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"julia richardson" Discussed on Blank Check with Griffin & David

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"julia richardson" Discussed on Blank Check with Griffin & David

"That's so much Nancy kind of farce thing where it's all about these relationships setting up the different dynamics rather than just like crazy kind of twin pranks. Yeah. Yeah, it's so then the the London side is calmer. That's more just lovely there. She goes again. Road. It is crazy to see Natasha Richardson. It is also crazy how much she looks like Emma Thompson styled like her in like. So similar styled like an at Thomson that didn't come about until a couple years after she has the haircut, the Emma Thompson will soon have pray and she's very good knit. This is right around the time the same year. She does cabaret on Broadway which saw her in which she wanted Tony four, very radical approach to an iconic character that LIZA Minelli obviously, kind of owns. It was the one without coming. And it's so funny because she's so gentle since she's like not in her other like she's not an iconic actress. She didn't really get the chance to be Patty Hearst. I mean, that's like that's. Yeah, I'm trying to think. What else does she? She's in Nell, and she did a lot of phones, but it feels like she didn't totally get to know. Obviously, she is acting royalty, jazz daughter, Vanessa Redgrave. She's my sister of Julia Richardson. She's the daughter granddaughter, Michael Redgrave, Tony Richardson, the director was her father, all that right. Big, famous, acting English family. She's also January ten, two. So she's just someone. Actually in England, they are the most famous family. They are absolute royalty, all of them, even though Vanessa Redgrave is always just grabbing the Mike and being like, I want to talk about Israel. People are still like venerated legend can do what she wants. Vanessa. Redgrave just had that insane like two year round where like everyone died around her, like he was just like tragic, horrible, like or meet a triangle, where they all fell to two different sorts of. I mean, like touch Richardson's death was such a freak accident, very frightening. Yeah, rip really, really good movie ferruginous film really charming. I mean, that's, that's the thing that this movie that these two performances really helped sell is just like how much these feel like nice homes you'd wanna be. And I like the because you don't see the home life before camp. You're seeing them through the eyes of each girl, sing it for the first time. I'd be totally happy with this at some point when. When one of them is like you have to come back because. Girlfriend? Hell, no. Few weeks this? Yes. That. So the British won any when she goes to see for the first time. She's the one who has to deal with the girlfriend. I know the first time, how do you didn't even know that she doesn't the data. She's like, man, I'm going to have to deal with this. That was supposed to be my sister sitting with over zero conflict. Nice, fun times. Nice. Trolling the puck with grandpa, everything. She has the footage shoot for the wedding dress. Yes, we detected super nineteen. Yeah, she has a great time. Also, it's interesting that the mom makes wedding dresses considering she got married. It's like a weird. Like what Freud would say about this? You know, it's going to transfer that you can't leave. Crime..

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