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"Welcome to museum archipelago. I'm UNLV dinner. Museum archipelago guides you through the rocky landscape of museums. Each episode is never longer than fifteen minutes. So let's get started. There's a new tool in younger with creationist quest for scientific legitimacy, the museum over the past twenty five years, dozens of so called creation, museums have been built most of them in the US, barring the style of natural history, museums, and science centers, these public display spaces use the form and rhetoric of mainstream science to support a belief in the literal truth of the bible, including the creation of the universe in six days, about six thousand years ago on museum. Let's creationist speak directly to the people in unfiltered and unchallenged way, just by being able to put all this inside something that's called museum and use the sort of trappings of science, it really gives creationism that additional feel of legitimacy and credibility that it might not otherwise have this is Julie Garcia and her interest in both evolution and the people who vehemently deny. It led her to explore. Why museums are particularly well suited medium for creationist ideas. My name is Julie Garcia. I was formerly known as Julie Duncan at the time that I wrote my senior thesis which was called faith displayed as science, the role of the creation, museum in the modern American creationist movement Garcia grew up in Kentucky, and as an undergrad at Harvard. She decided to become a history and science, major at other colleges, that's known as history and philosophy of science, which is basically just the study of what science is, and why we trusted and what are different ways of knowing the world for me, part of the reason I had gone into it because I had always had a fascination with evolution. And I had also had a corresponding fascination with wise Sony people so vehemently, didn't like Evelyn. And why so many people? To the point of thirty forty sometimes fifty percent in certain holes believe in creationism. I was prompted to write this thesis when in probably two thousand six or so I heard that in my backyard in Boone county, Kentucky answers in Genesis, a creationist organization was going to be building the largest creation museum in the world known as the answers in Genesis, creation, museum, a twenty seven million dollar facility over many acres about ten minutes from my house to answers in Genesis, creation, museum, also known as just the creation museum opened in two thousand seven in its first year. It reported four hundred thousand visitors I eventually decided coming into the summer of two thousand eight before my senior year that I would spend that summer traveling to back home to Kentucky to visit the creation museum there and three other creation museums around the. S the creation evidence museum in Glen, rose, Texas dinosaur adventure land, and the related creation, museum in Pensacola, Florida and the institute for creation research, which is near San Diego, California. So that's kind of how it all started. And, and I spent the summer two thousand eight visiting those and talking to people and, and learning about the four different idioms Garcia chose these four museums for their stylistic differences, and for their geographical diversity and each one, she viewed the exhibits and talk to the founders and staff, then analyzed highlighted the messages in methods common to all of the museums, there was some trepidation before I went because I was worried that by disclosing that I was not a creationist that they would assume that I was out to write a smear piece on their museums, which, honestly, when I read my thesis, now I think there are certain things that I would now phrase differently that came off snark. Earlier than I think I would write them now but everyone was very kind to me and they were all very eager to show me everything that they had built. And they were very proud of it. I came away from it thinking, you know, these, these are very, nice people with whom I just disagree. But that's the thing that kind of stuck in my mind. The most is that everyone. I talked to was very nice, and obviously very faithful and believe completely in what was being shown in the museum's too. I did feel uncomfortable seeing all the children there. It's one thing I've Asli for adults to decide what they believe and do whatever they want with those beliefs and feel very strongly about them and, and teach them to others. It was just a little troubling to MIR disheartening to see young children. Very impressionable learning things that I personally consider to be contrary to science undoubtedly contrary to. Established mainstream science. But of course, that's kind of the purpose of these museums amphora for museums, heavily featured dinosaurs either in audio neutron ick form or as fossils, this is not just because of the time, compression of geological ages present in young earth creationism, it is also because dinosaurs, attract the public, particularly children to these museums. The founder of the answers in Genesis, creation, museum, Ken ham calls dinosaurs. Missionary lizards for their attention getting power. Yes, I did feel some discomfort seeing kids being kind of explicitly told. Hey, these dinosaurs were alive, six thousand years ago. And people were riding them like an answers in Genesis. They actually have a triceratops toward the end of the Newseum with addle on it, and you can sit on it, and take a picture, and it's, it's not a joke. It is a representation of what the museum says, you know, would've been a typical. Pre-flood diorama, where humans were living together with dinosaurs. All of them basically said in different ways Dr Hoven from guidance sword. Bench Linden, Florida and an ham from answers in Genesis both. Very explicitly said, the, the purpose of using things like dinosaurs is to attract the children to bring them in, you know, then again with distance now I can acknowledge that

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