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"judy george kettle" Discussed on First Draft

"But now you're I mean John Kin off. He drops down there. That would kind of make sense but I really think you don't make that trade and wanted to go in. Another question is clear. Law and upgrade over Bucknell. Because if not then why are you making that deal? That's my point. Yeah I think that they want to bring in an offense of weapon. I think they want to gold around their quarterback. I think they believe in Jimmy. And even though he's had some moments in the playoff run was not the best but I think that they believe that they can build around him and and make make that offensive side as good as the defensive side has been and and I think you know with the way shirt. He wants the defense to be stable but he also he knew when he made that that deal with New England to bring Jimmy. That was going to be the side of the ball that had to improve. And I think that that's what they're trying to do right now. The idea of deebo Samuel Jerry. Judy George Kettle like that. Offense could be exciting with a bunch of young talented people and I loved. I loved able if they if if he can stay right. He's he's. He's such an underrated. So outside of that. I mean looking down the rest of this. You know we're one of the things that we want to do here. We've been off for two weeks. We want to get to a bunch of questions that you guys have but but todd anything else that when you look at this other than Jordan. Love at twenty three which we've talked about to the Patriots if you get there if you're the New England patriots GM and you're at twenty three and Jordan. Love is sitting there for you. Are you looking at him? Are you going elsewhere? You think it's worth that position. If Brian Hoyer for the interim do you think that you wait another year what is GM? Todd mcshea. Do I'm I'm taking? I'm taking move if he's sitting twenty-three I'm taking him and I and I realized that I'm GonNa need a year or so to bridge the gap. But they've always built it with the long-term in mind and trying to find values and to me twenty-three value for Jordan love really especially if you're talking about just gets even dog is upset about the fact that you're in. What's your dog's name? His name is Dexter Dexter. All right said Teigen. Yeah take in. My dog is in the other room behaving so far. But there's no guarantees but we'll see how long that lasts. Yeah and I've got two kids that are banging on pots in the background. One and no one can go outside and do something but ultimately my point is I think it's all about value and if you're sitting there twenty three and you can get a quarterback like Jordan the potentially has yes. He had the seventeen interceptions and and he made mistakes. But if you really studies tape and especially go back and study the twenty eighteen tape that's when you realize that there's a lot there to develop so you know. I think that they would do it. It doesn't mean they will but I think that they would strongly consider that I like Jerry Adam but that just can't be the answer it just can't be. It seems Brian. Hoyer as always kind of been that guy. That's a little bit of a stop gap. And he's not he's not going to be terrible for your franchise and you can keep things together. But he's not a long term option so if they don't see that guy during love would make a lot of sense there at twenty three for them. Inlet hoyer bridge the gap. Exactly exactly you know I. I've always liked hoyer for what he is. I thought he was a third round draft. Picking on that was my first. That was my first draft experience. Really the first time I ever onset. This is a true story. I was sitting next to her Edwards and Trey Wingo On forget the logistics of it. But I you know the main crew as the main crew I was twenty seven twenty eight years old and they are we're going to have an ESPN to set and they would come to us at K. Generally but we you know we weren't the main the main show it was Kuyper and whoever will grow and maybe at the time boomer all those guys it was it was the big the big crew that used to have the draft for a long time and and I loved Hoyer and Melwood. He gave me a lot of junk about hoyer. And we're inside. Were in New York. Yup and the crazies are there now on day three and I was like. He's a third round pick. He had so many drops his receivers failed him this that the other thing and in the sixth or seventh round. They started chanting Brian. Who you're for like forty minutes. Charley casserly was there with the NFL network and he has come over here. But and I walked over as they don't worry about them. You're always going to have this. I notice your first year doing this. Don't worry about them a lot not telling you he's pretty good and I don't know if I'm right or wrong but it's just funny. That was my first when I really WANNA go out on a wedge for player. So I've I've always had a thing it could wear because he's been serviceable player in the NFL for a long time. There's been a lot bigger. I'm not saying that I I mean it wasn't Brady was sure that would be amazing along day. Well let's get to where we send out a tweet asking for a bunch of questions from you guys Have not been here like I said for two weeks so we're just going to get into as many of these as we can try. This comes from Scott Porter. Where do you see Lynn? Bowden from Kentucky going like when I like when he does a little bit of everything he's kind of today's NFL guy. He could play a little quarterback playing the slot. Playing the backfield. I I would say I'd be. I will be surprised if we get today three. And he's still on the board. I think he's GonNa be somewhere late second early. Third and I've talked. I talked to a scout so last week ten days ago. Who was saying. Have you watched enough on him? I'm like yeah like watch more. I mean he's he's one of those guys that like the more you study of him the more you appreciate what he can do and the today's league in how everyone is just kind of an offensive weapon not not pigeonholed to being one thing. I think that's what really makes track next. Question comes from Eric. Avila Big Fan. This awkward where do you see normally Davis way? I don't know that's a great question. Always Davis of Alabama. Where do you see him going in the draft? I would I would say second third round range. He's I mean we've talked about before he's the guy you want off the bus. He's so big and strong and physical Ten years ago he probably would have been a late first early second now. He's probably late second third he. He was an interesting interview. I sat down with him after sitting down with nick saving in their offices and nick with it. Knicks interesting because he for as difficult as he can be to deal with sometimes. He really wants to represent his players. Appropriately not not overselling. He wants to really give you the honest truth so that everyone has the information. I've come to respect that. A lot about him I really have. And he said some of the people in the room. The defensive line room were not great influences and Ray Kuan had some maturing to do and he wasn't ready to handle some guys you know when you're the young kid and you're immature and you're around some other bigger kids that you think are the stars. Sometimes you might not act the way you WANNA act rake on. That's what was going on. And then re Quan came in the room and he said the same exact thing. And he's like he's the coaches could tell me. My teenage could tell me but when my mom and my dad and my family members toll. You're not you're not who you should be and we know you're GonNa be better than this. I was wondering like there's five or six moments every year when you sit in these conference rooms with these players and coaches that stand out now as one of them and It was it was really cool to see because he was such a great player as a freshman he was a dot as a sophomore and this past year he picked it back up and I think a lot of it had to do with just like coming to grips with the fact that he needed to step up and Mitchell and he did. Yeah that was a long answer. I know all right but But it was. It was one of the cool experiences of someone's got to be able to ramble on and melts. Not here so it's okay that you take up that mantle rattener wants to know this question cuyler. Murray was the easy pick last year at number one. So how does he differ? That much from jalen hurts. Were hurt. Isn't even getting any looks as a fringe starter. Accuracy that's what it comes down to just consistent accuracy. Accuracy in Tyler is Jalen is athletic and very mobile. And he's a Gamer and he's a baller and he's competitive and I love all of that about him. Cuyler was is just more explosive it. It's easy if you sit there and watch the tapes. It's easy it's hard to explain. But it's easy to show you if that makes sense it. The twitch the quickness the ability to evade to explode onto the pocket but then when the throw is a the ball placement is so much more consistent with cuyler than it has been one with Jaylen. And that's that's GonNa be as big challenge. He's athletic enough to succeed. It's can he be more consistently ashort CAC Jalen? He's still gonNA drill some. I've heard some people say second I don't I don't see. I see more third for but quarterback the bill of that. You know developmental quarterback with upside the teams would take a shot at you know in the third fourth maybe fifth if he felt that far. Everybody's played a ton of. Yeah that's true. He's played a ton of Boll and Tyler Tyler. Didn't you know Baker came came in and then Tyler Kyle with tyler was like he's GonNa keep getting better because he's just now scratching the surface because he'd just get didn't get to play a lot with Jaylen like he's played in two different systems. Are I think three different coordinators and four years whatever? The the numbers are.

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