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"judy lucas" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Good afternoon Laurie Kirby here are the five things you need to know at two fifteen governor Baker getting is pen ready right now to make that distracted driving build a law Boston climate strikers tell Beacon Hill lawmakers the eyes of all young people are on use scrutinizing your decisions Duncan Anne's ball thing closes after a series of health violations I had a time of the Green Line after a flurry of upgrades and restoration and after allegedly hiding for decades a man faces murder charges in a Boston courtroom police say Williams Sanchez killed a man who kicked him out of a house party in Boston in nineteen ninety five prosecutors say senses fled to his native Dominican Republic and evaded the law until now Sanchez is charged with shooting Jorge Medina in the early morning hours of October eighth nineteen ninety five defense secretary mark as bird dog by questions about his decision to fire the navy secretary over a navy seal case here's CBS is Kevin McCormick defense secretary mark asper said president trump gave him a direct order that Edward Gallagher would not lose his seal status again the order that Gallagher will retain his trident and he defended his decision to fire navy secretary Richard Spencer who he accused of working behind his back to come up with a deal in the Gallagher case as researchers Spencer's resignation because the loss in trust and confidence after what transpired these last several days asper said the case is now closed the case of any Gallagher has dragged on for months and it's distracting to make it must end Kathy McCormick CBS news the Pentagon not ending the search this hour for three missing men in the waters off Martha's vineyard the Coast Guard says they got the call from the Leonardo but twenty five nautical miles off of the vineyard of the weekend the boat had capsized and apparently it sank in the stormy seas consider how stormy it was yesterday this is petty officer Ryan no well as of right now we do not have any current updates but the search did continue overnight into this morning please they have good weather today one person was rescued so far apparently good condition but spirits not so good worried about his crewmates crews from air station Cape Cod and two Coast Guard cutters are helping with the search and it's been anything but a joy ride for passengers on the Norwegian joy the cruise line says a few gas got sick to their stomach after the ship left Miami they think it could be the norovirus which you know is highly contagious Judy Lucas was on board thank.

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