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"justin ginger" Discussed on Unabridged

"Other host of ins. That could have been accept him like getting busy with his teacher. I just did not. I did not like that at all so it didn't work for me. I just in the relationship. Between jason and cheryl i think cheryl is a super compelling a super compelling character and. I think that the actress is madeleine. Pech catch something like that. I'm not sure how to say he. Et s. c. h. Yes so she. I think she did a great job with cheryl especially her senior with veronica. I think that they do great verbal sparring. I think that they do a great job. But back i am a little bit put off by her relationship with her brother and also the weird way that she both. I like this part. But i but it's weird. How she acts like she is in grief but also use his death to her advantage to be like the queen of the weird sort banners at the dance. All that is a. It's far fetched. But i mean i think she's great but also i would say so. We're talking about what doesn't work. I just. I'm uncomfortable by the the way that they set up that we're relationship between her and her brother. I agree because she also causing her soul mate in front of the school which is really bizarre to me. And it's very strange. It's very straight and he looks really weird. Yucca vampire yeah. I don't i don't understand. So there's this overall. I have to say that it were the that the e show works for me. It does a great job of smart adaptation. I'm think that it could. I think that it was smart to go in the way of making it totally different from the source material but still paying homage to those things from the source material. That are connick for people who loved the archie sear. Yes i think that. I think it doesn't. It doesn't really good job so having said what are some of like. What is your favorite scene or scenes or something. Just kinda sticks out to you from the show. I mean this goes along with the whole jug head telling the story or narrating the story. I really like the banter and the dialogue and just the writing i think is really strong lake at when i think it's doug had he says a new mystery rolled into town and he just again is just playing into those. But it's so so clever like you can't believe he is a kid who has read those books and is parodying damned. Tell the story of this mystery in town just the whole yet. The whole aesthetic is really cool. I think like you were talking about it. Playing into the things from the archie comics at one point. Somebody says archie swell like jess will like drop in those moments of old fashioned language or playing up the old fashioned names that i think really really work. And i really liked to the relationship between betty veronica. I like that. They chose not to make them enemies but to to play against the idea. That the two pretty girls. Your opposites have enemies right. Not what happens in seasons you may be. They become enemies sent in the parts that i've watched. I really liked that same anyway. How about you. What are some of your favorite favorite things. Means what i i like. We talked about the band are a little bit. And i like those. I like some of those moments of corny jokes and banner. Like joseph from jesse in the pussycat dolls. Cows archie justin ginger lake. And the kevin when kevin and betty are in her room in the first scene in betty's house at the beginning of the episode in our cheese..

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