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"june brossel" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"june brossel" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"And obviously a lot would depend on the particular circumstances of the case. The nature of the charges how specific the language in the pardon was that you might also get a court kind of way on this concept of a preemptive apartment. It's after one way this could potentially play out. But more likely is that federal prosecutors would probably not want to challenge a preemptive part of someone in the president's family. Just because It would be legally complex. The chances of success would be pretty slim. In the decades since Nixon was pardoned. It's basically become a kind of standard understanding that this type of preemptive partners possible. Not so for presidential self pardon, not super presidential self pardon That would be a truly unprecedented action by the president. And again, they're different schools of thought in the legal community about whether there's something the Constitution gives the president the ability to do. There's nothing explicit in the Constitution that says you can't Do. The various scholars have latched on to the wording of different parts of the Constitution to argue one way or the other guests allowed our nose not allowed, But the only way this would actually get tested is if Trump pardon himself and then federal prosecutors charged him with crime that appeared to be covered by the pardon, and he and looked the pardon in his defense. And then of course, we have to decide. It would inevitably go all the way that the Supreme Court and then we would get some sort of answer about whether the president can actually pardon himself. I think that's pretty unlikely. It's not clear that Trump will do a self pardon, and if he does, I think it's fairly unlikely that he gets Charged federally. So in all likelihood, we probably won't know the answer to that question anytime soon of whether presidential self pardon is within legal down David, Do we know how many petitions air pending for pardon? Now that he has to choose from? Yeah, they're about 14,000 petitions pending. But you know, these aren't petitions that Trump is likely to just kind of wait into the pool and pick one out. I mean, these are petitions that have been submitted Justice Department that the pardon office hasn't yet reviewed. In theory, Trump could depend of pluck one out. But most likely, you know these people, many of whom have compelling cases for why they deserve clemency. We're not going to get a hearing and the president is never going to know about them. And that's one of the tragedies of this process and always been distorted under trump like, yes, you certain white collar prisoners now have like new opportunities and avenues to kind of lobby for clemency. But a huge number of people who don't have money who aren't politically connected now have basically no way to get clemency through this process because the Justice Department's been sidelined. Thanks, David. That's Bloomberg Legal reporter David Yoffie Bellamy and in case you're wondering the two rappers. Trump is considering pardoning our little Wayne, who posed with Trump during the presidential campaign and Kodak Black, whom prominent celebrities have lobby Trump to pardon, and that's it for this edition of the Bloomberg Law Show. I'm June Brossel. Thanks So much for listening. Please sit into the Bloomberg law show every week that at 10 P.m. Eastern, right here on Bloomberg Radio..

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