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"justin cozart" Discussed on News 96.5 WDBO

"You were listening to live local and loud. Here's Nick and Jerry. Right, hanging out on a Wednesday night here on live local and loud. My name is Kevin refuse filling in for Nikki football tonight. Jerry Daniels is here as well. 84458. Oh, wdbo is the number are dubsdread teed up. Question of the night. What is the food? You only eat at the buffet You guys can weigh in on the open mic. I usually get the little fixations for my salad. Yeah. Sesame seeds, raisins. I don't necessarily eat those at all. But that kind of stuff, you know? Do you eat raisins at home? I do The reasons of thing. Is that the thing? Oh, yeah. I love raisins, and I know I might be in the minority there. But if it's in a trail mix before I ran my half marathon in Claremont earlier this year, one of the one of my pregame foods I had to literally like the sun dried box of raisins and I just ate one of those. So, uh, Yeah. No, they're definitely really good. And the taking of you flexing. I want to bring this up because we want to talk about flexing. The King of flexing says on Let me get my little flex off. All right. I gotta get something light once in a while. I want to give you a bigger flex opportunity. Because your normal format you don't get a chance to talk about this. But you've got a big award last week. Yeah, So can you talk a little bit about it? Because Pete, the listeners out there might not realize you're actually good. And you've been recently recognized for that? Yeah. Shouts of the Florida Association of Broadcasters. Associated Press was kind enough to name me as the 2020 best news anchor in Florida. I just got the award got the trophy officially, so Trying to figure out what I'm putting it, But, uh, you know, definitely the biggest moment of my career so far, so I'm you know, extremely grateful to everybody here, Wdbo, the Orlando's evening news crew. I'm not going to do a whole thank you speech, but you know everybody. No, no, but it's nice. You know to hear about it. So the one rule is you have to put it somewhere behind Where you do your zoom calls. Oh, yeah. So wherever you do your zoom calls It has to be behind you. Oh, yeah. You better believe every time I record the driving this NBA podcast now, which you can find everywhere on any podcast platform with myself and Justin Cozart or Powell up at ESPN. 6 90 in Jacksonville. You gotta please believe that it will be in the background every single time. Low key changed by Lincoln. As soon as I got the trophy as well, it was like, Hey, you know, listen, I got a little something to add to the resume. I am putting in the Twitter bio. I'm not going to be that guy. Promise you won't be that guy. No, I will, but shall be that guy Shout out to our guy Tony Marino as well. Who did do that? Yeah, who did do that and won an AP Award for his continuing coverage. Of the 2020 elections of cool stuff there, especially the pandemic year. Um, glad to be recognized again. Shout to the Florida Association of Broadcasters Lightning back on the power play. We're about 11 minutes left in the first period. Still nothing. Nothing. Montreal is on the power play that got killed off by the bolts. We'll see if they can cash in on this one. Their second power play already, of course, will be keeping an eye on that. Going back to the salads in the buffet is well, Mo just popped in here a little bit ago. We were talking about this in the open mic, where he mentioned the beats and stuff like that in the salad. Mo is the same way she says. She never eats beats anywhere else. But if she said a salad buffet, she's getting beats every single time. Yeah, That's a weird thing. It's like I I would never think of eating beets. Except for at a buffet. It's just like one of those things you just don't think of. Yeah, but when you look at a buffet, you're like that. Seems like something that I'm not going to die from eating. So Yeah, Beats is one of those items that just stands out. Speaking of stands out what else is behind you on that zoom call like what other things, are you? I know. Now you're putting that Association of broadcasters Award behind you on that zoom call. What else are you putting behind you So far? It hasn't really been anything crazy because a lot of times like I have a laptop standard record on my couch. So it just kind of has the pictures behind us of we have three pictures framed above our couch. Just places we've been like some of my favorite places that you know my girlfriend and I have gone together. So like we've got a picture from Big Sur, we've got a picture from Ireland and we've got a picture from. I forget the third one. Actually, Thermal might have just been mine. I think it's a Rocky Mountain National Um, So there's something get moved off for the trophy. No, the trophy goes next because they're hanging on the wall like I'm not going to hang the trophy on the wall. It's It's a, um so it'll it'll kind of go on like an end table thing behind me my thing at work. I don't zoom at work as much. But if you look at my desk at work where I work in the newsroom have, like six or seven Funchal Pops. I gotta be honest. I love those little things. Um, it's start collect. Yeah, And it started as just like I got a couple. Um, I've got Claude Giroux, the Flyers captain, I got Panos with the infinity gauntlet and I got the notorious B I G. And then it just started expanding like I had multiple people like Sam, for example, are Palestinian Albuquerque got me to pass because he said, I can't. I cannot biggie without Tupac. Um, I got Steve from stranger things when he's in the ice cream outfit because I love ice cream like that's why one thing If you know if there's nothing, anyone take that away from me with this show, I love ice cream like ice cream is my favorite. You are kind of an addict. Yeah. Oh, yeah, you're gonna get the chunky donkeys in your drug dealer is Kelly's. My drug dealer is Kelly's for Sure. Um, it is just they just might as well set up direct deposit to my account at this point, um, my cold, but you don't have the annual pass. I don't know how you don't have the annual pass. We'll have to make sure you get an annual pass for next year, so I gotta go. The neatest thing is that I have an annual pass for Kelly's. If I'm gonna cash in with you on any favor, it might be going behind the scenes there because I just I wanted like You know, I mean, what's that? Saying? It's like a kid in a candy store? I mean, I know it's kind of ironic with ice cream, but like I'm 30 years old, and I would be like in heaven. You just no names, but you just found out today..

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