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"juliana velasquez" Discussed on MMA Roasted

"It was a weird angle, it was a weird angle. So this week, in Bellator Juliana Velasquez, a girl who beat off Alina McFarland, who was a champion is frightening to me Kal Holtz. They should be hyping discussions 11 or 12 but anti-roll Fortune was a wrestling star lost to Tim Johnson and the guy we had on. He's fighting Matt mitrione that's a good fine which no one will see nobody not mammoths. Now it's not that makes your own some fucking wet wet fucking towel and wet mop, you know? And this case would take his ass down and he's on the fucking, he's going to put him out as a wet mop. I'm surprised that surprises me off. Surprised me. I thought they trailed is pretty good. I like he has not looked at it. Last couple fights though he's been getting beat pretty bad, right? Well I mean there's a reason he's the sliding down through the various organizations. So in the UFC this Saturday night Islamic, I am trying to call the next to be guys. Allegedly was being freed his bed, he hasn't lost a 2005, fighting Tiago, Moses, also a badass fighter, also one of the last couple of fights a good fight. This is a really, really nice. This is a guy, a fight fans fight. So I'm excited about this. However, why would you think this fight? Why would you make this fight? So early in the career? Why when you get ordered and and built it up yet, get both guys a couple more wins and then add them fight for the number one Contender spot. Well, one guy is nineteen and one, you know, birth Checking the other guys 15 at 4. So, I mean, I hear you. I mean, he needs food over his last fight. Islam did Chicago won three in a row, what? I'm going to Michael Johnson, also, beat somebody. Yeah, this guy is kind of the last couple of fights I've been like, okay, this is like that. We'll see how long is it going to be?.

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