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The Parent Trap with Elena Lazic and Mani Lazic

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The Parent Trap with Elena Lazic and Mani Lazic

"Jonah, what say. Oh. Ladies. It's time to break up this little love-fest potty Kathy Kathy potty. I mean wool. He's Meiling and raising his coffee, drinking it satisfied that how in this face and she was going on. You thought I was reprimanding the two of you. You have to break it up. Late eighties, it is. It is my my nickname. I have been lady petty. Whenever. Party party buddying cast. Yeah, gusty. Okay. I'm waiting a BuzzFeed article about things you don't know about here. Good. So the movies for Halley, right? That's the dedication dog, her daughter. She's got another daughter Anne, right well as you chop liver. So she named him after the two daughters, but where she bone yet, maybe not there because the name. Raise the rate is is in the movie, and he plays wonder, bunk. Manny plays the towel girl and how he plays. The one who asks where bunk is a lot more screen time and Halley's. Also the one who went on to be a director and her rink, wink, wink. We wink, wink, wink point. Ben. I think there's a leak in this. There's a leak in the boat. Hello, everybody. My name's Griffin, Alan, David SIMS in Iraq. The Mike. Okay sub stealing my lines. This is podcast called blink check is about full Maga. Fay's directors have massive success early on their career to give a blank checks, whatever crazy passion products they want. Sometimes those checks clear and sometimes they bounce eighty. This is the first time ever a mini series demanded by the fans offense choice miniseries. Yes, we did a March madness tournaments, a bracket of thirty two directors, and some of we thought was a fairly low seed who we thought it'd be interesting to do, but had no received your member. I think she's probably right about the middle. You gonna find it. But she was the juggernaut, Nancy, Meyers, steamrolled everybody. Yeah, she started off. I think not as like a a gimmick candidate, but it's sort of like under Cinderella candidate. It'll be interesting person. We assume one of the was the eighteenth seat crazy. Yeah, but he's because he's because she's generally so underrated, but finds love her and she's never talked about in-depth. And so that's the big thing you have you and she came up against all these guys who are sort of like classic playing checkers, right? So Terry Gilliam yet, she edged him fifty to forty eight. I'm actually going to run through this. Thank you. Blink tech Wicky Paul, Thomas Anderson was her second round soupy three, forty, seven. We thought it was going to say like, okay, do a PTA minister funding, Fred. Howser friend. His March twenty eight. I we sort of thought it would come down a PTA versus fincher. It seems like those are the two obvious sort of like fan boy picks that will probably lead the way the quarters, right? So these are close. Fifty two forty eight forty seven and she's got Sam Raimi fifty six forty four. She's getting a little bit. Then she goes up against my man. Michael man. And I assume that it'd be closer just because he another he yeah, and then she precious him fifty fifty eight forty two and then fincher fifty. Nine forty one. Let's listen to guys talking about Michael manful two hours and a half. Get ready, twenty nineteen baby. Sorry. I'm gonna make that happen to get girls on the podcast. Those. We talk about men heat. Tonight? Hunter, but it's a has. David sensitive, but this is very sensitive because we always like that. Like Oshii be an interesting person. We've talked for a long time actually was one of our she, yeah, it's true. We keep doing the people who are in that original superpowers original suggestion. She was always up there and I think we always just thought like, I don't know if we're gonna lose listeners. I don't know if people wanna hear us talk about her with regular fear we had was that she's she makes movies that are all similar. Sometimes directors like unle- who work in all kinds of John Rhys, Nancy Meyers. You know, she's in her lane. I also I'm just gonna master gonna, confess it early on because it's sort of the original sin of this miniseries for a long time. I had vetoed the idea because I didn't like her movies, and I thought. All right. And then I had a sort of reawakening after I saw the intern on a plane is I don't know, all have movies are so weird guest that she's. Argument for her. Right? And then I started reassessing everything and then sort of appreciating where she sounds within the canon, especially as her type of movie, his kind of died on a studio level. It made me see the greater value of her. And so then she was more in the soup. And then I think we are both pleasantly surprised that she won because it gave us an opportunity to feel like confident and covering her. Yes, but this of course is a minister is called something's podcast right? And it's pot the podcast. He tried to stop it, but it is potett ventured laid his body on the tracks. Got run over. Yeah. Why. And this is her debut film, which is a very odd debut film in relation to what her Kerr became in certain ways, certain ways. It's called the parent trout. Yes, it is a the parent trap. It's a remain. It's a remake in nineteen sixty one money, nineteen sixty one film which was in and of itself. The fourth Adam tation of this book Lottie and Lisa, this is a German book. He wants to make it as a movie originally and Hitler didn't green light fucker. I swear to God. Rian on a great guy. Hitler just think like I just like, why would the parents each take one kid. Consistency. Much like I understand you don't want to be together, but like was that the pitch meeting Hitler studio notes were brutal. Let's let's move on from this off this right away. That she's not remaking a Hitler accepted mental. Okay. Let's have Mitek now. Problem is if Nancy Meyers made triumph of the will, it would make being anoxia look. So luxurious very such great kitchen. I said, we're getting off of. All right. So there's a nineteen sixty-one Disney movie. It's called the parent the stars of understand Hayley mills herself. As you know, who was pollyanna that was her Disney star of the time, and she it's got Maureen O'Hara. And I seen that movie several times because for some reason we own it on the chess and I would watch it allies a kit Hayley mills. And remember I asked my mom, like, how do they, because my mom was like, you know, it's one person. Yeah. How did they do that? My mom going like I dunno mirrors. Being like, that doesn't. Anyway. There also was a TV remake was they're not like Disney? Yeah, I wanna say like late eighties, early nine, three TV sequels. Oh, they're all about like Hayley mills. This shit. Like there's all kinds of like generational genetic, right? Atto twins. Having twins. Yes. Yes, I do. So. I know I think twins like underrepresented, but very cool. Jokes you can do. You can do whole franchise around jokes around twins, oh, she can take a look alike, and so they can pretend to be the other one. Well, I know that. Yeah. A lot sister sister ran for like one hundred pounds on premise and never stopped being funny. Sister sisters bit was like, she's kind of a neat freak, and this one's messy well, like look alike, but so different. And then the dad's the opposite and the mom, right. The neat freaks is the daughter of the messy, mom and so on and so forth. Does variation on that sister sister. Some more? Yeah. In the twin pantheon, you have like you have the two parent traps, right? You have twins aren't in right. You have a dead ringers. Oh, great. Move prestige. There is like a pretty good collection, Jack and Jill mission. Some of the great films. In the mass and the iron mass. Fuck, I'm now I'm googling. Dubar. Yes, double impact with a damn over. That's great film win dragons with Jackie Chan. I feel like a lot of action stars at one point. They were like Jackie Chan, and like that's the pitch in one Jackie Chan, every twins movie, obviously rights which it takes to kind of shitty half remake of parent trap. It takes to winning London, passport to Paris, share went to Paris, Eric minute, or. New York minute, simple plan concert. Sure. Detective, Jim's dad was fun, and I'm just reading out. Olsen twins moves. Yeah, it would make like one a year director video. What's that movie? We sit in Gomez. Is it. The one she's ice cold, central base Monacco something know. No, I think you're right. They still good. That's really good film is just a double gang. I think that's more offer. Carlo Monte Carlo gang fan, but still like, but he's. Yes, she plays two roles, Princeton. Then that category you filing your Dave's? Yep, know, movies are people happen to look the same and can switch places. We've got introduce our guest producer. Sorry, I sent that our guest on our experts right on to major cinemas first and foremost experts on they're both incredibly intelligent well regarded while respect film critics, but they also are experts on being twins. Boy, oh boy. It's in. With that expertise? Yes, we have to do anything to gain return guess. Men allows. Hey, it's me, I guess, Elena, thank you for being here. So we're going to do that talking at the same time. We're going to try to recognize voices twins guys. Else? Yeah. Strike here. I was stove the show what is my cousin. Oh yeah. How is it? Seems like a lot of work. They seem happy though. That's always, I think, just the the parenting aspect of it. I think about a lot just the two at one thing like, you know, like easy. They can pay with each other. Yeah, right. There's there's things that are self and also say, you wanna have two kids, hey, you just had to goods. MoMA had. She didn't want to kiss you just moved to new country like tease me for right anguish. But she said that because we went together all the time. It was easy. She could just leave. Yeah. Language, bernie. Just say things. That's what those are called. That's like a quite a phenomenon. The twin language thing probably didn't last until like when we started actually to speak running, dropped it, but he's lifting. I have friends who had a younger twin sisters where they, it apparently took them eight longer time to drop it. And it was like a big point of concern in the family that they would never nonverbal, but they were not verbal in a way that anyone else. Yeah, my best friend, one of my best friends from England is a twin and don't fuck right off. I don't want to do that. The movie swear to God. He's doing the bid and you're going to have to cut all this out. I feel like his mom like sort of insisted on him and his, but they both went to school, but being separate states, you got to make those decisions like, do you wanna just sort of like having be or you want to push them apart? Is that gonna be a good idea? Right? Full time, we would not into same. S.'s and we took different things. But then eventually we both ended up taking that's in Italian and wanted to do English. And so. Yeah. This is horrible, but then it was really fun until it was horrible again. But then we, we've afraid of having petition. Then when I actually know it's support and then were like, okay, this is a bit shit like. Then we ended up high school with exactly the same amount of points on the on the final exam. The points that you gain all your grace voyeurs and it was just like, we didn't get the same grades, but we end up with same amount Nici to same. That's. Everything combined together with. That's not. And then the two of you have also worked in two different fields that are the same. That's Portland? No, you know. Ended up in the same career, right? Yeah. Well, the first one is because we look the same right. Interesting. Muddling is because we both look the same in the same age and we got into it because we've found at the same time being the same supermarket. So so much. In the hometown just anymore story down, but history plate. Yeah, we're gonna eventually when we reach famous now. But yeah, and then we started writing movies because we both like movies and we both went to study movies because we're like, well, we happen to the same thing. And we don't even do exactly muddling the same way when we model like every time we meet clients like Twain's. That's such a good idea for the next project. I'm like, oh yeah, great. But then every single client has ideas, if think, it's very reasonable. It's really fun to do to do it together because we know each other. But same time like we don't necessarily jewel to same stuff. In mulling Middleton writing, we have quite different writing style. What is better than yoga? Yeah, don't tell you which one I will also say like, I haven't done like modeling, but I've had to do these like photo Photoshop, promotional photo, shoot thing, and I find it very, like very self conscious. When I'm the only person there versus when you're like in a photo with another person, it's very odd. A bunch of people surrounding you in lights. It's sort of silent. Everyone's just staring at you. I imagine there's a sense of security, and yeah, able to do it together. We studied when we were like fifteen sixteen, and if we'd be alone, we would never. Have done it up parents would I Cates fine because together. So any studies like when I have to shoot with another model on? No, it's maybe better than by myself, but it's still like re with because we don't understand each other's, you know, behaviors language. Whereas way together, like it's just the most natural thing. Yeah, there's the thing this movie does that. I feel like a lot of twin movies do where it's like very different, like they love this idea of the twins being opposite. And then there are the few things that are exactly the same which are so kind of stupid and small. Yes. And just kind of like blender, they are blender, certainly in this movie but injury. So you. The Blenda. Is that what you mean? Yeah, he's like something that term abetted by Perry shot up. Yes, exbury coined that it's when direct like director is in across films, even one movie. I remember it's, it's like limited to film. Yes. Yeah. This character who has like one weird thing about them, and so it was in one film ways. It. Keeps talking about his blend blender doesn't seventy. Never. It's not the end. It's like, oh, the blender is what I'll put it in the machine to a thing to person most to sink toys ever put it. It's it's a thing that only exists to be a thing serves. No story function doesn't tell you anything about the character other than there's like a specific that they can keep on going back to quit link. Those chasing. Like human dimension, right? That's the idea. Right movies when the the Orioles with peanut butter right. We both this and I've never done that. I read that ninsu may is just like, wrote this because she was like, I need a weird thing. So it was, oh, he's actually thing. Did she made it? She just made it up. That's just insane. But then it was maybe Americans do it as Dan say, prior to be known, tried Oreos with or the other rolling bay. Well, does your sorbets a house. Sorbet, rich shop flavor, whereas very good player. Intense. Yeah. Yeah, it was good. The Barron, try the parent trap. Well, so Nancy Meyers, right. I think as you say, her big argument is we're getting on the, it's. Spends Mike Klis this. Is she's, she's the only person left making these kind of movies in Hollywood. That's her blank. Check all also movies, very expensive, Mujibur expensive at fury, long long, your narrative tan like Hollywood usually squashes movies like this now. 'cause they're like, that's television row this too much money for like, you know, whatever these movies don't make money overseas, right? There's all this sort of also real movie star movies, their movies that are sold ours, which doesn't really, this is not that no and made a star. It became a star movie. It is sold on the talent of the main actress. Yes. She's noticed auto. When you see her interacting of kids, you'll just say, this is insane because you never see always in my films, what you see kids kid actors being amazing and interacting in real kid terms and being really touching and like real, because that's so impressive to me. That's impressive. And I think that movie's really about the time of acting of that of that, that's the headline this is it's it's a fucking stunning perform, which also makes us movie kind of depressing to watch now. Oh, yeah. Well, yeah, just because it's like knife fucking churn of this horrible industry. You know, you like look at this person who clearly was just like so fucking capable. And the other thing that's really stunning about her in this is that she does seem like a real kit like she doesn't have that like overly plastic like child star thing, especially happens at Disney movies, playing two different very distinct characters than also playing them playing each other and all four. Rations. She seems like a real trial and ask to British accent who would advocate. Yeah, is just crazy to me and she does it pretty well of you live in London. I feel like I have less of an ear for this and David has no context understand this. But, but I do think the accent holds up pretty well. Right? Yes. She doesn't like extreme push kind of. That is the original movie. Of course, Hayley mills is English. So mills was having to do an American accent. Right? Paratrooper. That's easy. It's easy, especially for like Lindsey, Lowe hands like Long Island girl. She is. She was born in the Bronx raised on island by her delinquent, bucking parents who you know, have had trouble with her. Dad was a like day trader who got arrested or in right? Like. Traumatic family had trouble being humans. So then she was. A kid model from the age of three. She was in sixty commercials. Yeah, Pizza Hut, Wendy's, that kind of stuff. And then she was in a another world which is soap opera, and then this was her film debut wrecked and dizzy. Really? She? How old is she in this movie? She's eleven right crew, and she's playing twins. Yep. And and then she didn't make another theatrical film until mean girls. I mean a freaking excuse me. Yes. Right. Yeah, no, there was some time in between. She did channel movie. Yeah, she makes life size and get a clue. Right, right. Life-size ever leave is where Tyra banks is her doll who comes to life, correct. Currently, in production, a sequel that Tyra banks isn't balloons, Hannah isn't what seems that movie has a weird. We're following your right to weird, falls like something you wouldn't remake now crusher. True. Objectify. She was one of these kids who clearly got into like a seven year Disney deal like she makes this movie. Clue. Right? Another Disney channel movie, right. I think on about like a Richmond Hatton kid who I don't know. There's like Mr.. She solves fishy shitty oath, three. So five years after parent trap, she had us freaky Friday, which is she is both phenomenal and end the better actor to like Jamie Lee. Curtis doing amazing stuff, but I think Lindsay Lohan is underrated in that movie. Yeah. I mean, she came out of the game. She has the tougher she has to be the tights. Yes, because it's Jamie Curtis is playing a kid and she's so funny and silly and Lindsey, low, low low Hasslow. Han has to play a, you know. Modest and there was I find, in retrospect, this annoying thing of, I feel like at the time people were like, yeah, well, she's looking engaging personality blitz. If she can evolve into like a serious actress and you look at like that run of like parent trap, freaky Friday mean girls, those all like critic, complicated performance? Yes, very demise. So SOGA Mingo. He still good meeting in a role that like could be nothing in the hands of that movies, all funds supporting performances that are so dominant like Rachel mcadams and like Tim meadows kicking allowed to go really big, which makes it hard to not disappearance the tapestry film unless you really smart. She's not actually like the MTV's when you wish movie, you could just which hun we'll be still interesting magnetic screen perform. The problem will Nancy may have movies, everyone. No one's exempt seriously because fun romantic comedies or keeping these and no one gives a shit and now now that don't get made any well now like, oh, well, those were really. Complex. Interesting. And. Yes. Well, be eight now she would have changed something in Hollywood. I'm just saying, you know, she's still making hopes when hopes she will make another movie. This movie is sort of a bridge her style because I mean the the roots of her career are her collaboration with her ex husband, Charles shyer. She would write all the facts. The further context right Shire. She would go right with him, but he would direct. Yes. And she talked about how she was trying to write on her own for wall and couldn't sort of breakthrough. She was always being discounted discredited. I think she was able to Trojan horse as being part of a duo and the fact that he would direct his film so she was tied onto them as part of the incubation process. She was born in Philadelphia, the first up. So we gotta do x. her father was an executive voting machines manufacturer. Her mother was an interior designer. Wow. It was also a volunteer in the head start program which preschool. Raising Jewish household in Drexel hill, which is like, you know, the. Pennsylvania. Gets into theater gets into screenwriting when she sees the graduate, she went to lower Merion high school, which is, you know, a big fancy school. Kobe Bryant went there. You know, famous school, my friend Anna went there shot up and. And then she worked in TV and Yanni moved to LA. You know, she just like, oh man, she started a small cheesecake business. She know this. I did not know this like God, what was it called? What was it called? Yeah, I don't know what's out. I'm trying to find the direct quote right now doesn't say the name. I read the story about how Nolan would take seriously as a screenwriter. And the big change for her was private Benjamin, which no one wants to make it kept on getting rejected every fucking studio, and they got Goldie Hawn attached. The movie was a massive success, and then it got great movie nations and she got an Oscar nomination, screenplay, and that sort of set them off on a big career. So she co-wrote that with Charles shyer who was a friend first and then a husband guess and who Harvey Miller is the other movie, right? Yeah, every studio pass on it. You know, baba, huge hit. And then they do a reconcilable differences together, which is a movie about Polly Platt appear bogdonovich is divorce sure. Starring Ryan O'Neal Shelley long and drew Barrymore. Right? Like a t, it's like a teen drew Barrymore like my parents suck movie. The poster is like the two of them, and then she's like scribbled graffiti like devil horns on them or something not a hit. No, but he exists in the canon of movies, made by other directors about Peter buck, Donna fishes relationships. Okay. Along with star eighty. Sure. Yeah, that guy's got a messy, personal life. Then they work on a movie called protocol, starring Goldie, Hawn Hawn on on that was who is a cocktail waitress who prevents the assassination of visiting Arab emir mistaken. That movie doesn't exist exist, baby, boom. That was another Charleston. Yeah, in her people. Yeah. Yeah. And then they remake father of the bride starring Steve Martin which was n. Dyke's nary big, very big again, shires directing it. So then they do a sequel based on father's a little David, and thankfully they don't call it that that's the grossest title in the world. They're working on a third. They have third script that they wrote, but I think they, they break up. Oh, before they're both credit on this, which makes me think he produced this movie, they broke up on the set of this move and Saint which she refers to in that big New York Times profile of her from the it's complicated as it's like the most traumatic thing that ever happened are like and like clearly. And then she only makes these movies about like kind of fuck up guys who you have to deal with who are still in your life. You know, there's always that character and all of her movies reconciling eventually always like very hopeful. Very, there is optimum. She likes up demus and she likes happy ending and he's always apprising. So is always looks. She likes maturity too. I feel like she likes scenes where it's like, you sit down, you have a fucking conversation, figure it out of it himself, but not so much in the parent trap with these two, yes, emotional idiots, right parent trap is clearly her being like, okay, how do I get to direct a movie? The father of the bride films were touched on so there right. Jason to Disney. Disney at this period of time was remaking a lot of the live action Disney films, sixties and seventies. They were all sort of being churned up. It's a clear bridge to like, oh, you guys apparent father the bride father, parent. Right, whatever. I think this was just sort of a way to get her foot in the door. But it's interesting how many of the hallmarks not in the the Matic obviously what the source material is, but what she does with it, how different I mean a in that both households become a exorbitantly will be good. She and Shire are still friends. I'm reading this. I think. Now what would you say on? I was just saying, yeah, like even in the story, I think in the parent trap, you can see it off because the whole, yeah, people don't talk, but when you do, it's good and he supported and when they they like make up at the end, it's very, very much like something's gotta give to me like it's kind of like, fuck, yeah, let's go back together and you're like, okay, cool feels very. Because he's only about makes sense. Yeah, yeah. Let's not remember that. You never see that already happened. Yeah, there's another thing that I love about this movie, which is I, I always just get frustrated with comedies, especially romantic comedies, but any type of big studio comedy that is predicated on a lie, where it's all about the tension of. When are they going to get caught to suffer through that second act to reveal where it's like, I'm sorry that I lied and was mad at each other for a while. Right. And this movie weirdly kinda works around that by having both lies be volunteered, like. Reveals we'll. The other thing is the parents can't be mad. They are defenceless. They can't be like, well, we kept you apart for a very good reason. They meet universe is gonna collapse like there's no defense, but the offered the other part of it is that this movie other than a couple of key sequences isn't that big into the twin trickery? No, which I feel like the trailers really showcase. Bats. Yeah, they only do it the one time, really. Right. And it felt like it was like one of those, like I remember when the trailer didn't bother to see this movie when it came out, I would go see every fucking movie. You sound like shit. Yeah, I saw video my mom and I were like really well, this theaters in the United States of America. That's right. Same point on it. Where else would you? I was here on vacation. Ben. Was sort of the ANC Lincoln square, hey, gentleman, theater. But the trailers really played up the like camping trip shit. This sort of like them walking in and out of different. About having twin. Yeah. Someone into that. You didn't know before you read about like, what could we do twins? It's more like I have a twin. This is great. Yeah. Oh, yeah. It's near, you know about like the parents is about like how weird it is to have a tweet about like I have a sister. Can I please be when my sister? She's not what you expect. My favorite thing about this movie to is how much it's about these two girls getting to see like the alternate version of their lives. I think it puts a lot of attention into them getting to enjoy. Yeah, you sort of how the other half lives what the other parents like. But the one thing that makes it maybe a bit. This interesting is that they're both like wealthiest shit. So it's like, oh, yeah. That's right. Yeah, he's really traumatic if one of them I know you have grown up. Hate each other theories of movie a French movie. I think it's Schwank see. Have you done with a funky like life is a long river way school title. It's great film. Basically, some people realize that at both two kids were swapped, and then they realize the kids are still young, but one is really rich family, and one is very poor from me. So the film is really like love dread of just hatred and the super interesting because then the twins, just about the difference of like, well, where you're born is important actually sort of running its like he's on the river if you'll really rich right. Great movie about class, so excellent. But that's what that's what I I find in the parent trap. It's very, you know how lucky in make sense. Myers, right? Yeah, she wouldn't make something about money. It's also like Nancy Meyers. It wouldn't be a problem. Yeah. Thanks. I think Nancy Meyers approaches, wealth in the way that like a superhero movie director approaches like set pieces. You need shit to show in the trailer production value, huge, incredible. Looking close this. Let's do two visions of wealth to got, you know, Tweety English life, right? But then you got like ranch sort of slightly like lands end catalogs style Napa Valley, where the Nancy really shows it's like you meet these girls. I mean, I love the fact that the first thirty minutes of the movie, you just start at the camp in there. You don't have a sense other than what they say about their home. It's true. It's actually very clever. Right? You don't see the parents at all. Right, right. You start with the kids, you build out. Because I think a lot of shittier filmmakers would have just gotten that set out of the way after ten minutes and then done minutes trickery and then backed out in the opening credits wins written, but they set up the sorta high class low class thing. Yeah, but then that's out the window. There's the tough talking more cloak. I mean, the American one sounds like Bart Simpson. It's definitely almost says, don't have that. She asked her daughter, like what are things that people say like on a tubular. And then the other ones like super kind of like sophisticated and swear mish and all that stuff, right? But wrapping Br Butler is Fred, you just think like, okay, so the American girls may be a little more rough and tumble of home life. And it's like, okay, she's got this rough and tumble dad who accidentally fell into a multi million dollar wine company. They found a way to make him like a salt of the earth, like all American guy who's also insanely wealthy raise hoses, but he's. Yeah, he has a whole whole hill where he just has his grapes. He's fine. He's doing okay. In just seems like very, like at peace with everything. Both them have these incredibly big, successful careers. They're insanely wall regarded and they both just feel like I got this on autopilot. Yeah, like I know what I'm doing now. My career isn't a struggle at all. I just keep on doing the work that everybody loves. It's crazy thing where you say which essentially stuff from the beginning bit. Yeah, beginning. Just like the tree, the sequences because I read it this opening sequence. Okay. So is the scene that sets up what happened in one thousand nine hundred six. So we see just to figures we don't see their faces, right, and he's a man in a women and they own a boats on the Queen Elizabeth two and. There's like, it's so already. It's all slow MO and very wealthy and every refrain looks great. It's about cruise and people having dinner and so focused. So focus and someone spending ring on the finger of women. And then we see them then saying, we don't see that, but the faces. We don't see what it is. Then someone comes with a picture and see the picture, and the picture is the CIA. So it's Dennis Quaid and what's her name. Yeah. All right. And so I love that sequence so simple and it. So it establishes everything and seventy. She's like the females as well. You see already the wealth of it, but that's not even feel like it's just a come and you see, just like it's so romantic. I think the aspirational thing. Which is like you wish this film is not real, but yeah, is just makes you dream about letting what if this life was possible, he'll yeah, these these two very exaggerated, romantic versions of reality where money's not problem. Like that's kind of part of the as like she's not making films about like real. No, I think that's what's like, yeah, it's the appeal, but that's also the the really smart narrative function. It has like she sells you on like the high movie romance of this moment, like everyone wishes. They had one night like this, and then that becomes the representation for these two girls of like, we got to create this thing like you get investment in that photo of the power represents of like those that cool opening credits. I'd like more of that. I think there's this idea that you got that right, right at the storybook romance. And then he got there at happy lives as fashion designers and white pretty well north, and like, you know, maybe the parents of both aside like, look, you can have one or the other. You couldn't have both. Like I, I've got all this, but you know, we couldn't make it work, but it's good because we all figured out an anti Myers is like you can have both like censor big thesis. You can do it. That's fine. Yeah, you need to grow up maybe to do before you get to do it, but they can do the picture and the setting-up day romance. The beginning also, I think is what allows the movie to not be oakwood when you realize that both doing really, really well very, very happy on their own. Yeah, yes. But remember that picture like we could do that as well. Like why not? And if you have that, you'd be like, well, very happy they could just, you know, send a goals. One one. Good high watermark. The other thing that's kind of crazy about this film is it's like Kwaidan Richardson are the to establish adult actors. They're the top to build people in the move. This opening credits sequence. You're getting just slivers of them only really seeing them face on in this still photo, and then they don't appear for another half hour, dense Quaid in emotion to forty five minutes, which is kind of a really bold move for this sort of movie, like just invest in, needs to girls in their relationship as coming off Dragonheart. He is blooming. Are you kidding me? He's coming off. The wider. Yeah. Yeah, he's in. He's in a slump. Yeah, he isn't a bit of a slow. He's so fucking hotness. So handsome kit's that whole lands in catalog kind of look, you know, with like shirt sleeves rolled up and like, and they'll into looks nothing like he's just being like used around. Kind of like just time making this movie and just having him beat hope and do nothing if you're woman like you just see him any. He, he's just. You can just object. Look at is basically no one asks anything of him until the end of the movie when she's like, it's me or the kids, and he's like, oh, kids. I like what. But he does successfully saw this thing movie comes down to where it's like, why didn't you chase me? And he's like, I didn't know I was supposed to and you buy that. He had never considered the fact without the character coming off his so dumb that you hate him by that. Don't buy that. They would keep the kids apart, but we about. I mean, that's the sort of problem with this movie is like it's the problem with the premise, right? You have to buy into. Right? Yeah. What George is like? Oh yes, sure. The kid should live in separate countries not know each other. That's a call might might be about that guy. Right? Right. My friends marina and Nico who are incredible writers had a sketch they use to do that was the divorce meeting with the lawyer for the couple in the parent and they're going over the division of the property. And then once they bring up this concept, the lawyers like, are you fucking kidding me? That is the most traumatic thing, and it's like, so what you guys, hey, each other, it's like, no. I mean, we're pretty like. We're just really make it a bit as they keep on saying, we can't stand each other. I don't know. You seem very close. Yeah, we don't really know what happened on that boat reading, but, but yeah, I mean, the woman I love is when the shitty fiance tells Dennis Quaid unbutton extra buttons on his shirt. And I think it's supposed to be this moment of like, look how much she doesn't understand and that she's like, make him do this thing like, I don't know. That's pretty funny. Little. A couple more buns off, but first summer camp, there's some antics. I, we see some antics this very hits, half nineties, live action. Disney also just feels like Nancy Meyers being like, yeah, the kids will do stuff. What kids furniture like they put him on route to. The bed on the roof? Yeah, fence right quick. Can we get to all the hotels and cool shit I want I want I wanted to ANSI. This ship feels like this is the stuff she had to do in order to like, because this section has a totally different tone. It feels like a very generic, like functional sort of like nineties kids, comedy, the scores also totally different in the section. It's got this weird Cynthia, like down Silvestri score. It's all over the place. It's sounds for the first thirty minutes like they tempt the driving miss daisy music because it's the same known. Right, but it's almost identical, you're saying, and then once they go to the rest of the movie becomes this, lush er- sort of mckerrow thing. But this is just like the kids doing prank wars on each other. You know, it's a movie about much like the other great movie about twins, the prestige. This is a movie about a print out of Frank. Yes. She just showed off the finger. I'm gonna murder. Your love. How far would go. Trump in the cabin just how can you. So this way of dealing with is like cabin. Right? They're not like for like three hours. We're just gonna leave you. They do those that joke where they reference the the great escape with the score like they make this weird like friendly prison for the gym them. I quit. The antics as much, but I like them in this movie especially because the allow a great play on the fact that the twins, but they don't know like when you do the fencing and put the Mascow course fun. It's so cool. Like I will say though it is a little weird that they're like we're identical and they don't talk about it again for twenty minutes. Don't shoot the stand. We twins. I'm like, yeah, you have. You think about eating in a moment like this, what you mean? No. Yeah. 'cause like something like three identical strangers, they talk about when they see each other. Let's get the confirmation, but we're clearly wins into film this this moment. Web is shake hands of like because we can like disconnection in parent Trump, and then that that moment was like when they realized related. But that's not what even like just get the other like there can't mates. The counselors are just like, that's crazy. You look the same. They don't go like you probably are. The council should be like, let's check the record. What is instead Jade's Janice from friends and the other person, and they're just like kids, they put furniture fucking box. Beth somewhere. Thank you. Alleged to stroke. That's the thing that camps definitely have. Don't kill kids. You have to know allergies and shit like that, and you have to look kids put stuff on the roofs and yes, you would. I don't know how many kids almost had the neck broken in that scene thing. We're told slippery and the soul slipped around and all this is just one like insurance nightmare. After another. All this shit they're doing. They were on the roof and like my summer camp on the rule carrying bent on the right. Kicked out immediately, of course, right. What happens if you fall off the roof, you break your neck and then we're sued your insurance outta here. Right? But I go back to it looks like you're from Napa. What I think is cool dough filled antics stuff. It shows how mature they all both of them. Like when the first one I don't. So I don't know which one is called wet by the way. Okay. So. Go, what's the name? The Napa girl is. Palley Palley and any is the London girl. Okay. So when had he arrives? And she's good bag under a pile of bags and go up. So that's my kind of woman. Okay. I see. This is like, this is how these talks and they're all very mature and they will. I don't think the NC Myers could write kits. No, I guess not, but it makes them so so much interested in somewhat. Yes, charming is super charming. And it's also one of the reasons why the low hand performance is so impressive because this should not be Actimel. These are not realistically written children, and in most hands they would be and also right half Lowen has to do this painful like English prim accent, which should be annoying. She's got the fucking Butler that should suck actually find handshake, right. Gotta do plays. I like that sting a lot. Who was like bit of the song. Show. Apparently there's a scene where they meet the Queen, did you? Yeah. That's so it is to ten minutes two hours, ten minutes, crazy. They cut out. They shot. I do think the the moment with the fencing just like, you know, I hadn't seen this movie in a couple of years, and I was just like a cover. They set this up so their fencing, they don't see each other faces. Sweaty is this going to be? And there's just some really elegant locking to set up why they don't catch each other out of purple vision. They just have back to Joe domestic headed. But other than that, I think the only way this section really feels Nancy Meyers is that it's right here from the gecko. The classic Nancy meant mighty Nyerere's, Nancy Meyers. Never make some movie with less than five acts. Movies like she, she doesn't make x. moving and this is like act. One is the camp camp act to is their separate lives, seeing how the other half lived. Then it's like the reconciliation, then it's can't trip. An epilogue and then epilogue, and also the campus are one and a half acts because I, it's prank war. And then you've got the sort of extended isolation sequence, right? Six, right? There's, yeah. Sairy fucking moving. There's the adversarial half of the camp thing, and then there's like the team more. Let's train each other to become each other. Talk about the scene, the Wednesday PSC earrings. That's great sees what the hell did you read that the? It's been cut in the UK and from the Disney broadcast because didn't won't copycats. Right. Exactly what I was thinking. I was like, if I had seen this movie. Even tried. This makes sense. But also this. How. You say, you don't want all the kids who listen to blink chedda committing. Hey, can take. Get a real hot. Yeah, a lemon. I think it's an. It's a limited come be. Kill her, like she was like. Yeah. Yeah, but I know at least one girl who pierced hers at camp like that is a right of passage. I have heard of, you know, parents aren't freaked out there like, and you got your years. I know they don't say like, did you go to Clair's or something field trip to a mall? Like defensing you can probably. That's true. That's true. You can probably do anything. Yeah. Oh, you breslin punt. News. New clothes? Yeah. Yeah. You got a full back. You got. You got Aflac rising Phoenix back tattoo. Yeah, they were going through some shit so that they hatch, they hatch the plan because right. There's the moment where they start to respect each other's. You know why? Because she has so close window. All right. Thanks. The pictures, they unite the pictures just like Justice league seven, they, you're not reading that is relation scene is Wendy took about their parents, and he's so cute because I love that so much. I can talk to him about everything and then you know your that. No love my mom. She's so cool and she dresses. And do you know, you know, I'm always like a heartbreaking. Movies, godly. She misses her mom. When you think about the permission, like what. Waiting for the movie for them to be like this. We should never have done this. Oh, well, the United knows like getting back together for a better future without any regret about the past, which is crazy. I learned my parents had done that. I would like scream and I hate them. I would just freak out being a parent and not seeing your child for over a decade and not having a situation where like the government stole your child where you openly like willingly volunteered to never see your child again, very nukes to same like the same child like. Twins. Can you confirm you guys just the same one? Is. Took someone, she just does it, which is right. Exactly exactly the same. We should make it clear to our listeners that everything that either one of you has said has been said in unison by the other at the same? Yeah. And he surround sound right? Right. Right ben. Yeah, this is in stereo. What else. I. Oh, see. Again, I see you as well. I think we should get back to talk about it. Sure. So. Yeah. It was just what I wanted. It was been. I wanted to say another thing, yeah, full while I as she food, we should maybe do it with one of us doing very heavy British accent. Yes. She said, no straightaway inching soldiers. It's something I wanted to kill you. I know because I don't think it's great accent. I don't know offence to anyone speaks British accent. I just let me there's no such thing as a British accent. Would you mean English? Accent? Gotta check. French. I don't know what I'm saying. Most people say that, yeah, I always write about so should the. Pedantic. You have to talk about the. I am. I am. Right. All right. So you wanted to do this bit, but the. You would accept if you did discarded accent, for example. Can try. I don't know what to do anyway, just because I know I, if people will figure out who is speaking when when the descend to putt cast you think so. Yeah, and you have different, whatever. Won't be able to tell the difference. True. That's the big key distinction in terms of the audience can hear in my voice to have longer heaven. Yeah. Yeah, so they do this, which are ru. Have you guys ever done a switcheroo? Everyone always asks us. I know. Hacky is very good gills, very boring. So we never did it. Sure we didn't want them. What was I remember we did once we had to pick up results from bacteria that was like very important thing to try it for the first time. Then. I, it's very similar GPS's where you have to go to school in the summer, a handed an envelope, open it in front of the line. -perience in my life. And so when you decide like, let's stress each more. Busiest. Something wasn't a country and I was terrified. And yes, pretty bad, but very was like, let's find don't get good. Did you go in as yourself leave and then go in as listening to country music. And she did it. Did you as in collect yours, leave, and then pretend to be Elaine. Go back in a second time maybe when on two different days. Closing? Yeah, yeah. It's time. We looked more like my big question. Do you think? And I accept it, doesn't harm the movie. We we have to buy into the premise. Do you think there's any scenario in which either of these parents would not be able to tell that their child was different. I know they look the same, but like the two of you think like at the time you have the same hairstyles that you would ever been able to trick your parents know they just. They did sometimes makes us up on the phone. Back to something, right? Yeah. Very small babies. We looked more like. Right. Like then? No, I think even eleven different is different. I mean, if you pictures of us, then we definitely different. It's just this weird thing in the movie where like the mom and the dad buy it wholesale and then like chessy and the grandpa, the people who sniff it out. Well, chessy is she says, the name that's when chessy starts the best of the movie, warmth. Grace detective chessy Jesse and the grand puff is right, but the Grandpa's a wise old grandpa around the right. Because they these people spend more time with the kids, the parents, which very sad. Oh, my parents wrench Nevis been. What actually look like. I wanna talk about chessy so and this is a professor. Do the Saudi name, they do this, which so now you know, fucking Halley is going to England. He's going to nap, right? So any is in Napa and you get sort of two isolated fifteen minutes stick with one. They go to the other. And so you got, here's Dennis Quaid. I missed you so much like you can never go to camp again yet. You know he's behind and then chessy played by Lisa Ann Walter who is sort of like, I don't know, like the sort of B-list Julie Kaverner of the nineties can stand up right. To make the food because Dennis Quaid who has to raise about himself, doesn't know how to cook anything to ninety. They don't need a, you can just like make no meal. Everyday will be fine with time. He's never working. He's just a, she seems like a lifelong friend. None hurtful to such business. So immediately I'm watching it with my off over both just like, who is this? What? What's the deal chessy structure breakdown aunt like that. What it is? No. Okay. She's an employee which she lives with them, like what is and she sort of jokingly calls herself the Butler. Right. But like at no point, does Nancy ever just say, let me just clarify who this person never never. Claire issue the turtle Sheedy. Where does she fit into the Kwait ice be? She's kind of the. We were watching this movie yesterday because not needed see it, and we wish he'd well friend, Marie? Yes. And and she had to same thing and she was like, it's so because she's kind of coded at first as maybe Lisbon character and kind of like there's a lot of Frenchman Dolman. Something's gotta give very more chance. But then Wilson, but then she gets the buffer, so very weird which. Loves to just tie those little. Maybe also the but rice kind of kudos gay fest because he's gonna. He gives advice on the close the, he's very friend and he's wearing dislike Levin again. And then, but actually interesting couple because. Sexual cool like. Yeah, not just a super metro guede guy coded by Hodie woods. I'm like, I'd like to see them like, do whatever. Just to get a couple, Nancy was the first person to ever be woke and also maybe. Yeah, I do think it's interesting that it's like not like a lavender marriage thing. It's like our show fucking attracted to the setup shoes. Corridor. Yeah, to chose like this, right? Yeah. Gross. It's nice. It's nature. Yeah, but like. Ready, wild, passionate nature. My read on chessy is she has some line that I'm gonna try to misquote where she is saying, like, you know your father, he can't even keep track things right in front of his face or whatever it somehow she just sort of like was a friend of his who knew that he had some ability, but also is like a fucking oblivious idiot. Right. And has sort of just been like his general, not personal assistant, but like assisting him not fucking everything up. I feel like knife assist Jesse has like a position within the company. No, she she's definitely employ right, but it also seems to live there right on the random. Yes. Cooks, right. I don't fucking it's very odd. I was watching this with subtitles when they first said her name. I was like, this is in barris that whoever like captioned this movie wrote chessy. As clearly her name must be Jesse and someone misheard it, and I was like, oh, fuck. This character's name is SE which is. Which is short for yes. Has. But she is also the the star of the film's best scene, which is when she realizes who this girl actually isn't starts crying, I think is so good, but also hints at the sort of like deep like thing. Dark thing that I did this terrible thing. They did. Never haunt them right. The trauma. She was mostly same comedian made a lot of TV appearances lease Altair. She had a show creator on sitcom didn't take, but and then I looked at her what Kapija and since then twenty year she's mostly done like reality competitions where she's either a judge or a contestant as a celebrity blank. Yeah, but I think she's really goodness all such as so it's he Meyer. She's so like in the vibe, like right away, she fits it so well, yes, she's one of the most convincing of the of the characters. I think I agree and the end some because yeah, the Butler is a little much a lot of on a precursor, right? And the grandpa like get outta here Graham, Jesus. He's back on pepper and then the other things that we can do the Napa thing, you know, is that Dennis Quaid character, Nick? Yes, he's gonna kinda girlfriend parent trips double. So I said, one of my two least favorite tropes and comedies. Ramana comedies is the predicated on a lie that's gonna fall apart. It's the other one is movies where one of the characters you're supposed to like, and a good person are together with the worst human being ever person who's just like, I'm terrible. On the chair and they're like, I suck. Right. Keep on calling her Corolla Davila. That's kind of kind you're sort of. Birdie animals Diversey beginning. She's not. She's doesn't own anything like she's just a bit young and just hang out and you're like and behavior immediately. And she doesn't. She destroys best to be nice to dole two of her boyfriend at the beginning, and then the reveal. She's on the phone. She's like, yeah, we'll ship the kids off to boarding schools. His after. Like really, really, really mean to have no reason. I agree with you every Nancy Meyers movie has this character, and it's always a probably never shaded well enough only very beautiful, but she's at old, you know, like, and she's a very successful peopple or whatever. He's twenty six and great in life break, but the movie hates and despise. The children. She's she's a necessary part of the company because they need PR. He seems to be doing, say they're only making millions of dollars. They need to get his name there. Shame. We never seen her like whatever she's making the new logo for the company. You will never see her readership. Then. You'll face really what's to be fair. I would buy. Quaid space. I get overwhelmed a line store if I want to be like, yeah, easy choice. It was like a ninety, eight minutes. You could call it like a Dragonheart. Does this come in. Do you have a Quaid Rosa? And unfortunately, it's only Randy. Randy rose. The Randy's like like white lightning, right? Like he's like, he's like some kind of weird spirits. What do you call it in this country ever clear? Right? So, yeah, so she's evil. She's just evil. She's a gold digger. This characters in the original film, the woman who plays her mother is the woman who played the gold digger sixty spill. So, but she's like an obstacle they have to get around. Interesting. When this is seen one of the girls. Why? Why would you one? And she's so fascinates? Yeah, it's very well. She there? Yeah, she's like, you know, this more like ago has more than sex in or whatever. So I right. And I think what she reprises I know what I'm doing and I've worked pretty hard in my life and now I've good this and I'm going to do it like I think that what I love about that scene is that Lynch has really pointing out that her dad is in this for the sex. Yeah, you know what I mean? Like saying he's having fun. Yeah, because the two hundred clocks this girl in the size. Look, my dad's having a midlife crisis. Mary, this little girl who's like twenty young Richardson and Quaid are shade is having Nova relationships in the last eleven years. They've both been devoted to their children. But right, whereas she's just like, look, PR professional of doing great. This is a rich guy, nice guy, right? You know, he's a nice guy. Yeah. Why wouldn't I do this? Like exactly why am I going to turn this down this funded film request she down Tele that what I in a very kind way like, you know. Love you. Right? And then when when we came tree at the remember what they do something horrible to say. It's me all the kid like the kids and like smiling, like I'm choosing. I don't actually said it's me or the kids. You have to understand from her perspective. She just went through the most traumatic thing. Person can experience seen lizard atop their water goes, it's yes. Everyone. He's gonna heavy duty, water bottle. There's like a cloth metting cover around it. The lizard is on top. She just has to see a lizard, and then she react so poorly that it ends up in her mouth. They didn't put a lizard in her mouth. Her head? Yes. And you know, put her bed on the middle of the free. She could have drowned, that's dangerous. Like stinker there is they are stinkers. But look, if you're going to marry a nice hot Napa Valley millionaire, you're going to have to put up with his kids and his kids might hate you and they might be a pain in the ass. They might put lizards in your super whatever. And also maybe this guy made this terrible decision eleven years ago, and there's going to be a second kid. Everything, and we all know about the Dennis Quaid trials. One does not simply marry Dennis Quaid, prove yourself to be good of heart, pure of intention, Meg Ryan. Yeah, she was America's sweetheart, and that's a real chicken. And the egg question should be become America's sweetheart because of dense Quakers. The reason why she was able to get quite the thing I was gonna say is that this scene in which they sniffy out is fascinating because they play it with like the sophistication and intensity of a movie in which like to con artists recognize each other. The same Mark. Right. What's your name. The prestige again, right? It is really, really fuck. Insane. Hendrix is the Scarlett Johansson of this movie plays them Meredith Elaine Hendrix at a couple years where she did this. Where was this type weirdly plays the same part in superstar the Mary Katherine Gallagher film where she's like, v would always be impediment. Girlfriend? It's funny because I have a friend named Meredith, Blake, and I keep like. Every time this they say her full name a lot a lot. She's a full name person Meredith, but I like over like wrinkles. They set up within like even jumping ahead but the her, recognizing Natasha Richardson as the designer, not knowing that that's the nice I love that is so cute. That's so much Nancy kind of farce thing where it's all about these relationships setting up the different dynamics rather than just like crazy kind of twin pranks. Yeah. Yeah, it's so then the the London side is calmer. That's more just lovely there. She goes again. Road. It is crazy to see Natasha Richardson. It is also crazy how much she looks like Emma Thompson styled like her in like. So similar styled like an at Thomson that didn't come about until a couple years after she has the haircut, the Emma Thompson will soon have pray and she's very good knit. This is right around the time the same year. She does cabaret on Broadway which saw her in which she wanted Tony four, very radical approach to an iconic character that LIZA Minelli obviously, kind of owns. It was the one without coming. And it's so funny because she's so gentle since she's like not in her other like she's not an iconic actress. She didn't really get the chance to be Patty Hearst. I mean, that's like that's. Yeah, I'm trying to think. What else does she? She's in Nell, and she did a lot of phones, but it feels like she didn't totally get to know. Obviously, she is acting royalty, jazz daughter, Vanessa Redgrave. She's my sister of Julia Richardson. She's the daughter granddaughter, Michael Redgrave, Tony Richardson, the director was her father, all that right. Big, famous, acting English family. She's also January ten, two. So she's just someone. Actually in England, they are the most famous family. They are absolute royalty, all of them, even though Vanessa Redgrave is always just grabbing the Mike and being like, I want to talk about Israel. People are still like venerated legend can do what she wants. Vanessa. Redgrave just had that insane like two year round where like everyone died around her, like he was just like tragic, horrible, like or meet a triangle, where they all fell to two different sorts of. I mean, like touch Richardson's death was such a freak accident, very frightening. Yeah, rip really, really good movie ferruginous film really charming. I mean, that's, that's the thing that this movie that these two performances really helped sell is just like how much these feel like nice homes you'd wanna be. And I like the because you don't see the home life before camp. You're seeing them through the eyes of each girl, sing it for the first time. I'd be totally happy with this at some point when. When one of them is like you have to come back because. Girlfriend? Hell, no. Few weeks this? Yes. That. So the British won any when she goes to see for the first time. She's the one who has to deal with the girlfriend. I know the first time, how do you didn't even know that she doesn't the data. She's like, man, I'm going to have to deal with this. That was supposed to be my sister sitting with over zero conflict. Nice, fun times. Nice. Trolling the puck with grandpa, everything. She has the footage shoot for the wedding dress. Yes, we detected super nineteen. Yeah, she has a great time. Also, it's interesting that the mom makes wedding dresses considering she got married. It's like a weird. Like what Freud would say about this? You know, it's going to transfer that you can't leave. Crime. And I mean, the wine isn't as one to one, but it's sort of like part of the like, yeah, because he's the wine. They had right. Yeah, yeah. Cling, I always had this faulty memory that the same photo was on the bottle of the wine. When he shows it he was like, and your member. This wine had the label made. Go friend. Rumbold's. Yeah, she's great at logos put put your face on every bottle you and your ex wife. Ben spends bringing some pizza. I saw this pizza. Good. I want some of this. I'm Paul. Yeah. Do you eat what you recall? Right sometimes this Tatsumi this. This rarely happens very, really a food to the a pizza, right? You know, like audio booms staffer, just for the pizza pens, knocking nag NAT. Oh, look at this British pizza. Deliveryman cut. He looks familiar. He looks like somebody, he's got glasses and he's got a British accent, David. Why does he does? He remind me what this British pizza man. What's your name? Sir? English. English shock, a red hair freckles glasses. He's so Pasha hand on hip. He couldn't be all beloved Ben Ha's, but the bone structure. So similar sesame posture, I don't. I don't know what you mean to remember to do the accent. Were you born. Nineteenth nineteen eighty five weird. He's reticent to state his birthday much like our beloved Ben hot sitting. He'll just say the year. Doesn't want to let. How old he might be, and it's weird the way he holds a pizza. It's slants when Ben delivers us what she has done. Can I have some pizza? I'm so hungry. Begnaud whoever you all I mean or inkling, cliff. And now he has left the studio. Gone sausage, peach with with several slices already missing. Who is this mysterious. I'm good for now. I couldn't bend. That's impossible. That's impossible. But I the one thing I will not consider that he could be Ben's twin. There's no way answer. He's just has to be someone with different accent who looks exactly like separately birth and one of the north orange when Luton south orange jersey joke. Crying. Advance. Sometimes you plan me bits in advance without telling me, didn't seem to me. No. If I had planned, it would be a lot more complicated. Sorry about that. That's fine. You missed a missed, a pizza delivery, Ben by some mangled English. It was his name English, English, English think? Yeah, English is quite. Those are the same. No, I've seen those classes before somewhere. Hey, Ben, you know what's not smart. What is that job sites overwhelm you with tons of the wrong resumes? Okay. You know what is smart, what ZipRecruiter dot com slash blank. Okay. Yeah back. Sure. Sure. You got me zippers. Unlike other job sites, ZipRecruiter doesn't wait for candidates to find you. ZipRecruiter finds them for you. So you don't have to like trawl through resume after resume, looking for someone to hire to fit your, whatever it is. It's got powerful matching technology. That scans, thousands of resumes identifies people with the right skills. 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It's not that you leave it blank, you type blank the word ZipRecruiter dot com, slash blankets, the smartest way to hire. Do we have to say? I just like I feel like. Rumble on this. The original parent trap, which I just remember would play on a lot along the sequels play a lot. And I watched them probably in bits and pieces. I remember being a lot more like trying to set up circumstances to trick them into falling in love. And in this movie pretty upfront pretty quickly about like we were coping, you'd get back together. Yeah, that makes sense to me because it's obvious right everyone in he's inaugurating the politics of them like meeting again and stuff quite at first quite good because people, you know, they had something when I and, oh yeah, of course wants to be, but I, this is happening and it's quite it's quite VDB said quite like that on the boat, I think, and trying to recreate that nights. It's it's so miracle. It's so so sad, and it just. Yeah, they don't have much to say to each other because. Yeah, it's so insane. It's like fifteen seventy into Paris. You don't make people. Right, right, right. Good. Yeah, they should've taken them back to the hospital and been like, so what was the thinking? Yeah. When you're like, I'll take one. You take. Right? Yeah. No, they tricked their parents going to San Francisco, but she's upfront with Richardson. She's like, dad. One says he's not. She's not front. She says he wants to see you, but he doesn't wanna see. They both tell their parents like the other one wants to see you clean. Doesn't know she's going to be though you're right. That's the big far right. Gotta go to twelve hour fight has never had a glass of wine in her life more than one glass of wine, and she'd like there's this idea that she's afraid of flying gets. That's that's. I think that's the only explanation given for why they never see each other. She says she drank a lot of wine for that one trip. She may right. That's why she lived on the QA two for fifteen years. Why they're on the boat? Yeah. He say boating said they literally have the thing where she like they open the car door and like little airplane, plastic liquor, bottles like rollout. And she gives a food to the betcha. What because she's doing wrong end, I says to her head, I, what are you saying? Simon Kunene. This is is the Butler. Yeah. Makes the Butler drag her by the neck. But it's no, it's very, he is like a near Mr.. Belvedere like stock ridiculous. Cartoony Butler. And chessy is such a are non archetypal character money. Yeah. Richardson thinks she's a fucking Butler. Yeah. Like, well, he's because they keep having -til the frigging time. Hi t in this movie. Anytime you see him at home sick. But now he's also hop Butler funds. Jacket, he's hot, daddy. You were very, not into very nice little. Think about him doing this stuff. You know what? What ching? This movie about two kids join to their parents to give it was like, gosh, this is just not right. This film, maybe don't do that. I think all that stuff I was just like, but little expunged. Yeah, yeah. I don't know. I just think like it feels like the nineties were kind of like peak Butler humor. Yeah, it was a kid finding butlers really funny, but low ninety or like random rate in the house. There's the kids. There's Alfred batmans Butler. That's cool. Arcade, fire with fire a couple of Butler's Butler win Butler. Thank you. No, the other, the other big. Insights. I think it is the post John Gielgud home Elliott too. Yeah, you're John Gielgud near thirty Denholm Elliott in trading places kind of started Butler mania. Just have a Butler, loved the Butler who also is like kind of like a moral conscious. Is you advice your best friend? I really liked that Frazier episode where Victor go, he hires a Butler and it's Victor Garber. No, Ferguson. And at the end of the he's an Ferguson Ferguson's, everyone gifts and raise your sad about having to let him go at the end or something like Ferguson said yourself a gift, like it's funny. Yeah, Garrett but the, yes, sure. Yeah. Play the, but. I think you think of split a Butthead. Certainly. I don't think that's the truth. Rush to congratulate. Lane is just looking at her. Sick this quickly. Pre-trade hound back. Okay. Okay. So they reunite in the San Francisco hotel. It's mostly hotel action. The third and this is when they're doing a lot like one walks away. The other comes back. How did you get her so fast? Diploma visit. This is definitely hurl Masha, double. Pavee French movie, where does this whole business with people? And they get the wrong luggage and begin to wrong room that we tweet us movie. Yeah, maybe I don't know. It's very famous French movie with this whole scene in a hotel and the wrong leg. Keep switching rooms. The obesity, the number six becomes a nine. It's really like template of that. Next to the wrong person and like, yeah, it's just like he's really well done in this movie, and we love the fact that she's drunk. 'cause well to, yes. Yeah. I mean, they set up a lot of fun little challenges for them trying to get the parents together. She's drunk, and he just like just hang out doing nothing being journey. It's so good because she's like whatever drawing, and then he sees the incident and you just goes like this because. Nice s. pretty elegance, Wisey, ex mining and stuff. He should be like horrified. Truth is that he still loves the, how can he be such an eye? Oh, happy. Go lucky guy after having on this guy thing, but they also have the moment while they're waiting to try to get Quaid in the same place where she sits at the bar next to Elaine Hendrix and orders like something to sober her up that she says tastes like tar. Yeah, Mary while she's closing out her account, Elaine Hendrix looks over, which I think is a really good character detail that she's the kind of person who always want to check everyone else's, like credit card, how much they're ten minutes. Name is looking for hot client. Maybe I can make a logo for your face in the logo. And if your face was on the dresses. What if that's the third active phantom thread where he's like my face is going to be all the dresses from now on. Going to be in the hem anymore. It's going to be the main feature of my clothes. What Hendrix's strategy was literally just put it Dennis Quaid on it forever. Regardless of who she was working with logo, and it's just quite space. The company, but these companies oldest same logo and it's very confusing and basically like they live right Danish Quaid Toyota, a legend of the car industry. But have you ever putting putting Jesus Christ ever tire done Quaid putting Quaid putting. Yeah. So now it's, they set up this like this thing where they, they try to three card Monty like you don't know which one of us is which brazenly doing right. It's so her fine and the parents skid did I shit like get disrobe like Rex chickens coming home to roost for the parents writing. See, you've created this and now they're, they've evolved working the rafters talking to each other park, three sense that they can't tell the kids apart because they don't have the experience of rape kits. Terrific. So they're just like, well, I don't. I mean, one of you is my child. And so that's how they convinced them to go on a camping trip all together. Yeah, right. Because they had that bit because. Because. Camping trips in one movie, love camping, American kids doing one thing to say the first in the summit camping amused to watching movies. The sim camp is sitting slasher film. So I was really, you know, they have the same boats that movie burning someone like funny and I was just expecting because we get so insane, like putting stuff on on the play on the roof and stuff. I was like, we're going to stop. You never know. I'd never seen this. You actually doing insane stuff is to reference slush films. What he's like. Felt like a location like it felt like it was. Gothic castle, obviously, vampires gonna come out this location. Exactly. And then go back to camping, and I was just, yeah, she, she's drifting. The when Meredith is drifting on the was just like someone's going to Jay's. Strike you back to? Well, I assume in France? Yes. Summer camp is not a thing in Britain. People do it, but I don't think he's nearly as Papa doesn't only guy. I know he's been wanting. Talk about on the podcast one what people complain because he talks about it. Must've thing Weaver. Offensive. He lives like what the fuck. It's. I know I'm I'm saying people and we have a policy on this podcast. We never prevent people from talking about their childhoods, especially where they were at times. In Britain. David. If you're being sent to summer camping, I've said this before that means you're parents hate get away. 'cause pairs summer camp is just like it's like militaries. Yeah. Anyway, they go on the camping trip and they're awful to Portland Hendrix the q. e. d. reconciliation attempt happens before tweet the to happens before that, and they're both like, look this a sweet. I don't know why we ever broke up. Clearly, we're going to go back to our respective lives. Say that it's more read like a nice memory and they say, well, we have really good is now, so he doesn't. Yeah, this is sense of them having focused on careers and have made having made a good living. That's where he says, I didn't think I'm supposed to go. Yeah, admit fault. But it's interesting because he said about how your career, you know, called fulfill every fading. And you know it said it is very found of people be with as well. That's true. But it couldn't because they still have. See, I'm Cisco. Couldn't they imprinted on each other? It is crazy thing in this two hour and eight minute. Ninety studio comedy for children that like they don't end up in the same place into like ninety minutes into the film. And then this final camping trip happens. Like in the last twenty minutes of the movie, I thought it was good of you of a campaign really. Together again, really wanted to extra cruel to Meredith little bit more. Little bit more always throws in an extra act for good. She gives you. It says a exactly like they originally, I know which is. Yeah. It just feels like that would be her creation. It does, but then, yeah, I mean. I just like that Meredith kinda like dooms herself. Sure. By offering the old tomato. Yeah, she the card she shouldn't play right, but I think it's a card. She's getting ready to play anyway. She wants to ship them off. She does want the kids out of the picture. So I guess she plays the card and he's like, what? Now I'm not into that. Of course, he's like emotionally stunted because it's like, how do you not have that conversation about? Are you ready to take on the responsibility of my kid before you talked to your kid and be like, well, maybe I'm going to marry this leeann like their engagements really fucking. How long was she at summer camp month? Two months, magnate weeks. Not back into the school year yet? No, the summer. Crazy. So yeah, so she said, and he's and then they, the cut is basically like their punishment when they arrive. He's like, yeah, married, it's outta here, but they're still punish days. Yeah, and they go their separate ways. But then how do you beat? How do you beat someone on a plane to London, concord. Yeah, my brother James, he used to be great with the concord. Concord scares the showed me. And anytime we were at the airport, he'd be like a refined the concord, and it was like, no, we're, we're going to Boston. He always wanted to be on the Concorde jet. Have you ever wrote on? It was only transatlantic literally just but my dad flew mccown court. But yeah, it seems so scary. I was so scared of the concord, scared a reason to do anymore. Couple of crash. Yeah. It's also just they're so expensive like they could never quite sustain the the price, a different experience being in it won't plane. Yeah. You have to like sit down the whole time and it's, I mean, it's there's booms because it's breaking the sound barrier. Everyone like screaming and the whole time, like a roller coaster. But also it takes not. I mean, it's very, very, very fast. Let me look it up. Let's find out about the concord. That they would like give you a photo like at the end, like a theme park. Look at the stupid face you're making on the Concorde full like a few hours swift knowing that actually, I want to know how long Dennis Quaid not any square Richardson. Yeah, to wait for the other guys to write a nomad plane. Right? You don't know how long they've been when you take a normal plane London's that you're an airport squad foul way out and then you have to drive. So they had none of ours. Yeah. This doesn't feel with the customs. Wait online for like ninety minutes what time they landed. Right. So it could do New York to Paris three and a half out fluid mock to twice the speed of sound. Well, yeah, pretty again, I think. Gasman often it was fucking crazy would fly fifty six thousand feet planes usually around thirty five to forty thousand feet. It's crazy. It's completely bizarre that we did this and we don't do it anymore. That's the weirder part one of those technology regrets grass, right? Yeah, dishing mega movie about it instead of making us men. Let's not. Let's last less. Bass plane plane. Okay. There is kind of like maybe like a good like Tucker, man and his dream movie about the concord. Right? Yeah. And they still, we're like, no, we can't do this. He was too small. To travel at these speeds now. So they take the concord and he's like, I finally came after, Natasha, says it like that. Right. And they just immediately. I mean, where where are they gonna lifting you? They don't. We don't Beckley. Right. Just get married on the QE too because not so on the plane. I already ties one for the over author, but his career is very geographically. That's true. What is he doing? He can get someone to do that chest. Chest chessy exists for chess. He's gotta marry the Butler. Do they get engage at the wedding, which supremacy obnoxious? Do not get engaged at a wedding that is outrageous. Plus it's the second wedding of yearly. They're getting married to be made. A mistake should have Marioni ones from them. Paratroop. Yeah, the the only reasonably budgeted film of Nancy Meyers career, fifteen million dollars. Yeah. But then she starts making like eighty million. Okay. I mean, everyone gets their quote on the parent trap, and you know, Natasha Richardson, Dennis Quaid. We're not like that kind of superstar level actor. No, this was the kind of thing for a while. It was like if you were someone who is like a leading man or leading lady, never had like massive crossover breakthrough success, you once you got the parent age, you could get good, steady, paychecks in these types of Disney films live action Disney film. But yeah, and it was like, you know, being the parent in the comedy, something like this or then like him doing the rookie a couple years later, desperate had his run sort of being like Disney guy, right? Yeah, yeah. Makes sense. It was definitely is. Dead is very dad. He's adding, is daddy. I mean, that's what you've lost. Gonna win booking. Booking. Holiday you'd law says I am debt spoiling in what in the holiday. Another Nancy Meyers does. There's a moment where Kuwait Lizzy I am daddy. We're going to talk about it, Jude, law's daddy. But yes, the box office game guys, July thirty first nineteen hundred ninety eight. I was on vacation in America and I saw this movie. Should I July thirty first if you're walking on thin ice a life, they're gonna have to have a conversation about this on Mike. Yes. Number one at the box office. So parent trap opens number two. Okay. Eleven million make sixty six. Very nice. Multiply. Eddie summer sleeper makes about one hundred robe-like ninety six ninety two. I mean, I don't mean that's number one of the box office though is a big epic movie that we've talked about on this podcast highest grosser of nineteen. It is saving private Ryan in in what second week, a week of it's crazy because it has a long run. It does. It's already made seventy three million dollars. Yeah. Make two hundred sixteen so I know something that's in the top five. Oh yeah. It's the film that kept on creeping all summer. I'm moving up the charts. What is it? Number three at this? Okay. Something about Mary. Look at him. Go, Mary opened that third week, and then it kept on every week, moving up the chart and was never four the week before. Yeah, it was. It was so fucking excited was a classic word of mouth success. Right? Where people kept being like yet. Got us either. I remember the same summer that the Mark McGwire Barry Bonds home run thing was happening. Yes, absolutely. Right. The member because my brother and my dad would get really excited about like who's going to break the Mayor, Ron. On record, and it turns out both Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa broke it and Mark Maguire got more and then our thing, my dad and I was what position is something about Mary going to be, and it would literally just move up one position every week. It open at six people like that's disappointing. And that was five, four, three, two. And then we were like, what? If they fuck it up? But if they don't get to one and eight to one and my big fat Greek wedding had the same thing where kept on moving up and then it never got to one the week that it was going to hit one swim fan, beat it, a tragic tragic time in American history. My big fat Greek wedding made more money. It's at Mary's number three, yes. Number four is a new film this week. Uh-huh. Thriller, I guess. To describe like a grownup action thriller. Interesting director who's had a long and interesting career in Hollywood that we might want to cover some day. But like later, no earlier entry early entry. Starring in us ker nominee in Oskar winner where they in the March madness bracket director? No, no, it's director. I have a lot of trouble with, but his indisputably made great movies. He's just made couple bad movies. Yeah, we talking this is ninety Coupland. Nope. He's not a director. You would think. This you say has made great movies and horrible movies. This is a a programmer. It's a pretty good movie, tough movie Oscar winner. And then someone who's kind of being anointed as a new star recent nominee is that the idea no to stars, but honestly, it's the Oscar winner who's being anointed. We're there, the more he's newer, you'll also is a bad bad person. Oh, bad house. How bad at. Kevin spacey. Correct, but he's second build. He is the title character actually. Well, they're both title characters, American Beauty, no. Eight, he's the title character. Is it the David thing? What is it called? The movie ways like actually. So life in times of David, gale. Yeah. Although Alan Parker is an interesting. Nine hundred ninety eight. Ninety eight. Kevin Spacey. He's eight title character you. This is a great box office game. I'm loving this. People are freaking out right now. Is it really obvious? No, no, it's a movie people forget about, but it was a hit Moee. Oh. It was solid moves. Actually what it is. It's directed by f, Gary gray, correct. Is called the negotiated Goshi. Ater Kevin. Spacey is the title character because he is the negotiator, I believe, Samuel Jackson also playing a negotiator. Yes, the ideas that he's the old negotiators who's like take. Hostage, right. And Kevin Spacey's negotiator whose negotiate negotiate with the best negotiator. I now. I read this like this. That was so my brother, it's a good movie. It's just so long. It's like two hours and twenty minutes. So I never just wanna like throw it on. I'll tell you my two big negotiator related memories. One, two, two one is my brother who's been a vote. A lot in this episode used to always fight my parents about like his bed time and like how much more food he had to create a right. And then when this movie came out, they were like, look, it's Jamesy movie. It was a running joke in my family, and then we called him the negotiator for a long time after that is funny. The second thing is that is a good bit. That's a good bit. We call James the negotiating a little eight year old boy. The other. The other bit was the other memory is that my friend, India Guardia when I was ten, his dad was a limousine driver, and his birthday party was like ten ten year old boys got to ride around in limousine, and he had like a TV and VCR in the back. And we watched negotiator. Movie that was this like birthday party in the year. Two thousand was like a bunch of ten year olds, watching the negotiator and peeling pretty smart, intelligent adult thriller. It's not a bad movie that movie at all. He's career though is is like Friday, which is obviously cultural touchstone set it off, which is his great moving trick movie negotiator, which is like a solid Hollywood movie right. Then there's that VIN diesel movie, Amana part that kind of not a very good film. Then there's the Italians say that Italian job, which is good, fun then be cool, which is a blank cheque Zastava catastrophe law-abiding citizen, which I've never seen, but Santa kind of crime program. But that does pretty well. Yes. And then spam film that is a film where the Butler? Yes, and then Jared and then straight outta Compton, which obviously is the sort of smash, Ken colossal cultural moment, right? And then falls up with the fate of areas. Right now, he's doing a new career. He's been signing onto these big mask which is like one of the cinematic. Yeah, he's like now become a big tent whole dude. And he's like, you know, a black directors worked in many genres, Hollywood and like, I don't know. We could be half Gary gray and he'd like started out in the music video world after and Eliza world wurley directed it the it was a good day Ray. Yeah. Anywhere we should put an uproar after. Number five. Yeah, that's right. We're not done is a movie that every single person, my age, certainly every girl my age saw so many times I feel like it's a bit of a forgotten movie. It is a great movies ever after ever after colon Cinderella story. Starring drew Barrymore. Anjelica Huston. Yeah, sort of a grownup. Well, sort of like a reboot of Cinderella. Yeah, it was like a more like it was a less fantastical. Cinderella was kind of the idea. Right? It was do grey, Scott? Yes. Coming out, right. Jim rose in it. We're let them to French cinema. I never saw that movie. I remember being so excited for it. And then I was such a Disney kit. I was disappointed when I saw the trailer like where are the might. Pumpkin, these guys got it so wrong, triple that teen movie. Yeah, you got mask as aro the weapon, four Armageddon, man. I saw all this was an intro to the movie. Yeah, doctor Doolittle with any Murphy. Cute. Jane Austen's mafia, humongous baseball. Opening this week, not so humongous. Saw it opening day, believe I saw it on that became yes. I was like into south park that was like a twelve year old idiot. I wasn't allowed to watch south park. I liked airplane and James lake, both basketball and baseball. So it was like an easy pitch for like a Sunday with that, whatever. I think we saw probably opening any. His name's David UA intone at Saint time as Griffin when you were going to movies truly living here. I was not living here by this point. Ninety eight. I when I saw movies, I usually say with our friends on the boy side where it grew up and I feel like you probably see in movies downtown, but maybe not now, but you. So you never going to the Lincoln square MC which was at the time for special accents. Although they were, they were like, Newseum, I'm Jay. Yeah, I remember seeing baseball. The theater that is now the IFC center which is shut down and was unoccupied for like a decades before it reopened. There's a few those, you know I do. I just meant to say not a bit. I grew into pitching. I would have made the bits fine retirement because I had had enough of it. Actually. I didn't ask just Griffin just did it, but I felt like he was responding to my obvious. Yeah, like I'm so sick of it. Instead of having a bit. We have the anti-bid which Mitch with so much. Driven into the ground. David said to me, this bit has poisoned every well in my life and is an act of mercy said, I will hang the bid up from the rafters, and the bid is gone. And then every week. Cooking tempts me. He throws the bit in my face, so we just got a pile red card sitting next to him. Ben's been flipping them down like he's a fucking blackjack dealer. I'm literally going to split comedic hairs with you the bit is you making fun of me growing up like snowing up, paying notion that you grew out? I wasn't doing a bit more. You said it was a bit and you hated it. The five, any group down. You can't change that. It's not a bit. Running not change it. It's a. What else. Coming out soon. I'm going to announce this anyone on Twitter who tweets the bit at me. I'm going to block you. Okay. I've had enough of it. I fucking hated and people. Sometimes people will tweet it like into conversations where like there are other people who may be like are as acquainted with the podcast, and I'm like enough. So early morning stable block. You can. Don't wanna talk about the bit and then invoke this fin tastic notion of something really, really, really interesting. Yes, that never could have happened that could have grown up in. I'm going to tweet about it when this episode drops. So that'll be the one universal warning and then there's this episode. But if anyone after whatever this drops tweets this the, you know, does this joke at me? I block, you know, quest real consistent. So Dave is making clear, he's gonna block anyone who tweets about the bit after he tweets about the bit this fucking. This is one exception. I will not block Griffin Newman because I know he's going to fuck around with this. The second time, respecting you're the one who's dancing on it's great, some Bedia Sem thing. Do you like this comfort of having to fight against the confines. Due to constricting itself. This is like a post Mitte, but this is what happens to goes to onto. It's like start doing battle with themselves, seem attached. Guess he's greater than the sum of bits, I would say, oh, she's right. Fighting. We're not really funny about this. I'm a law abiding citizen. Right? So that's the first pair trip. I mean, the first one years it's going to do about opponent trip. We're gonna do. Yeah, least two and then they're gonna get confused. We'll release the episodes in an alternating order. No, it's just interesting because especially after the father of the bride movies, you could see her kind of continuing to do this. She very easily could have stayed in the family movie lane. That's right. Or doing the remake -ly glossy remake lane. Then she makes her most high-concept movie next, but decidedly adult film. Well, yes, but it's also the one movie she doesn't. Right, which is kind of telling the problem. Yes. Yeah. We're talking on next week's episode which is her one out and out. Stinker and my Lauren away the most successful movie, the movie that was always on TV in France, really. I do feel like not to paint with a broad brush, but France does love. It's big, broad, comedy back, you know. Sack, you know, comedy's Sunday action there does that does. I think there was dependent trips and things, but what women want. What women, one way he gets into bathtub at at executed. Odious memories. I mean, I when I was I was I did like a work exchange in France. I lived in tour. Yeah, this is fine. This is something that happens cannon worked at a men's wear store jewel. Did you. Will then, yeah, this is we're talking about two thousand three. David had the sexy period where he worked in a bar that's that's later that's grown man. It had some like sexy French times where he was very handsome and compelling. I'm moved to America like eightieth. Actually. Literally, someone said that to me when I was like I was a reporter and it was like a rainy day and I was standing outside city hall for some council meeting and like talking to a press guy. And he was like, Paris and I, I lived in Paris bartender. You know, he was like, what are you doing here? You just keep doing that room Mantech that he was a bartender in Paris. I do very well. I used to speak better friends, but anyway, I did work at a menswear store. Yeah, and I remember my parents, you know, my host, no one in this family spoke English except for him. So I would talk to and he loved like those lip card that was the, you know, the hot move and like he was like, you got to watch this because he knew liked movies, right? That's weird though. David that you spent that much time in Paris and never traveled around other parts. This was in tour wasn't Paris. Oh. We went to two years ago. Great. So good. You should go back. Okay up, David. Okay. Okay. Sure. Griffin as well in Venezuela, Spain. We should European adventure to. Yes, gastric been there. I've never been there. I, it's all right. I liked it a lot. It's a weirdly sort of more because we wound Asterix tangent, recent Zoot and others like a whole thing in the red at breaking down how crazy Asterix talking because they are so expensive there. So high production, the one, the one that's good. The Cleopatra when good. Klay into cinema into big multiplex, and it was so popular. We didn't have a seat and we said on this day. Do that. They like oversold it. Third, the fourth, there's been a lot. As before. Okay, because the Olympics one, because that's the one that has the insane, like hundred thirteen million dollar budget. Yes. All the crazy. And then that one did like a third of Cleopatra. These famous people right doing a bit like Ziauddin estimates depressing. Mel's in that one, but. Gemmill. Petraeus's. Well, Benin's in the first right. Yeah, Julius Caesar, no, no. He plays like the local Roman. Gottfried John place. Julius Caesar in the first one right place them in the third one. And then there was a fourth one, like in Britain. I think. Her Majesty's secret service. That, right? Yeah. Asterix always change. Always some new guys Asterix. Well, Chris junk Levy. He's the first to write the best change. It was it did it for one. And then the fourth and Depardieu shows up every fucking. Mentioned. A young people in pharmacy, just him as which is. She's so good. He is so good of licks and company, which is I read, I read all the Asterix pensin tons favorite one. It's so fucking funny. Everyone should read it. You do need to read a few Asterix before you read though, because it's sort of breaking the form, but it is so brilliant and it's hilarious satire of capitalism. And in which like this guy comes to Caesar. Let's not try to destroy them with like soldiers. Let's destroy them with capitalism. I mean, he goes there and he starts buying many years the, you know the, yeah. That'd be stones that may yes and everyone's like, why are you buying them? They serve no purpose. And he's like, I just love them. So then everyone starts manure business and he starts buying them all in like paying them off against each other. So. I went to park Asterix. It's really fucking cool. This was when I was staying with like my mom's friends, family as a teenager, and I really want to go to Disneyland Paris and they were like Disneyland, Paris fucking babies, losers going PARC. Asterix perk, Asterix has more of a six flags reputation that the rides are a little more intense. Like it's a little less about the theme and the rides are kinda like thrill rides. Yeah, but it's what you do steroids. Right, right. Like they kind of keep the aesthetics of thing, but there's also limited character based because it's just this one property. But the thing that's really funny about that is like lot of Asterix merchandise Blix merchandise lot of merchandise of the rock, surely because it's a limited cast that rock is like, oh, yeah. Doll, you could get a lollipop that looks like it's really fun. The rock is like a quivalent to like goofy in the Asterix universe is like the third most merchandise character. Right? And they don't like they don't like anthropomorphized it. There isn't like. Guys in a rock costume in the rocks like a big fucking thing. Rookie. Semenya I'm sorry. That's the way special because he scolded it and stuff. I love like big this just like a pillow that's just looks like a mini swear to God amazing. I that exist like I remember walking in and senior shelf where it was millionnaires in different sizes, and it was like, here's the beanie baby size one. Here's a huge one that's like plush, but it's like your Asterix carrying it around. Yeah. They're so cool because they're all over Britain, Ireland, too. And it's just these rocks and everyone's like who made them. We don't know. We don't know. We just know that they may be fucking rocks and left him here for some reason. It is the blender. Goodbye. Note to end on and now clearly we do an Asterix. Yeah, no. Yes, the good ones I do find interesting. All those different directors. Yeah. Directed to good one. Right and clubs to the first one. Right, I think. Yeah, enough Asterix talk enough Benz is looking at Asterix Ben. Actually, you would fucking love your guys. Yeah, couple of scoundrels. Yeah. Well, you know, kind of crafty and small and clever and a big really sweetheart. Always wants to drink magic potion even he doesn't need it, right. He doesn't fail into. Anyway, distaste in, he's just like, because it gives them to fit in. It is. He's very. Yeah. He also does love to eat like a whole wild-boar like that's his favorite food is like one. Yes, you know, twelve. Just like restate again in relation to the details. You just heard they are the cultural equivalent to Mickey Mouse. All these weird details and they're just like walking love. Yeah. And every book ends with them having a huge buffet. Just eating? Yes. Yes. Cook. I'm going to sing and they. Have you. France have names on. I remember all the names are translated Asterix. French. A dog is fix, no, isn't it? Looks. Yes. We introduced relaxed for the first time weeks. You know, all the names are in America. England not really are pun. So like the dog is called dogmatics, which I believe you're right. He's edicts and friends that the druid who makes the potion is called ghetto fix, really, really fucking in French believe. He's called panoramic. The chief is called vital statistics. Oh. Oh my God. I forget what he's called in France, and and the chief in Blasco seeks. She's like Cousy, which means like with short arms. When you're running when you're running. Yeah. I talked to expand the Bard is called cacophony ex in France. He's called assurance to Rick. Insurance just mean he's annoying. Means anything. Already you have. The meaning doesn't really fit what veil and the old man geriatrics and the fishmongers called on hygiene. And the metal metalworkers called fully automatic. Keeps going like everyone has a funny name. I'm so happy that aspect coming up. This love Asterix. One money. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you. Thanks for having is, of course we won't make you take a greyhound back. There's, of course the blank check offer will fly anyone out from any country took a greyhound because they aren't cash. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. We just gave him the cat. Do whatever cash. Thanks for being here where where can people find your writing? It's a very complicated. Yes. Well, these days the best ways to full to us on Twitter. My is many Zik and I said, icy, and I'm at Zeke that I see. Yeah. Trapping gas. Thank you. Thanks. We'll carrying about the representation of twins and cinema. Yeah, stirring putting, it's a Kohl's that's was fighting. This is basically why we from critics. Yeah, for Justice, Justice, betweens. You think all movie should have twins? Yeah, between representation. Sure. To one. I think every guests to be cheetan in this movies, I'm Lindsay Lohan does not have a twin. Real twin actresses. So yeah, making Vinci's if you wanna make a remake with twins, Ernest. No, I'll give you like a quick life hack for how to get better twin representation instantly. Watch any three movie without the glass. Thank you for listening. Remember to your of scribes. Thanks to and for good. Oh, I also media, Joe Bonin, Pat Reynolds for our work and big congrats. Joe bone just became a father going muscle tone of because sometimes you do art work, and sometimes you have a baby bounce. David. Thanks Lynn, ongoing go-to blinks at that time for some real thirty shit and as always. But at that point on it. Hey, David, got a quick question for you. Do you like diving deep into the directors complete filmography? Absolutely. I've actually been known to do that once in a while, but certainly not on microphone. No, no, no, no. Well, okay, more important question. Can you quote can bake best film tremors word for word? Sure, probably. I mean, because you are. Bacon on the dish to put a little bacon on the dish. That's right. David, got great news for you because those are two things you like doing and because you have no outlet to do them on your own podcast. What if I could recommend a podcast for you to listen to. Okay. The storm spoiler. David spoilers podcasts. It started out as a show about game of thrones that's much like every show started out as a show about game, throw or some other expend franchise, right or serial parody. But it's become a podcast that now covers all of your pop culture. Obsessions from Star Wars thing we never talk about on this podcast, the complete works of Cary Fukunaga something we probably won't have reason to talk about maybe four or five years from now, give him a couple more then we can talk about him. Some podcast, take several episodes to cover directors, philosophy, lame sounds too long, extended unsustainable, your hosts hosted storm. Spoilers have been known to cram it all into one saves time money who has a ten times the speed. It's like the guy Kula podcasting, right? Here's the thing, David. I'm gonna tell you this very secretly. Okay. The name storm spoilers upon on George r. Martin's book? Oh yeah. Storm swords I read it much like Logan's of western. And while the show does like the dig into behind the scenes info. Oh, it's on all spoilers podcast anymore. It's a good storm now. Okay. Like Monroe, the best storm master thief? Yeah, not not like these hurricanes bid bed. Rubin Carter no matter what wiz seconds, spoilers host, Neal, Miller, Joanna, Robinson, Joe bro friend of the show, and Dave Gonzales are always own flinching Lee on us in their coverage of the film and TV you can't live without. Sometimes they cheer and sometimes they denounce be feel like the person who wrote this might alike are show a little not what you're talking about. It's available now on itunes, Stitcher, and wherever you're already downloading podcasts like blank, check with Griffin data. Oh yeah, that's a good one. Oh, yeah, that's a good one.

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