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Detective Trapp

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Circuits | 2

"Detective trap contains descriptions of violence and sexual content and is not suitable for everyone. Please be advised on Friday morning March. Fourteenth two thousand fourteen detective Jelicic trap walked into into a massive trash sorting plant in North Central Anaheim. It is the most organized chaos that you will ever have the opportunity to witness business and the smell is. I mean if you can stick your nose in your trash can after Thanksgiving with all the leftovers that have been sitting there for a week in the heat. It's called republic. Waste services has tons of garbage surge through their everyday across a series of elevated six foot wide conveyor belts. A worker had spotted what looked like a human foot protruding intruding from the trash on one of them. The belt was stopped and the police summoned but the other belts kept rolling and the clanging and clunking of the machinery echoed code off the walls and the high ceiling trap watched his garbage trucks backed up to the unloading bays one after another shoveling out mountains of already crush debris and their tractor-trailers coming around with the big claw. Like and you see in toy story. Just picking up mounds of trash rush and putting them through their conveyor belt system when trap arrived one of her partners on the homicide squad bruce. Lynn was standing standing on the conveyor belt near the body land was a transfer from the fugitive hunting squad where he'd spent years undercover and thirty close and he. You had not hesitated to wade into the trash. The veteran detectives had seen murder in many forms but the coldness of the scene struck them both breath. This one was different to me more cold more sadistic less human and it's hard to add something to snuffing. Somebody's life out just because you chose to. The victim was a young woman. Unclothed with no ide- covered with grime or jaw was broken. Her leg was snapped and her skull was crushed. Maybe by the body's progress through the machinery the body was wrapped in shredded Blue Blue Tarp. The detectives were presented with a few immediate problems. They had to find the name of the victim and they had to figure out how she got there. mm-hmm the plant was fed by thousands of trash bins around the county. Anyone of which the body could have been dropped in. The detectives decided they'd have to collect every piece of trash a wide radius around the body. You know me thinking but he I think we need a go at least twenty five maybe thirty feet in each direction of several at least from where she is and like anything with an address with you to collect because I mean she really could have come from anywhere anywhere. The only way we are ever in a stand a chance of solving this is if we can narrow down where she came from blend was digging through the trash Russian. Search of anything that might have a usable fingerprint he found a tube of acrylic sealant. Trim glaze caulking. I've caught a lot of things things in my house I saw two Bukowski. All I can say is that it was the only thing that I saw amidst the entire forty to fifty yards of and three feet high garbage. That was hard solid smooth and fairly clean. You put those things together and you can come up with the fingerprint. And if there's one near so with gloves I picked it up from the tip and I dropped it into an evidence bag and I thought Oh lord let that be something mm-hmm figuring out where the woman came from would be difficult determining who she was might be easier beneath the dirt on her neck under her jaw and there was a curse of Tattoo that read Jodi detective traffic sponsored by Madison Reed Medicine Reuse. 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From The Los Angeles Times and wondering I'm Christopher Gothard this is detected track this guy and I says episode so two circuits. When people are stopped by police in Anaheim their tattoos are fed into into a database in two thousand thirteen? A woman was detained on suspicion of prostitution. She was from Ardmore Oklahoma. An officer had made a record of a tattoo on her neck. That said Jodi. The young woman was named Gerais e step by this method in March twenty. Fourteen Scott attentive idea on the body at the trash sorting plan. Detective Trap thought EASTEP. Who was twenty one that the profile all of circuit girl a sex worker who cycled through Anaheim Oakland Las Vegas and maybe a few other cities for a few days before moving on back back at her desk with a week of the plant still in her clothes propaganda? Faxing the hotels in the resort district around Disneyland trying to find the room or east at might have been staying staying while she was in town. This didn't bring any results. The real heart of the sex trade in Anaheim is a few blocks west a mile long north north south stretch of Beach Boulevard. Vice cops call the track. It's a wide road that bisects. The city's far western corner the north it spills into Buena Park close to Knott's berry farm to the south it turns into the city of Stanton and the girls ranged from what's known as the girl where they travel across the country. Quite frankly to what's known as a track of prostitution that's just known for for a well-dressed fit in pretty and you wonder Interesting from that all the way down to a ripped ripped torn dirty flannel with a syringe and ran. It runs the gamut. That's Beach Boulevard. It was here that detectives decided to concentrate their search for east steps last Ruma. We divided into three different groups and we started going hotel hell to motel to hotel showing her picture showing her name. Do you have her registered here. During her years in sex crimes trap became familiar block by block walk with the landscape of Fifty Buck Nights. STUCCO flop-houses with metal bars on their check in windows. Some of them Kitschy mid-century motels that sprang up to capitalize on Disneyland's traffic and have long since decayed gas stations. DONUT shops psychics. Fast food joints and in ever-shifting in gallery of Petty Crook stick up artists parolees and drug zombies. She could guess the popular drugs by the gate of their captives street. Cycling Cling from crack to Meth to bath salts to heroin often on FRAPP had worked undercover. Here is part of the so-called John Program basically basically we posed prostitutes in. We Walk Beach Boulevard and let John's come in solicit you and then they get busted and it doesn't take very long once you start Walking Beach Boulevard before you get your first male coming up in soliciting you you you know when you first start you. You think that you're going to do your hair and you need to your make out and you WanNa look attractive and you know what to wear high heels and then and you quickly realize that you don't wash your hair and you wear a tank top and maybe some short shorts and flip flops. You know all purchase Johnson leg. Hey sugar you looking for a date and of course now I have fun with it and I try to work in lines from pretty woman he you know which extra bonus points if he can throw a man. What's your name? What do you want it to be? One of traps useful masks made possible by her ability to sound very young. was that of a vulnerable Poland naive underage girl looking for a daddy the vice unit would put her on the phone with pimps and she'd pretend to be fifteen and I talked on the phone I talk on the phone. A text trollop call right maxine. Oh He's fifteen sixteen. Yeah they of course working phone with safe working undercover on Beach Boulevard was something else. A reminder of how dangerous it was for the women out there Some undercover detectives will approach John's car on the passenger side to put distance between themselves and the driver as they assess him. I've just I made the decision to to go up to. The driver's does not like I can get a clean wire. But I could see who I'm dealing with and you know if there's a gun in the car if there's somebody else in the a car I have a better luck and then that unfortunately just open you up to them sometimes touching you and I have been groped and you I just kind of play it off. I slept there hand very playfully and I say you can't get the free kind of make it work you know back away she'd walk the would-be customers back to a hotel room where her partners were waiting. You walk into a room and then and Once you're inside you know kind of like you see on. TV there in the next room over. They'll jump out in their Ninja suits and and take the guy down so but there is that uncomfortable time where you're walking from the parking lot into the room when you're you're trying to open the the motel room and they're standing right behind you as she got out the pass key to open the door she could sometimes feel the man's breath on the back of her neck. It was in just this part of town. Just these sort of motels that detectives were looking that night in March two thousand fourteen for traces of Gerais eastep who had just arrived from Oklahoma within hours. They found where she had had been staying. It was room to seventeen of the Anaheim Lodge at eight thirty seven South Beach Boulevard. She had checked in but never returned. The cleaners had found her room empty and removed her belongings including A. Hello Kitty Person. A Greyhound. Ticket from Oklahoma to California and management had stored it trap climbing the exterior stairway to the motel second floor and stepped into the room. There were no signs of a struggle inside a drawer. Tura eastep have left a few things. The cleaners had missed toiletries. Contact Lens Solution. A stack of seven hundred thirty dollars in cash. Rush suggesting EASTEP. It had profitable run on the street. A bag of life savers and her Oklahoma. Id Card the face vase on. It looked like a small town beauty pageant. Winner with skin as unlined as teenagers. She had arrived on a Greyhound bus and so so we knew that she had only been here less than a day. Twelve hours really from when she went missing alone among her partners on the homicide squad trapped pinned her victims faces on the Cork Board at her cubicle and bought a rosary for them all she kept the faces up long. After the cases were solved wbt. She referred to victims by first name and call their families on birthdays and anniversaries. Every murder cop must strike some balance between caring and coldness between empathy for the victim and the clinical detachment required to solve the case entraps case. It's a vivid David contest. Part of her drive came from a connection to the families which meant entering their bottomless pain. Some of our partners wondered how she managed this year after after year she was about to enter another family story. The day after the body was discovered the day she officially became the lead detective on the a case trap was at her dining room table on the phone on the other end in Oklahoma she had jerry steps mother. She had to give her the worst possible. Komo news by phone rather than in person and it was a tight rope walk and it's cruel and in a certain way it is cruel because you there is a fine line of trying to gather information and still maintaining a sense of report four with the family. Would you also know that the minute you deliver this news. They're not gonNA WANNA talk to you. The mother demanded to know what was going on. Her daughter wasn't answering her phone trap. Needed basic information like Jerry cell phone number so she could get a warrant for her phone records records trap astor when she had last seen her daughter a week ago the mother replied and as far as she knew her daughter was in Oklahoma Oma she asked if she was alive trap sidestepped the question and asked if she had her daughter's phone number yes she had the number but would she he explain what this was about. Trap said. I'm sorry to inform you that yesterday your daughter was found deceased then she. She listened to the mother screaming and the phone went dead after a while. Trap got her on the phone again. Gerets mother wanted to know. Are you sure it's my daughter daughter. Trap ask for daughter had any tattoos. Jody Eastep said she has my name on her neck. Detective trap is sponsored by Bomba's no matter how many times you've tackled it. Holiday shopping can be a challenge. Long lines impact impact stores even longer lines parking lots but this year Bama's has made holiday gifting so much easier if you haven't heard of them Baba's makes socks the most comfortable software socks ever as a matter of fact. Obama socks provide support in places. You didn't even know you needed it. Like your arches. Each sock doc is built with a special arch support system. That's not too tight. It's more like a hug for your foot. I just got my first pair of Bombay socks and I am telling you these are the solution to your holiday gifting needs. They've got dress socks for work. 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Menace was the father of Gerets steps. Two year old son. When trap looked at her phone records she found? He had exchanged more than one hundred calls or text with her. On the day she disappeared. I mean he was. It was very apparent the control the he had over her. I'm constant constant communication and. That's very typical between him and his girl complete and total control nevertheless menace who was apparently still in Oklahoma denied this repeatedly when trap got him on the phone and I got a female menace. said that's just the mother of my child. She begged him to be honest with her and he kept insisting he knew nothing about prostitution and like injuries case you know her pimp controlled her from from Oklahoma. She's still expected to check in and let him know how much money she made and sent him the money. Unfortunately it's it's pretty common And these young girls become victims to these pimps who I think start a relationship with them and let them know that. Hey I'm GonNa take care of you. And somehow the they make it seem okay to to earn money this way and it starts with them buying them things and taking care of them and taking them to different locations and you know big confuse news that affection as love and next thing you know Jodi Eastep told me that. Her daughter met menace when she was a seventeen year. Old High School student in ardmore she would just sucked into his his lies. Mutilations when Jodi confronted Gerais Array about its ray insisted that it was her choice. That menace wasn't forcing her to do anything but then again I never believed in and reading her diary reproves that that's not what she truly wanted. I watched my daughter change from the person she wise and I watched her trying to make him. I'm happy doing everything he wanted to wanting to get out of it. He wanted that money. Wanted that money to where she decided to go. Oh he would he would say. La is the place to go. La is where the money is. You need to go out there. Yeah he's trying to get her to to go out there for a while before she wanted. But how and then white picket fence. She's always wanted that. She never really changed on what she wanted. Jodi told me that she didn't have a lot of trust in the police but she remembers a conversation with detective trap early early in the case she gave me her word and she promised me that she would not stop until she found who did this to my daughter because she was so impacted by the fact the way they they disposed of the body and how they did it. You know and I and I remember telling. Don't promise me that if you can't keep your word and she said no I give you my word. I will not rest until I find who killed her daughter. There is a sign taped to a window by detective traps cubicle in the homicide unit. It says you can't stop love. I inherited design when I it came into the unit. Tony Kanta take it down. One of the department. Philosophers had taped it up as a wry commentary on a pattern they saw constantly early in murders and suicides. Someone deranged by Jealousy and unable to let go of a husband or wife or lover and also applied to people pull mostly women who were trapped in relationships. They didn't recognize as abusive or didn't know how to escape when they finally decide to leave life that the risk for that happening occurs in sex crimes trapped once worked the case of a seventeen year old girl who had been impregnated by her pastor. Astor trap remember how hard it was to untangle. The girl's feelings of love from her sense of violation trap had seen variations on the the theme. Her whole career lost women and runaway girls. Trying desperately to fill some emptiness in the unshakable grip of bad men. Every detective draws from a well of personal experience and traps late teens had given her a sense of how easy it was for one bad choice to compound another when the circumstances dances or right before she became jealous trap back when she was still Julissa Rios. She was growing up with her parents and a younger brother and a spotless. Yellow House on Westmont drive in central Anaheim. Her mother was a homemaker who spoke little English. She had old school Catholic views and imposed a strict bricked curfew. Jalousie Rios Ran Cross country for her high school. She was working as an Anaheim police explorer winding up for Drill Inspection Matt Police Headquarters and absorbing everything she could about police work just from the very beginning. I knew that I had found my home anything that the police department treatment could use extra hands for volunteer. For that reason. You got a uniform sarin. We're getting called out once to look for evidence in a field and we would help them and do grid searches. And that's really exciting because now you're working with homicide. Detectives looking for real evidence. In no small part she says it was the site of female officers that emboldened her to pursue police work seemed female police officers doing the tasks and realizing I'm not any different than them. And if they can do it I certainly can do it. The stubbornness that got her through. The Police Academy also threatened to derail her as a teenager at sixteen. She sneaked out of the a yellow house to meet a boyfriend. Her mom found out and kicked her out to listen. Rios was a proud headstrong girl so she grabbed a red suitcase and left laughed. When my mom said to me you either obey the rules or you get out you know I said fine? I'm going to get out and Mailsi poses a why she what's she got a job at a yogurt shop in crashed with friends pretty soon. She found herself living with a guy. I twice her age. He had money. He said he loved her. Just your average looking guy who looking back. I think had a thing for younger women. He just happened to catch me in a place where I you know. I had broken up with my high school crush. My I love I've been kicked out of my home. I really had no place to go. I didn't WANNA go crawling back home because I didn't want to see Michael Failure to my parents and yeah he offered me a place to live and an alternate reality. Once when she returned from an outing with the explorers she found on the man she was living with heads. scissored up close. You hadn't wanted her to go and this was his way of punishing her during that period. She didn't talk to her mom. Mm but she kept in touch with her. Dad was her best friend and idol. You never judged her he had to say you just need to come home when her father learned that a grades had plunged from as to offset Savannah Highschool turn to Rick Martinez. The COP ran the police explorer. Our program please do something for Julie. Martinez gave her a come to Jesus speech pull it together get your grades up to seize all all your out of the explorers had very good mentors. That were by lifeline. They saw what I was going through and they pulled homicide and they said hey. What are you doing this long life goal that you have? You'RE GONNA throw it all the way here. Shut together the thought of not getting to be a COP crystallize the stakes and she made a choice. She left the older guy. She packed up her red suitcase and moved back into the Yellow House. I got a chance to live and I don't regret it because maybe who I am today But definitely not a point of my life that I would want to repeat spiraled into something more absolutely. Oh it definitely only helps me relate with some of the victims that I ran into later and understanding how impressionable and how vulnerable you are and how easy it is for someone to take advantage of a and then in a situation how difficult it is to get out especially. When you don't have resources I had resources? It was ultimately able to escape that that relationship. There's a lot of different reasons. Why women stay? She got her grades up and got into the academy. Her little brother helped her shine her boots. Her mom ran a lint cleaner over her uniform and arranged arranged her name play just so and studied the uniform for stray fibers. If the instructor saw dangling threads she'd get screamed at an Hayes Site Oh my God Rios. Are you gonNA hang yourself by that row. Her mom made big ENCHILADA dinners for her enter fellow cadets and let them practice arrest arrest techniques in the front yard. The recruit class started with thirty five people of the twenty-six who graduated. She was one of three women. These days is Julius attracts speaks of her teenage years as an abyss avoided. She'll tell you that police work saved. Her family. Saved her some kind of grace okay. So she didn't understand saved. Her Jarrai eastep might have escaped if she'd lived a little longer as trap pursued or killer. She was quickly able to rule out. The man who called himself menace whose phone records showed he'd been in Oklahoma when she vanished. Not long ago. I sent menace a letter then. He was in prison serving a fifteen year sentence for unrelated charges of racketeering. Police said he was a member of the hoover crips which was linked to a series of drive-by shootings in Oklahoma. I wanted to give him a chance to respond to the allegations about him. Pimping out. You're a the mother of his son. I asked him if he cared to comment comment on their relationship. Called me from lockup with a question is there money in that on the fourth day of the investigation detective. Active Julia traps stood in the medical examiner's office as Jerry e steps body was autopsied. That's when we start realizing just how brutal brutal her murder was and Learning a little bit more about what happened to her in the last hours of her life. We're able to see she's got a bite on her right forearm and Significant amount of bruising on her face and neck area it looked like she had been strangled or smothered third and there were signs of sexual assault. The medical examiner removed Tampon from the body which they sent to the lab in the hope it might hold identifiable DNA A trap watched as metal shavings. Were tweeted out of the victim's mouth. She wondered how they got. There may be from the garbage bin. She had been left in trapper partners detective. Jd durant and Bruce. Lynn quickly became what they called. Dr Biologists so I told you I I need. I need to know where where the trach came from. They asked Republic waste services which ran the recycling plant where the body had been found for a list of pickup locations that fed into the plant. There were hundreds of sites along trash routes that snake through Anaheim and nearby cities she had injuries stat were consistent with being crushed or compacted and so we kinda ask them like what could do that and they they tell us that. There is several uh-huh containers that do have cell compactor in them. So we asked for those i. The trash route search was too big for adjusts the homicide squad and soon dozens of Anaheim cops were fanning out to find the dumpsters trap handed out photos of the debris on the conveyor belt where he steps body had been found and she told searchers to look for trash that matched the kind of shredded Blue Tarp. The body had been wrapped in residential construction debris. Three metal shavings if there was surveillance cameras nearby. She told them to get the footage to they had to work fast before it disappeared. Surveillance cameras often a race footage automatically after a week. Initial this includes Some very large commercial facilities. He's got another list. Attractive residential homes they brought in the police explorers to help to three hundred homes large area so we drop them off and Cuma- bunch of flyers and often. Meanwhile Detectives Canvassed Beach Boulevard with Cherie steps photo and talk to what trap called every Creighton and Zombie. Who prowled the area and at the same time working on Juris cell phone records and and trying to determine who she had contact with in the past twenty four hours this led them to a man who called a dray Eastep at seven eight pm on her last night alive? The surveillance team is following him and he just looks like your typical guy hard worker. I has a family just doesn't Strike me as I'm out killing just a factory worker. Male Hispanic didn't speak English so I made the decision about thirty eight hours into the investigation to stop him. He was very cooperative and he said yes I met I met Gerais. He obviously didn't know her name. But yes. I met this woman on Beach Boulevard. I solicit her for ten minutes of sucks for forty dollars and we went to her room and we had an encounter and when I left she was very much alive. I'm not responsible for killing her. Basically he volunteer to take a polygraph. He volunteered his DNA. And setting in anything I can do to help. But ultimately I didn't kill her all day long cops throw coming by traps desk in the homicide squad to drop off. USB drives with surveillance footage of trash bins amid all her other tasks she studied it. Some you can fast forward and some you can't you know depends on the software for the videos so much much more clearer than others. It's very tedious work in you you you just you know that you have to do it. That brought no results. She got another lead from Jerry steps. Mother Jody Calls Me and she tells me the jury also had another pimp that she worked with in California. Just individually. Michael I find out this michaels on parole and he's living in Oakland Oakland so I've got a team working on him and Writing Search warns to get up on his phone and of course when they finally come back the record show. That Michael was in Oakland when this happened when she went missing there was still another suspect. An auto shop employee motel surveillance captured captured eastep climbing out of his car. Her last day alive. Police put a tracker on car and followed him for days. They ruled him out. So it's day five. I'm pretty frustrated on day. Five I'm sitting in our cafe cafe ten percent. You know we're all all all good thought happened that cafe ten percent. It's Kinda where we all game plan and their ideas out there cafe. Ten percent is a little gathering spot near her desk. Ask with a high end coffeemaker the origin of the name. She won't tell me in secret there's a mantle above the coffee machine crowded with beer-taps which which is a kind of shrine two former colleagues coors light Newcastle Goose Island. Every member of the homicide team got a specific beer. TAP even teetotallers like Bruce Lynn and it goes up on that detectives cubicle Wall so the supervisor can look through his window and see immediately. WHO's on tap up for the next murder? It's considered extremely bad luck. Amass with another detectives tap traps has the label of Dead Guy Ale in Oregon gone brew which she'll ceremoniously put on the mantle when she leaves homicide anyway. That's the cafe ten percent thus place to get a cup of coffee and I remember him sitting there. I'm pretty frustrating. I'm and I'm kind of talking to JD. And I said remember telling him like there is so much trash. How are we ever going to figure out where she came from? We have to figure out where she came from. It's the only way we're going to get anywhere. One of the detectives working the case. Mark Lillyman at an idea and he says hey. Have you thought about renting parolees on Beach Boulevard. He's like you know a lot of parolees have GPS GPS monitors now. Have you thought about running and I were going. Do you know how many parolees are going to hit on Beach Boulevard for it we we would have to run it for at least twenty four hours. How many parolees are GonNa be on Beach Boulevard? In a twenty hour period like that list is going to be humongous around around the same time trap. Supervisor asked her to meet with detectives from Santa Ana and Newport beach. Both cities had open cases on missing or murdered. Women Trap was skeptical Nicole. She had so much else to do and didn't strike her as the best use of time at this Herod Pedal to the Metal Stage in the investigation. I thought it was a little too soon to be having a meeting eating. But my Administration thought differently and I. I just kind of wanted to focus on my own murder and not take my time away from that from the start trap at wondered good weather there might be a connection between E. steps death and the disappearance of three women in Santa Ana starting five months earlier. She had seen their their faces on the news. All of the women had been working as prostitutes but it struck trap is a far fetched possibility. It meant there was a serial serial killer at work and that was extremely rare when she told the prosecutor assigned to our case about the meeting he seemed justice skeptical. Amer him thinking like sweet kid. You think there's a serial killer out there and Kinda Juggle Mike no sir. I don't think that I'm just letting you know. Oh that Santa Hat has servicing girls. I have a girl the all in the same line of work. I'm just giving you. The information trap learned that Santa Anna Detectives had the cellphone records of their missing women and so the detectives began looking for a phone number in their records that might match a a number EASTEP had called or received a number that might connect the four women but there was no common number near the beginning beginning of the third week. The forensics lab called the lab had been combing through the pieces of trash found around Jerry steps body. One of the pieces was a caulking onto the kind used home remodeling jobs. The caulking tube had one good fingerprints. The print was fed into the police database base and soon trap had the name of the man who had left it and his address was a window installer. He lived in a mobile noble home park not far from where the women disappeared in Santa Ana. She got his number. He said he would be back home in the late afternoon when his shift ended. She told him she'd come by then. She didn't say why from the Los Angeles Times and wondering. This is part two of five of detective track. If you're the victim of sexual rolex ploy to help someone who is call. The national human trafficking hotline number is one eight eight three seven three seven eight eight again. That's one eight hundred three seven three seven eight eight. If you'd like to help us spread the word. Please give us a five star review you and tell your friends to subscribe where available on Apple. PODCASTS spotify cashbox and every major listing APP as well as wonder Dot Com if you're listening on a smartphone tap or swipe over the cover art of this podcast. They'll find the episode notes including some details. You may have missed. You'll also find offers from our sponsors money support our sponsors. You help us bring you our shows for free and thank you. Detective Trap was written and reported by me. Your host was Christopher Gulford for the Los Angeles Times associate producer. Is Greta Weber story editor. Is Liza veal. Original Music by Fernando Arruda Music Music Coordinator is Marcelino via Pondo. Our Editors at the Los Angeles Times are Steve Clow and shelby grand executive produced by George George Lavender Marshal Louis and non Lopez for wondering

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