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"justice andrew sam" Discussed on KTLK 1130 AM

"Oh, Justice Andrew Sam two. So 6519895855. That's the phone number used the hash tag T. C and T on Twitter always entertaining on the twitters. Never rush Limbaugh way are never never rushed here. Never wrestling. I'm gonna get mad at us about something, Rush said. That's fine. You can don't expect a response. E want to make sure we weigh talked a lot about animals this morning. Quite a bit. You know, my dog had surgery and we had that we had that we had the game can be gay penguins, Gabe. Gay penguin thieves, Um gay penguin kidnappers would be more appropriate. We also have the story of princes Dove lives in incredibly long life. 28 years Divinity 28 years old. Apparently, 20 is very old for a dove. The average life span is like 12 to 13 or something like that. This. This dove lived 28 well, and I I mentioned earlier and I just wonder like what like was like, was the dove just waiting for prints to come back, like was it just sitting, you know, and Paisley Park and like every time someone came in the room was like, Oh, just like that, Oh, finally, finally, Pretty good. Dove. Self disappointed. Dump is like Drew's calling. You should hear. Drew do his version of dubs crying. We could paint thinking. Have another story here for you. This was specific before you do. Just make sure we don't get before the deadline. It's thanks. Um, does your, uh does your pet have what it takes to be a star? No sure, unless vomiting on carpet is a desirable activity for animals. And if we could market that then I got the perfect cat. Cadbury Yusa is searching for his next spokes animal and any pet can try out said I should enter my pig. There's a photo and video submission component to the contest where the owners show off their furry friends and ears, hats or other costumes. The winner will be in the trying to put a costume on a rabbit. Well, they have their but their bunny draft is what it is. Cabaret launches Bunny tryouts. The winner will be the new Cadbury. Clucking bunny in the new cabaret Clucking Bunny commercial and received $5000 cash prize. You could retire good or your rabbit rabbit could live comfortably the rest of her days with $5000. But just just who beats Cadbury eggs? I don't know. I don't I don't know anybody that likes cabin. I am not a Cadbury egg rolls and they're not well, We're actually all in agreement. Finally creamy center is just something I wonder. Another. Mm, yeah. Not a fan. Not a fan of the peeps. Either theory. Easter Candy doesn't do it for me. No, no, I like the chocolate bunnies, but the solid chocolate bun, But yeah, but I just like chocolate. I just have this and not have to be in bunny form. No shaped like a bunny. So festive. Yeah, but it doesn't matter. It still tastes like awesome. Chocolate. We're back to disagreeing again. It was splashed. All right. Look, look my problem. My biggest my biggest issue. I don't even know I mean, Cadbury Eggs Taste Good. My biggest problem with Cadbury eggs just like they're trying to mimic eggs. And those just shoots its eggs. Do not quality. They don't mix with sweets. Right? So you see something egg shaped head doesn't reconcile the difference that I have a very difficult very difficult time. Just give me the recess. Peanut butter eggs. No, I'll take all of those just recent pieces. It's not hungry national money flowing into the political fight over the future of the Minneapolis police Department months, months before city residents could vote on it on a future And can we saw the headline and John and I had the but had the same wrecks like, Hopefully, I know outside of Of actually keeping the police assumed, But but no, by the way, can I point out the hypocrisy right up front, right? And we don't hear it as well. Actually, we do have a story later on today. I thought you didn't We we might get to talking about money flowing into the into the state. But Isn't it usually the left that's complaining about the dark money outside money influencing things and all right. I just want to be sure, because and when they do, they're hypocrites. Right? Just done. Yes, they are. The ones of Democrats and the left are are are by and large, generally the ones that will raise the most Kim complaints about big money in politics and money from out of state or unnamed interests and things like that, Except when it starts flowing into the coffers of something they support, and then it's too Totally fine. The Open society policy center based in D. C in mid November, donated $500,000 to a new political committee. Vote yes for Minneapolis that wants to eliminate the city's requirement. Toe have a police department. The donation is that is was first reported in the newsletter and Mpls take and the Minnesota reformer and it was included in a campaign finance report filed late last month. Representatives for the center again. The Open Secret policy center, whose board members include Children of billionaire philanthropist in Democrat donor, George Soros. You can't say that You know, let Drew Drew Drew. You've you've jumped the conservative shark. It's in the Star Tribune job. They shouldn't have probable They shouldn't have printed it every time. You know a conservative others. George Soros is immediately all your conspiracy theorists. Oh, you're anti Semetic. Oh, you're this. You're that you gotta called all sorts of names when you just bring up the fact that George Soros donates. Thousands and hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars to some radical left wing causes. What? Yeah, that too, including.

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