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"julianne gavin" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"But who was who was talking to Aurora before this book, she's one of the people that ended up voting with the people that ate votes that went against Eric. So was that the with the commissar of things because I think I like this even more for the Julius and the Gavin's Victoria's if they were able to pull Aurora back in a number and also I think we have to remember that less. Sue five is is Devon's is out. Devon's wants nothing to do with less sue as we like this week. But like who knows next week? I know. His detriment. I thought that he didn't was not even flirting with the less aside. And I think that that is going to be potentially very detrimental to his game in terms of the way that he handled himself some great TV moments when he basically was like a war. I think you should come back and work with us. And like, yeah, I'd love to that'd be great. And. Dog is like, okay. So you've with us. No, no, never vote with you guys. I hate you guys. Yeah. I want to get it. But we I'm not ready to leave behind that. You think that Julia and Gavin made the right move here. Because like even if you're right like run air. Ron and Julie are going to be furious them, right? So who are their numbers like their numbers are not wore dog Wentworth and Lauren. Those are not like their new loyal alliance. Obviously, David is not their new loyal wines. Like where is their leverage in this game? Now, they've totally lost their leverage this kind of three factions now where comma has been split into. And then you have the less group in this people that are sort of like flipping between either one. I don't want you to try to put words in my mouth. I I'm not saying that I love this move. This is definitely the right move. But I'm not willing to indict it either. I mean, it's the final twelve and this thing is going to. Shift a bunch of more times between now until we get to the end of the game. Yeah. And I think that Julianne Gavin are going to be shifting in a much worse position than when they when they were the dominant group on this on this tribe. I mean, we're at the bottom of the dominant group why? So let's say if the less who six is the dominant group, right? That's what we're agreeing on then than the, Victoria, Gavin and Julia the younger side of that group is still three out of six which to me doesn't necessarily mean the bottom. Yeah. But it doesn't feel like that they have any control. And I think that what we saw with Ron and Eric in his episode was this idea of holding out the loved ones visit as just this great carrot which was going to motivate everybody that was fun. Right. That was really fun. I'm sorry that didn't work out because it was a really fun idea. It was a fun idea. But I just say I think it's been done, and maybe it has an early made the episodes, but I feel like that every season that sort of like the carrot too. Keep these big alliances together where okay, let's just make the merge. Okay. Let's just make the family..

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