it. You know everyone's like the cowboy haters like Oh you passed on safety in the first round your good luck good luck. You'RE GONNA have to score fifty to win these games like real first of all. Since when does a safety change? The course of the whole I never happens with the cowboys. Have the worst. We really swing and miss a lot on on defensive like cornerbacks and safeties secondary players. Like you know Mars. Clayborn was worst picked first round pick of all time. We traded up for him. I don't even remember Wilcox's okay. Seven years ago I I was totally fine passing on safety or Corner. There aren't you. Yeah well listen buried church and Jeff Heath been there safeties. Yeah they're both undrafted by the way and their defense has not been spectacular. Maybe that's why. But they did exactly what they had to do. And I heard they might be moving One of their d-box a YMCA to safety now. From what I said because they drafted some that very deep at defensive back now and I think that might be a good Changed for him as well. So yeah you just take the best player figure the rest out. That's that's how it should be how it goes. We're going to go over They have odds. Fox Bet has odds out for offensive rookie of the year defensive rookie of the year and the first player drafted in next year's draft was just kind of fun. We're going to go over that right now. Offensive Rookie of the Joe. Borough no surprise there. Plus two fifty favorite Clyde Edwards Allaire the chiefs running back. They slam them so all right. I got killed with two bets. The under two and a half players from Ohio State. Take in brother. Brian's raiders screwed me there in Youtube Paul again with the taking the corner there that should have gone like seventieth and a and the other bet was that Alabama would would have more first round selections and Lsu. They had a four to one lead by the Seventeenth. Pick and then. It was tied for the longest time for four. All right. Let me just get by this. Frigging Clyde Edward. Solaire Malcolm Jamal Warner pick. And I'll be fine. Sure Shit the chiefs take him so I lose five four there. Lsu had a lot more players anyway as ended up but that first round they won five. Four that's buried me. Those two picks may way hilarious. Second at seventy one. Jonathan Taylor nine to one number three To attack Lova tend to one as fourth and then the Andrea Swift is also tend to one jerry. Judy thirteen what else Cd LAMB fourteen. So on and so Jacob Dobbin Sixteen Justin Herbert Seventeen to one. Let's go with you. Harry. You're going long. Shot here for offensive rookie of the year. I am GonNa go with the twenty second pick overall by the Vikings The wide receiver from Lsu. That I mentioned before Justin Jefferson thirty two to one. Look terrific cans. He can play in the slot if he needs to. Minnesota had that trade with the bills. So there's no more Stefan digs The Atom Phelan was the second best after after digs had the most catches for wide receiver for the Vikings last year. I know he's hurt but only had thirty total catches last year Jefferson put up crazy numbers at lsu twenty four hundred yards twenty four touchdowns in the last two seasons with borough throw him the ball and we know in that and the national semi final Game Versus Oklahoma. He went for two twenty nine and four touchdowns in the first half so at six feet. Three with no more stefan digs with the Vikings Kirk. Cousins has a guy to go to Other than feeling who's who knows about how healthy he is. The Guy can do it all and he can do it immediately and step right in and be possibly leading receiver for the Vikings at thirty two to one. That's great value. Yeah I'M NOT GONNA kill you because it's thirty two to one but it is so hard for a first of all that's a good offense anyway for him. The shine there is going to be. It's going to be difficult but it's so hard for wide receiver to win this award. Anyway you're looking at the last. Six seven eight nine ten ten years. It was only Beckham Beckham in was the only wide out that did it. He had twelve touchdowns thirteen hundred yards. So that's sort of what you have to do. And he had Old New York backing him the media he was a flamboyant player. It all helped for back himself. Thirty two one. Lsu Guys Lsu. That's true I don't see. I don't see a receiver though Paulie kid what you say. So I like Taylor with the called. Set nine to one for offensive rookie of the year. I I know some people a little bit worried about. Maybe him sharing the backfield with Mac but they didn't take him in the second round for no reason they're going to use him. He is a great fit behind. Potentially maybe the best offensive line in football runs a four three nine at two hundred and twenty six pounds. Look if if this draft he was available in this draft say twenty years ago. He's a top ten pickets the value of the running back now just not that great so he slides but he is a Ultra talented running back. He's going to be playing half his games minimum on a fast turf. This kid's a sprinter whose beg rivers isn't GonNa throw the ball forty times a game. Frank Reich is a very good offensive coach This is just another weapon from. I think Taylor gets between minimum. Fifteen to twenty carries a game He's GonNa end up with about twelve hundred yards Minimum I think and maybe scores between ten to twelve touchdowns and that might be enough to get him. Rookie of the I really do like him. And this scenario sitting here at nine to one. That should be the puts up those numbers. Nine one's not bad for job than tell yes splitting. I'm just looking at all these guys at split time brother. Brian's and it makes me think that well also the fact that they lean towards quarterbacks makes me think that they're going to go quarterback Kyle Amari probably shouldn't have won over your Guy Jacobs Josh Jacobs. Running back for the raiders last year. But they gave it to him and he didn't even have outstanding stats. He had twenty touchdowns twelve interceptions. That's why I think Joe Borrow not a sexy pick plus two fifty probably the way to go right. Yeah I mean I think plus two fifty million. I think those are still pretty good. Odds I think at Bernie at the same point lash was probably very similar at odds of two to one plus two fifty but this year there are definitely a lot more choices for offensive rookie of the year. So if I was looking at a long shot maybe I would look at somebody like acres for the rams. Because if if he's the primary primary ball carrier He some good stats. But like you're saying what the Jacobs thing. If Jacobs didn't win last year for a guy who missed some games and still had great stats. I think a running back or a receiver is going to have to put up twelve hundred or thirteen hundred yards right. And that's GonNa be tough especially for the receivers rookie receivers just in general. Don't don't win this award. That often so like out of the last fifteen years has been to receivers that one. It was Percy Harbin One and Beckham on those were years where the quarterback play was down. so I think again so borough I mean we've never seen a quarterback like him last year in terms of least stats wise and college. I think him coming into the NFL. A little bit older I do expect him to put up. Good numbers right away. I think he could definitely match. Murray's numbers from last year. Probably be even better. I think the bengals will Improved tremendously with next year as the quarterback so I think I plus two fifty. I think it's it's good odds and I think at some point Sam. We're going to be like. Should we put borough on something you know? He's even my right now. Should we parlay with something? So I like those I saw something to Parlay Kid's GonNa love. I think it was borough ofensive chase young defensive and what was the other one mahomes. Mvp I think it was like seventy something crazy steph. Also you really see that I'll send it to you. Pollock it. I'm maybe I'm maybe. I'm having corona dreams or something but I really think I saw that on Fox one thing Fox has it'd be that umbro brother Bry you said. Yeah it'd be about bry. You said he should match or exceed. Kyla Murray's numbers Fox has his over under twenty one and a half touchdowns addict that goes up. I think I think the you know the Joe Borough fever increases as we get closer to the fall. It'd be should have to take it. He should have some goal line. Look I think he's right around there? That's pretty far. Let's go to defensive rookie of the year odds on Fox bed. Chae-jong mentioned the skins plus three. Sixty Isaiah Simmons nine to one is second Patrick Queens. Seventeen to one. Aj Apenisa Eighteen one gym on Kinloch Kinloss Twenty One. This is all screwed up. Kenneth Murray Twenty a Khuda for the Lions twenty two and then we get Derrick Brown twenty two also and Willie Gay junior twenty five. This is an interesting war because it's mostly first round. Mostly I top three or four. Picks like the boasts of brothers. Did they won the award? You had Marshon lattimore dig. It was like a run eleventh or twelfth. Pick right there thirteenth. Maybe he won the award. Darius Leonard kinds of screws it up two years ago it was a second round pick and won this thing as a long shot. Harry I think I agree with you. With Isaiah Simmons rush the passer seventy one times kind of does everything for Arizona. I don't know if this is an Arizona hometown. Pick for you but it's not for me. It plays all over the places. The KINDA got wins at two hundred and eighteen snaps at safety two eighty six at slot corner one hundred sixty outside linebacker you know. He's one of those Swiss army knife players. I think he's got great closing speed. He was inside. Linebacker for one hundred twenty snaps. You like him at nine to one. I also yeah definitely I I wanted him to actually go to the giants At four didn't go slip down to eight where the cardinals grabbed him. Look I I've been on Simmons when we were talking college football last year. How great he was. He had one hundred. Twenty five tackles seven sacks two picks last year the year before. One hundred four tackles at least versatility He had the fastest combine time since two thousand six for technically a linebacker. This past season This past combine I think it'll be. It'll go a long ways to see in terms of voting here for considering the cardinals last year. Gave Up Ninety six receptions sixteen touchdowns and over eleven hundred yards tight ends so he can clog the middle and stop that and and help out my my neighbor cliff Kingsbury Defense It'll it'll do wonders for him in terms of getting voted for defensive player of the year..

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