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"justin caraz" Discussed on What's Wrong With Wrestling? WWE Recap Show

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"justin caraz" Discussed on What's Wrong With Wrestling? WWE Recap Show

"Road to road to the biggest sandwich of the summer. Oh my God. You just got me excited about wrestling, but not for wrestling, but involving wrestling. Wrestling food. Yes, SummerSlam witch. Oh my God. The re sandwiching. Sandwiching. Are you going to do something different or the same one as last time? Take a change. I'm going to make a change. Not a big change. I don't change. Don't get crazy. I mean, G 6 is a sandwich. Oh. Wait, what is SummerSlam? It's July, right? July 30th. Yeah. Oh, man. It's not even in August this time. Nope. Crazy. Is that even on a Sunday? That's oh, yeah. It's a Saturday. And so far, another Saturday. So far, it's just SummerSlam rematch or a WrestleMania WrestleMania rematch land Roman and Brock again theory and Lashley again. I'm sure insert woman's title name versus insert someone she's faced. Right, right. More rematches to come. Live will lose to a returning Charlotte because of course, we'll see. Don't remind me that. We're happy about live right now. This is good times. Let us enjoy the good times. Even Corbin versus McAfee is a rematch. I mean, they fought in 2009 when they were both on that football team. Jesus. You don't even know what team they were on. The football thing. They're on the same team, so they weren't fighting. Corbin, Corbin never played a down. He was on the practice squad. I remember being the Cardinals, I guess he was on a couple practice squads, but yeah. I mean, that's like Brock Lesnar, not a future Minnesota Viking. Correct? Yeah. Yeah, that's right. He didn't make it either. No, none of them do. So yeah, we're going to recap raw. Yeah. A little bit of SmackDown, just a little snake. There's one or two things that need to be talked about there. But first, we have some new patrons to thank. So thank you to max Jones, Bert fengle, toddy Beck, Justin caraz, Gabriel weidel, and will and Edmonton. Oh, in Edmonton. Oh, we got a phone call, will and Edmonton. How's it going, will? How you doing? Yeah. So thank you to those 6 wonderful people. Those are first timers. Yeah. Like we do every week. And if you want to join them, go to Patreon dot com slash what's wrong with wrestling, $5 a month. You can cancel anytime. We got brackets. We just had a new bracket we did last week. Go check it out. Best John Cena match and moment of all time. Two for bracket. It's a twofer. And the ratings are in and it's approved. It's a hit. It's a hit. Everyone liked it. John Cena might not move the needle on raw, but he moves our needle. Yeah, especially Eric's needle. He's the one that made the bracket. He was very excited. My needle was very moved. Do you have like pre John Cena raw and post John Cena raw and John Cena raw numbers? I just like John Cena raw. That'd be interesting to see. If he moved it like .1. Yeah. No, I mean, it actually was down from the previous week. It was down. Yes. Oh boy. That's right. Get that needle in the raw. So go to Patreon dot com slash what's wrong with wrestling, give it a try. And also, are you done? We're doing the plugs. You don't talk over the plugs, Eric. Don't talk about your needle during my plug. You're going to get burned if you talk over the plugs. Don't plug your needle in my plug. All right, so we also have to thank Kyle foxton. He bought two t-shirts. He got the logo end. Needle movement. Say you're lying idiot. You have one job. Dance monkey. Pizza. It's your most iconic line ever. It's my only line. Logo and pizza. Go to pro wrestling tees dot com slash what's wrong with wrestling to get one or two shirts or four or 5? Yeah, right? He may have taken advantage of that for the July. Oh, he did, yeah. Yeah. Good deal, exactly. And also, we are going to be at comic palooza. Hey, hey, in Houston at the George R Brown convention center. Yeah. We're going to be doing a live podcast there on Saturday, July 16th at noon. Yes, an Adam Cole is going to be there Adam page is going to be there. Whether they like it or not. I'm going to invite them on the podcast if they say no, then I'm just going to beat them up because they're Adam Cole's like 5 6. I can take him. I mean, I think there's a little bigger, but I'm sure I could beat him. I've had a bottle of chloroform just waiting for an opportunity. And if not, we'll pay sergeant slaughter 20 bucks to be on the podcast. Correct. That'll be something. It will. And then we always it's $18 just to get to see him. Yeah. Okay. And then we'll accuse you. Then we'll accuse sergeant slaughter of stolen valor. It's going to be great. Wow. Stolen valor. Remember there was a story a couple years ago where people were doing that to sergeant slaughter. Yeah. It was like, it was his character. Yeah. He was right. You don't chase down people on TV. Yeah. He's playing a role. Sure, he's still playing that role because he wants money, but hold on hold on. Illegally changes his first name to sergeant. Just S GT. Right. Period. He's not even the full name. He's not ultimate warrior. But he was a GI Joe. Yeah. He's got to be a real army guy. Right. What branch did we've already been down this road? What branch did you serve in? The GI Joe corps. The GI core. All right, so two quick things from SmackDown. Two quick things from SmackDown. Oh God. Yeah. Despite what we thought maps Dupree finally defeat. Max duffett finally announced his models. Oh God. And it was one we knew and the other one I had heard was the one where okay. Weird? I've heard that he was going to be the other one. They kept him for this. Yeah, so mace is now mase. Yeah. It's spelled the same, but there's a period in between. And some like dots and circles and weird things. And mansoor is now men swab men swab with plenty of accent marks, right? And he had a fanny pack around his chest. Yes, he did. My God, both models take turns walking down the runway while fake photographers take fake pictures. So they didn't even actually take pictures. They had the cameras and they were just doing this. It's like, those are cameras, right? Right. Like how about you actually take some pictures so we see the flash that use like the stage to create the flash. Of course. Lashes. Right. That's what D.C. is going to do in that flash movie. Yeah. Let's use the stage to create the flesh. Yeah. They better. I got. So then max the tree was in the ring and he said these men will titillate the juices of your guilty pleasures. Joke and you take this one, explain all of that. Eric, we're fighting after this. Tell us about your titillated juices. Look, I mean, these guys are, they're good-looking. I think my say.

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