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"justin drage" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

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"justin drage" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"Like the worst twitter experience considering you're in a very important fight. Is Definitely not the worst that I've had on that Cesspool of a fucking website. So. Different because like on twitter. People like some guy wrote to me just calling me a piece of shit and a terrible fighter like people are telling me. I'm stupid that I'm no good and then I get on instagram and people are like sharing videos with me and like they're telling they're telling me that they wanna see me fight for the title and that I deserve it and they agree with. My tweets and like his just such a different culture on twitter. It's just so hateful sometimes but yeah I I stand by everything that I said, you know there was five seconds left in that round Caitlin did turtle up K Caitlyn turtle up. But sometimes they let dudes get beat to death in that octagon before they stop it. You know what I mean. So She you know Caitlyn's title contender in just GonNa draws his former champion. Let them fight it was almost the end of the round Caitlin was getting up as the REF stopped it. You know she she tried to stand up immediately. So I can kind of see it both ways she got dropped that body shot and she turtled up and that does signal to the rest that you're done Yeah I mean props to draw. It's not the ANDROID is bad or that she doesn't deserve a title shot. It's just that she doesn't deserve the next title shot. Yeah, and that was kind of thing. I mentioned on our matchmaking podcast. I was like no clue how this is GonNa work normally like I have my finger on the pulse Mike is this person's going to fight this person this situation I've no idea how it's going to play out like a combination new Jessica and Cynthia. That should be the next fight, and then we stopped for Valentina Defy Jennifer my and especially in two thousand twenty, we don't know what the Hell's going to happen so. You're prepared for anything. You know if I had my way which means Jack Shit, but if I had my way. If I win this fight this weekend then I want the winner of my end. Shivshankar. And you can match up androgen Cynthia and that's a great matchup 'cause they're to one fifteen that came up had good performances in their one, twenty, five debut yet they only have one win the division. Okay and Cynthia beat Jessica, which a ton of people have done. Right? Jessica draws had an impressive performance but let them duke it out to see who the number one contenders between them. Justin drage is one in two in her last three. syntech reveals one one in one in her last three I'm fucking. In my last three with a knockout finish you know, and we'll see how this weekend goes. But I'm I'm going into very confident and I'm going to into it expecting to win of course, just like I do every fight and so two continuously overlook in these situations I think is It's a big mistake. Do you kind of like that in a way. Does it give you a chip on your shoulder? Do like just fluttering into the radar because eventually that's all going to go away. You're going to be right there. If you keep on the track right now like the under the radar stuff goes away. With that. Yet feel like that's kind of been my whole career like I've been underdog my whole career people have underestimated me my entire career like my entire career even in Alaska. I fought the toughest girls in Alaska and I remember like people always counting now in Alaska and how my team that was around me was like just just wait you're GonNa know and then I want every fight that ever fought in Alaska same thing and Invicta you know I moved up the ranks so quickly and people just weren't expecting it like nobody expect me to beat Caitlyn young notice nobody expected me to be Sarah Day. Elliott, because she was in the top ten and nobody expected me to beat Mary not emoto because she was such an accomplished more Thai champion you know and I think it's kind of been that way in the UFC as well. But. You know I. I struggled a little bit when I first got into the UFC ads and really close losses had kind some boring fights I had a lot of stuff going on and I've really made a lot of adjustments and I've worked really hard and I'm not struggling now. I was GonNa say and I told you the last time we spoke it was like talking to a completely different person because you know it was January the last time we spoke in October two, thousand, nine months I think that's a longest we've gone without having an interview ever again, the last six years like normally it was like once a month we'd get you onto something fight picks or anything at this point but. And you're just a completely different like you. Just you still have that same little bit of Sas to you but you just seem happier like you could just see it in your expression. Yeah. I'm a lot happier. I got my confidence back I think I just had to go through some growing pains where I felt very confident for several years. Really. I. Felt like I wasn't good enough to be here I kind of like imposter syndrome a little bit. I was really really overtrained I think that contributed to a lot so I was having shitty practices I Yeah I just I just had really a lot of stuff going on in those are kind of. It caused some failures. I. Think in my career but you can't be successful without failure. You just can't period. There's no way to be successful without also having failure so. I had to go through those growing pains and I had to figure out who I am an athlete to like I had to test the waters about what it means to be confident versus arrogant like am I shit talker or am I or am I humble person and so I kind of you know for a while my attitude was like well, in Invicta I was humble all the time and didn't say anything about anybody and it didn't really fucking get anywhere like still nobody respected me. So I guess I'm going to start talking shit to everybody and running my mouth and I I. I didn't really like being that person to that extent either you know. So it took me a while to kind of find a balance that could be a little bit Sassy. Confident. You know also get this attitude that's the you know turning people off all the time. So I think it just took me a while as an athlete and you have to keep in mind too that I had not been an athlete very long when I got into the UFC you know when? I started fighting for INVICTA. I've been an athlete for three fucking years total like an athlete not in Emma athlete an athlete like started playing sports three years ago, and now I'm in Invicta and then a year later, I was in the UFC facing Olympians entitled contenders.

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