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"justin glow" Discussed on Optimism Vaccine

"That's true. I wish i remembered the name of the restaurant because that entire experience was it was kind of those jarring. I've tried to erase it from my mind up until this moment but you and your damn columbus trip it just brings all these horrible memories back. Yeah speaking to horrible memories. Just kidding just kidding. We've been on a journey with albert. Pune man so this whole thing started because we watched the cyborg trilogy of which albert only technically directed the first one and then we kind of come back to more pune and we had a great episode with justin glow on where we talked about. Basically all things pune pune pill. The masses was wonderful. And now we're back again because these two previous episodes have sort of converged into something new now. Albert pune make cyborg and as we discussed previously edited hacked to shit and released. And it's not his original vision. Additionally after the movie is released it's pretty successful and they go on to make two sequels that we covered but our pune had no involvement but at the same time that those movies were being made he was making his own cyborg sequels often his own universe but somehow it feels like the official sequels are somehow more spiritually tied to his original vision than his actual sequels. So i if you got like a white board right now you can kind of diagram this out. The whole thing is just colossally fucking confusing. What the hell is going on with this jack. Well yeah like you mentioned a cyborg came out before cyberspace and justin mentioned this. The the story is basically the executive saddened. Watch cyborg and sheldon leonard. Chew we might recognize a director of several van. Damme's films bernie good friend of his sat in for cyborg and he didn't like what he saw. He fails to slow. It wasn't action oriented enough van. Damme look like pussy so he called a van damme and he was like you need. You need to get on. This need to fix it and van damme. Basically coal his people whoever the hell they are and they came in they took the movie off. Pune they re it to make it more action oriented etcetera. And that's that's a cyborg. No which is kind of a weird intense movie that we've talked about before the i'm quite fond of but it is still quite strange but Was won't pune wanted. He later on went back and made his own version. Kind of reedited. His old work print into sparkling hd master of cyborg so basically at every time there's a new like cuts from like sparkling hd two like dog shit vhs vhs quality to really maximize the viewing experience. Yeah this is real. Bush league stuff is like like when people were passing around like a work print version of halloween six. Maybe like five ten years ago and they're like no this. Halloween movie is good. It is unfairly maligned. It's not a colossal pilot. Shed and then not only was still bad but it was. It was this bizarre cuts to shit with like time codes on the bottom and it just totally out of focus. This fixes. everything does not fixed everything so little rough around the edges like a worse approach than even that like. I've seen that version of halloween. There's a alien three version that does something similar as well but at least those have like the courtesy and probably because the director themselves did not assemble this work print cut and weren't that attached to material. They were just kind of putting in things that fundamentally shifted the focus and change.

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