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"julie aim" Discussed on The Scathing Atheist

"One last and in more like sociopath news homeopath naturopathy and dangerous. Con person julie aim. Maisy was arrested this week. For providing her so-called patients with so-called homeopathic vaccination pellet as well as forged vaccination cards to match the dates of their nothing because why not just not get vaccinated and cause a plague when you can commit felonies not get vaccinated and spread of plague instead. Yeah and no by the way. We are not legally required to say alleged con person until she gets convicted because con person is a synonym for homeopath and she puts that should on her business card. Worst case scenario we would have to identify her as alleged con person and con person shouli. She's manifesting her own destiny. Yeah so according to court documents a family member of one of mazey's patients submitted a complaint to the department of health and human services office of inspector general hotline after that family member told them that quote. Maisy stated that the pellets contain the cove in nineteen virus and would create an antibody response in the immune system and quote. Who's buying this stuff. She's like yeah. So i bought a barrel. Cova did Then a poured out a thimble cove. It's actually really hard over the blaze. Then i put the thimble into a fucking lake and made hills from the lake by medicine from me a whole pump billion dollar industry and but no any other lakes but it gets worse again quote. Maisy sent.

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