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"justice absalom" Discussed on The ChoNilla Podcast

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"justice absalom" Discussed on The ChoNilla Podcast

"As they were going about olive he covered his head and was walking bare feet and because he did that everyone around him covered their heads and walk with bare feet. Who did that. Everyone who david was the one who did it first and then everybody saw him doing it and they're like oh. Maybe we should be doing that. Yeah and cover their hair their head cover their heads and they walked bare feet. Okay yes okay. And he was just doing it randomly. You eat it. 'cause he was sad right fuck. These sandals leasees because close right covered. I'm so sad so so that's the time that you ever been haitian funeral. I'm almost convinced like it's like a thin line to do that. At patient funerals take their tear their clothes. That's how emotional. I've never been. But now i wanna go so. That's around the time that david heard that his trusted adviser a hip of fell had been flipped and working with absolute. David was fg dear. God please make sure that. A hippo fell gives terrible advice to absalon. Wants david. In france go to the top of mount olive. He prayed and everyone was able to take a break while i was praying his old friend. Who shows up looking shoveled and wants to help david on the journey but david is all egg. You'll just slow me down. Fam- i need just. I just need you to breeze over to jerusalem and get cozy and tight with absolute when you find out stuff. Goes zadok and jonathan. Tell them everything and they will. Then tell me what you told them. Cut to a shy arriving. At the gates of jerusalem justice absalom is taking over and chapter fifteen fade to black bible..

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