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"justice franz edmund crutchfield" Discussed on Cults

"You're listening to cull staley throughout the month of April. We're just seeing the manifestoes and ideologies of some of history's most infamous cult leader Franz Edmund Crutchfield was the leader of the brides of Christ. Church often referred to as the holy rollers members. Were known to roll on the floor. Pleading for God's forgiveness if you like this episode be sure to come back tomorrow for a brand new edition of cults daily. Listen free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts in nineteen oh six. Franz Edward Crutchfield a thirty six year old German immigrant was released from prison. Crutchfield was convinced he had now been reborn and his resurrection was his release from jail now. He was ready to rejoin his followers at the brides of Christ church in Corvallis Oregon soon after his release on April. Eighteenth nineteen th six. The San Francisco earthquake caused massive devastation terrifying the nation. Five hundred seventy two miles away. Crutchfield claim that he was the one who had dammed the city of San Francisco and God had heard his prayers and if his followers didn't do exactly as he said the city of corvallis would be next. Hi I'm Vanessa. Richardson and this is colts. Podcast original this is the twenty-fifth episode in our Daily Series on the strange prophecies made by different cults and their leaders throughout this month. Were taking a daily look at the myriad of apocalyptic predictions to try and uncover. What makes these revelations so appealing? I'm here with my co host. Greg Colson everyone. Today we're discussing Franz Edmund Crutchfield. The leader of a holy rollers cult called the brides of Christ. Church in one thousand nine hundred. Three crutchfield moved from Portland to the town of Corvallis or he claimed that God had chosen him to be his profit. He gained a following mostly consisting of women and promised they too could have the same connection with God they just needed a separate themselves from the material possessions of Earth and all of their preconceived notions of right and wrong Franz Edmund Crutchfield was a German immigrant. Although it's unclear when or why he decided to establish a life in Oregon unassuming at five foot six inches. He worked for the Salvation Army in Portland but decided to leave the organization when he felt the people weren't entirely of God crutchfield relocated corvallis eighty miles south and captivated the town with his charming hypnotic. Personality the evangelists was quick to convince the townsfolk that God revealed himself and selected Crutchfield as his prophet here on Earth after Krefeld gained recognition in the community. He began operating his church from the home of Local Citizen O. V. Hurt Krefeld had his followers convinced. They no longer needed their earthly possessions and by Destroying Them. They could be a prophet like him. The services would last all day and night. His followers mostly women and young girls burned possessions and Bonfires hurts. Front Yard. Crutchfield cleanse them by laying his hands on their naked bodies as they rolled on the floor. They loudly begged for God's forgiveness sometimes even speaking in tongues crutchfield used sleep and food deprivation as a means of breaking these women down. He convinced many of them to become estranged from their families. He then began seducing and having affairs with them in an effort to find the second mother of Christ in one thousand. Nine hundred. Four crutchfield was accused of adultery. Then a criminal offence but before he could be arrested crutchfield vanished. Authorities finally discovered him four months later hiding in a hole under hurts home. Naked and starving. Shortly after Crutchfield was sentenced to two years in prison. During crutchfield's time away many of his followers were committed to asylums to cleanse them of his spell. He was then released sometime in nineteen. Oh six but upon returning to Corvallis. He proclaimed that he had been resurrected from the dead and was going by the name of Elijah. He then singlehandedly claimed responsibility for the Nineteen O. Six San Francisco earthquake. He capitalized on the devastating event convincing his followers that this was the world's punishment for putting him in jail Coral Hartley. One of his disciples fell victim to his lies and said he condemned the city of San Francisco and brought the earthquake. He has condemned the city of Corvallis and an earthquake will destroy this place. Crutchfield then ordered all of his followers to evacuate to the coast and leave their lives behind. They did a month later on. May Seventh Nineteen O six. A man named George Mitchell took matters into his own hands. He had two sisters both victims of Crutchfield salacious prophecies and he had had enough. Mitchell found crutchfield on the streets of Sandal. That morning he shot crutchfield dead in cold blood. When Mitchell's case entered the courtroom. He was found not guilty under the circumstances but a few days after his release Mitchell met up with a sister. Esther a follower of crutchfield's out of revenge. She killed her brother for murdering her prophet. Esther Mitchell believed she had brought Justice Franz Edmund Crutchfield. She too was ruled by the court. Not guilty by reason of insanity she was admitted to a mental asylum where she remained until nineteen o nine in August of twenty nineteen a six point. Three earthquake hit just off the coast of Oregon about two hundred miles away from corvallis. Perhaps crutchfield's prediction was just one hundred thirteen years too soon but as far as we can tell the world is still standing..

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