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"julia rosenberg" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"You Stephen does seem super impressed with the word. But I as I said to Stephen like seething last week, you said that this was a terrible move to get rid of Chris. So I don't know why I think it's sometimes Stephen works backwards from the fishy of well. I gotta give somebody. So all right. Then this person is everything they did was great. He did write a whole article about how the war Doug paid a bad move in a Chris vote revisionist history. Mary you don't see the word dog thanking you for his fishy. So. Yeah. I thought a as far as the swab goes I mean, we're couldn't have ended up in a in a better spot. At least in the short term to be the swing vote with those those groups of two, and I think, you know, going into the going into that swamp. I I was like I actually thought that Devon's or David might be screwed. Because why if you have if you've stayed with with this whole time why go against her on this phone? I it just it's just another opportunity to get her as an ally going forward in the. Yeah. And I do appreciate the war dog said that being able to subtly play the middle and for see the battlefield depending on who goes home was one of Rod's grade contributions to the strategy of the games. Thank you for that war dog and Kimmy Cabourg even said, we love at Rochester near you went home way too early in all stars. That's right. And he got too many confessionals. Okay. So this just from from thing where they were the braiding you and then they're thinking you pick a lane. I like people on social media to have one one opinion consistent voice. Okay. All right. And then I think we'll wrap up our social media segment with Dr Mike Dr Mike is. Following the season. He said at the real Chrissy, h not posting the statistical probability of the swamp. It's like me not offering at Jay Rosenberg to twelve with her incontinence at zero is here for you. Okay. Now, Dr Mike is referring to Julie's quote from this week's episode aware. She said this. Can't drop here. Bob's I barely turn to Joe my pants right now. Okay. Now, this is coming on the heels of but the re a weeks ago what she said this. To help out around camp as much as I can buy I live in New York City. I had no now door survivors skills whatsoever. I have a splinter. But it hurts. I think low so that I can come to that I feed in the bushes of central park once and that was that was an emergency. I look her her one survivor experience is now helping she's she's running into the same things. I guess in true Ashley Nolan fashion. She has found her number one thing. That's that. That'll be her thing. And I'm excited for three one day talked to her about that as well. I peed in central park. It. It's a thing. I want to know that. Joking. Joking joking by. I was joking wink, wink, yes. Julia Rosenberg responded and said saying I'm going to pee in my pants. Does not mean I actually peed in my pants. You'll have to keep watching to see if it becomes a castaway. I, but I'll be sure to inquire about your professional services. Should I need them as long as.

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