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"judy lucerne" Discussed on Discover Lafayette

"I I'd like to introduce Beth or Gwen who has been with the bank since two thousand two with the background in print media in publishing she currently serves a senior executive vice president and director of communications facilities in human resources as well as Chief of staff for CEO Daryl Bird Beth also serves on the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's New Orleans branch joining her about trotter who joined Iberia Bank ten years ago as the staff attorney and who is now an executive vice president and C. R. A. Officer C. R. A. Stands for the Community Reinvestment Act. A law directs spanks to help meet the credit needs of low and moderate income neighborhoods of the communities in which they operate. Beth is a graduate of Tulane Law School in an active board member of Habitat Tat for humanity having served as the women bill chair in two thousand seventeen and twenty eighteen so beth one and Beth to be one and B two as you tell me welcome to discover cover Lafayette. Thanks for having US yeah having this chain. I've been looking forward to this for so many reasons first of all thank you both on behalf of Iberia Bank for Sponsoring Our podcast. It's really really been much appreciated and I'm really excited about the opportunity for you to let people get to know you and what you do for the bank and opportunities for women women in leadership positions so Beth Arden. If we can start with you you have really moved up the ranks. Now you started out in in media is that yes is that correct and you talk about that sure started out as a sales executive for the times of ACADIAN A- way back when after college when it was owned by Steve May and Jerry Fisher May and really I've been so fortunate to have sort of two stops in my career both with the Thai one with the times and the second with Iberia having a chance to work with leaders executives who really believe in women's advancement in the workplace creative leaders really believe in thinking out of the box and really approaching life from different angles so right really too great to great opportunities in my career riot and when I said moving up the ranks what I'm really referring to is you've earned these positions and I didn't WanNa Miss Speak on that but you have had some opportunities that I think a lot of people are just you know to get to serve on the the board of the Federal Reserve Bank and all this if you can talk about what your role all is I bury a bank and and what led you to to have that opportunity on the Federal Reserve. Yes thank you I joined the bank at a time when it was really in Transition Sarrebourg bird his senior team our senior team had just joined the company and the bank was being converted from a thrift to a more traditional commercial bank and so so as a small company just serving Louisiana at the time Darryl really wanted to focus on marketing communication public relations efforts that were more tailored toward our target audience which were privately held businesses commercial businesses that we really could serve best so I came on board at that time and really focused on public relations as the company grew and changed think as Jerry mentioned back in the spring when you had them here we've done more than twenty five acquisitions over the seventeen years or so have been there so we really have grown and expanded across the southeast and with that came the opportunity to to take on more responsibility ability everything from facilities which is the management of are least An- own facilities to our expanded marketing efforts I and human resources as well which is pretty interesting part of the job why thirty six hundred associates yeah so I'm looking back you joined before Katrina and Rita eight ahead which was a pivotal year for Louisiana in two thousand five and then just within a couple years after that that is really when they explosive growth of Iberia Bank began. I know it's continued but your role had to expand pretty dramatically I mean how many states are you in nail. We're in assay. A nine zero nine states bank Lebanon to offer Mortgage Ryan our mortgage office yet influx right now we've had some changes with mortgage but yes so we have our first sort of jump out of Louisiana was into Arkansas and then both through acquisitions and de Novo initiatives we've jumped across the southeast so Florida Texas the Carolinas Georgia Alabama so we really have a wide footprint across that region right now. I've spoken with Judy Lucerne who works with you in your marketing department and the markets that you're in while they're mainly. I guess the south southeast southern part of the US the markets are different and so what people are expecting from banking and Louisiana. I'm sure quite different than South Florida right. We've got retirees and the high percentage of Wealth Fund. I mean our jobs gone because you know while we crossed. We're we're a large regional bank now. Well we really make sure we continue to customize our experience for our clients and our brand in those markets so what we do from a marketing standpoint and a client service standpoint in Key West certainly differs from what we do in Atlanta Houston Dallas or New York so we make sure that through people like judy some of our great teammates teammates that the experience for our clients is very customized we we have obviously common brand and common mission statement that we all live by but but we deliver a very personalized experience through people like Judy leaders like Jerry throughout our footprint right. Do you have to travel a lot for your position listen. I do travel quite a bit. I mean everything from visiting the markets to conferences or other special engagements that we signed up at for It's just hard to believe bank. That's gotten this big. It's still based right here right here and Acadian so south trotter if we can jump over to your role at the bank and then I want to let you both talk after that you are you work under the CR a the community reinvestment act and I know you started out as a staff attorney attorney and you've you've earned this position also and it's something that I've heard about a lot just in the real estate you know in the workup done but would you explain explain what you do and what Iberia Banks Role is in that in helping low to moderate income communities share so the community reinvestment officer manages the community outreach outreach programs and the mortgage products and the specialized products that we have throughout the company so we're in nine states from the bank perspective bank branches in nine states so what I do is I managed that program and so at a high level community reinvestment is about lending investment and service to low income communities and very small businesses and so managing our program and put forth our team throughout the footprint right in so while you do that while you're assisting people that might have some issues in getting a conventional loan you still have have to focus on safe and sound lending practices and that's of course part of the regulation is Um to help communities.

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