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"julie norby williamson" Discussed on The Adam Schefter Podcast

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"julie norby williamson" Discussed on The Adam Schefter Podcast

"I'm having dinner without them and that, that to me is what Memorial Day means will allow me to thank you, and Chris Mortensen, and every other person, I know and a real person I don't know who has served for our country and given up their time and made sacrifices for their family as you did as more did as so many others have done, and we all all you a tremendous debt of gratitude. So I would ask you sell so then how do you go from doing what you did drive in that ship, as well as you did to driving those live shots, as well as you have for twenty four years freeze over twenty four years? Right. Like we are closing in on twenty five years free, his nobody's done it longer. And at a higher level than you. Well, you know. Longevity in his businesses tough, and, you know what I tell aspiring broadcasters or journalists, is you gotta have proper prior preparation to prevent poor performance is something I learned in the navy. It's the six Ps, proper prior preparation prevents poor performance, and I still rehearse and I still make sure that I know exactly what I'm talking about at all times, and I still try to bring it. I try to bring, you know that whole Joe DiMaggio thing you know, no matter what you're doing in your craft try to do it to the best of your ability with that with that extra pep in your step at all times. Because you never know if the person watching is watching for the first time you ever imagine leaving the navy that you would work the way you have for one company doing what you have for this long period of time. I've been super lucky the answer to that is definitely no super lucky. I've had great people in my life at ESPN Jim Cohen who hired me Seth Markman, who is the godfather of all things NFL at ESPN has been such a promoter of my career when I wrote Phillies special, he was the first person that ESPN that I think meek knowledge moments. Stephanie, Julie norby Williamson. I mean, the list goes on and on and on, of people that I've had close to me, who have been make people came out and newspapers like Chuck, solid, pseudo. You know, guys people who understood how to do the job at understood that I had something to contribute. And I always like to say, again, to my students, sometimes ESPN you get to play quarterback. Like I do on Sunday mornings at Lincoln financial field. But when I go to the Super Bowl, I'm the right guard. And that's the key to understanding the culture at ESPN. Sometimes you get to play quarterback, but you'd be better be ready to play special teams when they ask you where do you teach students sell. You a class that you teach I teach all over the country out of mental I taught as an adjunct at Saint Jones for six years, I take teach young broadcasters and something called the scholastic broadcast camp every summer that it's done. It's based at affiliate, but it's based, it has camps all over the country. And then I'm asked to to go and teach classes at different universities and colleges all the time. And whenever I can I try to talk to them because it's tough now to get a job. And it's really hard to keep them, you know, twenty five years at Disney, you know what they give you for that cell, which is the statue for twenty five. I checked it out before I came on tinker. Bell is twenty five years. You tinker bell. L statue coming and I believe, if my fact checking is accurate that you get a similar statue at twenty. Do you have a simple statute from twenty I have Mustafa said, twenty I believe, yes, I have still I gave it to my granddaughter Kira? I wanted her to have it. She loves The Lion King. And she can't believe that I have that statue. Simba mustafa. That's a lot of styling of a single statue from Disney yet. Don't worry you're gonna own the company. I don't ever single stats show in your role as news gatherer Sunday sideline reporter who is the best interview that you've ever done. You know..

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